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The Quebec UFO encounter

Posted onSynchrosecretsby Trishand Rob MacGregor

______________________________________ Copyright, Trish and Rob MacGregor, 2012

This unsettling set of events was shared in a series of nine essays each posted separately in the spring of 2012. The website is titled Synchrosecrets, and its hosted by a husband and wife couple, Trish and Rob MacGregor. __________________________________________________________________ This a first hand account of a dramatic UFO encounter that occurred one year ago. It was experienced by a French-Canadian couple who live in a rural area of Quebec. The incident has had psychic reverberations, including astonishing synchronicities as well as disturbing events. The story is deeply emotional and came to us directly from the man, who we will call Charles. He and his wife do not want their names used. Neither had any interest or belief in aliens or UFOs before this experience. Charles approached us with his story after finding the French edition of our book, The 7 Secrets of Synchronicity, in a Montreal bookstore. The story is long and quite involved, but fascinating. At times it reads like a modern-day gothic horror tale. Well post the entries intermittently over the next two or three weeks. English is a second language for Charles, so we have edited the writing, but hopefully maintained the essence of the story as well as Charles voice in the telling. It begins in a graveyard nine days before the UFO encounter. We usually think of hauntings and aliens as two separate scenarios. But Charles is convinced that what happened in the graveyard was related to what followed.

PART 1 The Graveyard

I guess it all started on Saturday afternoon March 19, 2011. The day was sunny, cold with very strong wind and still had a bit of snow covering the ground. A couple of days before, I started a project to create a family tree. I decided to call my father and ask him for help identifying family tombstones in our hometown cemetery. When we arrived, I took out three sheets of paper with a list of family names. While my father located specific tombstones, I made note of the dates of birth and death. But a strong wind came up making it difficult to write. So I went back to my car for my digital camera and began taking photos of gravestones. One of my fathers brothers was buried in the cemetery Feb. 19, 2011, exactly a month earlier. My father and I did not attend my uncles funeral because of a long-standing family dispute dating back to 1984. It involved a family business and was serious enough that it had to be settled in court. It was very difficult for my father not to go, but it wouldve been uncomfortable with other unfriendly family members there. Something happened that day in the cemetery. My father started feeling very strange and frightened. Something frightened him, but he didnt know what. Later, he asked me if I heard him screaming into the wind, calling for me. He said he heard a voice in his head that seemed to be coming from outside of him. It said: Tell your son not to stay there. Get him away quickly. I did remember hearing my father calling to me. At the time I was taking pictures of the family tombstone where my recently deceased uncle was buried. I walked away from the grave, and looked for my father. Oddly, even though Id heard his voice, I had trouble finding him. That evening, I took my 17-year-old daughter to a nearby city for her part-time job working at a restaurant. On the way there, I started feeling a pain in my stomach and began sweating profusely. I felt wetness in my pants and pulled into a gas station. I hurried to the restroom, embarrassed, thinking that I peed on myself. It was worse. My pants were filled with blood. My first thought was that I was going to die. My father had colon cancer 20 years earlier, but was saved by surgery. Now it was my turn. I went to a clinic and was examined by an emergency physician. At his recommendation, I made an appointment with a doctor who specialized in colon surgery. I would see him at 8:30 a.m. March 28.

Little did I know how important that date would become for me. Not because of the appointment, but because of the astonishing and frightening event that would take place in the early morning hours of that day. _________________________________________________________________

Photo/illustration copyright by Jean Lavergne

PART 2 The Encounter

The photo above of the backyard where the encounter occurred is combined with a drawing of what he saw. The drawing was made by More about photos at the end of the post. _________________________________________________________________ Sunday evening March 27, 2011. It was still very cold outside and I decided to stay down in the basement where I added logs to the wood-burning stove. I laid on the couch and watched TV while my wife Helene and our daughter Bridgette remained on the first floor watching television. My dog, Spot, a fox terrier, was laying in front of the stove on his pet bed, a favorite resting place. I expected him to remain there the whole night. Later my daughter came downstairs to her bedroom. Thats when I turned off the lights, put some more logs into the stove, and fell asleep on the couch.

At 3 a.m., I was awakened by the sounds of Helene yelling and making noises. I stood up to see what was going on, and noticed that Spot was no longer on his bed. I went upstairs and headed to the master bedroom. The lights were on and my wife was standing beside the bed asking the dog to get down. Spot was acting very aggressive, showing his teeth, and refused to obey. Wed never seen him acting this way before. It was clear that something was going wrong with him but what? Finally, with the help of a dog treat I was able to get his attention. As he came out of the bedroom for the treat, my wife asked me to take him down the basement and close the door. I did as she asked and laid back down on the couch. I was awakened again at 4:50 a.m. by cries from my dog. He was standing in front of the wood stove trembling and shaking as he looked toward a window on the southeast side of the house. I usually wake up at 5 a.m. and let the dog outside, then feed him. By 5:30, I wake up my daughter and we drive together to the city where I work and she goes to college. This morning, though, March 28, was different. Spot didnt want to go outside. Instead, he was trying to alert me to something unusual going on outside the house. I opened the door to the stairs. Usually, he races ahead of me, anxious to get outside. This morning, though, he wouldnt follow me, even after I called him. He continued to tremble and look toward the same window. I walked toward him and touched his right side gently to comfort him. Thats when a strange feeling came to mind that he was going to die soon. After awhile, he calmed down and followed me up the stairs. I walked to the patio door, which faces east, and reached down for his leash. Thats when I noticed beams of light, very low in intensity, in the expansive field behind the house. I opened the patio door but the dog refused to come out. I grabbed him, forced him out and closed the door. As Spot passed our motion detector sensor, the patio spotlights came on automatically, illuminating the backyard. I couldnt see the light rays any longer so I hit the switch, turning off the lights. After a few seconds, my eyes adjusted and I saw the beams of light again. Now they were closer and much more intense. They seemed to get brighter and brighter, closer and closer, so close to my backyard. I counted nine of them, their beams reaching the ground. The shapes of the beams were like ice cream cones, but inverted. They were brighter near the ground and lost intensity toward the top. If there was anything above the cone, I couldnt see it. I didnt have any idea what I was looking at. At first, I thought they might be solid acrylic tubes of light. They were all displayed asymmetrically in the large field. I could even see energy rising inside the beams. But the energy was not the same in each one, and they were not glowing identically. I had no idea what I was looking at, but it was beautiful. I

