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A Project Study REPORT ON Training Undertaken at


Submitted in partial fulfillment for the Award of



Submitted By: xxxxxxxxxxxx mba Part II (Sem III)

Submitted To: Dr. H.O.D.

Deepshikha College of Technical Education, Jaipur



DECLARATION xxxxxxxx S/O Mr xxxxxx declares that the project report Titled ” Banking Operations In Axis Bank “ is based on my project study. This project report is my original work and this has not been used for any purpose anywhere. xxxxxx 4 .

My training in Axis Bank. Axis Bank is today one of the most competitive & profitable banking franchise in India as can be clearly depicted by the analysis of its portfolio of banking services. I tried my best to explore the truth in our project for understanding practical way of working. The report has been prepaid and is presented under various heading as introduction. 5 . organization profile. The training is necessary part for the fulfillment of the PGDM degree course helps the students to gain knowledge about various aspects to the industry. It has helped me to enhance my knowledge about the functions of the industry. Jaipur was an attempt in this regard. The bank has launched several for various categories of consumers to enhance its deposit mix. This project deals with this aspect especially with the saving account features. The project work provided to me was “Banking Operations In Axis Bank”. research objective & scope of research project etc. emphasizing on the development of skills in analyzing and interpreting practical problem through application of concept & theory.Mba IIIRD SEM Preface/Prelude The PGDM Curriculum has been designed to provide to the future Manager’s ample practical exposure to the business world.

6 .

for guiding me right from the inception till the successful completion of the project. (xxxxxx) 7 . Mr. I sincerely acknowledge him/her/them for extending their valuable guidance.. critical reviews of project and the report and above all the moral support he/she/they had provided to me with all stages of this project. Jitendra virahyas for their help and cooperation throughout our project.Acknowledgement I express my sincere thanks to my project guide. support for literature. Deepak Jain . I would also like to thank the supporting staff of all the company Department. especially for the Mr. of Axis bank.

Executive Summary The banking sector in India has become very much competitive in last few years with the increasing growth of private and public sector banks. working hours. AXIS bank was established in and is working with larger assets side in private sector banks. communication process and technology. The quality of service is best among competitor. A majority was satisfied with the facility provided. in both domestic and overseas geographies. customer wants some modification in the provided facilities so they can give suggestions to make them according to their expectations. products.corporate and facilitating the cross-selling of third-party products. SME and mid. Day by day the competition is most stringent and crucial. retail assets. The satisfaction amount the existing salary accounts holders and the saving account holders of AXIS bank was revealed most of the aspects were at the satisfactory level. services. which is built on customer-convenience and service. The Bank has developed a branch network. I concluded the survey to get the information regarding the new potential salary accounts and saving accounts relations and satisfactions level of existing salary accounts and saving accounts for cross sale of other products. helping it particularly in the acquisition of low cost retail deposits. Regarding some factor. lending to agriculture. to enlarge its reach and accelerate its business momentum. As a conscious strategy of building an organic growth engine during the year. Various products and services offered by a bank need continuous up gradation through customer 8 . I undertook training in AXIS bank limited Kota for profiling to understanding the banking operation and marketing its product. the bank continued to expand its distribution network.

9) APPENDIX……………………………………………………………………… 10) BIBLIOGRAPHY……………………………………………………………… 9 ..5) SAMPLE SIZE AND METHOD OF SELECTING SAMPLE…….1) TITLE OF THE STUDY…………………………………………….6) SCOPE OF STUDY………………………………………………… 3.7) LIMITATION OF THE STUDY…………………………………….…………… 3) RESEARCH METHODOLOGY………………………………..…………. 3..……………… 2) INTRODUCTION TO THE ORGANIZATION……………….4) TYPE OF RESEARCH ……………………………………………... 3.. 5) ANALYSIS……………………………………………………………………… 6) SWOT…………………………………………………………………………… 7) CONCLUSION…………………………………………………………………… 8) RECOMMENDATION AND SUGGESTIONS………………………………...2) DURATION OF THE PROJECT………………………………….3) OBJECTIVE OF STUDY…………………………………………. 3. 4) FACTS AND FINDINGS………………………………………………………..TABLE OF CONTENTS 1) INTRODUCTION TO THE INDUSTRY……………… ….. 3... 3.. 3.


Banking in India originated in the first decade of 18th century. The first banks were The General Bank of India, which started in 1786, and Bank of Hindustan, both of which are now defunct. The oldest bank in existence in India is the State Bank of India, which originated in the “The Bank of Bengal” in Calcutta in June 1806. This was one of the three presidency banks, the other two being the Bank of Bombay and the Bank of Madras. The presidency banks were established under charters from the British East India Company. They merged in 1925 to form the Imperial Bank of India, which, upon India’ independence, became the State Bank of India. For many year the Presidency banks acted as quasi-central banks, as did their successors. The Reserve Bank of India formally took on the responsibility of regulating the Indian banking sector from 1935; After India’s independence in 1947, Reserve Bank was nationalized and given broader powers. The reserve bank of India, as the central bank of the country, closely monitors developments in the whole financial sector. The banking sector is dominated by scheduled commercial bank (SCBs), As at end march 2002 there were 296 commercial banks operating in India this included 27 topic sector banks (PBS), 31 private sector, 42 foreign banks and 196 regional rural bank. Also there are 67 schedule cooperative banks consisting of 51 scheduled urban cooperative banks and 16 schedule state cooperative banks. Schedule commercial banks touched on the growth was 14.5 % against 17.3 % of the earlier year.


State bank of India is still the largest bank in India with the market share of 20 %. AXIS bank having good position with the net profit 192.18 crore in the banking sector of the country. Higher provisioning norms, tighter assets classification norms dispensing with the concept of the ‘past due’ for recognition of NPAs lowering of ceiling on exposure to a single borrower and group exposure etc, are among important measure in order to improve the banking sector. A minimum stipulated capital adequacy ratio (CAR) was introduce to strengthen the ability of banks to absorb laws and the ratio as subsequently been raised from 8%-9%. It is proposed to like CAR to 12 % by 2004 based on the basic committee recommendation. Retail banking is the new mantra in the banking sectors the home loan alone account for nearly two-third of the total retail portfolio of the bank. According to the 1 estimate the retail segment is expected to grow at 30 % to 40 % in coming year. Net banking, phone banking, mobile banking, ATMs and bill payments are the new buzz words that banks are using to lure customers. The RBI is now planning to transfer of its strkes in the SBI, NBH and national bank for agriculture And rural development to the private players. Also, the government has thought to lower its holding in PSBs to a minimum of 33% of total capital by following them to raise capital from market Bank are free to acquire shares, convertible debentures of corporate and unite of equity oriented mutual finds, subject to a ceiling of 5% of the total outstanding advance (including commercial papers) as on march 31st of the previous year. The finance ministry split out structure of the government sponsored ARC called the assets reconstruction company (India) LTD (ARCIL), this pilot project of the ministry would have way for smoother functioning of the credit market in the country. The government will hold 49% stake and player will hold the rest 51%. The AXIS bank holds around 10%.


BANKING IN INDIA: Without a sound and effective banking system in India it cannot have a healthy economy. The banking system of India should not only be hassle free but it should be able to meet new challenges posed by the technology and any other external and internal factors. For the past three decades India's banking system has several outstanding achievements to its credit. The most striking is its extensive reach. It is no longer confined to only metropolitans or cosmopolitans in India. In fact, Indian banking system has reached even to the remote corners of the country. This is one of the main reasons of India's growth process.

1.1 EARLY HISTORY The first fully Indian owned bank was Allahabad Bank, established in 1865. However, at eh end of late – 18th century, there were hardly any banks in India in the modern sense of the term. The American Civil War stopped the supply the supply of cotton to Lancashire from the Confederate States. Promoters opened banks to finance trading in Indian cotton. With large exposure to speculative ventures, most of the banks opened in India during that period failed. The depositors lost money and lost interest in keeping deposits with banks. Subsequently, banking in India remained the exclusive domain of Europeans for next several decades until the beginning of the 20th century. Foreign banks too stated to arrive, particularly, in Calcutta, in the 1860s. The Composite d’Escompte de Paris opened a branch in Calcutta in 1860, and another in Bombay in 1862; branches in madras and Pondichery, then a French colony, followed, Calcutta was the most active trading port in India, mainly due to the trade of the British Empire, and so became a banking center. The Bank of Bengal, which later became the State Bank of India.


the journey of Indian Banking System can be segregated into three distinct phases. mostly owned by Europeans. All these banks operated in different segments of the economy. was established in 1786. Punjab National Bank is the first Swadeshi Bank founded by the leaders like Lala Lajpat Rai. We are like some old fashioned sailing ship. From 1786 till today. They are as mentioned below: 13 . The exchange banks. divided by solid wooden bulkheads into separate and cumbersome compartments. The first bank in India. the Indian economy was passing through a relative period of stability. The Swadeshi movement in particular inspired local businessmen and political figures to found banks of and for the Indian community. Bank of Baroda. and the social. Around five decades had elapsed since the Indian Mutiny. though conservative. most of which served particular ethnic and religious communities. Indian.” By the 1900s. Indians has established small banks. industrial and other infrastructure had improved. This segmentation let Lord Cruzan to observe. “In respect of banking it seems we are behind the times. Canara Bank and Central Bank of India. Corporation Bank. The presidency banks dominated banking in India. Indian joint stocks banks were generally undercapitalized and lacked the experience and maturity to compete with the presidency and exchange banks. the market expanded with the establishment of banks such as Punjab National Bank. in 1895 in Lahore and Bank of India in 1906.Around the turn of the 20th century. A number of banks established then have survived to the present such as Bank of India. concentrated on financing foreign trade. There were also some exchange banks and a number of Indian joint stock banks. Mumbai – both of which were founded under private ownership. Sardar Dyal Singh Majithia.

PHASE II: 14 . funds were largely given to the traders. 1949 which was later changed to Banking Regulation Act 1949 as per amending Act of 1965 (Act No. Abreast of it the savings 5 bank facility provided by the Postal department was comparatively safer. During those day’s public has lesser confidence in the banks.Early phase from 1786 to 1969 of Indian Banks PHASE II . As an aftermath deposit mobilization was slow.Nationalization of Indian Banks and up to 1991 PHASE III . the Government of India came up with The Banking Companies Act. mostly Europeans shareholders. Next came Bank of Hindustan and Bengal Bank. 23 of 1965). During the first phase the growth was very slow and banks also experienced periodic failures between 1913 and 1948. There were approximately 1100 banks.Indian Financial & Banking Sector Reforms after 1991. mostly small. Moreover. Bank of Bombay (1840) and Bank of Madras (1843) as independent units and called it Presidency Banks. Reserve Bank of India was vested with extensive powers for the supervision of banking in India as the Central Banking Authority. To streamline the functioning and activities of commercial banks. PHASE I: The General Bank of India was set up in the year 1786. The East India Company established Bank of Bengal (1809). These three banks were amalgamated in 1920 and Imperial Bank of India was established which started as private shareholders banks.PHASE I .

the branches of the public sector bank India raised to approximately 800% in deposits and advances took a huge jump by 11. 1961: Insurance cover extended to deposits. 1969: Nationalization of 14 major banks. 1980: Nationalization of seven banks with deposits over 200 crore. This step brought 80% of the banking segment in India under Government ownership.Government took major steps in this Indian Banking Sector Reform after independence. 1975: Creation of regional rural banks.Banking in the sunshine of Government ownership gave the public implicit faith and immense confidence about the sustainability of these institutions. After the nationalization of banks.000%. 1955: Nationalization of State Bank of India. it nationalized Imperial Bank of India with extensive banking facilities on a large scale especially in rural and semi-urban areas. PHASE III 15 . The following are the steps taken by the Government of India to Regulate Banking Institutions in the Country: 1949: Enactment of Banking Regulation Act. In 1955. 1959: Nationalization of SBI subsidiaries. Second phase of nationalization Indian Banking Sector Reform was carried out in 1980 with seven more banks. 1971: Creation of credit guarantee corporation.

