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Sufi Maha Panchayat denounces Wahhabi extremism Kazakhstan plans to train 30-40 Imams Annually to work in Mosques - Mufti

U.S. pegs Haqqani as most lethal foe Hunting for Haqqanis, US deploys troops along N Waziristan border 'Qaida, Taliban plotting to abduct Bilawal' Pak money scam targets UK Gujaratis Pakistan running out of patience on drone strikes: Defence Min US troops massed on Pak border: reports Drone in Pakistan said to kill jailed clerics son UK held secret briefing for India on missiles in Libyan war Pak-US ties improving but challenges remain: Haqqani Saudi Arabia takes Iran to UN over alleged plot NATO violated Pakistan airspace in Balochistan: ANP NGOs call on Arab League to act on Syria 3 out of every 4 terror suspects in Pakistan s Punjab province go free Libya militias must be integrated with new regime Libya govt. says its flag flies over Bani Walid Libyans bulldoze Gaddafi s Tripoli compound Deadly calm in Sirte after fierce fighting Weapons smuggling bid foiled by Peshawar police Tanks and jets: Kenyan military moves into Somalia Iraq: Bomb Kills 7; Target Is a Question 9 security men, 15 militants killed in Pakistan clash 5 Syria troops killed fighting defectors

Three suicide attackers killed in Afghanistan Yemeni troops gun down 6 protesters Syria forces shoot at activist funeral Libya s NTC forces claim Bani Walid advance Clinton arrives in Malta to discuss Libya with PM Pro-Qaddafi Enclave in Desert Is Said to Fall After a Battle

Failed Attack on U.S. Base Rattles an Afghan Valley Assad govt. has made mistakes: Grand Mufti Suspected US airstrikes take out top Yemen Qaeda leaders Militants assault US base in eastern Afghanistan NY judge: Al-Qaeda owes $9.3 billion for 9/11 damage Iran warns against inappropriate action on US plot claims Protests in New York and Rome turning into global movement Majority of Israelis support prisoner swap deal Pakistan wants Afghan action on Fazlullah Afghan provincial intelligence chief targeted in bombing Anti-Saleh protest continues in Yemen Greece heads for standstill before austerity vote We are finding a solution on issue of drone attacks: Pak Defence Karachi tops in overall province-wide crimes Pakistan will recognize new Libyan government: Gilani PML-N s politics will not succeed, government working satisfactory: Gilani Hillary Clinton set to visit Islamabad next week Israel sees charged debate over release of prisoners Zardari perturbed over Mirzas allegations, says aide Pak: MQM Chief returns home to central jail Overseas Pakistanis may have right to vote in elections: ECP Tunisians to vote in historic post-revolution polls Telephonic conversation: Malik apprises Hussain of security situation By-polls: ECP announces schedule for Mirza s former constituency Pak: KU teachers and administration still at war over Maliks degree URL: -------Sufi Maha Panchayat Denounces Wahabi Extremism VIDYA SUBRAHMANIAM All India Ulama and Mashaikh Board president Hazrat Syed Muhammad Ashraf Ashrafi addressing the Muslim Maha Panchayat of board in Moradabad on Sunday.

When anyone tries to recruit you into terrorism, hand him over to the police The All India Ulama & Mashaikh Board (AIUMB) on Sunday gave a call to Sunni Musl ims across India to reject and rebuff hardline Wahabism so that Islam could retu rn to its tolerant, Sufi roots: When an extremist turns up at your door seeking y our support, when anyone tries to recruit you into terrorism, hand him over to t he nearest police station, said Board general secretary Maulana Syed Mohd Ashraf Kachochavi, addressing a large-sized Maha Panchayat of Sunni Muslims here. The Maulana also asked the government to immediately pass legislation to set up a Central Madrasa Board so that fundings to madrasas could be audited and a watc h kept on the flow of Saudi petro-dollars into madrasa education. The Maha Panchayat was a sort of coming out event for the AIUMB, which claims to r epresent 80 per cent of Sunni Muslims (themselves accounting for the largest sha re of Indian Muslims) and yet has been barely visible on the Indian Muslim polit ical and cultural scene. The AIUMB s case is that despite their huge numbers, th ey have not been able to assert themselves because the Deobandis and the Wahabis have captured key Muslim institutions such as the Wakf Board and the madrasas, and also wield political influence far beyond their size: The government listens only to the hardliners. It has handed over Wakf properties and Masjids, which be long to us, to them. Board members stressed the threat from Wahabi extremism over and over in their s peeches to the Maha Panchayat, arguing that a small group of people had succeede d in giving a bad name to Islam and Muslims, most of whom were Sunni Sufis and t herefore peace-loving, tolerant and intensely patriotic. Speakers also emphasise d the essentially inclusive nature of Sufism which did not differentiate between Muslims and non-Muslims and allowed all communities to pray in their shrines. T he Deobandis, on the other hand, did not allow their followers to go to Sufi dar gahs. The time has come for us to come out and claim our rights. Let us take a pledge t hat we will never support Wahabi extremism not today, not tomorrow. Let us take a pledge that we will work for the unity and integrity of our motherland, Maulana Kachochavi told the gathering. Later talking to the press, the Maulana made a strong pitch for a Madrasa Board saying: Right now the madrasas are under the control of Wahabi-inspired organisat ions which run on Saudi money. The ideology they teach and spread is hardline Wa habism. These organisations have put pressure on the government not to enact the Act. We want the funds to go to the really needy and poor. Remarkably, the Maha Panchayat appeared to have been boycotted by the influentia l Urdu press. Last week, when the Board held a press conference in Delhi, Urdu j ournalists were openly hostile to the organisers, arguing that the AIUMB was try ing to divide Muslims, and was no different from the Sangh Parivar, which saw al l Muslims as terrorists. Opposed to Congress When journalists brought up the issue of the AIUMB s political leanings on Sunda y, AIUMB members insisted that they were apolitical. However, Maulana Kachochavi made it clear that the AIUMB was opposed to the Congress, which propped up hardl ine organisations like the Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind. Asked if the AIUMB would put up i ts own candidates in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, he admitted that it w as an idea they were considering, as that seems to be the only way to make people and the government hear us. But for now, we will vote whoever supports all our de mands. -------

