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Best Practices Deleting a MicroStrategy Project

Deleting a MicroStrategy project seems easy enough. When connected to desktop, right clicking on the project name enables the delete function. However, if youve ever deleted a project in three tier, you will notice that some project names will appear twice. TN5300-8X-0865 TN 5700-8X-3194 There is fix for this as yet in MicroStrategy, but if you use the following steps, you will be able to delete projects without the duplicate name issue. 1. Log into command manager for node 1 2. Run this script to unload the project from node 1 a. UNLOAD PROJECT "[Project Name]"; 3. Log into command manager for node 2 4. Run this script to unload the project from node 2 a. UNLOAD PROJECT "[Project Name]"; 5. Run this scrip to unregister the project will still logged into node 2 (this will effectively unregister the project from node 1 also since the servers are clustered) a. UNREGISTER PROJECT "[Project Name]"; At this point, the project is unloaded from 3-Tier on both nodes and has been unregistered. So, the cluster does not have this project in memory which contributes to the duplicate name issue. Next we will delete the project. The important thing here is we do this in 2-Tier or Direct mode. 1. Log into command manager in 2-Tier(direct connection to the metadata) 2. Run this script to delete the project (this step could take several minutes) a. DELETE PROJECT "[Project Name]"; Verify that in 3-Tier you dont see any duplicate project names. To complete this, both nodes should be restarted but using these steps, means that you wont have to do so immediately. This method can be used to delete multiple projects and a service restart can be done at a later time.

**Note: The server should be restarted as soon as possible after using this method. While this method allows you to delete multiple projects without creating the duplicate project name issue, the server will eventually get out of synch. So, projects can be deleted during the day, but you should schedule a service restart for that evening. **