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MICHAEL E. BLOUNT, CPA Haymarket, VA 20169 Home: 571.261.4953 Cell: 571.926.5131

mil SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS A doer with a stack of accomplishments in a world focused on results. Over 30 years financial experience, along with nearly 20 years military service and 4 deployments directly led to tactical, operational and strategic successes in both Iraq and Afghanistan in the threat finance and related fields. Tactical, operational and strategic threat finance experience in Afghanistan and Iraq; taught threat finance courses. Analyses published in Presidents Daily Brief. Briefing audiences included COM ISAF, DCOM ISAF and State Department Senior Civilian Representative. Active security clearance: TS/SCI EDUCATION MS, Accounting, New York University Graduate School of Business Administration BA, Political Science and History (double major), Middlebury College SPECIALIZED TRAINING, QUALIFICATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS Certified Public Accountant licensed to practice in New York and Connecticut Literate and conversant in Arabic and French (reading, writing and verbal); ongoing self-study in Dari RELEVANT SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE Cited for conducting research, gathering information, identifying intelligence gaps, interpreting and evaluating from multiple (sometimes contradictory) sources; Highly effective in preparing writing and oral assessments based on current events. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Concurrent Technologies Corporation Principal Threat Finance Analyst, SME, May December 2011 - Provided realistic, web based threat finance scenarios to personnel deploying to Regional Command East Afghanistan. - Scenarios demonstrated the nexus between narco-trafficking, weapons and IED facilitation, Government corruption, terrorist and criminal networks. - Scenarios stressed the importance of: o lateral staff collaboration, o using all sources of intelligence, to include to include FININT, HUMINT, SIGINT and GEOINT, o partnering with other Coalition intelligence assets, o connecting the dots from different line units reports and relaying information to the correct Regional Command o creating a common operating picture between ISAF, its subordinate elements, other key US actors such as the State, Homeland Security and Treasury Departments, along with DEA and FBI and counterparts at our Coalition partners. Defense Intelligence Agency Auditor, Office of the Inspector General, October 2010 May 2011 Socio-Economic Analyst, July October 2010 International Security Assistance Forces - Provided all-source intelligence reports and briefed senior military and diplomatic leaders about Afghan airports, customs, border crossing points, railroad and infrastructure, narcotics trafficking and interdiction, weapons and IED trafficking, and Coalition logistics. Briefings were presented to ISAF Commander, Deputy Commander and State Department Senior Civilian Representative, among others. - Used M3, Query Tree, TAC, HOT-R and DCGS to produce fused analyses of classified and open source information, along with that provided by all Coalition partners National Intelligence Cells and other US Agencies.

MICHAEL E. BLOUNT, CPA Worked closely with subject matter experts at DIA, NSA, TRANSCOM and CENTCOM to produce accurate, timely and comprehensive intelligence products most current FININT, HUMINT, SIGINT and GEOINT information available. Production efforts leveraged available assets, fostered information sharing between US and Coalition Forces, and reinforced stakeholder networks throughout the Afghan Theater of Operations. Contributions were recognized with Joint Civilian Service Achievement, NATO Non-Article 5, and the Secretary of Defense Global War on Terrorism Medals.

