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The act only applies to west malaysia,workers in sabah and sarawak are covered under separate legislation (labour ordinance of sabah and sarawak) 2. according to the first schedule of the act ,those covered are as follow a. any person who has entered into a contract of service with a employer under which such person s wages do not exceed rm1500 a month. b. Any person who has entered into a contract of services with an employer without regard to his wages who: - Is engaged as a manual worker/labourer - Is engaged in the operation or maintenance of any vehicle for the transport of passengers or goods - Supervises other employees engaged in manual labour - Is engaged as a domestic servant 3. Public sector employees ,consisting of the civil service.statutory bodies and local authorities ,have been exempted from the act. Termination of the contract 1. A lot of confusion exists concerning the right of the parties to a contract of service to terminate that contract.the s.12 employment act says: either Party to a contract of service may at any time give to the other party notice of his intention to terminate such contract of service . If the employees wishes to give notice of his intention to resign there is no difficulty,but problem arises when employers decide that they wish to terminate the employee services Section 12, employment act 1955 : the employment has the right to dismiss an employee without assigning any reason providing he gives proper notice There are two provisions of the employment act relating to notice to termination of a contract of employment Firts ,the length of the notice period required of each party must be the same.second,the employer can decide on the notice period required and agreed to in the contract of employment However,if the contract is silent on this matter,then the employment act will apply Section12,employment act states that where the contract is silent on the lenght of the notice period then the notice shall be not less than; a. four weeks notice if he has been employed for less than two years on the date on which the notice is given b. six weeks notice if he has been employed for two years or more but less than five years c. eight weeks notice if he has been employed for more than five years A number of term and conditions of emplyment has been employment act are dependent on the employee s length of service.these include his right to paid sick leave.annual leave and termination benefits

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.9. employment act 1955) 10.e a sum of money equivalent to the amount of wages which would have been earned during the noticed period( section 13. Either the employer or the employee an terminate a contract of srvice without giving the required notice if he pays to the other party an indemnity. This means that once an employees has given notice an employes has the right notice an emplyer has the right to disallow the worker from working during the notice period and pay him indemnity.i.

The employment act does not establish minimum wages. 4) Should the employer want to provide an advance for any other purpose where the amount is more than one month wages he must request permission from the director-general of labour.particulary at festival times 3) If emplyer agrees to give one or more on his employees advance on wages.The minumum wages for this sectors in RM 185 per month 2. Deductions from wages 1) Deduction from employees wages are only allowed in certain restricted circumstances .but it does lay down certain procedure relating to the payment of wages to ensure workers are not exploited. a) Wage periods b) Advances on wages c) Deductions from wages d) Priority of wages e) The truck system Wage period 1) Wages must be paid at least once every month 2) Having decided on wage period. some employers are willing to offer an advance on wages to their employees at certain times of the year.the employer must make payment of wages to his employees no later than 7 days after end of that wage period Advances on wages 1) Employers are not encourages to lend money to their employees at this may lead to all kinds of industrial relations problem 2) However. Malaysia does not have a minimum wages for all workers.the maximum advance that can be given is the equivalent of the one month particular.FATIN Payment wages 1.the act deals with.except the following industries which the workers are difficult to group themselves into unions anf fight for their own rights: a) Cinema workers b) Shop assistances c) Hotel and catering industry workers d) Penang stevedores .

such as for the purpose of : a) Recovery of wages overpaid in the immediately preceding three month b) Payments of the employees provident fund.but they can only claim a maximum of four month wages.2) The maximum monthly total deductionmust not exceed 50 % of the employees wages unless the amount to be deducted includes repayment of a housing loan 3) In this case. Priority hours and leave 1) If an employer is forced by a court to sell off property and assets to pay debts .employees who have not been their wages receives priority over all debtors.the employment act stipulates that wages must be paid in legal tender. .payment may also be paid directly into the employee¶s bank account or by cheque. 2) Section 25 of the employment act is intered to ensure that workers get paid in money for their services rather than being forced to take unwanted goods are security organisation and income tax c) Recovery of advances where no interest is charged 5) If the employee wishes deductions to be made and paid on his behalf to a third party.the total deductions may be increased to 75% of the monthly wage 4) The employer has the right to make certain deductions. Truck system 1) To prevent exploitation of workers.this may be done if the employee puts his request in writing and providing the deduction is for payment to a trade union(the check-off system)or a co-operative society 6) Any other deductions require the written permission of both the employee and the director-general of labour.with the employee written agreement.with the permission on the directo-general of labour.

