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No. 26 DEC ’08

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christmas in spain Seth ROGEN returns
San Sebastián Paris santa vs 3 kings
SPANISH constitution 1978-2008
inspirational madrid AND LOTS MORE!

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November 2008 Depósito legal: M-59116-2006
28 culture - Santavs 3 kings Rossen Angelov
29 culture - A robust PROOFREADING
Tomek Przybyszewski, Peter Moore
constitution STAFF and blog
Peter Moore, Linn Treijs,
EN ESPAÑA Harry Watkinson, Ryan Craggs,
Harry Coyle, Martin Quinn,
31 LINGOSTAR - Boysvs. Girls Helen Macrae and Vanessa Harris
31 BOOKS - The Ghost of Cartoon
Joe Hodgson
Christmas Past INTERNS
Anisha Bagchi, Katie Chavez,
32 services Matt Johnson


you filthy animal, tel: 91 549 7711
… and a Happy New Year.” Ahh, it’s time again for the TV networks to wheel out Home Alone 1, 2 and 3, along with all the
other obligatory Christmas movies. My game for you this month, as you lie slumped on your sofa watching one of these
films the day after your Nth Christmas party, is to mute the wonderful Spanish dubbing and reproduce as much of the
original dialogue as you can. If you do it in the presence of a Spaniard, it will be fun see their impressed/annoyed/afraid
expression. If you do it with a fellow English speaker, you can take the parts of different characters. Bagsy I get Macaulay podcast
Culkin’s character.
You can now listen to and download
So, last month’s news was Barack Obama has been elected to become the first African American President, much to the European Vibe Magazine articles through the
shock of nations and people all over Africa, who had no idea that they were getting a new leader and weren’t even given the embedded player on the article pages of
chance to vote on it. The funniest thing I heard during the elections was, “I don’t think it’s right in order for my mom to make or on our podcast
a million she has to really make 1.3 so that she can give money to the people who don’t work over here and are lazy as hell!” page
Indeed, under Obama, there will be hard times for those Republicans whose moms take home little over a million.
This month, and talking of voting, as the USA emerges from eight years under a Bush, Spain is celebrating 30 years since its
people voted “Yes” to approve the current democratic constitution. Read Martin Quinn’s explanation of the background and
what the defining document of the Kingdom of Spain is all about (page 29).
Where’s Bully?
The European Vibe team have voted for our sports personalities of 2008 and Harry Watkinson charts the achievements of
each of the winners and runners up. (page 24). From established stars to rising stars, our interviewee for Inspirational
Madrid is Irish singer/songwriter Garrett Wall. He tells us his journey from being an English teacher in Madrid to spiralling If you find the bully logo in one of our
recognition and success with his band (page 10).
featured adverts, send us an email to
Our European travel destination is Madrid’s French counterpart, Paris. Linn Treijs explains how it might be the best place and you could win a
to combine some Christmas shopping with a trip full of history, culture and atmosphere (page 14). Remember you
can win a trip to Paris in our prize draw, which you enter by voting in the Vibe Awards. You can vote by email or with a traditional hamper of British food products to
voting slip, see page 11 for the full details.
I wonder how many of you still give your presents on Christmas Day? Have any of you started doing it on 6 January like the Spanish
the value of 50€ courtesy of The Food Hall.
traditionally do? Are the Spanish starting to move their focus towards 25 December, or will Three Kings Day remain sacred as the Last month’s winner was Don Clifford. Don won
time for exchanging gifts? Peter Moore discusses what the future might hold for the tradition of Los Reyes Magos (page 28).
dinner for two in Basilicco
Those are just some of the highlights, so get exploring the rest. On a personal note, I’d like to wish my friend Jorge a speedy Ristorante. Bully was hiding in
and full recovery- all your friends are with you, ‘palomo’.
the British Embassy advert, on
On behalf of everyone at European Vibe, I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! page 32. Get searching!
Luc dec 08 3
Two Bars Great Atmosphere Friendly Staff
bits & pieces BLOG Problems with
the crossword?

Find the answers on our blog:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 How whisky might be placed
aside? (3,2,3) till late

8 It could make a tourist fall! (7)
9 Enclosed due to the warmth in
best I
rish food in

the outhouse (8) e


Close to Puerta Del Sol

is how much you will win if you have a winning
10 Commuters might be so


décimo (tenth of a full ticket) in the Spanish Christmas Lottery on
properly arranged (2,5) 22 December. A décimo will cost you 20 Euros . 2x1
C/Espoz y Mina, 7

id served all da
11 Mindless as a fat ruler? (10) House
12 One who shows the way for
you, me and that lady (5) Speciality Cocktails Tel: 91 522 75 09
13 14
14 Was Venus de Milo so 2x1 Spirits 2x1 Bucket
defenceless? (7) of 6 beers 10¤ For Every Sol and Sevilla

15 16
15 Indistinct way to pass out (5)
16 Blush like victim of bull (5)
UK consumers bought presents Pint A Free Shot Pint of

17 through the internet last
17 Brewer, for instance, is a really Christmas. Vodka + Burn, Whiskey Happy
18 19 20
nice person! (7) million light + Coke 8¤ Hour MONDAY
18 Bloomer featured during bulbs make
Michaelmas term (5) TO THURSDAY Monday, 1 December
up Madrid city 17 - 21h WEEKENDS
21 Dentist needed for repairs to council’s official Liverpool v West Ham
overpass? (10) 17 - 19h Saturday, 6 December
Christmas lights
23 22 Not ringing when wearing ring! (7) Man Utd v Sunderland
around the Real Madrid v Sevilla
23 Pavlova roll created by historian (8) Wednesday, 17 December
Open 24th December

24 24 Would James dig up a garden capital this year. Hamburg v Aston Villa Saturday, 13 December
shrub? (7) Abierto el 24 de diciembre St Etienne v Valencia Middlesbrough v Arsenal Tuesday, 9 December
Tottenham v Man Utd Barcelona v
25 Challenger alternative is after Thursday, 18 December
Sunday, 14 December Shakhtar Donetsk
something! (8) 31st December – Racing Santander v Man City
DOWN New Year’s Eve Celebration Sampdoria v Sevilla Barcelona v Real Madrid
Chelsea v West Ham
Chelsea v
CFR 1907 Cluj-Napoca
results is how many a search with the word ‘Christmas’ Tottenham v Spartak Moscow
31 de diciembre:

Sunday, 21 December Marseille v Atletico
1 A way to elevate some
exercise (4-2)
a pattern (12)
5 Grown twisted but not
measurer (9)
10 Bon’s feeling superior, being
into battle? (5,4)
16 Whip up a source of green tea (8)
gets on Google, significantly more than ‘Christ’
(95,600,000) and ‘Jesus’ (184,000,000) combined
(one must also consider the popularity of ‘Jesús’ as a
Gala de Noche Vieja Arsenal v Liverpool
Real Madrid v Valencia
PSV v Liverpool
Wednesday, 10 December
plus all
2 Left in heartless try score (6)
3 Nourishment could be
right (5)
6 Work on the media, or
inferior (8,4)
13 Would mother and child get
19 Old Russian vote is
distributed (6)
Spanish first name). What does that mean?
Special Dinner Cena especial Tuesday, 2 December
Burnley v Arsenal
Villarreal v Barcelona
Sunday, 28 December
Celtic v Villarreal
Porto v Arsenal
unwritten out west (8) a tyrant (9)
4 Auditors’governing body sets 7 The border of a fairy-
stuck into the spread? (6,3)
14 Where is deodorant going
20 Ark set o! by ice sportsman (6)
21 Could be a negative party? (5)
Euros is how
much each Open all night Man Utd v Blackburn Arsenal v Portsmouth Man Utd v AaB Sporting MLB

Spanish house-
hold will spend
Abierto toda la noche
Stoke v Derby
Watford v Tottenham
Fulham v Chelsea
Newcastle v Liverpool
Real Madrid v
Zenit St Petersburg Events Live
SUDOKU easy puzzle 13 HARD puzzle 13
on Christmas this
year on average.
4.3% less than
8 6 8 4 7 5 last year.

5 7 3 1 7 8
6 5 9 4 1 5 9 4 this
4 9 9 2 1 month on the

7 3 8 9 4 2 1 BLOG

5 3 5 3 2 Check out Peter Moore’s special ‘Musical Advent

Calendar’ each day of Advent for a different music video
8 1 5 6 4 6 8 1 and his thoughts on each song.
Also, read how the opening night of the opera season at
1 9 2 4 2 5 La Scala is coming to Madrid’s Yelmo Ideal cinema. You
can see Giuseppe Verdi’s Don Carlo on the big screen,
2 5 3 5 8 7 live via satellite for as little as 15 Euros on 7 December.

4 dec 08
Madrid agenda compiled in Madrid agenda compiled in
collaboration with esmadrid collaboration with esmadrid

what’s on? what’s on?

THEATRE/Dance Ending: 30/06/2009 Sundays 10.00 until 14.00. Tuesdays closed. Sport Night Life culture

WORDS by Matt Johnson

Venue: Nuevo Teatro Alcalá Museo del Prado
Price: from 22 € to 58 € (Paseo del Prado s/n) Metro: Atocha
VAREKAI Metro: Goya/ Príncipe de Vergara Open: Tuesday to Sunday from 9.00 until REAL MADRID Wednesday 31 december
An extraordinary world exists in a far-away 19.00. Mondays closed. Estadio Santiago Bernabéu. Avenida de Concha Nights
wood, on top of a volcano. Everything is possible
in this world, which is called Varekai, where the
exhibitions Museo Thyssen
Espina, 1. Tel: 91 398 43 00 Vibe the party @ Orange Café
New Year’s Eve in Spain
(Paseo del Prado, 8) Metro: Atocha, Banco Now legendary international party with Hip Hop
REMBRANDT. PAINTER OF de España. Tuesday to Sunday from 9.00 until and RnB music taking place every Wednesday “Humpy hew hear!”
STORIES 19.00. Mondays closed. night at Orange Café , Serrano Jover 5, Metro “What?”
Museo Nacional del Prado welcomes an Argüelles. Open Bar of beer, sangria and wine Lingo star’s
choice by Susana López “Humpy hew hear!”
exhibition devoted to Rembrandt which Quizzes and beer pong games from 11:30 pm - 12.30
am for only 5 euros. From 12:30 till close, “What? I’m sorry - finish chewing that mouthful of grapes.”
28 de Diciembre
entrance with 2 drinks included for 10 euros. Get
Día de los Inocentes/
(Chew, chew, gag, swallow, gulp) “I said: Happy New Year!”
Anyway Pub Quiz Night- on the guest list at “Oh yeah, of course. Happy New Year, friend!”
Thursday from 23.00 in Anyway Pub. Viriato, 64. Thursday Innocents’ Day
latest show by Cirque du Soleil takes place to pay Metro: Iglesia. AtLetico Madrid Nights
homage to the nomadic spirit, the soul and the IRISH ROVER Estadio Vicente Calderón. Paseo Virgen del Fever @ Joy Eslava De todos los santos que aparecen In Madrid, it’s good luck if you can successfully chew and swallow one grape for each chiming of the
en el calendario español este día
art that make up the circus tradition. Every monday at 21:00, upstairs in the library. Puerto, 67. Metro: Pirámides. The Ultimate Student Party. Every Thursday
es, sin duda, el más original: 28
clock when the long hand strikes midnight – just don’t make the same mistake as many first timers
Ending: 4/1/2009 Join us to spark up a brain cell after the Tel: 91 366 47 07 night Madrid’s most famous club becomes a and pick the biggest grapes on the vine. For extra aid to your New Year’s luckiness, peel the skin from
Venue: Cirque du Soleil marquee weekend. Avenida del Brasil, 7. CB Estudiantes Disco sensation with spectacular animation de Diciembre, día de los Santos
Price: from 35 € to 95 € gathers together roughly 35 paintings and Metro: Santiago Bernabeau. Basketball and the best music from the 1970s till present Inocentes. the grapes and take the pits out in advance to counteract the cracking of your canines.
Metro: Lago / Alto de Extremadura five prints and aims to allow the public a J&J BOOKS AND COFFEE Madrid Arena, Serrano 127, 28006 Madrid day. Free entrance or 2 drinks for 10 euros from ¿Y qué se conmemora? La matanza de todos
los niños menores de dos años nacidos en Belén
closer look at the Dutch artist’s work. Pub quiz, every Friday night at 11pm. Tel: 902 400 002 midnight till 1:30 am, or entrance price with 2
(Judea), ordenada por el rey Herodes con el
So, in a city with more celebrations than an NFL end zone dance, what is so special
HAMLET The exhibition will focus on Rembrandt Metro: Noviciado. drinks for 12 euros from 1:30 am till close. Joy about New Years here? Well first there’s the Puerta del Sol – the Spanish equivalent
Centro de Nuevos Creadores is staging a new as a narrative painter without ignoring his MOORES Real Madrid CB Eslava, calle Arenal 11, Metro Sol / Ópera. Get fin de deshacerse del recién nacido Jesús de
version of ‘Hamlet’that involves doing away passion for portraits and landscapes. His Pub quiz in English every Monday at 21.45 in Pabellon Raimundo Saporta, Paseo de La on the guest list at Nazaret, según la Biblia. to the Time Square celebration in NYC. But beware of the crowds - if you want to
facet as a story painter clearly displays the Moores Irish Pub, Calle Barcelo. Lots of prizes Castellana, Madrid. Tel: 91 398 43 32, or check Friday see the New Year in here, come early, as the surrounding streets will be packed with
Este es el día perfecto para gastar una broma a
way his art emanates from the European and great fun. Everyone welcome. out Nights
algún familiar, amigo o compañero de trabajo.
merrymaking madrileños from an early hour.
Renaissance painting tradition. Metro: Tribunal. fabulous @ Joy Eslava
Los niños suelen dedicarse a pegar muñecotes
Ending: 06/01/2009 Fun Activities This is arguably Madrid's most Glamorous club
de papel en la espalda de los transeúntes. Los What else should be on your short list for the night? Well, buy in advance your all-you-can-
Venue: Museo del Prado (Paseo del Prado s/n) Theme Parks night and is in session every Friday night at
Price: 8 € the Joy Eslava located in the central Puerta del medios de comunicación también contribuyen drink tickets to one of the many nightclubs welcoming 2009 in style, and don’t count on public
AeroBalas Sky-diving en este día y trasmiten noticias surrealistas
Metro: Atocha Sol area of the city. Burlesque style animation,
que, sin embargo, los más inocentes siguen
transport, which ends at eight. Also strap on a pair of your best red undergarments for added
Parque de atracciones School - Aerodromo de Casa de los exclusive VIP zones and the biggest House
luck, and be sure to end the night with a hearty helping of chocolate con churros - because
1914! THE AVANT-GARDE (Fun fair) Open Weekends. Metro: Batán. Bus Pinos, Cuenca. Tandem parachute jumps from and mainstream tunes all night long. Are you creyéndose.
with as much of the plot as possible, reducing AND THE GREAT WAR lines 33 & 65. Tel: 91 463 2900 110 euros. Call 610 408 831 or 667 512 102 Fabulous enough to be there? Joy Eslava, calle En algunos países de Latinoamérica los más after all, you’ve got to have one final meal before starting all those New Year’s resolutions for
it to the bare minimum: the father’s death, the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza and Fundación e-mail: Arenal 11. Metro Sol/ Opera. Get guest list supersticiosos evitan prestar dinero este día pues healthy eating.
desire for revenge, Hamlet’s inability to carry it Caja Madrid are presenting !1914¡ La Planetario de Madrid Palacio de Hielo - Skating access to this party by signing up at www. se corre el riesgo de no recuperarlo.
out and the relationship that this causes with the Avda. del Planetario, 16. rink, bowling lanes and cinema. C Silvano,
mother and uncle. Tel: 91 467 34 61 77, Parque Conde de Orgaz. Metro: Canillas Saturday Pon en marcha tu ingenio y quédate con todos So cork up the cava, grab a handful of (small) grapes, and robe yourself in your best pair of red undies,
Ending: 4/1/2009 Metro: Méndez Álvaro. Closed Mondays ZOO-AQUARIUM DE MADRID Nights el día de los Inocentes. and, for the love of it all, don’t trying saying “Happy New Year” until you’ve finished your grapes.
Venue: Teatro María Guerrero Warner Bros Park Casa de Campo Metro: Casa de Campo. Tel: SUGAR @ Lokua