The entire system 6 became more convenient and swift. a committee was set up by his name which worked for the liberalisation of banking practices. the foreign reserves are high.This phase has introduced many more products and facilities in the banking sector in its reforms measure. The country is flooded with foreign banks and their ATM stations. NATIONALIZED BANKS IN IDNA 16 . It is sheltered from any crisis triggered by any external macroeconomics shock as other East Asian Countries suffered. under the chairmanship of M Narasimham. The financial system of India has shown a great deal of resilience. Efforts are being put to give a satisfactory service to customers. This is all due to a flexible exchange rate regime. the capital account is not yet fully convertible. Phone banking and net banking is introduced. In 1991. and banks and their customers have limited foreign exchange exposure.

Banking System in India is dominated by nationalized banks. The nationalization of banks in India took place in 1969 by Mrs. Indira Gandhi the then prime minister. The major objective behind nationalization was to spread banking infrastructure in rural areas and make available cheap finance to Indian farmers. Fourteen banks were nationalized in 1969. Before 1969, State of India (SBI) was only public sector bank in India. SBI was nationalized in 1955 under the SBI Act of 1955. The second phase of nationalization of Indian banks took place in the year 1980. Seven more banks were nationalized with deposits over 200 crores

List of Public Sector Banks in India is as follows :  Allahabad Bank  Andhra Bank  Bank of Baroda  Bank of India  Bank of Maharashtra  Canara Bank  Central Bank of India  Corporation Bank  Dena Bank  Indian Bank  Indian Overseas Bank
 Oriental Bank of Commerce

 Punjab and Sind Bank  Punjab National Bank  State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur  State Bank of Hyderabad

 State Bank of India (SBI)

 State Bank of Indore  State Bank of Mysore  State Bank of Patiala  State Bank of Saurashtra  State Bank of Travancore  Syndicate Bank  UCO Bank  Union Bank of India  United Bank of India s  Vijaya Bank

PRIVATE BANKS All the banks in India were earlier private banks. They were founded in the preindependence era to cater to the banking needs of the people. But after nationalization of banks in 1969 public sector banks came to occupy dominant role in the banking structure. Private sector banking in India received a fillip in 1994 when Reserve Bank of India encouraged setting up to private banks as part of its policy of liberalization of the Indian Banking Industry. Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC) was amongst the first to receive an ‘In principle’ approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to set up a bank in the private sector. Private Banks have played a major role in the development of Indian banking industry. They have made banking more efficient and customer friendly. In the process they have jolted public sector banks out of complacency and forced them to become more competitive.


Major Private Banks of India  Bank of Rajasthan  Bharat Overseas Bank  Axis Bank  Catholic Syrian Bank  Centurion Bank of Punjab  Dhanalakshmi Bank  Federal Bank  HDFC Bank  ICICI Bank  IDBI Bank  Indusind Bank  ING Vysya Bank  Jammu & Kashmir Bank  Karnataka Bank  Karur Vysya Bank  Kotak Mahindra Bank  SBI Commercial and International Bank  South Indian Bank  United Western Bank  UTI Bank  YES Bank


swaminarayan@axisbank. 17 to 24. Samartheshwar Temple. Cuffed Parade. : 022 – 67074407 Fax Central Office Maker Towers ‘F’. : 079 – 2640 9322 Fax No. No. Colaba. 3rd Floor. Opp.oza@axisbank. INTRODUCTION TO THE ORGANIZATION UNIT : AXIS BANK LIMITED Plot No. Hyderabad – 500 081 Tel. Law Garden. Ellis Bridge. Vithalrao Nagar. : 040 – 23420815 to 23420824 Fax No. Ahmedabad – 380 006. Mumbai – Web site : www.axisbank.2. No. : 022 – 2218 6944/2218 1429 20 . : 040-23420814 Registered Office ‘Trishul’. : 079 – 2640 9321 Email : p. 13th Floor. Tel No. Madhapur.

230. Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) and General Insurance Corporation Ltd.. The Bank's Registered Office is at Ahamdabad and its Central Office is located at Mumbai. AXIS.AXIS Bank was the first of the new private banks to have begun operations in 1994. The New India Assurance Company. The Oriental Insurance Corporation and United Insurance Company Ltd. the largest mutual fund in India.88 Crore with the public holding (other than promoters) at 45. The Bank today is capitalized to the extent of Rs. The Bank has strengths in both retail and corporate banking and is committed to adopting the best industry practices internationally in order to achieve excellence 21 .63%. The Bank has a network of over 2010 ATMs providing 24hrs a day banking convenience to its customers. after the Government of India allowed new private banks to be established. and its four subsidiaries viz. promoted the Bank jointly National Insurance Company Ltd. This is one of the largest ATM networks in the country. Presently the Bank has a very wide network of more than 200 branch offices and Extension Counters.

22 . The Oriental Insurance Corporation and United Insurance Company Ltd..The latest offerings of the bank along with Dollar variant is the Euro and Pound Sterling variants of the International Travel Currency Card. With the AT PAR cheque facility. The ceiling per instrument is Rs. By the end of December 2004. National Insurance Company Ltd. The Travel Currency Card is a signature based pre-paid travel card which enables traveler’s global access to their money in local currency of the visiting country in a safe and convenient way.000/-. 232. Also with associates viz.86 Crores with 47.7 million debit cards. Axis Bank India commits to adopt the best industry practices internationally to achieve excellence.50% public holding other than promoters.COMPANY PROFILE: AXIS BANK Axis Bank India. Axis Bank in India today is capitalised with Rs. Axis Bank was jointly promoted by the Administrator of the specified undertaking of the  Unit Trust of India (UTI-I)  Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)  General Insurance Corporation Ltd. to all its Savings Bank customers in all the places across the country where it has presence. It has more than 200 branch offices and Extension Counters in the country with over 1250 Axis Bank ATM proving to be one of the largest ATM networks in the country. the first bank to begin operations as new private banks in 1994 after the Government of India allowed new private banks to be established. This is the first bank in India to offer the AT PAR Cheque facility. Axis Bank in India had over 2. Axis Bank has strengths in retail as well as corporate banking. The New India Assurance Company. without any charges. customers can make cheque payments to any beneficiary at any of its existence place. 50.

Progressive globalization and achieving international standards. Efficiency and effectiveness built on ethical practices replications 23 . capital of large scale and should have the potential for both near and long term impact. which are designed to improve the capacity of the poorest of the poor to participate in the larger economy. • Customer Service and Product Innovation tuned to diverse needs of individual and corporate clientele. • These initiatives much be east effective.The Bank has strengths in both retail and corporate banking and is committed to adopting the best industry practices internationally in order to achieve excellence Vision • To be the preferred brand for total financial banking solAXISons for both corporate and individuals Mission • To identify and support initiative. • • • Continuous technology up gradation while maintaining human values. • To leverage technology in orders to overcome constraints and enhanced the effectiveness of various social initiatives.

Integrity and People. • • • Core Values • “Smile. Efficiency and effectiveness built on ethical practices. Continuous technology up gradating while maintaining human values. Customer Satisfaction through providing quality service effectively and efficiently. • Maximization of Stakeholder value. it enhances An individual’s face value” is a service quality stressed on Periodic Customer Service Audits. BOARD OF DIRECTORS 24 . • Success through Teamwork. Progressive globalization and achieving international standards.Mission • • Customer service and product innovation tuned to diverse needs of individual and corporate clientele.

Kervy Computer share Private Limited Registrar and Share Transfer Agent PRODUCT AND SERVICES 25 . Auditors Chartered Accountants M/s. N. C.Sikha Sharma Surendra Singh N. L. J. Batilobi & Co. B. Singhal A. Pammor Selvam J. Patil Rama Bijapurkar R. Subbiah Ramesh Ramanathan K. Oza Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Director Director Director Director Director Director Director Director Director Director Company Secretary M/s S. Vaish M. Verma R. R. Prithviraj P. H. T. V. R.

PRODUCT  Deposits (saving account and current account)  Loans  BANACASSURANCE  Cards Services  ATM  Mobile Banking  Internet Banking  Payments  Other Services 26 .

 Tele-banking  IConnectTM Internet Banking  Multi-city ‘At par’ cheque book for all Savings Accounts holders  Free Anywhere Banking facility  Auto sweep facility for excess balances into high interest earning term deposits  Quarterly statement of account. Tele-banking and ATMs 27 . Features  Interest paid on a quarterly basis @ 3.5% per annum. Easy Access Saving Account (Banking made easy) The account is an endeavor by the Bank to understand the consumers’ needs and redefine banking to suit an individual requirement for a truly comfortable banking experience. Easy Access Saving Account gives an individual instant access to individual money anywhere.  Access to account information over iconnect. Possessing a range of unmatched features. Students & Trusts/NGOs besides a very competitive offering in the Salary Account category. anytime. it has been devised to better suit the convenience of Axis Bank’s eclectic client base.  International Debit Card.SAVING ACCOUNTS The Bank has launched customized saving account products for various categories of customers – Senior Citizens.

and 2. Senior Privilege (Because life begins at sixty) Features         funds Dedicated Relationship Managers Free At-Par Chequebook Free International VISA Debit Cards for primary and joint account holders Free Monthly Statement of Accounts and Free Passbook Free Insurance of Pay Orders or Demand Drafts drawn on Axis Bank Branches Free Inward Remittances Free Outward Remittances once a year Faster credits to foreign cheques providing An individual prompt availability of          Remitted by An individuals near and dear ones abroad Cheque pickup and Cash delivery services Anywhere Banking Telebanking Free Mobile Banking IConnect Customized Load Offerings Complimentary Financial Planning Silver Health – Medical Insurance for Senior Citizens (AQB Criteria : Rs. 5.500 in semi urban centers.00) 28 .An individual can avail of all these services with a minimum quarterly average balance of Rs. 10.000 in metro or urban centers.

Keeping this ideal in mind. What’s interesting is that the Smart Privilege Account ensures that a Woman have enough time for all those important things in life. Now with the Smart Privilege Account a Woman can manage her money. her life and enjoy a host of lifestyle privileges as well. we at Axis Bank have designed a savings accounts best suited for the woman of today. Right from shutting between a job and family to taking care of her finances she has to be on her heels all the time.Smart Privilege Account ( For the woman of today) In today’s busy world it’s tough being a workingwoman. Features  Jewellery Insurance on Debit Card  Zero Balance Minor Account  At-par cheque facility  Monthly Account Statement  Additional discounts on loans  Iconnect TM  Financial Advisory Services  Discount on Retail Purchases 29 .

