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1. IDENTIFICACIN Asignatura Ingls VI rea Fecha: 20 al 25 de Febrero de 2012 Facultad de Artes Humanidades ENX62 y Nivel Gua 1 No.

6 (SEIS)

Cdigo Correquisito(s) Crditos 2 TPS 2 TIS TRABAJO INDEPENDIENTE Trabajo 2 Trabajo 4 Terico Prctico 2. IDENTIFICACIN COMPETENCIAS Comprensin Auditiva. A.2.3 Comprender ideas principales y detalles sobre temas acadmicos, laborales y tecnolgicos.

Pensum Prerrequisito(s) ENX52 2 TPT 32 TIT 64 TRABAJO PRESENCIAL Trabajo 2 Trabajo 4 Terico Prctico


INDICADOR DE LOGRO Extracta informacin especfica y reconoce detalles de los sucesos que escucha en diversas fuentes audiovisuales. Identifica mensajes producidos en la lengua extranjera incluyendo vocabulario y expresiones nuevas. Extrae informacin especfica de un texto y hace comparaciones con otras fuentes. Infiere el significado de las palabras utilizando el contexto. Aplica tcnicas de comprensin lectora tales como la parfrasis y mapas mentales.

Comprensin lectora. A.2.3 Interpretar y contrastar informacin especfica en diversos textos narrativos.

Expresin e interaccin oral. A.2.3 Realizar y argumentar presentaciones sobre temas acadmicos, planes, acciones y experiencias.

Realiza descripciones detalladas de sus experiencias y planes utilizando un vocabulario variado. Hace exposiciones sobre temas de su objeto de estudio utilizando como ayuda recursos visuales. Expresa ideas y opiniones sobre temas referentes a la ciencia, tecnologa y sociedadCTS. Realiza escritos con coherencia y cohesin. Incluye ciertos detalles en el desarrollo de cada idea. Escribe frases y oraciones usando conectores de secuencia, tiempo y resultado.

Expresin escrita. A.2.3 Escribir textos referentes a temas de ciencia tecnologa y sociedad- CTS.

3. RECURSOS REQUERIDOS 1 2 3 4 Laboratorios de Idiomas Multimedia Software English Discoveries Internet


Select START button Select All Programs Select RED ENGLISH DISCOVERIES Select the level that you are going to work (it is in brackets) ACTIVIDADES LISTENING (INTERMEDIATE 3) Click on LISTENING Click on the TV Click on Explore: ENGAGEMENT Click on each line and on the HEAR icon to listen to Click on Explore: the reading. Listen to the message Click on all the icons on twice. the left: main ideas, connectors, reference Then Click on the left words, key words icon: English: you can now Click on Practice to read and listen to it at develop the exercises. the same time. Click on: Test and solve it. Click on Practice: Solve the exercises. Teachers and tutors must ask oral questions about Click on test: this reading. Solve it. READING (INTERMEDIATE 3) Click on Reading: THE DAY I MET MICK THE DAY MICK PAST FORM OF MODALS Should have Develop the activities /Could have on page two of this Click on Language guide. select the red book Should/Could have Role play: Based on the previous Click on Explore: situation write a Pay attention to the dialog. examples and explanations. Do it with one or two Click on Practice: of your classmates. Solve the exercises Act it out. Click on: Game (Tic-tac-toe). Click on: Test and solve it
Dont worry if you dont have enough time to develop the exercises because any time you attend the multimedia practice you can check same or different structures.



(INTERMEDIATE 3) Answer the questions according to the Click on reading: Language: I MET

WRITTEN PART Answer the following questions according to the reading THE DAY I MET MICK

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

What does ? What does she do? What happened to her one cold, dark, rainy Monday? Where did she soon find herself? What did she decide to do? Who is Kirk Richards? What are they just doing? Why are they doing it? According to Richards, Is everyone suited to the work at home life style?, are you? 10. What are the requirements for a person who wants to get into work at home life style?, do you have them? 11. Would you like to work at home?/ Have you ever work at home? 5. COOPERATIVE COMMUNICATIVE WORK (CCW) 1. Work with a partner 2. Visit the following link: fuseaction=activity2&topicID=8&storyID=153 3. Pay attention to info. 4. Now you and your partner are Scientists and you are going to expose a new technological invention. 5. Your English teacher is directing a T.V. Show about environment, so youre invited to the program and are going to present that inform in front of the cameras. 6. Be ready for any question from your teacher or the audience. 7. Good luck! 6. PARMETROS PARA ELABORACIN DEL INFORME El estudiante debe elaborar la gua No 2 correspondiente al nivel 7 y con su profesor de Ingls evidenciar su Trabajo independiente y su informe especial frente al grupo como si estuviera en un programa de televisin. WEBGRAFA EXTRA ACTIVITY 1 Activity A: Lets Review Conjunctions.

1. A conjunction joins individual _________, _________, or _________ in a sentence. 2. A conjunction is similar to what other part of speech? ________________________ 3. Find the conjunction in the following sentence? Write it on the blank line below. Stephen and Susan went to the zoo. _____________________________________ 4. A clause that makes complete sense is called an ______________________ clause. 5. A clause that cannot stand alone is called a __________________________ clause. 6. Is this a complete sentence? Mark wont give back my truck. _________________ 7. Is this a compete sentence? Until I give back his car _________________ 8. Is this a compete sentence? Mark wont give back my truck, until I give back his car. ___ 9. Find the conjunction in the following sentence? Mark 10. wont What give back my truck, begins until I give the back his car. Y? _________________________ conjunction with letter ___________________________________ Activity B: Conjunction Search. Using the list on page one underline the conjunctions in the following sentences. Some sentences have more than one conjunction. 1. Clark and Ben went hiking and canoeing. 2. We ran as fast as we could, but we missed the plane. 3. Mrs. Simon said we might have a spelling or history test today. 4. I play football, but I also like tennis. 5. Mary listens to talking books while doing the dishes.

6. You will not get any dessert unless you eat your dinner. 7. We found rocks and feathers and fossils on the nature hunt. 8. Janice skates every Saturday and after school on Wednesdays. 9. Either eat all your peas or you cant have an ice cream. 10. My little sister likes to sing in the car, whenever we go on a trip. Activity C: Lets Create. Choose any conjunction in the list above and write a sentence using that conjunction. __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ Activity D: Fill in the blanks. What conjunction would sound best in the following sentences? Use the conjunction list to find the best choice then fill in the blank. 1. Samantha doesnt open her umbrella, ____________________ it begins to rain. 2. Jim __________ Chuck played soccer all afternoon

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