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Augustine Church, Barberton, OH) (February 19, 2012)

Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Am I immobilized by guilt for my own sin? Am I paralyzed by fear, hurt or anger due to a sin committed against me? Seek the healing of the Sacrament of Reconciliation or the advice of a priest or counselor. Allow the Lord to heal you through others. (Insert graphic 1106-0086)
360 Holy Hours were kept before the Blessed Sacrament this past week. During Eucharistic Adoration, we "watch and wait", we remain "silent" in his Presence and open ourselves to His Graces which flow from the worshiping the Eucharistic Jesus, we become what God wants us to be! Like a magnet the Lord draws us to Himself and gently transforms us. The following hours are in desperate need of an adorer, Saturday 7-8 pm, 8-9pm. and Sunday morning from 1-2 am. Please contact Judy Soltis at 330-212-0926 if you are able to help out. (Insert Graphic 2404-0106.tif)

Barberton Area Community Ministries item for the Month of February is Soup, boxed or canned. Please bring your donations when you come to Mass and place them in the bench in front of the giving tree in the vestibule, together we can help those less fortunate. Items will be delivered to BACM on Monday morning.
(Insert Graphic 2404-0088.tif) Coffee and Donuts will be served today Sunday, February 19 following the 9:00 and 11:00 Masses. Please take a moment or two to share with fellow parishioners. GENERATIONS OF FAITH Join us on the Journey, Thursday, March 1 as we discover Moses and the Israelites. Registration forms are available on the bookrack. Sessions will be held at Immaculate Conception Church, Waldeisen Hall from 6-9:00pm., all are welcome to attend. Enjoy a meal from 66:30pm followed by the session. Springtime of Hopes - item for the month of February is Toothpaste and Toothbrushes. Please place your donations inside the bench in front of the giving tree in the vestibule, items will be picked up on Monday morning. Thank you in advance for your help in this matter. For more information, please contact Greg Meier at 330289-3987.
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Men, mark your calendars and plan to attend the annual Answer the Call Conference Saturday, February 25. This years conference will be held at Villa Angela St. Joseph High School on Lakeshore Blvd. in Cleveland. It will begin with registration at 8:00am and will end with Mass celebrated by Bishop Lennon at 4:00pm. All men of the parish are invited to join us. Any questions contact Gib Adolph at 330-848-1043 or e-mail

Grow in Faith on Your Phone? App-solutely! Life is fast, and the speed of life whisks us away from the very thing we need mostspiritual time outs to reconnect with God and experience much-needed peace of mind. Three options from Loyola Press for the iPhone and iPod touch make it easy to help you grow in your faith. For more information, visit

Thank you to all who have sold and/or purchased raffle tickets for the St. Augustine Car Raffle. To be included in the next drawing, simply sell 10 raffle tickets and return the stubs and raffle money to the school office or parish rectory. Once you sell 10 tickets, your name is entered into all of the early bird drawings through May 2012. Increase your odds, every time you sell an additional 10 tickets. At present, the car raffle has earned $14,230.00 for St. Augustine School. (Insert Graphic 2303-0010.tif) Mens Fellowship will meet Saturday, February 25 in the School Cafeteria from 7:00- 8:25am. We will continue our Bible study on the New Testament Series with session #15, the Letters of St Paul. For questions, contact Gib Adolph at 330-848-1043 or All men are invited to join us for any session.

Sweet tooth anyone? St. Augustine Girl Scout troop 1060 will be selling cookies after all of the Sunday morning Masses on February 26, 2012. Money raised through these sales will help to pay for the girls to go camping and do various activities throughout the year. The girls thank you for your generous support. Cost for the cookies is $3.50 a box.

Special day for the young at heart: MY LIFE, GROWING OLDER AND WISER WITH GOD on Friday, March 16 in the school. This Lenten mini-retreat begins at 9:00 am and ends with the 12:05 Mass. Join presenter Joan Skalak, Pastoral Minister at Holy Family Church, for this unique opportunity to spend some time reflecting on your life and walk with the Lord. All are invited. Please call the Rectory to register so adequate handouts will be available. (330-7450011.) LET YOUR AMEN BE TRUE: THE LINK BETWEEN LIFE AND LITURGY a St. Augustine Day of Recollection on Saturday, March 24, beginning with Mass at 8:30 am, ending by 1:00 pm, followed by lunch for those who desire to stay for food and fellowship. This important day of faith formation is designed to help those participating to gain a deeper awareness of the connection of our everyday lives with the Mass. The speaker for the presentation explains, through the use of Scripture, song, and teaching from Church documents, the importance and value of our participation in the Eucharistic Liturgy as we strive to live out our lives as the people of God. This day will be a wonderful opportunity to feed your soul as you journey through Lent. Please call the rectory to register. There is no cost. (330-745-0011.) "SAVE THE DATE!!! Mark Saturday, March 3, on your calendar to come to Queen of Heaven Parish in Green for the best St. Patrick's party around! Start off the Green Season with the Hoban Bagpipe Corp, MacConmara Irish Step Dancers and Green Blossom Special with Pat Flynn. And that's just the beginning! Ripper Owens Tap House on Waterloo Road will provide plenty of wonderful appetizers. "Tickets are ($15 in advance/$20 day of the show), tickets are available by contacting Caryn at 330-815-6940."

