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Trail riding New Traffic

in Caldera Laws
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March 2007

P.20 Filling the Mountains with Music

New Traffic Laws
and Fines are in
The Boquete Jazz Festival
Feb 2-4, 2007
In 2006, 437 people were killed Roberto Manzana

in motor vehicle accidents. On he Boquete Jazz Festival (Feb 2-
January 1st of this year, the 4) added yet another dimension
Autoridad Del Tránsito y Transporte to the growing cultural scene in
Terrestre (ATTT) Panamanian Transit this small mountain town.
Authority... Conceived and produced by
Promoter Antonio Singh, local
P.15 business person Anayansi Menendez
SCAP se prepara & Servio Tribaldos, the festival covered
two major evening concerts, a
para el Best of sponsors gala at the Panamonte Inn
Panama 2007 & Spa, a live radio show, a free
outdoor show on Sunday in the
SCAP Asociación que agrupa a Parque, and a few impromptu jam
los productores de café especiales Sax star Carlos Garnett and Boquete Mayor Ruiz
de Panamá,. Photo R Boyd.
Continued on  P.7

Llenando las montañas de música.

I n s i d e
Letters to the Editor 2 El Festival del Jazz de Boquete
Del 2 al 4 Feb de 2007
Presidente de la República en 4
Por Roberto Manzana concierto gratis al aire libre el dia Fantasia Dual Jazz. Los restaurantes

The Coffee Chronicles 5 l Festival del Jazz de Boquete domingo en el parque, y algunas El Bistro, el Machu Pichu y el Hibiscus
Super Guitarist Makes Boquete his home 6 (del 2 al 4 Feb) agregó otra sesiones improvisadas de jam. proporcionaron las comidas
dimensión a la escena cultural El concierto del viernes en la noche fantásticas para los artistas principales
Panama’s Treasure Ports 9 que cada vez es mayor en este en Restaurante Sabor Escondido de durante el transcurso del fin de
Macular degeneration 11 pequeño pueblo de montaña. Ideado Valle Escondido ofreció a la leyenda semana. El programa del sábado
y producido por el promotor Antonio panameña y a visitante frecuente de tomo lugar en el todavía en renovación
Something about Sports 13
Singh, la Sra. Anayansi Menéndez y Boquete Carlos Garnett (fresco del teatro de la comunidad de Boquete
Consejos para cuando llamamos al técnico 14 Servio Tribaldos , dos conciertos recién festival del jazz de Panamá), y Boquete Community Theater. El
importantes tomaron lugar durante como invitados el cuarteto caliente promotor Singh tuvo la visión de
Que Paso Boquete? 16
las noches del festival, una gala de de David Dubarran Jazz Quartet. tener una tarima profesional (cortesía
Boquete Community Calendar 17 los patrocinadores en e Panamonte Mientras tanto el jazz se veia del Boutique de Vino Cosechas), con
Guabina en Hojas de Culantro 19 Inn & Spa, una programa de radio en alrededor del pueblo, el restaurante
vivo, varios talleres durante el día, un Bistro Boquete presentaba al duo Continua en  P.11
 MARCH 2007 Bajareque