actually felt paralyzed by the spectacle. I watched for a couple minutes then went back inside the house and called out to Helene. Are you awake? When she answered that she was, I asked her to come out to the patio. I said, Spot is outside and acting kind of strange. I think he could die, and I want to know if you see the same thing that I do. We walked out to the patio door and looked out the window. Wow, what is it, pyrotechnics? Helene asked. This is exactly what I told you about the other day. This is what I saw! My attention shifted to a vertical tube hanging just above our weeping willow tree to the right side of the yard. It glowed as brightly as lightning for a few seconds, then vanished, and reappeared again. Over and over. Do you see that one to the right? I asked. But Helene didnt respond. I was amazed, almost paralyzed by the sight, but not fearful. Gradually, I was able to barely perceive a grey, steel-like structure on one side of the tube. I kept staring and on the last two illuminations of the tube, I saw something that seemed out of this world. I clearly saw beads of very bright white lights, shaped like O-rings or Cheerios that floated in the tube, but didnt touch each other. The tube itself now appeared a blue hue, but the O rings were bright white. I opened the patio door, called out for the dog. Then I blacked out. Thats the only way I can describe it. The next thing I knew, I was in the shower shampooing my hair. I was confused, acting like a zombie. I felt like I had a hang over. The pressure in my head was painful, a headache like never before. I wasnt scared, just confused. As I showered, I remembered what Id seen in the backyard, but I wondered what I was doing in the shower and why I wasnt standing by the patio door. I shaved, dried my hair, brushed my teeth, all as if on automatic pilot. Then I went back to the patio. It was still dark out, but the tubes of light were gone. I didnt even bother to look in the bedroom for Helene. I left with my daughter on time and drove to the city and got to work by 7 AM, right on time. I sat in my office all alone, the door closed. I was looking at the floor, still feeling this huge pressure in my head. My eyes hurt. And then I started realizing what happened to us. No words could explain just how I felt. These things were not supposed to exist. They were only supposed to be a product of Hollywood, American fiction. I was 49 years old and I started to cry and

would do so repeatedly for month to come. I was stuck with a reality that does not exist for the majority of people. I was now in mourning for my life and I started to become very frightened. As I sat in my office, I actually wished I had never been born. During the day, I even thought seriously about committing suicide. I felt as if I had been used, abused and controlled against my will. They made the rulesthey let me wake up my wife and then they controlled the game. Deep inside of me, I wanted to scream to let people know they exist. But I was scared that no one would believe me. _________________________________________________________________ The question skeptics often ask is why didnt you take photos of the lights. So I asked Charles that question. As Ive told other people who have asked that question, I did not think at all about my camera, which was in the basement. I was 49 years old and I was not born with a cellphone in my hand, either, like the new generation. Also, it was 5 a.m. Plus, if you you see the Airbus A380 passing over your house at very low altitude, you do not run for the camera because it might not be there no more as you get back. Besides, after a point, I was no longer in control of my actions. _________________________________________________________________

This is a photo of the weeping willow tree near where one of the cones of light appeared.

part 3 Helenes Story

On the same day of the extraordinary experience described in the previous chapter, Charles went to a see a colon surgeon, as scheduled. That, in itself, could be considered a synchronicity. Numerous abductees have described painful invasive procedures on their bodies, including rectal probes. Often these memories are obtained through hypnotic regression. For Charles, there would be many more synchronicities, but also terrible anxiety and profound strangeness. We also hear from Helene and her surprising story as she recalls a previous experience with the mysterious cones. _________________________________________________________________ I arrived at the clinic that morning on time and while I awaited my appointment with the specialist, I kept thinking it was all only a dream, a bad dream, that it was impossible. It could not be real. I moved away from everyone else, looked down at the floor and cried. Finally, I met the doctor, filled out a questionnaire, and was given a prescription to take the day before the colonoscopy that was scheduled for April 26. I returned to work and remained behind a closed door where again I cried. I did the minimum amount of work required. I was so tired. I had no energy. I left the office at 4 p.m. I couldnt continue any longer. I picked up my daughter at college and drove home.