Kazakhstan plans to train 30-40 imams annually to work in mosques - Mufti Oct 17 2011, Astana, 15 October: The Spiritual Board of Muslims of Kazakhstan [SBMK] has plan s to train 30-40 imams annually to ensure proper staffing at the country s mosqu es, the chairman of the SBMK, Mufti Absattar kazhi Derbisali, has said. "We now have our own university, centre and nine madrassahs [religious schools]. And if we train 30-40 imams annually, the problem (with staffing - Interfax-Kaz akhstan) will be solved. It will be staff who would also know the local language , traditions and history," the mufti said, speaking at a conference entitled "Is lam is the religion of solidarity and unity" held in Aktobe. I once asked my colleague in Turkey: "Do you have problems like we do? And he an swered that they had gone through those extremes that we are experiencing today in matters of religion, but it was easy to tackle them. How? Train your own staf f and send them to your mosques, and there will be no place for other teachings, and people will only liste! n to you, he advised me," the chairman of the SBMK told the audience. "When I got this post at the SBMK, there were 1,402 mosques in Kazakhstan, of wh ich only 284 belonged to the Mufti Office, the others worked independently, and there was no unity, no system. Nobody cared who worked there. The first thing to do was an appraisal for all imams. Now all the imams have got registration, and they even go on holiday with our permission," the mufti said. "It is easy to open a mosque, but you need to make it work in the right directio n. We must provide it with staff and maintain it. We cannot solve this problem o n our own," the head of the SBMK said, drawing the attention of the local author ities to this issue. Aktobe Region Governor Arkhimed Mukhambetov, who was also taking part in the con ference, said that the leadership of the region were also interested in solving these issues. "A branch of the Zeket foundation under the Spiritual B! oard of Muslims of Kaza khstan has been opened in the region. Today 10 business structures were the firs t to make donations to it - 200,000 tenge each. This is only the beginning. The incoming money will primarily be used to pay local imams salaries and for the m aintenance of mosques in the villages. Now we are busy solving problems with tra nsportation and housing for the imams," the governor said. The governor said that there were 62 mosques in the region. Source: Interfax-Kazakhstan news agency, Almaty, in Russian 0652 gmt 15 Oct 11 -------U.S. pegs Haqqani as most lethal foe

October 18, 2011 The family criminal enterprise known as the Haqqani Network conducts terrorist a ttacks inside Afghanistan by keeping in constant phone contact with its suicide bombers before and during attacks. This level of sophistication, coupled with hands-on terrorist operations, is one reason the U.S. now considers Haqqani its most lethal enemy, even more so than al Qaeda and the Taliban. The network is operating out of a safe haven across the border in the town of Mi ram Shah, Pakistan, with near impunity and little to fear from NATO troops or Is lamabad. Meanwhile, al Qaeda is using Afghanistan as a training ground for Arab recruits. If the recruits do well in the fight, they are reprogrammed to attack the Unite d States. This assessment of al Qaeda and the Haqqani Network is contained among roughly 1 ,250 pages of documents and exhibits released by U.S. Central Command in the inv estigation of the Aug. 4 CH-47 helicopter downing that killed 30 Americans, incl uding 17 Navy SEALs. Army Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Colt and his team began the investigation by receiving a briefing in Kabul from senior U.S. military war planners and intelligence offic ers. CentCom included a declassified 134-page transcript of the briefing. Gen. C olt wanted to understand the enemy in Afghanistan and how a special operations t ask force decides to target them. The network is led by Sirajuddin Haqqani and his brother Badruddin. [They have a] tremendous amount of ability to push forces cross the board, one unn amed briefer told Gen. Colt. We consider them the most lethal, resolute and resil ient of the insurgent element we are fighting today. They have the ability to pu sh forces across, conduct attacks. The briefer said the U.S. has intercepted calls between Haqqani - which one is n ot specified - and his fighters as they carried out an attack. As an example, the briefer talked about Haqqani deploying nine suicide bombers t o attack the Inter-Continental Hotel in Kabul in June, one of the most brazen at tacks in Afghanistans well-fortified capital. The briefer said: The end of June, the Inter-Continental Hotel in Kabul, these gu ys all had suicide vests on, they were using small arms, [and] as they were atta cking from the roof of the hotel, they were calling back [situation reports] to Badruddin Haqqani, who was just across the border during this. So very hands-on. See, it is very easy for them to attack and get back across the border, lick th eir wounds, re-arm, re-equip, and prepare for another attack at a later date. All nine attackers were killed. The intercepts are the likely reason the NATO co mmand so quickly named Haqqani as the mastermind. In one of his last public statements as Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, Navy Adm . Mike Mullen accused Islamabad of providing Haqqani a safe haven and aiding the network in attacks in Afghanistan. The briefing also disclosed that al Qaeda is repositioning fighters from Pakista ns tribal areas into Afghanistans Kunar province. A briefer said al Qaeda is under pressure, presumedly from Pakistani forces, prompting the move to a rugged bord

er area largely abandoned by NATO troops. The other thing is they are very much invested in the Taliban fight, the briefer s tated. If the Taliban wins at the end of the day over here in Afghanistan, then t hat is a win for al Qaeda. So they are all in as far as the Taliban is concerned. oe/ -------Hunting for Haqqanis, US deploys troops along N Waziristan border Oct 18, 2011, ISLAMABAD: The US has moved hundreds of new troops to the Afghan area bordering Pakistan s insurgentinfested North Waziristan tribal region along with heavy art illery, helicopter gunships and sealed movement on the border. US forces deployed to new positions in the border areas facing Ghulam Khan in Pa kistan between Saturday and Sunday night. The troops occupied nearby vantage hei ghts on hilltops, setting up observation posts, The News International said quot ing Pakistani security officials and tribal elders. Geo television reported that tribesmen living in the border areas said Afghan an d US authorities had clamped a curfew in parts of Afghanistan s eastern Khost pr ovince and started house-to-house search. The News reported that the abrupt deployment of US forces near the border area w ith Pakistan has escalated tension in the militancyplagued North Waziristan trib al region as US forces immediately sealed the main road connecting Pakistan bord er town of Ghulam Khan and Khost for traffic. Pakistani security officials in North Waziristan confirmed the latest developmen t and said they were monitoring the situation on the border with Afghanistan, Th e News reported. There is no word from the US and NATO forces on the Pakistani media reports. The American troop movement has been reported as US unmanned spy planes have ste pped up strikes in the Waziristan tribal belt over the past few days. Washington Post quoting US officials has said that US has opened a new more aggressive app roach towards the dreaded Haqqani network. "The Obama administration has launched the opening salvos of a new, more aggress ive approach towards an Afghan insurgent group it asserts is supported by Pakist an s government," the report said. The post quoted officials as saying that the new operation may include intensified drone strikes on Miranshah, centre of Nort h Waziristan and was made "at a National Security Council meeting chaired by Pre sident Obama two weeks ago" . s-troops-along-N-Waziristan-border/articleshow/10396413.cms ------Qaida, Taliban plotting to abduct Bilawal

