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Page 14 — 4th July 2007 The Midlands Herald

Merrivale KwikSpar Scrap and be Merri

upgrades into full Spar
Below: Merrivale KwikSpar’s upgrade, which will continue into April next year,
will include the creation of underground parking and giving a more uniform look
to the whole shopping centre.

Above: Trish and Neil Akal at The Merri Scrapper in the Merrivale KwikSpar Centre .
In the constantly growing business world scrapbooking, a few of them being; Mak-
of Merrivale and Howick, The Merri Scrap- ing Memories, Doodle Bugs and Basic Grey,
Work has started on Merrivale KwikSpar’s The line of shops and offices below the per is the latest, and brightest, addition to and has a vast selection of papers, stickers,
major upgrading to a full Spar supermarket. Spar should be complete by the end of April. the market. embellishments and albums.
The renovations, which will include the As to the future tenants, the brothers — Situated at the Merrivale Spar centre, In the gift corner, Zanner pottery, wood-
creation of underground parking and a more whose family has run the store for about 25 where the chemist used to be, The Merri craft and rugs are for sale, while the little
uniform look to the whole shopping centre, years — are hoping to secure a pharmacy Scrapper is a bold and colourful shop that coffee shop is the perfect place to reflect
will continue into April next year. and a hardware shop. attracts the attention of those who walk past. on your scrapping experience, a cappuccino
When finished, the supermarket will be “We’ve been here for a while, so we know The shop is conveniently open from 8.30 in one hand, and a fairy cake in the other.
double the size and will have eight new line what people are looking for,” said Nelson to 4.30 pm during the week, and on Satur- There are scrapping lessons from Tues-
shops as well as offices, with a lift up from Parau. days from 8.30 to 12.30 pm. day to Friday every week, as well as one
the underground parking — a first for An interesting aspect of the renovation is For Neil and Trish Akal, this is their lat- night class a week where the shop will stay
Howick ! Not only will the parking be con- the fact that the supermarket will be built in est business adventure, having previously open until 8 pm.
venient and safe, but it is free as well. such a way that it will be large enough for owned Kingdom Weavers and Bellevigne There are scrapping timetables available
By the end of November, the new Merri- conversion in the years ahead into a Estate. Although there was a scrapbooking at the shop for more information on les-
vale Spar and renovations to the shops on SuperSpar. corner at the old shop, the new shop is en- sons.
the same level will be ready — “just in time For the moment, there is a procedure that tirely dedicated to all things to do with According to Trish, “You don’t have to
for Christmas,” smiled Nelson Parau, one is to be followed, as Ricardo explained. scrapbooking. be an artist to scrap. Scrapping is the pres-
of the two partners, with his brother Ricardo. “Before a Spar can become a SuperSpar, “Scrapping is my passion, and I just ervation of photographs, and then turning
“We’re also trying to secure a financial it has first to be a KwikSpar and then a Spar”. wanted to be able to pass it on to everyone”, them into a story for generations to come,
institution here,” Ricardo added. “Anyone Telephone 033-330 4092. says Trish. while having fun and making new friends.”
interested can ‘phone me on 082-894 9837.” The shop sells the latest brand names in Telephone 033-330 8126.

At the Karkloof Canopy Tour

and in
its forests Right:
John Roff
of Hilton
There’s something very special about explains
spending an afternoon at Karkloof Canopy forest
Tours, gliding along steel cables between tems to
eight platforms high within the indigenous Form 4
forest. boys.
Even before I had set off with my group,
in the gents’ restroom I had spotted a small
spider doing exactly the same —building a
thin cable of its own between the basin taps.
I spent an after-
Left: Bryce Perrett, noon there with diverse and easily accessible and the boys of a crack on the side of a small rock, and
Kevin Schmidt and Pablo three schoolmasters respond very well to being here.” then to another almost identical plant nearby
Pussell of Hilton College
pause beside a waterfall and 75 boys of But before that lesson, the boys do the with very different leaves.
on one of the platforms Hilton College’s canopy tour itself. I found them in the main “The reason is the nectar. The common
on the Canopy Tour. Form 4 or Grade 11 fearless — although a few of the seven that one produces nectar, which rewards the pol-
class. went with me initially expressed some res- linating fly.
“Part of the syl- ervation — and there were no mishaps as we “The mimic, which is a rare plant, does
Learn to fly a labus includes ecol-
ogy and com-paring
individually left each platform and glided
in our strong harness down to the next.
not produce nectar but looks sufficiently like
it to foil the pollinator. So it too is polli-
microlight ecosystems,”
teacher John Roff
From above you have a spectacular, un-
forgettable view of Karkloof’s spectacular
nated, and reproduces. But if it became too
common, the deception would no longer
told me. forest, which at 11 kilometres is one of the work.
• Saf
Safee instr uction b
instruction byy “The boys come longest stretches of indigenous bush in “The forest is full of stories like that. It
qualif ied instr
qualified instruc- uc- for the day and we KwaZulu-Natal. is not just the sum of its parts — it’s a liv-
give them a work- But it was afterwards, when the teachers ing declaration of God’s creativity and at-
tors s sheet intended to get sat in clumps with the boys and their tention to detail.”
• Ca to Ridg
Cato Ridge e Airf ield
Airfield them to think about worksheets, that it came alive. If you would like to arrange a school tour
and investigate the “There are amazing stories in the forest; or learn more yourself, e-mail
•T el: 072-117 5130
Tel: forest and grassland that’s what I love,” John told his charges., view
ecosystems. “For example, there’s a small purple flower or simply
http://powerf ly
erfly .w “The forest itself that mimics another flower.” telephone 033-330 3415.
is special: it’s very He pointed to one that was growing out Russell Barnes