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Chng 1: Gii thiu chung v vi iu khin

I. Gii thiu chung - Lch s vi iu khin Ngy nay, cc b vi iu khin ang c ng dng ngy cng rng ri trong cc lnh vc k thut v i sng x hi, c bit l trong k thut t ng ho v iu khin t xa. Cng vi s pht trin nhanh chng ca khoa hc k thut, ngh ch to vi mch tch hp thay i tng ngy tng gi p ng yu cu sn xut cng nghip v tnh chuyn dng ho, ti u (thi gian, khng gian, gi thnh), bo mt, tnh ch ng trong cng vic... ngy cng i hi kht khe. Vic a ra cng ngh mi trong lnh vc ch to mch in t p ng nhng yu cu trn l hon ton cp thit mang tnh thc t cao. Lch s ca Vi iu khin bt u khi - Kin trc ca vi iu khin (RISC + CISC) II. Cc khi chnh trong vi iu khin I.1 Khi b nh ROM + RAM I.2 Khi x l trung tm (CPU) I.3 T chc Bus I.4 Cc ng vo/ra I.5 Khi giao tip ni tip I.6 Khi Timer I.7 Watchdog I.8 B chuyn i tng t - s (ADC)


Chng 2: Vi iu khin PIC

Gii thiu chung Trong chng ny chng ta s i tm hiu v Vi iu khin PIC, m c th l dng Vi iu khin PIC18F4331. Ti sao li chn PIC18F4331, iu ny kh n gin. Thc ra khi bt u hc PIC th bn c th chn bt c con PIC no tm hiu, bi hu ht cc dng PIC u c cu trc phn cng v c bn l ging nhau, v ty tng dng PIC m s c nhng tnh nng nng cao khc, chnh iu gip ta lm vic c vi nhiu loi PIC mt cch nhanh chng. u tin chng ta s cng tm hiu v cu trc phn cng chung ca PIC, cc khi chc nng v cch v cch lp trnh ng dng. Sau s tm hiu v nhng tnh nng ring ca PIC18F4331 v PIC18F4550 - Kin trc RISC ca vi iu khin PIC PIC c t chc phn cng theo kin trc Harvard, v tp lnh RISC (reduced instruction set computer - my tnh vi tp lnh gin lc). Trong kin trc Harvard, b nh d liu v b nh chng trnh nm ring bit, do CPU c th lm vic trc tip vi c hai b nh d liu v b nh chng trnh cng mt lc, lm cho tc x l nhanh hn. Vic b nh chng trnh v b nh d liu c tch ring, do , tp lnh trong kin trc Harvard c th c ti u ty theo yu cu kin trc ca vi iu khin. Bng chng, di lnh ca dng PIC16 lun lun l 14 bit. Trong khi , di lnh ca cc vi iu khin kin trc von-Neumann l bi s ca 1 byte (8 bit). PIC l mt Vi iu khin RISC, tp lnh ca PIC ch c 35 lnh, phn ln cc lnh ny ch thc hin trong mt chu k my. Chnh nh kin trc phn cng tin tin, PIC t ra vt tri so vi cc loi Vi iu khin 8 bt khc v mt tc v hiu nng s dng. - X l song song (Pipeline) Vic x l lnh trong PIC c thc hin song song, trong khi x l mt lnh th ng thi CPU cng np lnh mi vo qu trnh x l lnh l lin tc. Chnh phng thc x l gip cho tc hot ng ca PIC nhanh hn rt nhiu.

DKS GROUP - S chn PIC18F4331

DKS GROUP - S lc tnh nng ni bt ca PIC18F4331 Ngun dao ng ni n 8MHz, dao ng thach anh ln ti 40MHz Tiu th ngun thp (nanoWatt) 5 Knh vo ra (Port A, B, C, D, E) ADC 10 - bit tc cao vi 9 knh vo (AN0 ~ AN8) 4 knh PWM 14-bit Khi phn hi chuyn ng (Encoder) 2 knh CCCP 3 chn ngt ngoi Giao tip ni tip RS232, RS485, I2C, SPI ICSP v ICD