top five Christmas presents of 2008

Price: TBC Open daily from June to Mid-September and 91 512 3770. Adults: 14.90 €. Children 3-7 Every Saturday night from 12:30am Lokua
Metro: Banco España / Colón on chosen weekends and holidays during the years old and pensioners: 12.20 €. Children opens its doors and becomes the number European Vibe’s
rest of the year. Call to confirm opening times. under 3: free entry. one urban club in the city. Check out this truly
MUSICALS Take the bus from Legazpi Plaza or the train ski-kamel sportour. spectacular affair with visiting international
from Atocha Tel: 902 024 100 C Feijoo,9, on the corner with C Cardenal DJs and performers. Lokua Club, La Glorieta
Vanguardia y la Gran Guerra (‘1914. The Cisneros, 72 (Quevedo). Tel: 91 446 0221. de Principe Pio, Metro Príncipe Pío. Get on the
HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL avant-garde and the Great War’) an exhibition guest list at
‘High School Musical’is a brand new music that, with more than 200 pieces from all over comedy
showwith songs, dances and a team inspired by the world, has WWI as the central axis of
the display. 1 Ugg Boots
Ending: 11/01/2009 Ardal O’Hanlon The comfiest
Venue: Museo Thyssen Bornemisza (Paseo and snuggliest
del Prado, 8)
Ardal O’Hanlon once said in a stand up show that he’d love to present a TV chat show, and that sheep derivative
Price: 6 € you can put on your feet, ugg
Metro: Atocha, Banco de España. his first guest would be moonwalker Neil Armstrong. He said he’d sit him on a big stool, ask him boots are more fashionable than 3 Apple iPhone 3g
questions for 25 minutes and not mention the moon once. But now, could the Irish comedian Santa this Christmas. In addition, It’s beautiful. It’s only got two buttons,
DISIDANCES himself conceivably go on a chat show without the interviewer mentioning Father Ted? Probably it seems they are acceptedly cool for men to wear as well as all you need apart from that are
the popular Disney Channel films ‘High School Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía not. The classic sitcom that was Father Ted deservedly made O’Hanlon a star for his hilarious women for the first time; no longer just the premise of the fingers… This is the ultimate gadget,
Musical’and ‘High School Musical 2’. The musical offers the first great retrospective of feminist portrayal of clueless young priest Father Dougal Maguire. However, unlike man on the moon daring metrosexual. Whichever styles you fancy, they’re the dwarfing the breakthrough of last year’s first iPhone.
includes surprises, namely, two new songs, perfect footwear for Madrid’s cold but dry winter. Phone, iPod, internet, photo and video camera, GPS…
which did not appear in the original film. Armstrong, Ardal O’Hanlon is famous for more than the one achievement. Despite being most This is the one gift that will have adults staring at with
Ending: 25/12/2008 famous for his roles in Father Ted and the more family-oriented sitcom My Hero, he was first, and still 2 Wii Fit for Nintendo Wii the same longing as children in the toy stores this
Venue: Teatro Lope de Vega is, a great stand up comedian. In his forties now, he can’t get away with the naïveté he used to inject Christmas.
Price: from 35,92 € to 48,60 €
When Nintendo were rubbing their hands
Metro: Santo Domingo into his observational style of stand up and has replaced it with exasperation. Comedy fans can with glee last Christmas as shops sold out of
the Wii, they couldn’t have hoped it would 4 Flip Mino HD Digital Video
expect a big treat on that Sunday in December when he comes to Madrid; I’m looking forward to it
GREASE, EL MUSICAL DE do it again this year. Yet they will thanks to Wii Fit. The Wii Camera
more than opening the windows on my Advent calendar! Fit’s pressure sensitive interactive step and the vast array of Handheld digital video cameras have
‘Grease, el musical de tu vida’ (Grease, the 14 December muscle workouts, yoga poses, aerobic activities and balance been around for ages, so what? True, but
musical of your life) is a faithful version of the Sala Clamores games justify the ‘revolutionary’ tag that is all too often they have never, ever, been as easy to use as this, and 5 Apple iPod Touch
artist Nancy Spero. The American artist focuses banded about. this bad boy is not even as long or wide as the iPhone, Another reason for mugging to
her work on graphic feminine language, thus c/ Albuquerque, 14
representing women’s capacity to transform M: Bilbao) Forget celebrity if slightly thicker. It has a USB connection to plug in and remain a fashionable crime, the
their own area. 17€ (15€ in advance) workout videos, if upload what you record instantly, so there’s no faster way latest iPod Touch takes portable
Ending: 5/01/2009 you can’t get to the to put your videos on youtube if that’s what you want to digital media to new heights seven years after
Venue: Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina gym, get this. Fun do. As well as viewing it in handheld, you can also play Apple launched the iPod series. Apple boss Steve
Price: 6 € and addictive, the your high definition recordings back instantly on your Jobs has called the iPod Touch, “Training wheels
Metro: Atocha. one downside is TV via the cable included. The best for the iPhone”, because of their similarity in
original Broadway show that reproduces its Museums DON’T the over-simplistic
Body Mass
thing about the Flip Mino is you need
nothing else to use it, it slips into your
features. Of course, this is an iPod: it’s not a phone
and it’s not a camera, but it has wi-fi internet, the
stage design, its plot and its songs. This big
format musical is intended for all audiences
and it brings the charm of the fifties back Reina Sofía
MISS Index method of
measuring how
pocket, has four hours of battery power
and can record an hour of footage. It’s
iTunes store and it’s lighter. With the Nike+iPod
kit, you can take it running and it will measure
to the present; it is an amazing show, with (Santa Isabel, 52) Metro: Atocha appropriate your very light, though, so if you’re a shaky your training routine. Your old mp3 would be
numerous actors on stage. Open: Monday to Saturday 10.00 until 21.00. weight is… hand person, you’ll get shaky videos. embarrassed in its company.

6 dec 08 dec 08 7

Madrid agenda compiled in
collaboration with esmadrid

vibes what’s on?

DJ Cosy O’s
Urban Review
10 tunes that you should
HOT JOINTS have been getting down to
this month

1 6
The ten that are blowing up the radio airwaves and rocking
dancefloors this month.
1 SHAUN BOOTHE: themselves,) know a trick or two does the trick – Nate Dogg-style
THE UNAUTHORIZED about pulling a catchy girl- vocal meanderings about the
BIOGRAPHY OF BOB friendly club bubbler out of the consequences of a heavy night on Justin Timberlake Beyoncé
Magic Video Phone
MARLEY (White)

2 7
air, and it can’t have taken long the tiles, over a blissfully souled-
Inspired to put all the elements together out beat.
by Nas’ The for Single Ladies. It’s no Crazy In
Unauthorised Love, but it’ll get asses shaking 7 SIR SMURF LIL: A NEW
Biography of and tonsils wobbling. If I Were A BLOODLINE (Album) (Grindstone)

Rakim, this is Boy, meanwhile, sees B slip into Don’t be put
Busy Signal Q-Tip FOOTBALL
the second in a twelve-part video meaningful songwriting territory off by the Tic Toc Move RUGBY LEAGUE

3 8
series appearing on youtube, each - even if the same theme was nonsensical
volume paying lyrical homage to a explored only last year on Ciara’s artist name.
particular black legend, (first was Like A Boy. The Hackney
James Brown, next is Muhammad wordsmith comes with a truly
Ali.) Toronto MC Boothe does an 4 LL COOL J: OLD SCHOOL absorbing and mesmeric selection SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY
admirable job of fitting Marley’s NEW SCHOOL/ IT’S TIME that’s enough to restore any cynic’s T.I. feat. Rihanna Busta Rhymes
life into a four-minute potted FOR WAR (Def Jam) belief in the art of real hip hop. Live Your Life Arab Money 30 1 DEC 2 3 4 5 6

4 9
Chelsea v Arsenal Low Galileo Galilei Stravaganzza
history, which is never short of LL’s quality Standout cuts are the sublimely- Man City v Man Utd The Faint We are Standard Electric Six
fascinating. control may rhythmed Blossom, the surreal Opeth Mastretta Galileo Galilei New York Dolls Psychic TV (PTV3) Light of Day 2008 -
Foals Sala Mynt Liverpool v West Ham Skatalites Lauren Harris Los Deltonos Benéfico Parkinson Bandabardó
have been Graveyard Shift, and the touchingly
2 T.I, KANYE WEST, LIL patchy at poignant The Lord’s Chorus, set to 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
WAYNE & JAY-Z: SWAGGER times, but you an interpolation of Grace Jones’ Marseille v Atletico Madrid Real Madrid v Zenit Gogol Bordello
LIKE US (Atlantic) can’t take away the fact that he’s Slave To The Rhythm. Kanye West T-Pain feat. Lil Wayne PSV v Liverpool Falamansa The (International)
Taking a line now been putting out hit records Heartless Can’t Believe It Real Madrid v Sevilla Josh Ritter John Cale Celtas Cortos Yelle Noise Conspiracy Tottenham v Man Utd

5 10
from MIA’s consistently for almost 25 years. 8 TRAEDONYA Featuring 14 BBC Sports Personality 15 16 17 18 19 20
fascinatingly Seriously, is there any other artist PATRA: ALL NIGHT LONG
original Paper who can say this? His ’08 album, (Prohibition) Barcelona v Real Madrid Muchachito
VNV Nation + SITD + The Whip Shuarma and Alis + Racing Santander v Man City Asian Dub Bombo Infierno
Planes as its Exit 13, is a return to hard-hitting Jersey City Rotersand Vince Neil La Media Luna La Kinky Beat Foundation Doctor Deseo
central sample, any joint that form, and these are the two native Trae’s
combines the four most talked standout cuts. Boom-banging been around for Notch feat. Fatman Scoop Sean Paul 21 Arsenal v Liverpool 22 23 24 25 26 27
Real Madrid v Valencia Canteca de Macao
about US rappers of 2008 was energetic hip hop the way it should a minute, and Lay Away Love Lace It Ismael Serrano - Quique González
Cierre de Gira Everton v Chelsea y La Aristocracia del
guaranteed to be a hard-hitter, have always remained. was credited Palacio de Congresos lotería Nochebuena navidad Barrio
if only for the hype value alone.
5 ESTELLE Featuring
with creating the genre of ‘hip- > new cd releases 28 29 30 31 1JAN 2009 2 3
Happily, this goes further, each hopera’ on her ‘Naked Gun’ of a
MC doing them over the slightly SEAN PAUL: COME OVER few years ago. Here, she gives her 808s and Heartbreaks
sinister resonant rhythm track. Estelle’s style sits considerable vocal powerhouse an Kanye West
comfortably in airing on a cool update of the Rick Kanye follows up the impressive Newcastle v Liverpool Man Utd v Middlesbrough Nochevieja Año Nuevo Method Man
Graduation with this latest release. Early
2 DAP-C Featuring TALIB reggae territory, James/ Mary Jane Girls evergreen, signs suggest a lot of experimentation. 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
KWELI, LIL WAYNE & ROYCE as evidenced a and deserves extra props for Lead single Love Lockdown is a definite
DA 5’9: MA MONEY (White) few times on re-introducing the world to Patra, love it or hate it affair. I loved it! Lil Wayne,
A killer combination cut of the her excellent Shine album, and this the undisputed queen of mid-90s Young Jeezy and a Roger Troutman-style La Noche de Reyes Día de Reyes Filter + P.O.D
kind that comes follows No Substitute Love in semi reggae dancehall. voice box help out on tracks. Sala Heineken C Princesa, 1 (, 90 215 0025) Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid Avenida de Felipe II, s/n ( 902 33 22 11)
along only rarely lovers’ rock fashion. Sean Paul’s Joy Eslava C Arenal, 11 (913 665 439) La Riviera Pº Bajo de la Virgen del Puerto, ( 902 33 22 11) *Venue provisionally closed by city council pending appeal
these days. interjections join with the catchy 9 BOBBY VALENTINO: Human Sala El Sol C Jardines 3 Metro: Sol ( 91 532 6490) Moby Dick Avda. de Brasil, 5 Metro: Cuzco / Santiago Bernabeu (, 902 15 00 25)
Strictly on the melody to make this a mainstream BEEP (DTP) Brandy Sala Live Ntra Sra. de Fátima 42 Metro Eugenia de Montijo. (91 525 54 44) Sala Caracol C Bernardino Obregón 18 ( , 902 15 00 25)
I for one am glad to see Miss Norwood Gruta’77 C Cuclillo, 6 (esquina nicolás morales), 28019 Metro: Oporto (91 471 23 70) Telefónica Arena Madrid Metro: Line 10 (Lago) Line 6 (Alto de Extremadura)

underground winner. Not too and her beautiful voice back with her fifth
tip – grimy lyrics over a stark, complicated 2nd February La Riviera*
release after a four year gap. Producers
of Leon
abrasive, relentlessly rolling beat. 6 a songwriting include the ever present Timbaland, Tim
Hell, even Wayne sounds vaguely CAN’T MAKE IT HOME formula and Bob and Rockwilder. Guest voices
blazing on this! (Cinematic) here, and an include Keri Hilson, Young Berg and Taio
... as opposed Umbrella-style monster it ain’t. Cruz. Right Here (Departed) will be the
3 BEYONCE: SINGLE LADIES/ to Devlin The But I guess we can be grateful first single. 12th 15th February La Riviera*
IF I WERE A BOY (Sony) Dude, which there’s no goddam vocoder all February
Check out where Palacio de Deportes

The Knowles Hitmaking Factory, is of course over it! Bobby stays in the familiar

Comunidad de Madrid
(powered as
much by pops,
me. Known primarily as an
entertaining sidekick of Dr. Dre,
twittering midtempo mould for
which he’s now known.
cosy o will be
spinning this

Matthew, as it’s only now that Devin stands to
by Beyonce be recognised as an A-list artist month at
or Solange in his own right. This certainly

8 dec 08 dec 08 9

w ards
inspirational madrid vibe a - 2009 ENDS 009
2008 TING 2
pe an

e u ro

madrid - no.3
Dublin - Madrid
O IT: do one o
f the fo llowing:
Garrett O W TOyD r vo te, you h
ave to
. ils.
ND H s. To cas ch award ar for more deta
t o u
DO A o rie s fo r e
Wall sored
by TOa list of the different ca
nt a
r choice r local b
ining you Madrid. Ask youuropean Vibe offi
spon WHAT w il l fi nd nv i b e c o
.com d bars across son, to the E ro p e a n Vibe Mag ill be
Below yo
u ropea selecte r in per ue of Eu inner w
to a wa rds@euill be available in turn it by post, o t h e Fe b ruary iss id to Paris. The w 9.
w and re r arch 200
an email t boxes w . lished in om Mad
1. Send g forms and ballo voting form belo 28015, Madridsults will be pubfor two people fr in February or M
2. Votin an complete the co’ 63, local 1, 5 January. The re of return flights rize can be used
3. You c ando ‘El Católi between until 1 draw for a prize gazine and the p
How has your life in Madrid
affected you personally?
Fern ill take place ntered into a ean Vibe Ma
Well, I drink a lot more wine than gw ee rop
4. Votin ail voters will b ruary issue of Eu
I used to! No, seriously, I think I’ve
d s:
learned to be more independent
and self-reliant and probably less
5. All emunced in the Feb
ann o
ect o n:i AW ity A
mun s in English ) of the Year
w a r
Out S m
vulnerable to outside influence.
Vibe Place for Bookuage Exchange
Madrid has more people than
Go ing ee from table below
d Best mbio (Lang f the Year he Year
my entire country but there is a
You may well have heard of Garrett Wall and his band as their certain pueblo vibe to the place, u t an ear* choose nomin
reputation in Madrid, Spain and beyond continues to soar. Our
which is comforting. I love the big g O eY
Eatinartender of th rvice Interca ge Academy o iety/Club of t
Langua MMUNITY Soc
open spaces and parks for running
Inspirational Madrid interviewee has truly had a colourful road to and just getting out into the sun. EV B h Finest Se
When I first came here I had been
Bar wit nt of Guinness VIBE CO
success since leaving the south side of Dublin over nine years ago. Year**
Best Pi r/Pub Food staurant of the
suffering from anxiety from living
in Ireland and this place just made
interview by Luc Ciotkowski
me feel new. It’ s great to come VOTE

somewhere that allows you to just
hat made you eventually happened was that I sea, but when you start from zero be you instead of having reinvent EV EAT NTER
come here? started to develop a good career that’s always going to be the case. yourself and that’s certainly how agazine nts P TRIP
I guess it was a mix- singing and writing jingles for It was the best decision I’d ever I felt. I think I always had to come is e
an Vibe M
in Europer qualifying resta
ture of things but TV, which in turn led into cinema made but wasn’t so easy to see at here but just didn’t know it till I
ees of ba
rs th at a d ve rt
(pages 2
0 - 2 1 ) fo FOR HTS TO Y OF
mainly because of soundtrack work as well. I found the time. It would be hard to imag- came. I’ve a great circle of friends *EmployV EAT OUT GUIDE FLIGOURTES
a relationship I was a way of expressing myself here, ine myself in any other place now. and colleagues and am very grate- * * S e e E C
involved in at the time. I also knew which I didn’t have in Ireland; a per- ful to have been accepted both ardns@ e.
awp ea v
there was a chance to continue sonal liberation which eventually Aside from your music, what personally and professionally by so euro com
my music through contacts I had worked it’s way into my music. other work have you been many people.
here, but I had actually intended I now feel I’ve found my place, involved in here in Madrid?
on changing career totally since thanks in large part to the friends When I first came to Madrid I was What are your plans for the
I was a bit burned out from the I’ve made through music and par- teaching English, but over the years future and when can we see
music scene in Ireland. Funny how ticularly the members of the band; I’ve had a go at a few things from you next in Madrid?
things turn out! I really didn’t know Howard, Robbie and Dave, we’re a waitering to even writing about The album is being released in ✃
what was going to happen, it was close-knit bunch. We’re currently music. A more recent develop- the US in January so we hope to
definitely one of the more sponta- promoting our first album, Sky ment, which has been both unex- travel there for a tour some time
neous decisions of my life but I’m Pointing, and are constantly touring pected and refreshing, is working in early 2009. We’ll shortly start