Trust/NGO Savings Account (Thoughtful banking for people who spend their lives thinking of others) Axis Bank’s Trust Account is an effort to offer thoughtful banking for people who spend their lives thinking of others. Free collection of cheques at outstation locations. Facility for collecting donations in An individual’s account through Axis Bank’s network of Branches and Extension Counters across the country. Government Bodies. Features        A Savings Account for individual’s Trust with a confessional Average Quarterly Balance. Free Collection of cheques Doorstep banking services 30 .       Monthly statement of account Free internet Banking facility Free Demat Account Assistance for Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act accounts for receiving donations from abroad. Monthly Statement of Account delivered at An individual’s doorstep. as well as through iConnect – Axis Bank’s Internet Banking facility. Section 25 companies and NGOs. Free Demand Drafts or Pay Orders as and when required by An individual to remit funds. A multi-city at-par cheque facility with no limit on clearing payments at centers across the country wherever we are present. Associations. It is a complete banking solution for Trust. Free Anywhere Banking across all Axis Bank’s Branches and Extension Counters and over all Axis Bank’s ATMs. so that the organizations can devote all of their time to their noble motivations. Societies.

The account while offering an individual a whole range of services also addresses an individual’s latent need of having an account without the hassle of maintaining an average quarterly balance. Salary Saving Account comes with a host of facilities that give an individual employees access to the complete gamut of banning services (including overdrafts.Zero Balance Savings Account (Save at Zero) Presenting. but also provide an individual employees with a range of value added benefits.000 24X7 Telebanking & Internet banking Free quarterly statements Salary Power (The complete financial solution) Salary Savings Account from Axis Bank will do the job for an individual. Features        No Average Quarterly Balance requirement Free International Debit Card with an Accidental Insurance cover up to Rs 2 Lakhs (Charges for the primary holder are waived) Free mobile banking facility Access through more than 675 branches and more than 2800 ATMs At-par cheque facility with the clearing limit of Rs 50. through Axis Bank’s centralized database). Axis Bank’s Zero Balance Savings Account. It has been Axis Bank’s constant endeavor to create products specifically catering to An individual’s needs. Which is why we have tailored Axis Bank’s Salary Savings Account not only to be a convenient may for An individual to manage salaries (across various centers. loans 31 . We know ho important employee satisfaction is for an organization to grow to its full potential.

25000 daily • Purchase protection and Zero Card liability • Accepted at more than 1 million ATMs and more than 26 million Point of Sale 5 Computerized Statements terminals worldwide • Free on a quarterly basis • Free monthly statements on email (Customer has to register for internet 6 7 8 Joint Account Facility Flexi (2-in-1) Encase Demand Drafts Banking) Available Available subject to terms and conditions Deposits* Free Demand Drafts drawn on Axis Bank 32 .500 (rural & semi-urban branches) as the case may be in the two quarters before the date of the incident. Making it the perfect incentive for an individual employees. Features 1 2 3 4 Balance Requirement Anywhere Banking Cheque books International Debit cum ATM Card No minimum balance Available across the country Multi-city at-par Cheque Book • Personal Accident Insurance Cover of Up to Rs 2 lacks per cardholder [to keep An individual’s personal accident Insurance cover activated.000 (urban & metropolitan branches) or Rs 2. An individual should Have made a purchase transaction in 365 days prior to the day of the incident & should have maintained an average quarterly balance of Rs 5.]* • Cash withdrawal of up to Rs.and zero-balance requirements) on a preferential basis.

g. Free (available for 24 hr Axis Bank’s at select centers) Available Available Transfer funds from An individual’s Salary Power account to any bank account in India 24 25 Meal Card Gift Card free of charge The best substitute for the traditional Sodexo/Accor Meal coupons/vouchers. Prepaid. Online shopping and E20 21 22 23 Telebanking Mobile Banking Nomination Facility Funds Transfer Brokering. Rupee Denominated.. Non Reload able card – Ideal for gifting.9 10 11 12 13 Overdraft facility Outstation Cheques De mat Account Financial Advisory Services Poer Loaned * Branches Up to 50% of net salary at Personal Loan rates* Free collection. only out-of pocket expenses to be recovered Available Available • Power Homes – Housing Loans • Personal Power – Personal Loans • Study Power – Educational Loans • Consumer Power – Consumer Loans • Power Drive – Vehicle Loans Access to any Bank ATM Available Available Unique facility of availing Insurance option in built in the account Available Unique facility of availing SIP option in built in the account Available Available as iConnect features like free bill with enhanced (e. 14 15 16 17 18 19 Optional Gold Debit Card Credit Cards Online Trading Built-in Insurance (Medical and Burglary) scheme Built-in SIP scheme Internet Banking payments electricity bills) and electronic payment of premiums (LIC – Insurance Premium) at select centers. 33 .

Power Salute (Salute to the defense forces) Defense Salary Account from Axis Bank is a product designed keeping in mind how though a life in the Defense Forces is. Features 1 2 3 4 Balance Requirement No minimum balance Anywhere Banking Available across the country Cheque books Multi-city at-par Cheque Book International Debit cum ATM • Personal Accident Insurance Cover of Up to Card Rs 2 lacks per cardholder [to keep An individual’s personal accident Insurance cover activated. An individual can access the entire Axis Bank network. including more than 2300 ATMs and 550 branch offices (and growing) no matter where An individual are posted. An individual should Have made a purchase transaction in 365 days prior to the day of the incident & should have maintained an average quarterly balance of Rs 5.000 (urban & metropolitan branches) or Rs 2. no minimum balance is required either. Not only does it come to An individual absolutely free. loans and zerobalance requirements) an individual can now rest assured about his family and all their financial needs.500 (rural & semi-urban branches) as the case may be in the two quarters before the date of the 34 . With the complete gamut of banking services (including overdrafts. It’s Axis Bank’s way of showing Axis Bank’s appreciation to An individual’s work.

]* • Cash withdrawal of up to Rs. only out-of pocket expenses to be recovered Available Available • Power Homes – Housing Loans • Personal Power – Personal Loans • Study Power – Educational Loans • Consumer Power – Consumer Loans • Power Drive – Vehicle Loans Access to any Bank ATM Available Available 35 1 4 1 5 1 Optional Gold Debit Card Credit Cards Online Trading . 25000 daily • Purchase protection and Zero Card liability • Accepted at more than 1 million ATMs and more than 26 million Point of Sale terminals 5 Computerized Statements worldwide • Free on a quarterly basis • Free monthly statements on email (Customer has 6 7 8 9 1 0 1 1 1 2 1 3 Joint Account Facility Flexi (2-in-1) Encase Demand Drafts Overdraft facility Outstation Cheques De mat Account Financial Advisory Services Poer Loaned * to register for internet Banking) Available Available subject to terms and conditions Deposits* Free Demand Drafts drawn on Axis Bank Branches Up to 50% of net salary at Personal Loan rates* Free collection.incident.

Experience a host of unparalleled features and heightened convenience with Azaado Accont.. Non Reload able card – Ideal for gifting. 36 . mandatory amount in an individual’s account.6 1 7 1 8 1 9 Built-in Insurance (Medical Unique facility of availing Insurance option in and Burglary) scheme Built-in SIP scheme Internet Banking built in the account Available Unique facility of availing SIP option in built in the account Available Available as iConnect with enhanced features like free bill payments (e.. Azaadi – No Frills Account (Basic banking with zero balance) A savings account that doesn’t require a minimum balance. Free (available for 24 hr Axis Bank’s at select centers) Available Available Transfer funds from An individual’s Salary Power account to any bank account in India free of charge The best substitute Meal Card Gift Card for the traditional Sodexo/Accor Meal coupons/vouchers. electricity bills) and electronic payment of premiums (LIC – Insurance Premium) at select centers. Online 2 0 2 1 2 2 2 3 2 4 2 5 Telebanking Mobile Banking Nomination Facility Funds Transfer shopping and E-Brokering. Rupee Denominated.g. Feature  Zero Balance Savings Account : No need to maintain a fixed. Prepaid.

anytime from anywhere over telephone or using the internet. debit card PIN.  Phone Banking and Internet Banking : An individual can conveniently check An individual’s balance.  International Debit Card : Which gives an individual access to over 1. transaction details etc. for no extra charge. enabling an individual to make deposits or withdraw cash at anytime of the day of night. Instant Welcome Kit : Handed over to An individual at the time of account opening.800 ATMs across the country. 37 . debit card. the kit will consist of an individual’s account number. internet banking PIN and phone banking PIN numbers.

 Tele.  Tele.  Quarterly statement of account.  Free international Debit Card.SPECIAL SCHEME FOR SAVINGS BANK ACCOUNT Saving account for students Features :  Minimum average quarterly balance (AQB) of Rs.banking  IconnectTM Internet Banking 38 . 500.  Quarterly statement of account.  Free international Debit Card.banking  IConnect Internet Banking Savings account for Demat customers Features :  Minimum average quarterly balance (AQB) of Rs. 500.

Features  Priority Banking Lounge : As a Priority banking customer an individual will have access to an exclusive ‘Priority Banking Lounge’ at branches. This also makes business sense. offer a specialized banking service to their elite customers.05% of Axis Bank’s total retail deposits. the idea of providing a certain bit of differentiation in service and treatment to a segment of its customers with a view towards customer retention. In general. Priority Banking was launched in order to cater to the needs of the high net worth customers within the bank. The definition of the value of relationship and services offered differs across banks. as more often than not. The nucleus of these services has essentially four important components  Personalized service  Investment advisory Services  Prefential pricing of banking products/services  Lifestyle privileges. Most of Banks. MNC banks define the HNI segment taking into account the customers’ liability as well as. The product has at its core.72 % of Axis Bank’s retail customers contribute to nearly 49. private as well as foreign. Hence. most of the business in a particular branch flows from a handful of clients.Priority Banking – Resident In a segmentation study undertaken in 2002. it was found that 2. assail relationship with the bank (Between 20-30 Lakhs and above) whereas the Indian private banks only take in the savings bank balances and term deposits (Between 5-10 Lakhs ans above). The clients that bring a larger share of business to the Bank expect a differentiated standard of service. This will allow an individual to conduct his financial 39 . acquisition and cross selling.

enhanced insurance over and a host of special discounts and offers.  Dedicated Relationship Manager An individual will enjoy access to a dedicated Relationship Manager who will be his one point contact at branch for all An his banking transactions thus ensuring that An individual would neither have to move from one counter to the other nor stand in queues to await his turn. 40 . especially for Axis Bank’s Priority Banking Customers.transactions in utmost comfort and confidentiality through an exclusive Relationship Manager.  Investment Privileges Avail of assistance in financial planning.  Exclusive Priority Banking International Debit card This card allows an individual free access to all VISA ATMs in Idea.  Home Banking Experience the convenience of Axis Bank’s home banking facilities. plays. and invitations to investor meets are offered complimentary to an individual. We aim to provide a different lifestyle experience through Lifestyle privileges like exclusive invitations to movie screenings. it’s all about just financial series. An individual also get Prefential Interest Rates and lowered Processing Fees on select Retail Loans. Avail of free cash and cheque pick-up delivery at an individual’s or residence. higher POS transaction limits at merchant establishments.  Lifestyle privileges However. Investment advice market information reports. music concerns and other special events sponsored by Axis Bank. The card also comes with higher ATM withdrawal limits.

