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Hughesville Borough Council Minutes

March 12, 2012 - 7:00, PM

Council members and staff present Jeffery Berger, Andrew Mook, Curtis Michael, Mary Burns, James Savage, Richard Smith, Mayor Walter Reed, Ryan Tira, Dale Cahn and Dolores Moyer The regular meeting of the Hughesville Borough Council was called to order by Council President Jeffery Berger followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Guests and Visitors: Bill Senseman and Marty Hileman expressed discontentment with Council for the handling of a Water Authority vacancy, the mandating of water hookups to some households but not all, the lack of police presence and allowing some properties to be in deplorable condition. Josh Brokaw (Sun-Gazette) Approve Agenda: March 12, 2012 Michael moved, seconded by Mook. Motion passed. Approve Minutes: February 27, 2012 Smith moved, seconded by Burns. Motion passed. Solicitors Report: Tira said he prepared a new Part 6 Tobacco Use in Public Places Ordinance which was discussed last year. Michael moved to table, seconded by Savage. Motion passed. He requested a brief executive session for personnel. Police Report: Gill (on vacation) Reed said that Gill would like to attend a course being offered by LEA; its a specialty training course for law enforcement; the cost $215. It might be less depending on attendance. Mook moved to approve, seconded by Burns. Motion passed. Mayors Report: Reed said that the Emergency Management Group met on February 28 th at the fire station to discuss and give input on emergency planning; there was a good attendance from the fire department, school, borough and Friends Church. Reed, Bressler and council members will met at his house tomorrow evening to work on updating the Borough EM Plan. Emergency Management Report: Bressler said a NIMS# 300 course is going to be offered; its 16 hours and will probably be offered over a weekend. NIMS# 100,200 and 700 are available on line. Public Works Report: Cahn said he did not call PennDot regarding replacement of curbing on Route 118; would like to have the street sweeper clean Main, Water and Cemetery Streets this Spring. Streets Committee would like to have handicap access repairs to curbing at Academy & Railroad and Academy & Second Streets. Cahn said street repairs need to be submitted to the COG for bid. Water Report: Accept December, 2011 & February, 2012 Minutes, Smith moved, Michael seconded. Motion passed. Smith said the Authority is looking at new meters that will be able to be read remotely; also anticipates new customers in the near future because of increased development in Wolf Township. Zoning Report: Code Inspections Inc. A hearing was held last Friday on the Roberts citation and a second was filed on the Ream property. Reed requested monthly zoning reports. East Lycoming Recreation Authority: Request copy of minutes Hughesville-Wolf Authority: Request copy of minutes Treasurers Report:

General Fund - Check# 7330-7346 $ 12,287.44 Payroll - Direct Deposit 25,854.54 ACH Debits 20,556.08 Burns moved, seconded by Smith. Motion passed.

Borough Secretary: Moyer said she has copies of the pension activity reports for 2011 from Principal Financial Group; also a copy of the audit from Municipal School & Income Tax Office.

Business: (Old)

(New) New HB1950 (Act 13) signed by governor regarding impact fees County Commissioners meeting on Act 13, councilmember need to RSVP. Moyer will mail a copy to Mike Hufnagle, Chairman of the Planning Comission. Susquehanna Health new services at Muncy Campus Wolf Township Zoning Hearing Board will meet March 20, 2012 to consider 4 variances, Smith will attend. UGI Survey will require council on line participation.

Resume discussions on Banner Ordinance/Resolution from December 2011 packet; Mook moved to table, seconded by Burns. Motion passed. The solicitor will review Zoning Hearing Fees and make recommendations. Suggestions or changes to borough building remodeling sketches; none at this time Nominations to vacancies on boards & commissions; none received. Diane Senseman who expressed an interest in the Water Authority Board appointment withdrew her letter of interest. The merry-go-round in Bodine Park needs about $600 in repairs but is used a lot. Savage moved to repair, seconded by Burns. Motion passed. Cahn suggested using mulch or recycled materials underneath. Park posts should also be painted. Newsletter will be ready for review or changes the next council meeting

Committee Reports: None

Adjournment: Executive session; meeting will close immediately after. 8:35 PM Mook moved, seconded by Smith. Motion passed.

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