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Simbang Gabi Schedule ··················· 3 Living and working as a Woman in Asia ···················································· 3 Cubico-Seong Family, A Filipino-Korean Multi-cultural Family ······················ 4 Contraception, Gateway to the Culture of Death ············································ 4 CNN Analyst Sees Manila Archbishop a ‘Papal Contender’···························· 5 Likhaan ········································· 6 The Murder of Father Tentorio ·········· 6 The History and Meaning of Advent ·· 7 Mga Pagninilay sa Apat na Linggo ng Adbiyento ····································· 7 The Lamb's Supper: The Bible and the Mass ············································· 8 Mga gintong Aral ni El Shaddai········· 9 Pope Creates Three New Saints ········11 Ulat Komunidad ····························12 Announcements·····························13 Frequently Called Numbers ·············14 Daily Mass Readings (ORDO)··········14 Birthday Greetings ·························14

he Hyehwadong Filipno Catholic Community (HFCC) celebrated the Feast of Christ, the King on November 20, 2011 at the St. Benedict Parish Church, Hyehwadong, South Korea. A procession of the Blessed Sacrament, led by Fr. Alvin B. Parantar, MSP, was held inside the Church. The procession was participated in by the church-goers and volunteers of HFCC. Feast of Christ, the King or also known as the Solemnity of Christ, the King, is the last Holy Sunday in the liturgical calendar celebrated by the Roman Catholic Church, Anglicans, Lurherans and Mainline Protestants.


By: Ma. Teresa D. Solis The Hyehwadong Filipino Catholic Community (HFCC) held its General Assembly last Sunday, November 13, 2011 at Hyehwadong Parish Coffee Shop. The program started at 4pm and ended at 6pm. The program started with an opening prayer led by Fr. Alvin Parantar, HFCC's chaplain followed by an opening remarks. One of the speakers in the said assembly was Prof. Emely Dicolen-Abagat who talked about Christian Leadership. She said that to be a good Christian leader, one should know what matters most. She discussed the Core Values of Christian Leadership. There are seven (7) Core Values and these are to Glorify God, Integrity, Service Before Self, Loyalty, Excellence, Adaptability and Innovation, and lastly Culture Defines Parameters. Next topic in the assembly was about starting a small business in the Philippines by Vice Consul Arnel Talisayon of the Philippine Embassy in Seoul. He said there are two ways to start a business and these are starting it on your own or franchising. He discussed the
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HFCC Holds General Assembly

Red Team Captures HFCC Volunteers' Basketball Tournament
HFCC Sports Committee The HFCC volunteers held the championship games of the 2011 HFCC Seasonal Sportsfest last 20 November 2011 at a gymnasium at Sangwangsimni. Four teams competed in the Men's Basketball games and four Teams competed in the Women's Volleyball games. The Men's Basketball Championship match was between the Red and White Teams with the Red Team winning the top position. The Women's Volleyball Championship match was between the Hyehwa Team and PPFI Team. The Hyehwa Team won the volleybal chmapionship trophy. A special Women's Basketball game was also played between the Hyehwa Team and the PPFI Team. After the regulation period, the Hyehwa Women's Basketball Team won the match. All volunteers in the gymnasium had a great time.

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000 500.000 Bus-Mla 600.000 1M 15D 7D 19 Jan-22 Jan Inc-Mla Inc-Cebu AM PM 580.000 520.000 500.000 540.000 660.000 560.000 540.1M 15D 7D Inc-Mla AM PM 520.000 24 Dec-18 Jan Inc-Cebu 660.000 420.000 460.000 *Prices are EXCLUSIVE of tax.000 560.000 600.000 460.000 480.000 12 Dec-23 Dec Inc-Cebu 600.000 580.000 440.000 1M 15D 7D Inc-Mla AM PM 560.000 540.000 520.000 520. For Inquiries Please Call: 010-2665-6607 Bus-Mla 620.000 580.000 700.000 600.000 Page 2 One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Volume 16 Issue 11 .000 620.000 620.000 580.000 One Way 350.000 480.000 520.000 480.000 Bus-Mla 620.000 500.

successful. or merging. Ewha Global Leadership Program (EGEP). Arvin Mosqueda Dec. United Arab Emirates. The Asian Development Bank’s 2001 report noted that women aged 15 to 64 were employed in all sectors in nine Asian countries. Singapore. 24/Saturday : Fr Alvin Parantar Christmas Day Mass (1:30PM) . and a remarkable increase in women participation on government and non-government organization were eminent. In these labor-receiving countries. Work conditions for men and women are different. Out of the 7. In South Asia. and others. These efforts have been. Challenges and Problems Despite these changes and improvements on the status of women. 94. Filipinos. for example. and Vietnam. In my ministry with women migrants.Simbang Gabi Schedule December l5 – 25..18/Sunday : Fr. low wages. which includes those from multicultural marriages. Bangladesh. Exit #4 LIVING AND WORKING AS A WOMAN IN ASIA Emely Dicolen-Abagat. 23/Friday : Fr Alvin Parantar Christmas Night Mass (10:00PM) Columban Mission Center Dec. 2004). Women have no choice but to revert back to informal employment or the rural sector for economic survival. Since the implementation of the Jakarta Declaration for the Advancement of Women in Asia and the Pacific (1994) and the Beijing Declaration and the Platform for Action (1995). This essay was submitted to the Asian Center for Women’s Studies. Malaysia.20/Tuesday : Fr Jerry Malatamban Dec. India 50%. Indonesia. South Korea. Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Rising female migration from and in Asia in the 1990s indicated that the trend has become irreversible. Mongolia (66%). and Japan. the Philippines (53%).China (74%). women migrants admit that one of their reasons for marrying is to be able to get a better job and be able to help their families back in their home countries.St. expectancy rates improved.” Introduction The economic. trafficking. Women workers are facing increased lay-offs and redundancies brought about by company bankruptcies. 25/Sunday : Concelebration Columban Mission Center Sungshin Women’s University Station. there are quite a number of employers who still prefer men over women workers.5 million were women. Moreover. there are more than 29 thousand foreign women married to Koreans. formidable challenges still exist especially in the area of work. Bangladesh 76%. Japanese.17/Saturday : Fr Willy Jecena Dec. the universal economic crisis is impacting the status of women working in Asia. In addition. women’s conditions have improved with economic development and social and political change that favors equality and individual rights. Winter 2011 on ““Asian Feminisms and Transnational Activism. marital conflicts. Ewha Womans University. For example. Ph. Arvin Mosqueda Dec. Nepal 55%. Out of 191 million international migrants registered in 2005.D. closures. Cambodia. and Pakistan (68%).22/Thursday : Fr. women have no choice but to find employment outside their countries. Unfortunately. Sadly. Notably. In 2005. women are paid less than men for a similar work.e. female migrants outnumber male migrants among the new workers legally deployed every year. and mortality rates reduced. The labor-sending countries are India. Vietnamese. 2011 Novena Mass (8:30PM) . 2008). Benedict Parish (Hyehwdong) Church For more Information. Benedict Parish (Hyehwdong) Church Dec. there is still much to be improved in terms of empowering women in the economic field. Singapore (55%). Sri Lanka 56%. and Mongolians.16/Friday : Fr Jerry Malatamban Dec. with the exception of Japan. they earn only half of what men do. sexual harassment. Philippines. Qatar. Kuwait. an increase in the use and access of new technologies was observed among women. and going back to the agricultural or fishing jobs they left in their countries because they married either a farmer or a fisherman. long work hours.930 registered married farmers and fishermen in 2007. and political developments in Asia have brought profound changes in the status of women. they still face discrimination. women in domestic jobs work in isolation and are not covered by labor laws. Pakistan. women’s economic activity rates differ across the countries compared with those of males. They consider marrying Koreans as their passports for a brighter future. One identified means of women migration is through international marriage. Laos. Conclusion Abundant efforts by all sectors concerned have been put forth to improve the status of women working in Asia. 40% (3. Seoul. but the challenge to continuously respond to the demands of this issue must be sought so that more desirable results will flourish.172) had foreign wives (Korea Statistical Office. more that 65% of the 3. These include East Asia. The statistics shown above prove that women have joined the workforce. However.15/Thursday : Fr Alvin Parantar Dec. Thailand.000 Filipino emigrants per day were women (UN Report. Women’s economic participation has shown some progress: female literacy has increased. Women Migration in Asia Since employment of women in their own countries is scarce. i. Oman. unsafe working conditions. and women are more prone to physical and sexual abuse. and South Korea (53%). Arvin Mosqueda Dec. In Pakistan it is 44%. lack of social protection. most women still belong to the gender stereotyped occupations which are lowest paid and least protected. 2007). but the increase has been mainly into the informal sector and home-based work such as domestic jobs. domestic helpers. More and more women are entering paid work. the top five nationalities. to a certain degree. Nepal. women are employed in the manufacturing industry. significant changes have been noted in terms of empowering women in Asia. Moreover. women experience longer working hours than men. Bahrain. In general. foreign women married to Koreans. Myanmar. While it is true that employment opportunities for women have improved in the last decade. Sri Lanka. South AsiaBangladesh (56%). However. they end up facing problems such as social isolation.Columban Mission Center Dec. The labor-receiving countries are Saudi Arabia. social. According to Korea’s Ministry of Health and Welfare (2008). In the Philippines. Taiwan.21/Wednesday : Fr Willy Jecena Dec. and cleaners. most of these foreign wives were introduced to their husbands through marriage brokers. These situations are taken advantage of by promiscuous agents who entice women to work as entertainers and prostitutes thereby increasing incidences of women trafficking and violence against women. domestic violence. come from third world countries: Chinese. and Thailand (68%). St. get in touch with the Hyehwadong Filipino Catholic Commuity (HFCC) See page 14 for address and telephone number Ang lahat po ay inaanyayahang dumalo sa Banal na Misa para sa Simbang Gabi!!!!! Volume 16 Issue 11 One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Page 3 .19/Monday : Fr. and Maldives the highest at 80% (Human Development Report. Southeast AsiaCambodia (65%). Hongkong. South Korea.