√ As a Priority Banking customer. demand drafts and pay orders. a salaried employee or an entrepreneur. there would be no issuance charge on Axis Bank’s Travel Currency Card. Whether an individual are a student. This account permits a NRI to hoed and maintain foreign currency earnings in Indian rupees. free passbook updates and monthly statements. The Principal and interest earned on these balances are freely reportable. a professional. 41 . Other Banking Privileges √ Enjoy a host of banking privileges like free at-par cheques.  Free iConnect: 24 X 7 account access through secure internet banking facility from anywhere and anytime. Features  Low minimum balance requirement of Rs 5. Non-Resident (External) NRE Saving Account Any person resident outside India may open NRE account. one free outward remittance per quarter and free Mobile banking.  Online shopping mall and utility bill payment facility be using Axis Bank’s Internet based iConnect banking login. √ An individual would also be entitled to two free minor accounts.000  ‘Multicity’ cheque book which will permit An individual to make payment via cheque across multiple locations  Mandate or Power of Attorney facility available so that in An individual’s absence from the country An individual can authorize his relative or friend to operate conduct banking transactions on his behalf. this account will meet all an individual’s banking need.

5 9.75 9 10 9 8.75 9.5 % Rates Effective from : Thursday.5 42 . 2008 PERIOD DEPOSITS INTEREST RATES ON DOMESTIC DEPOSITS (%) Interest Rate on Interest Rates for Interest Rate 15Deposits Below Senior citizen Rs 15 Lakhs 7 days to 14 days 15 days to 29 days 3 30 days to 45 days 4 46 days to 60 days 5 61 days to less 5.75 9.00.5 5 Year 5 year years upto 10 8.75 10.25 50 Lakhs 1 3 4 5 5.5 8.000 on Axis Bank’s Debit Card (The insurance cover will come in force only after An individual make his first successful payment transaction at any merchant establishment.5 3 4 5 5.25 9.5 6 6 7.5 6 6 8.)*  Tax Advisory Services from Axis Bank’s empanelled consultants Saving Account Deposit Interest Rate – 3.5 than 3 months 3 months to less 6 than 4 months 4 months to less 6 than 6 months 6 months to less 7. August 21. Free personal accident cover of Indian Rupees 2.75 than 9 months 9 months to less 9 than 1 Year 1 Year to less than 10 2 Year 2 Year to less than 9 3 Year 3 Year to less than 8.

Axis Bank’s Internet banking platform as also through Tele-Banking facility and can receive account balance information on mobile telephones and electronic mail. Trade. Axis Bank’s Current Account came equipped with the following features to give maximum value for an individual’s money. The Banks offers a range of current account products to meet the needs of the various customer segments such as Small Enterprises. In addition to conventional banking facilities. Customers are subject to transaction charges including charges for non-maintenance of the committed balances. Corporate and intuitions. Axis Bank brings different kinds of current accounts for different types of businesses Select the one that best suits an individual’s business requirements. The various Current Accounts offered by the Bank are:  Normal Current Account  Business Advantage  Business Classic  Business Privilege  Business Global  Channel One (Priority Customers) These products offer flexibility to customers to choose from the above option with varying minimum average quarterly balance commitments and charges structure. Exproers.CURRENT ACCOUNT The basic product for mobilizing such deposits is a Current Account. 43 . Customers can access their account Online through Corporate iConnect. these accounts offer Multi-City At Par payable cheque – book facility and anywhere Banking facility across offer Multi – city At Par payable cheque – book facility and any where Banking facility across braches.

Tourism and Hospitality Current Account 44 .TYPE OF CURRENT ACCOUNTS  Normal Current Account  Business Advantage Account  Business Classic Account  Business Privilege Account  Channel One  Current Account for Govt Organizations  Current Account for Banks  Current Account for Builders & Real Estate  Capital Market Current Account  Krishi Current Account  Business Global Current Account  Club 50 Current Account  Shipping and maritime Current Account  Inland Road Transport Current Account  Travel.

Internet Banking Axis Bank presents corporate iConnect – a unique net Banking platform for the current account customers. 2008. 45 . deposit cheque. An individual can deposit cash. Funds transfers can be affected online. Access an individual’s account at any time form anywhere. and issue ‘at-par’ cheques at any of Axis Bank’s branches. At-Par (Multicity) Chequebook Enjoy the benefits of Multicity Chequebook with Axis Bank’s current Accounts. depending on an individual’s needs. Instant Fund Transfer An individual can transfer funds instantly between any of Axis Bank’s branches. Corporate iConnect also permits transaction initiation by one user and approval by another. An individual’s cheques will be treated as local cheques at more than 375 locations as on January 31. So bank at an individual’s own Convenience. withdraw cash.000 branches of various banks. An individual can also excuse bulk payments like salary and commission across Axis Bank network right form his desktop.Features Anywhere Banking Axis Bank’s Current Account allows an individual to bank from all Axis Bank’s branches and Extension counters. right from An individual’s through Axis Bank’s internet banking services. An individual can transfer funds to his own accounts or to third party accounts within Axis Bank & Inter Bank covering over 25. An individual cans issue cheques payable at par at all Axis Bank’s branches across the country. Available with multiply user IDs.

105. Mobile Banking Mobile Banking will enable an individual to bank with Axis Bank through his mobile phone irrespective of where an individual are.for self – employed individuals Maximum Loan amount Rs.for salaried and Rs.for salaried professionals individuals Maximum Loan amount Rs 103.00.000/.00.for Doctors 46 .00. An individual can withdraw upto Rs 40. Loan Amount : Minimum Loan amount Rs.000/. 25. which allow an individual round the clock access to his account from any of all Axis Bank’s ATMs all over the country. An individual can avail upto 2 ATM cum Debit cards. 15.000/.500.000/. 720.000 a day. Free Monthly Account Statement By courier and daily on email.ATM or Debit Card With every Current Account (For proprietary and partnership concerns). LOANS PERSONAL POWER PURPOSE : To meet personal expenses.000/Maximum Loan amount Rs.

50 lacs Margin :  15% in the case of normal product.  25% in the case of Improvement / renovation loans ASSET POWR (LAP) Purpose :  Loan against property – Residential premises  Loan against property – Commercial premises  Loan for Purchase of Commercial Property  Take-over of existing Loan  Take – over of existing Housing Loan with additional refinance (Top-Up) Limit: Minimum – Rs 1 lakh & Maximum – Rs.POWER HOMES Purpose :  Purchase of a plot of land and Construction of a house thereon  Construction of a house on plot of land already owned  Purchase of a new house / flat  Purchase of old house / flat which is not more than 15 years old (Home Acquisition loan)  Take – over of existing Housing Loan  Take – over of existing Housing Loan with additional Finance (Top-Up)  Pre – allotment Booking finance Limit: Minimum – Rs 1 lakh & Maximum – Rs. 150 lacs 47 .

(On valuation) CONSUMER POWER Purpose : Purchase of new consumer durable item Loan Amount : Minimum Loan amount Rs.00. Maximum Loan amount Rs 2. management. either at the graduate of post – graduate level.000 POWER DRIVE Purpose : Purchase of a new car Loan Amount : Cost of Vehicle plus registration & insurance (less stipulated margin) OR 20 times of net monthly salary in case of salaried persons / equivalent of net annual income as per latest IT Assessment Order in case of others.g. 25. engineering. e. 48 . Whichever is less. medicine.000. To be provided to meritorious students who have obtained admission to career-oriented profession. STUDY POWER Purpose : To provide financial support to deserving / meritorious students for pursuing higher professional/technical education in India and abroad. This would cover studies proposed in domestic or oversees institutions.Margin : 50% in case of loans against property.

LOAN AGAIST SHARES Purpose : For personal use Quantum of Loan : Maximum loan amount is Rs. Express Considered for the Loan  Fees payable to college / university / hostel  Examination / Library/ Laboratory fees  Purchase of Books / Equipment/ Instruments  Caution / refundable deposits supported by the Institution’s bills/receipts  Travel expenses / passage money for studies abroad  Purchase of computers (when essential for the completion of the course)  Any other expenses required to complete the course.5 Lakhs for studies in India and Rs. 15 lacs for studies abroad. etc. which would cover tuition fees. 50. hostel charges (if any). TWO WHEELER LOAN Purpose : To purchase a two wheeler 49 . The minimum amount of loan would be Rs. We are offering this facility to individuals only.against pleading of approved scrip’s.000/. like study tour’s project work/thesis. 7. 20. etc. cost of books.000/-.00.Quantum of Loan : The quantum of finance under the scheme is capped at Rs.

SME segment and corporate Customers as well. Office Package policy. Apart from selling standard Bajaj Allianz policies. BANCASSURANCE Bancassurance implies sales of insurance products through the Banking channel. wherein a Bank enters into a tie up with an insurance company. As per IRDA norms. viz. These are the standardized insurance products of Bajaj Allianz. 50 . The important non-life products include Health Insurance. This initiative would help the Bank to boost it’s fee income through commission earned. These policies offer the customers greater benefits. a wide range of insurance products have now been made available through AXIS Bank branches. Households Policy. In early 2005. Fire Insurance etc.000/. AXIS Bank has also launched 4sepcial co-branded general insurance products in association with Bajaj Allianz. The Bank would be paid a commission by the insurance company for each insurance policy sold.000/. Insurance is being sold to all segments. These products would be exclusively sold to AXS Bank’s large retail customer base and shall be available only though AXIS Bank. In turn the insurance company can effectively tap the Bank’s customer base and utilize the bank’s resources and infrastructure to maximize its sales. This partnership is expected to become one of the major Bancassurance tie-ups in the India n market. Personal Accident insurance. retail customers. for sales of non-life insurance products through all its branches.. Overseas Travel Insurance. AXIS Bank entered a Bancassurance tie up with a leading private sector insurance player. The formal launch and announcement of the tie up took place during May 2007. Motor insurance.& Maximum Rs 70. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Ltd. 20. AXIS Bank is yet to enter into a Bancassurance tie up for life insurance Sales.we finance 80-85% of the on road price (Cost of Vehicle + registration + insurance) of the vehicle.Quantum of Loan : Minimum Rs. a Bank is permitted to only tie up with 1 insurance company (1 general insurance company and 1 life insurance company) of each line of business. more competitive pricing and ease of purchase as compared to the regular insurance policies. Shopkeepers Policy. As a result of this tie up.

Smart Advantage Smart Advantage is a women specific Critical Illness insurance plan that has been designed for keeping in mind the critical illnesses and other attendant risks that are especially faced by women. accidents or accidents or emergency surgeries. his spouse and 3 dependent children up to the age of 18 years. Safe Guard Low case personal accident policy.These co-branded are as follows : Family Health We offer the customer. Hence the customer does not have to pay multiple premiums to insure all the members. Additional cash benefit for each and every completed day of hospitalization. against risk of accidental death. burglary and larceny. add dental permanent total disability and accidental permanent partial disability. in his family. 30 Hospital Reimbursement: Reimbursement of An individual’s hospital expenses in case of sudden illness. which provides protection for. this is why we have launched ‘SAFE HOME’. which insures the customer. An individual’s property and valuables at the customers home with minimal paperwork against losses due to fire. 51 . as it is in their mind. The benefit amount under this policy helps to take care of heavy medical costs for treatment of critical illness. Hence proves protection from the economic impact of critical illness. customer) is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Axis Bank’s family Health Insurance programmed provides a comprehensive health Insurance that covers customer. allied perils. A guaranteed cash sum will be paid in case the insured (i. Safe Home Axis Bank realize the customers need to make their homes as secure in reality.e. the advantage of inuring not just himself but his entire family with one policy.

