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A research by Polibienestar wins the first prize Turisme Accesible

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Home > A research by Polibienestar wins the first prize Turisme Accesible

A research by Polibienestar wins the first prize Turisme Accesible
Universidad Antonio de Nebrija and Fundació ACS award the Institut Universitari d’Investigació de Polítiques de Benestar Social (Polibienestar) the prize ‘Turisme Accesible’. The research, ‘Investigació de l’impacte del turisme sobre la salut funcional de les persones majors: el Turisme Social com estratègia de política social per a l’autonomia personal’ (Tourism impact on the functional health of the elderly: social tourism as social policy for self autonomy), was carried out by Mireia Ferri, Stephanie Carretero and Jorge Garcés. According to the board of judges, the research has been awarded because ‘it is a work with greater practical application to the situation of the elderly who have problems when travelling.’ This research makes an approach to the study of the tourism impact on the quality of life and health of the elderly and its possible use as a social policy strategy to boost self autonomy and promote the active and healthy ageing. These objectives fall under the framework of Estrategia Europea 2020 which, through the Innovation Partnership on Healthy and Active Ageing and the European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, aim to improve people’s lifes while ageing, as well as the sustainability of healthcare and social systems. These objectives also intend to raise people’s conciousness about the ageing challenges and the best ways of tackle it. Social and accesible tourism stresses the beneficial effects of the elderly participation in physical and mental health tourism and their autonomy to carry on everyday activities. The awarded research, conducted by Stephanie Carretero and Jorge Garcés, is a Polibienestar’s project from 2005. This study aims to boost strategies to develop and promote social tourism due to the increase in dependent and disabled persons in Europe. Polibienestar has leaded and participated in several regional, national and European projects on this research line. In 2007, Polibienestar founded the Red Tecnológica de Turismo Accesible financed by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science, which is nowadays part of the Plataforma Tecnológica de Turismo Thinktur. This award consolidates Polibienestar’s work as a research public institute known internationally and specialized in research, innovation and social technology, technical consultancy and training on social policies.

Polibienestar is made up of 15 researchers, having a total of 25 six-year research periods, coming from 8 departments in the faculties of Social Sciences, Medicine and Odontology, Psychology, Economy, Law and Teachers training. More information:

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