―irreconcilable‖ with that of contraception. DO YOU THINK THAT THE KOREAN GOVERNMENT IS HELPING THE MULTI-CULTURAL FAMILY? Yes. She is like a friend. Fe Gimarino-Kim. This association has been serving to uplift the life condition of Filipino-Korean marriages and to assist them in molding their children to become valuable citizen in both Filipino and Korean community. It is so because it is an anti-life kind of act whose acceptance is rooted in a dualistic anthropology separating the consciously experiencing subject from his or her body and in a proportionalistic. Foreign spouse. FKSA is an association of Filipino and Korean couples who desire for peace and unity in their married life. Marriage is sacred. a severely demented baby or teenager or adult. you could even see lots of organizations who are helping the foreigners such as free Korean language learning. the body and bodily life are integral to the person. in the unity of body and soul. a man and a woman. I could see her efforts in helping the Filipino Korean Spouses and even to the other Filipinos who stay here in Korea. not merely goods for the person. It’s a good thing that FKSA is here to support the Filipino Korean spouses and we owe this to our FKSA President. The bodily gift of a man and a woman to each other is the outward sign. McGivney Professor of Moral Theology John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family at The Catholic University of America Washington. The human body expresses the human person.CUBICO-SEONG FAMILY. Moreover. [28] From this it follows that every living human body is a person . May Michael J. Community Welfare centers are provided by the government where the foreigners can go and learn. Utterly opposed to contraception is ―recourse to the Page 4 One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Volume 16 Issue 11 . and son Cail. i. The Filipino Korean Spouses Association. in other words. Kyungnam Chapter. There are also Korean cooking class provided by the government for the foreign housewives to learn Korean cooking as this is the common complaints and problems of Korean husbands that their spouse doesn’t know how to cook.Such heartbreaking situations in interracial marriages especially the Filipino . it regards the human person as a unity of body and soul. sister and even like a mother to us.while me talking on the phone to tell her to run as fast as she can to be away from the Korean husband and to save her life….. the Holy Father affirmed. of their communion of persons. It promotes growth and development of the couple. and since the human body is inescapably either male or female. as one today and in the future with our children. Carmi Cubico-Seong with her husband Il Young Seong. We are here because of our spouse. Nowadays. body persons. I encountered a lot of different situations in helping Filipino-Korean couples especially the Filipino spouses. it is not that easy. A FILIPINO-KOREAN MULTI-CULTURAL FAMILY Interviewed by: Mrs. as what others may think. Pope John Paul II calls this capacity of the body to express the communion of persons the nuptial meaning of the body. Try to respect them too and please be patient enough to also give your foreign spouse time to adjust with the Korean life. The FKSA has different chapters all over South Korea and I am the leader in Geochang. since the body. There’s a call at 3:00 in the morning. With our children they may be the hope of Korea and your native country. I could see the neverending support of the FKSA President. Just try to search for any Multi-cultural Community Welfare Centers nearest you and you could avail of all these free learning and help in adjusting to Korean life. I knew and learned a lot of things about interracial marriages. the subject of moral actions. [27] On this anthropology. is the expression of a human person. When I became a member of FKSA. The foreign spouses could see other foreigners unlike before. we are providing last part of the series on an essay about Contraception written by William E.C. “Recourse to the Rhythm of the Cycle” (=Periodic Abstinence) and the Culture of Life Contraception. give their persons to one another. rhythm of the cycle.‖ whose concept of the human person and of human sexuality is. please try to help your wives in adjusting to the Korean life. There are also Korean teachers who would visit the multi-cultural family to teach Korean language to the foreign spouse as well as the children. the Korean government is helping the multi-cultural families. manifest in their bodies. I would also like to say that it’s not only the Korean government which is helping the multicultural family. Husbands. male or female. D.‖ Each and every couple and family have their own problems.e. It thus seems to me that respect for the ―rhythm of the cycle‖—which is simply a way of referring to the periodic abstinence required in natural family planning when there are good reasons not to cause a pregnancy-. FKSA. please try to also learn and adjust to the Korean life which you have here. consequentialistic moral approach repudiating the notion of intrinsically evil acts.Korean. ―male and female he created them‖ (Gen 1:27). an ―out of‖ senile person who knows not that he or she is a consciously (Continued on page 5) CONTRACEPTION. I would say that it’s somewhat accepted now in the society but not totally accepted yet by the Korean society. is the ―gateway‖ to the culture of death . Mrs.. in giving their bodies to one another. You are here to be a spouse and with that come the responsibilities as a spouse and as a mother to your children. whether it is the body of an unborn child. 5-7 years ago. which was so difficult for a foreigner to live and adapt to Korean life.Problems about the Korean-inlaws…. The body is the means and the sign of the gift of the man-person to the female-person. When God created Man. Give them your love and understanding. we have now seen. GATEWAY TO THE CULTURE OF DEATH* Editor’s Note: In this issue of our newsletter. the sacrament. Being married is totally different from being single. I thus now wish to look briefly at these foundations and at the concept of the human person and of human sexuality at the heart of the practice of periodic continence. Fe Kim Third of Three Parts…. Human persons are. crying that the father-in-law and the husband are fighting and are already holding knives… There’s a call from a Filipina calling for help while she is running to save her life because the husband is already holding a knife…. She is not just our FKSA President but she’s more than that. As a foreign spouse being away from family and friends in their native country. the man-person and the woman-person can give themselves to one another bodily. Precisely because of their sexual differences. it expresses a man-person or a woman-person.can be regarded as the ―gateway‖ to the culture of life and the civilization of love precisely because its concept of the human person and of human sexuality rests upon solid anthropological and moral foundations. ―There is no perfect marriage and no perfect family. parental responsibility and understanding cross-cultural differences. It’s like two people in the past will be one in the future! That’s how we are now. goods of the person. Different Centers such as YMCA. The anthropology is holistic. The person is. WHAT IS YOUR COMMENT ABOUT THE INCREASING NUMBERS OF INTERRACIAL MARRIAGES IN KOREA? There are so many interracial marriages in Korea now compared during the first time I arrived here in 1997 and the second time when I came back here in the year 2000 with my little boy. Fe Kim. Mrs. These learning opportunities are all for free.. I became a member of Filipino Korean Spouses Association (FKSA) last April 2003. Please be a friend to your spouse. YWCA. Since then. is also here to help the Filipino Korean spouses.

Yet his towering social concern is defense of the poor. In addition. "Even if that doesn't pan out.'" he a musician's soul and a pastor's heart. said Tagle could have become the "best theologian" in Asia if he had not been appointed bishop. 11). explaining his appointment in 1997 to the Vatican's main doctrinal advisory body. he didn't tell anybody. one woman was quoted this week describing a time she went looking for her blind. Tagle is destined to be an important face and voice for the burgeoning Catholic population in Asia and the entire developing world. "Tagle said it was no problem. an Italian academic and writer who has been directing the Bologna project. 2011 http://ph. Joseph Komonchak." "In the Imus diocese. putting him in line to become a cardinal the next time Benedict XVI hosts a consistory.including in the Vatican's own newspaper L'Osservatore Romano . is not subhuman or subpersonal.m. alcoholic husband. "(After theological studies abroad. as Pope John Paul II pointedly observes. the Philippines could be considered as a "Catholic superpower" and one of the nations destined to be "pace-setters in the church of the 21st century. Allen notes that Tagle was known for his humility." describing Tagle as "a rising star in the Asian Church" and his appointment by Pope Benedict XVI deserved "to be on the global Catholic radar screen. describing it as a way to combat the isolation that sometimes comes with high office. "He was also known for inviting poor beggars outside the cathedral to come in and eat with him." Allen said. Allen and Komonchak also touched on Tagle's association with the controversial Bologna-based "History of Vatican II" project. "Although a loyal churchman. while not being afraid to raise questions about controversial church issues. "He was one of the best students I had in over 40 years of teaching. which struck some as a way of hinting at flexibility on celibacy) or to challenge what he considers abuses (some of the toughest language you'll ever find denouncing clerical arrogance and privilege is in his writings)." "Back in the Philippines. or even in all of Asia." Allen said. if he had been given the opportunity." Komonchak said. Tagle was famous for not owning a car and taking the bus to work every day. humor. but new Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle has already been tagged as a "papal contender" by a respected international Vatican watcher. He's taken strong positions against a proposed 'Reproductive Health' bill in the Philippines.) experiencing subject." "Eventually a youngish cleric showed up on a cheap bicycle. The fundamental moral principle supporting recourse to the rhythm of the cycle is not the ―Caiaphas‖ or ―preference‖ or (Continued on page 6) Volume 16 Issue 11 One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Page 5 . and so by its nature it surpasses the purely biological order and involves a whole series of personal values‖ (Familiaris consortio.7 million Catholics was already seen as "a rising star in the Asian Church. in fact." Allen said. no. "Tagle served for 15 years on the editorial board of the Bologna-based 'History of Vatican II' project founded by Giuseppe Alberigo.still a kid. Tagle comes off as balanced. only to find that he was lunching with the bishop. suspecting she might track him down in a local bar. and apologized that they hadn't prepared a better welcome. and he's also got a strong environmental streak. a striking number of people who know Tagle believe that this is a guy who. because 'I thought maybe the pope would change his mind. which has been criticized by conservative Catholics . Allen added that another "typical story" happened after Tagle arrived in Imus when a small chapel located "in a run-down neighborhood was waiting for a priest to say Mass for a group mostly made up of day laborers at around 4 a. An astonished member of the congregation realized it was the new bishop. out-of-work." Tagle's association with this "liberal" Catholic project makes his appointment more intriguing since the Pope is known for his conservative views on Catholic doctrine. Tagle raised his concerns about the shortage of priests during Vatican's own press conference where he was one of the presenters. He's also a very 21st century prelate-he hosts a program on YouTube and M he's got his own Facebook page. who are considered non-persons in the culture of death. Oct 23. for his balance and openness. where observers say he brought an entire stadium to tears. tagged the 54-year-old prelate as a "new papal contender. The procreative meaning of human sexuality. During that 2005 synod of bishops in Rome. human fertility ―is directed to the generation of a human being. As Vatican Council II clearly affirms. Allen said Alberto Melloni." Allen said. "It is good to know that such an association is not enough to make oneself entirely persona non grata in the Vatican.Contraception . Fr. human fertility or fecundity is not some subhuman. "Youthfulness aside. but in his country the demands for the kind of teaching and preaching that he can offer are so many that a man of his talents will never have much time for reading and writing. in this non-dualistic anthropology. and that makes him someone worth getting to know." Allen said. which includes promotion of birth CNN Senior Vatican analyst John Allen Jr. but as intelligent and diligent as he was." "The story goes that back in the mid-1990s." Allen said." he added. Ratzinger jokingly assured the pope that the youthful-seeming Filipino had. Tagle) quickly came to be seen as a rising star in the Asian church." he added. Allen has noted that while Tagle. he pointedly said the church must confront the priest shortage.' is simply well-liked." the new shepherd of Manila's 2. Tagle is unafraid to raise tough questions (at the 2005 synod. criticized by some conservatives for an overly progressive reading of the council. warmth. are truly persons. "Theologically and politically. In truth. one day. "He could have become the best theologian in the Philippines.. for his simplicity (he routinely eschews clerical dress). received his first communion." "He drew rave reviews for his performance at a 2008 International Eucharistic Congress in Quebec. when then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger introduced Tagle to Pope John Paul II as a new member of the Vatican's International Theological Commission. most Filipino Catholics I know love the guy . Writing in his blog. Being among the top four Catholic countries in the world in terms of population. "He actually told a Catholic radio station in the Philippines this week that when he first heard he was going to Manila." Komonchak said in the blog of Commonweal magazine. making him a highly soughtafter speaker and media personality. is "in church terms.for providing a "liberal" interpretation of the historic Second Vatican Council.." Allen said in his blog at the National Catholic Reporter (NCR) website. could be pope. ―Man’s sexuality and the faculty of generating life wondrously surpass the lower forms of life‖ (Gaudium et spes. Allen noted that one Filipino commentator noted Tagle as having "a theologian's mind. one of the leading Catholic theologians in the US and Tagle's doctoral teacher at the Catholic University of America." he added. and for his lack of ego.for his warmth and humor. he was perhaps better known and loved by his professors and by his fellow students for the simplicity and holiness of his life. at 54. It is human and personal to begin with. All these living human bodies. "Vatican-watchers also rated him among the most impressive contributors to both the 2005 Synod on the Eucharist and the 2008 Synod on the Word of God. for his ability to express complex ideas in attractive and understandable argot. I suspect that it was (Tagle's) work on the International Theological Commission that impressed the present Pope. Komonchak said Tagle wrote the chapter on "Black Week" or the last week of the third session of the Council in 1964." "The big news from the Philippines has been the October 13 appointment of Luis Antonio Tagle as the new Archbishop of Manila." Allen said.. and.CNN analyst sees Manila archbishop a 'papal contender' By Philip C.." he added. and decided to say the Mass himself. simplicity. called Tagle "a thinker of real value" whose dissertation represented an important chapter in the history of Vatican II. subpersonal aspect of human sexuality. it would be a gross understatement to say that Tagle. He described Tagle as a "gifted communicator.Habemus papam (We have a pope)? He has not even been officially installed. wearing simple clothes and ready to start the Mass." Allen said. ability to explain complex theological ideas in layman's terms. in need of ―being assumed‖ into the human. who goes by the nickname Chito. no." he added." he added. Tubeza in Manila/Philippine Daily Inquirer | ANN – Sun. 51)." Allen said." Allen said. It came out in volume four of the five-volume "History of Vatican II. (Continued from page 4 .html anila (Philippine Daily Inquirer/ANN) . and someone who's "talented and serious. he got word late the night before that the priest was sick.