OTHER INSURANCE RETAIL PRODUCTS OFFERED BY AXIS BANK √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ Burglary Critical illness Fire and allied perils Householder Personal Guard (Personal Accident Policy) Shopkeepers Travel Companion (International Travel Insurance) 31 Silver Health (Health Insurance for higher aged customers) Motor Vehicle Policy Health Guard (Individual health Insurance product) Hospital Cash 52 .

and house – breaking up to 90 days from the date of purchase. THE AXIS BANK DEBIT CARD The Axis Bank International Debit Card is a VISA Electron/Visa Flag/ Master Card Unendorsed card and is accepted globally at all VISA / Master Card ATMs and Merchant Establishments accepting Visa / MasterCard Cards. 50. This limit is Rs. In FY 05-06. 20 On the issuance side. 175. the Bank has two very strong products viz the interaction Debit cum ATM Card & the International Travel Currency Card. Features  Lost Card Liability AXIS Bank Debit Cardholder in insured for risk of loss due to fraudulent use of a lost / stolen/ missing debit Card. burglary. The Bank has issued more than 44.CARDS The Cards Division in Retail Banking Department is responsible for both the Cards issuance Business as well as Merchant Acquiring Services. All he needs to do is communicate the loss of An individual’s Card by calling Axis Bank’s 24 –Axis Bank’s Customer Service Number or Branch (during working hours)  Purchase Protection All consumer durable goods purchased using the Debit Card are insured against fire. Rewards Card and the Travel Currency Card in several new currencies. There is a combined limit of Rs. The Bank issues between 100000-120000 debit cards to its customers consistently every month.000/. natural calamity.00.per card for Zero Lost Card Liability and purchase protection. Personal accident Cover.for Gold Debit Card.000/. 53 . new initiatives from the Cards Division have been the Visa Gold Debit Card.000 Debit Cards.

The claim settlement procedure and all the forms / documentation required at the time of claim submission are available with all Axis Bank’s branches. 50/Rs. 125/Rs.per Card Rs 95. 22  24-HAxis Bank’s Customer Service: 91-22-55987700 for around the clock assistance for AXIS Bank Debit Cardholders. 2 Lakhs (Rs 5 Lakhs in case of Gold Debit Card). Sum Insured Rs. 15/Rs.per Card Rs 50.Rs 500. The customer may also contact 022-55987700 the Debit Card help line directly.In the unfortunate event of loss of life in an accidental mishap.000/.per Card No Charges Rs.per Card Rs 100. 200. the customer’s beneficiaries will receive the benefit of accident insurance of up to Rs. The Personal Accident Cover comes into force as soon as the Debit Card is used for a payment transaction at any Merchant Outlet.000 per cardholder (a cap of same a mount in the event of multiple card / multiple ac counts per person). The Personal accident insurance covers the debit cardholder and compensates the nominee in the event of accident leading to death. The Charges relating to the Debit Card are as under PARTICULARS Issuance Charges Annual Fee Card Replacement Charges Duplicate PIN Transactional Charges A) UTI Bank Master Card ATMs B) VISA / Master Card ATMs In INDIA I) Cash Withdrawal II) Balance Inquiry ABROAD Cash Withdrawal Balance Inquiry CHARGES Rs 95. 25/- 54 .

Delhi.1%) n the financial year 2005-06 the Bank earned approximately Rs. SB-TRS and SB-STF There will be no charges for Cards issued to NRE & NRO Accounts. Similarly age of the customer also has a bearing on the usage pattern. 5. Studies show that the Debit Card is used maximum by people in the age group of 25-45. Usage of the Card varies according to age and location.1. SB-SPL and SB-STU will be the same as that for SB-NOR There will be no charges for Debit Cards issued to SB-SPA. The Charges for Current Accounts will be the same as that for SB. 2.1% of the transaction amount. when a customer uses his Debit Card at a merchant outlet. Hyderabad and Bangalore where most merchant outlets have EDCs (Electronic Data Capture Terminals). Thus the Challenge is twofold: Activation of Dormant Cards  Migration of transactions at ATMs (non-revenue earning) to Point of Sale (1. The Charges are waived for branches at semi urban and rural centers. the revenue driver for the Bank is the commission earned @ 1. SB-PB. large towns use the Debit Card because of more awareness and concentration of ATMs and POS terminals.NOR The Charges for SB-DMT. The highest usage comes from Tier I cities like Mumbai. REVENUE DRIVERS In the absence of any annual fee. The Charges are waived for primary card to SB-SAL.27 crore from its Debit Card program. Kolkata. 4. 3. New Initiatives 55 . 11. People in the metros. Chennai. 6.

com. The card is sent in a Welcome Kit to the beneficiary. 40. the product is primarily aimed at providing a hassle-free and convenient solution to beneficiaries who receive remittances on a regular basis. is a unique product that has charged the way money is sent across borders. usable as all VISA ATMs for withdrawing funds and at all VISA enabled POS outlets to pay for purchases. who has to take it to the nearest AXIS Bank branch to complete some basic formalities in order to activate his/her card. it works just like a normal ATM-cum-Debit Card. Once the card is activated. Thus. Based on the remitter’s request. 40.. UK. Remitters from 23 different countries including the we prepare a personalized Remittance Card for the beneficiary. The product is available as a delivery mode (other delivery modes being Demand Drafts/Direct credits to Bank accounts) for remittances made through the Web Portal www. and Gulf Countries can sent money to India through the Remittance Card.a) Remittance Card The AXIS Bank Remittance Card. Other features provided to Remittance Card customers are as follows:  Multi-city At Par Chequebook (on request)  No minimum average balance requirement  Enchase facility  Quarterly Interest payment  Daily Cash Withdrawal Limit of Rs.000/ Free insurance cover comprising of  Purchase protection  Zero lost card liability b) VISA Money Transfer Service 56 . Subsequent remittances are directly loaded onto the car5d and provide the beneficiary with almost instant access to the funds remitted to him.000/ Daily Cash Withdrawal Limit of Rs.Remit2india. Launched is association with Remi2india. which is preloaded with the funds remitted to him in INR.

etc. Eligibility Sender of Funds : To avail of the VISA Money Transfer Service. utility Bills. funds will be transferred to the primary account linked of the card. School and College Fees. Axis Bank accountholders who hold VISA Electron/VISA FLAG Cards can also receive money from any other Bank account. the sender of funds needs to be a holder of either of the following  A bank account with AXIS Bank  Any VISA Card issued by AXIS Bank  A bank account with AXIS Bank  Any VISA Card issued by AXIS Bank Beneficiary of funds : The beneficiary of the funds should have a VISA Card (debtor Credit. through VISA Money Transfer. In case the beneficiary VISA Card is linked to more than one bank account. subject to that Bank enabling VISA Money Transfer for its accountholders. 57 . We intend to introduce several additional usage options at a later data like payment of.  To pay VISA credit card bills by giving the card number and making a direct payment.The VISA Money Transfer Service has now mad it possible to send money from an AXIS Bank account to any of the 28 million VISA cards issued in India. issued in India). Availability The service has been enabled through all Axis Bank’s ATMs and i-Connect TM Usage The VISA money Transfer service can be used for the following Purposes:  To send money to any of the 23 million VISA Cards anywhere in India.

BPL. which in turn interacts with Axis Bank’s centralized core banking software for transaction processing. which will be branded as a “Rewards Card”. Cellular. SERVICES ATM The bank has 1861 ATMs as on 31. All Axis Bank’s ATMs are connected to Axis Bank’s Base 24 ATM switch. Tata Tele Facility for Non UTI bank VISA card holders to refill their Prepaid phones.Future initiatives In FY ’08-09. Airtel.03. with real time debit to customer’s account Cash & Cheques Deposit Balance Inquiry PIN Charge Other Services : √ √ Mobile Airtime Refill for Hutch. 58 . The Bank is in advanced stage of discussion with several corporate across the country. The Prepaid Card venture is expected to bring significant revenue income (primarily through fee income) for the Bank. This includes all Axis Bank’s onsite and off-site ATMs. The product is being almed primarily at corporate for disbursing commission payments/reimbursements to their agents/distributors/employees. the Bank plans to launch the Prepaid Corporate Card.2006. RIM. Idea. The Bank through its ATMs offers the following services “ Banking Services : √ √ √ √ Cash Withdrawal.

the challenge for the Bank has been to migrate customers to this channel and develop new streams of revenues from this channel. the bank has adopted 2 strategies : √ √ ATM Sharing with other banks New functionalities such as mobile airtime refill. The Bank has achieved tremendous success in this regard. Almost all costs related to setting up and maintenance of an ATM network is fixed. We have been able to migrate about 90% of all cash disbursement transactions to Axis Bank’s ATMs. INTERNET BANKING 59 .√ √ √ √ √ Life Insurance Corporation Premium Payment Bill Payment e. HPCL. Central Railways (Mumbai) Pantaloons. bill payment. balance inquiry. information kiosk. To generate direct revenue from the ATM Channel. etc. The ATM Channel for the bank has been a major customer acquisition tool. increasingly the channel is being seen as a customer servicing tool and all the new value added services are part of that initiative.: BSNL.g. A bill payment kiosk has also been set up at this gallery. Each of the Gallery has 2 ATMs for the convenience of the customers. The Bank has also set up ATM galleries at 3 location. in order to make the channel viable. bill payment & mutual fund sales through which Axis Bank’s bank earns a commission. and BPCL for setting up ATMs at their locations. MTNL Funds Transfer (within own accounts) Online Donations to Trusts & NGOs Purchase and redemption of UTI Mutual Fund Schemes through the ATM Strategic Tie-ups for ATM We have also tied up with Western Railway (Mumbai). a card operated touchscreen internet kiosk. Thus. though which the customers can access their iConnect accounts with bank and perform their banking transactions such as funds transfer.

Once registered. Axis Bank Offers the Automatic Alerts service in mobile banking: 60 . the customer needs to register for each bill..Under this type of bill payment. The customer is free to select the biller and pay accordingly to his convenience. Payee : This a variation of direct payment method with the customer creating his own biller for example.Since April 2000. we also provide a number of value – added services on the internet banking platform.. Apart from routine functional like balance and transactions lookup. within the last one and a half year. The landlord’s account details would typically be entered and payment made on a recurring basis. √ √ Direct Payment. the Internet Banking channel has grown fast to com pelmet the branch and ATM network. payment of rent to landlord. which amounts to more than 50% of Axis Bank’s retail banking savings accounts customers. there are around 20 lakh users of internet banking. the customer base has grown to over five lacs subscribers as of April 2006. MOBILE BANKING Mobile banking was launched by the bank in October 2004. Shopping A customer with Internet banking access can buy from merchants registered with us and pay through the direct debit facility on Axis Bank’s website. As of March 2006. the biller will sent an electronic version of the bill for acceptance and payment. no bill presentment happens. A bride description of each product is given below: Bill Payment The bill payment series on the internet can be classified into three categories: √ Presentment of EBPP (Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment).Under this type of bill payment.