Intelligence Requirements Manager, February July 2010 - Supervised the Requests For Information Manager to ensure Requests For Information (RFIs) were managed efficiently. Recommended appropriate agency for RFI tasking and ensured RFIs were actioned by tasked agencies. - Ensured discrete management and tracking of RFIs from subordinate units, higher headquarters and supporting agencies and that RFI status was posted on ISAF Secret, SIPR REL, SIPR, Stone Ghost, JWICS and other classified computer systems for use by Coalition Forces. Afghanistan National Security Forces Analyst, December 2009 February 2010 - Used all-source intelligence to develop, coordinate and present assessments on the ANSF to senior intelligence commanders at ISAF, IJC and USFOR-A to support the IJC Commanders decisions and operational planning. - Collaborated with U.S. national-level agencies, in-theater intelligence elements and Coalition intelligence partners to encourage information sharing to include assessments and knowledge of the threat in Afghanistan and throughout the region. Audit Manager, Office of the Inspector General, May -December 2009 - Conducted performance and/or financial audits and other evaluations of DIA programs, policies, systems and operations. Planned and organized work of subordinates and self, including the collection and analysis of data, development of findings and recommendations. Senior DoD Enlisted Advisor, Afghan Threat Finance Cell (Afghanistan), December 2008 May 2009 - Dual-hatted as Buildings/Facilities Manager and Threat Finance Analyst. Daily actions required extensive interpersonal skills to stand up an interagency entity when funding and resources were scarce. - Used Analysts Notebook to graphically link key network leaders between Kandahar, Nangarhar, Helmand and Farah provinces to Afghan-based hawaladars and trading companies to banks in the Gulf region, Russia and Turkey, providing a strategic perspective on the extent and sophistication of these operations. - Used all-source intelligence from M3 and Query Tree search engines to provide a down-and-in focus on the nexus between terrorist operatives, narcotraffickers, corrupt Government officials and their hawaladar enablers and relating those operations to battlefield commanders. o Briefs connected key threat financiers to Taliban operations in a manner easily understood by military commanders. o Used spiral analysis to nominate the first threat finance strike package actioned by Coalition Forces in eastern Afghanistan. The resulting strike paralyzed Taliban operations in the area for most of 2009. - Briefings on Taliban extortion of cell phone companies provided additional insight into the enemys financial tactics and were well received by newly-emerging customers. Non Commissioned Officer in-Charge, Defense Intelligence Support Office (Iraq), May October, 2008 - As Acting Personnel Officer, eliminated backlog of 70 personnel evaluations and awards to zero in six-weeks. - Reduced processing time of inbound personnel from an average of 7 days to 2. - Assisted the Chief and Logistics Officer in coordination and execution of command and control over all DIA personnel assigned to Iraq. Made certain all deployed personnel and DISO I property were accounted for. - Areas of emphasis included: o security, o safety, o serviceability of facilities and property, o firearms training, o billeting, and logistical needs as required

MICHAEL E. BLOUNT, CPA Audit Manager, Office of the Inspector General, August 2007 May 2008 - Cited by Deputy Assistant Inspector General for Audits as fast becoming a very valuable auditor with extraordinary research capabilities and an excellent understanding of the intelligence communitys worldwide operations. Citation based on minimal guidance required to achieve the following results in 8 months: o Information paper prepared for Assistant Inspector General for Audits disclosed Iranian involvement in the construction of telecommunications facilities in Iraq, including American military bases. o Information paper provided information on the nature, scope and extent of Iranian involvement and the use of front companies based in Dubai and Kurdish-controlled Iraq. o Determined Audit Division staffing needs to address CFO Act requirements. Recommendations included advantages and drawbacks for each course of action, along with estimated manning requirements. o Incorporated a Procurement Fraud Task Force report findings into a contract audit whose report disclosed accounting irregularities, financial reporting issues, and potential violations of the Anti-Deficiency Act. Reed & Associates Audit Manager, August 2006 - 2007 Hands-on involvement in OMB A-123 and Federal Financial Management Integrity Act Engagements, Litigation Support and Financial Infrastructure Reconstruction Assignments, along with business development. United States Army Advisory Support Team/Military Transition Team, Operation Iraqi Freedom, September 2004 2005 - Adapted to mission shift away from sole focus on Iraqi Security Force training to urban warfare, recon and counterinsurgency operations between the Euphrates River and western Baghdad. - Coordinated joint missions between the US Army, US Marines and Iraqi Security Forces, including search-anddestroy, cordon-and-knock, and other security operations. - Used financial background, all-source analytics, and Arabic-speaking ability to detect, disrupt and destroy insurgent financial networks in the area between Baghdad and Fallujah. - Spiral analysis and follow-on strikes expanded our understanding of target networks, degrade, then destroy them. Relentless action collapsed the insurgent networks within 6 month and proved the value of threat finance on the modern battlefield. - Impact awards included the Combat Action Badge and the Bronze Star and Joint Service Commendation Medals. Blount & Company, LLP Founder and Managing Director, 1990 2004 - Grew the practice from a one office to three locations, directing an eight-person staff. - Expanded scope of services to provide 230 clients with tax and audit, compilation, and review services. - Strong emphasis on personal relationship with clients produced durable rapport and augmented business development opportunities. Senior Financial Accountant, American Brands, Inc., 1987 - 1989 Senior Internal Auditor, American Brands, Inc., 1985 - 1987 Senior Internal Auditor, St Regis Corporation, 1982 1985 Audit Supervisor, Jeanpierre, Taylor & Co, 1980 - 1981 Senior Auditor, Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co., 1977 1980

CIVILIAN AWARDS AND RECOGNITIONS Joint Civilian Service Achievement Medal, 2010 Secretary of Defense Global War on Terrorism Medal, 2010, 2011 NATO Non-Article 5 Medal, 2010