Oct 18, 2011,

ISLAMABAD: Al-Qaida and Pakistani Taliban are planning to kidnap President Asif Ali Zardari s son, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Pakistan interior minister Rehman Mal ik said on Monday. The 23-year-old , who is based in England, frequently visits Pakistan and is the ruling People s Party s cochairman. "The necessary measures have been taken for Bilawal s security," Malik said. Malik said the interior ministry s crisis management cell learnt about this thre at in September and issued notifications to top aides to Prime Minister Yousaf R aza Gilani and Asif Ali Zardari, saying the al Qaida was planning to abduct high profile officials including Bilawal. For Full Report: ct-Bilawal/articleshow/10396382.cms ------Pak money scam targets UK Gujaratis October 18, 2011 Gujarati-speaking people in the English city of Leicester have been targeted by a money transfer scam originating from Pakistan, local officials have warned. The city has a large minority of Indian origin people, many of whom are Gujarati -speakers with roots in Gujarat. Reports from Leicester say that officials have warned Gujarati-speaking people n ot be taken in by the scam that operates through the phone and asks unsuspecting victims to deposit money in a bank account via the Western Union money transfer . City residents have reportedly been called by a man who claims they have won 50, 000 pounds, but must deposit 275 pounds into a bank account via a Western Union transfer to access the money. The caller identifies himself as Mohammed Musafa Khan, speaks in Gujarati and ca lls from a mobile traced to Pakistan, according to a report in the Leicester Mer cury. Local resident Chandra Parmar, who received such a call, said: "We knew st raight away it was a scam but it is worrying because vulnerable people might not realise". ------Pakistan running out of patience on drone strikes: Defence Min Oct 18, 2011 With the US stepping up drone strikes on the Waziristan region in recent days, P akistan s Defence Minister Ahmed Mukhtar has said his government was running out of patience and Washington must not test its limits. Pakistan has repeatedly protested the unilateral strikes, and Mukhtar said his g overnment would unveil a revised policy on drone attacks soon.

The warning came as the US spy aircraft carried out four strikes in Pakistan s W aziristan tribal region in three days and killed nearly 10 people including thre e al-Qaeda linked Egyptians. For Full Report: es.html ------US troops massed on Pak border: reports October 18, 2011 in the border areas facing Ghulam Khan in Pakistan between Saturday and Sunday n ight. The troops occupied nearby vantage heights on hilltops, setting up observation p osts, The News International said quoting Pakistani security officials and triba l elders. Geo television reported that tribesmen living in the border areas said Afghan an d US authorities had clamped a curfew in parts of Afghanistan s eastern Khost pr ovince and started house-to-house search. The villagers in Ghulam Khan said NATO warplanes were also seen flying over the border region several times during the day. The ith bal der News reported that the abrupt deployment of US forces near the border area w Pakistan has escalated tension in the militancy-plagued North Waziristan tri region as US forces immediately sealed the main road connecting Pakistan bor town of Ghulam Khan and Khost for traffic.

For Full Report: 8274.aspx -----Drone in Pakistan said to kill jailed clerics son Oct 17, 2011, PESHAWAR, Pakistan: One of three militants killed in a drone strike in Pakistan Friday was the son of a blind Egyptian cleric serving a life sentence in the U.S . for plotting to attack New York City landmarks, an Afghan Taliban commander sa id Saturday. The U.S. drone attack killed Ahmad Omar Abdel Rahman, son of Sheikh Omar Abdel R ahman, who was jailed in the United States in 1995, and also had a long history of violent opposition to the Egyptian government. The clerics grandson and another Egyptian were also killed in the attack in North Waziristan, said the Afghan Taliban commander, referring to a tribal area near the Afghan border. For Full Report: tan-said-to-kill-jailed-clerics-son.ashx#axzz1b2b1ecan -----UK held secret briefing for India on missiles in Libyan war PTI, Oct 16, 2011, MANCHESTER: At a time when NATO forces were destroying the bases of Colonel Muam mar Gaddafi, Britain gave a secret presentation to the Indian Air Force (IAF) ab out the performance in the Libyan war of MBDA missiles, which have been offered to New Delhi. "A presentation was given to the Indian Air Force two months ago where senior of ficers including the present chief (Air Chief Marshal N A K Browne) were present , about the performance of the Brim Stone precision guided missile," Frank Morga n, a senior MBDA executive, told a group of Indian reporters here. MBDA is a four-nation European missile manufacturing consortium and has its faci lities spread across Italy, the UK, France and Germany. For Full Report: ssiles-in-Libyan-war/articleshow/10379496.cms ------Pak-US ties improving but challenges remain: Haqqani Oct. 17, 2011 WASHINGTON: Pakistans Ambassador in Washington Hussain Haqqani said that the demo cratic government in Pakistan was pursuing the countrys national interests while conducting the countrys international relations, while indicating an improvement in Pakistan-US ties after weeks of heated rhetoric appeared to give way to the n ormal course of diplomacy. Ambassador Haqqani, while addressing a gathering of the Pakistani American commu nity in Portland in the Oregon state, said that challenges remained in the bilat eral ties but that relations were returning to normalcy through quiet diplomacy. Officials in both capitals were toning down tough rhetoric. Both Islamabad and Wa shington realise they need each other and a strong, positive bilateral relations hip is in the best interest of the two countries and their people, he told the ga thering. For Full Report: pg7_8 ------Saudi Arabia takes Iran to UN over alleged plot Oct 17 2011

DUBAI/TEHRAN: Saudi Arabia has taken a first step to have Iran reported to the U nited Nations Security Council, a move that could lead to new sanctions, but Teh ran dismissed allegations it plotted to kill a top Saudi envoy as a ploy to isol ate it. Saudi Arabias permanent mission to the United Nations... formally requeste d the United Nations Secretary General notify the Security Council of the heinou s conspiracy, the Asharq al-Awsat newspaper reported, citing a statement from the kingdoms UN mission. The United States on Tuesday said it had uncovered a plot b y two men with links to Irans security forces to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States, Adel al-Jubeir, by planting a bomb in a Washington restau rant. Irans leadership says the allegation has been cynically engineered to furth er isolate Tehran, whose disputed nuclear programme has triggered several rounds of international sanctions against it. Irans Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamen ei on Saturday said the alleged plot was a meaningless and nonsensical accusation. The Saudi step follows remarks by US President Barack Obama that he would press for the toughest possible sanctions against Iran over the alleged plot, and vowed not to take any options off the table - a phrase commonly used to mean the poss ibility of using force. Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal said on Wed nesday in Vienna that Iran was responsible for the alleged plot and said Riyadh wo uld adopt a measured response. Tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia have risen i n recent months as Arab uprisings have altered the balance of power in the Middl e East. reuters\10\17\story_17-10-2011_pg1_5 ------NATO violated Pakistan airspace in Balochistan: ANP Oct 17, 2011 By Shehzad Balcoh QUETTA: The Awami National Party (ANP) on Monday informed the Balochistan Assemb ly that North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces had violated Pakistani airspace in Qila Abdullah, a district that shares the border with Afghanistan. ANP Parliamentary Leader, Provincial Minister Zamurk Khan raised the issue on a point of order during a Balochistan Assembly session on Monday. Deputy Speaker M atiullah Agha was chairing the session. Khan said Nato forces had violated Pakistani airspace by making a 20 minute low flight in the area two days back. For Full Report: n-anp/?print=true ------NGOs call on Arab League to act on Syria 17 Oct 2011 Dina Ezzat, Silence is not an option on Syria, say a group of NGOs to an Arab foreign minist ers meeting convened today in Cairo Over 120 Arab and international non-governmental organisations Sunday called on