Noticias Bajareque Times

5334 apt. 2, Avenida A Este, Boquete
Letters to the Editor
9am -3pm Lunes-Viernes Ozzy Responds
6714-4007 fax: 720-1451 Yes, I was “Google searched” by a war. I served my country, in two “Hot Panamanian competitor in my chosen Zones” and was discharged with an
Delivery line of work and found to have been Honorable discharge, with special
within Boquete - B/.10.00 per year convicted of a crime seven years ago. merits. I earned my rights as did many.
National - B/.12.00 per year That simple act in itself violated my The state of Nevada, where I was
International - B/.24.00 per year
rights to privacy that only through convicted wants to know my current
News Deadline/Fecha de Cierre
All news releases must be received by the third Tuesday of each month for consideration. “Due process”, not through a whim of whereabouts, and to register. I am
Todas las noticias, historias deben ser recibidas el 3er martes de cada mes para ser an individual, should be the focus of charged with “Failure to comply”.If
consideradas. your article. Had this atrocious deed you had read the posting there are no
Press Releases/Eventos
Please submit press releases to happened to you or any other member “other crimes” that I am being wanted
Favor enviar a: of our community, I truly believe this by the FBI or the Nevada police
Advertising/Publicidad deed would be the byline of an department.
Maria Boyd: 6615-5059, 6714-4007, 720-1451, outraged community minded writer. My wife, who has been devastated
Display Ads Since my release from prison, three by all of this, finds it hard to believe
Due by 3rd Friday of every month or earlier.
Late submissions will be published in the following edition. years ago I had to adjust to my new that something that happened so long
Anuncios publicitaros deben ser sometidos el 3er viernes de cada mes. community expectations. Believe me ago is of importance. She is young,
anuncios que lleguen despues de esta fecha seran considerados para la siguiente edicion. when I say, my crime has taken a toll on only 26 years old and does not fully
Classified Ads/Clasificados
Are due by noon on the third Friday of each month. my family, my church and six years of understand the “gringo sense of
Cierre 12am el tercer viernes de cada mes, my life in prison. I served my time. I was community”. I have lived in Boquete
Art Requirements/Arte Publicitario given by my US government a passport for two years and committed no crimes
Digital files only. 300 dpi TIF, JPG, PSD or PDF. Submit ads via e-mail with full knowledge of my crimes. Every against my community, the country of
Todos los anuncios deben ser presentados en archivos digitales. 300dpi JPG,PSD, PDF,TIFF.
Mandar vis correo electronico a; US citizen if they so desire can move Panama or past clients. I have been
Circulation about the world freely, or at least where indirectly accused of many crimes, none
Published monthly in English and Spanish; 10,000 free copies distributed in Chiriqui Province, Americans are welcomed. Enjoying the of which are true or factual. Some ex-
Bocas and Panama City. rights and privileges as an American clients have accused of stealing their
Publicado mensualmente en inglés y en español. Distribución gratuita de 10,000 ejemplares
en Chiriqui, Bocas del Toro y Panama. abroad which can only be subjected to checks from a year ago. Yet they fail to
Published by/Publicado por: Chiriqui Publishing, S.A. governmental limits, police departments provide proof, just indictments to and not the local citizens of another discredit me thru the gossip board;
Editors: Roberto Manzana, Maria Dolores Sanchez country. This includes, without Has anyone besides
Logo Art: Jean Miller comment, the rights and privileges myself wondered why in God’s green
Staff Writers: Sonia Jones, Peter/Louise Mahoney, Veronica Guerra, Lyn Odom, Phyllis
McNaughton, R. Manazana, R Boyd, EDLL, IS, Boris Gomez, Raul Lopez, Erin Ross which I defended with a six year, earth did they not place a “stop
Contributing Photographers: R. & M. Boyd, R. Manzana, Paul Sabin, Peter/Louise volunteer enlistment in the United payment order” with their bank when
Mahoney, Erin & Dave Ross States Air Force during the Viet Nam their discovered a check missing?

Do you have an issue, opinion or

information that the community might like
Tiene un asunto, opinion o informacion
que la communidad debe enterarse?
Boquete’s Back on the Weather Map
to hear about? Envia un correo electronica By Staff

Send us an email (! (!
Letters are printed at the discretion of the Se imprimen cartas con la discrecion de el e were greatly disappointed including current, high, and low
editor and may be edited for length and editor y puede pasar redactar por largo y when Michael Lafoley’s Wild temperatures; wind speed and
content. contenido. Orchid weather station went direction; humidity, dewpoint and
off the air last February. No longer were rainfall; and barometric pressure
we able to check in on the weather at along with its rate of change. We’ve
home while we traveled about - or the even got a graph of the temperature
weather outside from inside our and barometric pressure for the
windowless computer room. So we previous five days.
decided to do something about it. All this is brought to you through
It took a while to get things the technology of an Oregon Scientific
together, but now Boquete is back on WMR-968 weather station. The
the weather map. The Noticias various instruments are mounted
Bajareque Times has purchased and outside in the clear, away from
installed our own weather station in obstructions and they are powered
El Santuario. Now the meteorologically by their own solar panels. They collect
curious can just browse to www. data continuously and radio it to the; click weather station receiver which is in
on the Weather/Webcam link on the an office nearby. The weather station
left of the page and you’ll see a full collects and processes the data and
display of climate parameters, Continued on  P.17
Bajareque MARCH 2007 