SAMAHAN SA ARAW-ARAW LALO PO SA ARAW-ARAW. and apart from the ulterior intentions of the one acting and the circumstances (Veritatis splendor. and the (Continued on page 11) Page 6 One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Volume 16 Issue 11 .Contraception . NA AMING PINAPASUKAN KAMI PO AY HUMIHILING. reason attests that there are objects of the human act which are by their nature ―incapable of being ordered‖ to God.) http://www.preda. Thus. Hanggang may musika akong naririnig Itong aking puso sa'yo lang ang pintig Hanggang mayro'ng kulay ang aking daigdig Aking alay sa'yo. WALA KAMING MAGAGAWA PAGKAT ANG LAHAT NANG BAGAY. hanggang nalalasap Pangako sa iyo. Atty. Hanggang nadarama. whose own father was assassinated by gunmen at the alleged behest of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos. said that this support for militias does nothing to bring about the rule of law. ANG AMING INAASAHAN PANGINOON ALAM MO PO. Lev 19:18. The assassination of Father Fausto who gave his life for the Filipino people just shows how dangerous is this way of thinking.) (Fr. Government support for militias may have encouraged some to deviate from the rule of law and deploy the death squads to end the opposition and protests to mining. they are such always and per se. Sagittarius Mines Inc. Even some Senators. These are the acts which. NA AMING GINAGALAWAN TANGING ANG PANGALAN MO LANG. Father Tentorio had dedicated his life to upholding the human rights of the indigenous people of the Diocese of Kidapawan. Maderazo of the Philippine Misereor Partnership Inc. The project allegedly endangers huge areas of the environment crucial to agriculture and could cause devastation to the people's way of life. rather. let it be a lasting testimony to our resolve to pursue peace". vermin. was blamed for manipulating the process to favor its interests. he said. During the Environmental Assessment last 2010. NA AMING KINALALAGYAN LALO NA PO KAMING MGA. Politicians and their cronies deny involvement but attempt to justify ―totality‖ principle we found undergirding contraception. It belittles human dignity and leads to the death of innocents and the noblest and most upright among us. Mindanao. an Italian Missionary priest of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions (PIME) for 30 years and based in Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish. NA INYO PONG BANTAYAN KAYO ANG AMING PAG-ASA.. He was the coordinator of the Tribal Filipino Program and a fearless advocate of their rights to their ancestral domain. on account of their very object. The on-going environmental protection and human rights defense campaign of the Dioceses of Marbel. laging nakaukit. appreciation of beauty. a unity of body and soul. YAONG AMING KALAGAYAN DITO SA BANSANG KOREA. Ikaw lang sa puso. 80. The street kids are branded pests. Let not the death of Father Tentorio paralyze us. look down on the street children in this way and want to reverse the child protection law and treat children as young as 9 year-old as adult criminals.. Hanggang may hangin pa tayong nalalanghap Mananatili ka sa puso ko liyag Hanggang natatanaw ang bughaw na ulap Ikaw sa tuwina ang nais kayakap. Matt 22: 37 -39). The recent decision of government officials to support the establishment of village-based militias to back up the private security agencies employed by mining companies has been deplored. to impede their flourishing in him. It is a big challenge to the Administration of President Noynoy Aquino. courage and resilience against the intrusions that threatened to takeover their lands. Father Fausto Tentorio.PANGINOONG MAPAGPALA ni Johnny Maliglig PANGINOONG MAPAGMAHAL. North Cotabato. Hanggang dumadaloy ang tubig sa batis Hindi magmamaliw. The program opposed irresponsible mining especially the plans of Sagittarius Mines Inc. the UK. no. 59. It is. AT AAYAW NANG TIGILAN KAYA SA PANAHONG ITO. NA SA AMIN AY DADAMAY KAMING MGA ARTISTA NA. inequality and injustice in their communities will bring genuine peace to our land and people. KAYO NA PO ANG BAHALA DAHIL KUNG WALA PO r11101901. LAGING PINAG-IINITAN PANGINOON ANG LAHAT AY. NA MARAMI ANG KALABAN DAHIL SABI DI UMANO. in publications in Ireland. It is assassination as covert state policy. street rats and marked for extermination. The death squads have persisted in shadow of Philippine political life. Only an empowered citizenry capable of combating poverty. init ng 'yong yakap Tamis ng 'yong halik. PANGINOONG MAPAGMAHAL KAMI PO'Y INYONG INGATAN. the commandment to love God above all things and our neighbor as ourselves (see Deut 6:5. The rule of law will not spring from the use of arms and armed militias. magpahanggang-libing Pagkat habang buhay kitang iibigin. Shay's columns are published in The Manila Times.html issionary Father Fausto Tentorio died in a hail of bullets last 17 October 2011. was climbing into his vehicle to go to a meeting last 17 October. tapat kong pag-ibig Hanggang umiikot ang ating daigdig. senseless and it will not achieve its purpose to instill fear. It is the typical killing method of the paid assassin. cowardly. NARIRITO NA ILEGAL NA LAGING GUSTO'Y HULIHIN. moneyed mining interests out to exploit the land around Columbio and adjacent areas in nearby provinces. This program stood in the way of powerful. in other words. the voice of opposition was almost snuffed out. It will only bring international condemnation. PATI PARAK AY KARAMAY ANO ANG AMING GAGAWIN. have been termed ―intrinsically evil‖ (intrinsece malum). tapat na pag-ibig. (Continued from page 5 . because they radically contradict the good of the person made in his image. Father Tentorio was a peaceful and gently charismatic person who inspired the indigenous people and their supporters to continue to have hope. friendship etc. tandaan mo liyag summary executions as in the interests of public good and safety. Hong Kong. Balba Kung sakaling ako’y iyong tatanungin Hanggang kailan kaya kita mamahalin Aking itutugon. Even street youth and children are targets for the death squads for many years in several cities. He received death threats but ignored them and got on with his mission defending human rights and inspiring the people. to open pit mine the minerals on the lands of the indigenous people of the Dioceses. some city mayors allow them to kill with impunity. AY SA INYO NAGMUMULA HANGGANG ni Michael B. It is a despicable crime of murder. as John Paul II rightly says. And we do not love our neighbor if we are willing intentionally to deprive him of these goods. and on-line. 2011 when a single assailant walked up to him and shot him repeatedly. NANG PATULOY NA PAGGABAY LALO SA PANAHON NGAYON. (PMPI-AMC Project Officer). "This move will only perpetuate the condition which made the killing of Father Fausto possible. terror and paralysis into the indigenous people and environmentalists in the Diocese of Kidapawan. an organization defending indigenous people. 1). in the Church’s moral tradition. Arakan Valley. The concept of the human person as a body person. NA PUNO NANG KABANALAN KAMI PO AY HUMIHINGI. And we love our neighbor only by loving the ―goods‖ intrinsically perfective of him: goods such life itself and health. knowledge of the truth. Digos and Kidapawan has opposed the issuance by the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources of an Environmental Compliance Certificate (EEC) without which The Murder of Father Tentorio M the huge Tampakan mining project of Sagittarius cannot legally go ahead. intentionally to destroy them. Mario E. The assassin then calmly walked to his motor bike and sped away.