Working hours and leave .

it is enforced by the department of labour and it also covers employment in West <alaysia only. 4) A child is defined as a person under the age of 14.the provisions of the act relating to women concern working hours and maternity benefits 2) Women may not work between the hours 10pm to 5am in industrial and agriculture undertakings 3) The director general of labour has the power the exempt any group of female employees from this restriction upon the application of the employer.the employer can insist she start her maternity leave up to 14 days before her expected confinement.once a worker attains the age of 16 he is considered adult for the purposes of em. . Children and young person (employment) act 1966 1) Malaysian law does not prohibit children from being emploed.she has no more than 5 surviving children 7) An employee may be not be dismissed for any reason during her maternity leave.up to a maximum of 30 days of this leave may be taken before the workers give birth.exemption is usually granted .ployment.but is entitled to be paid a maternity benefit which is an amount equivalent to her wagesif.however. 3) Like the employment act 1955.try to protect them from abuses 2) The children and young person(employment)act sets out the rules and conditions for employing children and young persons. qa young person is between 14 and 16 years of age 5) Thus.Employment of women 1) The employment act provides special protection for female workers.if the director general of labour is satisfied that there would be no unduly negative effects on the employees concerned. 6) During the maternity leave period a female employee does not receive does. 4) All female employees are entitled to 60days maternity leave each and every time they give birth.albeit with a number of condition relating to transportation and payment of shift allowance for female workers.nor does it outlaw discrimination against women.and is given no special at the time of confinement. 5) If a doctor appointed by the employer certifies that the pregnant employee is unable to satisfactorily carry out her duties.the act does not require equal pay for equal work.

the restriction on night work does not apply to children working in any public entertainment.and also ain any light work(not necessarily in a family business). only given to individual or small groups who are considered deserving .benefits and reward. it tied to a worker s performan job and as a motivations tool. 2) Females may not however . most benefits are s the contract of employment -Both financial ad are reward. Benefits and rewards 1) Workers usually receive both wages and benefits as compensation for their labour.Employment of children 1) A child may be employed in µlight work suitable to his capacity¶in a family undertaking 2) He may also work in public entertainment or in areas relating to his studies in any school or training institution or as an apprentice 3) For the purpose of the any office.00p.m and 7 am and they must be permitted a rest of 30 minutes after every 3 consecutive hours of work 5) They may not work more than 6 hour per day.the restrictions on night work do not apply.he must have an apprenticeship contrack in writing. EXPLANATION FORM OF COMPENSATION WAGES BENEFITS REWARDS -Cash payments paid to employees on a regular basis in return for their labor -Given to all employees .which is to be deposited with the director general of labour 4) Children may not work between the hours of 8. .factory and so apprentices may work for a full 8 hours each day 5) If the young persons are employed in public entertainment or the agricultural in a hotel.cinema. 3) It is important to distinguish between wages. It can be both financial and non financial and they can be statutorily required or optional . 3) Young person are not permitted to work between 8pm and 6am and they are eititled to a rest break of at least 30 minutes every 4 hours 4) They may not work more than 7 hours in a or club unless this organisation is controlled by their 2) The remuneration system consists of a combination of wages. Employment young person 1) Young person may be employed in the same circumstances as children as describe above.

