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New resources:

Easy reading news

Amazing audio / picture vocabulary page

Reading Comprehension skills

Reading texts all levels

Tom & Aviah – reading comprehesnion

Michal – phonics and vocabulary

ESl site : reading resources on line exercises

Website site by Israeli teacher

Unbelievable phonetics sites online

Easy reading news

Amazing audio / picture vocabulary page
Reading Comprehension skills

Reading texts all levels

Songs by themes

Hotpotatoes exercises miscelan.

On line tool for teaching texts, vocabulary, etc. Amazing!

Online voice recording

On line exercises – easy reading comprehension

a fantastic site where pupils can react to letters written by other Israeli


1. Links

Touch typing:

Great on line quizzes, grammar, vocabulary, etc.

All kinds of resources on line, excellent!

All kinds of links, phonetics, alphabet, etc.

various teaching techniques to check out - NLP

All kinds of links for kids in English – stories, games, songs.

Great Java script on line quizzes

Various games online

All kinds of resources for kids: ABC, etc.

Many online activities, grammar, vocabulary, etc.

Many advanced on line writing activities

Things for ESL/EFL Teachers

From The Internet TESL Journal
Ellen Seferty: various links for Dyslexic students

2. Hebrew

Listening Comprehension

All kinds of listening practice ,numbers, etc.

‫הזו כדי להגיע לאתר דרך האינטרנט‬:

3. Assessment
Performance Task: Thinking skills, rubrics, etc.


7th grade diagnostic reading test

4. Reading Comprehension
Excellent intermediate to advanced site with vocabulary, sequencing, questions

Excellent r.c. exercises all levels

Online texts

Online exercises for first 200 word list
5. Holidays

War Protest Songs

bulletin board resource – multi sensory, learning, etc.

6. News

Cheat sheet / gist news

On line news with audio, vocab. Audio – intermediate to advanced

Time for kids news: advanced

News: excellent advanced worksheets vocabulary / reading

7. Vocabulary

Flashcards, activities, excellent.

Great on-line game

Fantastic site for individual words, guess meanings, word order

Press link for individual words

On line crossword Puzzle maker
SMS matching vocabulary etc.

8. Grammar

Word order

Here are some internet sites to practice: V1, VS, Ving and questions

All kinds of grammar exercises
excellent on line quizzes
On line quizzes

Dave’s ESL Cafe
Amazing language and grammar resources

Amazing language and grammar resources

Matching games, V2, etc.

9. Writing

5 minute writing prompts

good for Module D

Excellent outline and examples: opinion/situation: intro, body, conclusion

Summarizing Skills

10 . Audio

Audio books from library

Voice of America – ESL radio news and other programs
Various audio programs all levels and transcripts, pre and post listening

11. Projects
Links for projects by subject

Great on line biography and history site

12. Encyclopedia Study Guides & Dictionaries

Both English and Hebrew articles available in simple English

13. Games
Various on line brain games

14. Phonetics

Online letter writing

Word Families

Alphabet pages by letters – lots of pictures/words to color

Thousands of links and activities

15. Memory and Mind

Cognitive metaphors for solving problems: puzzle, weave, insight


16. Business English

Oxford on line exercises, various vocabulary and lexical.

17. Proverbs
Online proverbs

18. discipline

19. Spelling
Spelling poems

20. Literature
Name _____________ English Computer Practice
Date_______________ ‫תרגילי אנגלית במחשב‬

V2 ‫פועל בעבר לא רגיל‬

Go to # 62 Irregular Past

Vocabulary – ‫אוצר מילים‬


Reading Comprehension – ‫הבנת הנקרא‬