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INTRODUCTION Competitive exams are held in India for selection of different posts in the Gove rnment(State/Central) ,Public sector and Private Sector.Every year more than 100 exams are conducted in India for filling up of different positions of different organiations. The different exams that are conducted like Bank Probationary Officers,Clerical, LIC (AAO) ,NABARD etc. The different Banks like State Bank of India,United Bank of India,PNB,Syndicate Bank,Central Bank of India etc conduct exam for PO and Clerical positions. Different PSU like IOCL,HPCL,ONGC etc conduct exams for different positions. To know about their openings just visit their websites and also their advertisem ent are published in the leading newspapers. There are a lot of exams that are conducted by different organizations and the l ist will be go on. This BLOG is basically a description about the pattern of exams and the process of selection which might be helpful for the freshers who have just graduated and is on job hunt. This is also helpful for those who want to appear for this exams. Its not related to IAS or IPS exams conducted by UPSC.

WHY IT IS CONDUCTED It is conducted to test the whether the candidate is fit for the given position or not. Also, it checks the different skills that are required to carry out the responis ibilties that are given to the individual when he/she joins the organization. STRUCTURE OF EXAM Broadly, classified all competitive exams follow the same pattern. It consits of written (objective,descriptive) followed by Group discussions and Final Interview.There are also organization that conduct only a written exam (Ob jective paper) and then interview.For technical positions organization keep another technical p aper in addition to the written objective paper.The technical paper is also an o bjective based upon the course content of particular stream.Many organization re cruit Engineering pass out people for the positions of Management Trainees.The d ifferent streams where openings are based are like Information Technology,Comput er Science,Mechanical Engineering,Electrical Engineering,Metallury,Automobile,Ci vil and Electronics Engineering. PHASE 1 OBJECTIVE PAPER:The objective paper that contains questions of the following main sections:1.General Awareness/General Knowledge 2.English 3.Reasoning 4.Quantitative Aptitude. PHASE 2 The pattern of exam will be known to you later on when you get your Hall ticket/ admit card.geography.You see an advertisement for a job and you fulfill the eligibility conditions and you apply for the job. Some organization conduct GD b ut not all.Now the n ext step is to find a job. In some cases of Phase 3 only Interview is taken. first make a habit of reading a good newspaper which suits you. HOW TO PREPARE:As a beginner or fresher its very difficult where to start etc.NDTV Profit.They only conduct the Personal Interview after the written. Paragraph Writing 4. Discovery and National Geographic. Phase 2 is optional as many organization conducts only Phase 1 and Phase 3. You don t know where to start. this activities can be just be your part of daily life. Other sources could be your Television like News Channels. thing you have to include a simple excerise in your daily life. So.Sports Channels. Letter Writing 3.You cannot do it one day or in one week.Its a daily activity starting from morning till night. There can be a lot of things that can accumulated which will be a great help for your exams.Only.So.You have your graduation degree in your hand .politics. first of all focus on PHASE 1 which is common for all organizations The PHASE 1 is the written objective paper consits of mainly four sections:General Awareness/General Knowledge:This section mainly tests the competency of the candidate how much he/she is aware of the world that he/she lives in.There are many important things in a newspaper. Essay Writing 2. After applying you need to prepare for the exam. There can be a lot of questions that can be asked for this section . Phase 1 and Phase 3 are the primary selection process for many organizations. So. Comprehension. As such no specific time can be dedicated for this section. PHASE 3 GROUP DISCUSSION AND PERSONAL INTERVIEW:This is the final or the last stage of selection.UTVi etc). Business Channels(CNBC. Precis Writing 5.DESCRIPTIVE PAPER :This paper consits of following topics depending upon the organizations conducti ng the exams: 1. You have just passed out. here is an insight to how to start your preparation.You can note it down important points/events/news from the newspaper in your diary/notebook. The main news could be sports. NOTE:The competitive exam pattern in India mainly consits of these three phases. to know about the things that is happening around is a slow continuing process. Lets. You can gain knowledge from different sources like when you read a morning newspaper with your cup of tea.

REASONING .Sports) 2.Phrases and Proverbs Fill up of sentences and paragraphs Synonyms and Antonyms. (Eg-SAIL Steel Authority of India) 10.The Hindu.Renu Monthly) (* Renu monthly magazine is very low in cost and is good for preparation for thi s section).Civil Services Chronicle.Who is the present chairman of Planning commision) 8. Newspapers (Times of India. It also examines the individual s understanding of particular English content wher e the answers are to be given for questions asked. History 5. The contents are: 1.Economic Times) GK YEAR BOOK (Manorama Year Book . 4. Articles and Prepositions Idioms. This will be sufficient for this section and if you strong in this section then you can get the advantage of doing well in re st of the sections of your exams. Passage Reading Sentences with double blanks and matching order of sentences.Pronoun) Direct and Indirect Speech Correction of sentences. there is no defined syllabus. Moreover. I have said that this is slow and continuing process you can start y our habit of reading a good newspaper from today itself. ENGLISH:This section test the candidate s English knowledge mainly grammar and vocabulary. Awards and Honours REFERENCES There are lot of books available in the market for the preparation of this secti on but I will suggest some more for your help. Noun. 6.Science. 2. Parts of Speech (Eg. Books and Authors (Eg-Who is the author of the Novel WHITE TIGER?) 9. Current Affairs (Political. WHO S WHO (Eg. 9. 3. TIP: Buy one Year Book and then buy one the monthly magazine and rest you start with your newspaper reading habit. REFERENCES For this particular section you can go through any standard High School grammar book.Amristar) 11. Sobriquets (Places and Persons)(Eg: City of Golden Temple . Science 7. CSR Year Book) Magazines. 7. Business .(Banking Services Chronicle. Geography 6. 4. Sports 3. Wren and Martin Grammar is a good book.Some important topics from where questions can be asked are as follows:1. Abbreviation and Acronyms. The syllabus of this section are which you have already studied in your high sch ool.

