Rewrite the following sentences
1. She used this racket to win the final of the French Open.
This s __________________________________________________________________
2. Jane has just got a message from a man. She has been in love with him for years.
Jane has just got ________________________________________________________
3. She hasn't got anything to do. This makes her angry.
She hasn’t got __________________________________________________________
4. Sheila is away from home very often. Her job involves travelling a lot.
Sheila _________________________________________________________________
5. I cannot remember the day. You were born on that day.
I can´t remember _______________________________________________________
6. They were sitting on a sofa. It suddenly collapsed.
The sofa _______________________________________________________________
7. We bought a car. The car is causing lots of problems.
The car _______________________________________________________________
8. This is the place. I met your father there.
This is _________________________________________________________________
9. I like films. I mean, if they have a happy ending.
I like __________________________________________________________________
10. It was stupid of you not to tell me about it.
You didn’t tell me about it _________________________________________________
11. The Olympic Games are held every four years. They originated in Greece.
The Olympic Games _____________________________________________________
12. The river is very deep. It runs by my house.
The river ______________________________________________________________
13. He received the parcel. He was waiting for it.
He received _____________________________________________________________
14. She´s the girl. I noticed her at the station.
She´s the girl ___________________________________________________________
15. That´s the burger bar. I went there yesterday.
That´s the _____________________________________________________________
16. Serena said things were changing. Her parents have lived in Harlem all their lives.
Serena _________________________________________________________________
17. You´re going to meet a girl tomorrow. She´s very attractive.
The girl ________________________________________________________________
18. I bought a new CD. Its songs are from different groups.
I bought a new CD ______________________________________________________
19. García Márquez was born in Colombia. He wrote Cien Años de Soledad.
García Márquez __________________________________________________________
20. The book is about a girl. She runs away from home.
The book ______________________________________________________________
21. My office is very small. It is on the second floor.
My office ______________________________________________________________
22. Jane is my best friend. I have lunch with her every day.
Jane __________________________________________________________________
23. Jimmy Hendrix played this guitar in his last concert.
This is _________________________________________________________________
24. He studied Sciences in Oxford. Oxford is famous for its university.
He studied ______________________________________________________________
25. That woman´s son used to go to university with me.
That is the woman _______________________________________________________
26. He showed us how to create a computer-based game. It was very interesting.
The computer game ______________________________________________________
27. That's the boy. I told you about him last night.
That’s the boy ___________________________________________________________
28. Monopoly is a very enjoyable game. I play it every weekend.
Monopoly _______________________________________________________________
29. We went to the British Museum in London. It was fascinating.
We went _______________________________________________________________
30. I remember those days. We were so happy then.
I remember those days ___________________________________________________
31. February is the month. Many of my colleagues take skiing holidays then.


She always wanted to go to an English speaking country. She wanted to speak her native
language there.
She always wanted _______________________________________________________
Michael is the boy. I went to the party with him.
The boy ________________________________________________________________
Why don’t you tell me the day? You want to arrive on that day?
Why don’t you tell me ____________________________________________________?
I don’t like the boss. You work for this boss.
I don’t like the boss ______________________________________________________
Samantha is a beautiful girl. I’m always thinking about this girl.
The girl ________________________________________________________________
This is the famous football. Andrés Iniesta scored the goal with this ball in the World Cup
This is the famous football _________________________________________________
Everyone has noticed this man. He wears elegant clothes.
Everyone has noticed this man
1945 was the year. The Second World War ended then
1945 was the year
My cousin’s flat is in the same building as mine. He bought it in May.
My cousin’s flat