DKS GROUP - Cu trc bn trong vi iu khin PIC


DKS GROUP Cu trc v khi chc nng c bn trong Vi iu khin PIC 2.1 Khi to xung dao ng Mch to dao ng c s dng cung cp xung ng h cho Vi iu khin. Xung ng h l cn thit Vi iu khin c th thc thi chng trnh lp trnh bn trong n. Mi loi Vi iu khin PIC h tr nhng kiu mach to dao ng khc nhau nh mch dao ng thch anh (XT, HS), mch dao ng RC, mch dao ng ni, cc ngun dao ng chun bn ngoi khc. Trong cc loi mch dao ng trn th mch dao ng RC v mch dao ng thch anh l 2 loi thng hay c s dng, nht l mch dao ng thch anh. Mch dao ng thch anh (XT, HS): S mch dao ng thch anh di y l mch dao ng ph bin cho PIC. y chnh l ngun cung cp xung ng h chnh cho CPU v tt c cc khi trong PIC. Hai chn OSC1 (chn 13) v OSC2 (chn 14) c mc vi mch dao ng thch anh bn ngoi. Cc in tr C1 v C2 l cn thit khi mc mch dao ng thch anh cho PIC. Tr s ca chng xem bng di y. u im ca mch ny l tn s dao ng chnh xc v cho tn s dao ng cao.

Mch dao ng RC: Mch ny gm mt in tr v mt t in mc ni tip nh hnh di y. Xung dao ng c a vo chn OSC1, khi chn OSC2 l chn xut dao ng, c th cung cp dao ng cho cc IC PIC khc.


2.2 . Khi Reset, Chn MCLR v mch Reset cho PIC Reset is used for putting the microcontroller into a 'known' condition. That practically means that microcontroller can behave rather inaccurately under certain undesirable conditions. In order to continue its proper functioning it has to be reset, meaning all registers would be placed in a starting position. Reset is not only used when microcontroller doesn't behave the way we want it to, but can also be used when trying out a device as an interrupt in program execution, or to get a microcontroller ready when loading a program.


Cc nguyn nhn lm Reset PIC (POR, manual reset) - Reset khi PIC c cp ngun (Power-On Reset) - Reset bng tay khi cp mc logic 0 cho chn MCLR ca PIC - Reset khi ang ch SLEEP - Reset do b watchdog timer xy ra trn Microcontroller PIC16F84 knows several sources of resets: a) Reset during power on, POR (Power-On Reset) b) Reset during regular work by bringing logical zero to MCLR microcontroller's pin. c) Reset during SLEEP regime d) Reset at watchdog timer (WDT) overflow e) Reset during at WDT overflow during SLEEP work regime.

2.3 Khi x l trung tm v cc thanh ghi trng thi L b no ca PIC Central processing unit (CPU) is the brain of a microcontroller. That part is responsible for finding and fetching the right instruction which needs to be executed, for decoding that instruction, and finally for its execution. Central processing unit connects all parts of the microcontroller into one whole. Surely, its most important function is to decode program instructions. When programmer writes a program, instructions have a clear form like MOVLW 0x20. However, in order for a microcontroller to understand that, this 'letter' form of an instruction must be translated into a series of zeros and ones which is called an 'opcode'. This transition from a letter to binary form is done by translators such as assembler translator (also known as an assembler). Instruction thus fetched from program memory must be 9

DKS GROUP decoded by a central processing unit. We can then select from the table of all the instructions a set of actions which execute a assigned task defined by instruction. As instructions may within themselves contain assignments which require different transfers of data from one memory into another, from memory onto ports, or some other calculations, CPU must be connected with all parts of the microcontroller. This is made possible through a data bus and an address bus. Arithmetic logic unit is responsible for performing operations of adding, subtracting, moving (left or right within a register) and logic operations. Moving data inside a register is also known as 'shifting'. PIC16F84 contains an 8-bit arithmetic logic unit and 8-bit work registers. In instructions with two operands, ordinarily one operand is in work register (W register), and the other is one of the registers or a constant. By operand we mean the contents on which some operation is being done, and a register is any one of the GPR or SFR registers. GPR is an abbreviation for 'General Purposes Registers', and SFR for 'Special Function Registers'. In instructions with one operand, an operand is either W register or one of the registers. As an addition in doing operations in arithmetic and logic, ALU controls status bits (bits found in STATUS register). Execution of some instructions affects status bits, which depends on the result itself. Depending on which instruction is being executed, ALU can affect values of Carry (C), Digit Carry (DC), and Zero (Z) bits in STATUS register. STATUS Register

bit 7 IRP (Register Bank Select bit) Bit whose role is to be an eighth bit for purposes of indirect addressing the internal RAM. 1 = bank 2 and 3 0 = bank 0 and 1 (from 00h to FFh) bits 6:5 RP1:RP0 (Register Bank Select bits) These two bits are upper part of the address for direct addressing. As instructions which address the memory directly have only seven bits, they need one more bit in order to address all 256 bytes which is how many bytes 10

