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RESUM Eduardo Sausen Mallmann

Florianpolis - SC - Brazil +55 (48) 3879.8783 / +55 (48) 8819.2784


2008 2001 - 2006 MBA in Foreign Business Management and International Negotiation. FGV, Brazil. Bachelors in International Relations. UNISUL, Brazil.

Manager experienced in business development in the areas of distribution of imported products and corporate services for the Brazilian market. Direct experience in import and export, and negotiations undertaken in the continents: Asia, Europe and America. Interested in the development of foreign companies in Brazil

Business planning, development and structuring; Purchasing; Operational projects import. Prospecting and negotiating with suppliers; Development of sales team; Market research and analysis;

Company: PREMIUM DISTRIBUIDORA S.A. (FIRST.GROUP) (large-sized distributor) Title: Commercial (Marketing) Manager - from August/2010 to August/2011. Role: Planning, structuring and development of imported goods distribution to the Brazilian Market.

Achievements and Responsibilities

Responsibilities: Elaborate: o Business plan and its follow-up; o Marketing research and plan; o Financial analysis, cash-flow and ROI. Develop international suppliers, negotiation and purchase; Structuring of supply chain; Negotiation with service providers involved; Customer Relationship Management, publicizing and promotion; New markets entrance and develop of sales team; Pricing policies and brand positioning.

Achievements: Conducting in-depth market research, which identified the need for new marketing plan; Wide supply chain, from importation to the delivery of product to the customer; Introducing of remarkable international brands to the company; Well succeed marketing actions for the high valuation of the brand image; Introducing of CRM culture and its systems for the company group;

CURRICULUM VITAE Eduardo S. Mallmann / +55 (48) 8819.2784 Company: LEVEL TRADE CO. (GRUPO CANTU) (trading company) Title: Import Commercial Manager - from June/2009 to August/2010. Role: Planning, structuring and development of a trading company.

Achievements and Responsibilities

Elaborate: o Business plan and its follow-up; o Marketing research and plan; o Financial analysis, cash-flow and ROI. Planning, research and analysis of imported goods distribution; Import tax and logistics processes planning to reduce import costs; Creation of specialized staff in customer service and management of import processes; Special projects for products and designs complex network of distribution for foreign and domestic firms; Responsible for the creation of this new business to the group, structuring the necessary resources to develop the business and the complete import and distribution supply chain; Hiring representatives, customer prospecting and closing sales. Important role in the import process, tax and logistic planning to the group.

Company: FIRST S.A. (FIRST.GROUP) (large-sized trading company) Title: Import Commercial Assistant - from August/2007 to June/2009. Role: Responsible for developing import projects and for accomplishes them during its execution.

Achievements and Responsibilities

Responsible for the preparation and coordination of projects of importation with big value and complex logistic as airplanes, yachts; Responsible for the tax classification of goods; Responsible for build import process, evaluating the TCO and analyzing the best tax benefits and logistic way in order to reduce costs; Support operational department at all stages of the import process. Conducting negotiations with brokers, agents, public and private ports, dry ports, insurance companies, carriers and other service providers related to the import process.

Other companies: Company: HCL Comrcio Exterior Ltda. (midsize distributor) Title: Import Assistant - from August/2006 to August/2007. Company: Mallmann & Finco Importao e Exportao Ltda. (small trading company) Title: Import and Export Manager - from April/2005 to August/2006

Leadership Training - SOCIESC; Electronic Invoice - Instituto Aprimorar; Customs Legislation with Focus on Penalties and Tax Classification - Auditor-Fiscal da RFB Sr. Marcos Antnio Munhoz Morello; Replacement Tax tim-tim por tim-tim - Instituto Aprimorar; Everything about Tax Benefits - Instituto Aprimorar; Import by Third Parties and Import by Order Aduaneiras; International Marketing - Aduaneiras; Payment Models and exchange - CENPEC; Foreign Languages: English and Spanish