Features     Pay bills without stepping out of your home or office Link multiple bills to your account View and pay bills anytime. Also if the customer is registered for bill payments.A subscriber is alerted through SMS on the activities in his account with automatic alerts for every debit in his account of more than Rs. So its time to say goodbye to late payment fines. lost bills.: Know the status of the account from wherever an individual are. convenience and hassle-free ELECTRONIC CLEARING SERVICE ECS is an electronic clearing system that facilitates paperless credit/ debit transaction directly linked to an individual’s account and also provides for a faster method of effecting periodic and repetitive payments 61 . Convenience. long queues. Benefits Safety: Be alerted on any transaction above Rs.000 in an individual’s account so that action can be initiated promptly in case of any misuse of the account. anywhere Fast. he receives an alert as soon as a bill is presented by the biller for payment.000. 5. and commissions paid to local errand boys. 5. PAYMENTS BILL PAY (Fee yourself) Axis Bank’s Bill pay service enables an individual to make secure payments from the comfort of his home or office.

) mutual fund (sip). vendor payments. credit cards etc. loan installment. The assesses or taxpayers can pay income or Other Direct Taxes as listed below at 214 authorized branches of Axis Bank across the country.  Corporation Tax – Tax on Companies and Tax deducted Companies         Income Tax Interest Tax and Expenditure Tax Gift Tax Wealth Tax Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) Securities Transaction Tax (SIT) Banking cash transaction tax(Bctt) Other tax deducted or collected at source (TDs or TCS) on salaries on employees income from fix deposit . insurance premium.e. rent . DIRECT TAX PAYMENTS The bank is authorized for Collection of Income or Other Direct Taxed on behalf of Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) w.income from game shows or lottery .Benefits of ECS (debit) Through ECS (debit) an individual can pay all his utility bills (electricity/telephone/mobile bills.f.  Any other direct tax including advance tax at Source from 62 . credit card payments of donation and other bill payments.etc. 1 October 2003.

the details of the Saving Bank Account with the Bank need to be provided to the Pay and Accounts Office of the concerned Department or Ministry prior to retirement. Departments and Ministries – This facility can be availed by opening a Pension Payment Savings Bank Account with any authorized Axis Bank Branch and thereafter following the necessary procedures prescribed by CPAO for change of Bank for Pension Account for receiving on drawing pension. The details towards availing Pension Disbursement Facility from Axis Bank is under. In case of existing Axis Bank customers. DEFENCE PENSION DISBURSEMENT The Bank is authorized by RBI and Ministry of Defense for disbursement of Pension to Armed Force (Army.  For prospective Pensioners of Central Govt.PENSION DISBURSEMENT CENTRAL CIVIL PENSION DISBURESEMENT The Bank is authorized by RBI and Central Pension Accounting Office (CPAO) for disbursement of Central Civil Pension through its 218 authorized branches across the country. Departments and Ministries – This facility can be availed by opening a Pension Payment Savings Bank Account with any authorized Axis Bank Branch and providing the account details to the pay Accounts Office (PAO) of the concerned Department of Ministry prior to retirement. Departments and Ministries – This facility can be availed by opening a Pension Payment Savings Bank Account with any authorized Axis Bank Branch and thereafter following the necessary procedures prescribed by CPAO for change of Bank for Pension Account for receiving on drawing pension. The details towards availing Pension Disbursement Facility from Axis Bank is as under : For existing Pensioners of Central Govt. For existing Pensioners of Central Govt. 63 . Navy and Air Force) personnel through its 151 authorized branches across the country.

 For prospective Pensioners of Central Govt. If he is an Axis Bank customer. 64 . In case of existing Axis Bank customers. Departments and Ministries – This facility can be availed by opening a Pension Payment Savings Bank Account with any authorized Axis Bank Branch and providing the account details to the concerned Pension Sanctioning Authority or Defense Unit prior to retirement. the details of the Saving Bank Account with the Bank need to be provided to the Pension Sanctioning Authorities (PSAs) of the concerned Defense Unit prior to retirement. our lockers ensure the safe keeping of an individual’s valuables. then he can also use his Axis Bank debit card (both VISA as well as Master card). He doesn’t even have to be an Axis Bank customer. OTHER PENSION DISBURSEMENT The Bank has also received the authorization from RBI and Ministry of Communications and information Technology for disbursement of Telecom Pension through its 192 authorized Branches across the country and which shall commence shortly. All his need is a VISA debit or credit card. OTHER SERVICES MOBILE REFILL : RECHARGE AT THE ATM An individual can recharge his mobile talk time at any of our ATMs. Located at select branches in cities all over the country. LOCKER (Unmatched protection for your valuables) A Safe Deposit Liker with Axis Bank is the solution to an individual’s concern.

He can also avail of numerous online services. the funds stay with him and he also gain interest on them? Plus he get the security of having the refunds directly unblocked and made available to you. 65 . He can shop as much as he like and conveniently make instant payments by debiting his account through the secured payment channel. Competitive rentals. iConnect – Our Internet banking platform. All he need is an Internet enabled PC.Advantages  Wide Availability: As o March 31. ONLINE SHOPPING (Safe ans Secure internet Payment) Axis Bank offers an individual the convenience of shopping at many major Online stores from the comfort of his home or office. 2008 lickers are available at 562 branches and extension counters. Direct debits for licker rentals from your account rid you of the hassle in writing out cheques. Which means as long as the IPO shares are not allotted. He can choose & then get he items delivered at his doorstep. in his account itself ! The above service is being made available in accordance with the SEBI guidelines on ASBA (Applications Supported by Blocked Amount). get to know about the current special offers/discounts and get a preview of the new items added on to the shelves by these online retailers/service providers.   Extended banking hours to operate lockers.   Lickers available in various sizes. Instead of moving out funds from his account for application to an IPO. the amount can now simply be blocked. IPOSMART (Now invest in IPO’s without letting go of your funds !) An individual’s Axis Bank savings account now makes IPO application a seamless and hassle-free process.

Instant release / unblocking of funds after allotment / non. Security PIN & Signature protection Compensation Payment 24 Hour Customer Service number & Email Helpdesk support Budget control No over draft facility Online A/C management 66 .allotment of shares. No need to write cheques or make demand drafts. Convenient and transparent management of funds.Benefits     Interest on funds which otherwise would have moved out of your savings account. PERFECT FOR TRAVELERS ABROAD Convenience 9 Different Currency Options Largest acceptance at POS and ATMs worldwide Online Shopping on Verified by VISA ( VBV) security ADD ON Card feature for speedy replacement Balance Enquiry & Change of ATM PIN at any Axis Bank ATM in India for Free.

 Enables Customers to have access to these whether or not they have a prior relationship with a financial institution. Long Way to Go . VISA Prepaid Card growth in Asia Pacific was almost twice that of the global rate in 2007 and thrice in 2008 & 2009  Consumers in Australia. As Volume generated by TCs are twice the volume on Cards Approx $ 2 billion 67 . India and Thailand were the top three debit and Prepaid markets in the Asia Pacific. Prepaid Cards are becoming the mainstream products for Asian Customers.  Prepaid Products are important in creating a choice of payment options for AsiaPacific Customers..

 No more travelers Cheques.Feasibility 68 .Corporate Centric Solutions A third of business traveler say “Employers are ‘out of control’ on overseas travel Expenses” We offer Corporate centric module to manage Oversees Travel Expenses  Centralized expenditure. messy cash deliveries or budgetary control issues.  Useful for Staff Per Diem Expense and  Corporate Delight Customer Compensation. Travel Currency Card .

45 days for Yes.100000 $250.Ability to budget funds TCDC Cash Credit Cards Trevallers Cheques Debit Cards TCDC Cash Credit Cards Trevallers Cheques Debit Cards TCDC Cash Credit Cards Trevallers Cheques Debit Cards TCDC Cash Credit Cards Trevallers Cheques Debit Cards 5 3 2 3 3 Usage time per Transaction 4 4 4 2 4 Funds Usage 5 4 5 4 5 Ease of Acquisiton 3 4 3 4 3 4 5 4 3 4 1 5 3 3 1 # of users of same funds Replaceability 5 0 5 5 1 Customer Service 4 0 5 3 4 Security Features 4 1 4 3 4 24hour access to local currency 5 3 4 3 4 Economical way to access Cash 4 4 3 3 4 Acceptance Edge over others – The “ Axis” Effect AXIS BANK 9 Balance on card Strong Localised and Zonal Custom er Support Team Only Mum bai based support Loading Instant Loading Thrice in a day Value Load $250.45 days for Yes.100000 $250.High W hite Labelling No No Yes Yes Yes Personalized Cards No No No No Yes ADD ON cards Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Lost Card Liability Insurance Yes No No No Yes.100000 SBI GMC 3 $1000 per day COMPETITORS 69 .100000 Online access / Axis Bank Monthly Statem ent Online access Online access Online access No ATM's No change No change No change No change perm itted at ATM's perm itted at perm itted at perm itted at Change perm itted before ATM PIN in India ATM's in India ATM's in India ATM 's in India departure in India Mobile Alert Yes NA Yes Yes Yes/ Em ail as well Yes with display in the base of Balance Enquiry at ATM's NO NO NO NO CNY of Card Validity .Years 5 5 3 3 5 Cross Currency Margin 3% 3% 3% 3% 3% Internet transactions Yes No No No Yes Incentive based No No Yes Yes Yes.within 2 day if all docs Perm itted reversal reversal No No intact FEATURES Num ber of Variants W ithdrawal Lim it ICICI HDFC CITIBANK 9 6 3 Balance on card Balance on card Localised Localised Support Support Centralised Tim ely Funding Tim ely Funding Centralised $250.upto INR 200000 Pre-authorisation while swiping -Yes.


CURRENTPOSITION OF THE COMPANY  3rd largest private sector bank and 9th largest overall  1042 Branches and 4474 ATMs (as on 30th June. 2010) FINANCIAL ANALYSIS 71 .

72 .

73 .

51% to` 2514.50% against 14.FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS  Profit after tax up 38.80% as against the minimum regulatory norm of 9%  Growth of bank at 38.76% to` 5004.13% for the previous two years MARKETING STRATEGY  Product Banking and Savings Corporate Finance Investment and Insurance Loans and Borrowings  Place Branches ² 1042 ATMS ² 4474  Price Customers get value for money Lower fee charge sector growth of 20.53 crores  Net Interest Incomeup 35.61 to ` 65.51% and 69.  Proposed Dividend up from 100% to 120%  Capital Adequacy Ratio stood at 15.49 crores  Earnings per share (Basic) increased from` 50.64% and 74 .78.

 Promotions Advertising Print Media Publicity Personal Selling SalesPromotions HRPOLICIES  Training and Development of employees  Monitoring and improving employee performance  Compensation and Reward Administration  Grievance Handling DIFFERENTIAL STRATEGY  Service above others  Customer based & service oriented  Max coverage. innovative products and services  Services provided Remittance Card EMV based platinum credit card CSR INITIATIVES  Axis Bank Foundation setup in 2006  Transfers 1% of net profit to the Foundation  Supporting 41 NGOs  536 education centers covered  47055 children covered  24 SMEs exclusively focusing on MSMEs 75 .



