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Overall Heat Transfer Coefficients for s…

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Overall Heat Transfer Coefficients for some common Fluids and Heat Exchanger Surfaces
Average overall heat transmission coefficients for some common fluids and surface combinations as Water to Air, Water to Water, Air to Air, Steam to Water and more
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The overall heat transfer coefficient can be used to calculate the total heat transfer through a wall or heat exchanger construction. The overall heat transfer coefficient depends on the fluids and their properties on both sides of the wall, and the properties of the wall and the transmission surface.

For practically still fluids - average values for the overall heat transmission coefficient through different combinations of fluids on both sides of the wall and type of wall - can be found in the table below: fouling in heat exchanger Merus - fighting Overall Heat Transmission Transmission fouling caused by Coefficient Fluid Fluid Surface rust, limescale, 2 hr o F) 2 K) (Btu/ft (W/m microbiology

Water Water Water Water Water Water Air Air Steam Steam Steam Steam Steam Steam Steam

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Air or Gas Air or Gas Air or Gas Water Water Water Air Air Air Air Air Water Water Water Water

1.4 2.0 2.3 40 - 50 60 - 70 60 - 80 1.0 1.4 2.0 2.5 3.0 160 185 205 120

7.9 11.3 13.1 230 - 280 340 - 400 340 - 455 5.7 7.9 11.3 14.2 17 910 1050 1160 680

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1 Btu/ft2 hr oF = 5.678 W/m2 K = 4.882 kcal/h m2 oC - Unit Converter
Note that these coefficients are very rough. They depends on the fluid velocities, their viscosity, the condition of the heating surfaces, the size of the temperature differences and so on. For exact calculations - always check manufacturing data. Sponsored Links

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4/27/2011 Marine Log Overall Heat Transfer Coefficients for s…… 3/3 .