Cartas al Editor Trail riding in Caldera

Ozzy responde
with Franklin Rovetto
í, fui encontrado en el “buscador estado de Nevada, en donde me
Google” por mi competidor condenaron desea saber mi actual
panameño por haber sido paradero y registrarme. Me acusan Louise B. Andrew
condenado por un crimen hace siete con “falta de registro”. Si usted ha
años. Este simple acto violó mis leído la nota no hay “otros crímenes”
derechos de privacidad que solamente no me esta buscando el FBI o el
con un “proceso debido”, y no con departamento del policía de Nevada.
un capricho de un individuo debió ser Mi esposa, esta deprimida por todo
el enfoque de su artículo. el esto, encuentra difícil de creer que
Si este hecho atroz le hubiera algo que sucedió hace tanto tiempo es
sucedido a usted o cualquier otro todavía de mucha importancia. Ella es
miembro de nuestra comunidad, usted joven, sólo cuenta con 26 años y no
hubiera escrito un articulo para contar entiende completamente el “sentido
como sus derechos fueron violados. de la comunidad gringa”. He vivido en
Desde que fui puesto en libertada, Boquete por dos años y no he cometido
Trail riding in Caldera
hace tres años yo tuve que ajustarme ningún crimen contra mi comunidad, Photo Franklin Rovetto.

a las expectativas de mi nueva el país de Panamá o mis clientes. Me
fter years of lessons and some Waiting in the paddock were the
comunidad. Créame cuando digo, mi han acusado indirectamente de
show jumping experience, I am day’s designated horses, Mercedes,
crimen ha tomado un peaje en mi muchos crímenes, ningunos de ellos
always wary of public Lazy Boy and Lucero. Franklin likes to
familia, mi iglesia y seis años de mi son reales. Algunos ex-clientes me han
equestrian offerings. My last, an match horses to riders (he has seven),
vida en prisión. Serví mi tiempo. Mi acusado de robar sus cheques desde
obligatory trail ride at a dude ranch so I was happy to be paired with the
gobierno, el gobierno estadounidense hace mas de un año. Con todo esto no
during a family reunion in Texas, was powerful sounding Mercedes. But
me dio un pasaporte teniendo el total pueden proporcionar las prueba, de
interesting only because of the post- fortunately for my sister, it was Lazy
conocimiento de mis crímenes. sus acusaciones las cuales han sido
event waddles of the riders. Especially Boy who was misnamed, as he later
Cualquier ciudadano de los E.E.U.U. solo para desacreditarme por medio
that of the brother-in-law who drew revealed. It took a while for Franklin
si desea puede andar por el mundo de un tablero del chisme: Boquete.
the REALLY fat and lazy mount. A to adjust these Western saddles to
libremente, o por lo menos donde los org. ¿Alguien puede decirme por que
nose-to-tail queue at a snail’s pace our Eastern trained legs, during which
americanos son bienvenidos. Gozando estas persona no avisaron a sus bancos
really holds little appeal for me unless we learned that Franklin had designed
de los derechos y de los privilegios sobre la perdida o robo de estos
perhaps Quetzales and oso peresosos some of the tack himself. We were
como americano en un país extranjero cheques? Solo Dios sabe porque no lo
are cavorting overhead. surprised that his horses used only
los cuales deben de ser sujetos hicieron. Ambos sabemos que mi
I have been interested in a riding rope bridles, and no bits, which
solamente a límites gubernamentales, punto de vista o los hechos verdaderos
excursion since our very first trip to Franklin said was not unusual in this
a los departamentos del policía y no a nunca serán considerados para que
Boquete, but it took a visit by my area
los ciudadanos locales de otro país. salgan a la luz del día o que se
sister to finally seek out an equine Once out of the paddock, however,
Esto incluye, sin comentario, los impriman. Imprima cualquier cosa de
experience. On the recommendation things began to look up. Literally. We
derechas y privilegios que durante seis mi, pero sepa que si mi abogado o yo
of an intrepid Tree Trekking guide crossed over a small stream and almost
anos defendí, y serví como voluntario lo encontramos que sea calumnia,
and his mother, a local hotelier, we immediately began a steep descent
en la fuerza aérea de Estados Unidos sujeto a la especulación, o chisme
contacted Franklin Rovetto in Caldera, which was remarkable not only for its
durante la guerra de Vietnam. Serví a diluido, demandare a Noticias
who cheerfully agreed to take us for rapid elevation, but also for the
mi país, en dos de “las zonas calientes” Bajareque Times. Nosotros
an experience in his mountains. tortuous and extremely narrow and
y termine mi servicio militar con regresaremos pronto a Boquete, pero
Driving through the vast flatlands high walled trails which the horses
honores y meritos especiales. Gané esta vez será por nuestra propia
towards Caldera, Maria and I were not navigated with barely an inch between
mis derechos al igual que muchos. El cuenta.
overwhelmed with anticipation, our stirrups and the channels. Franklin
because the terrain rather invoked the carved these paths himself, he said,
Texas lowlands dude ranch. Franklin but the cattle often found and