3. Main objective of the study is to “Critical appraisal of product & services offered by axis bank. In economic development need not be emphasized. It is hard to anticipate development of efficient banking services in the country.” 78 . From the date of 25 June to 10 august .3.1 Title of the Study “Banking Operations In Axis Bank” 3.2 Duration of the Project Duration is 45 days training in bonanza limited.3 Objective of Study Banking and finance can be called as the nerves of any economic system as they accelerate the process of economic development through canalization of adequate finace. No doubt financial institutions play so important in economic development but at the some time economic development determines the growth and development of banking institutions the role of various kind of banking institution.

Some of the major objectives of the study include the determination of the following :  Consumer awareness about the products and services provided by the Consumer preference about various products and services. Designing a research plan calls fro decisions on the data sources.   from private banks. My project has been developed on has basis of both exploratory and descriptive research.  Draw out with conclusions and suggestion based on the analysis and the interpretation of data. Customers perception towards private Banking and their expectations Customer satisfaction with the service provided by the bank. research instruments. research approaches. The research process depends upon developing the most efficient plan for gathering the needed information. and reporting of data and findings relevant to a specific marketing situation facing the company.4 Type of Research Research is one of the most important parts of any study and pertains to the collection of information and knowledge. Marketing research is defined as the systematic design. axis bank. 3. and contact methods. sampling paln. collection. analysis. 79 .

websites etc. Secondary data Secondary data provides a starting point for any research and offers valuable sources of already existing information. magazines. The directories helped me in short lisitng people.5 Sample Size and method of selecting sample I chose a sample size of 40 respondents consisting of based on judgment sampling All respondents were the customers of Axis Bank. Secondary data are the easiest to gather and the cost of collecting this data is also very low. The method was simple random sampling.3. Data Source For this project both primary and secondary data were valuable sources of information. Some of the directories made use of are as follows : √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ Telephone directory Income tax office City directory Chartered accountant directory Carpet industries directory Indian medical association directory Transporter directory Lawyers directory Builders & constructors directories 80 . for my target people. For my project work it was collected through the help of various directories of various associations. newspapers.

this method was the most appropriate way of survey. and for me there only two ways of contacting them. The various products and services offered by it include: PRODUCT  Deposits (Saving account and current account)  Loans  BANACASSRANCE  Card 81 .Primary data Primary data are data freshly gathered for a specific purpose. because by personal interview I came to know about their feeling for Axis Bank. For my project work the primary data was collected by means of survey though questionnaires.6 Scope of Study Axis Bank is one of the most famous banks in India. 3. keeping in mind the busy schedule of a few respondents. Contact methods Once the client had been decided now my task was how to contact them.This method was also used by me once or twice. 1. Personal interview:. Telephone:. 2.

history.Provides all the crucial information on Axis Bank Ltd. . Scope of Services Debenture Trusteeship or Bond Escrow Agent Securitisation Monitoring 82 . key executives.SERVICES  ATM  Mobile Banking  Internet Banking  Payment  Other Services The deposit mix of an organization especially the Saving accounts are the backbone of every bank as an ordinary man is most inclined to invest in it due to its convenience and easy availability. in the form of a SWOT analysis as well as a breakdown and examination of leading product revenue streams of Axis Bank Ltd. required for business and competitor intelligence needs . locations and subsidiaries as well as a list of products and services and the latest available statement from Axis Bank Ltd. -Data is supplemented with details on Axis Bank Ltd. business description.Contains a study of the major internal and external factors affecting Axis Bank Ltd. I hope that this report would be able to suggest some measures and draw attention of bank towards the area of improvement. This project deals with the various customer concerns regarding these and tries to suggest appropriate suggesting based on conclusions.

Security Trustees Facility Agent Agency • Debenture or Bond Trusteeship o o o Advising the issuer company on the mode of creation of security Advising on the draft security creation documents and vetting the same Holding the charge for and on behalf of the investors and hold the security documents in safe custody Monitoring the security cover and financial covenants by seeking periodic information from the issuer company. Convening the Debenture or Bond holder meetings when so requested by majority Debentureholders Addressing investor grievances Security enforcing at the behest of the Debentureholders o o o o • Security Trustees o o Drafting or vetting of common documentation to secure borrowings Conceptualising. 83 o o o o . Liasoning with the lead lender and the legal counsel on drafting the security documents. Disseminating the information between the lenders and the borrower. Monitoring the loan on a quarterly basis by calling of compliance information from the borrower. Thus. customising and structuring of the security documents to minimise documentation (including advising on the stamp duty implications on the borrower). Prompt provision of information to the lenders on any matter pertaining to the covenants or terms or conditions of the loan and security. but at the same time ensuring compliance with all the terms and conditions of the facility documents. ensuring effective execution of transactions.

o Assisting the borrower and the lenders in overall coordination and ensure smooth completion of the transaction with adherence to the given time frame. We inter alia: o Draft and vet the escrow agreement and define the flow as required Ensure the account opening with the escrow band Monitor the flow of the proceeds in accordance with the agreement 84 under the transaction structure o o .. guarantee deeds etc. Providing a common forum for the lenders by convening meetings as and when required by the lenders. Holding in custody the security documents. insurance policies duly endorsed in favour of the trustee. The Bank has acted as Security Trustee for (a) Borrowings made for manufacturing activity (b) Borrowings made for thermal or hydro power projects (c) Borrowings made for rail or road projects (d) Various ECB or FCCB transactions o o o • Facility Agent As a facility agent. Taking such appropriate action including enforcement of security as may be requested by the lenders on the occurrence of an event of default. we act as a communication channel between the borrower and the lenders and our role inter alia includes: o Confirmation of compliance pre-disbursement conditions to the lenders Disseminate information between the borrower and the lenders Convening meetings of the lenders on a request from the borrower and Calling for quarterly information from the borrowers Monitoring compliance with the terms of issue on receipt of the same from the borrower o o vice versa o o • Escrow Agent As an escrow agent.

o Monitor the maintenance of the Debt Service Account and the Debt Call for monthly account statement from the escrow bank Service Reserve Account to ensure continuity of debt service o o • Securitisation  Settling of Trust and holding the receivables along with the underlying assets in Trust for and on behalf of the beneficiaries (investors). o the proceeds in accordance with the objects of the issue. Appointment of the Rating Agency or Registrar and Transfer Agent etc. Addressing Investor queries on specific issues       • Monitoring Agency The duties include: o Monitoring that proceeds of the Initial Public Offering / Follow - on Offering of shares.. Coordinating with NSDL for Credit Corporate Action and creation of the ISIN number and signing of the necessary documents. Ensuring that the Payout Cheques along with the Monthly Reports are sent across to the Investors or Custodians or Rating Agency on or before the due date. o Submission of a half yearly report to the designated stock Executing a tripartite escrow agreement to monitor the flow of 85 exchange. Vetting of all the legal documents prepared by the legal counsel to ensure the "True Sale" nature of the transactions including adherence to the securitisation guidelines and ensuring smooth execution of the same. are utilised for the objects for which the funds were raised. Ensuring funding of the requisite accounts in time in accordance with the provisions of the Information Memorandum. .

830.5% over FY2008. corporate and business credit.3% over FY2008. The bank primarily operates in India.7 million) in FY2009.6 million) in FY2009.3% over FY2008. including retail loans. Its net profit was INR18. where it is headquartered in Mumbai and employs about 20. forex and trade finance services. an increase of 67.7 Limitation of Study  The study was based on a very modest sample size hence cannot be called as a representation of the views and opinion of the majority. The environmental changes are vital to be considered in order to assimilate the findings.9 million) in the financial year ended March 2009 (FY2009).6 million (approximately $350.  In a rapidly changing industry. and investment advisory services.624 people.  The conclusion arrived at are based on a very less experience of researcher in this field.8 million (approximately $719. an increase of 50.9 million (approximately $1.Axis Bank (formerly UTI Bank) is a banking corporation offering retail and corporate banking services.248. investment banking. analysis on one day or in one segment can change very quickly. depository services.153. Operating profit was INR37. 3. The company recorded revenues of INR65. an increase of 69.271.  Though full efforts have been made but due to the lack of past experience in the marketing field I failed some areas have been left from including in the study Due to the limitation of time I was unable to cover more sample (data 86    .

More number of training and educational programmes should be included in Banks schedule. Developing a learning culture through continuous learning process 87 . Fact & Findings Bank is having 853 branches all over the country. A wide publicity to be given about the organization and its products through various means of communications to keep growth moments. The number of branches should be increased. collection sheet) and to fridge the lead granted 4. Number of Branches should be increased covering a wider area in various states.

5. 1 2 3 4 Age Group Less than 25 25 to 40 40 to 55 Above 55 No. No. of Respondents 6 18 10 4 88 . ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION 1 Which are group do you belong(AGE WISE) ? S.

it can be said the middle-aged group are the main customer of the banks as they occupied almost 75% of this graph.2 What is your occupation ? S. Q. of Respondents 18 10 6 6 89 . 1 2 3 4 Age Group Service Business Student Others No. The bank has a huge potential in terms of the untapped market – Young and old age group people. No.18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 less then 25 -40 2 5 40 -55 55 above Interpretation : After looking this bar graph. High pay packages to today’s employed youth and large saving with the old age people (especially in urban areas) has made them attractive potential customers.

This may be possible due to the facility of “Anywhere Banking” suiting their needs and preferences.3 Please specify your annual income? S.18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 s ervice b ines us s s tudent others Interpretation : Most of the service class people prefer to open a Savings Account in comparison to the business class people. Q. No. 1 2 3 4 5 Age Group Less than 1 lakh 1 to 2 lakh 2 to 3 lakh 3 to 4 lakh More than 4 lakh No. of Respondents 6 8 8 8 10 90 .

10 8 6 4 2 0 les s 1-2 lac 2 lac 3-4 lac m -3 ore then 1 then 4 lac lac Interpretation : Income does not make any difference as far as opening the account in the Axis Bank is concerned. No. Q. lower income group where emphasis is required to penetrate this group so it can be said that the target group of the axis bank.e. of Respondents 16 8 6 6 4 91 . specially for saving account are of every segment of income group since its is devoted to render best services to its costumer. while opening an account do you expect from a bank ? S. 1 2 3 4 5 Age Group Quick Services Proper information Working hours Less Formalities Variety of Product No. as the bar diagram is vividly revealing that more or less people of every segment of income group have opened and are opening the account expert one group i.4 What features/attributes.

5 What kind of account do you have in Axis Bank ? S.16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 1 2 3 4 5 Interpretation : When a customer visits any bank the first and foremost thing he expects is the quickness of service and the promptness in entertaining by the bank employee. No. Q. Varieties of product do not make a big impact on customer behavior for opening an account in any bank if its services are efficient. Second thing customer wishes to have is proper information regarding his queries. 1 2 3 4 5 Age Group Saving Account Current Account Fixed Deposits NRL Account Others No. One this in this bar also really significant is. But on the other hand bank can’t ignore working hours. For this focus must be given to make well informed and proactive employee along with work should be executed technologically rather than manually. of Respondents 18 10 6 2 4 92 . factor like less formalities of document while opening an account. As in this bar customer has erred it. For this services like bank preference should be given to make a prompt and customer friendly service channel.

