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For Residential or Commercial Radiant Heating and Snow Melt Applications

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Actuator and Valve Body Kit

Size: 3/4" (19.1 mm) Sweat
Actuators and Valve Body Kits are a convenient way to add zone valve control where conditions warrant.

Actuators are normally closed and will open when power is applied. Travel time for the actuators is approximately 90 seconds to close the end switch. Each actuator has four wires: two for power, two for an end switch (see wiring diagrams on reverse). A typical 40-VA transformer can power 12 actuators. Valve Bodies are of machined brass and sized to fit 3/4" (19.1 mm) copper pipe. Technical Details Voltage Amperage Power Endswitch Rating Minimum Ambient Temperature Maximum Ambient Temperature Minimum Storage Temperature Maximum Storage Temperature Valve Travel Time Blue/Brown Wire Black/Black Wire 24 VAC 700 mA (0.7 A) 2.5 VA (2.5 W) 175 W 32F (0.0C) 122F (50.0C) -77F (-60.5C) 140F (60.0C) 90 Seconds 24 VAC End Switch

Actuator and Valve Body


Valve indicator window (red = closed, black = open) Swivel connector

Installation Parameters
1. Remove the actuator from the valve body. 2. Prep location the valve body is to be added. 3. Sweat valve body to copper return line. 4. When valve body cools sufficiently, re-attach actuator. 5.  Make the wiring connections according to the wiring diagram on reverse.

Black lead Brown lead Blue lead Black lead

Replacement Actuators are available separately.


Qty Description Actuator and Valve Body Kit, 3/4" (19.1 mm)

Order # 0955113


This Engineering Sheet is not intended to provide full installation instructions and safety information. In order to avoid property damage or injury, please refer to the complete installation manual and product safety information provided with the product.




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Incoming line voltage to the pump (based on pump requirement)

Relay 24 VAC coil Less than 16 VA

Brown Blue Black Black

120 VAC input

120 VAC to 240 VAC transformer (minimum 10 VA)


Valve actuators wired to circulator via an external relay.

Application Example - Three Zone Valves on Return with Actuators.

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