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Employee: Job Title: Date of Review: Evaluation of Performance Self Team Player. Rating (-10 to 10) LEAD LEAD LEAD HR Mr./Ms. Date of Joining: Current Salary:
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Communication Skill.

Technical Skill.

Interaction with coworkers. How disciplined he is in taking leave? Does he tend to take unplanned leave? Rate him based on the previous years pattern. Availability.

Work Quality. Has he shown any improvement in required skills over last years skill level? Rate his progress. Can team rely on his ability to handle the tasks independently? Rate his ability. Can he work independently in peak working hours with lot of pressure? Rate his ability to work under pressure.

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SD/Evaluation of Performance Tendency to accept his mistakes. Rate him on this tendency. Reaction to Management Action. Rate whether he is positive or negative in this regard. His tendency to influence the other people in the absence of management. Rate higher if he influences other positively or rate negative in other way round. Major Strength. Rate higher if you feel he has more strengths than weakness. Describe. Major Weakness. Rate in negative if he has more weakness than strength. Describe. Any Incident Report Filed during the previous year? If yes, how many? Rate with -10 for each IR. Increment expectation of the employee based on the performance of last year. Write amount in comment column. Left Blank Self Rating (-10 to 10) LEAD LEAD LEAD HR Comments

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Employees Special Comment if any. Read and Understood

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