DKS GROUP PIC16F84 has. RP1 bit is not used, but is left for some future expansions of this microcontroller. 01 = first bank 00 = zero bank bit 4 TO Time-out ; Watchdog overflow. Bit is set after turning on the supply and execution of CLRWDT and SLEEP instructions. Bit is reset when watchdog gets to the end signaling that overflow took place. 1 = overflow did not occur 0 = overflow did occur bit 3 PD (Power-down bit) This bit is set whenever power supply is brought to a microcontroller : as it starts running, after each regular reset and after execution of instruction CLRWDT. Instruction SLEEP resets it when microcontroller falls into low consumption mode. Its repeated setting is possible via reset or by turning the supply off/on . Setting can be triggered also by a signal on RB0/INT pin, change on RB port, upon writing to internal DATA EEPROM, and by a Watchdog. 1 = after supply has been turned on 0 = executing SLEEP instruction bit 2 Z (Zero bit) Indication of a zero result This bit is set when the result of an executed arithmetic or logic operation is zero. 1 = result equals zero 0 = result does not equal zero bit 1 DC (Digit Carry) DC Transfer Bit affected by operations of addition, subtraction. Unlike C bit, this bit represents transfer from the fourth resulting place. It is set in case of subtracting smaller from greater number and is reset in the other case. 1 = transfer occurred on the fourth bit according to the order of the result 0 = transfer did not occur DC bit is affected by ADDWF, ADDLW, SUBLW, SUBWF instructions. bit 0 C (Carry) Transfer Bit that is affected by operations of addition, subtraction and shifting. 1 = transfer occurred from the highest resulting bit 0 = transfer did not occur C bit is affected by ADDWF, ADDLW, SUBLW, SUBWF instructions.


DKS GROUP 2.4 B nh RAM v cc ch nh a ch trong PIC B nh Flash RAM Bank v Thanh ghi iu khin vic truy cp b nh Cc ch truy cp RAM (trc tip,gin tip) Lp trnh truy cp b nh RAM


DKS GROUP 2.4 T chc b nh ROM + EEPROM 2.4.1 B nh chng trnh Flash Program Memory B nh chng trnh (sau y vit tt l b nh flash) l ni lu tr cc chng trnh m ngi lp trnh vit ra, nhm lm cho PIC thc hin ng chc nng mong mun. B nh flash l b nh va c th c, ghi v xa c trong qu trnh hot ng ca PIC. Qu trnh c s thc hin c tng byte mi ln, qu trnh ghi vo b nh thc hin theo mi khi 8 bytes cho mt ln ghi v vic xa b nh flash s thc hin xa tng khi 64 bytes cho mi ln thc hin. c ghi d liu gia b nh flash v RAM thc hin vic c, ghi b nh flash, c hai hot ng cho php vi x l thc hin vic di chuyn cc byte d liu gia b nh flash v b nh RAM l : Table Read (TBLRD) v Table Write (TBLWR). B nh chng trnh ca PIC c rng l 16-bit, trong khi b nh RAM l 8bit. Qu trnh thc hin c/ghi Table Read v Table Write c thc hin thng qua mt thanh ghi 8-bit l TBLAT.


DKS GROUP Cc thanh ghi iu khin C bn thanh ghi m nhn chc nng iu khin qu trnh trao i d liu vi b nh Flash, l: EECON1 EECON2 TABLAT TBLPTR Thanh ghi EECON1 v EECON2: Thanh ghi EECON1 l thanh ghi iu khin vic truy cp b nh Flash v EEPROM. Thanh ghi EECON2 khng phi l mt thanh ghi vt l, c EECON2 s lun cho kt qu l 0. EECON2 c dnh ring cho vic ghi v xa b nh flash.



