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Keyboard 1/Conductor I Love You Because Il JUST NOT NOW LJ ‘SCENE 11: A Park Bench (AUSTIN waits for MARCY nervously ona park bench, with daisies behind him. MARCY enters.) MARCY: Austin. AUSTIN: Marcy. MARCY: Are you okay? AUSTIN: Never better. Euphoric. Awesome, Boo yaht MARCY: What is wrong with you? AUSTIN: love you. MARCY: Austin... AUSTIN: Marcy, list night was absolutely amazing, and I don't know how you felt about it, or the past two months for that matter. But for me it has been amazing. I said amazing twice. At first, you were nothing at al like anyone, would even remotely want to spend even a little bit of time with. Butthen as you've been helping me win back Catherine, something happened, and somewhere during the poem lessons, and the arguing, and everything else, I lost contro don't usually like t lose control Marcy, but I did and I didn't oven realize it until lastnight. Ard lastnight... ‘ugh... amazing. And Marcy to be perfectly honest with you.......I.. go! you daisies. leue: AUSTIN: ...And Marcy to be perfecily honest with you..I..1 (MUSIC GO) you daisies. Aa, El marcy. , a = == Ta TS aes ss Stop there Aus-tin. Hol¢ Freeze, _Giveme a se-cond. Would you, please? You “+Clar, Bell Tree K2: FlClsSolo Str. wi/Cla, Solo Sir eo I=PIANO] @™p (aonaip) Z re Bs (arco)! £ wk, ~ —— P Bs. = ——| == = eg be eG = SoS said a ot there, And Tin just not there 1 need to think. Your -127- ybcard Conductor 2. USTNOT NOW Love You Because Rit, ho-nes ty is eal and itap-peals "tomy e-moctions. Which is greet, butT'm surenow'snot thetime for ro-man-ticno tions. AUSTIN: But Marcy, [ove you. ‘Tempo (slow) J =88 iS = TT want tre love some day; but just mot row, A. picket fence cli-che, but just not mown, Solo: K2:Nylon Gir. (lightly arpeggiated) cyboarl 1/Conductor 3. JUSTNOTNOW Move You Because = os = How can I make you see, though this feels right to me, now not the time to be quitewhere youare?