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The customers responsibility to report Accidents, Theft or Vandalism to the Hertz vehicle is outlined in Part 11 of the Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions on the Rental Record folder. Part 11 states:
You must promptly and properly report any accident, theft or vandalism involving the Car to Hertz and to the police in the jurisdiction in which such incident takes place. You should obtain details of witnesses and other vehicles involved and their drivers, owners and relevant insurances whenever possible. If You or any Authorized Operator receive any papers relating to such an incident, those papers must be promptly given to Hertz. You and any Authorized Operators must cooperate fully with Hertzs investigation of such incident and defense of any resulting claim. FAILURE TO COOPERATE FULLY MAY VOID ALL LIABILITY PROTECTION, PAI/PEC, LIS, LDW AND PDW. You and any Authorized Operators authorize Hertz to obtain any records or information relating to incident, irrevocably and unconditionally consent and submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the jurisdiction in which the incident occurs and waive any right to object to such jurisdiction.


Contact ERS (Emergency Roadside Service) - 1-800-654-5060 The 24-hour Emergency Roadside Service standard of service is to resolve a customer's concern or have a solution in progress within 60 minutes of the original call. When the customer calls ERS to report an accident, our agent will : Inquire if the renter or anyone else was injured, if yes, they are to obtain the following information: -Name of Injured in Hertz vehicle. -Name of Hospital involved (if known) -Name, Address and Phone number of any Witnesses Determine if Police have been contacted, and advise customer to obtain following information from Police: -Officers Name and Badge Number -Investigating Department (city, county, or state) and Phone Number -Case Number assigned to the Accident Obtain Information about where and when accident occurred. Obtain description of how accident occurred. Obtain description of damage to Hertz vehicle. Obtain 3rd Party Contact Information concerning any other persons involved in the accident. The customer will then be advised to file written Hertz Accident/Incident Report within 24 hours. We will advise the customer to report the accident to any 3rd Party Insurance Provider or Credit Card company to prevent loss of any benefits or coverage they may be entitled to. We will offer an exchange vehicle, and make sure the customer feels the damaged vehicle is safe to drive. If car is not driveable, or is considered unsafe, ERS will arrange to have the damaged vehicle towed to appropriate Hertz maintenance facility.