Bit5 Bit4





EEPGD: Bit chn b nh chng trnh hay b nh EEPROM 1 = Truy cp b nh flash 0 = Truy cp b nh EEPROM CFGS: Bit chon Thanh ghi cu hnh hay b nh Flash/Data EE 1 = Truy cp n cc thanh ghi cu hnh 0 = Truy cp b nh Flash/data EEPROM Khng s dung (c ra = 0) FREE: Bit cho php xa hng b nh Flash 1 = Xa hng b nh Flash c a ch cho bi TBLPTR lnh WR tip theo 0 = Ch thc hin ghi vo b nh Flash WRERR: C bo li ca b nh EEPROM 1 = Qu trnh ghi kt thc qu sm (Reset trong qu trnh t ghi) 0 = Qu trnh ghi d liu hon tt khng c li WREN: Bit cho php ghi 1 = Cho php thc hin ghi/xa 0 = Khng cho php ghi/xa WR: Kim sot vic ghi/xa b nh Flash/Data EE 1 = Bt u qu trnh ghi/xa b nh Flash/ B nh EEPROM 0 = Qu trnh ghi thc hin xong RD: Kim sot vic c b nh Flash/Data EE 1 = Bt u qu trnh c 0 = Qu trnh c d liu hon tt. 14


B nh EEPROM Thanh ghi iu khin vic truy cp b nh Lp trnh c d liu t EEPROM, F-ROM Lp trnh ghi d liu vo EEPROM, F-ROM Ch bo v (Code Protect)


DKS GROUP 2.5 T chc vo/ra trong PIC Gii thiu chung v cc cng vo/ra trong PIC: Cng l mt nhm cc chn ca Vi iu khin, chng c th c truy cp ng thi hay theo tng bit mt, c trng thi hin c trn cng. V mt vt l, mi cng l mt thanh ghi nm bn trong Vi iu khin v c kt ni n cc chn ca Vi iu khin. Cng ng vai tr l mt kt ni vt l gia CPU v th gii bn ngoi.
Physically, port is a register inside a microcontroller which is connected by wires to the pins of a microcontroller. Ports represent physical connection of Central Processing Unit with an outside world. Microcontroller uses them in order to monitor or control other components or devices. Due to functionality, some pins have twofold roles like PA4/TOCKI for instance, which is in the same time the fourth bit of port A and an external input for free-run counter. Selection of one of these two pin functions is done in one of the configuration registers. An illustration of this is the fifth bit T0CS in OPTION register. By selecting one of the functions the other one is disabled.

Thanh ghi cng v thanh ghi iu khin ch vo/ra Trong mi Vi iu khin PIC c th c t 2 cho n 10 cng, s lng ty theo tng loi PIC. i vi loi PIC 40 chn m ta thng hay s dng c tt c l 5 cng l: - PORTA: rng l 6 bit - PORTB: rng l 8 bit - PORTC: rng l 8 bit - PORTD: rng l 8 bit - PORTE: rng l 3 bit Khng ging nh AT8051, cc cng ca PIC ngoi thanh ghi cng cn c thm mt thanh ghi iu khin ch vo ra cho tng chn ca cng . PORTA c thanh ghi TRISA, PORTB c thanh ghi TRISB Khi lp trnh iu khin vo ra cho PIC ta cn ch ti iu ny trnh gp nhng sai st khng ng c. V cc cng v c bn l ging nhau, di y ta s i tm hiu mt vi PORT c th ca PIC. PORTA v TRISA PORTA ca PIC16F877A c rng l 6-bit tng ng vi 6 chn t RA0 n RA5. Thanh ghi iu khin hng d liu l TRISA. Thit lp gi tri 1 cho mi bit trong thanh ghi TRISA s nh ngha chn tng ng vi bit l chn vo d liu, v thit lp 0 cho mi bit trong TRISA nh ngha chn tng ng l chn xut d liu. c thanh ghi PORTA chnh l c trng thi ca cc chn v ghi gi tr vo thanh ghi PORTA l ghi vo b cht cng PORTA. Ton b qu trnh ghi l c sa ghi, ngha l c gi tr ca cng, sa gi tr v ghi tr li b cht d liu cng. Mt s chn ca PORTA cn l chn vo gi tr tng t v chn vo in p tham chiu (Vref) cho b Chuyn i tng t s (Analog to Digital Converter) v b So snh (Comparators), cu hnh cho cc chn ny l chn vo tng t hay s thng qua thanh


DKS GROUP ghi ADCON1. Mc nh khi khi ng cc chn PORTA c thit lp l chn vo tng t. Khi lp trnh ta cn ch iu ny. PORTB v TRISB PORTB c 8 chn t RB0 cho n RB7 tng ng vi rng l 8 bit. Thanh ghi iu khin hng d liu ca PORTB c tn l TRISB cng c di l 8 bit, tng ng vi 8 bit ca PORTB. Thit lp gi tri 1 cho mi bit trong thanh ghi TRISB s nh ngha chn tng ng vi bit l chn vo d liu, v thit lp 0 cho mi bit trong TRISB nh ngha chn tng ng l chn xut d liu.