Logical Diagram 24.S Agarwal . Decimal Fractions 4.The contents of this particular s ection are the same of the syllabus of your tenth standard maths.This section tests candidate s analytical ability. Average 7.Courses of Action 18.Direction sense 10. Problems on Ages 9. QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE This section tests candidate s numerical ability.But to master this section you onl y need to practice and be aware of different types of questions that can be aske d. The contents are can be divided into two section which are as follows:SECTION I:1.Venn Diagrams 6.Statements and Assumptions 14.Fictious Symbols and visual ability 23.Odd Man Out 5. Simplication 5.Number and Letter Series 2. Numbers 2.Inferences 16. You can also use the practice papers from magazines like Banking Service Chronic le.Number and Letter Analogies 3.Clocks 7. Square roots & Cube Roots 6. Ratio & Proportion . One of them is Reasoning by R. HCF & LCM of Numbers 3.Input and Output 22.Problems on some types such as reflection tests and cube/ dice problems. I am putting down some important contents of this section:1.Symbols and Notations 9. Percentages 10 Profit and Loss 11.The contents of this particular section is large as compared to other section. Problems on Numbers 8.Here you have t o solve questions based on different topics.Logical Deductions 13.Cause and Effect 20.Calendars 8. REFERENCES There are many books in the market for this section you can buy.Assertions and Reasons 19.Blood Relations 11.Coding and Decoding 4.Decision Making and Problem solving 21.Analytical Puzzles 12.Strong and Weak Arguments 17.Statements and Conclusions 15.

25. So. S Agarwal a)Quantitative Aptitude b)Quicker Maths M. 14. 15. Tyra TIP: You can start first to practice with R.S Agarwal as it is easy for beginner s. 19. 21. Partnership Chain Rule Time and Work Pipes and Cistern Time and Distance Problems on Trains Boats and streams Alligation and Mixture Simple Interest Compound Interest Area Volume & Surface Area Calendar Clocks Stocks and Shares Permutations and Combinations Probabilty Height and Distances True Discounts Data Sufficiency Appoximations Series problems SECTION II DATA INTERPRETATION 1. 26.There are also some good books that you can buy.Line Graphs REFERENCES You can use your tenth standard books for this sections. 17. 30. 32. 24. 28.12. 20. One of key factors is time management as you have to dedicate time for each of t he section.You can also try M. 22.Tabulation 2. There are sectional cut off marks.The key to the success is to JUST PRACTICE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. 16. R. 33. STRATEGIES Each candidate can make their own strategy how to solve the paper depending upon the the section you are very confident about. 13. 29. 23. 27. you need to do well in each sections so t . 31. 18.It will help you to reme mber some formulas and shortcuts for this section.Pie Charts 4.Tyra as there are lot of shortcuts.Bar Graphs 3.

The order of answering the paper totally depends upon the ca ndidate. REFERENCES Any Good Grammar Book will be useful for the preparation of this section.TV programmes and make your own po int of view for particular topic.It may educational or personal. NOTE:. PHASE 3 GROUP DISCUSSION(GD) AND PERSONAL INTERVIEW(PI):Many organizations conduct group discussions (GD) and many not.So. 50 questions each from each section and you will be given 3 hrs to solve it. The exam paper may consits of 200 questions. the m ain strategy could be like dividing your whole time equally for each of the sect ion. you have less than 1 minute to solv e one question.Some of them dire ctly conduct Personal Interview.Reasoning and Quantitative as you may like it.May be it can be your hobbies or any current affairs topic.So. For Group Discussion You can follow magazines.You and your friends can make a group and selec t a topic for discussion. Paragraph Writing 4 .Nowadays.So.No calc ulation or reasoning required. Comprehension. You can also use some Essay writing books and magazines also for your preparatio n. For personal interview prepare your resume and then prepare yourself for every q uestions that the interviewer may throw at you. You can just attempt correctly 30-40 questions within the time you have allocate d for that section. Precis Writing 5 . These are the same topics you have done in your High School. But any how the contents of this section are as follows:1. PHASE 2 DESCRIPTIVE PAPER :This paper is optional like many organization conduct and many not.Don t try to answer it randomly as there are NEGATIVE MARKING which many o rganization keep like ¼ marks is deducted for every wrong answer.There could be hudndred of questi ons asked about you.Then you can start attempting the section you are very strong with.If you can answer 30-40 questions correctly from each of the section then you stand a chance to be called for the next round. Essay Writing 2 . I will discuss more on this next time and put some model questions on this topics. You can also get many mock interviews question in internet or books that might b .hat you come out with a good total score. Nobody can solve the whole until and unless the candidate is a whizkid. Letter Writing 3 .The next section you can attempt with English. Many peo ple start with the GK section as there is only direct answer to be strategy is to attempt section wise and try to answer correctly as much as you can.So. some organization are also introducing a Computer Awarness and Marketing knowledge questions .

It s a sincere request to all of you to write your feedback or any query you have. I will be highly obliged to answer. CONCLUSION Through this bolg this is an attempt to help out students who are in job hunt an d hoping for a bright career in a prestigious organization. .com In near future there will be more in depth discussion of different exams specifi c to organizations.You can reach me at nayanb2k6@gmail. Internet is another good resource for preparation. Till then wait and watch for more new posts . REFERENCES Lot of books and magazines cover about this topic in a large scale.e helpful for your preparation.