representing God's eternity. it is a perfect way to teach and remind children about the preparatory nature of Advent. Tinutulungan niya tayong magbalik-tanaw sa buong taong malapit nang magwakas. It is often circular. and wreaths are typically present in both the parish church and in the home. some traditions have come to be common throughout the Catholic Church. during Advent. named for the father of David. both for the annual celebration of the event of Christ's birth. such as fasting. who was pope from 1073-85. Christ. influenced by culture. Aquinas and More carries Jesse Tree kits. Advent is a preparatory season. The first Sunday of Advent is the Sunday nearest the feast of St. Ipinababahala ng Diyos ang kanyang tahanan (ang daigdig) sa tao. Tungkol ito sa puno ng sambahayan na kumakatawan kay Hesus. spiritual preparation for the second and final coming of the Lord. and encompasses the span of time from the fourth Sunday before Christmas. Like Lent. ang puno ng sambahayan. at death and at the end of the world. lakas at dunong. Ang panahon ng Adbiyento ay punung-puno ng pagbibiyaya ng Diyos sa atin. as well as the joyful preparation for the annual festive remembrance of the Incarnation and Christ's birth. inaakay tayo ng propeta (Continued on page 10) MGA PAGNINILAY SA APAT NA LINGGO NG ADBIYENTO ————— o ————— Volume 16 Issue 11 One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Page 7 . mawawala siya sa ating paningin subalit muli siyang magbabalik .com/catholicarticles/the-history-and-meaning-of-advent/ article/173 HANGO SA SAMBUHAY Layunin ng mga pagninilay na ito ang gabayan kayo sa paghahanda ng inyong sarili sa pagdating n gating Manunubos sa Araw ng Kpaskuhan. ang biyaya ay inaasahang maibahagi rin sa ating kapwa at hindi dapat sarilinin. Apat na Linggo ang gugugulin natin sa pagninilay at paghahanda para sa muling pagbabalik ng puno ng sambahayan sa wakas ng daigdig. Nagbibigay rin ng walang kamatayang pagasa ang panahon ng Adbiyento. The Advent wreath is likely the most popular for each Sunday of Advent. and Joseph and Mary. Ang tinutukoy ni Hesus ay hindi lamang ang trabahong ginagawa natin araw-araw kundi lahat ng mga biyayang kaloob niya sa atin kabilang dito ang biyaya ng panahon. As mentioned. purple is the appropriate vestment color. Unang Linggo. Bumagsak man tayo sa pagkakasala. ay ginampanan natin nang buong husay. siguradong matutuwa siyang malaman na lahat ng ipinagkatiwala niya sa atin ay ating pinagyaman. This and other traditions. ipinagkatiwala niya tayo sa bantay-pinto. it was not in practice before the celebration of the Nativity and Christmastide began. and it includes 4 candles . Moses. Bawat isa sa atin ay binigyan niya ng kanya kanyang gawain. So it seems the liturgical season was established around the latter part of the 6th century and first half of the 7th century. Ipinauna na ni Hesus ang kanyang pahimakas: ―Mag-ingat kayo at maging handa. Marquez. para timbangin kung ang mga gawaing ibinigay sa atin ni Hesukristo. show that the period of time now established as the Advent season was more penitential (similar to Lent) than the liturgical season as we know it today. The Jesse Tree tradition provides a wonderful teaching opportunity. Noah. where it is the practice. Paul J. There are homilies from the 5th century that discuss preparation in a general sense. and so it will always fall somewhere between November 27th at the earliest and December 3rd at the latest. Gregory the Great (whose papacy was from 590 -604) included a sermon for the second Sunday of Advent. Lilisan siya. and thereby to make themselves ready for His final coming as judge. reduced the number to four Sundays. which can be viewed by clicking here. It may also be worn in Offices and Masses for the Dead. A Synod held in 590 established that Mondays. although they most often follow the calendar month of December. and will light the candles each Sunday and say Advent prayers together.‖ Anong uri ng paghahanda ang inaasahan ni Hesus mula sa kanyang mga alagad? Ibinigay ni Hesus ang tugon sa munting kuwento sa Ebanghelyo ngayong araw. at mga sakit. Kasama rin dito ang ating mga kapansanan. However. The Jesse Tree is also a popular Advent tradition. Ika 27 ng Nobyembre “Mag-ingat Kayo at Maging Handa” Fr. a trend of wearing blue vestments rather than purple during Advent has emerged. sa mga alagad at sa Kristiyanong pamayanan. it is blended with the theme of prayerful. close to the theme of the Lenten season. Samantala. SSP Pinag-iingat ni Hesus ang kanyang mga alagad.The History and Meaning of Advent What is Advent? The word 'Advent' is from the Latin 'Adventus. the earliest evidence shows that the feast of the Nativity of Our Lord was established within the later part of the 4th century. and by 650 Spain was celebrating the Sundays (five at the time) of Advent. It has significance because it is a season of looking forward and waiting for something greater. Today a penitential theme still exists. batid ni Hesus na mawiwindang ang kanyang mga alagad. This includes. ipagdiriwang natin ang panahon ng Adbiyento. is a tree that is decorated gradually throughout Advent with symbols or pictures of biblical persons associated with the gradual coming of the Messiah. Advent Traditions Advent celebration and traditions can vary from place to place. and for the time when Christ will come again. Origin and History of Advent The exact time when the season of Advent came to be celebrated is not precisely known. At kung naging mabunga ang pagtupad natin sa ating gawain. among others. and Fridays from November 11th until the Nativity would be offered according to the Lenten rite. but it is not as intense as in 7th century. It is a more recent tradition. Rose may be used. Also. As noted in the New Catholic Encyclopedia. Source: http://www. Mula sa Linggong ito hanggang Disyembre 24. as noted in paragraph 346 of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal. Pagsisihan din natin ang ating mga kasalanan at mangangako rin tayong magpapanibago tayo ng buhay sa tulong ng Diyos. Kapag nangyari iyon. The liturgical color for this season is purple (Usually a deep purple as opposed to the lighter. Advent Today The themes and traditions of the Advent season have evolved throughout the history of the liturgical season.' which means 'coming. Batid niya ang pagsasabwatan ng mga punong pari at mga guro sa batas. but do not indicate an official liturgical season. A Jesse Tree. not the four Sundays which can begin in November. Abraham. Nawa’y makatulong ang mga ito upang matulungan tayo sa pagpapalalim ng inyong pananampalataya. red-violet shade of purple associated with Lent). Of course. Advent was celebrated for five Sundays. the faithful are asked: to prepare themselves worthily to celebrate the anniversary of the Lord's coming into the world as the incarnate God of love. Aquinas and More is proud to offer a selection of several Catholic themed Advent Calendars. While many popular Advent calendars use purely secular images. the early Advent season was mainly penitential. In recent decades. Naghahanap sila ng tiyempo para dakpin at patayin si Hesus. Sa pagbabalik ng puno ng sambahayan. with the modern Advent wreath emerging in Germany and spreading throughout Europe and beyond in the 1930's. kahinaan. Kabilang dito ang karanasan natin tulad ng saya at lungkot.' Advent is the beginning of a new liturgical year (in the Western churches).aquinasandmore. A great guide for this practice is the book Season of Light. A collection of homilies from Pope St. Gayon din naman. For the next couple of centuries. However. in the section which discusses the prescribed colors for liturgical vestments: Violet or purple is used in Advent and Lent. Pope Gregory VII. Advent calendars are another popular tradition. tagumpay at kabiguan. until the Nativity of Our Lord is celebrated. Wednesdays. Many families have a wreath in the home. Andrew the Apostle (which is November 30th). thus to make their souls fitting abodes for the Redeemer coming in Holy Communion and through grace. magninilay rin tayo sa pagsilang ni Hesus na ating Tagapagligtas. on Gaudete Sunday (Third Sunday of Advent) and on Laetare Sunday (Fourth Sunday of Lent).

lamb. The psalm starts with a cry of dereliction ("My animal (young bull. or any mortal danger. 3) Though Israel’s Law required that priests make the sacrifices in the Temple on behalf of individual Israelites and the nation. And they. however. the Temple priests offered 256. Ezra 3:5. flour and oil. By making a sacrifice from the first-fruits of the earth and their flocks.D. Malachi 1:10. God did not "need" sacrifices.33. In these psalms. it is often translated by the Greek word eucharistia. kill it. in effect. 116: 3-4. 32. There were other meanings attached to the sacrifices of Israel as well.500 lambs in sacrifice (Wars of the Jews. the worshipper was pledging to give His life to God in thanksgiving: "I am bound.13-14). known in Hebrew as Yom Kippur (see Numbers 29:711. Exodus 13:1-2. House of Sacrifice A. travel to the Temple. by vows to you. 7:1-10). For you have rescued me from death…that I may walk before God in the light of the living" (see Psalms 56:13-14. and the Day of Atonement. Israelites measured their days. 141:2). Moses seemed to recognize this when he told Pharaoh the Egyptians would be gravely offended by the Israelites’ sacrifices (see Exodus 8:25-27). The three animals that God commanded Israel to sacrifice . was asking Israel to ritually slaughter the "gods" the Israelites once served in Egypt. That was the reality of sacrifice in Israel. sheep and goats . worshippers were giving a part of themselves . Israel came to see that love.The Old Testament Story of Sacrifice (continuation … ) III. the psalmist sings. In the time of Jesus. and a libation of wine (see Exodus 29:38-42. Todah is a Hebrew word that means "thank offering" or "thanksgiving. Nehemiah 10:34). the person offered the animal’s life in place of his own. C. 138). also Amos 4:4-6. 51:16-17. • The Peace Offering . • The Guilt Offering . and present it to the priest to be burnt on the altar. and concludes on a note of triumph . praising His name and exhorting others to hope in the Lord. is what God truly desires (see Hosea 6:6).salvationhistory. The Thank Offering In the Temple liturgies reflected in the Book of Psalms and in the prophets’ writings we see a growing understanding . Leviticus 23:4). Book 6. In singing the todah psalms. 70. a specific type of "peace offering" involving a sacrificial meal of bread.cattle. Numbers 28:3-8. 6:8-13). For the prophets. Paul Center for Biblical Studies http://www.were all considered deities by the Egyptians. God did not want or seek these. your thank offerings I will fulfill. What Sacrifice Means Why did God institute sacrifice as the means of worshipping Him? Certainly.something they needed to live . each marked by specifically prescribed ritual sacrifices . the Feast of Pentecost (see Numbers 28:26-31).com/) Lesson Two: Given for You . these sacrifices were doubled (see Numbers 28:9-10). sacrifice often served as an act of renunciation and sorrow for sins. grain offerings (oblation). sacrifice is joined with praise to God for delivering the Israelites from their foes and oppressors (see Psalms 54:6-9. Chapter 9. 66. skin and gut it. 49:1-6. goat. The "blood" of the animal symbolized the life of the one offering the sacrifice. Israel also developed a notion of people freely hand(Continued on page 11) Page 8 One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Volume 16 Issue 11 . these sacrifices were nonetheless deeply personal affairs. offered with friends and family in the Temple (see Leviticus 7:1-21). Ezekiel 20:7-8. Psalm 40 specifically mentions the animal sacrifices. Leviticus 23:26-32)." In fact. Leviticus 23:33-34).8-9. which Jesus prayed on the Cross. sacrifice was a "gift" that acknowledged God’s sovereignty over creation.) offered to atone for sin and purifies the sinner (see Leviticus 4:1 -5:13. Micah 6:6-8). the worshipper glorifies God and celebrates the new life granted to him by God’s saving animal sacrifice in which the fatty parts and kidneys are burnt on the altar and the meat is consumed by the offerer and the priests (see Leviticus 3:1-17. there was a "disconnect" between the sacrifices the people offered in the Temple and the condition of their hearts.praising God for hearing and saving the psalmist. Israel celebrated the New Moon Feast. not sacrifice. Isaiah prophesies God sending a "servant. too. Isaiah said their lack of faith and justice made their offerings "worthless" (see Isaiah 1:10-16. the sacrifices the Israelites offered in the Temple were to reflect their offering of themselves with a contrite and humble spirit to do God’s will." who will offer his life for the people (see Isaiah 42:1-4.17-18) for having been delivered by God from some life-threatening circumstance . It begins with a plea for God’s help ("Save me. cereal offerings.13-20. Elsewhere. and their years by sacrifices. that He demanded an "interior" or "spiritual" sacrifice as well. " entire animal burnt on the altar as a "sweet smelling oblation to the Lord" (see Leviticus 1:3-17. Psalm 69 is a good example of a todah psalm. Ideally.a ram offered in atonement for desecration or some offense against a neighbor (see Leviticus 5:14-6:7. A person made this "sacrifice of thanksgiving" and offered the "cup of salvation" (see Psalm 116:13-14. As we observed in considering the "guilt" and "sin" offerings. why have You forsaken me?").a serious illness. God seems to have required Israel to make certain kinds of animal sacrifices to teach the people a lesson and to purge them of their worship of false idols." Many of the psalms were written to accompany the offering of the todah sacrifice. God. He wants "ears open to obedience" and hearts that delight in doing God’s will. recounts the torments at the hands of evildoers. 50:14. O God!"). Numbers 6:14-17. B. 41.17-18). my God. 118. more than 2 million pilgrims from around the world would throng thanks God for His blessings (see Leviticus 23:10-14. offering God holocausts. In the heroic witness of its martyrs. O God.that holocausts were not all that God required. as the prophets and psalmists make clear (see Psalm 50:9-13). Psalms 18. he "gives his life as an offering for sin" (see Isaiah 53:1-11). Deuteronomy 26:1-11. Crushed for the sins of the people. • The Cereal or Grain Offering . 30. turtledoves. Israel’s ritual life consisted of a variety of sacrificial offerings: • The Holocaust . 66:5-9.the Feast of Booths or Tabernacles (see Numbers 29:12-38. their weeks. 53:11) This servant is compared to a sacrificial lamb upon whom God "laid…the guilt" of all the people. Seasons of Sacrifice The Temple liturgy brought together all the strains of sacrifice that had gone before. Early on. is another todah psalm. Every seventh day. roughly 40 years after the Crucifixion. meat and sometimes wine. pierced for their offenses. 40:6-8. Many other psalms were composed as "processional hymns" to accompany the Israelites’ sacrifices in the Temple.The Lamb's Supper: The Bible and the Mass (Editor’s note: This is the 7th part of the “Online Bible Study” course on the subject taken from the website of the St. Later Old Testament texts even offered "role models" for the sacrifice of the heart that God requires (see 1 Samuel 15:22. 6:24-30). At the beginning of every month. 28:3-6). 6:14-23. Proverbs 21:27. Each new year was celebrated as Rosh Hashanah with ritual sacrifices (see Numbers 29:1-6). Each day began and ended with sacrifice one lamb as a holocaust. persecution. Over time. on the Sabbath. Acts 7:39-41). Recognizing that his sins deserved death. holocausts and sin offerings. Rather. Josephus.44-51). includes a long lament about the afflictions the believer faces. Numbers 3:11-13.milled wheat mixed with oil and incense and usually offered in conjunction with other sacrifices (see Leviticus 2:1-16. Imagine having to take an unblemished animal from your own flock. the first-century Jewish historian. In offering praise and thanks. Sacrifice was to be a form of penance for the Israelites’ idolatry (see Joshua 24:14. And Israel’s calendar included other annual celebrations. disclose a similar "inner meaning" of these sacrifices. 107:21-22. 69. etc. no. Psalm 40:1-11 is classified as one of the todah (pronounced tow-DAW) psalms (for example. Psalm 22. reported that on Passover in the year A. Instead he desired His people to walk in His ways and listen to His voice (see Jeremiah 7:21-24. Spiritual sacrifice was not opposed to animal sacrifices. The liturgical center of Israel’s year remained the Feast of Passover (see Numbers 28:16-25. and ends by glorifying God with thanksgiving. Jeremiah reminded them that God did not command holocausts upon freeing the people from Egypt. 50:4-9. • The Sin Offering . a sin offering and a libation (see Numbers 28:11-15). Sirach 34:18-19). which is where we get our word. 7:1136).