the Arab League to be "on the right side of history" and to act promptly to end the bloodshed of Syrian demonstrators that have been since last March calling fo r an end to the rule of Syrian President Bashar Assad and his regime. In a letter sent to the Arab League ahead of the emergency meeting, the organisa tions state they are acting to stop alleged crimes against humanity and the use of brutal force against civilians. The letter, of which Ahram Online was sent a copy, alerted Arab foreign minister s on the UN-estimated death toll in Syria, put at around 3000, "in the war that the Syrian president has been waging against his own people". "The letter states that the confirmed shelling of residential neighbourhoods, th e arrest, disappearance and torture of thousands of peaceful protesters and thei r families have become routine occurrences in many Syrian cities, and must end," states a press release circulated by the signatories of the letter. For Full Report: -League-to-act-on-Syria.aspx ------3 out of every 4 terror suspects in Pakistan s Punjab province go free Oct 17.2011 LAHORE: Even as Pakistan talks about strict action against terrorists, 75% of te rror suspects arrested in the Punjab province in Lahore over the last two decade s were set free by the courts due to lack of evidence, according to data compile d by the provincial government. "If you were accused of being a terrorist in Punjab over the past two decades, t here was about a 75% chance that you would be acquitted," The Express Tribune daily said. Since 1990, there have been 800 incidents of terrorism in Punjab, of which 475 h ave actually been prosecuted. For Full Report: ts-in-Pakistans-Punjab-province-go-free/articleshow/10388252.cms -----Libya militias must be integrated with new regime 17 Oct 2011 Integrating Libya s many militias into the country s new regime, two months afte r they drove Muamer Gaddafi from power is high on the agenda of British Foreign Secretary Hague to Tripoli During the visit to the Libyan capital, British Foreign Secretary William Hague on Monday held talks with Libyan interim leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil, re-opened t he British embassy and announced the appointment of John Jenkins as new ambassad or to Libya

"It is important for the militias to be integrated into the work of the National Transitional Council (NTC), and then of course into the national transitional g overnment that will be formed once the liberation of the country is declared," H ague told journalists in Tripoli. There are dozens of different militias, or brigades, in the Libyan capital alone , some of which have shown themselves reluctant to take orders from the NTC lead ership, although so far any disagreements have been peacefully resolved. For Full Report: st-be-integrated-with-new-regime.aspx ------Libya govt says its flag flies over Bani Walid Oct 17.2011 TRIPOLI: Libyan interim government forces said on Monday they had raised the cou ntry s new flag over Bani Walid, one of the last bastions of pro-Muammar Gaddafi loyalists, but it was not yet clear if the town had been completely captured. Along with Gaddafi s hometown Sirte, Bani Walid has been one of only two towns i n Libya where there is still armed resistance to the rule of the National Transi tional Council (NTC). "We have reached the city centre (of Bani Walid) and have raised the flag," Colo nel Abdullah Naker, head of the Tripoli Revolutionist Council, told Reuters on S unday. Fighters taking part in the assault on Bani Walid also told Reuters they had ent ered the town which is nestled into rocky hills some 150 km (90 miles) south of Tripoli. Bani Walid is an ancestral home to the Warfalla, Libya s biggest and one of its most politically-influential tribes. They number about a million out of the coun try s six million population and were traditional supporters of Gaddafi. For Full Report: ies-over-Bani-Walid/articleshow/10388082.cms ------Libyans bulldoze Gaddafi s Tripoli compound Oct 17, 2011, TRIPOLI, Libya: Libyan revolutionary forces bulldozed the green walls surroundin g Moammar Gaddafi s main Tripoli compound, saying it was time "to tear down this symbol of tyranny." The sprawling, fortress-like compound known as Bab al-Aziziya has long been hate d by Libyans who feared to even walk nearby during Gaddafi s more than four deca des in power and its capture was seen as a turning point in the civil war as rev olutionaries overran the capital in late August.

Ahmad Ghargory, commander of a revolutionary brigade, said Sunday that the area will be turned into a public park accessible to all Libyans. "It s the revolutionary decision to tear down this symbol of tyranny," Ghargory said. "We were busy with the war, but now we have the space to do this." Already, the courtyard in front of Gaddafi s former house, which he used for man y fiery speeches trying to rally supporters during the uprising, has been turned into a weekly pet market. Tripoli residents roam the premises as if at a museum , with vendors selling revolutionary flags and other souvenirs. Full Report at: ripoli-compound/articleshow/10388170.cms

------Deadly calm in Sirte after fierce fighting October 17, 2011 Fighting around the last pockets of resistance in Muammar Gaddafi s hometown of Sirte abated sharply yesterday with some besieging troops saying they were delib erately holding fire after an exodus of civilians. An AFP correspondent heard only intermittent rocket and small arms fire around t he Dollar and Number Two residential neighbourhoods in the northwest of the city where Gaddafi loyalists are holed up. A National Transitional Council fighter told AFP that there had been an exodus o f civilians from the two neighbourhoods in early morning and that the besieging troops were eager to give others the chance to leave. For Full Report: ------Weapons smuggling bid foiled by Peshawar police Oct 17, 2011, The men were subsequently arrested and the weapons were seized by the police. Ph oto by Reuters PESHAWAR: Two men who were attempting to smuggle weapons to Islamabad were arres ted by Peshawar police on Monday, DawnNews reported. The suspects were carrying the weapons in a vehicle which was apprehended after being stopped for checking near Peshawars Chamkani area. The men were subsequently arrested and the weapons were seized by the police. tml