(Insert Graphic 2000-0069.tif) PRAY FOR THE SICK Patrick Blasdel, Patricia Patterson, Karl Bartel, Jennifer Marco, Jacob Hurley, Donald Williams, Irene Lyle, Margaret Gardner,Christopher Sanchez, Kate Ligas, Vada McNeal, Betty Morlan, Carol Grimes, Kelly Speck, Eugene Van Oss, Debra Dolgos, Lillian Hazlett & Mike Roop (Insert Graphic 1103-0087.tif) Brody Elmore Yoak Son of Kipp S. & Amanda A. (Norman) Yoak LIFE HAS CHANGED, NOT ENDED Richard Siwik, Beau Kepler & Dolores Gadanac Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord! Christ is the light which illumines the way (Blessed John Paul II). The Collection for the Church in Central and Eastern Europe illuminates the way for the people of the region by helping Catholic organizations provide food, shelter, medical care, and compassion for the depressed and lonely, in addition to pastoral care and catechesis. Your donation today helps to reinforce the Christian ideals of charity, family values, and kindness in a place struggling in the aftermath of 70 years of atheistic Soviet rule. Please be generous to the Collection on February 22 (Ash Wednesday) for the Church in Central and Eastern Europe. (Insert Graphic 1300-0021.tif) Stewardship: Time, Talent & Treasure February 12 $ 8,674 $ 1,769 $ 10,443 $ 463 $ 903 COMPARATIVE FIGURES February 12 11-12 10-11 $ 1,069,026 $ 952,624 $ 1,000,993 $ 984,330 $ 68,033 $ (31,706) CAPITAL CAMPAIGN $ 1,524,138 $ 83,353

Sunday Offering Faith Direct Offering Total Offerings St. Vincent De Paul School Support

Year to date Income Year to Date Expenses Difference

Spent to date Amount on Deposit

During Lent we are reminded of our call to be stewards with gifts of time, talent, and treasure. At St. Augustine Church we appreciate your gifts, regardless of how they come. Many of our parishioners have been using our electronic giving program, Faith Direct, to give their gifts of treasure. Faith Direct is an excellent way to support the parish while reducing the administrative costs of envelopes and saving our wonderful staff and volunteers precious time. To enroll in the Faith Direct program you may pick up an enrollment form from the bookrack or in the parish office or enroll online at using our church code: OH278.
(Insert Graphic 1000-0007.tif) February 20-26

Monday, February 20 Weekday 6:30 Dr. Michael Leslie 12:05 Living & Deceased of the St. Annes Society Tuesday, February 21 Weekday 5:15 Michael Jerin Sr. Wednesday, February 22 Ash Wednesday 6:30 Bob Buchanan 8:30 Virginia Morris 12:05 Carl Frank 7:00 Intention of the Celebrant Thursday, February 23 Lenten Weekday 6:30 Walter & Nell Talalas Friday, February 24 Lenten Weekday 6:30 Margaret Burg 12:05 Stephen Kenna Saturday, February 25 Lenten Weekday 8:30 Mary Voros 4:00 Margaret Somerick Sunday, February 26 First Sunday of Lent 7:30 James Voyk 9:00 Rosemary Pintur 11:00 Kenny Carpenter 5:15 The People of St. Augustine Parish Readings for the Week of February 20 Jas 3:13-18, Ps 19:8-10,15, Mk 9:14-29 Jas 4:1-10, Ps 55:7-11,23, Mk 9:30-37 Jl 2:12-18(219), Ps 51:3-4,5-6ab,12-13,14 & 17, 2 Cor 5:20-6:2, Mt 6:1-6,16-18 1 Dt 30:15-20, Ps 1:1-2,3,4 & 6, Lk 9:22-25 Is 58:1-9a, Ps 51:3-4,5-6ab, 18-19, Mt 9:14-15 Is 58:9b-14, Ps 86:1-2,3-4,5-6, Lk 5:27-32 Gn 9:8-15 (23B), Ps 25:4-5,6-7,8-9, 1 Pt 3:18-22, Mk 1:12-15

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Next Sunday, our parish will take up the annual Collection for Black and Indian Missions. Our financial contribution helps to support Catholic American Indian communities on reservations, in rural areas and inner cities. The collection also supports African American evangelization programs particularly in the south. Let us unite ourselves with the love of Christ in supporting the Black and Indian Mission Collections with generous hearts. For more information, go to

Stewardship Corner: It is not the style of clothes one wears, neither the kind of automobile one
drives, nor the amount of money one has in the bank that counts. These mean nothing. It is simply service that measures success. George Washington Carver