a certificate of completion will be given by Amb.. acknowledge Him and He will direct you your path.” (Continued from page 1 . On Jeremiah 17:9. The ability to decide between truth and error.. It is our responsibility to be discerning “But examine everything carefully. Alvin summed up the program with his closing remarks followed by the closing prayer. Bro Dan Panti of Taerim Community..HFCC Holds . discipline and good judgment‖.. name calling. As well it would be like a society making up its laws based on majority opinion and feeling rather than on a set of principles that are right and good and transcends the individual selfish desire to have laws that either.... Myonmok Dong..TO SEEK AND KNOW CHRIST... Welfare Officer and Ma'am Liza Bernardo... Discernment is the process of making careful distinctions in our thinking about truth. After the class.. (Revelation 3:14-22) I. The reports and updates of HRCC’s subcommunity and committees were also part of the program. you cannot even recognize.... In all your ways... Fun and Furniture.. joints and marrow.. Acknowledge our own limitations. He also discussed the different types of business: the 4F's and 3 T's. Majangdong *Every 1st Sunday: Mass and Healing For inquiries. ―My child.Fall back on defensive responses: labeling.. Live clean. listen and be wise. innocent lives as children of God.. ―I am the way... Transportation and Telecommunication. 4F's are Food. The leaders who reported and gave updates were Sis.. representative of Landbank of the Philippines (LBP). We allow abortion out of selfish convenience by the millions and call it a ―right to choose‖..... B. We won’t or can’t see the problem in the first place.all of them to do something evil because it is easier or more convenient than doing what is right. hold fast to C that which is good’ abstain from every form of evil.. This was followed by Ms Liza Bernardo who talked about the banking services of LBP. and inconveniences. As the Israelites encountered danger... ―For the word of God is living an active.Mga Gintong Aral ni El Shaddai by Bro... the constant repeating of what they hear others say. Together with Consul Arnel were Ma'am Rose Ilo. c. it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit. Prayer and Counseling. A. Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Tony Sacapanio (010-3040-7995 / 010-7640 -6778 REGULAR ACTIVITIES Wednesdays: Prayer Intercession .. but at the end of it is the way of death... He said the Philippine Embassy is holding a Financial Literacy and Business class for free to those organizations and groups who are interested to learn...especially the leaders of such ideas – being divisive or legalistic... disrespect or allegations against God. (People get a false impression of Christ and the gospel) B.. Chang Wi-2 dong. Sangmun. Be careful and smart. (Ephesians 4:14) C. “A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions.” (1 Thess 5:21-22) A.. (John 14:6.benefit them personally despite hurting society as a whole or. one of which. Sharper than any double edged sword. danger.. It could happen everywhere but one notable place is in the wilderness (inconvenience. Keep your heart on right course‖...‖Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” PHILIPPIANS 2:12-18 omplaining – is an expression of grief or pain and becomes a sin when it is colored with ungratefulness. Without discernment. Bokwang Dong Bible Sharing . Unfulfilled Desires Dissatisfaction comes when attention shifts from what we have to what we don’t have. In Proverbs 23:19.. B.. A transformed life is an effective witness to the power of God’s word. Proverbs 22:3. Reasons we complain. the truth and the life’) and remain in His word (Jn 8:31-32) Hebrew 4:12. 1.... Ansan II. (People can be especially susceptible to complaining when: A. C. Snacks were served by the Food Committee. B. C. Under Stress Difficult circumstances often lead to stress and complaining is natural response.Lack of discernment makes us depend on feelings.. Lack of trust in God Our life should be characterized by moral purity. Sundays: Fellowship: Praise and Worship service Sungdong Social Welfare.. A. The simple goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.. we are at risk of being tossed a blown about by every wind of new teaching and deceived by the schemes and tricks people play to deliberately mislead others... We see the problem but ignore it. and 2. This is like schoolchildren deciding for themselves. d. Songsu Dong Saturdays: Prayer Intercession . In Proverbs 3:5-6. Luis Cruz... e.. They are not armed to take a decidedly biblical stand against the onslaught of unbiblical thinking and attitudes that face them throughout their day. they complained bitterly and longed to be back in Egypt.... Ma'am Rose discussed the benefits and services of being a member of Overseas Welfare Workers Association (OWWA).. right and wrong.. The general state of Christianity today. That is why one: a. The degree to which discernment is missing and needed... They didn’t really want to be back in Egypt.EXERCISE PRUDENCE...Proverbs 14:12 ―There is a way which seems right to a man and appears straight before him... b. shining like bright lights in a world full of crooked and perverse people. Holy Mass . We encourage and cultivate entire segments of society who don’t work or take responsibility for themselves at the expense of those who do. We see the problem but pursue the wrong solution. also get wisdom.TO HUMBLE ONE’S SELF. Complaining has a harmful effect – in a church where its members constantly argue... Bro Jimmy Villaflor of Prayer Partners. Ely Torres of Worship Committee. 2.. I.... Unfortunately..Tends to believe that everything is okay. the rules of conduct in class.. This is the direct result of ―relative truth‖ (no absolute source of truth that is above all humankind).. Ways to be discerning. recognize or see what it is we are doing that is causing the problem.. patience and peacefulness. Itaewon Thursdays: Praise and Worship Volume 16 Issue 11 One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Page 9 ... ―Get the truth and never sell it. rather than all the kids being submissive to the set of rules set forth by mature adults. Fashion. Proverbs 23:23. is a loan program of OWWA and Landbank to members whoa re interested to start their own business. please call: PPFI Center : 02-6013-2390 or 02-794-2338 (fax) or Bro.All human beings can fall prey to complaining and suffer through other’s complaint.. Sis Cecilia Garcia of Lay Ministers. “so that no one can criticize you... who can know it‖? Decide what is true based on societal consensus. complain and gossip. This is like the inmates of a prison deciding on the rules rather than all prisoners subject to an authority that is outside and above them. 1.. discernment is an area where most Christians stumble. and Sis Norma De Guzman of FMAA... shortages) II.. Fr. 3T's are Tourism. We decide what is right and wrong based on majority opinion rather than appealing to an unchanging source of objective truth. Consul Arnel encouraged OFW's in Korea to start planning for their return to Philippines....Retreats to the easy position of ignoring diligent Biblical examination of all things that claim to be of God.) advantages and disadvantages of both ways in starting a business.. so that we will ―shine brightly‖ in a dark and perverse world....... DISCERNMENT OF SPIRITS (1 John 4:1-6) The key to living an uncompromising life lies in one’s ability to exercise discernment in every area of his or her life.. they just wanted life to get a little easier.. ―the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked.Without discernment.Lack of discernment keeps us from understanding.. Tony Sacapanio “Do everything without complaining and arguing..... Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give account. shortages... Bokwang Dong Fridays: Bible Sharing Itaewon.

