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Job Title: Astronaut Candidate Department: National Aeronautics & Space Administration Agency: Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center Job Announcement Number: JS12A0001


$64,724.00 to $141,715.00 / Per Year Tuesday, November 15, 2011 to Friday, January 27, 2012 GS-0801-11/14 Full Time - Permanent 15 Few vacancy(s) in the following locations: Houston, TX This announcement is open to all qualified U.S. citizens.

NASA, the world's leader in space and aeronautics is always seeking outstanding scientists, engineers, and other talented professionals to carry forward the great discovery process that its mission demands. Creativity. Ambition. Teamwork. A sense of daring. And a probing mind. That's what it takes to join NASA, one of the best places to work in the Federal Government. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has a need for Astronaut Candidates to support the International Space Station (ISS) Program and future deep space exploration activities.

Position subject to pre-employment background investigation This is drug-testing designated position Frequent travel may be required Selectee must pass a pre-employment medical examination

Astronauts are involved in all aspects of assembly and on-orbit operations of the ISS. This includes extravehicular activities (EVA), robotics operations using the remote manipulator system, experiment operations, and onboard maintenance tasks. Astronauts are required to have a detailed knowledge of the ISS systems, as well as detailed knowledge of the operational characteristics, mission requirements and objectives, and supporting systems and equipment for each experiment on their assigned missions. Long-duration missions aboard the ISS generally last from 3 to 6 months. Training for long duration missions is very arduous and takes approximately 2 to 3 years. This training requires extensive travel, including long periods away in other countries training with our international partners. Travel to and from the ISS will be aboard the Russian Soyuz vehicle. Consequently, astronauts must meet the Soyuz size requirements, as indicated below. Additional information about the position can be found at Astronaut Candidate Program .

Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements before submitting an application. 1. Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution in engineering, biological science, physical science, or mathematics. Quality of academic preparation is important. Notes on Academic Requirements: Applicants for the Astronaut Candidate Program must meet the basic education requirements for NASA engineering and scientific positions, specifically: successful completion of standard professional curriculum in an accredited college or university leading to at least a bachelor's degree with major study in an appropriate field of engineering, biological science, physical science, or mathematics. The following degree fields are not considered qualifying: --Degrees in Technology (Engineering Technology, Aviation Technology, Medical Technology, etc.) --Degrees in Psychology (except for Clinical Psychology, Physiological Psychology, or Experimental



Psychology, which are qualifying) --Degrees in Nursing --Degrees in Exercise Physiology or similar fields --Degrees in Social Sciences (Geography, Anthropology, Archaeology, etc.) --Degrees in Aviation, Aviation Management, or similar fields 2. Degree followed by at least 3 years of related, progressively responsible, professional experience or at least 1,000 hours pilot-in-command time in jet aircraft. An advanced degree is desirable and may be substituted for experience as follows: master's degree = 1 year of experience, doctoral degree = 3 years of experience. Teaching experience, including experience at the K - 12 levels, is considered to be qualifying experience for the Astronaut Candidate position; therefore, educators are encouraged to apply. 3. Ability to pass the NASA long-duration space flight physical, which includes the following specific requirements: Distant and near visual acuity: Must be correctable to 20/20, each eye The refractive surgical procedures of the eye, PRK and LASIK, are allowed, providing at least 1 year has passed since the date of the procedure with no permanent adverse after effects. For those applicants under final consideration, an operative report on the surgical procedure will be requested. Blood pressure not to exceed 140/90 measured in a sitting position Standing height between 62 and 75 inches. Notes on Space Flight Physical Requirements: Since all crewmembers will be expected to fly aboard the Soyuz vehicle and perform Extravehicular Activities (space walks), applicants must meet the anthropometric requirements for both the Soyuz vehicle and the extravehicular activity mobility unit (space suit). Applicants brought in for interview will be evaluated to ensure they meet the anthropometric requirements.

Basic Education Requirement: A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with major study in engineering, physical science, mathematics, life sciences, computer science, or other field of science. Degrees in engineering technology are not considered to be qualifying for this position. U.S. citizenship is required.


Applicants will be evaluated by an Astronaut Rating Panel based on the academic and work experience qualification requirements stated in this announcement. Eligible candidates will be placed in qualified and highly-qualified categories. Highly-qualified applicants will be evaluated by an Astronaut Selection Board based on the academic and work experience qualification requirements and suitability inquiries. Best qualified applicants will be interviewed. The finalists will be referred to the appropriate official who will recommend selection.

NASA offers excellent benefit programs and competitive salaries. To learn more about pay and benefits at NASA, click HERE.

This is an interdisciplinary position. The position may be established in any one of a variety of federal occupations: engineering, science, or mathematics. The specific classification will depend on the qualifications of the selected candidate. These positions are in the excepted service. Several selections (approximately 9-15) may be made under this announcement. Selections will be announced in the spring of 2013. Selected candidates will report for duty at the Johnson Space Center in the summer of 2013. The pay rates shown reflect the 2011 pay schedules. These rates will be adjusted to reflect any increase in 2013. Additional information may be requested from the applicant's supervisors and references.