------Tanks and jets: Kenyan military moves into Somalia Oct 17, 2011, Kenyan tanks, artillery and hundreds of fighters are moving through militant ter ritory in Somalia, residents said on Monday. Fighter jets and helicopters have been flying overhead since Kenyan forces moved en masse into Somalia on Sunday. The invasion came one day after Kenyan defense officials said the country has th e right to defend itself against al-Shabab militants after a string of kidnappin gs inside Kenya. Four Europeans have been abducted and one killed. Witnesses in the Somali town of Dhobley on Monday said an estimated 40 Kenyan mi litary vehicles entered the town on Sunday. Ali Abdullahi, a resident in Dhobley, said the army vehicles were towing what he described as big guns . For Full Report: ia-231 -------Iraq: Bomb Kills 7; Target Is a Question October 18, 2011 A bomb blast near a Baghdad liquor store killed seven people and wounded 18 on M onday, officials said. Three of the dead and five of the wounded were police officers. It was not immed iately clear whether the primary target was the liquor store, a target of conser vative Shiite militants, or the police officers, a target of Sunni militants. A roadside bomb exploded near a police patrol, killing one civilian. ng-kills-7-in-iraq.html?_r=1&src=twr&gwh=E85E10C00375D1CB3748F09DC020CB87 ---------9 security men, 15 militants killed in Pakistan clash Oct 18, 2011, ISLAMABAD: At least nine Pakistani security personnel and 15 militants were kill ed Monday during an armed clash triggered by an attack on a security check post in the country s northwestern tribal region, media reports said. Local Urdu TV Geo News quoted security sources as saying that 30 to 35 militants attacked a security check post in Bara area of Khyber Agency, Pakistan s northw estern tribal region bordering Afghanistan, Xinhua reported. Militants used automatic weapons along with hand grenades and rockets that kille

d nine soldiers. For Full Report: led-in-Pakistan-clash/articleshow/10392739.cms --------5 Syria troops killed fighting Oct 18, 2011, Syrian soldiers fought gunmen suspected to be army defectors in the flashpoint c entral province of Homs yesterday in clashes that left five troops dead, a human rights group said, while a crackdown focused on the provincial capital left two civilians dead. "Five soldiers were killed and others wounded as a result of clashes pitting the army and security forces against gunmen believed to be defectors at a checkpoin t near the town of Qurayn in Homs province," the Syrian Observatory for Human Ri ghts told AFP. The Observatory said some "20 soldiers fled to the surrounding orchards." In another confrontation with gunmen thought to be defectors in the northwestern province of Idlib, "17 in the army s ranks were wounded," the Britain-based wat chdog said. Syrian security forces opened fire in a residential area in the city of Homs, a hotbed of dissent, killing one person and wounding six others, the same rights g roup said. For Full Report: ------3 suicide attackers killed in eastern Afghanistan Oct 17, 2011, Kabul: Afghan police shot dead three suicide bombers attempting to target mayora l offices in the east of the country on Sunday, but a car bomb set up for the at tack blew up, killing one worker, an official said. "At around noon, three suicide attackers with an explosives-packed vehicle tried to enter the municipality building in Gardez and target the city hall, but they were stopped and killed by the police," Rohullah Samoon, spokesman for Paktia p rovincial governor said. He said the attackers left their bomb-rigged vehicle, which detonated before for eign troops were able to arrive to defuse it, killing one worker. For Full Report: fghanistan_736932.html defectors

--------Yemeni troops gun down 6 protesters 16 OCTOBER 2011 , AFP Yemeni troops shot dead six people in the capital on Sunday as they attempted to block a new bid by activists to bring 10 months of protests against veteran Pre sident Ali Abdullah Saleh to a head. Medical officials stationed at a makeshift field hospital near Change Square sai d four protesters and two dissident soldiers were killed, and at least 59 others wounded. The defiant march by tens of thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators in Sanaa c ame despite the deaths of atleast 12 people in a similar protest in the capital on Saturday. For Full Report: ------Syria forces shoot at activist funeral October 17, 2011 Syrian security forces opened fire on a funeral procession for an activist in th e oil-rich east yesterday as they pressed a crackdown on dissent, a human rights group said. Syrian security forces in Deir Ezzor fired live bullets at a funeral procession of 7000 for Ziad al-Obeidi, who was killed by regime forces, the Syrian Observat ory for Human Rights said. Meanwhile, security forces carried out raids and arrests in the flashpoint centr al province of Homs and in the outskirts of Damascus, with 19 people arrested in Dmeir, the Observatory said. President Bashar al-Assad on Saturday appointed a committee to draft a new const itution within fours months as activists reported more killings, arrests and gun fire in several protest hubs across Syria. A key demand of the opposition has been the removal of Article 8 of the constitu tion which stipulates that the Baath party is the sole "leader of state and soci ety," giving it a monopoly on power. Security forces killed 12 people in Syria on Saturday alone, activist and source s said. ---------Libya s NTC forces claim Bani Walid advance Oct 18, 2011, Forces loyal to Libya s interim authorities say they have entered Bani Walid, on

e of the last towns still loyal to Gaddafi. NTC military commanders said they met heavy resistance from Gaddafi loyalists in the town, some 170km south-east of Tripoli. Meanwhile, fighting is continuing for Col Gaddafi s hometown of Sirte. And a pro -Gaddafi television station has confirmed reports the ex-leader s son, Khamis, w as killed in late August. Arrai television, based in Syria, said he had died during fighting with NTC forc es in the city of Tarhouna, 90km south-east of Tripoli. Gaddafi s intelligence chief, Mohammed Abdullah al-Sanussi, was also killed duri ng the battle, Arrai TV said. Khamis Gaddafi has been reported dead twice before since the uprising against his father began, only to reappear. For Full Report: ------Clinton arrives in Malta to discuss Libya with PM October 18, 2011 US secretary of state Hillary Clinton arrived in Malta early on Tuesday for talk s with Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi on the situation in Libya. She was welcomed at the airport by Maltese foreign minister Tonio Borg. Clinton is due to meet G onzi later on Tuesday in the capital Valletta. Malta has been involved in the Libyan crisis by serving as a logistics point for the evacuation of workers and the provision of humanitarian aid. It has also ha d a role in air traffic control over Libya. British Foreign Secretary William Hague visited Malta on Sunday and Monday befor e flying on to Libya. Clinton is the most senior US administration official to visit the Mediterranean island since President George Bush (senior) and Secretary of State James Baker were here for the superpower meeting with then Soviet President Mikhail Gorbache v in 1989. uss-Libya-with-PM/Article1-758568.aspx -------Pro-Qaddafi Enclave in Desert Is Said to Fall After a Battle By RICK GLADSTONE October 18, 2011 Libyan forces fighting the vestiges of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafis toppled governmen t said Monday that anti-Qaddafi fighters were in complete control of Bani Walid, a loyalist desert enclave south of Tripoli, the capital, but had yet to proclai m total victory in his Mediterranean hometown of Surt.