Magiging mabisa ang pagdiriwang natin ng Adbiyento kung ating palagiang isasaisip na ang buhay pananampalataya ay isang programa ng tamang pamumuhay na binubuo ng dalawang pananda: pagiging bukas para sa Panginoon at pakikisangkot sa buhay ng Simbahan. Ngunit nagulat ang pulis sa iminungkahi sa kanya ni Estee. Wika ni Lilia. magiging mahinahon ang ating kalooban at magaan ang ating mga pagparoo’t parito. Ikalawang Linggo. Hindi na tayo madaling madismaya at matututunan nating tanggapin ang mga kabiguan sa araw-araw. ibinibigay sa atin ng Simbahan si San Juan Baustista bilang ―pananda‖ (signpost) sa tunay na dahilan ng pagdiriwang ng Adbiyento: (1) paghahanda para sa paggunita sa pagkakatawang . Nilapitan niya ang bata at tinanong kung sino ang kanyang mga magulang. at dahil sa nilalakad lamang nila ang daan patungo sa simbahan at pabalik sa kanilang bahay.(Continued from page 7 . matutunton nating muli ang sabsaban at ang sanggol na isinilang doon kung handa tayong humimpil sa parang at sikapin maging hamak at maliit tulad ng isang pastol. Ang kagalakang hatid ng Linggong ito ay nakaugat sa tiyak na pagtupad ng Diyos sa kanyang pangako hinggil sa pagsusugo ng isang Mesiyas at Tagapagligtas sa katauhan ng ating Panginoong Hesus. Kung sa pananatiling panig sa katotohanan ay may tunay na kalayaan.‖ Paano nga naman magagalak ang isang tao sa kanyang buhay kung nanatili siyang isang bilanggo ng kasinungalingan? Kaya nga masasabi natin na ang mamuhay sa katotohanan ay nangangahulugang mamuhay sa kalayaan. kawanggawa. Sino nga ba naman ang hindi magagalak sa katotohanan? Mahirap ang buhay na walang katiyakan at totoong magiging malungkot ang buhay kung hindi tayo namumuhay sa katotohanan. Higit sa lahat. nakatitiyak din tayo na sa katotohanan ay may tunay na kagalakan. Ito ang damdaming ibinabadya sa pagsisindi ng pangatlong kandila sa korona ng Adbiyento na kulay rosas na sadyang naiiba sa tatlong kasamahan nito na pawang lila ang kulay. at iba pang aspeto nito— sapagkat ang Simbahan din ay tinaguriang ―Ang Daan‖ (Gawa 9:2) noong pasimula pa lamang ng kasaysayan nito. lalo niyang ipinakita ang tunay at totoo niyang pagkakilala kay Hesus at sa kanyang sarili. Noong unang Pasko. at napagnilayan niya na may mas malalim na kahulugan ang sinabi ni Estee: ―Dalhin na lamang po ninyo ako sa simbahan. Ito ang mensaheng hatid ng buhay ni San Juan Bautista na siyang itinatampok sa Ikatlong Linggo ng Adbiyento. Ika 4 ng Disyembre “Ang Daan Pauwi” Fr.. ―Kakaibang mumunting mga pangako itong mga butil. At dahil dito.‖ Sa ating ordinaryong karanasan. Tuwing Linggo. matutong maghintay at huwag magpadala sa rumaragasang agos ng buhay. Sa panahong ito kung kailan halos lahat ng tao’y nagmamadali at pumapagaspas. Kung ating susundin ang mga panuntunang ito. Ika Apat na Linggo ng Adbiyento. Reyes. sa mga pastol ibinigay ng anghel ang balita tungkol sa sanggol na isinilang sa Belen. Maliliit na pangako ang bawat isa sa kanila. ―Kailangang ibaon ang bawat butil sa lupa. Una. ipinagdiriwang ng lahat ng mga Kristiyanong Katoliko ang Linggo ng Gaudete o Linggo ng Kagalakan. Ikatlo. Ang rosas na kandila ay nagbabadya ng kagalakang hated ng ating paghihintay sa Kapistahan ng Pagkakatawangtao ni Hesus. at subukin ng hangin upang mamulaklak. Urriquia Tuwing Ikatlong Linggo sa panahon ng Adbiyento. Napansin ng isang pulis si Estee na tila ba nawawala at balisa. at (2) paghahanda para sa Muling Pagbabalik ng Panginoon (parousia) sa hinaharap. nakagawian na ng pamilya ni Estee na magsimba. ang paghahanda sa daraanan ng Panginoon ay paghahanda para sa Panginoon. Subalit dahil baguhan pa lamang ang pamilya ni Estee sa lugar.‖ pakiusap ni Estee. Nagbibinyag siya sa pamamagitan ng tubig upang anyayahan ang mga tao sa pagsisisi ngunit ang pagbibinyag ni Hesus sa apoy at Espiritu ay siyang tunay na magpapatawad sa kanilang mga kasalanan. Napangiti ang pulis. mahahanap ko na po ang daan pauwi sa amin.Mga Pagninilay . Ika 11 ng Disyembre “Kagalakan sa Katotohanan” Fr. Bilang isang propeta. kundi maging sa maraming tao sa kanyang kapanahunan. Ika 18 ng Disyembre “Mga Munting Pangako” Fr. Alam niya na siya ay isang lingkod lamang na ang misyon ay ang ihanda ang daan para sa pagdating ni Hesus na siyang tunay na Tagapagligtas Habang nalalapit na ang pagdating ng Panginoon sa Kapaskuhang ating hinihintay. ―Dalhin na lamang po ninyo ako sa simbahan. Subalit kung maglalaan tayo ng mga natatanging oras para tumahimik at manalangin. At ang mamuhay sa kalayaan ay nagdudulot ng buhay na puspos ng kagalakan. si Juan ay puspos ng kagalakan—isang uri ng kagalakan na nakaugat sa kanyang malalim na pagmamahal at pagpapahalaga sa katotohanan. Dahil sa kanyang seryosong pangangaral na kaiba sa lahat. isalang sa init ng araw. Siya rin ang nagpapa-alala sa atin na magsisi. Emil A. Siya ang huli sa mga propeta at una sa mga nagbibigay-saksi kay Kristo. ang paghahanda sa daan ay pakikisangkot natin sa buhay ng Simbahan—sa sakramento. hindi niya inangkin ang titulo o ang karangalang laan lamang kay Hesus. katulad ni Juan. Tinanong niya ang bata hinggil sa ibang mga datos. nilinaw ni Juan ang tunay na papel na ginagampanan niya sa buhay ni Hesus. dahil sa pagmamahal niya sa katotohanan. matatagpuan natin ang daan pauwi sa Diyos Ama ngayong Pasko. ang kanyang apo. Ikatlong Linggo. Sinusuri nila ang mga butil ng iba’t ibang mga bulaklak. itinuwid niya ang mali at baluktot na pagkakilala sa kanya ng mga tao. Sa Banal na Kasulatan. walang dungis at kapintasan‖ (2 Pt 3:14) para sa muling pagbabalik ng Panginoon.‖ sagot ni Lola Indang. Kahit puno man ng iskedyul ang ating notebook. siya’y kinikilala ng marami bilang banal na tao. kasabay ng simple at walang yabang na pamumuhay. Mula roon. Sa pagdiriwang natin ng panahon ng Adbiyento.. ang ―daan‖ ay nangangahulugan ng dalawang bagay para sa atin. Si Juan ang pananda ng pagtatapos ng Lumang Tipan at ang pagsisimula ng Bagong Tipan. mapuspos nawa ang ating mga puso ng kagalakan na nag-uugat sa katotohanan. inilahad niya ang totoo sa kanyang sarili upang higit niyang maipakilala ang tunay na kadakilaan ni Hesus. Mula roon. Kung paanong pinatotohanan ni Juan ang pagiging tunay na Tagapagligtas ni Hesus sa kanyang buhay at pangangaral.) ng Adbiyento tulad nina Isaias at Juan Bautista na magbalikloob sa Diyos. Ikalawa. may mga kondisyon para ito ay tumubo at yumabong. Kailangan natin ng mga pananda na maghahayag sa atin na tama ang binabagtas nating daan patungo sa ating destinasyon. ibabad sa ulan. Ito ay paanyaya na ―mamuhay ng payapa. patunayan din natin ang pagiging Diyos ni Hesus sa ating buhay sa pamamagitan ng totoong pagsasabuhay ng kanyang mga turo at aral. Hamak na mga mamamayan ang mga pastol. Ang kalungkutang nararanasan ng tao sa buhay ay karaniwang nag-uugat sa mga pangarap na hindi nabigyan ng kaganapan at mga pangakong hindi nabigyan ng katuparan. Bagaman ang parousia ay darating ―tulad ng isang magnanakaw‖ (2 Pt 3:10). Pangalawa. Samakatuwid. lalo pang tumingkad ang pagaakala ng mga tao na maaaring siya na nga ang Tagapagligtas na malaon nang hinihintay. siya ang itinadhana na maghahanda sa daraanan ng Panginoon ayon sa hula si propeta Isaias (Mc 1:3). Naligaw si Estee sa pusod ng lungsod. Mariing nilinaw ni Juan na mas nakahihigit ang binyag na ibibigay ni Hesus sapagkat si Hesus ang Korderong nag-aalis ng kasalanan ng mundo. inaalimura at hindi pinagkakatiwalaan sa lipunan. Maraming mga tao ang nawalan ng pag-asa dahil sa mga pangakong napako o pawang kasinungalingan lamang. Jr. talikdan ang kasalanan at tumanggap sa pagpapatawad ng Diyos. tulad ng mga pangako. di po ba. paniniwala. Nilinaw ni Juan na siya ay isang tinig lamang na sumisigaw sa ilang upang ihanda ang pagdating ng tunay na Mesiyas. hinahamon tayong tumigil sandali. Isa siyang batang babaeng kulay kayumanggi. Mabilis mapipilas ang mga dahon ng Adbiyento sa kalendaryo kung sasabay tayo sa matuling takbo ng buhay. mahahanap ko na po ang daan pauwi sa amin. para na lamang tayong ipinaghehele ng mga anghel. Gonzales. Tiyak at totoo ang pangako ng Diyos sapagkat ang Diyos ay Diyos ng Katotohanan. tahasang sinabi ni Juan ang katotohanang higit sa kanyang pagbibinyag ang binyag na ibibigay ni Hesus. ―Bawat butil ay isang pangako. Una. ang araw ng Kapaskuhan. Dahil sa kanyang kababaang-loob. malakas ang loob tulad ng isang lalaki. At dahil siya’y isang taong nagagalak sa katotohanan. David O. apo. Lola?‖ ―Tama ka. Isang buwan pa lamang siyang nakakalipat kasama ng kanyang pamilya sa nasabing lungsod kaya’t hindi niya kabisado ang mga daan at ang lugar sa lungsod. Ito ang dahilan kung bakit marami ang naniniwala sa kanya. kabisado na ni Estee ang daan pauwi.tao ni Hesukristo na naganap humigit dalawang-libong taon na ang nakalilipas. (Continued on page 11) Page 10 One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Volume 16 Issue 11 .‖ ―Ano pong mga kondisyon ito?‖ tanong ni Lilia. sapagkat si Hesus mismo ―Ang Daan‖ (Jn 14:6). Ngayong Pasko. Malimit nating naririnig ang mga katagang ―the truth will set us free. Tinutulungan tayong humarap sa kinabukasan na puno ng pag -asa at bagong buhay. kailangan natin ng mga pananda na magpapaalala sa atin na tayo ay nasa tamang daan. Ang Banal na Kasulatan na rin ang makapagpapatunay na ang kanyang pagsilang ay nagdulot ng kagalakan hindi lamang para sa kanyang mga matatandang magulang. ngunit wala rin siyang nakalap na impormasyon na makakatulong sa kanya upang matunton ang pamilya ng batang babae. hindi kilala ng pulis ang mga magulang ng batang babae. Jboy M. ang paghahanda para sa daraanan ng Panginoon ay maituturing na isang programa o pamamaraan ng pamumuhay. Ngunit. SJ Minsan magkasamang nagtatanim sa hardin si Lola Indang at si Lilia.