Listen to
himself was welcoming and facile with destroyed them, being not so nimble
our language. He courteously as horses. Up and around and up we
introduced us to the three-dog went, for at least 30 minutes before
M.E.T.O.-Boquete welcoming committee (Rex, Turin, and arriving at our first plateau, an open
103.5FM Pantera), which was to become our
loyal band of trail compañeros.
grassy hill. The horses enjoyed
cantering uphill, perhaps invigorated
Saturdays 2-4pm for Franklin’s place, actually a family by the fresh breeze and thoughts of
enclave of four houses, a pig pen, greener grass above. We, on the other
the Spanglish Show several hen houses and a paddock, an hand, were inspired by the view, which
outdoor sink and a barbecue, was was already superb though we were
lively with family and neighbors. Continued on  P.23
 MARCH 2007 Bajareque

Presidente de la República en gira al Distrito

de Boquete con miembros de su gabinete  Seismology in Chiriqui
Verónica Guerra  hat with periodic temblors nature and therefore relatively little is

as comunidades de la provincia donados adicionalmente por el FES y and the ever-present Mt. known about actual geological events
Chiricana esperan que los por parte del Gobierno Nacional. Baru looming in the in this area. A five person research
proyectos se realicen a corto El programa de Desarrollo background, people around here tend team, consisting of two US geologists,
plazo  Comunitario para Infraestructura to be more curious than average two Panamanian geologists and a
El presidente de la republica Martín Publica (Prodec) tiene como finalidad about seismic activity. That curiosity student, is in the field collecting samples
Torrijos Espino, realiza una breve gira brindar sus aportes económicos a las will be somewhat more satisfied in and studying rock formations in order
a la provincia de Chiriquì en compañía comunidades que presenten algún tipo the future thanks to a new program to get the raw data for the geologic
de algunos miembros de su gabinete, de problema económico y social, que announced by Dr. Julio Escobar, analysis.
con el propósito de entregar becas a mejor forma para hacerlo invitando a National Secretary of Science, The end result of this study will be
los jugadores del equipo campeón todos los miembros de las comunidades Technology and Innovation, at a a better understanding of the local
juvenil de béisbol, además de conocer en compañía de los diferentes briefing given at V alle Escondido on geology - including the burning
algunos problemas e inquietudes de representantes de cada corregimiento 3 February. question of whether the local
esas comunidades. para que expresen sus inquietudes. The secretary told an audience of terremotos are caused by the volcano,
La gira en si, tenía como propósito En la reunión realizada el pasado about twenty extranjeros that the fault activity, or both. It may eventually
la aprobación de proyectos consultivos nueve de febrero en el distrito de government is starting a B/.50,000 even lead to a warning system where
con fondos provenientes del Canal de Boquete se dieron a conocer los program to improve seismic monitoring Chiricanos can receive advance notice
Panamá, beneficiándose de esta proyectos prioritarios de los diferentes around Mt. Baru and Panama’s other of increased risk of seismic or volcanic
manera los corregimientos de algunos corregimientos entre ellos la volcano (in Veraguas) and that they activity.
sectores entre ellos el distrito de Rehabilitación y mejoras del have already begun a geologic study of You can listen to the Dr. Escobar’s
Boquete, que es un distrito que Acueducto, ya que este es uno de los the history of Baru’s volcanic activity. full talk online on the podcast page
actualmente presenta una serie de temas que actualmente ha generado Apparently most earlier research has of our website: www.bajarequetimes.
problemas a pesar del crecimiento en mucha controversia por parte de sus been archeological, not geological, in com
su población y desarrollo. moradores debido a la falta del vital
Los fondos destinados para estos líquido en diferentes partes del distrito,
proyectos se estiman en 188 mil
balboas, además 28 mil balboas serán Continua en  P.17
Bajareque MARCH 2007 

The Coffee Chronicles

Back again from mother coffee land… Ethiopia

Graciano Cruz L.

