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Chris McEntee Mobile: 808.561.3626 Seasoned Project Leader/Coordinator, Problem Solver, Analyst, Mentor.

Complex Project Development, Cross-functional Team Management, Government/Client Support Key Qualifications: 18+ Yrs Professional Experience; 7yrs Complex Project Implementation for mediu m/large corporations Charismatic Team Leader; technically proficient * Project Management (PMP) Certified Master of Science: (Business School) Global Leadership, University of San Diego Excellent Communication and Technical Skill Set Clearance: Secret WORK EXPERIENCE: Company: L3 Communications/Military Professional Resources, Inc. (MPRI). Duratio n: March 2007 - Dec-2009 Customer: US Government - Multi-National Corps - Iraq. Location: Baghdad, Iraq Title: Senior Intelligence Analyst. Senior Reconciliation/Engagement Project Coordinator. Duties:Strategic Coordination/Production. National Policy Implementation. Develop/implement strategy for engagement of key leaders throughout region. Identify key political, defense, tribal and/or insurgent engagement opportunitie s. Identify new reconciliation/engagement opportunities. Drive Daily Collection and assign production priorities; request further inp ut from all team members. Determine exact input schedule. Lead Cross-functional teams of analysts, technical experts, military/ civili an professionals to determine timelines, milestones, metrics and deliverables. Provide sensitive briefings and project updates to the Executive Group , Com manding General, or other designees operating as Executive Steering Committee. Synchronize all project efforts with Force, Corps and Division units (5 sepa rate units); Receive input from General Staff/Executive Committee. Host weekly interagency video-teleconference to de-conflict efforts. Perform final White glove ' review/submit all team products for disseminat ion via email, website, database or other web-base e-media outlet. Ensure all updates, meeting notes, status reports, milestones, etc. are avai lable via the internet/intranet via MS Access Dbase, Sharepoint, INTELINK, SIPRN ET, or other media sharing software/database. Company: Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). Duration: April 2002 - June 2006 Customer: US Government - Joint Intelligence Operations Center, US Pacific Comma nd (JIOC-P) Location: Honolulu, Hawaii Title: Senior Intelligence Analyst. Company Team Leader for 24-person contract s upport staff. Duties: Develop/Implement Counter-terrorism (CT) Strategy for JIOC Strategic Coo rdination/Production. Maintain viable workforce to support government client. Team Lead of 24-person civilian contractor team supporting 80-person office of Active Duty, Reserve Military and US Government professionals Provide daily leadership advice to Military/Civilian Leaders on all manner o f Counterterrorism Issues to include security, risk management, active product d evelopment, collection focus, inter-agency interdependency and coordination, . Determine focus of daily contractor effort to the office to include written production, briefing, point papers and executive presentation to Commanders and

Staff. Assist Regional Manager with Development of Proposals, RFP, FFP and Cost-plu s proposal development, contract compliance and daily contract status updates as required. Conduct interagency liaison - national and theater-level Counter Terrorism ( CT) agencies, Joint law enforcement task forces (JTTF 's) and USPACOM coalition CT organizations to include both foreign and domestic agencies. Manage team performance, conduct performance appraisals, conduct interviews of potential new employees Oversee $2M travel/office budget. Provide final team oversight on all written team production (papers, studies , etc.) Company: DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE - USMC Intelligence Specialist/Subject Matter Exp ert. Duration: Feb 2001-Sep 2001 Location: Joint Intelligence Center, Pacific. Honolulu, Hawaii. Role: Active Duty USMC Intelligence Specialist. Worked in the South Asia Subcontinent Branch (12 persons) with current intel ligence responsibilities that included the areas of India/Pakistan, Sri Lanka, N epal and Bangladesh. Chief of section with one officer in charge. Responsible for leading daily t eam production meeting in absence of officer in charge, maintain close contact w ith team members and suggest production changes as appropriate. Authored numerous in-depth analytical reports, regarding country military ca pabilities, intentions, and future operations. All products were coordinated wit h in-country and national-level sources/agencies to ensure completeness and accu racy All products electronically archived, disseminated and available via the web , INTELINK and SIPRNET. Company - USMC - Active Duty US Marine Intelligence Specialist Duration: Feb 1991- Nov 1999 Role: Range of billets from entry-level to mid-career manager. Several real-worl d deployments. Primary Intelligence briefer to Commanding General, Marine Force Pacific, 19 96-1999. Deployments to Bosnia, Somalia, Mediterranean and Africa with 26 Marine Expe d Unit (1994). Learn/develop expertise in all phases and management of the intel ligence production cycle. Operations: Deny Flight, Restore Hope, UNOSOM II, Desert Fox, INTERFET HONORS, AWARDS and PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS: Guest Panelist, Terrorism Expert; third annual Asia-Pacific Homeland Security Su mmit and Expo hosted by Governor Lingle and the State of Hawaii (Sep 2005). Pane l Discussion: Terrorism and the Future Threat in Asia-Pacific Region. Visiting Fellow, Int 'l Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research (I CPVTR), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (2005). Sponsor-Dr. Rohan Gu naratna,Head, ICPVTR. Keynote Al Qaida terrorism speaker for annual US Pacific Command- sponsored Coun ter-Terrorism Conferences 2003, 2004, and 2005. Military awards include Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medal, Navy/Marine Corps Achievement Medal (gold star), Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, Armed Forces Se rvice Medal, and Naval Aircrew Insignia. Training and Certifications Civilian Awards include several commendations from US Military and Civilian lead

ers. Most Notably Two Letters of Appreciation from the Commanding General, Multi -National Corps, Iraq. COMPUTER HARDWARE/SOFTWARE LITERACY: Familiar with all the latest hardware, software, e-communication, virtual meetin g/video-teleconference equipment. MS office suite - powerpoint, word, etc., Lotu s, Word Perfect, MS Project, Gantt charts, Work Breakdown structures. Familiar w ith automated critical-path analysis, life-cycle analysis, stakeholder analysis and other analytical support tools. CERTIFICATIONS, TRAINING AND EDUCATION: *Project Management Certified Master of Science Global Leadership (Business School) USD, University of San Diego. Bachelor of Arts - International Studies - Chaminade Univ of Honolulu, GPA. 3. 69 (Cum Laude Honors) DIA Advanced Counterterrorism Analysis Course; June 2003; Bolling, AFB USA Intelligence in Combating Terrorism Course; May 2002; Ft. Shafter, HI DIA / DEA Counter-drug Intelligence Analysis; Pearl Harbor, HI May, 2001 References and Further Details Available upon request. Keywords: Leader, Project Coordinator, Mentor, Manager, Analyst, Project Leader, Project Administrator, Program Associate, Program Manager, Program Administrato r, Government Contracts, RFP, FFP, Firm-Fixed Price, Truth in Negotiations Act ( TINA), Cost-plus, Fixed Fee, FAR, DFAR, Project management, Team player, complia nce, training, initiatives, QA, Quality Assurance.