) organisation called the Servants of Charity. kailangan nitong maging bukas sa lahat ng uri ng pagsubok upang ito ay lumago. Isaiah even foresaw "an altar to the Lord" in AFP News – Sun. just as its opposite. Sa unang Linggo. death. and a pure offering. iminungkahi ni San Ignacio de Loyola sa libro niyang Spiritual Exercises ang isang eksena sa kalangitan. bahagi nito ang pagyakap sa hapdi ng pinakamalalim na sugat." (see Malachi 1:11). kung nais nating makilahok sa planong ito. Isang iglap lamang ang isang sumpaan. the sun-drenched square. the orphan. the God who defended the bases for this concept underlie the practice of stranger. work with a canonisation mass in St Peter's On the threshold of the New Testament. tinatanong din tayo.Mga Pagninilay . Even the prophets. even the Egyptians would offer sacrifices and oblations and fulfill in recognition of their missionary and social vows to the Lord.. • What is the first sacrifice recorded in the BiBonifacia Rodriguez Castro (1837-1905). Pinagmamasdan ng Tatlong Persona ang sanlibutan at nakita nila ang ating pagkamakasalanan. who sharply criticize the Israelites’ for their hypocrisy.. Egypt. Copyright © . and a Spaniard. Doon nila pinili si Maria upang maging ina ng Pangalawang Persona. My name is great among the nations. During the mass. ang pakikibahagi sa balak ng Diyos ay hindi sa salita lamang. Sa ating mga kamay nakaukit ang balak niyang gawing ganap tayong mabuti at banal. inihanda niya ang ating mga puso sa pamamagitan ng paglilinis sa ating mga budhi at pakikipagkasundo para pawiin ang ating mga kasalanan. Umaasa ang Simbahan na ang ating sagot sa tawag ng Panginoon ay tulad ng tugon ni Maria. Guido Maria Conforti (1865-1931) and Name.. Tulad ng butil. Ask for the strength to make ica under huge portraits of Conforti. She God’s image.but on a far loving their neighbour. ngunit ang kakabit ng ilang sandali ay buong hinaharap na buhay. In the ope Benedict XVI created three new saints of the Catholic Church on Sunday kingdom to come.• Do you understand your worship in the Mass rette lighter and waved the burning pages aloft..htm rate than his predecessor John Paul II. the Church grander scale. upang ganap ang pagtanggap natin sa pagdating ni Hesus sa ating buhay. non-consequentialistic understanding and the weakest." the pontiff said. the human person made in create jobs for marginalised women. si Hanna. And everywhere they bring sacrifice to My All three founded religious orders -. • Do you understand life as an offering of obeand was being questioned by police. Sino ba naman ang nadadalian sa pagpapakabanal? Sino ba naman ang hindi nahihirapan hanapin ang tawag ng Diyos sa ating personal na buhay? Ngunit kung susuriin natin ang mga bida sa panahon ng Adbiyento ing themselves over in obedience to God’s law and to make atonement for the sins of the nation (see 2 Maccabees 6:12-7:40). 2011 the land of Israel’s arch-nemesis. non-dualistic anthropology and loveHe "brought comfort and relief to the poorest centered. Ngunit hindi makakamit ang lahat ng ito kung wala tayong pananampalataya sa kanya at lakas ng loob na magtiwala sa kanyang tawag sa bawat isa sa atin. Sa ikatlong Linggo.Contraception . Ngunit bago maisakatuparan ito." "For from the rising of the sun. William E." periodic abstinence or ―recourse to the rhythm Benedict said.. contraception. Psalms below and persuaded the man to climb down 22. nagpasya silang ipadala ang ipinangakong Mesiyas para iligtas ang sanlibutan. scribed in the Old Testament? as Saveriani members looked on. is the ―gateway‖ to the culture of "From a young age Saint Bonifacia knew how to honour Jesus Christ in her daily work. Katulad tayo ng mga butil. anthropology/morality is unconditional love of was also active in social causes and helped the body person. i. at kung isama pa ninyo ang mga apostoles.(Continued from page 10 . Higit sa lahat. Malachi prophesies the same thing . Tunay at tapat ba ang ating pagsang-ayong makilahok sa balak ng Tatlong Persona? Ikalawa. But sacrificial worship is not expected to disappear from Israel.e. inilatag niya ang kanyang pangako." and shone with "God's pres. si Zacarias at Elisabet. saw a place for Pope creates three new sacrifice in a new and everlasting kingdom of saints David (see Jeremiah 17:25-26. Oct 23. Ipagdasal natin na maganap nawa ang mga kondisyong ito sa atin. Ito ang mensahe ng lahat ng pagbasa sa huling Linggo sa panahon ng Adbiyento. Untiunti tayong inihahanda ng Panginoon sa bawat Linggo upang tanggapin nating lubusan ang pakikiisa sa pagpapatupad ng pangako niyang kaligtasan.‖ paliwanag ni Lola Indang. Joseph.‖ At the very heart of this Rodriguez Castro. Tulad ng maraming pangako.) mamunga at maging ganap na tanim.. The mass was slightly disrupted when a man • What is the todah sacrifice? For personal reflection: climbed onto a roofed area overlooking the square and set fire to a green Bible with a ciga. si San Pablo. He sees people the world over shows its members three new saints who let bringing sacrifice to God: themselves be transformed by divine charity.of the morality of human acts serving as the ence and charity. See if this helps to deepen after about half an hour. At ngayon.. si Haring David. hindi nila ipinagkaila ang kanilang kahinaan. It is for this reason that ―recourse founded the Congregation of Servants of Saint to the rhythm of the cycle‖ is the ―gateway‖ to the culture of life.two Italians. ilang sandali lamang ang pagpapabatid. and 116).) P Volume 16 Issue 11 One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Page 11 . May 2001 Benedict has created 34 saints since the beVersion: 28th February 2002 ginning of his pontificate in 2005 -. Habang binabasa natin ang Ebanghelyo ukol sa pagbati ng arkanghel Gabriel kay Santa Maria. Discussion Questions Luigi Guanella (1842-1915). Everywhere They Bring Sacrifice Sacrifice moves in the direction of praise and spiritual worship in the Old Testament.ble? ety of San Francesco Saverio for Foreign Mis. May plano ang Panginoon sa bawat isa sa atin. The Vatican said he was of Romanian origin your appreciation of the Mass. Kasama sa isang kataga ng ―oo‖ ni Maria ang kapighatiang haharapin niya bilang ina ng tagapagligtas. Dahil dito.a far lower Source: http://www. 69.. Guanella yourself an ever more acceptable offering to the and Castro draped on the facade. especially a kingdom? those who had distanced themselves from the • What are the five basic types of sacrifice prepath of the Lord.story of the Maccabeean martyrs (see 2 Maccabees 6:12-7:40). Guanella worked with mentally handicapped people and abandoned children and founded an (Continued from page 6 . The Servants of Saint Joseph were born out of (Editor’s Note: For Endnotes please visit the website) humility and the simplicity of the Gospel.• Who is the first priest mentioned in the Bible? • Why did Moses originally ask Pharaoh for sions -. 33:16-18). Bago ang pagbati ng arkanghel Gabriel kay Maria. Kailangan nila ang ―oo‖ ni Maria sa pagpapatupad ng kanilang binabalak. ng lakas sa panahon ng tukso’t pagsubok at ilaw sa panahon ng kadiliman. (Continued from page 8 . . ilang minuto lamang ang pangako sa kasal. Nasa atin ang kapalarang maging tunay niyang mga anak. D. si Manoa at ang kanyang asawa. ang hiling ng Panginoon sa atin ay pagpap aku mbaba. Sa ikalawang Linggo. Nangako ang Diyos ng kaginhawaan sa panahon ng kapighatian.christendom-awake. Ito ang unang kondisyon ng pagbabago tungo sa ganap na buhay. Kaakibat ng kanyang ―oo‖ ang pait ng paglisan ng kanyang anak isang araw upang gawin ang kalooban ng Diyos. the poor man. tinatanong niya tayo kung sasama ba talaga tayo sa kanya. IV. holistic. Lord.The Lamb’s Supper . Conforti was a bishop who founded the Soci. "Christians can show the world God's love by the final book of the Old Testament canon. ipinangako niya ang kasiyahan sa buhay kung sasali tayo sa kanyang plano. even to its the pope said before throngs of pilgrims filling setting. in Square. si Hesus. tulad ni Sara at Abraham. he said. "With all his strength he dedicated himself to • What did the Ark of the Covenant contain? Where was the Ark housed when Israel became the good of those souls in his care. Today.a congregation of missionaries known permission to leave Egypt? as Saveriani. kailangan nating ―pumirma sa kontrata‖— maging aktibong nakikiisa sa Panginoon. of the cycle. as each new saint's history dient sacrifice to God? Read and pray over Psalms 40 and 50 and the was read may/contraception. Ilang Segundo lamang ang pagpirma sa isang kontrata. Ikatlo." the pontiff said of Conforti. the widow. ang pagpapakasakit at pagkamatay ng kanyang anak sa krus. members of their orders prayed and a choir sang on the steps of St Peter's Basil. Mukh ang mahirap isakatuparan ang balak ng Panginoon sa atin. mamulaklak at mamunga. Ito ang huling kondisyon: ang mapagkumbabang puso’t diwa. as a form of sacrifice? Try preparing for Sunday Mass by reading Security forces moved the pilgrims sitting some of the todah psalms (for example. the daughter of a tailor. tulad ni Maria.

