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Time-Four Hours

F.E. (ALL) (Revised Course) HK-332-2010 FACULTY OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY NOVEMBER/DECEMBER.2010 ENGINEERING GRAPHICS (SATURDAY, 4-12-2010) Maximum marks-100 Please check whether you have got the right question paper.

N.B. :(i) Solve any three questions from each section. (ii) Answers to the two sections must be solved into separate answer-sheets (iii) Assume suitable additional data, if necessary and state the same clearly. SECTION- A 1. The projectors of the ends of line AB are 40 mm apart. The end A is 20 mm above the H.P. and 24 mm in front of the V.P. the end B is 10 mm below the H.P. and 35 mm behind the V.P. determine the true length and traces of AB and its inclinations with the two reference planes. (16) 2. ABC is a triangular plate having AB, BC and CA equal to 40 mm, 46 mm and 50 mm respectively. The side AB is parallels to HP, 10 mm above HP and makes 300 to V.P. draw its projections when plate is inclined at 450 to the H.P. and corner A 20 mm from V.P. (18)

3. A right circular cylinder of 30 mm diameter and 65 mm long is resting on its circular rim of base on H.P. such that base makes an angle of 220with the H.P. and its axis inclined at 450to the V.P. draw its projection. (16)

4. A frustum of cone, having bottom base diameter 70 mm, top base diameter 30 mm and axis 50 mm long is resting on one of its generators on the ground. Its axis is inclined at 400 to V.P. draw the projections. (16)

5. (a) draw the projections of the following points, keeping the distance between the projectors as 25 mm on the same reference line: (8) (1) Point A on H.P. and 20 mm behind V.P. (2) (3) (4) Point B 20 mm below H.P. and 30 mm behind V.P. Point C 20 mm below H.P. and in V.P. Point D 20 mm in front of V.P. and 30 mm above H.P.

(b) A line AB 100 mm long is parallel to H.P. and inclined at 350 to VP. Its one end is 10 mm away from both the planes. Draw the projections when line is in the third quadrant. (8)

6. A hexagonal pyramid, edge of base 30 mm and axis 75 mm long is resting on an edge of the base on the HP which is perpendicular to VP. The axis makes an angle of 300 with the HP. The solid is cut by a section plane, perpendicular to both the HP and VP and passing through the midpoint of the axis. Draw sectional view and true shape of the section. (18)

7. Fig 1 shows an object. Draw the following views. (i) (ii) (iii) Sectional front view looking in the direction of X, Top view. And Right hand side view. (16)

9. Draw the isometric view of the object whose front view and top view are given as in fig. 3


10. Draw the free hand sketches of the following (any Three (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (iv) Acme thread profile Hexagonal nut Eye foundation bolt Double riveted chain lap joint Gib- head key