Providing better services in comparison with the competitors is a must for excelling in industry. of Respondents 14 12 10 4 93 . neither it has limited range of products nor rest of the product does not have much ability to penetrate in the stiff market of banking of Jaipur. reason for this could be. It is clearly implying that this product has the ability to satisfy the customers. Q. That is giving an alarming message to the management of the bank to go or analyzing the situation very minutely and must ascertain where things are going wrong and for that what short of necessary step could be taken.20 15 10 5 0 1 2 3 4 5 Interpretation : Saving account is the leading and attractive product for the Axis bank as it occupies a major chunk in this bar. 1 2 3 4 Age Group Friend and Relative Advertisement Bank Employees Prospectus No. On the second had and the positions current accounts and fixed deposits has also been helpful to increase the customer base but still their performances needs to be improved. No. One thing in this bar which is significant is the business of the bank is relying on only few leading products.6 Who influenced to open an account in Axis Bank ? S.

which implies that bank real customer are satisfied enough with the facilities available on the products and the services enjoyed by them. as been a key factor in generating the awareness about banks product as well as facilities that are made to available on then in the peoples mind.7 Your remark on products of Axis Bank ? S.14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 1 2 3 4 Interpretation : As it is said a satisfied customer is the best medium for advertisement since in this bar friends and relatives have play a key role in opening the accounts for others. 1 2 3 4 Age Group Excellent Good Average Poor No. An advertisement and bank employees more or less has been good performer in their respective domain. Q. No. of Respondents 12 16 10 2 94 . It reveals advertisement of different medium.

and ability to serve all the needs of customer because by and large it can be said 75% people are saving good to savings accounts. which are reading true value to the customer and marketing people are also very much devoted to give the best from this part. with its unique facilities features. Reason for this could be different type of facility associated with this product. No. this implies that this product has been a leading product and still an attractive product of the Axis bank. of Respondents 8 18 10 2 2 95 . Q.16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 ex cellen g ood averg e poor Interpretation : As this bar is showing at what level people are saved with saving account. Efforts must be given to know why they are people who are still saying average and poor about saving accounts and what are the factors that are going wrong with that segment of people. 1 2 3 4 5 Age Group Excellent Good Average Poor Can’t Say No.8 In comparison to other bank how would you rate Axis Bank ? S.

Q. No. of Respondents 24 12 4 96 . This bar is vividly showing that the performance of Axis bank has been good because in such a short span of it’s existence in this city with strong competition from major public sector bank like SBI and other private banks. Reason for this could be. 1 2 3 4 5 Interpretation : Rating of any bank depends on its overall performance in the eye of the people.9 How long did your wait in queue ? S. it has occupied a different position in the people mind with its customer friendly products and to serve them a efficient and prompt banking 1 2 3 Age Group 0-5 Minute 5-10 Minute More than 10 Minute No.18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 s .

m ore hten 10 m in. 97 .5-10m in. While it should be 100% people.25 20 15 10 5 0 0-5m in. Interpretation : As this bar graph showing 57% people wait in queue 0-5 minutes.

of Respondents 32 8 3 5 3 0 2 5 2 0 1 5 1 0 5 0 yes no Interpretation : As this bar graph showing 82% people are sufficient. No. 6. SWOT ANALYSIS 98 .Q. While it should be 100% people.10 do you think the number of counter available are sufficient ? S. 1 2 Age Group Yes No No.

Strengths  Support of various promoters  High level to services  Knowledge of Indian market  Strong management team  Comprehensive range of financial products & Services  Competitive and profitable banking franchise  High level of services  Knowledge of Indian Market  Supported by various promoters  Services updated by latest technology Weaknesses  Low market capitalization  Not been fully able to position itself correctly  Average volume of branch network  Competitiveness of cost of services  Market capitalization is low  Positioning  UTI fraud  Customer service 99 .

Opportunities  Growing Indian banking sector  People are becoming more service oriented in the global market  Technological changes  Increase of new branch network  Large retail and corporate market  Wide scope in the rural market  Competitive banking services  Foreign Markets Threats  From various competitors   Foreign banks Government banks  Aggressive competition strategy among the main banks  Economic uncertainty in global market  Established Governments Banks  Established and growing MNC Banks  Advent and growth of foreign Banks  Inflation and rising lending rates 7. Conclusion 100 .

The working staff are very co-operative in nature and due to that the bank will also get good benefit.Axis Bank has shown substantial growth in the past few years. And savers are looking much more closing at investment avenues in order to optimize their returns at least risk. The leitmotif of the hour is safety and security. My experience with Axis Bank Ltd. is outstanding. In this time of economy slump. 2. high risk is out. Axis Bank has provided their customer Net-banking facilities and due to that transactions are done fast. 2 bank in Private Sector in India. With the arrival of pink slip solute. 1. but still it remains the first choice of small investor’s because it is synonymic with safe and fixed return giving alternative for investment of savings. However falling banks rates have certainly lessen the faith of people inn it. 3. Charges at Axis Bank are on lower side when we compare it with other Banks. . Consumption – higher the consumption. lower the savings. lower the savings. While working in Axis Bank I found that this bank has developed manifold in short period of time due to facilities and services provided to their customer and this growth rate can be keep it up if they start to go in semi-urban areas. In last couple of years they have opened new many branches and they should open many more. Recent global economy slowdown has made negative influence on let investor perception of security.  Axis Bank saving product is highly popular due to its various facilities. In case of special saving Account. if bank provides the cheques pickup 101 anywhere banking with ATM and Debit Card. Inflating – higher the inflating rate. people who were spending as though there will no tomorrow have turned savers. where all options of Investment lacks the interest of people for one or other reason. The change in name to have seemed to achieved its goal as the net profits and total incomes are growing way over the growth rate of the sector. higher the savings. It may not be long before Axis Bank overtakes HDFC Bank in terms of Net Income and Total Income to become the no.  Savings from the backbone for FD market. FD still remains at the top in the mind of people as a known convenient and reward earning option for investing their hard earned savings. Income – higher the income. Savings of people are mainly affected y three factors.  facility then it can tap out more number of trusts and society.

But the lack of qualified marketing execAXISves sales persons. so the other banks. Indian export and job opportunity has tremendously increased. Banking that is flexible. It was found that the most of customer appreciate the service provided by the bank and more keen to know about other offering of the bank. Most of the existing customers of account holder were satisfied with the facilities provided by the bank. While going through the project I have come across with this offer and made a study on the account services offered in Kota City by AXIS bank. Thai the survey several that the organization has provide a wide range of product service and investment plans. the proper presentation is not going to the potential customer. labor and technology. home lone etc. which will provide me a base to interact with the organization (task. There is great opportunity to established long-term relationship bulk of people. To undergo this study my prior job is to collects the data. credit card. AXIS bank is one of these finical institutes. Beside it account holders are also interested to know more about the other products like demat. There are more possibilities of inward and outward souring at capital. public. which has given new vision to these offers.With the emerge trend of globalization and privatization the look of Indian economy has taken new dimensions. Over all it was observed that the customer were satisfied being as a member of “ AXIS bank pariwar”. education institAXISon etc) in Kota city. RECOMMENDATION & SUGGESTION 102 . They think one provide better services product and facility at one place in comparison of other competitor banks customer 8. innovative and prompt in meeting the customer requirement. who having qualified marketing execAXISve grab the opportunity of market so some more effort should be done to grab the opportunity. At last I concluded the study on the basis of finding and analysis of the survey. This new look of economy has raised the demand for better banking facilities for corporate and there staff member. private companies.

More branch in state should be opened so that more people can have the service 103 . Calls were made to head office of big organization which having branch office in Kota city and contacted at top level to establishing new relationship. Axis bank is normally not using properly for the current account so it’s popularity ratio is quite down.• • • • • Into the axis bank normally (25 to 40 age group) people are investing. • • • This bank is not investing more into the marketing sector so I will suggest that some of the part of income it investing in the adv. This bank normally using for the long term planning like saving and FD. Axis bank don’t doing the extra formalities so the status of the investors is being 40%. • • • • • • • Axis bank providing counter facility 40% and it will be 82% according to my perception. Into the comparison of other bank it’s performance is quite good but not an effective so this may be doing the rates were down with some other facilities. Axis bank’s products is normally good and some taking it vice a versa. •This bank providing less facility toward the consumer now it is 57% but according to my suggestion it will be increase with 80%. New and different product should be launched to attract more customer Untapped customer should be contacted in order to increase database though more channels Response given by some customers should be taken care of and steps should be taken on the same. More interactive meeting at top level or events should be arranged so more customers could come in contact. And marketing sector.population investing into the axis bank and the income status of the investors will be four lacks. Mostly service class persons prefer the axis bank in the comparison of business and students and other class persons 25% persons of the avg.

On this post competitor banks recruit the management trainee and pay a good scale and incentive. There is need to recruit the more qualified persons on the post of field officer who are made more liable and responsible commitment and clearly defined the product offer. if you give your few minutes to me for answering few 104 . I shall be very thankful. so for the qualitative services AXIS bank also follow the same • • • • To eliminate the dissatisfaction of customer community and product demand are send to the customer in proper time period. Jaipur.• • Customer service should be improved. The larger the ATM network of AXIS bank in Kota city but still AXIS bank have no ATM center in the major industrial area of Kota city like RIICO. APPENDIX Dear sir/madam I am management student conduction a survey on Axis Bank. As early as possible bank should start overdraft and CC limits to expend the market. etc 9. To eliminate the dissatisfaction proper workshop and awareness programs like campaigning are helpful and held on the client origination.

Name………………………………... Age ……………………………….2 What is your occupation? a) b) c) d) Service Business Student Others 105 . Every information given by you will be only for academic purpose.. Occupation ………………………… Q.questions given below.1 Which age group do you belong ? a) b) c) d) Less than 25 25 to 40 40 to 55 Above 55 Q. Address ………………………… Sex………………………………… …………………………………. Every information given by you will be for answering few questions given below.

3 Please specify your annual income? a) b) c) d) e) Less than 1 lakh 1 to 2 lakh 2 to 3 lakh 3 to 4 lakh More than 4 lakh Q.4 What features/attributes.Q.5 What kind of account do you have in Axis Bank ? a) b) c) d) Saving Account Current Account Fixed Deposits NRL Account 106 . while opening an account do you expect from a bank ? a) b) c) d) e) Quick Services Variety of products Less formalities of documents Working hours Proper information Q.

6 Who influenced to open an account in Axis Bank ? a) b) c) d) Bank Employees Prospectus Advertisement Friend and Relative would you recommend Q.8 In comparison to other bank how would you rate Axis Bank ? a) b) c) d) e) Excellent Good Average Poor Can’t Say 107 .7 Your remark on products of Axis Bank ? a) b) c) d) Excellent Good Average Poor Q.Q.

10 do you think the number of counter available are sufficient ? a) b) Yes No DATE: Signature: 108 .9 How long did your wait in queue ? a) b) Yes No Q.Q.

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