very glad I did it. to promote it. as a dubbing and voice-over artist. recording our next album which
A few other things happened I’ve been mainly dubbing Spanish we’re very excited about and in the
w ards TO P A R
vibe a - 2009
Were your first years here much which also helped make me feel movies into English for Iberia but meantime, we plan to release, in
vibe awards
different from how your more rooted and at home here. My I’ve also done some narration and digital format at least, an album of
FLIGHTS 2008 - 2009
2008OR 2 RETURNr of the Yeartneonmder inees
life is now? sister, Susan, moved over and mar- overdubs for adverts. I’m a big ten unreleased songs which span
Yes, the first few ried a Spanish guy she’d met while fan of cinema, so when I got the the last ten years or so, called Ships sponsored by

years here were visiting chance to dub for a major movie I on the Rocks and will include some
definitely different me (my was really thrilled. The movie was real gems. Our next
RA ende barMenéndez 
E D Bart
and tougher since mum still called La Conjura de Escorial and performance will Javier
I was learning the doesn’t starred Jason Isaac, Jordi Mollá and be in Galicia with
NTER exceptio
ns PUBy Bogdan
language and forgive Julia Ormond among others. My John Cale of Velvet If you know interest-
TO E es luding the indicated Anywa Padraic

trying to deal with me for job was to dub the voice of Span- Underground drid, exc ri Dubline
rs Varela 
ing former or current
ego es in Ma Dennis
missing family and that!) and ish actor Pablo Puyol, whose accent fame and we’re Madrid residents,
C a t le v a nt servic O N: Jam es Jo yce
Alan Gri
friends. However, that re- the producers wanted improved, putting together send us the details at a r d ny provider o f re
UT SECTItable ck Cafe
this email address Aws can be for a O
OINGchoose nominee fr om Hard Ro
Rover Daniel
until you learn to ally height- so it was a buzz to be putting my some intimate Vote To be entered into the prize draw and for your vote UT The Ir h
Paul to count, a valid email address needs to be added.
be happy on your ened my voice on his and hear him (me) in- shows in Madrid G O ll Street
EATINtender of the Yea O’Conne
own I don’t think sense of teract with these great actors. What for December. ’s Marta Votes will be confirmed by email.
EV B ar erv ic e O’Reilly
you can fit in any- belonging. I really want to do is Finest S Eddie Your address will not be given to third parties.
where, be it your The first few direct, though, ha ha! My The Garrett Wall Band’s Bar with f Guinness Public H Manuel
t o cks Voting slips may also be sent by post or given
Best Pin ub Food
home country years may last job was a cartoon first album, Sky Pointing, is e Year* Sha m ro andova
available on iTunes and at r/P nt of gtthhe voting period) Arturo S in person at our offices as well as placed in our
or not. Although have been called The Missing Lynx Best Ba IDE RestEVaumra azine durin Sta r S tu dio ballot boxes in selected bars. Alternatively, you GU R D S: nic Club
EAT OfroUmTrestaurants featur
I’d intended on tough and which is currently being ed in o can vote by emailing your vote to awards@
See for (*choose AWA Supers Voting closes 15 January
finding a new at times I felt presented in LA for NITY h e bar. 2009. Paris prize and Vibe Award winners will be
path in life, what totally out to worldwide distribution. concert details COMMU
ooks in
the Year x provided in th published in the February 2009 issue of European
VIBE ce for B ange) of llot bo
pe an
Vibe. All information will remain private and
Best Pla (Language Exch ar in the ba

e u ro
nd place
your votes will only be counted by a member
io b e Y o a
Intercam Academy of the b of the Year tw of European Vibe staff. The Vibe Awards are
ld in
lu form, fo organised by European Vibe Entertainment S.L.
ng uag e ciety/C e voting
MUNITY So mpleting th Fernando el Católico 63, local 1, 28015, Madrid.
10 dec 08 VIBE C O M After co For more information email or call 91 549 7711.
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travel euro weekender euro weekender travel

matter? Café Angelina (226 Rue the creativity pays off rather then
de Rivoli) was Coco Chanel’s old a thick wallet. However, that fact
hangout. She always, peculiarly is impossible to ignore once you
enough, had hot coco, and a Mont are standing in one of those fancy
Blanc pastry. The place is always boutiques, where you know you
crowded but well worth a visit. should never have placed a foot in
the first place. You are examine the
The French capital is the world’s inner lining on that the immaculately
most popular tourist destination. tailored coat, throw a discreet

Short guide to Paris

After museums and monuments, glimpse at the price tag, and discover
shopping in Paris is one just a couple of zeroes
of the biggest attractions. too many. Buying a

I love you!
There are several high- coat more expensive
end department stores then one month’s rent Get here: Vueling, EasyJet and Air Europa all have direct flights.
where there should be would be plain insane. Locate yourself: The River Seine flows from West to East, just
no problem finding like the street numbers. The longer you distance yourself from the
Christmas gifts, and the So, if you don’t feel river, north or south, the higher the numbers. The arrondissements
wrapping will certainly like waiting until are numbered in a clockwise swirl moving out from the centre.
not be disappointing. the sales in January - Bring here: A smart outfit. The key to good service is dressing
Bon Marché, Galeries Lafayette and try the vintage trail. Stop by sharp, and acting the part.
Printemps will all give you a good ever so popular and trendsetting Remember: If you are shopping for clothes, try one size bigger
start. Another shopping Mecca is Kiliwatch (64 rue Tiquetonne), than you normally wear, as French sizes tend to be smaller.
Colette (Rue Saint-Honoré 213), where designers come to shop for Take home: vintage bargains, a timeless little black dress or a
always first with the newest fashions. inspiration as they are planning well-fitted jacket.
their upcoming collections. In Avoid: The shopping areas around Montmartre, unless you are
For some high-class window the 16th arrondissement, close looking for light-blinking Eiffel Tower miniatures or Paris Je t’aime
shopping, visit the golden triangle to the Eiffel Tower, you will find
of the streets Avenue Montaigne, the largest second hand shop for
Look out for: Dog dirt. Even though there are
With Christmas upon us, the city of gourmets and connoisseurs is putting on Ave Géorges V, and Rue François vintage brands: Réciproque (95
fines for leaving it on the curb, the French rarely
1e, where the top fashion houses are Rue de la Pompe). This is where
its most chic outfit. Just mention your upcoming weekend trip to Paris and gathered, offering limousine service the posh madams drop off their old pick up after their beloved pets and the streets of
Paris are among the filthiest in Europe.
everyone around you will instantly get a dreamy look in their eyes. right outside the doors. Paris is filled
with high fashion at even higher
garments, used only a few times.
The prices can still seem a bit high, Reading tip: If you think the bureaucracy in
The world’s most popular tourist destination, stuffed with historical landmarks, prices, and as a direct consequence, though, at least compared to H&M. Spain is bad, and habits and cultural differences
the Parisians have made shopping Didn’t I say that Paris is a place for puzzle you, pick up a copy of A year in the merde

high-class shopping and must sees, is just waiting to sweep you off your feet. into an art form of their own. Here dreamers? by Stephen Clarke.
WORDS by Linn Treijs

aris is a place for us dreamers; it from the Christmas lights. The plan was to take it down again
is life as it should be. Handsome Christmas markets are plenty, and 20 years later and the Parisians
women with an enviable sense of offer everything from your usual never became too fond of the iron
style. Perfectly baked and shaped homemade candy, to cheese and tower that they thought changed
baguettes and croissants (hey, wooden toys. Try the one in Place the cityscape. But then came
it’s no coincidence that French Saint Sulpice if you are looking World War I, and the armed forces
bakeries are spread all over the for regional handicrafts, and don’t decided to keep it: the 300-metre-
world). Lousy waiters serving miss the beautiful surroundings high monument came to good use
red wine at lunchtime. A beam in the Latin Quarter. The church as a radio antenna. If you plan on
of sunlight reflecting in the River here is the second largest in Paris, going up the stairs, it’s better to
Seine. Or even the thick grey after the Notre Dame. It had an come early in the morning, as the
sky that doesn’t bother you, just important role in Dan Brown’s queues tend to grow longer with
because it’s the thick bestseller The every hour.
grey sky over Paris. All Da Vinci Code,
surrounded by romantic and is now a With only a few days in Paris,
scenery, always on the tourist pit stop. it’s all too easy to get caught in
verge of cliché… the tourist traps and just as easy
Check out Jean-Pierre Another to see why. Notre Dame, Sacré
Jeunet’s modern classic market, Coeur with its unique view over
Amelie of Montmartre Notre Dame Maison de Paris, and the impressive Arc of
and you’ll get it. l’Alsace, on Triumph, are huge attractions.
the Champs-Elysées, is clearly Not to mention The Louvre,
I had my fair share of “life as it influenced by the famous which attracts millions of visitors
Paris should be” on my first trip. As a Christmas Fair in Alsace – the a year, most of them just to get a
star-struck 19-year-old, I came biggest one in Europe. For a glimpse of that mysterious Mona
to Paris on the Inter Rail tour, bite of true Christmas spirit, Lisa smile.
expecting to be swept away. And don’t miss out on the traditional
boy, did Paris have a surprise delicacies pain d’épices and vin In between, try to take the time
for me. A modelling agency had chaud (French ginger-bread and to see some other parts of the
decided to house all of their male warm red wine with spices). city, like the eye-catching Centre
models in our hotel. Do I even Most markets are open from late Pompidou, with its exterior
need to say it: Paris, je t’aime! November until the beginning of escalator. If you are into modern
January. and contemporary art, this
With all its perfect picture museum is highly recommended.
postcard potential, Paris is also Christmas or not, you can hardly The small square just in front
your ideal destination at Christmas visit Paris without seeing the is also a popular stage for
time. What is already a very Eiffel Tower. It was named after performance artists. After a
pretty city, with lots of interesting Gustave Eiffel, the architect who morning of sightseeing, why
architecture to absorb, outshines designed it, and was built for the not spoil yourself with a proper
itself with the explosion of colour World Expo in Paris of 1889. The afternoon tea, or coffee for that

14 dec 08 sep 07 europeanvibe

magazine 15
Reserve our private function room for your Christmas party now!!!

travel weekender Happy Christmas

Come and party with us
Donostiarras were happy at the
liberation. It was thought of as
on New Year’s Eve!
a bit of an avant-garde place in
the early 20th Century. At this
Darts • Cocktails
time, famous people like Leon
Trotsky and Mata Hari were
seen roaming the streets. And Champions League,
despite Franco’s suppression of
Basque culture during his time Premier League & La Liga

San Sebastián
in charge, he enjoyed holidaying

Donostia here during his dictatorship.

So what is there to do? The

prestigious San Sebastián Film LIVE MUSIC • 2 FLOORS
Festival has its home here and has
had many famous guests, includ- OPEN EVERY DAY DJ every night from 11pm
ing Alfred
Harrison Ford
and, this year,
Meryl Streep.
The old part
of the city is Meryl Streep
full of bars
Martin Quinn takes us to San Sebastián, and the Basque bar crawl, the
reputedly the home of the best food in
the Peninsula, the high end of Spanish
Txikiteo, is at its zenith here.
In September, there is a week
of events celebrating Basque
Irish Pub
holidaymaking, and a world-famous film culture, with sports contests like
Pelota Vasca and stone lifting,
festival, via the rather less glamorous stop-off or Harrijasotzaileak, being held. Plaza del Carmen (entrance: Calle Salud 9)
point of the Glasgow Barrowland Market. There is also a bizarre fiesta on Metro: Sol/Gran Vía/Callao
WORDS by Martin Quinn
20 January
there is a
Table-to-table telephones inside!!! Ph: 915 233 415

f there’s one thing about tragedy in the Basque Country, The film, directed by San drum-
Basques, it’s that they’re there are some great sources of Sebastián native, director ming
always trying to convert you reference. One of these is Mark Julio Medem explains the proces-
to their football team, usually Kurlansky’s book The Basque contrived politics of the sion
with bribes. So far, I’ve been History of the World, a quirky but area. This is against a back- Harrijasotzaileak through
given the jerseys of Athletic serious look at the strange cul- drop of stunning aerial shots, the town. It dates back to the
de Bilbao, Alavés and Osasuna by ture and politics of the Basques. haunting Basque music and the previously mentioned Napo-
friends from the area. (Though It is cut intermittently with local game, Basque Ball. (Sort of leonic War incident. During
controversy rages about whether local recipes and describes the like Squash or Irish Handball, the French occupation, mock
Osasuna is a Basque team, importance of gastronomy to the with a wooden scoop.) If you parades lampooning the French
despite the Euskera name.) Back culture, especially in Donostia. were to ignore the politics that were held by locals. This is
in the Barras market in Glasgow Apparently, the mayor has the are explained in the film, you considered one of the most
a few years back, I asked whether duty of dining practically every would still be blown away by the important fiestas in the city. You
the blue and white jersey with night in a different restaurant in scenery, especially in Donostia. can also go to the local Anoeta
a crown design and a bad smell the city during his tenure. The La Concha Bay is beautiful, stadium and see some football,
was Real Sociedad’s. “Dinnae ken, boozy Basques have large cider dotted with several islands and in the form of the now second
pal” (I don’t know), said the stall restaurants all around Donostia’s adorned with a beautiful beach. division Real Sociedad. Estadio
owner. It was only seven pounds province, Gipuzkoa (Guipúzcoa), The old city is mostly adorned Anoeta also hosts occasional
so I risked it. Turns out it was where steaks and non-sparkling with 19th Century architecture Heineken Cup rugby games so as
Recreativo de Huelva! cider are served. Gastronomic as it was rebuilt after British and to accommodate French Basque
societies or, Txokos, are very Portuguese forces looted and rugby giants Biarritz.
Sociedad hails from the stunning popular and the city is the destroyed it in 1813,
location of Donostia-San Se- birthplace of these com- during the Napoleonic All in all, it’s a charming, beauti-
bastián (its full Basque-Spanish munal cooking clubs. Wars. They liberated ful place and a bus can be taken
name). Some of the most spec- the city from French there from Avenida de America
tacular scenery in Iberia is in Another reference for occupiers, then went station. Renfe also goes from
and around this city and some of the Basque universe is berserk and wrecked Atocha and Chamartin stations
the best food too. If you want to the film La Pelota Vasca: the city, despite the so a train is also an option. You
find out about food, sports and Skin against Stone. fact that the locals, the can also get a flight there as it
has a small airport close by. The
operator from Madrid is Air
Nostrum, an Iberian Airlines

La Concha Bay is beautiful, dotted with several franchise. It’s an easy place to
get to from Madrid, though it

islands and adorned with a beautiful beach.

is quite a journey. So, for some
of the best food and scenery in
Iberia, head Basqueward for
stunning San Sebastián.

