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Intel Teach Program Essentials Course

Unit Plan Template

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Unit Author First and Last Name School District School Name School City, State Unit Overview Unit Title All about North Carolina (Facts and Symbols that make up NC) Unit Summary Students will identify NC facts and symbols using a variety of resources. Encyclopedias, almanacs, atlas and on-line resources will be used. Each student will complete a NC Facts booklet. Subject Area Technology and information needs and social studies Grade Level Fourth and Fifth Approximate Time Needed 5- 20 minute class periods Unit Foundation Targeted Content Standards and Benchmarks Cathy Braddy Edgecombe County GW Carver Pinetops, NC

The learner will EXPLORE and USE research processes to meet information needs.
Student Objectives/Learning Outcomes

4.07 Organize and use information. 4.08 Credit sources of information. 4.09 Present information in a variety of formats (print, graphical, audio, video, multimedia).
Curriculum-Framing Questions Essential What in the world is North Carolina? Question Unit Can you identify the facts/symbols that make up North Carolina? Questions Content Questions Assessment Plan Assessment Timeline Can you research using a variety of resources to identify important facts about North Carolina?

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Intel Teach Program Essentials Course

Before project work begins

Students work on projects and complete tasks

After project work is completed

KW HL chart *Know *Want to learn *How you can learn *Learned

Give Stud North Completed North each student ents will Carolina Carolina Booklet their booklet use Facts to work in various Booklet resources in the library to complete their NC booklet in groups.

Assessment Summary Students will do various researches to complete their NC Facts booklet. They will research symbols, flag, facts, history, geographic area, and animals. Unit Details Prerequisite Skills Students must know how to use the encyclopedia, atlas and the computer to carry out research. Instructional Procedures Students will work in small groups to do research about the state of North Carolina. Each group will be responsible for some parts of the booklet to identify various symbols that are important to NC. In the booklet the students will write a small description of the symbol and draw a picture and color. Accommodations for Differentiated Instruction
Special Needs Students

The class will be divided into groups to work in their booklets. These groups will be of various reading abilities. Partner with English speaking students.

Nonnative Speakers

Gifted/Talented Students

Gifted and talented students will lead the groups to complete each task.

Materials and Resources Required For Unit Technology Hardware (Click boxes of all equipment needed)

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Intel Teach Program Essentials Course

X Camera X Computer(s) X Digital Camera DVD Player X Internet Connection Database/Spreadsheet Desktop Publishing E-mail Software X Encyclopedia on CD-ROM Printed Materials Supplies Internet Resources Other Resources

Laser Disk X Printer Projection System Scanner Television Image Processing X Internet Web Browser X Multimedia

VCR Video Camera Video Conferencing Equip. Other

Technology Software (Click boxes of all software needed.) Web Page Development Word Processing Other

A NC Facts booklet will be provided for each student. Encyclopedias, atlases, almanacs, computers, and various NC books.;;;;

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