t was only seven months since my suppliers from all over Africa, George Sidamo and Yergacheffee. -Lack of local specialty coffee
first view of Addis Ababa from the Hougel from the USA, Kentaru The Fura Specialty Coffee Round cuppers.
plane. That time everything was Maruyama from Maruyama Coffee in Table was a success. It was the first After putting this together, Panama
dry, only the trees had some green, Japan, Meno Simmons from Trabocca- time in Ethiopian Coffee history that Specialty Coffee problems became
but now in the rainy season green Holland and Willem Boot who was a scientific and business specialty seemingly small and simple. I finally
was the main scenic color, the city coming from Mizan, Tepi with a coffee meeting took place. saw how much of our Panamanian
looked like a beautiful garden from group of specialty coffee roasters Representatives from the Ethiopian Specialty Coffee Farmers and Industry
the sky. from the USA, Finland, Holland and Export Association (around 120 had advanced into harvesting,
The purpose of my trip was to Taiwan, some Ethiopian coffee exporters for 2.5 millions coffee bags, processing, storage, quality, and
participate as a speaker at the First experts and a lousy sensationalist where only six are farmers), along export transportation efficiency. We
Specialty Coffee Round Table at Fura writer from Colorado, USA. They with representatives from the Ministry have a big advantage but that only
Agricultural Institute in Yerga Alem where at Gecha, a town close to the of Agriculture, Coffee Cooperative means we have to work harder.
(South Coffee Region of Ethiopia), suspected origin of the famous Federation, International Specialty Other amazing coincidence was to
besides participating as coffee Panama Geisha coffee line. Besides a Coffee Brokers, Roasters and Cuppers, be present at the press release from
volunteer trainer, I was there long drive of a couple of days and a International Cooperation Agencies, the Ethiopian government against
representing the Coffee Quality good view of the Ethiopian coffee International and Local Universities the registration of Sidamo and
Institute from the U.S. through the country side, they came back with Coffee Researchers participated. Yergacheffee as trademarks by
USAID Coffee Program. their hands empty. After three days of presentations Starbucks, The Ethiopian government
My first week was spent in Addis, it The strong bureaucracy and the and discussions, my own picture of and the Ethiopian coffee industry
was the same streets crowded with notorious influence of the army even Ethiopian coffee industry had been where claiming their rights concerning
people, cars and animals, but the to those levels make the search quite turned upside down. In a country a private company using their most
environment felt different, more complicated. What a beautiful with 3.5 millions coffee farmers, (the famous coffee names as their private
foreigners, as Ethiopian call any experience it was, sharing a couple of whole population of Panama) where label. It is a big controversy that
tourist or visitor. I thought tourism weeks with this selected specialty the average farm size is 1.5 hectares, makes Ethiopians have doubts about
was moving up, but I was wrong, coffee group at such a unique coffee there are so many different regions the US Coffee Industry where they
most of these people where from the place. Many ideas and opinions about and origins of coffee, farmers who loose their legal claim against the
U.N. mission or different International any topic related to coffee quality don’t know which coffee variety they strongest members of the Specialty
Cooperation Agencies from techniques and trends on today’s have in their plantations because of Coffee Association of America. The
developing countries, the air smells specialty coffee market where passed the high biodiversity, as well as big claims where based on Ethiopians
more tense than usual. I went for my around. Cupping Ethiopian wash, harvesting and processing quality getting a better coffee price by
morning sunrise jog with the mix of semi-wash and natural coffees with problems. It all became a complex Starbucks, maybe their biggest coffee
Christian and Muslim chanting filling all this famous cuppers was one of endless equation, from everyone’s client.
the still empty Menelik Avenue all the the main experiences of this trip. point of view. The big missing voice The only way for Ethiopia of take
way to Muskin Plaza (where you can The many different cuppers or at the round table was the “real” back their names is through a
run together with the most famous specialty buyers had different tastes Ethiopian coffee farmers. denomination of origin, and really
Ethiopian runners, every morning). and aromas preferences. The harvest We identified the following select their specialty coffees through
The secret is jogging before 6 a.m. season was still on, but the distinctive problems- specialty quality coffee standards. In
after that it is suicidal, cars don’t stop Ethiopian characters came out on any -bad harvesting quality practices this way any coffee producing country
for people but they will for cows and single cupping table, many of them -Highly bureaucratic export system can protect their regions identity and
goats. with defects base on harvesting, based on processors and exporters help their coffee buyers or roasters to
On the next day interesting specialty processing and drying practices, -Highly inefficient transportation market and promote their own estate
coffee personalities where hitting coffees that could be 90 points systems (coffees take 1-2 months to coffees. This work is in process right
Addis Ababa. They included David became no more than 80 points. arrive to US or Japan), now in Panama with Boquete, Volcan
Roche, from the Coffee Quality Later on in my trip I began to discover -Lack of entry to the sea only one and Candela Specialty Coffees.
Institute coming from Tanzania after the quality problems in Ethiopian export port option, - extreme
an EAFCA meeting (East African coffees, which was part of my temperatures at transportation, Boquete Weather Station
Coffee Association), Gigi Micheli from working mission with the Ethiopian -Government control of export
Ily Café – Italy with a group of coffee farmers and technicians in license and banking Current weather & forecast
 MARCH 2007 Bajareque