16 dec 08
os Rodr’guez Cuzco
Sto. Domingo
Cruz del Rayo
Callao Gran Vía
Alfonso XIII San Bernardo

2 CUATRO Santiago 53 12

CAMINOS Bernab�u 14
Sevilla 8 20
Alonso Martínez

map it out map it out



8 Cartagena

EL BUENO R’os Argentina

9 15 3
8 22 Noviciado
9 5 2

CANAL Rosas 10 48
Parque de
WORDS by Matt Johnson

nightclubs as well, for the more nocturnal Advertisers DIEGO

Islas numbers out there. A numberAlonsoof sidrerías can GREGORIO
Filipinas Quevedo Cano
also be found on northern Fuencarral as well, >BarsMARA„îN >Language Learning >Parties Barrio de El Capricho
if that’s what Iglesia
tickles your taste buds. Anyway p.18 Answer English p.33 Fabulous p.35 la Concepci—n
SAN Celtic Cross Rub�n
p.19 Nò„EZ
American Language Academy p.32 Fever p.13 Canillejas
BERNARDO As far as food 2 Chupito Sabor p.18
Dar’o CarpeDEDiem p.33
BALBOA Vibe! The Party p.36
10 Dubliners p.5 Lingo Bongo p33 Sugar p.2
goes, come Torre Arias
Irish Rover p.23 Hot English p.33 Supersonic p.9
Ventura to Trafalgar 7 Kabokla p.9 International House p.32 MANUEL PUEBLO Ciudad

Rodr’guez on an empty Moore’s p.19 Madrid4Students p.32 BECERRA El Carmen NUEVO Lineal Suanzes
ften referred to simply as stomach. For the 3 O’Connell Street p.25 One 2 One p.32 Lista
Chamberi, the often overlooked wandering tapas 8 O’Reilly’s p.27 Training Express p.32
neighbourhood Shamrocks p.25
PLAZA DE of Trafalgar is crowd, check VENTAS Quintana ARA B I C BAT H S & r e s tau r a n t
sandwiched between the
metros of out the highly underrated Plaza de Olavide
Star Studio p.17
Shooters p.17 Col—n >Leisure
Alonso Martinez, San Bernardo, Alonso Cano, – a circularly shaped park that’s bordered on p.26 GOYA
and Canal. Within its borders lies a plethora
of palate pleasing possibilities, a slew of
all sides by nearly a dozen different bars and
cafés that’s great in warm weather, but also ALONSO
>Restaurants Medina Mayrit p.19
Yelmo cinemas p.23
cervecerías and cinemas, and a solid selection blocks the winter windChueca
on those particularly Basilicco p.21
Circus Noodle Bar p.21 Ascao ‘Step back in history to the only Enjoy typical Andalusian food, original
of shopping streets. And at itsSantocenter is Plaza polar yet stubbornly sunny madrileño 14 Cubik p.21
PRêNCIPE OÕDonnell My Metro 2 Arabic baths in Madrid’
Over 300 years old, located in the
décor, oriental dance shows and a
Olavide, with eight different streets snaking
Domingo afternoons. One needn’t look far for a meal, 48 Curry’s p.20
Garc’a Noblejas cultural fusion every day of the year…
off in all directions like spider legs on either – Trafalgar is freckled like a Curry House p.20
DE VERGARA heart of the city centre Not to be missed!!
Come and relax in our thermal
a street map. GRAN
leopard withVêArestaurant after Estragon p.21 baths with soothing oriental music
l Guru p.20 Simancas and traditional Arabic decor.
R restaurant, mostly of the SAINZ DE BARANDA
My Metro
Il Piccolino Della Farfalla p.20
As for the 150,000 CALLAO Spanish persuasion. La CuevaBanco
del Faisán p.20 Ibiza San Blas
dura inhabitants of Trafalgar,
There are, however, Sevilla
La Farfalla p.20
de Espa–a Retiro
well, there are plenty of No.2 some more international La Herradura p.20
Las Musas
elderly to go around. I’m sure that at La Tía Cebolla p.21
Quevedo flavoured establishments
one time or another, during a particularly
hurried metro dash,La Latina
dotted around in the shape of
Las Batuecas p.21
19 Hard Rock p.20 Estrella Estadio Ol’mpico THE BIGGEST
you’ve no doubt wanted to Japanese, Italian, Turkish, Thai and Indian. Medina Mayrit p.21
break through the chain of old ladies walking
arm in arm like an aggressive fourth grader
For my personal pick, make a stop in Bósforos, Tirso
where one can enjoy a reasonably priced jarra
Miranda de p.21Molina
Mr India p.20
Parque 6
Vinateros B1 Barrio del Puerto SMALL BAR IN TOWN
de ofToledo
during a friendly game ‘red rover’. Well, if that of beer and an expertly crafted kebab doble
22 Siam p.21
Ant—n Mart’n
Taj p.20 del Retiro Artilleros Coslada Central Good beer, good sports, good times
rqu�s description has warranted an all too knowing con queso. And of course, I cannot go on any Toma p.21
further without mentioning my own personal Atocha
adilloroll of the eyes fromACACIAS
the reader, then you’ve Pavones La Rambla
probably been in my neighbourhood. vice – ice cream. There are three parlours >Travel
Open everyday from 1pm.
Best Pint
in Trafalgar, all with outdoor seating (not Atocha Renfe Valdebernardo Guinness
Cosmopolia p.17 Conde de Casal San Fernando
Yes, there does seem to be quite the lopsided
Pir‡mides applicablePalos
now, of course,
de thanks to good ol’ Men�ndez
Vueling p.15 vibe awards
ratio of elderly, in fact they seem to crawl the Jack Frost).laMyFrontera
top choice is Bajo Cero on the Pelayo Vic‡lvaro Jarama Traditional food. Take-away available.

streets like a frantically furious hill of ants, northern corner of Plaza de Quevedo for some Books
11there is quite a bit of solid nightlife here
but taste bud Delicias
tantalizing and tongue-numbingly
Arganzuela- Bookworld p.31 San Cipriano Pint bottles of cider.
as well. For those of you beer enthusiasts out
Usera tasty treats. Planetario PACêFICO Plasma TV, darts and Free wi-fi internet.
there, Trafalgar has something unique to offer Puerta de Arganda
in the form of German bars. Take a stroll down Of course, this is an awful lot for one to do in 6 All the Premiership and La Liga action live.
LAZAc/ Cardenal Cisneros and you’ll be fortunate
LEGAZPIto just one day, so take your time and do your bit M�ndez B1 Rivas-Urbanizaciones
PTICAfind a seat at several of these joints, which offer of wandering – just watch out where you’re ‡lvaro Puente de Vallecas 7
to the brew master in all of us a smorgasbord going so as to avoid sidewalk collisions with B2 Rivas-Vaciamadrid
of interesting imports and creative craft brews. our more Hospital
senior residents.12 deif life-long
But hey, Octubre
Nueva Numancia c/Maldonado, 14. Tel: 91 431 61 90. Metro: Nuñez de Balboa.
My personal has to be L’Europe. madrileños choose to retire here, shouldn’t that Portazgo B3 La Poveda
Further San
to northFrancisco
off of c/ Luchana are several San
tell you something? Ferm’n-Orcasur
Buenos Aires
Ciudad de los ‡ngeles ARGANDA DEL REY
Carabanchel Alto
Villaverde Bajo Cruce MADRID’S No. 1 SHOTS BAR!!!Alto del Arenal
LA PESETA A universe of flavours!
Absinthe Miguel Hern‡ndez 9 now MOORES Barceló
MoreSan Crist—bal
than 100
combinations and the
Sambuca Sierra de Guadalupe free wi-fi
c/Barceló, 1
11 VILLAVERDE ALTO Stroh Tel: 91 532 6331 Tribunal
R’o Manzanares

greatest variety of liquors

Villa de Vallecas in all three MONDAY TO FRIDAY: MENÚ DEL DÍA.
from all over the world Mezcal bars THURSDAY: TERTULIA,
asa Open
3(Absente, Sambuca, Cocktails, mixed Congosto STUDENT NIGHT + COCKTAILS.
Reloj New El Carrascal Stroh, Mezcal…) and the drinks, and lots more! La Gavia MOORES PLAZA MAYOR c/Felipe III, 4 SATURDAY & SUNDAY: SPORTS ALL DAY.
Year’s Eve original way to drink Tel: 91 365 5802 Sol PUB QUIZ EVERY MONDAY NIGHT
from 12them. Las Suertes
Besteiro Los Espartales Special
Arroyo Alonso Juan de Sports
Culebro de Mendoza la Cierva El Casar 1 Menu
E INFRAESTRUCTURAS c/Gutiérrez Solana, 6
Santa Teresa 8, Open Thursday, Zapaterías 9, Rincón del Húmedo, LEON
de Conservatorio Getafe
Friday and Happy Xmas Tel: 91 561 5668 Bernabéu OPEN 11AM-5PM.
dos Central Alonso Martínez, MADRID Puerta Sol 1, Plaza Mayor, LEON MOORE’S LA CUEVA BAR DE COPAS, THURSDAYS,
Saturday from Celebrate FRIDAY & SATURDAY DJs. CHART MUSIC.
Alonso Martínez 21:30 to 2am Santa Teresa 8, Alonso Martínez, MADRID New years with us WE ORGANISE PRIVATE PARTIES Alonso Martínez Come and try our special Christmas menu

18 dec 08 dec 08 19

What do you fancy tonight? What do you fancy tonight?
food eat out guide eat out guide food
American Indian Spanish Italian
Hard Rock Cafe Madrid has undergone a complete
memorabilia redecoration, with dozens of new items
commemorating the history of rock now on display. 
On Tuesday, 16 December, in celebration of the Enjoy typical Italian cuisine in a modern baroque
redecoration, the Madrid Café will host an exclusive live restaurant. Very central location in a cool going-out
VIP performance.
  Brand new Indian restaurant in Madrid! Exquisite area. Ideal for group bookings, events, birthdays,
Hard Rock Cafe Madrid offers the genuine American Indian cuisine, in a stunning and central location, Traditional Spanish food, in a traditional Spanish stag and hen nights.
food and we create an authentic dining experience in a atmosphere, with flamenco music and a terrace right in Day 13:30-16:30, evening from 20:30 Tuesday-Sunday.
right beside Madrid’s famous Plaza Mayor. Specialised in pizza a la parrilla, pastas, meats and fish.
rock ‘n’ roll atmosphere: live music and museum. the centre of Madrid. Try the typical “croquetas de jamón”
Open every day: 12:30- 03:00 am Terrace now open. SPECIAL OFFER: 15% discount Sunday-Thursday evenings
Tel: 913 669 099 Mob: 662 503 469 or the house speciality “Don Paco” dish. Open all day from
Tel:+ 00 34 91 436 43 40 10am to 2am. Tel: 91 522 9050 Tel: 91 308 0102
Hard Rock Cafe Pº de la Castellana, 2 Colón/Serrano Mister India Plaza de la Provincia, 3
Plaza de Lavapies, 5
Sol/Antón Martin
Lavapies La Tía Cebolla c/ de la Cruz, 27 Sol Basilicco c/ Santa Teresa, 12 Alonso Martinez
Alfredo’s Barbacoa Lagasca, 5 ( Retiro). Tel: 91 576 6271 Pizza Marzano Gran Vía, 69 ( Gran Vía). Tel: 91 541 8916
Juan Hurtado de Mendoza, 11 ( Cuzco). Tel: 91 576 6271 Pinocchio P.º Eduardo Dato, 5 ( Iglesia). Tel: 91 593 9927
Foster’s Hollywood Magallanes, 1 ( San Bernardo). Tel: 91 445 6110 Zurbano, 6 ( Alonso Martínez). Tel: 91 310 3171
Pl. Isabel II, 3 ( Ópera). Tel: 91 542 3172 Gaztambide, 3 ( Argüelles). Tel: 91 543 0649
Princesa, 13 ( Pl. España). Tel: 91 559 1914 Brand new Indian restaurant located in the Heart Pizza Marzano Gran Vía, 69 ( Gran Vía). Tel: 91 541 8916
of Madrid. Traditional Punjab dishes served by friendly
Gédeca, 6 ( Alonso Martínez). Tel: 91 310 2369
Indian staff. Call for details of special Bollywood Enjoy typical Andalusian food, original décor, Mediterranean Cuisine
Ribs Abada, 8 ( Callao). Tel: 91 884 3728 dancing shows performed in the restaurant. oriental dance shows and a cultural fusion every Kranc Paseo de la Chopera, 132 ALCOBENDAS. Tel: 91 662 4114
Peggy Sue’s Amaniel, 20 ( Ventura Rodríguez). Tel: 91 521 8560 Open 1-4pm and 8pm-midnight. day of the year… Not to be missed!!
T.G.I. Friday’s Gran Vía, 76 ( Gran Vía). Tel: 91 275 9492 Tel: 91 523 4570 Tel: 90 233 3334 Chinese
Tony Roma’s Gédeca, 17 ( Alonso Martínez). Tel: 91 310 1488 El Dragón Barbieri, 17 ( Chueca). Tel: 91 522 7272
Mexican /Tex-Mex Curry’s Indian Restaurant c/ Silva, 16 Callao Medina Mayrit c/ Atocha, 14 Sol/Tirso de Molina House Of Ming Pº de la Castellana, 74 ( G Marañón). Tel: 91 561 9827
Tse Yang Pº Castellana, 22 ( Ruben Dario). Tel: 91 431 1888
Bazaar San Marcos, 35 ( Chueca). Tel: 91 523 1505 Yuán Velázquez, 87 ( Nuñez de Balboa). Tel: 91 522 7272
Casa Mingo Paseo de la Florida, 34 ( Príncipe Pío). Tel: 91 547 7918 Ciudad Feliz Fernández de los Ríos, 75 ( Moncloa). Tel: 91 549 9573
En Busca del Tiempo Barcelona, 4 ( Sol). Tel: 91 521 9801 Yuán Velázquez, 87 ( Nuñez de Balboa). Tel: 91 522 7272
Experience our traditional Mexican cuisine in an La Burbuja que Ríe Ángel, 16 ( La Latina). Tel: 91 366 5167 Zen Central Puigcerdá, 6 ( Serrano). Tel: 91 431 1233
authentic atmosphere. In a relaxed environment La Cueva del Faisán Espoz y Mina,15 ( Sol). Tel: 676 287 654
enjoy one of our specialities, the fajitas, mixtas and Traditional Indian restaurant- offering a variety of
rich Indian cuisine infused with the best authentic A Cuerpo De Rey Hilarión Eslava, 27 ( Moncloa). Tel: 91 549 4338 Mixed Oriental
prawn tacos. With space for large groups, there is
ingredients. Located in the centre of Madrid and Buddha del Mar Carretera de la Coruña, Km 8,700 Tel: 91 357 5275
fun for everyone! Open Mon-Thurs: 1pm-4pm
and 8pm-12pm, Friday to Sunday: 1pm-4pm and open daily 1-4 pm and 8-12 pm. Set menu available Spanish Tapas Entre Occidente y Oriente Ayalá, 17 ( Colón). Tel: 91 426 0843
8pm to 1:30 am. Tel: 91 542 3936 everyday from 1-4 pm for 9.95€. La Casa del Abuelo Victoria, 12 ( Sol). Tel: 91 521 2319 Golden Seal López de Hoyos, 327 ( Pinar Del Rey). Tel: 91 388 6166 Tel: 91 360 0706
Malaspina Cádiz, 9 ( Sol). Tel: 91 523 4024 Indochina Barquillo, 10 ( Chueca). Tel: 91 524 0318
La Herradura c/ Montserrat, 32 San Bernardo/Plaza de España Guru Indian Restaurant c/ Echegaray 21 Sol/ Sevilla
Modern/International Cuisine
The Wok San Marcos, 31 ( Chueca). Tel: 91 531 6979
Castello, 117 ( Avenida de America). Tel: 91 411 2918
Argentinian Chinese
Basilicco Santa Teresa, 12 ( Alonso Martinez). Tel: 91 308 0102 El Dragón Barbieri, 17 ( Chueca). Tel: 91 522 7272
El Gaucho Tetuán, 34 ( Sol). Tel: 91 522 4793 Tse Yang Pº Castellana, 22 ( Rubén Darío). Tel: 91 431 1888
La Vaca Argentina Bailén, 20 ( La Latina). Tel: 91 365 6654 Barely a year old but already a favourite for
many in the district of de las Letras. With a menu
Cuban Enjoy a wide variety of traditional Indian cuisine.
catered for everyone’s taste offering tempting
With over 40 dishes to choose from, you will be spoilt
Tocororo Prado, 3 ( Sevilla). Tel: 91 369 4000 for choice. Open daily 1-4 pm and 8.30-11.30 pm. and varied food. Very good wines and a list of
Centro Cubano Claudio Cuello, 41 ( Serrano). Tel: 91 575 8279 Set menu and take away food available. classic cocktails. Open daily from 1pm-2am. (Fri & Sat until 2:30am) Tel: 91 369 1025
La Cabaña Ventura de la Vega, 10 ( Sevilla). Tel: 91 420 1741 “Let’s Noodle”
c/ Cruz 13 Sol/Sevilla. Tel: 91 522 3595
Taj c/ Marqués De Cubas 6 Banco de España. Tel: 91 531 5059 / 91 521 63 27 Miranda c/ Huertas, 29 Sol/Antón Martin Madrid’s very first noodle bar. Fast, healthy and
fun food served in the heart of Madrid’s Chueca
district, in a pleasant and modern atmosphere.
Take-away service available.
Centrally located Argentinian steak house with a Open Mon- Sun 1pm-1am.
rustic, welcoming atmosphere. Enjoy traditional Tel: 91 522 3333
Argentinian cuisine such as pizza, pasta, and grilled
meat. Variety of vegetarian options available. Open
every day ‘til late. Average price 15/20€ per head, New, modern restaurant located in the heart of Circus Noodle Bar c/ Libertad, 13 Chueca
Bright, colourfully furnished Indian restaurant located in Madrid. Fresh, vibrant atmosphere and bright,
lunch menu only 9,50€. Madrid’s trendy Chueca area. Open since 1985, it is a busy Ayala Japón Ayala, 67 ( Lista). Tel: 91 309 5625
Il Piccolino Della Farfalla Tel: 91 369 4391 comfortable surroundings. Very reasonably priced.
La Farfalla Tel: 91 369 4691
little place and quite reasonably priced at around 18/20€
Monday to Saturday, 1pm to 4pm and 8pm to Furama Paseo de la Florida, 2 ( Príncipe Pío). Tel: 91 548 7658
per head. 3 course lunch or “menu del día” is served from
Il Piccolino Della Farfalla c/ Huertas, 6 Antón Martín 1.30pm- 4.30pm, dinner from 8.30pm- 12.30am. midnight. (Saturdays 1.30pm opening)
Tel: 91 523 0481
La Farfalla c/ Santa María, 17 Antón Martín Open every day. Tel: 91 391 4586

Vegetarian Taj Mahal c/ Belén, 12 Chueca/Alonso Martínez Cubik c/ Aduana,12 Sol/Sevilla