may be violating that worker's right to a private life. Walaubagaimanapun. ia adalah menyalahi undang-undang bagi majikan anda untuk melanggar hak asasi manusia di bawah Konvensyen. you have the right to a private and family life.The Human Rights Act The Human Rights Act is based on the European Convention on Human Rights and adds protection for workers' rights and freedoms. melainkan jika suatu Akta Parlimen yang bermakna ia tidak mempunyai pilihan. If you work in the public sector. Provisions within the Act deal with work-related matters. undang-undang hak asasi manusia telah dimasukkan ke dalamundangundang pekerjaan umum (contohnya. Akta Hak Asasi Manusia Akta Hak Asasi Manusia berdasarkan Konvensyen Eropah mengenai Hak Asasi Manusia dan menambah perlindungan untuk hak dan kebebasan pekerja. tidak akan didiskriminasi keranaseksualiti anda ) dan terpakai kepada semua majikan. Human rights at work Many of the principles of the Human Rights Act are designed to protect you as a worker within the workplace. for example. However. Monitoring can cover: emails internet access telephone calls data images . not to be discriminated against because of your sexuality) and applies to all employers. For example. If your employer isn't a public authority you can't make a claim against your employer for breach of your human rights. unless an Act of Parliament means it has no choice. human rights law has been incorporated into general employment law (for example. Jika majikan anda tidak adalah pihak berkuasa awam anda tidak boleh membuattuntutan terhadap majikan anda untuk melanggar hak asasi manusia anda. it's unlawful for your employer to violate your human rights under the Convention. Your employer has the right to monitor communications within the workplace as long as you are aware of the monitoring before it takes place. Jika anda bekerja di sektor awam. So an employer who discriminates against a gay worker.Peruntukan dalam perjanjian Akta dengan perkara-perkara yang berkaitan dengan kerja.

from control of asbestos at work. These cover a wide range of subjects. escape and rescue from mines. Sebagai contoh. Teks penuh Akta ini adalah boleh didapati di laman web undangundang di UK. Majikan anda mempunyai hak untuk memantau komunikasi di dalam tempat kerjaselagi anda sedar pemantauan sebelum ia berlaku. The Health and Safety Executive is responsible for enforcing the Act and a number of other Acts and Statutory Instruments relevant to the working environment. Eksekutif Kesihatan dan Keselamatan adalah bertanggungjawab untuk menguatkuasakan Akta danbeberapa Akta lain dan Instrumen Berkanun yang berkaitan dengan persekitaran kerja. ionising radiation and working at height. anda mempunyai hak untuk kehidupan peribadi dan keluarga. Kesihatan dan Keselamatan di Tempat Kerja dan lain-lain 1974 Kesihatan dan Keselamatan di Tempat Kerja dan lain-lain Akta 1974.Hak asasi manusia di tempat kerja Banyak prinsip-prinsip Akta Hak Asasi Manusia direka untuk melindungi andasebagai seorang pekerja dalam tempat kerja. mungkin melanggarhak bahawa pekerja kepada kehidupan peribadi. Sila lihat Penafian. sekeping utama undangundang yang meliputikesihatan dan keselamatan pekerjaan di United Kingdom. where it can also be downloaded free of charge. sebagai contoh. diving. dimana ia juga boleh dimuat turun secara percuma. The full text of the Act is available at the UK legislation website . also referred to as HASAW or HSW. Jadimajikan yang mendiskriminasikan pekerja gay. Pemantauan boleh m eliputi: emel akses internet telefon panggilan data imej Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 . Instrumen berkanun adalah jenis menengah perundangan subsidiari yang . juga dirujuksebagai HASAW atau HSW. Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 This is current at September 2006. Kesihatan dan Keselamatan di Tempat Kerja dan sebagainya 1974 Ini adalahsemasa pada September 2006. is the primary piece of legislation covering occupational health and safety in the United Kingdom. Statutory instruments are the secondary types of legislation made under specific Acts of Parliament. Please see the Disclaimer.