Bani Walid and Surt, the last holdouts of pro-Qaddafi resistance, have prevented the Transitional National Council, the interim government, from declaring the o fficial end of the Qaddafi era in the nearly two months since Colonel Qaddafi fl ed Tripoli and went underground. Western news agencies with correspondents close to Bani Walid said anti-Qaddafi fighters had driven into the center of the enclave, raised the new Libyan flag, fired machine guns into the air and screamed God is great! in victory chants. For Full Report: i-fighters-say.html?src=twr ------Failed Attack on U.S. Base Rattles an Afghan Valley October 18, 2011 By JACK HEALY ROKHA, Afghanistan As the suicide bombers threaded their way past patchwork s and snow-dusted mountains here in eastern Afghanistan, they had to stop for rections. It was 4 a.m. and, apparently in need of help finding their target, ey pulled up to a police station and asked the overnight guards, Which way to e Americans? farm di th th

There was really only one answer: Forward Operating Base Lion, a small roadside outpost that is one of the last vestiges of the United States presence in the st able and fiercely independent Panjshir Valley. After years of the areas being ove rlooked by insurgents, the war finally found its way here on Saturday morning. The five assailants rammed a car loaded with explosives into the bases red front gate and for half an hour in the chilly predawn buffeted the base with rocket-pr opelled grenades. At least two of the attackers were able to breach the walls, r unning a few feet inside before being cut down by American and Afghan bullets. For Full Report: njshir-valley-in-afghanistan.html?src=twr&gwh=E5E96F6637BE1E7B9A77EF02CE240DD2 ------Assad govt has made mistakes: Grand Mufti October 18, 2011 Dr Ahmad Badr Al-Din Hassoun, who is the Grand Mufti of the Syrian Arab Republic , lost his 22-year-old son when he was gunned down by undientified assailants on October 3 near Ibla university in north-western Syria. Hassoun, while confessing his close association with the president, measured his words and said, I am personally not with the government. This government committ ed political, economic, educational mistakes. But that does not mean that by kil ling people, you can correct the mistakes. They need to correct the mistake thro ugh dialogue, and not by killing people.

The seven month-old uprising against Assad, 46, is the toughest crisis he has fa ced since coming to power in 2000. The UN has put the death toll from the uprisi ng at 3,000. I didnt lose my son alone, said the Grand Mufti, All 3,000 people are my sons. Wearin g a white turban and a black robe, he sat in a large room with a framed photogra ph of the Syrian president kissing the Koran. For Full Report: ------Assad govt has made mistakes: Grand Mufti ------Suspected US airstrikes take out top Yemen Qaeda leaders Octber 17,2011 Suspected US air strikes took out a raft of top al-Qaeda leaders in Yemen barely two weeks after a drone killed US-born jihadist cleric Anwar al-Awlaqi, provinc ial and tribal sources said today.

The Yemeni defence ministry confirmed that seven Al-Qaeda militants, including i ts regional media chief, had been killed in a raid. But it reiterated its standard denial of US involvement in offensive operations on Yemeni soil and insisted its own forces carried it out. A member of the Awlaqi tribe said the tribal members killed included Awlaqi s 21 -year-old son Abderrahman and Sarhan al-Qussa a, brother of Fahd al-Qussa a, a l eader of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula he said was on a US wanted list. da-leaders/860306/ ------Militants assault US base in eastern Afghanistan Octber 17,2011 Militants assaulted the gate of an American base in eastern Afghanistan today, s triking before dawn with rocket-propelled grenades and a vehicle packed with exp losives. The attackers failed to breach the gate of the base in Panjshir province s Rakha district, though they did hit a security tower with a rocket-propelled grenade, said provincial Police Chief Gen Mohammad Qasim Jangalbagh. Three of the men attacked on foot, shooting, while a fourth detonated the explos ives-laden vehicle outside the gate, Jangalbagh said. All four of the attackers were killed and two Afghan security guards were wounded, he said. A NATO spokeswoman confirmed the attack but said there were no American deaths o

The seven killed in last evening s triple raid included a son and cousin of Awla qi, as well as three other members of his tribe and the media chief of Al-Qaeda s feared Yemen arm, the sources said.

r injuries and no significant damage to facilities. "There was a complex attack attempted, but it was repelled," Capt. Ebony Calhoun said. She said the guards wounds were not life-threatening but they had been e vacuated to a larger US base for treatment. an/860304/ ------NY judge: Al-Qaeda owes $9.3 billion for 9/11 damage Octber 17,2011 A judge in New York has recommended al-Qaeda be assessed $9.3 billion for the da mage done to properties and businesses in the September 11, 2001 attacks. Federal Magistrate Judge Frank Maas in a ruling Friday sent the recommendation t o a district judge presiding over a lawsuit brought by several insurance compani es. The companies in 2003 sued various defendants, seeking damages for the 2001 terr or attacks, which demolished the World Trade Center s twin towers. Al-Qaeda neve r responded to the lawsuit and was found in default in 2006. Maas determined the actual damages and then tripled them as allowed by law. At this time, the companies were only seeking an assessment of damages against a l-Qaeda. The organization founded by Osama bin Laden is blamed for orchestrating the terror attacks. age/860287/ ------Iran warns against inappropriate action on US plot claims AFP TEHRAN: Irans supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, warned on Sunday of a decisi ve response to any inappropriate action over US claims of a Tehran-directed assassi nation plot. If American officials are entertaining any illusions, they should know that any i nappropriate action, whether political or security-related, will meet with the I ranian peoples decisive response, he said in a speech in western Iran, according t o his official website. Khamenei, who has already labelled the plot claims absurd, warned: The Islamic repu blic of Iran will face off any plot, or destructive or obstructive measures, wit h all its might. The remarks came as US officials consult with allies and other countries on ratc heting up pressure on Iran, which is already subject to UN and US sanctions over its controversial nuclear programme. For Full Report:

