Tellabs 6340 Switch Node Training

Abbreviations used in this manual
ADM APD AUX BER CID CLK CLNP CMCC CMI CSMA DCC DGD DTMF EMC EML EOW ESD ESW ETH ETSI FIT HDB3 ID IEC I/O ITU ITU-T LAPD LED LMCC LMIP MPI MRTIE MSP MTBF MLM MZM NA NE NRZ NTH Add/Drop Multiplexer Avalanche Photo Detector Auxiliary Alarm Bit Error Ratio Consecutive Identical Digits Clock Connection Less Network Protocol Central Management Communications Controller Coded Mark Inversion Carrier Sense Multiple Access Data Communications Channel Differential Group Delay Dual Tone Multi Frequency Electromagnetic Compatibility Electroabsorption Modulated Laser Engineering Order Wire Electro Static Discharge Embedded Software Ethernet European Telecommunications Standards Institute Failure In Time High Density Bipolar of order 3 Code Identification International Electrotechnical Commission Input/Output International Telecommunication Union ITU - Telecommunication Standardization Sector Link Access Procedure on the D-channel Light Emitting Diode Local Management Communication Controller Local Management Information Protocol Main Path Interfaces Maximum Relative Time Interval Error Multiplex Section Protection Mean Time Between Failures Multi Longitudinal Mode Laser Mach-Zehnder Modulator Not Applicable Network Element Non-Return to Zero Network Transport Handler

Tellabs Denmark A/S Training Development, Denmark

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26 March, 2012

Factor Pluggable (transceiver module) Section Interface Module Single Longitudinal Mode Laser Side Mode Suppression Ratio Synchronous Transport Module Station Supervision Alarm Synchronous Transport Module Software Internal system clock Incoming STM-N timing reference Incoming 2. OHA PIN PS RCF RX S3 S4 S12 SCF SDH SDXC SEC SETG SFP SIM SLM SMSR STM SSA STM SW T0 T1 T2 T3 T4 TM TTF TX UCH VC-3 VC-4 VC-12 Overhead Access P-doped. Virtual Container of 1’st order.048 MHz timing reference Outgoing 2. Denmark Page 2 26 March. 2012 .Tellabs 6340 Switch Node Training Abbreviations used in this manual cont.048 Mbit/s timing reference Incoming 2. Virtual Container of 4’th order.048 MHz timing reference Terminal Multiplexer Transport Terminal Function Transmit User Channel Virtual Container of 3’rd order. N-doped Power Supply Rack Connection Field Receive VC-3 path layer VC-4 path layer VC-12 path layer System Connection Field Synchronous Digital Hierarchy SDH Digital Cross-connect Synchronous Equipment Clock Synchronous Equipment Timing Generator Small Form. Intrinsic. Tellabs Denmark A/S Training Development.