Birth Certificate ng mga ikakasal approval from the Minister of Employment and 2. day off Sun. 2-6 pm. Alien Card and Passport Paanyaya: Ang lahat ay inaanyayahang ibahagi ang kanilang mga talent sa pagsusulat ng mga kuwento. Ang bipublic for ten days from July 9 to gather differ. Seoul 122-906.pong tanging dahilan upang payagan kayong gan po ng manunulat sa News. at Tenor. Tel. 3. IT Committee . etc. 11 am-5 pm Sat.110 won this year to (mismong araw ng binyag). binyag ng anak ang ―application form‖ at suThe Ministry of Employment and Labor de.320 KRW PER HOUR KAILANGAN SA PAGPAPABINYAG Page 12 One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Volume 16 Issue 11 . Maaari ninyong kunin ang mga ito sa Cathomonthly minimum wage is 902. Makipagugnayan lamang po kay Doc 1. at Re.880 won and 976. pa nakakakuha ng Baptismal Certificates ng As the rate is set at 4.mailalim sa ―interview‖ sa Catholic Center cided to confirm the minimum wage per hour isang linggo bago dumating ang takdang araw at 4. minimum wage is 34. Ang mga magulang. .ganap na ika 4:00 hanggang ika 5:00 ng hapon. daily kanilang mga anak. housework employees. or self-made record of daily work attendance specifying Regular Working hours. Ito po ay. Kayo ay dalawang buwang hindi pinasasahod Ems 010-5160-2928. Parents’ consent as proof of singleness (notarized) HFCC Volunteer Invitation 4. meal allowance. promulgate it as of August 3. annual and monthly leave allowance. 3430-0200 MIRIAM COUNSELING CENTER For Migrant Women 50-17 Dongsoong Dong Chongrogu Seoul 110-809 near Maronnier Park. 2011 without any regional PANAWAGAN PARA SA MGA and occupational difference.Makipagugnayan po di kaya’y kay Ate Nida o kaninuman sa mga Steward. o CHURCH STEWARD . 2. but overtime Maliban po lamang sa tuwing ikadalawang pay. Labor Contract 4. Tanging ang mga 4. at sa wage only includes basic pay and fixed allow.560 won (8-hour work). every Sun. 2010.lic Center tuwing linggo sa ganap na alas 9:00 hour workweek respectively. Pati na rin po sa photojournalist at layout. Makipagugnayan la. it doesn’t apply to family business hiring only family NAGPAPABINYAG members. facility PAGPAPAKASAL manager. and Night Differential. Tel #(02) 7472086 E-mail: kcwc21@jinbo.320 won under 40-hour workweek and 44. Ang lahat ay pifrom the labor and management sides.bibigyan ng katekismo sa binyag na ginaganap sion concluded to raise the minimum wage per tuwing ika-10 ng umaga. flections. On the other hand. sanaysay. Rebeck Beltran 010-8671-2761. tel. nakikiusapang isaisip ang angkop na pananamit para sa okasyon. 2011. araw ng linggo hour by 5. The minimum ng umaga hanggang ika 12:00 ng tanghali. the minimum wage can cut down to 90% of the normal level for a probationary worker.lang ng mga ninong at ninang ay hindi dapat ent opinions but didn’t receive any objection lalabis sa dalawampu. No. 1pm9pm.Makipagugnayan lamang po kay Bro. janitor. after their employer obtained an 1. Baptismal Certificate for marriage purposes Inaanyayahan po ang lahat ng interesadong maging volunteer sa mga sumusunod na grupo.inside Tong Song High School. 3. Seoul Foreign Workers’ Labor Counseling Office 02-928-2049/924-2706 MGA IMPORTANTENG PAALAALA Mga kailangang dokumento sa paga-asikaso ng mga reklamo tungkol sa sahod: 1. sinong Lay Minister.320 won for the year 2011 and plans to ng binyag.1% from 4.makalipat ng kumpanya. ances which are paid regularly. Unpyeong-gu. However.320 won on July 3.Makipagugnayan lamang po kay Matet Solis o kaninuman sa IT Committee SA LAHAT NG MAY E-9 VISA email at sambayananitboard@yahoogroups.423 Yeungdongpo-dong. Passport (xerox copy) mang po kay Ate Ely Torres 010-8061-9143. Daily Time Record (DTR) if available. Makipag-ugnayan ALTAR BOYS .42-5 Eung-am-dong. 5. no. are not kay Rebeck Beltran (010-8671-2761) o kay Edison Pinlac: (010-2906-3109) o sa kahit na included. Song-uri International Community 031-543-5296 Uijungbu. (02)3851477 Joseph Clinic . Soprano. Bank Book/ Passbook 5.pangalan ng mga nakadalo ng katekismo ang day No.nangangailan. Makipag-ugnayan po housing allowance. 7. (notarized) (see page 13 for more details) Birth certificate ng batang bibinyagan Para Po sa lahat na may E-9 VISA. Yeung dongpo-gu. Confirmation Certificate for marriage purposes CHOIR . MIGRANT CENTERS Guri Pastoral Center 031-566-1141 Ansan Galilea Center 031-494-8411 Suwon Emmaus Center 031-257-8501 Friends Without Borders Counseling Office 032-345-6734/5 Gasan.320 won per hour. No. po lamang sa Catholic Center para sa schedule. Feature. Seoul 150-030. Status of singleness from Census Labor. 2260-7062 to 7063 Seoul Medical Center– Gangnam Tel.(02)2634-1760 Raphael Clinic . 1. Pre-Cana seminar na gaganapin bago ang takdang araw ng kasal. 2X2 ID pictures (2 pcs) The rate will apply to all the business and 3. Overtime. 704) and the Ministry made the rate mailalagay sa Baptismal Certificate. and seamen Tinatawagan ang pansin ng lahat ng mga di and ship owners. may tatlo SAMBAYANAN Newsletter . Kayo ay pisikal at verbal na sinasaktan. karanasan at pagninilay upang ilathala sa babasahing ito.-Fri.MGA LIBRENG KONSULTA AT GAMOT Doty Hospital . No.6. 3 pm-6 pm Activities: Emotional/ spiritual counseling Woman’s rights and labor issues Korean language/culture study (men and women are welcome). etc. ninong at ninang ay This is after the Minimum Wage Commis.nangangailangan po ng miyembro sa Alto. Pay Slip or any other proof of payment of salary 2. Mon. National Medical Center– Dongdaemun (KCWC) Office hours: Mon-Fri. Application form (kumuha sa center) workplaces across the nation for one year from Kailangan ipasa ng mag-asawang magpapaJanuary o sa emelyabagat@yahoo. Bankrupt o lugi ang kumpanya MINIMUM WAGE IN 2011 IS CONFIRMED AT 4. The rate will apply to all the business and workplaces across the nation from January 1st to December 31st. Ipadala lamang ito sa email address na ito: sambayananedboard@yahoogroups. Nokyangdong Migrant Center 031-878-6926 Masok Chonmasan Migrant Center 031-593-6542 Bomun. It can further go down to KAILANGAN SA 80% for workers of surveillance or intermittent job such as a security guard. 2010 (refer to Labor To. lingo ng bawat buwan.

   A child born in the Republic of Korea with Filipino parent/s should be reported to the Philippine Embassy in Seoul . NSO authenticated birth certificate of mother. Affidavit of Admission of Paternity and Authority to use surname of Father will be required from the father. including stories about the experiences of other Filipinos and advice to ensure the welfare of Filipino nationals married to foreigners.asp?id=457 Procedure on Date of Appointment: Step 1:  Check your name on the list of applicants with appointment Complete all information on the passport application form Wait for your name and number to be called at Window 4 Submit the application form and present your old Passport and photocopies OPTIONAL : If you wish to avail of the courier service. The applicant may choose from the following weekly schedule: Tuesday . Go to cashier and pay the exact amount of US$ 60.philembassy-seoul.asp?id=475 Schedule an Appointment starting 15 July 2010. coinciding with the special service for passport renewals in the morning. Republic Act 9255 allows illegitimate children to use the surname of their father. ―This will prevent potential problems associated with rushed applications.Duly accomplished ROB form in 4 original copies 2. Volume 16 Issue 11 One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Page 13 . to other parts of South Korea will be announced later on. The video covers the family culture in South Korea.If not married.550 Processing period: two (2) working days Original documents will be required upon processing together with four (4) photocopies. marriage contract must be authenticated by NSO.If child is legitimate. (Notarization fee of affidavit is Won 33. Filipinos applying for a Legal Capacity to Marry a Foreigner or a Report of Marriage to a Foreigner are required to watch a short video presentation on the situation of Filipino spouses in South Korea. Requirements for ROB 1. NEW REQUIREMENT FOR FILIPINOS MARRYING FOREIGNERS By: Philippine Embassy. please email seoulpe@philembassy-seoul. Manila. National Statistics Office (NSO). You can also authorize a representative to claim your passport by giving authority at the back of y o u r claim Filipinos may also register every first and third Sunday of the month. naturalization documents are required 7. Those who intend to change their voting places in 2013. The video is part of the Embassy’s educational / awareness campaign to help marriage migrants to South Korea. get a courier form and write your name and complete return address. Photocopy of a document will be accepted provided they are authenticated/ certified true copy (CTC) by DFA or the nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate. for transmittal to the Office of the Civil Registrar-General.550) 5. 2:00-2:20pm Thursday .‖ said Amb. Registrants only need to present a valid proof of Philippine citizenship. If the surname of the father will be used. Report of the birth of a child after one year is considered late and an Affidavit of Late Registration shall be required.     Step 2:   Step 3:  Effective 04 July 2011. Registration started on 2 November 2011 and will continue until 31 October 2012. and the page with the date of last entry to Korea Passport application form Remember your Appointment Reference Number ePassport fee – US$ 60.If reporting is done after twelve (12) months from Only fifty (50) ePassport applications will be entertained per day. 2:00-2:20pm  NOTE: It takes about six (6) weeks to process the ePassport as the approved applications are sent to a central processing facility in the Philippines. Call the APPOINTMENT HOTLINE NUMBER 010-9385-0535 ( from 9:00am to 5:30pm M-F) OR you can send an email to epassport@philembassy-seoul. Applicant should be in decent attire.00 in cash.If parent/s are naturalized Filipino/s. such as a last page showing the name and signature of the signing officer. Payment will be made upon delivery of your ePassport. The Embassy will release the documents only after the applicants have seen the video.00 payable in cash only. date and place of birth. except during declared holidays. For inquiries. Registration is available from Monday to Friday during regular office hours. Luis Cruz. Have your old passport canceled by the consular officer. Both ears should be shown Keep your receipt of payment and bring your old passport for cancellation to claim your ePassport. not later twelve (12) months from the date of birth. I encourage everyone to register early and not to wait until the last minute to have their names included in the roster of those eligible to vote in 2013. If abroad. ―Although the registration period is for one year.philembassy-seoul.‖ he added. which talks about life in South Korea and lasts for only twenty (20) minutes. 4. marriage contract of parents. No check may be accepted Keep your receipt and show it when you claim your ePassport in person after 6 weeks. your old passport number and mobile number in Korea. The Consulate may require additional requirements . taking of thumb marks and digital signature. such as those returning for good to the Philippines.550) and give your full name including middle name.Consular Fee: Won 33. Revised Requirements for Reports of Birth By: Philippine Embassy in Korea Source: http://www.Valid passports/ travel documents of the parents 6. Mobile registration services. picture taking.How to Apply for ePassport UPDATE FROM THE PHILIPPINE EMBASSY OAV Registration Ongoing at the Philippine Embassy Filipinos in South Korea who intend to vote here for the senatorial and party-list elections in May 2013 are reminded to register as overseas absentee voters at the Philippine Embassy in Seoul. can also have their records transferred by the Philippine Embassy. If marriage was in the Philippines. Go to the encoder for encoding of data.Birth Certificate issued by the Korean hospital where child was born ( with English translation) 3. Get a copy of the courier form. done alongside with mobile passport services.11:30am -11:50am. copy of Report of Marriage duly received by the Philippine Embassy with jurisdiction to register the marriage. (Notarization fee of affidavit is Won 33. Affidavit of Late Registration of Birth. Requirements:  Old Philippine Passport and a photocopy of the passport data page.11:30am -11:50am. South Korea Source: http://www. if necessary.

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Greater Convenience at 4 Sunday Locations of Western Union Korea Volume 16 Issue 11 One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Page 15 .

Page 16 One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Volume 16 Issue 11 .