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Installation Instructions

Door & Return

Please read these Instructions carefully

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1. Door Wall Receiver 2. Door assembly 3. Corner section 90-degree attached to the Return Panel 4. Return panel 5. Return Wall Receiver 6. Cover trim (not shown) - available on selected models

The following tools are required:

Drill Caulking gun Spirit level Masking tape Tape measure Pencil Screwdriver (#1 square drive) Cleaning cloth NG Silicone sealant (supplied with liner) 3.0mm & 4.5mm drill bits

Installation components:
No.6 x 38mm stainless steel screws (6) (Use 3.0mm drill) No.6 x 10mm stainless steel screws (9) (Use 3.0mm drill) Screw cover caps (12) Handle or Knob set where applicable Plastic drip strip

Your shower Door can be installed to open from the left or right hand side by rotating the door 180 degrees, and the Return Panel can be fitted on either side. You must decide which way the door is to open before starting the installation. For your safety, the door is designed to open to 90 degrees do not force it to open past this point.

1) Position the Wall Receivers hard against the inside edge of the tray upstand NOTE: If the shower walls are to be tiled the Wall Receivers must be installed to the Water proof membrane before tiling. This ensures the doors will fit within the lip of the tray

2) After determining which side the door is to be installed, plumb up the Door Wall Receiver using a spirit level. Mark the position with a pencil line.

3) Pre drill three equally spaced clearance holes (i.e. top, bottom and centre) in the Door & Return Wall Receivers using a 4.5mm drill bit. Reposition the Wall Receivers to the pencil line on the wall. Drill into the wall through the clearance holes using the 3.0mm drill bit. N.B. The holes preferably locate into a stud or nog. As an alternative, a toggler system can also be used.

4) Fix the Wall Receivers to the walls using the No.6 x 38mm stainless steel screws NB As an extra precaution seal holes with silicone.

5) Ensure the Door is facing the correct way with the door opening outwards Lift the door onto the shower step and slide into the Door Wall Receiver

6) Position the Return Panel into the Return Wall Receiver ensuring the Corner Post engages over the door section, but do not fix in place at this time.

7) For Sureseal trays the Door and Returns panels should be hard against the inside edge of the upstand of the tray. For other applications, check that the doors are parallel with the front edge of the tray.

8) Ensure that each section is square to the shower base and plumb. This is a very important part of the installation. Mark the plumb positions with your pencil.

9) From the inside using a 3.0mm drill bit; drill through the vertical sections of the Door and Return into the Wall Receivers. Fix the Door and Return Panel to the Wall Receivers. You must have a minimum of 10mm overlay and the holes must be drilled no more than 5mm from the edge of the vertical aluminium sections. Fix in place using the 6 gauge x 10mm screws. Cover screw head with cover caps provided.

All Screw fixings are made from inside the shower

10) Using the 3.0mm drill bit, drill through the corner section and into the aluminium frame. (Use the V line as a guide) Fix in place using the No.6 x 10mm screws. Cover screw heads with cover caps provided.

11) Slide the outside Clamp Block Covers off the Pivot Clamp. Using a screwdriver, adjust the door as required, by loosening the screws on each pivot block. Once the door adjustment is complete ensure the screws are retightened and reinstall the Clamp Block Covers Trim and fit the Drip Strip along the bottom edge of the door. The flexible vertical blade will face towards the inside of the shower

12) Test the operation of your door and make a final check that everything is square and plumb. The Door and Return can now be sealed in place using silicone sealant. Seal between the tray upstand and your door set along the bottom outside edges. Ensure all surfaces are first cleaned with dry clean cloth. Note MASKING the area to be sealed will give you a better finish

13) Seal the vertical edges of the Door and Wall Liner. Ensure all surfaces are first cleaned with dry clean cloth.

14) Cover Trim (selected models only) The Cover Trim is provided to cover the exposed vertical edge of the wall liner and is the final step of the installation. To fit the Cover trim apply small vertical beads of silicone down the Wall Receiver and the exposed wall lining outside of the Wall Receiver. Embed the Cover trim into the silicone If the liner extends more than 10mm it will need to be trimmed prior to fitting the Cover Trim

IMPORTANT: DO NOT apply sealant to the inside of the shower

Fitting Handles or Knobs where applicable Fitting of the handles can be done at any time. First take note of how they are pre-assembled. Note the washers must go between the handles and the glass on both sides of the door to prevent metal to glass contact

For further information contact: Clearlite Bathrooms Telephone: (09) 444 3780 Facsimile: 0800 88 00 11 Email:
July 2011