Indian Authentic Thai cuisine, in exotic, intimate

Annapurna Zurbano, 5 ( Alonso Martínez). Tel: 91 319 8716 surroundings. Good service, friendly atmosphere.
Arga Isabel la Católica, 9 ( Santo Domingo). Tel: 91 542 2756 English menu available. Extensive à la carte menu,
lunch and evening specials.
Bombay Palace Fernán González, 54 ( Ibiza). Tel: 91 574 1930 Open 12-4pm and 8pm-12pm.
A pleasant surprise for non-vegetarians. Rustic,
Andalusian tavern-style décor, extensive and Delhi Duque de Osuna, 6 ( Plaza de España). Tel: 91 542 8451 Non-smoking.
surprisingly tasty menu. Located in the heart of the Ganga Alameda, 6 ( Atocha). Tel: 91 369 4273 Creative cuisine in a casual, friendly atmosphere. Tel: 91 559 8315
bustling La Latina area. Guru Echegaray, 21 ( Sevilla). Tel: 91 360 0706 Lunch served Tuesday to Friday, Dinner served Tuesday
Open every day, 1pm- 4.30pm, 8pm-12.30pm. Moharaj Buenavista, 42 ( Lavapies). Tel: 91 528 5289 / 91 539 2829 to Saturday, brunch served on Sundays. SIAM c/ San Bernardino, 6 Plaza de España/Noviciado
Tel: 91 365 8982 Tel: 91 547 4996
Passage to India Ave María, 18 ( Antón Martin). Tel: 91 527 1787 The Thai Gardens Jorge Juan, 5 ( Colón). Tel: 91 577 8884
El Estragón Pl. Paja, 10 Madrid de los Austrias La Latina Tandoori Station Jose Ortega y Gasset, 89 ( Lista/Manuel Becerra). Tel: 91 401 2228 Toma c/ Conde Duque, 14 Plaza de España Café Saigón María de Molina, 4 ( Gregorio Marañón). Tel: 91 563 1566

20 dec 08 dec 08 21

film first new movie releases film first
ORIGINAL VERSION >Renoir Plaza de España

Seth Rogen in CINEMAS (V.O.) Address: Martín de los Heros, 12

Tel: 915 414 100 & 902 229 122

Pineapple Express >Alphaville Golem

Heros, 14
Zone: Central
Price: Mon-Fri 6.50 €. Sat & Sun 6.80 €
Address: Martín de los Metro: Plaza de España

Tel: 915 593 836

Zone: Central
>Renoir Princesa
Rodríguez (Line 3)

Price: 6.80 € Address: Calle de la Princesa, 5,

Metro: Plaza de España (Lines Pje. Martín de los Heros
3 & 10) Tel: 915 599 872 & 902 229 122
Zone: Central
>Pequeño Cine Estudio
Rodríguez (Line 3) Price: Mon-Fri 6.50 €. Sat & Sun 6.80 €
Metro: Plaza de España (Lines 3
Address: Magallanes, 1 & 10), Ventura Rodríguez (Line 3)
Tel: 914 472 920
Release Date: 5 December 2008 Release Date: 12 December 2008 Release Date: 19 December 2008 Zone: Chamberi
Price: 6.50 €
>Renoir Retiro
Rodríguez (Line 3)
Spanish title: Superfumados Spanish title: Ultimatum a la Tierra Spanish title: Charlie Bartlett Metro: Quevedo (Line 2) Address: Narváez, 42
Tel: 902 229 122
Rodríguez (Line 3) Zone: Retiro
Price: Mon-Fri 6.50 €. Sat & Sun

The OneTrick Pony?

Address: Calle de la Princesa, 3 6.80 €
Tel: 915 414 100 & 902 888 902 Metro: Ibiza (Line 9)
Zone: Moncloa-Aravaca

Please note: details of all films are correct at the time of publication.
Price: Mon-Fri 6.20 €. Sat & Sun Rodríguez (Line 3)
6.80 €
Metro: Plaza de España (Lines 3 Address: Bravo Murillo, 28
& 10), Ventura Rodríguez Tel: 914 473 930
(Line 3) Zone: Chamberi
Price: 6.50 €

It’s a phenomenon in any kind of artistic success that discovering what it >Renoir Cuatro Caminos
Rodríguez (Line 3) Metro: Canal (Lines 2 & 7),
Quevedo (Line 2)
Address: Raimundo Fernández
was that made you successful presents the dilemma: carry on doing what was Villaverde, 10
>Yelmo Cines Ideal
Rodríguez (Line 3)
Tel: 915 414 100 & 902 229 122
successful, or go back to the drawing board and try to be successful in a different way? Zone: Chamberi Address: Doctor Cortezo, 6
Spanish title: Superfumados Price: Mon-Fri 6.50 €. Sat & Sun Tel: 902 220 922
Release Date: 19 December 2008 Release Date: 25 December 2008 Release Date: 9 January 2008 6.80 € Zone: Central
Director: David Gordon Green Cast: Seth Rogen, James Franco, Danny R. McBride, Gary Cole, Rosie Perez, Amber Heard, James Remar Metro: Cuatro Caminos (Lines Price: 7.10 €
Spanish title: El Valiente Despereaux Spanish title: Mi ciudad grita Spanish title: RocknRolla 1, 2 & 6) Metro: Tirso de Molina (Line 1)
What, I wonder, are the first notable signs of ageing? fondness for marijuana, bottled beer and abstract an underachieving stoner. This time the plot revolves
Is it getting annoyed when your housemates return musings. around a bungled gangland execution, which is
knives and forks in the cutlery drawer the wrong way inadvertently witnessed by his character Dale
round? Becoming obsessive about getting your left Commercial success followed. Rogen forged a close Denton. Swiftly fleeing the scene, Denton manages
iPod headphone into the corresponding ear hole? Or working relationship with Apatow which spawned to incriminate himself by leaving the smouldering
perhaps it is writing long, gushing eulogies about a number of major releases, notably Superbad and embers of a joint behind him. Not so much a
authors like Charles Dickens (see page 31) for a hip Knocked Up. The latter saw him largely reprising the smoking gun, as a smoking spliff - and with the
publication in Madrid, where the readership would role of the dim-witted, pot-smoking layabout, whose strain of cannabis sufficiently rare to be traced - the
much prefer to read about writers like Irvine Welsh or personal moment of epiphany came when, in his scene is set for the ‘mobsters versus the munchies’
Hunter S. Thompson? single act of physical exertion, he managed to get his battle that follows.
co-star Katherine Heigl pregnant.
Ok. I’m becoming a grumpy, particular, Englishman. For me, Rogen’s formula is wearing a little thin. There’s
I know it. And I finally resigned myself to that fate Knocked Up was a roaring commercial success for him always the danger of being typecast, and he is running
whilst writing this article about Pineapple Express. and Apatow. It elevated the pair to the lofty status of the risk of being remembered by history as the ‘useless

five cinema
Pineapple Express, for those of you that haven’t yet
Hollywood A-listers, it was nominated for a clutch
of awards and it brought home a total gross revenue
stoner’- and regardless of how many Homer Simpson
moments of clarity he experiences, I can’t imagine that
tickets spotted the adverts, is the latest Hollywood film to of something around $220,000,000. It was his Dick his mother will be pleased with that.
for you and star Seth Rogen, Hollywood’s new favourite actor. He Whittington moment; he had hit the big time.
your friends! is a different type of hero. He’s not defined by good And maybe it is me growing older, but his breed of
Yelmo Cine Ideal, the biggest
original language cinema in looks, rippling muscles, sharp intellect, or a sinister By the end of 2008, Apatow and Rogen seem to hold humour is getting a little boring. Just like hanging
Madrid, are giving away five
free tickets to see a film of Italian accent; he is, in fact, a bit of an antithesis: a the middle ground in cinematic comedy, a position out with people who smoke far too much dope: it’s
your choice at their theatre
in Calle Doctor Cortezo. All touch overweight, a flicker of red in his curly unkempt that previously was filled by Will Ferrell and Vince fun for a while, but it soon becomes incredibly dull,
you have to do is answer the
following question: hair - aesthetically something of a genetic mash up Vaughn and, before them, by the American Pie as the conversation becomes stale and you
Which part did Seth between Rivers Cuomo out of Weezer, and Yogi Bear generation. He can now expect around six spend far too much time discussing
Rogen originally
write for himself in out of Jellystone Park. million dollars for each film appearance; whether The Beatles were better than
Pineapple Express? and his dumb, hopeless characters, with The Stones, or whether or not the
Send your answers and
contact details in an email He was marked as an emerging talent with his their monotonous, irrelevant verbal Chinese shop in La Plaza de Bilbao
entitled “Yelmo Film
Competition” to appearance in Judd Apatow’s 2005 comedy, The deliveries, have found favour right across sells the best hotdogs in town.
before 20 December 2008. Forty Year Old Virgin. And it was in this film that he mainstream America.
Good luck to you all! developed the persona that was to bring him so So, Seth Rogen: one trick pony, or Desde el Teatro La Scala de Milán
much subsequent success. He played the role of an Pineapple Express heralds his cutting edge comedian? I’ll leave it En Directo Vía Satélite y en Alta DefiniciónOpera Inaugural de la Temporada
2008-2009 de La Scala
underachieving electronics store assistant with a return in the familiar role of up to you. Yelmo Cines continúa con su exitosa temporada de “Opera en el Cine” y presenta

de Giuseppe.Verdi
22 dec 08 Domingo 7 de Diciembre a las 18:00
Heated debate, disagreements, tantrums and sulks…
And that was just deciding what the names of the awards
were going to be! The European Vibe office has locked
in deep reflection over the last year’s events in sport to
name our list of winners. Here are our definitive sports Spanish
heroes of 2008, and Harry Watkinson explains why.
League Tickets
Real Madrid,
Atlético Madrid,
- English Premiership
- Champions League
- Italian Serie A

Spor ts Personalities
of the Year Contact details:
Tel: +34 918110470
WORDS by Harry Watkinson


matches of all time to finally claim the ultimate prize in tennis. It also
European Vibe Sports Personality made him the first man since Bjorn Borg to win the French Open and
of the Year Wimbledon in the same year.
(Outstanding performance in sport by a European) For most tennis fans, this made Rafa the unofficial world number
one. Two months later, after victories in Toronto, Cincinatti and a gold medal Open 24th December
in Beijing, the great Spaniard made it official. Injury was to curtail his year
but he had already done more than enough. Rafa can look forward to this Abierto el 24 de diciembre
Rafael Nadal Christmas knowing that he is, for now, the best of the best. 31st December
Runner Up New Year’s Eve Celebration EVERY
By April of this year Rafael Nadal was in familiar
territory. He was ranked the number two player in
31 de diciembre: BUCKET WEDNESDAY:
the world; a position he had held longer than anyone Gala de Noche Vieja OF BEER 15& PINT PARTY WITH
(6 Bottles of VODKA + BURN, DRINKS
else in tennis history. Still sitting above him was Rebecca Adlington
Special Dinner Cena especial SPECIAL Heineken) WHISKEY +
Roger Federer, the best of this time and arguably OFFERS COKE 8¤ 2x1
the best of all time. Coincidently, he had held the number one position for
longer than anyone else in tennis history. At this moment, it seemed Rafa’s British swimmers hardly ever win gold medals at
Open all night Abierto toda la noche
main challenge would be to hold off the number three player rather than Olympic Games. British female swimmers never
challenge the number one. Little did we know that the man from Majorca win gold medals at Olympic Games. However, in LIVE MUSIC Poker Band, Blue Jeans, Superstition, Kairo’s, La Base Authentic Irish food served all day. Menu of the day 9 ¤
had something truly special up his sleeveless t-shirts. Beijing 19-year-old Rebecca Adlington changed
Coming into 2008, Rafa was famous for several things. One was his all that when she took the 400m freestyle by a
abilities on the clay courts of Europe. In three years he had obliterated fingertip and the 800m freestyle by a length. In the pool she is dynamic,
anyone who had the misfortune to face him on the red dirt. This period out of it she really does seem like the girl next door. It is safe to say that
saw him rack up three French Open titles and, at one point, an 84-match Rebecca is already a national treasure in her home country.
unbeaten run. A second was his appearance. The girls loved his long hair,
long shorts and bandana and they went absolutely wild for his bulging European Vibe Young
biceps. And a third was him as a man. Still a home town boy, Rafa is a Sportsperson of the Year
modest sportsman, as gracious in victory as in defeat. But when he is on (Outstanding performance in sport by a European
court, blood, sweat and tears are spilt in the pursuit of victory. These are
the qualities that had already made him one of Spain’s favourite sons.
And that was before he went on the rampage this summer.
under the age of 25)
Once again, Rafa crushed anyone in his path to win on the clay
Plus All Major Sporting Sunday, 14 December Thursday, 17 December
Hamburg v Aston Villa
courts of Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Hamburg and finally Paris. In winning Events Live
the French Open for a fourth consecutive time, he gave Federer the
Lewis Hamilton
Barcelona v Real Madrid St Etienne v Valencia
Thursday, 18 December
biggest thrashing of his life. A mark of the man is that Rafa refused to Monday, 1 December Sunday, 14 December Tuesday, 9 December Racing Santander v Man City
celebrate his victory on court because he felt bad for his great rival. But For a living, Lewis Hamilton gets paid millions Liverpool v West Ham Chelsea v West Ham Barcelona v Shakhtar Donetsk Sampdoria v Sevilla
worse was to come for the Swiss maestro. Centre Court at Wimbledon of pounds to drive racing cars at more than Saturday, 6 December Sunday, 21 December Chelsea v CFR Cluj Tottenham v Spartak Moscow
had been his personal domain, winning the title for five years on the 220mph. When he is away from the track, he Man Utd v Sunderland Arsenal v Liverpool Marseille v Atletico

bounce. However, there was to be no sixth. At the third attempt and chills with his Pussycat Doll girlfriend and when Real Madrid v Sevilla Real Madrid v Valencia PSV v Liverpool
after five hours and five sets, Rafa downed Roger in one of the greatest he goes out, everyone wants to be his friend. Saturday, 13 December Villarreal v Barcelona Wednesday, 10 December Tuesday, 2 December
HAPPY WEEKENDS Middlesbrough v Arsenal Sunday, 28 December Celtic v Villarreal Burnley v Arsenal
HOUR MONDAY 5PM TO Tottenham v Man Utd Arsenal v Portsmouth Porto v Arsenal Man Utd v Blackburn
Sunday, 14 December Fulham v Chelsea Man Utd v AaB Stoke v Derby
continued on page 26
TO THURSDAY 7PM Barcelona v Real Madrid Newcastle v Liverpool Real Madrid v Zenit St Petersburg Watford v Tottenham
24 dec 08 C/Espoz y Mina, 7 (next to Puerta del Sol) Sol and Sevilla Open all day long tlf: 91 532 79 56
continued from page 24

And the icing on his very large cake came last month when he
became both the youngest man and the first black man to win Runner Up
Sports Diary
Liverpool v West Ham
2nd Dec FOOTBALL Carling Cup
Reserve your Christmas party here
Open on Christmas Eve
New year’s Eve party- call for details
the World Drivers’ Championship. Some boys have all the luck. Burnley v Arsenal, Man Utd v Blackburn,
Of course, luck had little to do with Hamilton winning the
ultimate prize in motor sport at the tender age of 23. For ten
Stoke v Derby, Watford v Tottenham
Man City v PSG, Gp A
Come and celebrate “Reyes” with us on the 6th of January
years the McLaren team had been grooming young Lewis for the Usain Bolt Sevilla v Partizan Belgrade, Gp C
high octane world of Formula One and in 2007 they finally let 4th Dec FOOTBALL UEFA Cup
him loose. And boy did he make an impact. With two races to go Aston Villa v MSK Zilina, Gp F
Valencia v Club Brugge, Gp G
he was 16 points clear and looking a certain winner in his rookie In Beijing the young Jamaican put on the Wolfsburg v Portsmouth, Gp E
season. However, mistakes by Hamilton and his team in China greatest display of sprinting since the 5th Dec Rugby union Heineken Cup
and Brazil saw him surrender the championship to the Ferrari dinosaurs took their leave. He won the 100m Cardiff Blues v Biarritz
driver, Kimi Raikkonen, by one point. and 200m by country miles, breaking both Edinburgh v Wasps
Sale v Montauban
2008 proved to be much more challenging for Hamilton world records along the way. And then to Ulster v Scarlets
on and off the racetrack. Expectations were much higher, the finish things off Bolt and three of his mates took the 4x100m 6th Dec FOOTBALL EPL

