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Why did we become a

Rights Respecting School? • We strongly believe that respecting children’s rights and giving value to their voice, will have a major impact on their development as responsible and valued members of society.

• fully support the UNCRC • strive to create an atmosphere where everyone’s rights are respected • constantly use rights respecting language • regularly refer to the articles in the convention ( through everyday life and during lessons) • provide opportunities for the pupil voice to be heard • involve pupils in decision making .What Makes Mudeford Junior School a Rights Respecting School? As a school we………….

and to have their opinions taken into account These rights have been met in our school through:• Class charters • Lunchtime charters • Class councils • School council • Head teacher forums • Subject leader forums • Participation in staff interviews .Children have the right to say what they think should happen when adults are making decisions which affect them.Article 12 .

Class Charters • • • • • • • Children list their rights Discussion and agreement of rights Children think about responsibilities Discussion and agreement of responsibilities Class charter is produced and signed Charter is displayed on class notice board Charter is reviewed regularly .

‘Rules’ were out –Rights and Responsibilities were in! Charters were drawn up and signed by class representatives and lunchtime supervisor representatives.Lunchtime Charters Article 31 – All children have a right to relax and play. Each right was balanced with a responsibility. • Charters are displayed in all classrooms and in shared areas. . Together a list of rights was established. Lunchtime supervisors were involved. and to join in a wide range of activities • • • • • • All the children were involved.

.The School Council * Class councils are held * School councillors meet monthly • • • • Meetings are run by the children (link teacher present) Various projects are undertaken Children are involved in fund raising School community is kept informed by newsletters produced by the children.

The concept of ‘children’s rights’ extends beyond the school community. Our children need to know and understand what is happening in:• the local community • the global community • They need reliable information at a level they can access .

Television. Newspapers are paid for from funds raised by the children Pupils select articles which are displayed on newsboard Article 17 is displayed with all news .Article 17 – Children have the right to reliable information from the mass media. radio and newspapers should provide information that children can understand We subscribe to The Children’s Newspaper • • • • • We receive copies every half term All classes receive 10 copies for pupil access.

Wealthy countries should help poorer countries to achieve this. which should be free. ! .ARTICLE 28 – All children have a right to primary education.

As part of a rich country. we wanted to take action! We decided to sponsor a child ALL ABOUT ESTHER .

This is where she goes to school .

The classrooms are very plain .

. They sleep together on one mattress They do not have a toilet.She lives with her mother. They cook and wash outside. sister and brother in a single roomed mud hut. bathroom or kitchen.

Most children (including Esther) have to walk a long way to school and they face many dangers on the way .

Esther wants to be a nurse. The sponsorship money we send ensures that she is given her right to an education. .Like Esther all these children want to go to school and learn.

whilst thinking about the rights of all children in our global community. • We achieved the RRS award Level in 1 in 2006 and Level 2 in 2008 and are now waiting to reconfirm accreditation in 2011 . • As adults at Mudeford Juniors we try to lead by example whilst embracing change and new ideas. • We know that today’s children are the citizens of tomorrow.WHAT NEXT? • Our children are beginning to understand their rights and accept their responsibilities.