Applicants may be required to obtain a pre-employment medical examination. A week-long process of interviews, medical screening, and orientation will be required for applicants under final consideration. Further interviews and a complete medical evaluation will be conducted prior to selection. Selected applicants will be designated Astronaut Candidates and will undergo a training and evaluation period lasting approximately 2 years. Astronaut Candidates will be required to pass a swimming test during the first month of training. Selection into the Astronaut Candidate Program does not guarantee selection as an astronaut. Final selection as an astronaut will depend upon satisfactory completion of the training and evaluation period. Graduation from the Astronaut Candidate Program will require successful completion of the following: International Space Station systems training, Extravehicular Activity skills training, Robotics skills training, Russian language training, and aircraft flight readiness training. Allowable relocation expenses will be made to any applicant selected from outside the commuting area. Successful completion of a security investigation will be required for those selected. This is a drug-testing designated position. Frequent travel may be required. As a condition of employment, male applicants born after December 31, 1959, must certify that they have registered with the Selective Service System, or are exempt from having to do so under the Selective Service Law. Your USAJOBS account asks you to assign a name to each of your resumes. When you apply to a NASA position, we will show you the text of the resume you have submitted, but we do not maintain the name you have assigned to that resume. If you wish to keep track of that information, we recommend you make note of it at the time you apply.

This vacancy is being filled through NASA STARS, an automated Staffing and Recruitment System. NASA partners with USAJOBS in providing a seamless application process. Before you begin the application process, please read the vacancy announcement carefully and have all required information available. You may begin the process of submitting your resume by clicking on the 'Apply Online' link. In order to be considered, you must submit a resume completed on the USAJOBS site. When completing your USAJOBS resume, please remember that NASA limits resumes to the equivalent of approximately SIX typed pages, or approximately 22,000 characters including spaces. You will NOT be allowed to complete the application process if your resume is too long or if your resume was uploaded to USAJobs from a second source. Additionally, NASA does not accept documents attached through USAJOBS' document attachment feature. Once you submit your resume to NASA, you will be asked to complete a short series of additional questions and upload your completed PDF forms. You must finish the entire process in order to have a complete application package and receive consideration. In addition to the USAJOBS resume you must complete and submit the Astronaut-specific forms and provide a copy of your transcripts. Click here to download the forms and transcript coversheet. The forms are a PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download/install Acrobat if you don't already have it. Save your completed forms on your computer. You will be instructed how to upload the forms when you apply to this vacancy announcement from USAJOBS. The forms must be uploaded by the closing date, in order to have a complete application and receive consideration. You may edit and reapply to the vacancy announcement to update a previously-submitted application anytime before the closing date. For more information, see the Applicant Guide . If you are unable to apply electronically for this position, submit your resume and supplemental questions to: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Resume Operations Center, Mailstop: HS50, Marshall Space Flight Center, AL 35812. DO NOT submit your resume directly to the Center advertising



Marshall Space Flight Center, AL 35812. DO NOT submit your resume directly to the Center advertising this vacancy. Mailed resumes must be received by the close of business on the closing date of the announcement. Hard copy resumes requirements are provided at: Hard Copy Resume Requirements. If you are a first time applicant, we recommend that you review NASA's Applicant Guide to ensure that you are providing a complete resume. Failure to submit the supplemental data, a resume that contains all of the required information, and the additional Astronaut-specific forms will result in loss of consideration for this position. All applications must be received no later than midnight Eastern Time on the closing date of the announcement.

NASA's application process has been specifically developed to ensure that we only ask you for the information we absolutely need to evaluate your qualifications and eligibility. In order to apply for this position, you only need to submit your resume and answer the screening questions and supplemental information. No additional documentation is accepted at the time of application. (For example you need not submit narrative 'KSA' statements; they are not required and will not be evaluated.) In this way we allow you to focus on preparing a resume that best describes your background and abilities. For assistance in preparing your resume, consult the Applicant Guide . The application documents include the following: -Applicant Resume through USAJOBS -References/Other Skills Form -Summary of Aeronautical Experience Form -Legible copy of Transcript(s) Download blank forms HERE. Nothing further is required until requested by the Astronaut Selection Office. At that point, we may ask you to submit documentation to support statements made in your resume. For example, we may ask you to provide proof of Federal employment status. If you are claiming veterans' preference, we may ask you to submit proof of veterans preference (DD-214, and, if claiming 10-point preference, SF-15 plus proof required by that form). If you fail to provide the required documents within the stated time period, we may withdraw a job offer and/or remove you from further consideration.


Teresa Gomez Phone: 281-483-5907 Agency Information: NASA's Resume Operations Center Mailstop HS50 Marshall Space Flight Center, AL 35812 US


Although you may or may not be contacted during the selection process, we will always advise you about the outcome of the announcement. If you have questions, please feel free to contact the individual identified in the Contact section. Click here to view a timeline for the astronaut selection process .

Control Number: 302967000

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