The business may need to be reorganised. or there may need to be changes because of new laws or regulations. different days) your duties and responsibilities the duties and responsibilities of your immediate boss the location of where you work Your employer might need to make a change to correct a mistake in drawing up the contract. Changes to employment contracts could be made by: agreement between you and your employer collective agreement . Perlindungan ini pelbagai perkara. it might be in your best interests to allow the mistake to be corrected. Walau bagaimanapun.this is a negotiation between your employer and a trade union or staff association implication . Depending on the situation.radiasi mengion dan bekerja di tempat tinggi. What or who can change a contract of employment? Either you or your employer might want to change your employment contract. longer or shorter hours. Reasons for changing an employment contract An employer's need An employer sometimes needs to make changes to working practice because of economic circumstances. Apa atau yang boleh menukar kontrak pekerjaannya? Sama ada anda atau majikan anda mungkin mahu menukar kontrak pekerjaananda. Changes should normally be made after negotiation and agreement. . menyelam dan menyelamat dari lombong. However. tidak anda atau majikan anda boleh menukar kontrak pekerjaan anda tanpa persetujuan antara satu sama lain. neither you or your employer can change your employment contract without each other's agreement. the change will still apply to you even if you are not a member of the trade union or staff association. melarikan diri. dari kawalanasbestos di tempat kerja. Things that might change include: rates of pay working time (for example.that is through a change in long standing custom and practice (for example if your employer allows all employees a day off each year for New Year's Eve) If a collective agreement makes a change to employment contracts.dibuat dibawah Akta Parlimen tertentu. moved to a new location. Perubahan biasanya perludibuat selepas rundinga n dan perjanjian.

Bergantung kepada keadaan.Perubahan kepada kontrak pekerjaan boleh dibuat oleh: perjanjian di antara anda dan majikan anda perjanjian kolektif . berpindah ke lokasi baru.perubahan itu masih akan dikenakan kepada anda walaupun anda bukan ahlikesatuan sekerja atau persatuan kakitangan. Sebab-sebab untuk menukar kontrak pekerjaan Seseorang majikan yang perlu Seseorang majikan kadangkadang perlu untuk membuat perubahan kepadaamalan bekerja kerana keadaan eko nomi. . Perniagaan mungkin perlu disusun semula. atau mungkin memerlukan perubahan keranaundangundang atau peraturan-peraturan baru. hari berbeza) tugas dan tanggungjawab anda tugas dan tanggungjawab bos terdekat anda lokasi di mana anda bekerja Majikan anda mungkin perlu membuat perubahan untuk membetulkan kesilapandalam merangka kontrak.ini adalah rundingan antara majikan dan kesatuan sekerja ataupersatuan kakitangan implikasi yang melalui perubahan dalam adat yang sudah lama terjalin dan amalan(contohnya jika majikan anda membolehkan semua pekerja cuti sehari setiap tahununtuk Malam Tahun Baru) Jika satu perjanjian bersama membuat perubahan kepada kontrak pekerjaan. Perkara-perkara yang mungkin berubah termasuk: Kadar gaji masa bekerja (contohnya. panjang atau pendek jam. ia mungkin berada dalamkepentingan terbaik anda untuk membenarkan kesilapan yang perlu diperbetulkan.




Hereare some of the typical steps you can expect to go through when applying for a position with DONG Energy: .#######Working with us We strive to make our employment process a positive experience for all applicants.

Our meeting It is important that we both get the opportunity to form a sound impression of one another. You will therefore always be given the opportunity to comment on the test and provide more input. and the typical workday you would have with us. We will focus on your qualifications. we will review applications immediately after the application deadline. We have therefore instituted introductory programmes across the organisation that will allow you to meet with your new colleagues and acquire a thorough introduction to our company and our culture. Career development . Test As part of our search for the right candidate. they are used to spur dialogue and as a supplement to the information that you provide in your application and throughout the interview process. your future colleagues. rather.dp. The interview will also help all of us clarify our mutual expectations. www. We always use recognised tests that are valid and adapted to the target group. It is therefore important to have a thorough introduction in which we can find out whether we are on common ground. you will immediately receive a confirmation receipt by e-mail so that you know that we have received your information. depending on the position in question. All applications should be submitted electronically through our website. We may require more than one interview with you. The last thing we want. as well as DONG Energy s culture and values. We work in accordance with the guidelines of the Danish Psychological Association for professional testing.Application Once you have submitted your application. There is a lot we would like to know about you. You will be notified as soon as possible if we would like to schedule an interview with you. what you expect to gain from the job. and our personnel are qualified in providing feedback on test results. is for you to be placed in a job that does not live up to your expectations. Invitation to an interview If we are not conducting ongoing recruiting. we often perform a personality test and a critical thinking Starting out in DONG Energy It is important that you feel welcome from your very first day with us. our business. while also providing you a collective image of the job. These tests do not provide a comprehensive profile of you as an individual.

