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Random 25 Names (Male) Name Gender Meaning Jad Male Curly, Frizzled.

Jahdari Male An authority of Quran had this name. Ubayd Male Worshipper. Siwar Male Bracelet, Arm-ring. Umarah Male Habitation. Urfee Male Name of popular Poet. Dilawar Male Brave, Courageous. Mansur Male Divinely aided, victorious. Bashaar Male Bringer of glad tidings Abd Al-Ala Male Slave of the High. Abdul Jaleel Male Servant of the Great and Revered Taqiyy Male Pious, Righteous. Nadr Male Flourishing. Bishr Male Joy, solved. Hafid Male The wise one. Muballigh Male Preacher, one who preaches and propagates Islam. Akhtar Male A Star, good man. Taymur Male Brave strong. Abdullah Male Servant of Allah. Sahl Male Easy, Uncomplicated. Huzayl Male Bin Shurah bil had this name. Mohammed Male Name of final prophet (PBUH). Najih Male Successful. Muttaqi Male Righteous, one who fears Allah. Aasif Male An able minister. Random 25 Names (Female) Name Gender Meaning Taqiyah Female Pious, righteous. Alleyah Female Leader. Rahma Female Mercy. Shareen Female Sweet. Kadshah Female She was a companion. Zameelah Female Companion. Jabalah Female Daughter of Musafh; she was a narrator of hadith. Fir Female A sharp weapon. Shamailah Female Good traits excellent disposition. Rabia Female Spring, Springtime. Amara Female Eternal beauty, urgent news. Rubiya Female Spring season. Azraa Female Unpierced pearl. Nayyab Female Very Rare, Exclusive. Navil Female To be blessed. Salifah Female Previous. Raameen Female Obedient. Sahirah Female Wakeful. Zia Female Light, Splendid. Maha Female Large eyes. Haniah Female Pleasant, agreeable. Yusra Female Prosperous. Asmara Female Beautiful butterfly. Kathirah Female Plenty. Nadyne Female Flower

Most Popular (Male) Name Gender Meaning Ayaan Male God's gift. Aaban Male Name of the Angel. Rayn Male It is the name of a gate of the heaven. Aadil Male Just, Upright. Aariz Male Respectable man. Aahil Male Prince. Rayyan Male Full, pretty. Zain Male Friend, beloved. Eshan Male In God Grace, Worthy. Shayaan Male Intelligent. Daanish Male Wisdom, Learning, Science. Adyan Male A nabee was named by this name. Keyaan Male Crown, King. Aamir Male Civilised. Adam Male A Prophet's Name. Deen Male Religion. Aasim Male Person who keeps away from sins. Aaqil Male Intelligent. Aashir Male Living. Aaqib Male Follower. Amaan Male The most lovelable. Owais Male A companion of the Prophet (S.A.W). Aalee Male Sublime, high. Aalam Male World. Ali Male Noble, sublime. Most Popular (Female) Name Gender Meaning Alisha Female Honest, truthful, Protected by Allah. A'idah Female Guest, the one who's returning. Ariana Female Full of life. Maya Female Princess. Aaliyah Female Tall, Towering. Aliza Female The Daughter of Ali (RA). Aleena Female Silk of heaven. Eshal Female The name of flower in the heaven. A'ishah Female Wife of the Prophet (SAW). Alesha Female Protected by god. Amelia Female Trustworthy, beautiful. Eliza Female Unique, precious. Mysha Female Happy for entire life. Alina Female Beautiful. Sabrina Female White rose. Maira Female Moon. Eiliyah Female God. Nadia Female Hope. Sofia Female Beautiful. Sarah Female Pure, Happy. Aleeza Female Joy. Hana Female Bliss, felicity. Selina Female Moon, Salty. Aamanee Female Good wish. Aamilah Female Doer of (good) deeds, Righteous.