Super Guitarist Makes

Boquete his home
Phyllis McNaughton

t happens all the time.
You love country music,
but your spouse likes
Celtic. You invite your friend
to go to hear some Flamenco
guitar, but they like pop or
oldies music. What to do,
what to do?
As long you like guitar
music, the answer is to go
see Buddy Tetreault, a
talented musician who has
recently moved to Boquete.
He plays classical, flamenco,
Celtic, pop, country and Buddy Tetreault
Photo courtesy of Tetreault
western, and oldies.
No rap. Thank goodness. audience with a Chet Atkins country
In keeping with their goal to bring song one minute and then deftly
quality entertainment and tons of playing flamenco the next minute so
good fun to Boquete, the Boquete beautifully you could almost imagine
Community Players presented Mr. a passionate, beautiful Spanish
Buddy Tetreault master guitarist, in woman dancing next to him, fingers
concert on Friday, Dec. 29th. Mr. splayed, her foot tapping to the
Tetreault generously donated half of rhythm of his guitar.
the ticket proceeds towards the Buddy credits his guitar skill and
renovation of the new Boquete musical inspiration to God, who he
Community Players Theater. Since the believes guided him and opened
performance ended with the audience doors for him to succeed. And indeed,
of sixty-five people on their feet with his performance did seem to have a
a standing ovation, it is safe to say bit of miracle to it. .
that a good time was had by all. Buddy has been an invited guest
Buddy has been living in Boquete guitarist at the twelfth International
for about three months and is Guitar festival in San Jose, Cost a Rica.
originally from the United States. He He frequently played at various Oprys
comes here from Costa Rica, where in the United Sates – no not the Grand
he and his parents were missionaries. Opry, but that will no doubt be next.
He explained to the audience that he In addition to playing the guitar, he is
didn’t speak very much Spanish when also a composer of country, Celtic
he first arrived in Costa Rica, so didn’t and flamenco style songs, although
have a lot of friends. To occupy his Buddy “mixes” the styles up, adding a
time, he decided to take up guitar. dash of blues to classical, a pinch of
Not having enough money to pay for jazz to his Celtic songs. Truly an
lessons, Buddy decided he would just innovative musician.
have to teach himself. If you missed the BCP concert,
Eight years later, all that practice Buddy is available to play at parties or
has paid off. Some folks in the private functions. Or visit his web site
audience sang along with a few of at and order
the Christmas songs Buddy performed, one or two of his CDs. If you want to
or sat and listened appreciatively as learn how to play guitar but aren’t
he played “Over the Rainbow,” confident enough to teach yourself,
“Yesterday”, and “Sounds of Silence.” you can learn from a master. Just call
His fingers were a blur as they slid Buddy at 6737-2020 (he now also
across the guitar, amazing the speaks Spanish) or email him at
Bajareque MARCH 2007 

