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Disclosure of document: al-Malikis instruction for April 8th attack on Ashraf

NCRI, September 4, 2011- According to a document received recently by the Iranian Resistance from inside the Iranian regime, Farhad Nematollah Hussein, deputy Secretary General of Iraqs Council of Ministers, a few days prior to the April 8th criminal attack- in a letter on behalf of Nouri al-Maliki to the office of the Armed Forces General Command, Defense Ministry, Baghdad Operation Command and Diyala Operation Command- has ordered to occupy parts of Camp Ashraf through a military action. Based on this letter, Maliki has ordered the aggressors to simultaneously propagate that the lands belong to the farmers and had been seized by the PMOI aggressively. It also orders to file complaints against Ashraf residents before judicial authorities and to compel sheikhs and tribes of Diyala province to demonstrate against Ashraf. This four-article instruction, which its copies were provided to Khameneis office, Quds Force, IRGC, MOIS and Foreign Ministry of the mullahs regime, clearly demonstrates, as the Iranian Resistance had previously announced, the criminal campaign against Ashraf is conducted by Nouri al-Maliki himself, his offices and the Committee tasked with repression of Ashraf that is under his direct control. With no ambiguity the document shows such a claim that the farmers lands were seized by Ashraf residents is an absurd lie that Maliki, as instructed by the Quds Force, has exploited to justify his antihuman crime and has ordered to compel the local tribes and sheikhs to demonstrate against Ashraf. The most ridiculous part is that Maliki, as the Prime Minister, has officially ordered the judiciary system to lodge complaint against Ashraf residents. Considering that the document leaves no doubt that Maliki, as the Prime Minister and the Commander in Chief and the Defense Minister, is directly responsible for crime against humanity in Ashraf, continuing protection of Ashraf by the Iraqi forces means nothing but further massacre and killing of Ashraf residents. Accordingly, the Iranian Resistance once again calls on the United Nations and the U.S. to assume protection of Ashraf and to station UN permanent monitoring team there. Otherwise, it goes without saying that they will be directly accountable for any harm by the Iraqi forces against Ashraf residents.

REPUBLIC OF Iraq General Secretariat for the Council of Ministers INSTRUCTIONS Based on the instructions issued by the committee in charge of closure of camp New Iraq affiliated to the terrorist Khalq Organization, and upon the orders of Mr. Prime Minister and the Commander in Chief, all relevant agencies should implement these instructions with no delay and should be bound to the orders issued by this Committee and execute them quite precisely. Some of the instructions are: 1. Military action for cleansing parts of lands that have been occupied by the Organization and placing these lands under the control of Iraqi forces. 2. Propaganda activities to educate the public opinion about the aggressions this terrorist organization has committed to take over the agricultural lands of the farmers. 3. To mobilize the public opinion among tribal sheikhs and personalities in Diyala province in order to stage demonstration and demand their rights for taking back their lands from this terrorist organization. 4. To take measures with regard to the courts and judges to lodge complaint against this terrorist organization and to ask it to pay compensation for using these lands for several years. With thanks and gratitude Farhad Nematollah Hussein On behalf of the Secretary General of Council of Ministers Cc: Office of the Commander in Chief, for information Office of Defense Ministry, for information Baghdad Operation Command, for information Diyala Operation Command, for information