1º Bachillerato - THE PASSIVE VOICE

1.- Turn the following sentences into the passive voice. 1 We speak English here. 2 We don't allow smoking here. 3 Excuse the mess: the workmen are painting the house. 4 They didn't invite me, but I've come anyway. 5 I felt as if someone was watching me. 6 Has anybody told Mary? 7 I knew why they had chosen me. 8 We'll tell you in advance. 9 They'll have done everything by the 26th. 10 Who are they going to invite? 11 Somebody ought to shoot him. 12 Nobody can do that. 13 You must shut these doors. 14 He likes people looking at him. 15 Her attitude shocked me. 16 They've just opened a new supermarket. 17 Her silence worried us. 18 Do spiders frighten you? 19 Smoke filled the room. 20 Paint covered the lock. 21 The police arrested him. 22 People have seen wolves in the street. 23 Who wrote Macbeth? 24 Shakespeare wrote Macbeth. 25 A dangerous maniac committed the crime. 26 Thieves stole my watch. 27 She gave her sister the car. 28 They've sent me a lot of information. 29 They lent you ten thousand pounds last year. 30 They showed us all the different ways of making whisky. 31 He told me a very amusing story. 32 They elected him president. 33 The other children called him stupid. 34 Queen Victoria considered him a genius. 35 We must write to him. 36 You can't play with a lion cub. 37 We must listen to him. 38 Somebody should speak to him. 39 They're operating on him tomorrow. 40 Over a thousand volunteers have been looking for the lost child. 41 They threw the table away because it was very old. 42 People believed that witches communicated with the devil. 43 The police know that he is abroad. 44 The police suspect that he left the country. 45 The police suppose that he escaped disguised as a woman. 46 People said that he was jealous of her. 47 They say that he's famous in his own country. 48 They advised us to leave the area. 49 They told her to open the door. 50 She asked me to send a self-addressed stamped envelope. 51 They allow us to visit Henry once a week. 52 They made him tell them everything. 53 I saw him come out of the house. 54 They let us go. 2.- Instructions as for 1. 1.- The milkman brings the milk to my door but the postman leaves the letters in the hall. 2.- Someone turned on a light in the hall and opened the door. 3.- An ambulance took the sick man to hospital. (Mention ambulance.) 4.- They no longer make that car in Britain. 5.- They haven't decided anything yet. 6.- The council will build five hundred new houses in this area. 7.- They are demolishing the entire block 8.- Nobody can do that. 9.- You needn't do it today. 10.- We must give him a prize. 11.- Nobody would believe such a story. 12.- They murdered him in Glasgow. 13.- Someone is following us. 14.- Passengers shouldn't throw away their tickets as inspectors may check these during the journey. 15- He escaped when they were moving him from one prison to another. 16.- Candidates may not use dictionaries. 17- Someone has told me that story before. 18- No one has given me an answer. 19.- They shouldn't have told him. 20- They offered that writer the Nobel Prize. 21.- Did anyone tell you where to go? 22.- People won't ask you that question. 23.- Fog held up the trains (agent required) 24.- They handed round coffee and biscuits. 25.- They'll laugh at you if you wear that hat. 26.- Her story didn't take them in. (agent required) 27.- No one has taken out the cork. 28.- He's a very dangerous maniac. They ought to lock him up. 29.- People know that he is armed. 30.- We know that the expedition reached the South Pole in May. 31.- You should be working. 32.- People believed that he was a respectable man. 33.- People say that he was in prison. 34.- We find that your work is not satisfactory enough. 35.- We think that he has information which will be useful to the police. 36.- We saw them go out. 37.- They made me work like a slave. 38.- Many people heard him cry for help. 39.- They will never let me go on that trip to Italy.

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