91 521 16 70
pressure more intense. Relationships became fraught with the relay and, yes, you guessed it, broke the world record. A true Arsenal v Wigan

press and he was accused in some quarters of arrogance. On the global star has been born, and Jamaica has a new national hero. Blackburn v Liverpool
Bolton v Chelsea
track he was struggling with consistency, one week brilliant, the Man Utd v Sunderland
next, reckless. But by the final race in Brazil he found himself in a European Vibe Team of the Year Rugby union Heineken Cup
similar position to 2007 – come fifth and the glory would be his. (Outstanding performance by a sports team) Calvisano v Gloucester
With ten laps to go Hamilton was just where he needed to be, Leicester v Perpignan
Leinster v Castres
but then the rains came forcing cars into the pits and sending his Ospreys v Treviso
strategy up in smoke. Stade Francais v Harlequins
Going into the last lap he was running sixth, going into the Spain 7th Dec FOOTBALL La Liga
last corner he was running sixth. And then when all hope appeared national football team
Barcelona v Valencia
Real Madrid v Sevilla
gone the motor racing gods suddenly smiled on young Lewis and Sporting Gijon v Atletico
brought the car in front of him to a virtual standstill. Hamilton took The Spanish football team Rugby union Heineken Cup
the man, the finish line and his place in the record books. has become famous for its Bath v Glasgow
ability to underperform in Clermont Auvergne v Munster
Runner Up European Championships 8th Dec FOOTBALL EPL
West Ham v Tottenham
and World Cups. Almost 9th Dec FOOTBALL Champions League
without exception, La Barcelona v Shakhtar Donetsk, Gp C
Selección have come Chelsea v CFR 1907 Cluj-Napoca, Gp A
top of their qualifying Marseille v Atletico Madrid, Gp D
Andy Murray PSV v Liverpool, Gp D
groups and been one 10th Dec FOOTBALL Champions League
of the favourites to lift the trophy before tournament finals. But Celtic v Villarreal, Gp E
Throughout most of 2008 there was Nadal, when the pressure has really been on, the Spaniards have been FC Porto v Arsenal, Gp G
Federer and Djokovic, and then there were flattering to deceive since 1964 – the year that marked their one Man Utd v AaB, Gp E
Real Madrid v Zenit St Petersburg, Gp H
the rest. However, as the season came to a and only major footballing triumph. 12th Dec Rugby union Heineken Cup
close, a fourth man had joined this exclusive Thankfully, most bad things do come to an end and this Castres v Leinster
party. Since Wimbledon the Scottish tennis summer Spain threw off the shackles of past failures to take this Scarlets v Ulster
player Andy Murray has been taking titles and toppling the top
three almost at will. If he can stay fit, he may well be the one at
the European Championships by storm. Casillas was impassable
in goal, Puyol and Ramos solid in defense, Alonso and Xavi
Liverpool v Hull all matches live on
Middlesbrough v Arsenal
the top of the pile come this time next year. controlled the midfield and Villa and Torres proved deadly in front Tottenham v Man Utd
of goal. Rugby union Heineken Cup
European Vibe ‘Overseas’ La Marea Roja galloped through the group stages winning Biarritz v Cardiff Blues
Gloucester v Calvisano
Sports Personality
& TVs
all three games before facing Italy in the quarter finals. You could 1st December
Harlequins v Stade Francais Liverpool v West Ham
(Outstanding performance in sport by have bet your house that it would end up as Spain playing attack Montauban v Sale
2nd December
a non-European) and the Azurri defending. Penalties were soon inevitable but for Munster v Clermont Auvergne
Burnley v Arsenal
once the Spanish held their nerves while the Italians lost theirs. Newport-Gwent D'gons v Toulouse
Treviso v Ospreys Man Utd v Blackburn
This, you feel, was the moment when the hoping turned into 14th Dec FOOTBALL EPL Stoke v Derby
believing; the mantra podemos was finally being repeated with Chelsea v West Ham Watford v Tottenham
Michael Phelps conviction. And it was also the point when the healing powers FOOTBALL La Liga 6th December
of sport once more came to the fore. Regional rivalries were Atletico v Real Betis Man Utd v Sunderland
Barcelona v Real Madrid
temporarily forgotten as people across the country celebrated the Rugby union Heineken Cup Real Madrid v Sevilla
In turbulent economic times, investors success of their football team together. The street party got bigger Glasgow v Bath 9th December
seek to shelter their money from the when the Russians were defeated in the semi-final and reached a Perpignan v Leicester Barcelona v
storm by buying into that most reliable of crescendo when one goal by Fernando Torres was enough to see Wasps v Edinburgh Shakhtar Donetsk
BBC Sports Personality of the year Chelsea v Cluj-Napoca
commodities - gold. Yet another reason, off the Germans and take the trophy. 44 years of hurt had been 17th Dec FOOTBALL UEFA Cup Marseille v Atletico

Speciaolf fers
then, why Michael Phelps should feel good ended, and what was more impressive is that it was done in real Deportivo La Coruna v AS Nancy, Gp H PSV v Liverpool
about himself as 2008 draws to a close. Because anyone who style. In 2008, the best team really did win and let’s hope there Hamburg v Aston Villa, Gp F PM
was following the Olympics this summer will know that the will be more of the same in 2010. Portsmouth v Heerenveen, Gp E 10th December
Celtic v Villarreal E N D S 5 PM TO 7
M WEEK eken)
St Etienne v Valencia, Gp G
US swimmer now has 14 gold medals hidden under his pillow 18th Dec FOOTBALL UEFA Cup Porto v Arsenal
(there are also two bronzes dropped down the side of the sofa). Runner Up Racing Santander v Man City, Gp A Man Utd v AaB
l e s of Hein
This makes him the greatest Olympian of all time and credit Sampdoria v Sevilla, Gp C Real Madrid v D A Y B ott
HOUR M BEER 10 & (6 OKE 8&
Sto. Domingo Callao Gra n Vía Gran Vía
crunch-proof – a nice combination. Tottenham v Spartak Moscow, Gp D
Zenit St Petersburg
OF IN KS 2 x1
One look at Phelp’s physique will tell you that this was a 13th December
U C K E T IS K E Y+C I T H D R Gran

man made for the water. His 6-foot-7-inch wingspan is three

Arsenal v Liverpool
FOOTBALL La Liga Middlesbrough v Arsenal B S P E E D, W H
P A R T Y W Vía

inches longer than his height, providing him with exceptional

Olympic Team
Espanyol v Atletico Tottenham v Man Utd T VODK URSDAY: BI
A + G
14th December Y T H t i l l l a te
Plaza de
Real Madrid v Valencia

reach. His torso is long compared to his legs, enabling him to ride EV

ll day

Villarreal v Barcelona Barcelona v Real Madrid

high on the water. And his flexible ankles, combined with size-14 Traditionally, British Olympians
Open a


Chelsea v West Ham

feet, allow for a powerful kick. These are the tools of his trade. do losing very well. However,

Everton v Chelsea 17th December Palacio Opera
e Alc
The ‘Baltimore Bullet’ swam in the Sydney Olympic Games last summer, sports fans in the 26th Dec FOOTBALL EPL Hamburg v Aston Villa
Aren Call
at the age of 15, and four years later in Athens, he won six gold UK had to come to terms with Aston Villa v Arsenal St Etienne v Valencia Ca
Chelsea v West Brom San Car rera de San Jerón
medals and two bronzes. However, the best was yet to come. the fact that their Olympic and Liverpool v Bolton Thursday, 18 DecemberCatedral de
go May o r

Calle Espoz y Mira

C al le
In Beijing, Phelps went a perfect 8-for-8, breaking Mark Spitz's Paralympics teams had won big Racing Santander vNtra. Sra.

Stoke v Man Utd Man
de la
City Pasaje de

single-Games record for gold medals. He swam 17 times over time in Beijing. The cycling teams were unbeatable, the rowers 28th Dec FOOTBALL EPL Sampdoria v SevillaAlmudena Calle de Cádiz

Arsenal v Portsmouth Plaza

nine days and broke the world record in four of his five individual were heroic and unexpected success came in the pool and the Fulham v Chelsea
Tottenham v Spartak Moscow
Calle M
swims. His three relay teams also set world marks. Not a bad gymnasium. All they need to do now is repeat the trick when the 21st December
Newcastle v Liverpool Arsenal v Liverpool
weeks work, and he is coming back for more in 2012. Games come to London in 2012. 29th Dec FOOTBALL EPL
Man Utd v Middlesbrough Real Madrid v Valencia
Villarreal v Barcelona plus all the sports including:
28th December
Arsenal v Portsmouth MLB
Fulham v Chelsea
26 dec 08 Newcastle v Liverpool
culture culture
Spanish festive season, which builds over the Francoist and very reactionary. The
Communists achieved nearly 10%
preceding month to a resounding crescendo of the vote and this would guar-
with the arrival of the kings on the evening of antee they left their stamp on the
the fifth. In fact, the Spanish festive season is constitution. Along with the right
such a vivid, wonderful part of the year, that I of the government to intervene
think it’s well worth sketching quickly for any in the private sector if the public
new arrivals. interest deemed it necessary, the
Communists also managed to get

1978 2008
a clause in regarding the workers’

6 December 6 December
From early December you’ll notice that the su-
right to eventually own the means
permarkets fill up with an unnatural amount of of production. The next year would
food, as the abuelas stalk the aisles with shop- see this and the other parts of the

ping trolleys loaded like farmers’ wheelbarrows. constitution being drafted.
On Christmas Eve (Noche Buena) the first meal
of the Spanish feasting season arrives, as Span- The constitution was ratified in
ish females disappear into the house and start a referendum with an absolute
to do majestic things with seafood and shellfish.
This banquet on Christmas Eve is followed by
another on Christmas Day, which is followed by
A robust constitution
Martin Quinn delivers his account of the
majority of 87.87% of the popular
vote on 6 December 1978. The
turnout was 69% and there was
a notable lack of support in the
another on New Year’s Eve (Noche Vieja), which Basque Country, where national-
is followed by a final colossal gorge for Reyes. As
the final whistle blows on the evening of the 6
Spanish Constitution of 1978. 30 years on from ists abstained, but 15,706,078 of
17,873,301 voters said “Yes” to
January, half the population are crawling away its approval by the people of Spain, many see the charter. Here are some of the
other important features of the
from the dinner table and begging for mercy. this as a time to celebrate, but many others see constitution. You’ll probably hear
So well defined, and so much loved – it seems it as high time for change. Spaniards complaining about the
health system but their right to
scandalous to suggest that of all Spanish WORDS by Martin Quinn healthcare free at the point of use
traditions, Reyes, the core of their Christmas is enshrined in the

celebration is under attack. But amongst all constitution. The re-
the tumbling goats, bull fighting, sardine December 2008 is the al nationalism, Spain was a long way Party of today, but sult is a high level of
They might have come from burying and bonfire burning, Reyes is probably thirtieth anniversary of from stability and self-confidence. the centreward healthcare. Anyone
the Spanish Constitution. drift was begin- who has suffered the
afar, passing through dangers the Spanish fiesta whose fate hangs most It was created during a Who was the man to achieve this ning. The major British health system
precariously in the calendar.
unknown, to bring gold, time of uncertainty and
instability, though its
then? Juan Carlos had initially
extended Arias Navarro’s tenure
problem was the
(or Jesus help us,
the Irish Republic’s)
frankincense and myrrh (don’t The onward march of westernisation is at the ramifications have mostly reversed as prime minister which was by rejection of the can testify to Spain’s
heart of this. The streets of Madrid, Barcelona, this. It has led to a freer and more no means a good sign that reform Political Reform hands-down superi-
worry so much about the myrrh Valencia and a hundred other cities and prosperous society. Regional was on the way. A Francoist public Act. The law didn’t allow them to ority here, the poor in the USA can
next time) to Baby Jesus, but the language and cultural rights have prosecutor, he had Salvador Puig participate in elections as extreme only dream. Decent housing and

towns across the country are now loaded with
been enshrined in the document. Antich, a Catalán anarchist, right-wing elements were opposed state pensions are also unalienable
the standard tribe of multinational stores
big jolly fat man might be too and outlets; at the end of 2008 the Spanish
The regions have varying degress
of autonomy but, according to the
executed in 1974. The move was
reminiscent of the post-Civil War
to their legalization. Right-wing
opposition to the Partido Com-
rights, so, socially speaking, Span-
iards have done very well. Added
much for Caspar, Melchior and population are just as much exposed to Nike, constitution, Spain is “indissoluble” purges that saw tens of thousands of munista de España culminated in to these, the government has been
Nintendo, Starbucks and Gap as the residents and “indivisible”. The king is the suspected Republican sympathisers a terrorist attack on an address in given the onus to be proactive in
Balthasar. Peter Moore muses of San Francisco are. And along with the tidal nominal head of state, having little put to death without trial. The move Calle Atocha in January 1977, kill- job creation. The other major point
on whether Christmas Day will wave of westernisation comes our familiar power other than constitutional
guardianship. Well, this and the
sparked an international outcry so
Navarro’s continued participation
ing five leftists. Public outrage led
to Suárez taking advantage of the
is, regardless of race, gender, sexual
preference, religious or political
mascots of the Christmas season, Santa Claus

The Three Kings

replace Epiphany as the most and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and as ability to tell South American lead- in government was controversial. situation and legalizing the party. beliefs, everyone’s equal. Franco
ers to “shut up”. Navarro attempted to prolong The right to strike and unionize will be turning in his grave faster
important date on the Spanish a result emphasis is drifting further away from Francoist policy and, in the ensuing was also granted shortly after. Elec- than a cement mixer.
Reyes and towards Christmas. Apparently, as he lay dying, Franco political struggle, lost his job. The
festive calendar. was told that thousands of Span- king then appointed Adolfo Suarez,
tions were called for June to select
a parliament that would write the It seems, although the only change
The mere suggestion that Christmas is going iards had gathered outside to say a Francoist technocrat, which was constitution. The scene was set. to the constitution has been to
WORDS by Peter Moore
to one day replace Reyes in Spain is likely to farewell. The dictator responded originally viewed with scepticism by allow EU nationals to vote in local
provoke a vicious ear boxing from a Spaniard. by asking where they were going. the centre and left. The aforementioned issue with elections, many do not want the
e all love Spain for its ec- and go and live in Switzerland. Such a benign of Brian. There, the three wise men mistakenly Reyes – they will inform you in a no-nonsense Once the Generalísimo had died, regional nationalism was continu- document to stop developing.
the seemingly obedient heir to Suarez, however, had no intention ing throughout this time, especially Proposals for changes have been
centricities. The charm of the existence, however, is not for me and over the arrive at the side of Brian’s crib instead of way – is the most important day in the calen- the regime, Juan Carlos, began a of preserving the status quo. He in the Basque Country, which made, including the rejected
country would be reduced by half years I’ve developed a fondness for all of Iberia’s Jesus’, leading to a confused exchange with dar, after perhaps Semana Santa. It is not, they process of transition to democracy. enacted political reforms that led was in turmoil as nationalists Ibarretxe Plan of altering of the
if Spaniards stopped tossing goats peculiarities – my attitude being that if an intel- Brian’s unhelpful mother. “He’s the son of God, will continue, about to disappear. Although there had been fears of a to democratic elections in 1977. confronted the authorities. There Basque Country’s status to free
out of church towers, or realised how silly ligent and self-governing community of people our Messiah, King of the Jews,” the wise men new dictatorship, the most serious His great task lay in finding how to were prisoner amnesties but para- association with the Spanish state.
they looked whilst dressed up as members think it proper and right to put on their finest announce excitedly. “And that’s Capricorn is it?” And they have a point. It’s not going to chance of this died in 1973 with dismantle Francoism from within military activity was skyrocketing. The Spanish Senate may also be
of the Ku Klux Klan; marching through the suit and award a dead sardine with a formal carps back the mother, incredulously. suddenly disappear; but with more and more Admiral Luís Carrero Blanco, killed so as to avoid military intervention. ETA (and nationally, the Maoist revamped and changes to the right
main square of a some pueblo or other with an burial – then why on earth shouldn’t they? children demanding their presents on Christ- by an ETA bomb. The uncertainty The Cortes was populated with GRAPO) were active and on the of royal succession are planned.
of the era led to other questions. non-elected ultra-conservative other side of the spectrum, Fran-
enormous table balanced on their heads. But in Spain, the day is remembered in a far mas Day, you can be sure that over the next Another civil war? A Red Spain politicians, so persuading them to coist paramilitaries were active. In Spain has moved a long way from
And in the same breath, I’m going to stick up for different way, which in some characteristics decade the Spanish festive season is going to or a divided Spain? The Basque sign their own system’s death war- Euskadi and Catalonia nationalist the days of dictatorship. But prob-
Perhaps I shouldn’t laugh. After all I did grow another of Spain’s traditions: Reyes. For those of resembles our Christmas Day. In the month lose some of its familiar feel. derby between Athletic de Bilbao rant was going to be difficult. With parties were doing well and the lems remain, especially concerning
up in an English village where most of the you that don’t know, Reyes, a shortened version before Reyes, children are encouraged to write and Real Sociedad saw a display of help from the Speaker of the Cortes, desire for disengagement from the regions. Regarding localised
buildings were constructed during the reign of of Los Reyes Magos - is the most important day a letter to the kings; assuring them that they If you’re up for a seasonal chuckle, then on the burgeoning nationalism when the Torcuato Fernández-Miranda, who Madrid had returned strongly. nationalism, maybe a looser form of
Elizabeth I, and where, each September, the in the Spanish festive season which occurs on have behaved well during the previous year, afternoon of the fifth of January, get yourself two captains came onto the pitch drafted the Political Reform Act, the country, a federal Iberia would
leading men and women of the community the sixth day of January – the day known to us and asking whether or not they could have down to Sol to greet the kings arriving in carrying an Ikurriña (the Basque he succeeded in this. A 94% “Yes” The elections of 15 June 1977 left be better. Remember here that
would dress up as Morris dancers and parade flag) together. This was unthinkable vote in a national referendum on Suárez and his party, Unión de you’re Galician, Basque or Anda-
from the north of Europe as Epiphany. It was the a few presents as a reward. As the tale goes, Madrid, resplendent and waving to the crowd in Franco’s time, when the Basque the subject gave it more credibility. Centro Democrático with 35% of lusian first and Spanish second. Vio-
around the parish boundary with stag antlers day that the three wise men (or magic kings, children that have behaved well receive gifts from the roof of their double decker buses. It’s provinces of Guipúzcoa and Viz- Now, Suarez had to confront a the vote. The Socialists got 29% and lence hasn’t and never will progress
perched on their shoulders. as the Spanish would have it) turned up at the from the kings, which are left during the night a uniquely Spanish peculiarity that’ll make you caya, despite being predominantly major obstacle. The opposition. Alianza Popular, led by Manuel human society, so loosening up the
stable Bethlehem, along with their gifts of gold, of 5 January in a shoe on the balcony. Con- glad to be in Iberia and a refreshing change devoutly Catholic, were branded Fraga flopped with 8%. Fraga, a all-important heart of government
But when you think about it, these odd details frankincense and myrrh. versely, all that the poorly behaved children from our westernised secular Christmas, which ‘traitor provinces’ for siding with The PSOE was open to many rather unstable character prone to systems, the constitution may be
are what give a community character. If all you get is a rubbish lump of coal. after all was created by Bing Crosby, the Coca the Second Republic during the of Suárez’s ideas. Leader Felipe aggressive public outbursts, had better. In this way, people can re-
want is bland normality and a bit of scenery, Thinking of this story always brings me back to Cola marketing department and a clutter of Spanish Civil War. Between the González and his party were far supported very gradual change. The structure society without infringing
then you may as well desert Spain altogether the opening scene of Monty Python’s The Life Reyes, is the final, most important date in the Victorian novelists. spectres of communism and region- more Marxist than the Socialist public viewed him as an old-school on the rights of others.