My daughter was not aware of what happened earlier in the day. I hadnt told her, because I didnt want to scare her. On the way home, she was talking to me about her day at school but I wasnt listening. I couldnt concentrate. I felt a constant pressure in my head and all I wanted to do was cry. Finally, Bridgette turned to me and frowned. What is wrong with you, Dad? Arent you crying? As soon as we arrived home, I walked over to the patio door and looked through the window. I tried to evaluate the distance that thing that I call the machine had been from the house before I blacked out. It had been blinking off and moving closer and closer and I figured it was about 150 feet away. I moved to the kitchen where Helene was preparing dinner. As she met my gaze, I said: And so? She looked confused, at a loss as to what I was referring to, as if she already had forgotten what happened, or couldnt quite remember. And so what? At that point, I was afraid her memory had been wiped clean and I was the only one who remembered, and that made it all even more frightening. So this morning, I responded. You know, I woke you at 5 a.m. The look on her face changed instantly. That was very special, she said in a quiet voice. What was special? The beam of light. The energy rising inside the cones. All the colors. All this energy at the bottom of the cones. It was all so special. It was getting brighter and brighter and was being pulled upward toward the top of the cones. Do you remember hearing me ask you to look on the right side. I said: Do you see the tubecan you see it? She said that she remembered hearing me, but was too fascinated by the beams of light out in the field and said she could only count five of them. She remembered feeling hypnotized or paralyzed, then nothing. She did not remember how long she stayed there or how she got to the bedroom. But she felt as if she had floated through the air and was gently placed on the mattress. Instantly, she felt like she weighed a ton. Felt like the mattress was completely wrapping her. She fell asleep and woke up as usual at 7 a.m.

She felt very rested, which she found odd. She thought, How could I be so rested when I had a short night of sleep after all the interruptions? She had no problem getting to work on time. Then a cloud seemed to clear from her mind. Wait, dont you remember, I told you that I had seen this same thing once before. She recalled standing beside her car watching them. She remembered thinking that she wished Charles and Bridgette were with her to see the spectacle. I asked where she was when it happened. I dont know exactly, but dont you remember? It was about two weeks ago on a Thursday evening. I got home around 8:30 and I told you that something scared me while I was driving. But you werent paying any attention to what I was saying. I told her that I remembered, but I thought it was about a deer crossing the road in front of her. You are always afraid of deer, so I didnt bother listening. Then she seemed to recall more about the incident. I was alone on this country road that I take every day and you know me, I always drive safely, keeping a watch out for deer that might jump out in front of my car. Suddenly, this strange reflection appeared on my windshield, a reflection of something strange, shaped like a muffin mold inverted with three inlaid red dials. She realized that the reflection wasnt from something within the car, but from an object outside of it. Then she sensed a huge bright light moving very fast toward the side of her car. I instantly closed my eyes and my whole body tensed. I was afraid and expecting to be hit by something coming toward me. For a moment, I thought that was it. I was going to get hurt. Then I opened my eyes and looked to my left, the side that the light was coming from. For a moment, I clearly glimpsed about 30 deer lying in a field. I thought it might be related to something going on at the army base a couple of miles away. Or maybe a lightening strike. The next thing she remembered was standing somewhere on a road, but she had no idea where. I was alone, outside of my car watching those cones of light, exactly the same thing as we both saw this morning. Finally, I asked, What if I didnt ask you about this morning? She replied, Then I probably wouldve forgotten everything.

A bit later, we all sat down at the table for dinner. I wasnt hungry at all and I started complaining about this constant pressure in my head. I felt very depressed. The dog didnt feel well, either. He didnt come to me as he usually does when I come home from work. He stayed in the bedroom on the bed looking all the time toward the patio door in the other room. My wife said that he had not gone outside for pee since morning. My daughter thought we were acting strange and asked what was wrong with us. We blamed it on the dog not feeling well and waking us up early in the morning. After dinner, I wanted to go behind the house to the field and take a look around. But it was already getting dark, and I was afraid. My wife and I stayed up late talking about this experience. She comforted me. I was crying again, feeling frightened. But she was not scared or shocked by this event like I was. She even told me: You know, what happened to us is exactly like if we had won the lottery. We were lucky enough to see something that others will probably never see in their entire lives. But the difference between winning the lottery and what we saw is that you can prove to people that you won the lottery by showing them the winning ticket. But with our experience, we have no proof and have no choice but to shut up. I think I was more frightened than Helene, because she did not see what I saw. She focused on the energy beams in the cones of light. But I had seen the tube hanging in the air with the 0-rings, which was something different. I knew it was a machine, a vehicle, from outside this world a UFO in my own backyard. As the evening grew late, I became more and more depressed. I was linked with something that did not even exist in my mind or in my life the day before. I wanted to scream to people to be aware that such things exist. I hardly slept at all that night. I woke up every hour. I was in the basement again on the couch with a baseball bat within my reach. I would wake up and cry over and over through the night. My life had become a nightmare.


The field behind Charles and Helenes house.

PART 4 Looking forAnswers

As the story continues, it moves beyond being a record of an experience with something strange and unknown. It focuses on how the encounter affects those involved and how the encounter triggers more unusual events. In the aftermath, Charles remains distraught. He begins an investigation to find out if others living nearby saw the cones of light. In doing so, he makes a surprising discovery. _________________________________________________________________ The next day Tuesday March 29 I cannot say that I woke up, but rather stood up, since I did not sleep at all during the night. I was still afraid, acting like a coward. I walked upstairs with the baseball bat in my hand and took a quick look toward the patio door. The dog was not around. He stayed in the master bedroom, didnt even move or ask to go out for his morning pee. I got ready for work as usual and arrived on time. I was still very confused, depressed, and haunted by suicidal thoughts. I still felt the pressure in the head. I felt it constantly. I was crying and hiding in my office. I had trouble focusing on my work. Later that same day, I decided to leave the office early. I stopped at the college, picked up my daughter and drove home. As soon as we arrived home, I went behind the house and looked for clues or traces of what I had witnessed. I decided to jump across the ditch to the field where I searched for traces, anything disturbed or unusual. But there was nothing other than the frozen plowed ground.