TRISB.0 = 0 =>> Chn RB0 l chn xut TRISB.0 = 1 =>> Chn RB0 l chn nhp Mi chn ca PORTB c mt in tr ko v c th c kch hot bng cch xa bit th 7 RBPU trong thanh ghi OPTION. Cc in tr ko s t ng ngt khi PORTB thit lp l cng xut. Mc nh khi khi ng, cc in tr ko ny c ngt. Lp trnh ch vo (Input) - Thit lp 1 cho cc bit trong thanh ghi TRISB - Kch hot cc in tr ko. - Nhn d liu t cng bng cch c thanh ghi PORTB V d: unsigned char port_buffer; // Khai bo bin l b m gi tr c PORTB TRISB = 0b11111111; // Ton b PORTB l cng vo 17

DKS GROUP RBPU = 0; port_buffer = PORTB;

// Kch hot in tr ko // c gi tr ca PORTB vo bin port_buffer

Lp trnh ch ra (Output) - Thit lp 0 cho cc bit ca thanh ghi TRISB - Xut d liu ra cng (ghi gi tr vo thanh ghi PORTB) V d: TRISB = 0b00000000; // PORTB l cng ra PORTB = 0xAA; // Xut gi tr 0xAA ra cng B Trn y ch l hai v d nh v lp trnh vo ra cho PIC, bi lp trnh chi tit s c trnh by cui chng. Trong cc chn ca PORTB, 4 chn t RB4 n RB7, ngoi chc nng l chn vo ra, chng cn sinh ra ngt gi l ngt On-Change. Ngt s xy ra khi ti cc chn c s chuyn trng thi t logic 1 sang 0 hay ngc li. Chi khi c 4 chn ny c thit lp ra chn vo th ngt mi xy ra (nu mt trong cc chn RB7 ~ RB4 l chn vo th ngt khng xy ra khi c s chuyn trng thi trn cc chn ). Ta thng ng dng ngt On-Change ny trong vic qut ma trn bn phm, khi cc hng ca phm c ni n 4 chn ny, vic x l ngt s xc nh phm no c nhn. Ngoi ra PORTB cn c chn RB0 l chn vo ngt ngoi (INT0), cc chn RB7PGD, RB6-PGC, RB3-PGM c kt hp khi s dng tnh nng In-Circuit Debugger v Low-Voltage Programming. PORTC v TRISC



2.6 Timer/Counter M t chung v Timer (cu trc) Cc b Timer l thnh phn khng th thiu trong mi con Vi iu khin, n cn thit cho vic xc nh chnh xc mt khong thi gian tri qua. Cc b Timer trong PIC (0,1,2) Mi Vi iu khin PIC c mt s lng cc b Timer nht nh, ti thiu l 3 b Timer l Timer0, Timer1, Timer2. Trong Timer0 v Timer2 l 8 bit, cn Timer1 la 16 bit. Thanh ghi iu khin Tnh ton thi gian cho Timer Lp trnh cho mt b Timer



2.7 Giao tip ni tip RS232 Cu trc khi RS232 Thanh ghi iu khin Tc Baud v tnh ton Ch Master (Truyn nhn) Ch Slave (Truyn nhn)



2.8 T chc ngt Cu trc v cc ngun ngt Thanh ghi iu khin Qu trnh xy ra v thc hin 1 ngt Lp trnh x l ngt (INT, On-change RB, RS232, Timer) Phn cng v tnh nng m rng trong PIC ADC Cu trc khi ADC Cc thanh ghi iu khin Ch lm vic, ADC8bit, 10bit Lp trnh cho b ADC Capture + PWM + Comparator Encoder (18F43310) I2C + SPI + PSP RS485 CAN USB