28 dec 08 dec 08 29

the section for
learning spanish books


WORDS by ryan craggs
Somewhere around a year ago, I had my first real experience of flirting with a
Intermediate Section Spanish girl. At some student night at a disco, I danced briefly with a Finnish
girl. She must have been impressed with my moves (cough, cough) because

she soon introduced me to her friend, who we will refer to as Ana. Ms.
Finland told Ana I was from the States, which tickled Ana’s fancy. Now, don’t
EL CONSULTORIO get me wrong—I’m no Lothario, but I’ve got a little bit of game and a sliver of

pride. From there, flirting commenced.
Ana told me she had studied abroad in the States, so we got to talking about
Vocabulario Expresiones útiles Dirige tus cartas a
our countries and languages and flipped back and forth between English and
Spanish. It was fun. Personally, I take a pretty laid-back approach in courting

Charles Dickens:
– my high school Spanish class name was Guillermo, not Don Juan. But
things were going pretty well for me..
Nochebuena > Christmas Eve Querida Lingo Star Eventually, though, Ana said to me, “You’re really shy.”
Dices ¡Feliz Navidad! Uno de mis compañeros de trabajo me dice
Navidad > Christmas Day
Nochevieja > New Year’s Eve
¡Feliz Año Nuevo!
¡Qué disfrutes de estas fiestas!
siempre que qué guapa voy. A mí no me molesta
en absoluto pero me tiene un poco confundida.
Once, I stripped to my skivvies in 5-degree weather and swam through a
drainage pond in front of a bunch of classmates’ parents for a dare. I’ve been The Ghost of Christmas Past
Año Nuevo > New Years Day ¿Es sólo un cumplido o tiene algún interés mayor known to sing Wilson-Phillips songs at karaokes. Shy, I am not.
Peter Moore takes his annual dip into his Dickens.
Voy a pedir un deseo al tomarme las uvas
Regalo > gift en mí? I got Ana’s number and hung out with her again, but nothing much came of We encourage you to do the same, for Christmas
¡Qué tengas buena salida y entrada de año!
Carta a los Reyes Magos > Espero tu ayuda it. My next Spanish conquest, who we’ll call Sonia, was probably the smartest
Letter to the Three Wise Men
¡Feliz 2009! Paula girl I’ve ever dated. She was a Master’s student, and always busy, so I also comes but once a year.
befriended her Canadian roommates. Anyway, one of said roommates told
Árbol de Navidad > me, “Yeah, Sonia says you’re kinda shy.” In the long and varied history of the eyeball, human Scrooge, whose memorable cry of “Bah, Humbug!”could
Christmas tree Hola Paula A pattern was developing. beings have experienced few pleasures to surpass easily grace the customer service counter of any branch of
¡Qué alegría tener un compañero de trabajo que te those enjoyed whilst gazing down at the pages of a El Corte Inglés, and whose story of self discovery swiftly
Espumillón > tinsel It took a while, but I finally figured out this whole male-female interaction Charles Dickens book. became a parable for his times.
suba el ánimo de esa manera! Es difícil darte una
Adornos de navidad > respuesta puesto que no conozco a la persona de thing. While American girls often complain that Spanish guys are so pushy As a writer, Dickens was extraordinary: gifted with Subsequently Dickens published a succession
Christmas decoration and forward, there’s a reason behind it: they’re Spanish. In one of my various a vivid imagination, a quick wit, a faultless command of of Christmas stories, which, despite failing to fire the
la que me hablas y puede que tenga algún tipo de teaching books, an article said if you watch two Brits talk for an hour, they’ll detail and an effortless facility to conjure atmosphere in population’s imagination in quite the same manner
Luces de navidad > interés en ti. Pero si esto te tranquiliza, en España touch 0 times. If you watch two French men talk, they’ll touch 100 times. By a few, sharply penned sentences. As compensation for as A Christmas Carol did, succeeded in placing
Christmas lights es muy habitual elogiar el aspecto físico de las my estimate, two Spaniards would touch 7,456 times in an hour. The Spanish the mere act of opening one of his novels at random, emphasis upon Christmas as a festival of universal
idea of personal space is vastly different from that of an American or a Brit; a fortunate reader is assured of stumbling across some celebration and thanksgiving. Perhaps one with
Villancico > carol personas, su pelo así como su vestuario. Así que no we’re about an arm’s length, and they can smell each other’s breath. I mean, arresting passage or other; usually full of wit and wisdom. more time, space and intelligence than I, can one day
Cotillón > New 22 de Diciembre: Es un día muy importante para todos los te sorprendas si tus amigos o colegas del trabajo lo Spaniards kiss strangers when they’re introduced for God’s sake. If I haven’t Here is one such example from the Pickwick Papers: argue, in an English literature PhD thesis, how Charles
Year’s Eve party españoles que juegan a la lotería. Se celebra el sorteo de Navidad y hacen. shaved in a few days, I’m lucky to get a handshake from American girls. ‘Heads, heads – take care of your heads!’ cried the John Huffam Dickens, that master storyteller, rewrote
Uvas > Grapes casi todos estamos escuchando la radio o viendo la televisión para ver Un abrazo loquacious stranger, as they came out under the low the story of Christmas for secular times.
The first step in winning the war is having the right weapons and knowing archway, which in those days formed the entrance to the Whilst Christmas may provide us with an excellent
si nos hacemos millonarios. Susana your enemy—or love interest, anyway. So on the battlefield, or in the pub, coach yard. ‘Terrible place – dangerous work – other day opportunity to dip into Dickens, it only represents a
24 de Diciembre: Nochebuena take note: cultural differences can make life interesting. Every culture has – five children – mother – tall lady, eating sandwiches portion of his overall output. The appeal of his work is not
La celebración de este día consiste en una cena en familia en la que Querida Lingo Star norms and expectations. Some of us are close-talkers, some of us aren’t. – forgot the arch – crash – knock – children look round restricted to a month in the calendar year, or a specific
Aunque mi profesora me lo ha explicado ya varias Flirting is all about the back and forth—hey, use this topic to spark the
es frecuente tomar cordero asado, marisco y embutidos, además de conversation if you want. So, to American and British ladies—don’t take the – mother’s head off – sandwich in hand – no mouth to social class; the reason that Dickens has endured is that
veces, sigo sin entender qué significa y para qué Spanish guy’s forwardness as an affront. And to Spanish girls—I’m not shy, put it in – head of a family off – shocking, shocking!’ his work transcends the usual boundaries that restrict
dulces navideños aunque el menú puede variar de una región de se usa el verbo “soler” en español. ¿Podrías darme This passage, constructed with scarcely a word out literature: class, education, culture and learning. As much
but I am single. Single, and ready to mingle.
España a otra. of place, illustrates the essential elements of Dickens, as Dickens was unique, he was also an everyman, and

Boys vs. Girls

algún ejemplo práctico?
25 de Diciembre: Es el día más familiar del periodo navideño. as he describes the scene with an effortless, elegant successive generations have been seduced over and over
Muchas gracias flourish. In this passage and a thousand others like again by the rich charms of his characters, his landscapes
Después de un desayuno prolongado, las familias salen a pasear y Martin it, Dickens strove to capture the romance of Victorian and his very own vividly abstract world.
los más religiosos aprovechan para acudir a la iglesia. A la hora del
Lost in Flirtation society – and the extent to which he succeeded is Dickens might be dead; dead as a coffin nail (as

Useful info: almuerzo, de nuevo una comida familiar con un menú muy similar al
de la noche anterior. La sobremesa se prolonga hasta bien entrada la
Hola Martin
El uso del verbo “soler” es más fácil de lo que parece. Todavía recuerdo la primera vez que salí con un chico extranjero, era
reflected in the English language itself, which rewarded
Dickens, and his unique way of describing the world,
that, in Dickens’opinion, was surely the deadest piece
of ironmongery in the trade) with his bones locked up

WORDS by susana lópez

with a new adjective: Dickensian. in a vault in the Poet’s Corner of Westminster Abbey,
Christmas lottery tarde, jugando a las cartas o simplemente conversando. Sólo tiene dos tiempos, el presente (suelo, sueles, americano. Sabía que él me gustaba pero acudí al encuentro sin tener ni la
más remota idea de lo que él podía sentir por mí: ¿quería ser mi amigo?, Alongside his myriad talents with the pen, Dickens but his characters live on still. From Oliver Twist, Martin
31 de Diciembre: Nochevieja suele, etc.) y el imperfecto (solía, solías, solía, etc.) is also generally regarded to have been a key component Chuzzlewitt, Estella, Sam Weller, William Dorrit, Nicholas
¿aprovecharse del hecho de que soy profesora de español?. Tal vez él también
Spaniards are usually quite y una particularidad: siempre se usa con un verbo se sentía atraído por mí. Como adivinarlo si fui yo la que le pedí el número de of the early Victorian revival of Christmas; for which Nickleby, Fagin, Bill Sykes, The Artful Dodger, Pip, Miss
Es un día que poco a poco ha ido perdiendo su carácter familiar para detrás en infinitivo (“Suelo ir al cine los domingos” o marketers and capitalism in general should be eternally Haversham, David Copperfield to Wilkins Micawber and a
keen on gambling, but convertirse en un encuentro entre amigos o incluso un viaje a algún
teléfono en el bar donde nos conocimos.
grateful. His attachment with the festive season began cast of around 2,000 others. He’s a writer who should be
even the ones who don’t “Mi hermana solía tocar el piano cuando era más A lo largo de la cena me habló sobre lo que hacía en Madrid y mencionó
destino soleado. joven”). también cómo le gustaban las chicas. Así, ya entrados en los postres, llegué a in 1843, with the publication of the novella, rediscovered in every age.
do it during the year buy la conclusión de que yo podía tener alguna de las características que él buscaba A Christmas Carol, and the immortal opening On a personal note, Dickens is the type
themselves a ticket for La cuestión es que estemos donde estemos los españoles no dejamos Respecto a cuándo usarlo, se debe hacer solo en el sexo opuesto. line: “Marley was dead: to begin with. There of enigmatic hero that I need to drag me
the Christmas draw. Some de cumplir con la tradición de tomar las doce uvas a las doce de la cuando queremos expresar una acción habitual en el Pagamos la cuenta y ¡ni un mínimo contacto físico hasta el momento! is no doubt whatever about that... Old Marley through the lamentable bilge of twenty first
people spend over 600 euros noche de este día, al tiempo que reflexionamos sobre el año que se va presente o en el pasado. Recuerdo que eché de menos algún que otro comentario de exaltación de was as dead as a door nail.” century culture; but one lingering, and rather
Espero que esto te aclare las cosas mis ojos o sobre lo bien que me quedaba el vestido. ¡Al fin y al cabo todas mis Some of Dickens’best-loved characters perplexing question continues to bother me:
every year. It is a tradition to y le pedimos un deseo al que viene. experiencias anteriores habían sido con mis compatriotas! emerged in A Christmas Carol. The overworked just how would you say, “Bah, Humbug!” in
exchange lottery tickets with Son muy populares los cotillones, las fiestas en hoteles y discotecas Susana clerk Bob Cratchit and his son Tiny Tim, along Spanish?
different members of your que incluyen cena y baile además de chocolate con churros para Aquella historia quedó en agua de borrajas pero os aseguro que aprendí with the miserable, self-centred Ebenezer Answers on a penny stamp.
family, so that you all have the Querida Lingo Star muchísimo. Y seguí aprendiendo... Quería descubrir mucho más sobre
desayunar si la fiesta se prolonga hasta el amanecer. Estas Navidades quiero hacerle un regalo a mi cómo se comportaban los hombres de otros países. Sin ánimo de caer en el
same numbers. 1 de Enero: Año Nuevo estereotipo, reconozco que hay una enorme diferencia entre la forma de ligar
“madre española” y no sé qué comprarle. ¿Hay de un español y la de un anglosajón. El hombre español, en una situación de
Para los más tradicionales sigue siendo un día perfecto para reunirse a algunas cosas típicas que pueden o se suelen ligoteo, te comunica de alguna manera su interés por ti. Con el anglosajón
If you would like to get almorzar con la familia. Para otros simplemente se ha convertido en un regalar a una madre en España? tienes que descubrirlo por ti misma. Lo que para mí implica un reto.
a ticket, go and find an día para recuperarse de la fiesta de la noche anterior. Mil gracias por tu ayuda.
“administración de lotería” and Y como nunca me han gustado las cosas fáciles, decidí tirarle los tejos al chico
ask for a “décimo de lotería de 5 de Enero Un abrazo nuevo de la oficina, que curiosamente y para mi alegría era británico. Sabía que
La Noche de Reyes es mágica para los niños, que esperan con Jessica tendría que poner toda la carne en el asador y tirarme de cabeza a la piscina
Navidad”. The draw is held on (sobre todo porque había más de una interesada en él). Yo no veía ningún tipo
22 December. Good luck! nerviosismo la llegada de los tres Magos de Oriente. Para los adultos
Querida Jessica de señal, solo alguna mirada tímida y, como podréis imaginar, urdí un plan. Y
puede ser una buena excusa para salir de fiesta. Cada vez es más me funcionó, vaya si me funcionó.
Realmente no existe una guía de regalos para una
común que las discotecas organicen cotillones al estilo de los que se
madre española, como tampoco existiría en otros Algo que me llamó la atención en ese caso, y en algunos otros que vinieron
celebran la noche del 31 de Diciembre. países. Es posible que le haga ilusión algo propio de antes, fue que podía dar el primer paso y el chico no parecía escandalizarse.
6 de Enero tu país como un objeto de decoración, unos dulces Con un español, posiblemente tendría que haberme quedado esperando a
Es un día dedicado al intercambio de regalos. Los niños disfrutan con típicos o incluso música tradicional de tu tierra. que me invitara a salir o mostrara de alguna manera su interés por mí.
sus nuevos juguetes un día antes de volver al colegio. Ah, y los que han Mucha suerte Dice un refrán español que “para gustos los colores” y en temas de ligoteo
sido traviesos reciben carbón. Susana definitivamente mis favoritos son los de la bandera escocesa.