The Boquete Jazz Festival

Continued from  P.1
Friday evening’s concert at Valle Escondido’s Restaurante
Sabor Escondido featured Panamanian jazz legend and
frequent Boquete visitor Carlos Garnett (fresh from the
Panama Jazz Festival), with David’s hot Dubarran Jazz Quartet
Meanwhile jazz happened around town with the Bistro
Boquete featuring the group Fantasy Dual Jazz. The Bistro,
Machu Pichu and El Hibiscus all provided fantastic meals for
the main acts during the course of the weekend.
Saturday’s ticketed program was at the still being
renovated Boquete Community Theatre. Promoter Singh
had the foresight to have a professional stage (courtesy of
Cosechas Wine Boutique), with sound, and lights brought
in for the evening, which taxed the buildings old electrical
system but worked with the help of a clever production
crew (RS Enterprises).
The Blue Note Jazz Quartet opened with a fantastic set of
Latin flavored Jazz played by the brother duo of Jose
Maturell (guitar) and Alvaro Maturell (bass) , Eduardo Irving
(sax), and the amazing Rogelio Reyter on congas (a big guy
with an amazing light touch).
A set change gave everyone a chance to catch their
breathe, get a beverage, and gave time for host/hostess
producer Antonio Singh, and personality
Maria Boyd to call the winner of the drawing and speak of
the festival, radio show style. Boquete Mayor Manolo Ruiz
made a special presentation to Garnett and Bardaro and
their groups, proclaiming them “Distinguished Visitors”
to Chiriqui and Boquete.
The headliner for the evening was Italian saxaphone
wizard Gianni Bardaro and his international group Sinestetic
Jazz, featuring some very young, and very accomplished
players from around Europe. Lars Soberg (22 yrs old) from
Norway played almost shy and understated trumpet solos
that stung with great finesse at the appropriate moments.
Francesco Cali from Italy supported the brass driven group
with great piano lines while Andreas Hatholt (22 yrs old ) of
Denmark’s amazing bass gave them something to ride on.
All of this was tied together by drummer (and brother)
Jacob Hatholt (25 yrs old ) .
Sunday’s free concert in the parque was a day of free jazz of all types and
included performances by local guitar orchestra- Grupo Gatma, Gianni
Bardaro’s Sinistetic Jazz with Carlos Garnett, Tropical Jazz with UNACHI music
professor Ovidio Castillo, and the modern guitar driven jazz trio- Los
Intelectuales with Berklee College of Music grad Ernesto Schnack (guitar)
Anibal de Leon (drums), and Lloyd Sutherland (bass). Weather Station
“We are already making plans for next years show and making contacts for
performers.” Says promoter Antonio Singh. “We recorded the shows and a CD http://tinyurl.
will be produced soon so people can have the music of the First Boquete Jazz
Festival.” com/35b885
Sponsors for the festival included - HSBC, Romero, IntraCorp, Rey, Budget,
INAC, Panama America, Radio MIA, Radio M.E.T.O., El Visitante, El Oasis, Current weather
Cocina Rica, El Hibiscus, Cosechas, Bistro Boquete, Machu Pichu, Panamonte
Inn, Cabanas Villa Lorena, and Boquete Garden Inn. & forecast
 MARCH 2007 Bajareque
Bajareque MARCH 2007 

Panama’s Treasure Ports

By R. Boyd

n 1510, Diego de Nicuesa was sent proving the fortifications useless, he
from Santo Domingo to govern attacked, looted and burned the
Panama. Accompanying him on place three more times before the
the trip were 700 colonists. During Spaniards moved to the more
the voyage, they encountered a defendable port of Portobelo. In
mighty storm which wrecked many 1586, Juan Bautista Antonelli, an
of his ships, and caused the loss of Italian engineer, was dispatched by
400 souls. After the storm, Nicuesa the King of Spain to find a more
gathered his scattered vessels and suitable and defendable port from
sought refuge on the Northeastern which to embark the royal treasures
shore near the Darien. With his entire destined for Spain. After noting the
company exhausted from the terrible excellent port facilities and defensible
tempest, they reached a quiet place terrain at Portobelo, he wrote to King
on the Northeastern shore of Panama Felipe of his findings, suggesting that Portobelo
and Diego de Nicuesa said “Paremos it would be a good idea to move from Photo from archives
aqui, en nombre de Dios!” (Let us Nombre de Diós “ to Portobelo which The entrance to the harbor, had a take, hold, and sack Portobelo during
stop here, in the name of God). And at the time was just a small hamlet of passage way of between 1.5 to 1.8 the annual treasure fair. Within just a
thus it became the settlement of 10 houses. Portobelo, had been since kilometers. The harbor was large few years of their construction of the
Nombre de Dios (Name of God). pre-colombian times a trading village enough to contain 300 galleons and great defenses, Portobelo was sacked
Nombre de Dios, was situated near for the indigenes peoples from the 1,000 smaller ships, with another seven times a great expense to the
an unhealthy swamp and Governor North and the South and it is 2,000 ships, outside the protection of Spanish crown. Around 1739, with
Nicuesa and the original colonists all interesting to note that the Nicusea the forts. The Royal Treasure House the decline of the Spanish Empire and
perished from disease and indian had actually stopped there in his was moved to Portobelo from the depleting revenues from the silver
attacks within a year of the founding search for a place to establish his Nombre de Dios and a series of forts mines in Peru, the Spanish abandoned
of the town. With the founding of settlement but when attacked by the were constructed on either side of their treasure routes across Panama
the colony of Castillo de Oro (Castle indigenes, they moved on. The king the bay surrounding the harbor. The and began long and arduous
of Gold), by The Spanish crown, ordered the move, and Portobelo was garrisons were considered to be the shipments of their treasures back to
Nombre de Dios was destined to founded on March 20, 1597 by Don best defenses ever constructed. But Spain by way of the Straits of
become the first major port of call for Francisco de Valverde y Mercado, a the technology of the time had one Magellan, thus avoiding the
the Spanish treasure fleet and it is professional government serious flaw. The Spanish defensive marauding pirates lurking about the
presently the oldest continuously administrator sent from Spain to cannons, though there were many, Atlantic in search of easy prey.
populated town in America. Difficult oversee development. According to did not have the range to strike Portobelo receded to the role of a
to fortify, it was sacked many times the Spanish, Portobello had the finest intruding vessels sailing straight up sleepy little town on the shores of the
by pirates and buccaneers. In 1572, harbor in the New World, it contained the entrance channel and into the Caribbean.
Frances Drake captured and looted an anchorage of approximately 3 port. This “Achilles Heel” enabled
the town with just seventy-three men kilometers, extending east to west. many a daring pirate and privateer to