dan hari kerja yang biasa anda akan mempunyai dengan kami. Sesuatu yang kita tidak mahu. Berikut adalah beberapa langkah-langkah tipikal anda boleh dijangka akan melalui apabila memohon untuk jawatan dengan DONG Energy: Permohonan Sebaik sahaja anda telah mengemukakan permohonan anda. Ujian Sebagai sebahagian daripada usaha kita mencari calon yang sesuai.We make development a requirement . dan kakitangan kami layak dalam menyediakan maklum balas mengenai hasil ujian. rakan sekerja anda pada masa hadapan. di samping membekalkan anda imej kolektif kerja. Kami bekerja dalam selaras dengan garis panduan Persatuan Denmark Psikologi . anda sentiasa akan diberi peluang untuk mengulas mengenai ujian dan memberi input yang lebih. Ujian ini tidak menyediakan profil komprehensif anda sebagai seorang individu. This will prove valuable for you and the company alike. perniagaan kami.not just a possibility. kita sering melakukan ujian personaliti dan ujian pemikiran kritikal. anda akan menerima resit pengesahan melalui e-mel supaya anda tahu bahawa kami telah menerima maklumat anda. Terdapat banyak kami ingin tahu mengenai anda. tetapi ia digunakan untuk merangsang dialog dan sebagai tambahan kepada maklumat yang anda berikan dalam permohonan anda dan sepanjang proses temuduga. Oleh itu. anda akan diletakkan di dalam pekerjaan yang tidak hidup sehingga jangkaan anda. Throughout the course of your career with us you will therefore learn new skills and improve your abilities. apa yang anda harapkan untuk mendapat manfaat daripada kerja.## Bekerja dengan kami Kami berusaha untuk menjadikan pekerjaan kita memproses pengalaman yang positif untuk semua pemohon. Kami sentiasa menggunakan ujian yang diiktiraf yang sah dan disesuaikan dengan kumpulan sasar. Kami mesyuarat Ia adalah penting bahawa kita mendapat peluang untuk membentuk satu tanggapan yang kukuh antara satu sama lain. Oleh itu adalah penting untuk mempunyai pengenalan yang menyeluruh di mana kita boleh mengetahui sama ada kita berada di medan yang sama. kita akan mengkaji permohonan dengan serta-merta selepas tarikh tutup permohonan. Semua permohonan hendaklah dikemukakan secara elektronik melalui laman web kami. Jemputan untuk satu temu bual Jika kita tidak menjalankan merekrut berterusan. Anda akan dimaklumkan secepat mungkin jika kita ingin untuk menjadualkan satu temu bual dengan anda.Kami akan memberi tumpuan kepada kelayakan anda. Temu bual itu juga akan membantu kita semua menjelaskan harapan bersama. serta budaya dan nilai-nilai DONG Energy. Kita mungkin memerlukan lebih daripada satu temu bual dengan anda. bergantung kepada kedudukan dalam soalan.

oleh itu anda akan mempelajari kemahiran baru dan meningkatkan kebolehan anda. Ini akan membuktikan berharga untuk anda dan syarikat sama.untuk ujian profesional. Oleh itu. Pembangunan kerjaya Kami membuat pembangunan keperluan . .bukan hanya satu kemungkinan. kami telah dimulakan program pengenalan seluruh organisasi yang akan membolehkan anda untuk bertemu dengan rakan-rakan baru anda dan memperoleh pengenalan yang menyeluruh kepada syarikat kita dan budaya Bermula di DONG Energy Ia adalah penting bahawa anda merasa dari hari pertama anda dengan kami.Sepanjang kerjaya anda dengan kami. www.dp.