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services services
>Jobs CV.
Want a different kind of teaching >Language Academies can e-mail me at Amandataylor87@
Thursday. For info call 91 521 16 98 or
91 564 57 01.
experience? Do you like nature, the We are
Dynamic telemarketing company
is looking for individuals to work in a high
outdoors and kids? ANGLO ORBE is currently
hiring a female English teacher/monitor
looking for:
Dynamic, motivated
>Internships >Sports Clubs
energy office environment. Applicants with an intermediate level of Spanish for
must speak fluent English. Basic salary a nature camp from the 23 of November professionals with a Internships now available with a Snooker: Right on Cue and in the
and bonus package offered. If interested, through the 6th of December. The pay is university degree and professional, young and growing Madrid Frame. Fancy a break and a Snooker
contact Mark on 91 703 0222. Please call up room and board plus 380 Euros per week. You are looking for: TEFL, with 1+ years based company. Gain knowledge and experience second to none?
until 17th December. Call Sheila at 610 294 140 and send your teaching experience, experience in the work place in the areas Cue Mark on 618 784 550 or email
500 euros for 4 hours, totally legal CV to A well-established, of Graphic Design, Marketing, PR and
eligible to work in
Nominee company director required, centrally located school Spain Journalism. Flexible hours available and full Looking to play some regular
maximum of four hours work. Easy, legal Attractive salaries references given on completion of Internship. Football Hi, I’m a 22 year old guy
no experience required. Hours to suit. Send a full CV to looking to play some regular football Free Spanish classes preferably 5,6 or 7 aside. Anyone have any
International Real Estate Sales
Experienced salesmen wanted. Are you an English Teacher? Come work with us! >Clubs info!? Please let me know!. cheers Jack
Financially viable properties. Closers SERIE AAAAAAAA Where can I watch
expect OTE in excess of €100k. If you Australian Alumni Association of Serie A? Please let me know if there are
have what it takes, phone Spartacus Spain Meet, network and socialise with any bars that show Italian football. Or even

Projects: 91 829 8392
Sales Positions Available European
JOB OFFER! 91-445 5511 people who have studied or lived in
Australia and are now in Spain. Email
better any AS Roma clubs.
Vibe is in the process of expanding. If you Looking for experienced, C/ Rodríguez San Pedro, 2 to ¡YNWA! MADrid REDS, the Official
are fluent in both English and Spanish, native English teachers Metro: San Bernardo receive updates on upcoming events. Branch of Liverpool FC supporters in
and feel you have what it takes to add and translators. The British Ladies Association
Madrid meets for all televised games at
to our sales team, send a cv to scott@ would like to invite English speakers of the Triskel Tavern, calle San Vicente Ferrer,
We would be happy to salaries with good
commissions available.
Writers with Talent If you think you
supply you with more
detailed information, TEACHING Want to
have fun
Seize the
day and join
• Flexible schedules
• Accommodation
any nationality (both men and women) to
join our association. You will be made very
3; Metro: Tribunal. ;
Badminton club Hi, I’m trying to set
an application form and welcome. We meet on the last Tuesday
are a talented writer and would like to interview. while learning Carpe Diem • Small groups, max of each month at 10.30am for coffee and up a badminton club/league in Madrid.
see some of your articles and interviews school in a talk by a speaker. The meeting is held Does anyone want to join or help set it up?
published, send some examples of your Contract Type Full-Time/Part-Time Spanish? 7 students per class in St. George’s Church Hall, c/Nuñez de Daniel
work and a CV to Tutor 25, 28008 Madrid Job Description Madrid • DELE Exam Balboa 43. There are also other activities Mixed/girls football madrid I am
Native Italian Teachers Needed 00 34 915 593 129 International House Madrid, a large language school with five centres in Madrid, is preparation and outings as well as a Christmas looking to play some social football here
POP ENGLISH is looking for an 00 34 915 488 284 looking for qualified and enthusiastic teaching staff. On a full-time contract you will C/ Fuencarral, 13 2º derecha. 28004 Bazaar to help raise funds for the local in madrid. Mixed or ladies... anybody
experienced dynamic native Italian be expected to teach 24 hours, cover stand-by slots, complete administration Tel: 915223122 • Private lessons Spanish charities that we support. For help??? associated with the course and attend teacher development sessions. Your timetable
teacher for morning classes. Please send will be a mixture of adult, young learner and in-company classes. Some of your more information please contact Frances Horse riding in La Granja
International House

your CV to the following address:
timetable will be onsite, while some will be offsite. You will need to travel to these sites.
You will receive support from the DOSes / ADOSes / supervisors across the school. >Language Courses Abroad Bushby on tel: 918 152185 or Sheila Jones
on tel: 918 034713. Webpage www.
(Segovia) Tired of the city? Looking
for some fresh air? Want to horse-ride in
Travel the world by phone

Tefl teachers needed Language Pre-requisites the Sierra? Three-hour ride-outs for €55.
Solutions is currently looking for qualified Cambridge CELTA, Trinity TESOL, PGCE + TEFL experience, or equivalent English Reading Circle at the Horses as per experience. La Granja /
teachers for in company classes in the EU passport holder (native speakers) or valid work permit for Spain Degree International Institute Library. Monthly Segovia is connected by AVE (35min) or
centre of Madrid from 14:00-15:30. Please Skill Range Want to Learn English in London? meetings to discuss English literature in Bus (one hour). Rates quoted just include
send CV to English. For more information visit the ride itself.
Want classes in January? Do you Dynamic telemarketing company is looking Experience of teaching Young Learners is particularly desirable. can Help You Find the Best or write to Thai boxing club in Madrid
Language School & Accommodation for You

have experience teaching? Are you for individuals to work in a high energy office For In-company Teaching positions, professional experience is extremely valuable. Public Speaking and Networking welcomes new members of all sexes &
a native English speaker or bilingual? environment. Applicants must speak fluent English. For further details look at our website: or contact Group. International group that meets levels to learn this amazing sport, get fit,
Will hire friendly, likeable, teachers who Recruitment at or telephone: 902 14 15 17 We offer FREE Advice to Students looking to improve public speaking skills. lean & hard. Visit www.muaythaimadrid.
Basic salary and bonus package offered. to come to London to Learn English
can think outside of the box and be If interested, contact Mark on 91 703 0222. When applying please attach the following: a copy of your TEFL certificate, 2nd & 4th Thursday each month at com email or
a copy of your degree certificate, your CV.
organized at the same time. Contract and Please call up until 17th December Call us Today on: 902 02 47 49
2030 Bar Locandita (C/Fuencarral 148) call David on 662164877.
standard pay rates offered. Please send (from Spain) or +44 20 7402 8651
Contact:standingovationmadrid@yahoo. Hockey! Come along and join us at
(from rest of the world) com or Chris 695 513 466. the weekends for mixed non-league

Teach English
Democrats Abroad Madrid field/grass hockey on water-based
Visit: Info: astroturf. We play at the Federación
or Send an e-mail to: Australian Alumni Association Madrileña de Hockey (opposite the of Spain Meet, network and socialise Somontes sports club on the Madrid-El
with people who have studied or lived Pardo road) Email: los_naranjas@yahoo.
with Hot English Language Services in Australia and are now in Spain. Email for more info.
We are continuously recruiting
TEFL-qualified, native English teachers
Interested in working or gaining experience >Language exchange Intercambio español - english Hi,
I’m a 32 years old spanish guy, and I’m to
receive updates on upcoming events.
Cricket in Madrid Madrid Cricket
Club is looking for players of all levels and
to give company classes at our
with The British Embassy in Madrid or in one looking for someone to speak in english Writers’ group Writers with work nationalities. Play in the Spanish league!
TERTULIA INTERNACIONAL cada with.We could have a walk or chat over in progress and a view to publication Contact David (670087637) or Manny
prestigious clients’ offices. of its offices throughout Spain? domingo a las 6 en el Café A la Gorra! (c/ a couple of drinks, anything's fine. I like welcome. Call Charlie on 91 816 2419, or (627557572)
Santa Isabel, 38 - metro Antón Martín). Ven talking about almost everything, so you e-mail Basketball Madrid. Meet new
We offer good rates of pay and timetables
If so, then please take a look at our recruitment a intercambiar idiomas gratis y a hacer won’t get bored :) email me ! :) The Australian Club in Madrid people, get fit and enjoy yourself.
and excellent pedagogical support from page on nuevos amigos de todo el mundo en un My English for your French Hi, I am meets 9pm first Friday of each month at People wanted to practice basketball
We are constantly on the look-out for enthusiastic, customer ambiente acogedor. E-mail: forspanish@ an English speaking teacher and would the Irish Rover, Avda. De Brasil, 7. Metro once a week. Active social calander.
our teaching and editorial team, plus our Web: http://www.facebook. like to practice my french with a native Santiago Bernabeu. For more info call Jeff Contact Rob at 697 345 613 or visit
very own teaching method. orientated, team players. The level of Spanish language ability needed com/group.php?gid=19732127016 person. Would you like to have a coffee on 669 458 341, or visit website:
differs according to specific job requirements so even if you are not MADRIDBABEL: Meet Spanish/ once a week and exchange your french, or Mountain Bike Club. Riders wanted
Please send your CV to:  a fluent Spanish speaker, you may be suitable. international people from over 30 for my english? email: to set up mountain bike club in Madrid.
or call 91 543 3573 different nationalities & exchange Speak english? Hi, my name is Madrid Players, English-language Male, female riders interested in getting
languages absolutely free! Visit our online Misael and I’m from Madrid.I would like theatrical group. We put on plays, small together for rides in madrid and out into
group with more than 3,000 members to exchange my spanish for your english. productions, do in-house readings, the sierra contact me on 914638865
and find out more about our wide I can show you Madrid while we talk or improvisations, etc. We meet every Hockey! Come along and join us at
range of international activities at: http:// have something. I’m sociable, and I’m, interested in the art and music.See you
or e-mail: soon. Spanish/Greek exchange Hey
there! I’m looking for a Greek partner to
English for Spanish I am an american
from California who is here for the rest of
practice. I’m fluent in Spanish, French the year. I am here to learn spanish and
WHAT YOU WANT and English. Don’t hesitate and drop by
an e-mail if interested! Michel Vedrenne
am working so I can live. I would like to
meet with someone to exchange my

AND MORE! English for their Spanish either during
Exchange / Intercambio / Scambio the week after 20.00 or on the weekends.
Hi. Mi name’s Borja. I want practise It doesn’t matter if you are a boy or girl,
Enjoy your life in Madrid to the full! and improve my English (level low- just that we are able to help eachother.
intermediate). And, if it’s posible, make
Work for Training Express, friendship. I want to meet somebody that Looking for language exchange
leaders in language learning speak Italian too. and fun. Hola. I am a Swedish guy who is studying Spanish at la Nebrija. I am
Spanish-English exchange Hi! If you fluent in 4 languages and would like to
Great work opportunities want to speak better spanish and help me exchange my Swedish, English, Arabic and
Excellent rates per hour with the english...just contact me. many Italian for Spanish and/or French. I am free
Free spanish lessons Thanks :-) josé 685131256 joseiglema@ most evenings. English Girl Wanting to Learn
and much much more...

My Spanish for your English! Que tal! Spanish. Hola, I am wanting to do an
I’lived in London the last two years. If you exchange, my English for your Spanish.
Interested and have an EU work permit? Contact us NOW: want to speak better spanish and help me My Spanish is very basic. I am a English TEL: 91-5211554 with the english...just contact me. Thanks :-) teacher so I can help to improve your English. If you are interested you more services
Free Services/Classifieds
30 words max: (not applicable to businesses) accommodation, clubs, intercambios. Send to
more services
Paid Services/Classifieds
Prices: - plain - 15€ with colour 25€ (17th of each month) Payment must be received by the deadline. Call 91 549 77 11
or email: to arrange payment.

Somontes sports centre (on the Madrid-El

Pardo road) on Saturdays for mixed non- American Dentist >Beauty, health and Fitness > Useful Telephone Numbers
league field/grass hockey on water-based
Aerobics club Cheryl 677244074 National information 11818 /
astroturf pitch. Email: los_naranjas@ for more info. Dr. Ivan Cabrera Santamaria 11850 / 11828
Madrid Lions Rugby Club needs OFFERS FIRST QUALITY DENTAL CARE Personal Trainer International information 11825
you! All nationalities and player levels SPECIALISES IN GENERAL & Tel: 662164877. Madrid tourism Centre: Plaza
welcome. More information from Charlie COSMETIC DENTISTRY, Hair and Make up artist Shimanda Mayor, 27 (bajo), 91 588 16 36 turismo@
on 636 067 716 and website www. 914457149/699362500 Shimanda11@ Metro: Sol.
IMPLANTS AND CONTACT Lost and Found: Paseo del Molino, 7
Youth Baseball. Close to Alcala de Henares. LENS-THIN VENEERS. US Psychotherapist David Hugener 91 527 95 90 Metro: Legazpi
We need coaches, players and anyone able orthodontist FOR CHILDREN 915942208 Cancellation of credit cards
Mobile Hairdresser Sally
to help us develop a youth league in this AND ADULTS. 918425443 90 0 971231 (free call)
area. Tel Jose on: 91 879 3068 (eves) Board Certified by the State of Florida (USA) Emergencies: 112
Madrid Club de Lacrosse. Interested
in playing lacrosse? E-mail: contacto@ Licence no: DN0013865 >Support Groups National police: 091
Municipal police: 092 Lacrosse is a great Member of “Colegio de Odontólogos” Spain Complaints by phone: 90 210 2112 /
mixture of hockey and tennis! Practices Member of the American Dental Association Counselling Madrid. 91 548 8537 (Tourist and foreigner
for both men and women. All ages At Counselling Madrid we provide customer service dept)
welcome. www.madridlacrosse. com confidential counselling services to Teletaxi: 91 371 2131 / 91 371 3711
Tel: 914 458 916 the international community. We Barajas airport (T1, T2 & T3): 91
>Miscellaneous Calle Carranza, 20, 10B help clients dealing with anxiety,
depression, low self-esteem, GAD and
305 8343 T4: 90 240 4704
Railway: 902 24 02 02 is Spain’s leading
Metro San Bernardo OCD. For more info please visit www. or send your
C/Conde de Peñalver, 27. Tel: 91 402 43 04
print service for international clients. email to Metro: Goya-Lista. C/Ferraz, 13 Tel: 91
Everything from exhibitions to business Tel 648 087 809 547 05 72. Metro: Ventura Rodríguez. C/
cards. All in English! 622 prefered. Therapy Group Peter 936759276 or Goya, 89 Tel: 91 435 49 58. Metro: Goya.
142 385 - 931 924 153 Pop/punk guitarist wanted Claudia 934177860 C/ Mayor, 59 Tel: 91 559 23 95. Metro: Sol.
English Speaking Handyman Juan establish madrid band in need of Alcoholics Anonymous Sam C/ Atocha, 46 Tel: 91 369 20 00. Metro:
670797638 someone who can really kick it on 932211810 – Jim 932845616 Atocha.
Proinc Construction 918464363 guitar!!!!!! if you can play then email me
Male singer wanted!! Hi! Ok, we’re
and lets start working.... Pick up your free copy of European Vibe
three spanish guys and we want to make magazine from any of the places listed.
music in English (mostly because we got
brainwashed with american/british rock >Accommodation
music, nothing more). If you are living in To Be On Our Distribution List Email:
Madrid and you do like to sing (or know MONKEYHOUSING.COM
someone who likes to sing), please, send Si tienes un piso o habitación y estas - numbers indicate Madrid metro lines Cercanías
us an email at We interesado en encontrar gente, nosotros
are looking for a guy around 18-22 years te ayudamos. Mandanos un email con Bangkok Babylon Idiomas
old with a good English pronounciation. It la información y tu piso/habitación se Alcalá de Bilbao Gran Vía
La Musa Carpe Diem Beer Station Cubik
doesn’t matter where are you from ! Cheers!! alquilará en 3 días máximo. email: Henares Café Madrid
Instituto de Hotelería y LSI Madrid Shooters Tony’s Café
Venue needed Looking for a venue to have telf: 915497711 Molly Malones Dark Tattoo Interpublic
a party. Bar / bar staff not essential. Central area Turismo
Schiller International Gregorio El Imperfecto Internet Center
University Marañón Eureka
Inti de Oro
Avenida de The Things That Booksellers Idiomas Plus
International Bookshop Miau
América You Miss Fórmula.Sil Regina
Centro de Estudios Los Amigos-
Internacional - CIS Callao Hospital del Backpackers’ Hostel
Curry’s Norte O’Brien’s Sol
Avenida de Studio 54 The Food Hall Vanadillo Artemisa
la Paz Mercado de la Zeppelin Viajes Cine Ideal
Universal Music Reina Iglesia C.E.E. Idiomas
Anyway Plaza de Dubliners
Alonso Chamartín A y Z Spanish Lang. España Fontana d’Oro
Cano Of. Turismo Chamartín British Council Actual Plus
El Piccollino della Farfalla
Club de Español University of Mississippi Connect@ Hispania Center
El Cano Tavern Chueca Las Mil y Una Noches
Hotel Moderno
International House Areia Islas Filipinas TGI Friday’s
Circus Noodle Bar American Store Siam Hostal Los Amigos
O’Conners Moore’s (Plaza Mayor)
Pasajes Ciudad La Latina Príncipe Pío Naturbier
Universitaria La Taquería de Birra Hotel Florida Norte O’Connell Street
Tulane University El Estragon Lokua O’Neill’s
Alonso Martínez Universitaria Talking Point
Areia Complutense Lavapiés República Tierra
Blood Brothers (servicio de Café Barbieri Argentina
British Council informacion) La Librería de Lavapies Taste of America
British Embassy IES Programme
Manuel Retiro Tetuán
Club Ivy
Funiversal Colón Becerra Ele. Madrid OISE (Academia de
La Parpusa Hard Rock Café Tandoori Station Unidad Medica Español)

Antón Martín Concha Espina Metropolitano Rubén Darío Tribunal

Hotel Tryp Atocha N.Y.U. St. Louis University State University Cannibal
Inti de Oro Suffolk University of New York Mercado Fuencarral
Zoe Café Cuzco Syracuse University Moore’s
Larry’s Bar Moncloa The Causeway
Triskel Tavern
Warner American Store University of Boston
Argüelles European Vibe Office
Always School of Public House San Tirso de
English Diego de León Bernardo Molina
Star Café Bo Finn Noviciado ¡Juan Por Dios! Cat’s Hostel
Finbar’s J & J Books and Coffee Schiller University Mad Hostel
Icade University Esperanza Kabokla Wall Street
Enforex Sony BMG Scruffy Murphy’s Velazquez
Santiago English Centre
Banco de Francos Núñez de Bernabéu Thamesis
España Rodríguez Balboa Crazy Monk
Univ. Rey Juan Carlos
James Joyce Universidad Antonio Celtic Cross EBC
Tandem de Nebrija St. George’s Church Guts
USA Embassy Irish Rover Ventura
Barajas Goya Rodríguez
Barajas Information Casa del Libro Ópera Sevilla Las Mil y Una Noches
(Airport) Todo Españo Academia Contacto Al Natural Shamrocks Irish Bar

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