I looked toward the farm to the south, which was about a thousand feet away, not far, and wondered if the farmer had seen anything. Every morning after I get out of bed and let the dog out, the farmer is already in his barn. All the lights inside the barn are turned on and by then hes probably already milking the cows. I walked over to the farmhouse, greeted the farmer, and asked him if he had noticed lights or anything strange in the field yesterday morning around 5 a.m. By the look on his face, I quickly realized hat he had seen nothing. He asked, What do you mean by lights and something strange? I didnt want to tell him the truth and be pointed out as the village idiot. So I said: I saw some people on ATVs riding on the field near the ditch and thought they could have been thieves at that time of day. I left, disappointed that he hadnt seen anything. I then decided to visit another neighbor. After greeting the man, I asked what time he usually got up for work. He said between 5 and 5:30 a.m. I asked about yesterday morning and he said hed gotten up at 5:30. Did you see anything strange yesterday morning behind the house in the field? He said he didnt remember if he had looked behind the house. That was when his wife, Erica, called out from the basement. What? Have you seen a UFO? She wasnt laughing. In fact, she sounded nervous. Again, I decided against telling what Id seen. I told them the same story about the ATV riders that I told the farmer. But Erica asked the same question again. Have you seen a UFO? I know thats it. Tell me, is that what you saw? I hesitated and she added: This is weird because a couple weeks ago, one of my cousins who I havent seen for years, and hes never come here, called us. He claims he is a medium, but we always thought that he was just a weirdo. He became that way after his mother passed away. He said that his Beings of Lights told him that it could be possible that we will witness strange lights appearing very soon. He said not to be afraid that they are good and harmless. Finally, I said that I did not know exactly what I had seen and told them not to talk about this in the town. I left and went back to my house. When I got back home, I started telling my wife about my quick investigation and even told her about the neighbors weirdo cousin. But honestly, I was still thinking at this time that it could not be possible. There had to be an explanation. I did not want to believe in aliens or Beings of Lightespecially not in my backyard! Poor me, UFOs did not exist for me before March 28.

The cousins comments were strange, but they didnt scare me at all. After all, he was supposed to be a weirdo! Not more than 10 minutes later, the phone rang. It was Erica, the neighbor, and she told me that she had just called her cousin, Henri, and told him that we might have seen UFOs. He told her to tell us not to be afraid. His Beings of Lights knew they (the lights) were coming and he told her that I could call him, if I wanted, and she gave me his phone number. I thought I had nothing to lose by contacting the medium, but Helene was against it. You are still in shock. I dont think it would be a good idea. Please be careful, she added when she saw that I was still going to make the call. I wanted to understand what happened and I was willing to get information any way I could. So I picked the phone. After I explained who I was, Henri greeted me and asked how I was doing. Instantly, I started crying. I told him that I was so afraid. I was desperate and exhausted. He told me not to be afraid, that there are good and bad ones. But those that came into my backyard were good. He seemed to go into a trance, and talked on and on, and I wondered how I could end the conversation. Finally, I interrupted and said, Henri, why me? After a silence, he replied, Because you are down to earth. What happened when I blacked out? Where is that lost time? They did not want you to see some things. What do they want from me? Give yourself time. It will all come up to you. Give yourself time and be receptive. When I asked if his Beings of Light were the ones in my backyard, he said, no. I was becoming confused. I didnt understand who these Beings of Light were. He wanted to talk to me in person, and we agree to meet at the house on April 4. After I hung up, I thought Helene might have been right. Maybe I shouldnt have called him. Was he really a medium? I didnt know. I started regretting the plans to meet him. In spite of everything he said, I didnt feel any better. I was still afraid. _________________________________________________________________

Part 5 Spots story

Two days after the encounter Charles is still not feeling well. The depression has spread to Helene, as well. Maybe even more depressed than either of them is their dog Spot. Before the evening is over, they are again subjected to something strangeand it involves Spot. _________________________________________________________________ Wednesday March 30, 2011 Still feeling the same today. The experience is always in my thoughts. Im always looking down at the floor with that constant pain in my head. Later, at home, when we sat down for dinner, my wife said she was not feeling well. She felt pressure in her head, plus her eyes were itchy. She said the dog still refused to get off the bed, was not eating and had not even gone outside for two days. Helene is exhausted and even suggests they should sell the house and have the dog euthanized. She is obviously feeling depressed and the weird experience is the only thing that we have talked about since it happened. Spot suddenly lets out a yelp of pain from the bedroom. He is there, standing on the bed, his eyes dull and lifeless. Hes afraid to jump off the bed. So I pick him up in my arms. He seems ill, depressed and anxious. I take him outside in the backyard for a bit, then pick him up again and carry him back into the house. I give him some food and fresh water. He eats a little. I feel deeply responsible for his condition. Its my fault. I forced him to go outside that morning. I decide to take him for a walk. He always enjoys walking on the street. But now he cant go very far. He stops, lifts his left paw, and starts whimpering. He cant put pressure any longer on that paw. I pick him up in my arms and take him home. Even though its 6:30 p.m., I call the vet and explain my dog isnt feeling well. Im told to come right away and I arrive in half an hour. The vet immediately sees that his eyes do not seem healthy and he continuously whimpers.. She wants to know when he started acting ill and I tell her. Did something in particular happen that morning? she asks.

