JESUS AS TAMMUZ AND HORUS IN HISTORY “SYHIBOL OF THE EVERLIVIRG AUTHORED BY: ‘THE SUPREME GRAND MASTER NAYYA MALACHI ZODOK-EL FOR THE UNITED NUWAUBIAN NATION OF MOORS Jesus As Tammuz And Horus In History INTRODUCTION The Intent Of This Scroll 1s To Show You How The Concept Of Jesus And The Christian Doctrine Was Taken From The Egyptians. As You Know One Of Tae Most Misinterpreted Characters To Ever Walk Qi (The Planet Earth) Was A Man Many Called Jesus, Who Is Called By Christians "Jesus Christ" Ieosus Xristos (coud Xnpiot) And Called By The Jews "Yashua Ha Mashiakh," (Tw21 YW?) And Called By The Muhammadans "Isa Al Masih'(e well uc). The One Thing They All Agree On Is ‘That He Was Or Will Be The Messiah And Each Group Wants This Messiah To Be Theirs. ‘They Shape His Life And His Character Around Their Beliefs, And Their Holy Bcoks: The Old Testament, The New Testament, And The Koran. What They Don't Do Is Enough ‘Thorough Research. If They Did, They Would Find Out That There Was More Than One Man Named Jesus In The New Testament Of The Bible, And All Of The Concepts Of Jesus Came From The Ancient Egyptians. If These Preachers, Or Imaams Etc, Did Their Research, They Would Find Out That 1) The Jesus Of The Muhammadans Was Just One Of Many. 2) The Jesus That The Jews Are Looking For Has Not Come Yet, 3) That Jesus Of The Christians Of 2,000 Years Ago Was Different From The Jesus That The Jews Are Looking For And The Jesus That The Muslims Write About In Their Book, The Koran, 4) And Not To Mention Paul The Self-Appointed Disciple Of Jesus Created His Own Jesus And This Is The One That Many People Today Are Following. However They Have No Idea That The Christian's Jesus Story, Came Out Of The Ancient Egyptian Deity Horus, And»¥fost Of Today's Beliefs Or Religions, Came Out Of The Egyptians, Which Originated From The Ancient Sumerians, Who Received Their Doctrine From The Anunnagi, So All The Different Religions, That Exist Today, All Came From Ancient Doctrines, Written In Cuneiform, Which You Can Find, Called The Enuma Elish, The Gilgamesh Epies, The Atra Hasis, Ete. Within The Context Of This Scroll, I Will First Show You The Difference Between The Three Jesus, Then I Will Show You The Comparisons Of The Christian Jesus And The Egyptian's Horus, And The Stories That Were Taken From The Egyptian Concept And Changed Into The Christian Religion, Of Which The Christians Are Believing In Today. Most Christian Denominations And Other Religions That Believe In Jesus Of 2,000 Years Ago, Do Not Know The Time Of Jesus's Birth. Millions Of Preachers, Priests, And Imaams, Etc, Teach And Assume That He Was Born On The Day Called Christmas, Which Is On December 25th. It Was A Scythian Monk, Dionysus Exignum, Who On December 25, 530 A.D., Made This Date Up From The Babylonian Ruler Nimrod’s (Son Of Semiramis And Cush) Birthday. While Bible Scholars Admit That It Was Nowhere Near This Date That Jesus Was Born, And They Suppose That It Must Have Been At The Beginning Of The, Year 1 A.D., Not Realizing It Was 7 A.D. Millions Disagree On The Method Of His Birth, Few Know Who He Was. 1