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ARCH 315 Assignment 05


Building Construction Systems Long Span Structural System

Steel Rigid Frame Two weeks

Faculty of Engineering Architectural Engineering Department

A) Assignment Objectives and Related Program Outcomes Assignment Objectives

1 Acquire knowledge of Long Span Structural systems, structural behavior and construction methods, ability to analyze, study and select an appropriate structural system of a given design problem 2 Ability to understand, study, develop and draw structural system, sub structures and its integration and connection to structural components, and acquire knowledge of structural design by applying span depth ratio, or using tables, and simple calculation 3 To express graphically structural components, building materials, and construction drafting. 4 Acquire knowledge of the required applied of codes and standards

ABET Program Outcomes

A - Applying knowledge of math, science, and engineering. C- Ability to design within realistic constraints in a minimum of two (2) of the three (3) basic areas of structures, building mechanical and electrical systems, and construction. K- Ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.

B) Grading Criteria
1) Understanding 2) Application 3) Standards and building codes Application of Building and Structural Standards and Codes 4) Calculations 5) Construction drawings Technical and graphical expression of building materials, structural system, and construction methods /3 /10 Total grade

Clear understanding of building construction problem

Selection and Integration of structure system, construction methods, and building components /4

Basic calculations / or assumption of basic structural components

/1 *



In case of the system or the component has no means of calculation, consider it, as part of Standards and Building codes

C) Assignment
Multi Purpose Hall
Skeleton Structural system Steel Rigid Frame Floor Clear height is 6m

The attached sketch represents the Ground Floor Plan of a Multi Purpose Hall, 16m by 24m. It is required to study and develop the structure system as a Steel Rigid Frame and propose an appropriate wall and roof system, given that the clear height is 6m. Required drawings: - Ground Floor Plan (1:100) showing proposed structural system, support distribution system, spacing, levels and dimensions - Cross Section scale 1/50 - Typical wall section and Details of the proposed study to an appropriate scale 1/25 or 1/20 Notes :

Cross Section

Multi Purpose Hall Office Tower

Office Building

- Wall could be CMU with thickness of 20 cm, Roof could be precast concrete slab on I beams or Metal decking, Column/ frame leg, could be I BEAM 20 cm by 80 State the standards and codes used in the study and application of the given problem Students should assume any required information or dimensions that are not shown in the proposed design Students can add more details if needed or can draw isometric - Students should submit a hard copy of the AutoCAD file as 2A and A3 sheet size

Lay out

Ground Floor Plan

Building Construction Systems

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Steel Rigid Frame

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