No, nothing in particular. I cant tell the vet the dog has seen UFOs outside our house and might have been abducted by aliens. No way. I turn the conversation to Spots left paw. She says it could indicate a problem underneath or alongside the paw. It could even be caused by a problem with the dogs neck vertebrae. She prescribes a drug, which reduces swelling and inflammation. Back home, I put the dog gently down in his pet bed in the basement. The phone rings and I answer. Its Erica, our neighbor. She says, Charles, my cousin Henri just called me and asked me to give you a message right away. He said it was important and that you would understand. I hope so, because its odd. What is it? He said that his Beings of Light just sent him a message for you. They want you to check your dogs left paw carefully. It has something either underneath his left paw or along the side the paw. You should also check the dogs neck for a very small cut. Its where they inserted an implant. You might need a flashlight. Look closely. Henri also said you can call him if you want. Hes at home. I hang up the phone, throw it on the couch. Helene asks, What is it this time? Im angry, nervous. I find the flashlight and sit down on the floor beside Spot and gently pick up his left paw and examine it carefully. I stop almost immediately. Im shaking, too afraid to find a cut. How could Henri know exactly at that precise moment about my dog and his left paw? I call him. Im starting to feel defensive and aggressive towards him. Who are you? How could you know about my dog? My Beings of Lights told me about your dog and they wanted me to communicate this to you. He speaks quietly, and I realize hes going into trance. Im frightened and angry. Why is this happening to me? I try not to listen. His words scare me. But I memorize some of them so I can look them up later on Google. After a couple minutes, he finally asks me a question. The light that you saw hanging in your backyardWas it a pure bright white light perfectly round? No, it wasnt round at all, but rather like a vertical tube, a machine not from this world and it scared me like nothing ever scared me before.

And then, he repeats what hed already told me. There are two different types of Beings of Lights. Good and no good and that those who visited us, were associated with the good ones. I then told him that I was thinking seriously about consulting a hypnotist to help me discover the missing part of my experience. They didnt want you to remember some of the details, but if you really want to be hypnotized, I suggest that your wife goes with you. Just before saying goodbye, Henri says, Look at your dog. I glance at Spot, who is resting in his pet bed. They are telling me that they (the Beings of Light) are right beside him and comforting him at this precise moment. From now on, he will be resting. After the call, I start thinking that this guy could be connected with the wrong ones. I even tell myself that maybe he opened up the wrong door and he let the bad ones in. I will see him in person, April 4. Maybe then I will know more. _________________________________________________________________ Over the next several weeks, Charles experienced a series of synchroncities related to his neighbors the ones who introduced him to Henri. It seemed that they were linked in a way that he didnt understand, and neither did they. He would notice them in places where it was very unlikely to see them. For example, he would be shopping or in a restaurant 20 miles from home, and he would encounter them. It was quite unusual, almost impossible, that I would see them so often. Certainly, they werent following me. They were just as surprised to see me. One day I was about 17 miles from home, sitting alone at a coffee shop, and thinking about all that had taken place, trying to understand it and find some solution. I was wondering who could help me. As I left the coffee shop, a vehicle arrived and parked next to my car. Even though there were many other spaces available, guess who it was? The neighbors. They were as surprised as I was. One of them said: Its so amazing. We live next to each other and rarely see each other. But isnt it strange that everywhere we go now, you are there! _________________________________________________________________

PART 6 A Week in theLife of.

We begin part 6 in the Quebec encounter series with a synchronicity. Charles cries a lot about his experience, over and over. For days following the event, he is inconsolable. The experience metaphorically has cracked open his head and broken his heart. The world is no longer what he knew it to be. _________________________________________________________________ What made him so fearful is not necessarily the cones of light in the field, but the object, the tube, or machine, as he calls it, which appeared like a UFO on its side. It hovered with circulating O-rings along the rim. It did so near his weeping willow tree. There it is. A tree related to crying. In English and French-saule pleureur its the same meaning. What follows is a diary, one week in Charles life in the aftermath of the encounter. Remember the early morning incident took place on March 28. Over the week covered, beginning three days later, his life has become dominated by that event. The week begins with a visit to his parents and ends with a surprising encounter with a pharmacist. Thursday March 31, 2011 As soon as Im home from work, I have a strong feeling that I should delete all the photos of the tombstones Id taken at the graveyard. Im seriously concerned that those photos could be linked to all the strangeness that had occurred. I feel a presence in my house. I want to be sure that everything that might attract them is cleaned away, that nothing in my possession will link me to these unseen beings. I cannot stand the fact that these things exist whatever they were. That evening, I visit my parents and right away, I start crying and ask them to listen carefully to what I have to say. Later, my mother declares that she thought I was going to announce that I had cancer. She also says my eyes are not the same as usual, but rather dull and that my pupils are very large and dark. They stayed like this for about two weeks. I am relieved that my parents believe me, and theyve helped me ever since. We discuss the matter every time we meet. They always ask for details. Saturday April 2, 2011 I want to find out what happened during the missing time. So today, I have an appointment with a hypnotherapist. Helene refuses to come with me. She is too afraid. She doesnt want to know.

I tell the therapist that I am not consulting her to forget my experience. Even though its difficult for me to live with this new reality, I tell her that I want to relive everything that I missed when I blacked out. Unfortunately, the session does not go well. She fails to hypnotize me. She tries to take me back to the wrong day and time, plus I am disturbed by noises inside and outside her office. At least, I am able to close my eyes and get some rest for awhile. I feel more secure. I have someone guarding me while my eyes are closed. Monday April 4, 2011 I am home early from work. Its raining and I wonder if Henri, the medium, will show up for our appointment. The phone rings. Its the neighbor, Erica. She says her cousin, Henri, called to cancel the visit because of the rain. However, she says if I want, I can give him a call. After dinner, I decide to do so. The first thing he says is that he wants to meet on Friday, April 8. Then he launches into more talk about his Beings of Lights. He tells me they were constantly sending him messages of love, and also messages about future disasters. Finally, he starts talking about what happened in my backyard, and still he insists they were angels of love. Thats it, too much for me. I get mad and ask him, YOU, Henri! Have you ever seen what I saw? He says no. I tell him that if they are as good as he says they are, can he explain to me why Helene and I both have so much pain or pressure in our heads, and why we have a lack of energy? If they are really angels of love, they would have done no harm. Wednesday April 6, 2011 I feel the need to get out of the house. After dinner, I decide to visit a friend in the nearby city. However, before I arrive, I stop at at a drug store. I still have the prescription the colon surgeon recommended I take before the test. I decide to get it filled. While I am waiting for the prescription to be filled, I look for some nonprescription medicine to help my wife and I relieve our headaches and help us sleep. We both still feel a constant pressure in our head and cannot sleep more than two consecutive hours. An employee comes over and asks if I need help. I tell her that I am looking for a nonprescription medicine to help me sleep. She replies that I should talk to the pharmacist when he finishes with my prescription. She goes to tell him.

