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The Naiketing Plan

We propose a business that oIIers cleaning services to newly constructed
sites. The objective oI this business is to clear out all the rubble and waste material
(debris, leItover bricks, broken glasses, paint cans, cement bags, electric wires,
broken switches, wood shavings) ad overall general cleaning oI window stains and
paint droplets on the Iloor.
Business scope:
MulLan ls currenLly undergolng ma[or developmenL wlLh several colonles houslng schemes and
new malls currenLly under process 1he rapld expanslon and consLrucLlon of relaLlvely small houses wlll
provlde us wlLh ample opporLunlLles Lo selecL our LargeL cusLomers
%,7et m,7et:
We will be targeting all the newly constructed homes, markets, shops and
plazas (on personal as well as contractual basis).

,7et sement,tion:
On geographical basis we will divide Multan in three zones.
C,ntt: Cantt. ,Abdali Road, Nishter Area, MDA, Dera Adda,
Garden Town.
Gul,sht: Gulgasht Colony, Nawabpur Road, Khan Village,
Neelkoat, University Area, Bypass Area, OIIicers
Sh,h Rune Al,m: New Multan, Shah Rukne Alam, Lorry Adda, Ghanta

On demographic basis, we will be people in all income categories. So the main
basis oI the segmentation would be geographic.

SWO% An,lysis:

St7enths Unique idea, minimal investment, cheap and readily available
We,nesses: No precedent oI such a business (inexperience), tendency oI
people to hire their own labor.
Oppo7tunities: There is a huge potential Ior a demand oI the services that
we are oIIering, waste can be sold to be used Ior landIills.
%h7e,ts: Reluctance oI potential customers and threat oI contractors
copying the idea.
,7etin mix:

We will provide the Iollowing services
O Cleaning
O Clearing oI construction sites
O !roviding material Ior landIills

!rices are subjected to the size oI construction sites.
P,c,es Contents
!remium package Clearing oI construction site (indoor and outdoor),
removing paint stains (window and Iloor),
chemical polishing oI Iloor, checking electrical
Iixtures etc; sewerage solutions
Silver package Clearing oI construction debris, cleaning services,
sewerage solutions
Basic package Clearing oI debris, doors and windows cleaning

In basic package we will charge Rs. 15 per sq. Ieet. In silver package, Rs. 20 per
sq. Ieet and in premium package Rs. 20 per sq. Ieet will be charged and other
services such as electrical checking and polishing will cost more.
!ersonal contacts,
Developmental authorities,
Newspapers (For mass marketing)