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Partition walls.

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Partition walls.
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Open to the f u t u re . Planning office buildings for tomorrow without obstructing the future. The feco partition wall system offers all the required possibilities. If company structures change, the space changes as well. W ithout waste of material. W ithout needless trouble. But with plenty of freedom for up-to-date architecture. Top acoustic insulation, top fire protection, top quality in detail. W ith good reason feco is the partner of architects and investors, office fur niture manufacturers and interior outfitters who are looking ahead. Into a future free to all options.

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All over the world. We are at home in Karlsruhe. Our products are at home all over the world. Licensed partners take advantage of our know-how and manufacture feco partition walls specific to regional requirements round the globe close to the client. This means efficiency and perfect service. The success is evident best at a visit of our showroom. On 2.000 m 2 of exhibition we are displaying how ideas of avant-garde become true in an attractive way by the feco -partition wall system.

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Partition walls?
Only in the patented clips system of feco the wall panels are invisibly clipped at the partition uprights with clipsrails throughout their whole length. The advantages in comparison to a simple point fixture are as follows: Better stability The inserted full length clipsrails form a strong connection with the uprights in results there-fore in a very stable construction. Proved by tests according to DIN 4103. M o re e x a c t j o i n t s At the same time the partition wall panels are fixed in respect of lateral displacement. This ensures modular accuracy and especially an exact joint. Spacers are not necessary. Higher acoustic insulation The constant accuracy of the connection between partition wall panels and substructure results in the best acoustic insulation (in standard already R w,p = 47 dB).

fecoclips system.

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Its versatility makes it a classic. Finish of melamine, wooden veneers, fabrics or metal, medium or top acoustic insulation, fire rated or not whatever you choose, the impression will be perfect. And the acoustic one as well. feco w a n d offers even in standard version the acoustic insulation of R w,p = 47 dB. Absorption is available by perforated panels on request. Of course feco w a n d meets all classes of fire protection up to E190 (F90). The horizontal and vertical joints can take up consoles to hang objects according to your ideas.



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Horizontal organisation

Vertical organisation

Horizontal organisation
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Active partition walls. The value of a partition wall system is proved by meeting new requirements. Shelves, magnetic rails, wardrobes, pin walls and hooks all can be attached quickly and without tools: By the horizontal or vertical organisation of feco you can create your partition wall following your own ideas. In this way your office organisation remains flexible and allows fast reactions.

Vertical organisation
7 8 9 Pinwall Magnetic rail Hat rack with wardrobe


10 Shelf 11 Shelf with book stop


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Glass units as large as possible. Posts and traverses more and more slim and light. Transparency tur ns into pure pleasure of architecture. The glazing type feco p u r brings unlimited freedom in detail and creates space of transparency. The profiles of posts and traverses are just 50 mm wide. Single glass or insulation glass can be installed quickly and at low costs on site. Available with fire resistance E30 (G30) and EI30 (F30). A solution of elegance with little framework.

Corridor wall adjoining office wall



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Large glass panes and frames just 20 mm wide form the slim characteristics of feco q u i c . Glass of any thickness give architectural sphere openness and space. W ith amazing versatility. feco q u i c creates all the office landscape consequently clear and can be combined perfectly with feco f i x . A great pleasure for designer and user. Simply convenient, simply good.

Corridor wall adjoining office wall



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The ideas of the architects, the individual requirements of the buildings whatever you plan, it can be realized by the glazing type of feco c e n t . For example undivided glazing frames reaching over 2 modules. W ith same shape of profiles like the door frames. Fire rated glazing with certificates for E30 (G30) and EI30 (F30). Single glass or insulation glass for different types of glazings: It's your choice.



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Slim aluminium profiles of only 20 mm form elegant frames. Sophisticated glass walls and windows can be carried out with feco f i x . The flush double glazing provides an excellent acoustic insulation up to 47 dB by its wide distance between glass panes and it is easy to keep clean. Venetian blinds in the cavity provide privacy free of maintenance.



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Glass walls with fire resistance come true by feco . feco l u x glass walls are certified for E30 (G30) and EI30 (F30) with frames of slim profiles just 30 mm wide. Acoustic insulation of R w,p = 45 - 49 dB meets high requirements of investors and architects. An acoustic insulation which is even better than that of many solid partition walls. Integrated Venetian blinds can protect your privacy at choice.



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Enthusiasm for openness is a remarkable trend of todays architecture. The equivalent in construction is fecostruct. Frameless flush glazing. Glass is bonded to the concealed aluminium frame of 20 mm only. Between the glass Venetian blinds can be integrated, protected from dust, to ensure privacy. Acoustic insulation up to R w,p = 47 dB. Special elegance of glass.

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The storage wall. To divide a room or in front of a wall. Full height or door height. From wall to wall or as a single cupboard. Endless possibilities for storage space. Wardrobes or binders, racks or filings, pigeon holes or drawers all is available. Durable with feco cupboard profiles of aluminium.


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Door frame standard height wooden door leaf

Door frame standard height glass door

Door frame standard height Aluminium frame door

Door frame full height with solid side panel

feco d o o r u n i t s v e r s a t i l i t y. Make your choice: Aluminium door frame Steel door frame Wooden door frame Door frame standard height Door frame full height Wooden door leaf HPL finish Wooden door leaf veneer finish Glass door leaf Aluminium frame door leaf Double glass door leaf Sliding door
Door frame full height wooden door leaf with top panel Door frame full height glass door with glass pane on top Double door Aluminium frame door Sliding door standard height

Door frame full height wooden door leaf full height Door frame full height glass door full height Door frame full height Aluminium frame door full height Sliding door full height


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feco . A l w a y s a g o o d a d d re s s . Prominent clients, renowned projects in many countries. There are so many examples of feco -quality. For buildings of high standard it's not only the greatness and performance. The right spirit is crucial. And the satisfaction of our clients. Even if they demand much we always try to give more.

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Data and facts: Dimensions: Thickness: S u b s t r u c t u re : Specific to contract 106 mm Adjoining tracks are U-shaped steel profiles. Upright steel studs with or without slots for the hanging system. All the profiles are galvanized, visible parts are coated on choice. Insulation: Mineral wool incombustible, readily soluble in biological point Abutments: like telescopes, always recessed, alternatively flush dimensions specific to the project To l e r a n c e : Installations: up to +/- 15 mm in height and width wire management horizontal and vertical, sanitary installations: up to 60 mm vertical tubes Panels: Wood based panels 19 mm, fire behaviour class B2 (DIN 4102) alter nativ class B1, alter nativ gypsum-fibreboard class A2 Finish: Melamine, HPL, DD-laquer, wooden veneers, fabrics, glassfibrewall paper, powder coated steel Tests according to: DIN, EMPA, British Standard More information w w w. f e c o . d e More documentation in German fecolux. fecofix. fecopur fecostruct werke. (References) Due to continued improvement and development we reserve the right to amend design and specification without prior notice.

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