A few minutes later, the pharmacist approaches and asks me how he can help. I tell him. Is this for you? he asks. For both of us, my wife and I. Have you thought about marriage counseling? he asks. No, no all is well between us. We dont need counseling. To my surprise, he says, You could use counseling. My eyes started to get wet and I tell him, No, we cant because we know we are not crazy. Counseling will not help. He looks carefully around and moves closer. He whispers: Tell me, where did it happen? Inside or outside the house? I dont respond. What is he talking about? Does he know? How could he? He repeats the question. This time I say, Outside. He looks right into my eyes and whispers: You know, the UFO phenomenon is real and many people are aware of their existence. He takes out a piece of paper from his pocket and writes someones first name and a phone number. Call this person either tonight or tomorrow. Tell him that Andr said that you should call him. He will help you. Then he picks a bottle of Melatonin off the shelf and says, This will help you and your wife get some sleep. I leave the drugstore with my prescription and the Melatonin, plus that piece of paper. Im speechless, and Im no longer in the mood to visit my friend. I get in my car. Im so exhausted. I start crying. I start the car and drive home. __________________________________________________________________

PART 7 Seeking HolyWater

As the story continues, an eerie, melancholy pervades. An invisible presence stalks Charles. He feels that his house has been infested with something evil, that it must be cleansed. Hes literally living in The Castle of Otranto. Has something attached onto him from his trip to the cemetery (part 1), is it something leftover from the encounter with the cones of lightor could it possibly be a combination of the two? _________________________________________________________________ When I arrive home, I call the number the pharmacist gave me. No one answers and I dont leave a message. I start feeling frightened all over again. How could the pharmacist have found out? What did he see, what does he know? And who is this man he wants me to talk to? But its not just that matter. I sense a presence beside me. I cannot explain it, but it is there following me. Im more receptive now. I hear weird sounds and see dark shadows. I am haunted in my own home. I am very scared. My mind and my reason cannot deny it. Something is nearby, with me. I sleep in the basement. I feel more secure because I keep some lights turned on. I cannot sleep upstairs. Helene sleeps with all the light turned off. The next day, April 7, I go to work as usual. I still have that huge pressure in my head. I lack energy. All that is happening to us is draining me. All I am doing is thinking and thinking. I must be dreaming. This cannot be possible. What have I done? Did I allow something bad to come into my life? Again, I am thinking seriously about suicide. What disturbs me though is that I keep wondering what or who would be waiting for me on the other side. At 9:50 a.m. I decide to call the man named Jules, the one the pharmacist recommended. I close the door of my office and punch the number. This time he answers. I greet him and say: Andr gave me your phone number and said that you will help me. I feel emotional and dont where to begin with my story. But before I say anything, he tells me to take a deep breath. I know what you sawUFOs. You have to be aware that you are not the first and you wont be the last. It happens every day. I wont let you down, but you are in shock. I told him briefly what happened, and told him about the medium, Henri. He said, Are you a believer? Have you got faith?

Now I do. No doubt. Faith is your only weapon. You know what you must do. Clean up the house and tell them that they are not welcome. They have to leave. What about the medium? Mediums are very sensitive people. He is really in communication with those beings of light, and he is probably not a dangerous person. But considering your condition, you should stop talking to him. With that, Jules said he had to end the call. I am a microbiologist working in Montreal. That is all the time I have for you this morning, but I will give you a call this evening. Five minutes later, I call the priest in my hometown. I did not identify myself. I ask him if I could stop by later for some holy water. He laughs a bit, then says: If you want holy water, all that you have to do is to come to mass next Sunday. Then he hung up. I am mad at him. After work, I go home and tell Helene about Jules and about what he suggested we do, and also what he said about Henri. The phone rings. My wife answers. I hear her say: Well, why dont you ask him? Here he is. She hands me the phone and whispers: Erica, the neighbor. Erica sounds very nervous. Henri just called me a few minutes ago. He wants to know if tomorrow is still good for you for his visit. Erica, tell him to stay away, that I do not want to see him. Tell him that I think he opened up the wrong door. He thinks that he is connected with the good ones, but they are lying to him. So they must be the bad ones. She asks why I dont call him myself and I tell her that I want no further contact. I know what you mean, she replies. It is kind of strange. I dont like getting his phone calls and having to call you. But he also wanted me to tell you that he has something very important to tell you concerning your family. After a moment,