t-claims.html ------Protests in New York and Rome turning into global movement October 17, 2011 Clashes erupted in New York and Rome and protesters camped out yesterday in worl dwide demonstrations seen as a show of force by a rising global movement against corporate greed and government cutbacks. There were rallies in 951 cities in 80 countries around the globe on Saturday in an extension of a campaign born on May 15 with a rally in Madrid s central Puer ta del Sol square by a group calling itself "Indignados" ("Indignants"). "The fact is there is now clearly an international movement. Its preface was the Arab Spring seen in Cairo, Tunis and Benghazi," Eugenio Scalfari, a columnist for the Italian daily La Repubblica. For Full Report: ------Majority of Israelis support prisoner swap deal oct 17 ,2011 A new poll shows that Israelis overwhelmingly support a lopsided prisoner swap, in which 1,027 Palestinian prisoners will be released for one captured soldier. The poll shows that 79 per cent of Israelis support a deal under which Sgt. Gila d Schalit will be released by his Hamas captors on Tuesday. Only 14 per cent said they opposed the deal. Schalit has been held in Gaza for m ore than five years. Among those to be freed in return for the soldier are Pales tinian militants responsible for deadly suicide bombings and other attacks again st Israelis. The poll was carried out by the Dahaf Institute and published in the daily Yedio t Ahronot on Monday. Pollsters interviewed 500 respondents, and the margin of er ror was 4.4 percentage points. ------Pakistan wants Afghan action on Fazlullah Oct 17 2011, ISLAMABAD: Pakistan said on Monday that Afghan and US-led forces had failed to h unt down a Taliban cleric responsible for a spate of cross-border raids despite repeated requests from Islamabad, a complaint likely to deepen tensions between the neighbours. The attacks in which militants loyal to Maulvi Fazlullah took part killed about

100 members of Pakistans security forces, angering the military which faces threa ts from multiple militant groups. The problem refuses to go away, Pakistani army spokesman, Major-General Athar Abba s, told Reuters. For Full Report: ml ------Afghan provincial intelligence chief targeted in bombing Oct 17 2011 KABUL: A suicide bomber attacked a car carrying a provincial head of Afghanistans intelligence agency on Monday, wounding the spy and killing a child in the nort h of the country, police said. The bomber detonated next to a car in which the National Directorate of Security (NDS) official was travelling at 8:20am in Maymanah in Faryab province, Lal Moh ammad, police spokesman for the northern region, told AFP. The chief of NDS was going to his office when the attacker, a person wearing a su icide vest, detonated near his car. One child is killed and six other people, including the provincial chief of NDS, are injured, said Mohammad. Mohammad had said initially that a number of civilians were killed. .html ------Anti-Saleh protest continues in Yemen Oct 17 2011 Activists urge UN intervention as 5 more killed Yemeni troops shot dead five demonstrators in the capital yesterday as they atte mpted to block a new bid by activists to bring 10 months of protests against vet eran President Ali Abdullah Saleh to a head. The defiant march by tens of thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators in Sanaa c ame despite the deaths of at least 12 people in a similar protest in the capital on Saturday. Medical officials stationed at a makeshift field hospital near Change Square sai d three protesters and two dissident soldiers were killed, and at least 40 peopl e wounded in Sunday s crackdown. For Full Report:

------Greece heads for standstill before austerity vote Oct 17, 2011, ATHENS: Greece faces a crucial test this week, when much of the country is expec ted to be shut down by a 48-hour strike reaching a peak on Thursday as parliamen t votes on a sweeping package of austerity measures demanded by international le nders. Greeces two main unions, representing about half the four million-strong workforc e, have promised one of the biggest strikes since the crisis began two years ago , hitting food and fuel supplies, disrupting transport and leaving hospitals run by skeleton staff. Prime Minister George Papandreou, trailing badly in opinion polls, has defied th e protests, pledging to push through a deeply unpopular package that includes ta x rises, pay and pension cuts, job layoffs and changes to collective pay deals. For Full Report: .html

-------We are finding a solution on issue of drone attacks: Pak Defrence Minister Mukhtar,DAWN.COM , 16 10 11 LAHORE: Defence Minister Ahmed Mukhtar has said that there were no agreements si gned in the past on the issue of drone attacks. The present government has not worn bangles, he said. While meeting with Dengue patients at Sheikh Zayed Hospital in Lahore, Defence M inister Ahmed Mukhtar spoke to media persons and said that he is hopeful that a solution on the issue of drone attacks will be found soon. ks-mukhtar.html For Full Report:\10\17\story_17-10-2011_pg7_2

--------Karachi tops in overall province-wide crimes Oct. 17 10 11 KARACHI: Although Sindh police claims decline of overall crime incidents in Sind h this year as compared to last year, the murder, robbery, vehicle snatching/the ft, abduction and kidnapping for ransom cases have registered an increase. The K

arachi tops in murders and other kinds of crimes, according to official statisti cs. A report compiled by Sindh police department, containing comparative figures of the crimes committed from Jan 01 to Sept 15 this year and the corresponding peri od last year, says the murder cases registered an increase of 328, robberies 16 and kidnapping/ abduction 75 in the province. In Karachi, the murder cases surge d by 382, robberies by 186 and vehicle theft/snatching by 329. For Full Report: pg7_2 --------Pakistan will recognize new Libyan government: Gilani October 17, 2011 LAHORE: Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani has said that Pakistan will recog nize the new government in Libya. Talking to newsmen in Lahore on Sunday Gilani said that Pakistan believes in the sovereignty and independence of all countries, and does not interfere in the in ternal affairs of any country. As reported earlier in The Express Tribune, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PM L-N) had asked the government to recognise the National Transitional Council (NT C) government in Libya that has taken control of the country after toppling Muam mar Qaddafis regime. In a letter written to Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, PML-N Senator Ishaq Da r asserted that lives and jobs of over 55,000 Pakistani expatriates would be hig hly vulnerable if there is a further delay in recognising the council. On August 25 this year, the Libyan envoy in Islamabad, Ibrahim al Ebad, removed the green coloured flag, associated with the Qaddafi regime, and hoisted the de facto flag of Libya, used by the National Transitional Council at the Libyan emb assy in Islamabad. For Full Report: -gilani/ ------PML-N s politics will not succeed, government working satisfactory: Gilani October 17, 2011 Gilani says PML-N politics to bring the government down before March senate elec tions will not be successful and the PPP will come out as the major party. ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Yusaf Raza Gilani said that the PML-N was working very hard to bring down the Pakistan Peoples Party led government before the senate e lections next year, and expressed his satisfaction over the workings of the gove rnment. There are all indications that PPP will emerge as a single largest party in the S enate after March elections with its coalition partners, and they (the PML-N lea

