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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS • To acknowledge all the persons who had helped for the fulfillment of the project is not possible for any researcher but in spite of all that it becomes the foremost responsibility of the researcher and also the part of research ethics to acknowledge those who had played a great role for the completion of the project. during the intervening period we have come across . • The text contain in this report is the manifestation of learning Process that began for us over last 1 months.

• No amount of thank can ever repay the great debt that we owe My Faculty guide Prof. In fact this report Would not have been possible but for the direct and indirect Support . Avani Shah who has provided us constant inspiration.many people in the form of Relatives .inspiration and guidance from him who has been a consent mentor in our efforts .While it is not possible to name them individually we would like to express a deep sense of gratitude towards them.friends or acquaintances from we have learnt immensely .

Hence impressive changes in business. So. By this project we have to know how differently costing is decided and how different kind of exception is handled. The different industries are developing very fastly. There is not a single field. . which play very important roll in build our career • This project make students familiar with actual industrial environment .Even. we prefer to give batch costing project and practical expression to the concepts of costing. This kind of experience gives us idea how to work with today’s world. which is not affected by this globalization.PREFACE • Today’s world is full globalization. • The Era of knowledge is in complete without the practical knowledge.

communicationskills. So. Table of content .costing determination are done in industries. batch costing is very important part in Management field for deciding the cost of any batch for any organization.



We need our product to speak for us and not we speak for our product To cater to the fashion conscious markets with design and appeal that are event .

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a lot of similar units which comprises the batch may be used as a unit for ascertaining cost. BATCH COSTING is the identification and assignment of those costs incurred in completing the manufacture of a specified batch of components. the unit cost is simply derived by dividing it by the number of components in the batch.• THEORITICAL ASPECTS ABOUT BATCH COSTING DEFINITION:. Batch Costing: It is a variant of job costing. In the case of batch costing separate cost sheets are maintained for each batch of products by assigning a batch number. Under batch costing. Cost per unit in a batch is ascertained by dividing the total cost of a batch by the . Having arrived at the batch cost..

we will calculate material cost per batch. If we want to calculate cost per unit. producer will make the batch of tablets instead of producing single tablet. we have to divide total batch cost with total batch units IF we consider this example in context of readymade garment.V. We also identify batch of units in our production. calculating cost of each batch we will calculate materialcost per batch. Such a method of costing is used in the case of pharmaceutical or drug industries readymade garment industries.producers of batch of jeans or trousers of producing a single piece. Batch costing is used for calculating total cost of each batch. calculating cost of each batch. radio sets . So. manufacturing electronic parts of T. For instance.we have to divide total batch cost with total batch units. Batch is small group of units which is produced for production purposes. If we want to calculate cost per unit .number of units produced in that batch.This will be easy to sell that batch in market. labour cost per batch & other expenses per batch. in the drugs industry. All raw material is supplied on batch basis and other expenses are also paid on the basis of each batch. labour cost per batch and other expenses per batch.So. This will be easy to sell that batch in market.

etc. .