she adds: I just hope that you are not mad at us. You are good neighbors. What have you seen exactly? I saw something that I wish did not exist. Later in the evening, Jules calls me. I am very exhausted. I tell him about my phone call with the priest and the holy water. He says: You do not need holy water to clean up the house. Your faith is good enough to kick them out. You are strong enough. Go to every corner of your land and mark your property. Place a shield in your mind on all your property. I ask him how much Andr the pharmacist had told him before I called. He replies that Andr did not tell him anything. He is my brother-in-law and very open minded because of personal experience. He is aware of their existence. We talked for half an hour and afterwards I felt better knowing that a pharmacist and a microbiologist dont think I am crazy. However, by Sunday, I am feeling that my faith is not strong enough to get rid of this presence in the house that I feel wherever I go. I am so afraid of mirrors now. I feel like another dimension is in there. I feel like something is going to come out. I decide to go to church, but not in my hometown. I drive to a nearby city. Ive brought along an empty plastic bottle, which Ive hidden in my jacket. After mass, I ask an old woman who helped with the ceremony if I could have some holy water. She was very kind and when I took my bottle out of my jacket, she said, You may take as much as you want. This is free and you may come anytime you want more. Back at home, Helene is lying on the couch with a cold water towel on her forehead. She complains of a headache and the constant pressure that I also feel. I immediately go to the basement and pour a bit of holy water in my hand, touch my forehead with it, and drink a bit. Spot is nearby so I pour more in my hand and let the dog lick it. I pour more in my hand and touched his head. Then I bless every room by throwing drops of the holy water and saying: Get out of here. Leave us alone. You are not welcome here. We want to live in peacein peace with Jesus Christ, our only lord. I go upstairs and did the same thing in every room. Then I pour holy water in Helenes hand and tell her to rub her forehead. She drinks a bit as well.

I go outside to every corner of our land and even to the sheds, kicking the bad ones out of our property, blessing and making a protective shield against them. Later that same day, my wife and I start feeling better. The headaches and pressure on our heads ease off. _________________________________________________________________

Drawing by Charles of what near his willow tree- a UFO

he saw on its side

PART 8 Guns, Synchros & Angels

Part 8 completes Charles journal entries that cover the first month of events following the encounter. He is still battling his fears, but gets some help. He also finds out the results of his colonoscopy, and is left with more questions. _________________________________________________________________ Monday April 11, 2011 The next morning in my office I start feeling a headache and the pressure again. I close the door. I am furious. I feel they are here, and I tell them to leave us alone. After that, I start feeling better. Thursday April 14, 2011

I still dont feel safe at night. Im afraid the UFOs will come back. After work, I go to a gunsmith and buy a semi-automatic rifle. I feel more secure. Yet, I know it is of no use. If they come back, I cannot stop them. Saturday April 16, 2011 Andr the pharmacist calls. He and Jules are coming to visit this afternoon. We talk about the encounter. Jules tells me that a lot of people that he knows have experienced UFO phenomenon, but many of them refuse to talk openly about it. Like me, they dont want to be pointed out as idiots by non-believers. Jules suggests that I dont look at any strange lights hanging in the sky from now on, and he says we should leave some night lights on inside our house. He adds that if they ever come again, turn on the radio, make noises and call the fire department and cops. The more people who witness their existence the better it will be for everyone. He also says that they can read our minds so tell them to bother someone else. He also says that we were probably abducted. We talk and talk for hours. At some point during the conversation, I ask Andr: How did he know that I saw UFOs? He says that he had an experience himself, an enormous black helicopter that was soundless hovered above his vehicle. It looked like a helicopter, but it wasnt one. He added cryptically that his brother in-law, Jules, teaches him many things related to UFOs. I consider my contact with these two men as synchronicity. I was looking for help and found it through a pharmacist without asking for anything but over-thecounter sleeping pills. They came into my life at the right time. Maybe they were sent by real angels! The good ones! Tuesday April 26, 2011 The colonoscopy results are negative. The doctor says he checked carefully, because he knows about all that blood a month ago. Hes puzzled, doesnt know exactly what could have caused it. But he said that I must not worry. All is fine. See you in five years for your next test, he says as I leave. So what caused that spillage of blood and did it have anything to do with the strange experience in the cemetery that preceded the encounter?

Our posts on the Quebec encounter would probably end here, except that in the summer of 2011, Charles had another encounter, this one while driving through a forest at night after attending his first UFO conference. Thats where well pick up the story next time. _________________________________________________________________

PART 9 Making contact

This is our final post on the Quebec encounter.

In the weeks following the encounter, I became more sensitive to people who were destitute. I could not stand seeing or hearing about the misery of people. Destitute people made me cry. In June, I even volunteered to help victims of flooding on the south shore of Montreal. Usually, I would have commended the work of such volunteers, but would not participate personally. Before March 28, I wasnt so sensitive towards people I didnt know. That was the date my life changed. However, after a few months, that very high sensitivity to the destitute and downtrodden has disappeared. Such dire circumstances still sadden me, but I dont cry anymore As always, I try to find meaning in what I lived through. Helene doesnt have that same approach. For her, it happened and that is it. She wants to move ahead with life. But for me, I feel my life is on neutral. Im without goals, waiting for an end.I need to know why it happened. I deeply feel something or someone is trying to tell me something. I am continually frightened, but I have to know. Otherwise, I will get crazier. Even after months, I still constantly feel this presence beside me. Although I want help, I cannot bring myself to talk to a psychologist. He or she would have sent me for psychiatric consultation, and I might even be hospitalized in a psychiatric institution. I can understand their point of view. I would have had a hard time believing my story, even if it came from someone else, even from someone in my family. So why would a psychologist believe my story?