ders) want the fall of government before March by hook or by crook, Gilani said w hile giving an interview to a private news channel. He further said that if anyo ne in the opposition had proof of corruption by the government, they could appro ach the independent courts and initiate cases. For Full Report: orking-satisfactory-gilani/ -------Hillary Clinton set to visit Islamabad next week October 17, 2011 US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is scheduled to arrive in Islamabad next w eek as part of her trip to several Islamic countries and is likely to make a pol icy statement on Pakistan and Afghanistan, a news report said on Sunday. She would call on President Asif Ali Zardari during a day-long visit and will de liver a message from President Barrack Obama, Jang newspaper reported. Clinton will also speak at a gathering of Pakistani defence and analysts of stra tegic affairs and will make a policy statement on Pakistan and Afghanistan, it s aid. Earlier a private TV channel Dunya had also reported that Hillary Clinton would vi sit Islamabad on October 20. There was no confirmation of the visit by the Gover nment and the US Embassy. For Full Report: remarks as contrary to the bilateral cooperation in the joint efforts against mi litants. ------Israel sees charged debate over release of prisoners October 17, 2011 DANIELLA CHESLOW The relatives of Israelis killed in Palestinian attacks waged a charged debate o n Sunday over the release of militants this week in a deal to free an Israeli so ldier held by Hamas for five years. Several families have filed a court appeal against the deal, though it is not ex pected to halt the swap in which Hamas militants will release Sgt. Gilad Schalit in exchange for 1,027 Palestinians in Israeli prisons. Among the prisoners to be released on Tuesday are militants involved in deadly b ombings and other attacks targeting Israeli civilians and soldiers. In Gaza and the West Bank, Palestinians were preparing a heros welcome for the re turning prisoners, seen as resistance fighters. For Full Report: --------Zardari perturbed over Mirzas allegations, says aide By Khawar Ghumman 17 10 11 ISLAMABAD: A senior aide at the Presidency has said the big boss (President Asif Zardari) is disturbed over Dr Zulfikar Mirzas continuous harangues, initially tar geting the Muttahida Qaumi Movement and its leadership, but later turning his gu n on his colleagues in the PPP. Besides, he told this correspondent, Dr Mirzas persistent interaction with the me dia has adversely affected the popularity of the Pakistan Peoples Party. The rece nt incidents of violation of party discipline in Sindh, the aide who didnt want t o be named said, were worrying the president. Full Report at: de.html ---------Pak: MQM Chief returns home to central jail October 17, 2011 Mohajir Qaumi Movement-Haqiqi (MQM-H) chief Afaq Ahmed returned to Central Jail, Karachi (CJK) from District Jail, Malir (DJM) on Friday night. Jail authorities say that they shifted Ahmed to CJK for protection. They plan to hold an trial inside as he cannot be protected at a trial held outside the jail . The chief was shifted to DJM in anticipation of his release after the court appr oved bail for the last of the cases he was implicated in. However, he was impris oned once again when an old case of kidnapping cropped up on October 7. The case was filed at the Landhi police station by an employee of the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board. IG Prisons Ghulam Qadir Thebu told The Express Tribune that the jail administrat ion shifted Ahmed to CJK late on Friday night. He said that one of the main reas ons behind the shift was the inside trial because all of Ahmeds previous hearings took place in the judicial complex in the CJK and they could protect him there. For Full Report: ------Overseas Pakistanis may have right to vote in elections: ECP October 17, 2011

Secretary ECP says recommendations have been formulated and will be forwarded to Law Ministry soon. PHOTO: SANA/ FILE For the first time in the countrys history, overseas Pakistanis and people with d ual nationalities may have a right to vote in Pakistans elections. Secretary Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Ishtiaq Ahmad told Express News that they have formulated recommendations in this regard and will soon forward t hem to the Law Ministry. For Full Report: ------Tunisians to vote in historic post-revolution polls Oct 17, 2011, TUNIS: Tunisia, which launched the Arab Spring when its outraged citizens ousted a seemingly entrenched dictator in January, again takes the lead with a historic vote Sunday for the drafters of a new constitution. It is a historic turning point. Tunisians do not have the right to make mistakes, the world is watching this first test on the road to democracy, a European diplo mat said, amid an election campaign dotted with violent outbursts, some by Islam ists. Ten months ago, Tunisian fruitseller Mohamed Bouazizi from Sidi Bouzid, a neglec ted town in the west of the country, set himself on fire to protest abuses under the 23-year-old regime of Zine el Abidine Ben Ali. For Full Report: ls.html ------Telephonic conversation: Malik apprises Hussain of security situation October 17, 2011 Interior Minister Rehman Malik disclosed there were intelligence reports that at tacks would be carried out on the offices of political parties in order to creat e a bad blood among them. In a telephonic conversation with the Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain, the minister said that the government was taking steps for foiling con spiracies, but needed the support of all religious and political parties. According to a press release issued on Saturday, the conversation between Malik and the MQM chief focused on the law and order situation of the country. Malik told Hussain that some elements wanted to derail the law and order situati on in Karachi and Dera Ismail Khan, and were conspiring to pit political parties against each other. The MQM chief expressed grave concerns over the reports and said it was time for all political and religious parties to unite in the face o

f the current challenges. He appealed to the leaders of the Pakistan Peoples Party, Awami National Party, Pakistan Muslim Leagues and Jamiat Ulama-i-Islam to take notice of the elements that have threatened to worsen the law and order situation in the country. n-of-security-situation/ ------By-polls: ECP announces schedule for Mirza s former constituency October 17, 2011 ISLAMABAD: Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) announced a schedule for by-ele ctions in Sindh constituency PS-57 Badin, Express 24/7 reported on Sunday. The ECP said that the by-election in the constituency would be held on December 12. According to the ECP, interested candidates can submit their nomination papers o n October 26 and 27, while the last date for withdrawal of names is November 17. The constituency was left vacant after the resignation of PPP leader and former home minister Zulfiqar Mirza. Mirza tendered his resignation during a fiery press conference in Karachi on Aug ust 28 from the posts of senior vice-president of the party, member provincial a ssembly (MPA), member Central Executive Committee (CEC), minister for works and services and senior minister. On September 7 this year, the Governor of Sindh Dr Ishratul Ebad accepted Mirzas resignation as Sindhs senior minister and minister for works and services. nstituency-ps-57-badin/?print=true -------Pak: KU teachers and administration still at war over Maliks degree October 17, 2011 Out of the 550 faculty members at the University of Karachi (KU), 307 signed a p etition to revert the universitys decision to award Federal Interior Minister Reh man Malik with an honorary doctorate degree. The KU Teachers Guild and faculty members launched a three-day campaign and plan to submit the petition to the chancellor, syndicate and Chief Justice of Pakist an. While talking to The Express Tribune, the pro-vice chancellor Dr Shahana Uro oj Kazmi said that the chancellor and vice-chancellor had the authority to award an honorary degree to whoever they wanted. The guilds general secretary Dr Shake el Farooqui, however disagreed with Kazmis statement and said that the chancellor and vice-chancellor had presented three candidates for an honorary doctorate an d they had been rejected by the syndicate. Meanwhile, more than 60 members of th e faculty have asked the KU teachers society to hold an emergency general body m eeting and demand that Maliks degree should be taken back. For Full Report: ver-maliks-degree/ URL:

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