But maybe there was someone else who would understand. I remembered seeing a man named Jean Casault, a ufologist from Quebec city, on television. I made a Google search and contacted him through his blog. I wrote him about my story. I felt I had to discuss it with someone aware of their existence. I needed help to live on. It was painful to write about it. I wanted to drive directly to his house. I had so much to tell, but he wanted me to write down all the details. I also sent him photos and drawings. My wife and I even had to fill a questionnaire individually. One day he wrote to say that he was going to be the host of a private conference in an auberge in Valcourt, mid-way between our two locations. He proposed that we meet to discuss and make it part of the investigation. Our first meeting took place on Saturday July 2, 2011. This auberge (inn) is far away from the city in a lost place, deep in the woods, and I needed to use my GPS to find it. Part of the drive through the forest was on a narrow unpaved road and I knew it would be scary at night. Upon arriving, I met with Jean Casault and we talked for hours. I began with my story from the graveyard, but he didnt consider that experience related in any way to the encounter at the house. I didnt agree, but I decided not to argue. As I accompanied Casault into the conference that evening, he told that if it got too scary I should leave. As people started arriving, Casault and I were both amazed by the attendees who looked as if theyd arrived from Woodstock. Casault joked that it had been years since hed seen so many people with long hair. There were about 25 altogether, ranging in age from 35 to 70. I was surprised that the attendees didnt seem to know each other, and came from various parts of Quebec. Everyone was very Zen and very knowledgeable. As for myself, I was lost. I just listened. I was very much the amateur in the crowd. I could not even understand the meaning of most of their discussions. One woman said it was possible to attract the aliens to the area, that they could hear us. She suggested that everyone go outside and call upon them. I did not like that idea and wished that I had left. Casault, though, refused to go along with the idea. He said that even if they did come, people would still say that they do not exist. During the evening, I would watch someone and our gazes would meet. I would look at someone else and again our gazes would meet. It happened over and over. Many of them seemed to look at me at the same time. I had this strange feeling

I couldnt explain, but I felt as if I had seen many of them before. Somewhere, but I didnt not know where. The conference ended around midnight. People started standing up. I turned around to a man behind me who appeared to be in his early sixties. I asked him if most of the people in the audience had seen something. He looked around and said: I would say about 75% of them are witnesses. And youhave you seen something? I asked. His eyes grew damp, and he said, Twice, the first time I was 9 years old and the second time I was about 12. I never will forget. I love them so much. I was confused. Others had said the same. How could they love them. I was afraid of them and even bought a rifle. I told the man that I had this weird feeling that I had already seen many of them elsewhere, but I couldnt figure out where. Meanwhile, five or six others joined us, and talked about their experiences. None of them were afraid. They told me that I looked familiar. They had seen me before, maybe at another conference. But that was impossible. Id never gone to anything like this until this evening. I felt comfortable enough with these people to reveal my own experience. I was hoping they would tell me not to be afraid. I was awkward. I whispered. I wanted to tell them everything, but tried to compress it. I didnt know where to start. I told them about the investigation questionnaires my wife and I had filled out separately for Jean Casault. I learned for the first time from my wife that when she is home alone she sometimes perceives a strong disagreeable sulphur smell near her. They all spoke up at the same time. The Greysno doubt it was the Greys. They are still there in your house. I didnt like what I was hearing. This was difficult for me. I needed answers. I asked, what could I do? They said that you can talk to them, tell them not to scare you, to respect your privacy. Even though it was late, I decided to leave for home. I left the auberge and moved into the night. It was so dark that I took out a small flashlight attached to my key ring so I could get to my car. I was scared something would come out of the darkness at me.

Once in my car, I locked all the doors and turn on the radio and searched for rock music. I wanted to concentrate on music instead of what Id heard. As I was leaving on the long narrow driveway from the auberge, I was reminded of what that woman said about the power of communication that we have to connect with themand that they can sense our feelings. But I was trying not to think about UFOs. Once I was on the deserted country road with no lights, I remembered that Id told myself earlier on my way to the auberge that I should take a different route on my way back. So I decided not to follow the instruction of the GPS, thinking that I would get out of the forest and into a more populated area. But I was soon lost. I didnt know where I was and the GPS kept saying recalculation in progress. I was so scared that I was starting talking to them, begging them not to appear before me. I was driving on a narrow unpaved road in the heart of a forest. I regretted leaving now. Finally later on, I arrived at the highway and felt much safer. Now I could follow a car to the next town. I was half way between Valcourt and my hometown when I decided to slow down and let the car in front of me pull away until it almost disappear from sight. There were no cars behind me. I wanted to try and see if the woman was right about the possibility to communicate with them. I turned off the radio. I start to talking to them, saying: If it is true that you can read my mind or hear me, I would like you to send me a sign that you are still there. I am ready to see another proof of your existence, but only if you are not taking control of my mind and body and that you do not scare me. And right then, on my left side less than 500 feet in front of me, a huge round shape of pure white light hovered just behind leafless trees. It was very close to the highway. I reduced my speed and almost decided to stop my car completely. This huge rounded very bright light had two blue lights on it that made a 90degree turn counter clock wise for a moment, then made a 90-degree turn clock wise. The light itself did not illuminate the nearby trees or the highway. It was just pure energy. I felt safeas my eyes started to get wet and I whispered: Thank you!

Drawing made by Charles to describe what he saw that night.

I deeply felt that they were not the ones that came to my back yard earlier. They were more like what the medium had described to mea globe of light. Beings of light. I continued home without further incident.

With that positive experience, we will end this series of blog posts detailing this fascinating set of encounters. There is more to the story, including some interesting twists and turns and synchronicities. But we dont want to give it all away. You can read it in the book when it comes out. Theres nothing definite yet, but keep an eye out for the book tentatively entitled: Aliens in the Backyard: How UFO Encounters Alter Lives.