El Festival... Continua de  P.1

conseguir una bebida, y dio la hora los momentos apropiados. Francesco música de la universidad de Berklee
el sonido, y las luces traídas para este para el productor Antonio Singh Cali de Italia apoyó al grupo con las (guitarra) Aníbal de León (tambores, y
evento, el cual cargo tanto el viejo anfitrión/y la presentadora, y grandes líneas del piano mientras que de Lloyd Sutherland (bajo). “Estamos
sistema eléctrico del edificios y el personalidad de M.E.T.O. Radio Maria Andreas Hatholt (22 años) de haciendo planes para los años próximos
sistema eléctrico fallo, pero que con Boyd llamar al ganador del la rifa y Dinamarca en el bajo nos dejo y los estamos haciendo contacto con
la ayuda de un astuta persona de de hablar del festival, estilo radio. El asombrados de sus habilidades. En los artistas.” Dijo el promotor Antonio
producción de las (empresas RS) todo Alcalde de Boquete Manolo Ruiz hizo conjunto con su hermano el baterista Singh. “ Grabamos los conciertos en un
se resolvió. una presentación especial a Garnett y Hatholt (25 años). CD y será producido pronto así las
El cuarteto The Blue Note Jazz Bardaro y sus grupos, proclamándolas El concierto gratis al aire libre del personas podrán tener la música del
abrió la noche con un sistema “ Visitantes Distinguidos” de Chiriqui domingo en el parque fue un día del primer festival del jazz de Boquete.”
fantástico de jazz lleno de ritmo y Boquete. El artista principal de jazz gratis para todos, entre los grupos Los patrocinadores para el festival
latino por el dúo de los hermanos esta noche fue el encantador italiano que participaronun grupo de guitarra incluyeron - HSBC, Romero, IntraCorp,
Jose Maturell (guitarra) y Alvaro Gianni Bardaro en el saxafono y su local, el Grupo Gatma, Sinistetic Jazz Rey, Budget, INAC, Panamá América,
Maturell (bajo), Eduardo Irving (sax), Grupo Internacional Sinestetic Jazz, de Gianni Bardaro con Carlos Garnett, MIA Radio, M.E.T.O. Radio, EL Visitante,
y el Rogelio asombroso Reyter en los ofreciendo a algunos artistas muy Tropical Jazz, con el profesor Ovidio El Oasis, La Cocina Rica, El Hibiscus,
congas (individuo grande con un jóvenes, y ya conocidos alrededor de Castillo de la música de UNACHI, y del Cosechas Wine Boutique, Bistro
tacto ligero y asombroso). Europa. Lars Soberg ( de 22 años)de trío conducido por guitarra moderna Boquete, Machu Pichu, Panamonte Inn
Un intermedio dio a cada uno una Noruega un poco tímido y tocando la de Los Intelectuales del Jazz con Ernesto & Spa, Cabañas Villa Lorena, y el
ocasión de estirar las piernas, trompeta y con gran delicadeza en Schnack graduado de la facultad de Boquete Garden Inn.
10 MARCH 2007 Bajareque
Bajareque MARCH 2007 11

Macular degeneration - Don’t be blind to the facts

Sonia Jones ND from the Haven Spa and Alternative Health Clinic

acular degeneration (MD) is almost a 2% chance of suffering from carotenes. Most people don’t get
the cause of over 60% of Macular Degeneration. The risk nearly enough zinc, and many other
blindness. Millions of people increases to nearly 30% in those over nutrients for that matter. We have
have early signs of retinal damage 75 years. Don’t wait until then to do the ‘zinc taste test’ that simply,
but because their vision is usually something about it. quickly and cheaply tests whether
normal, many have no idea of their * Females have a higher risk of you are deficient in Zinc.
predicament. Macular degeneration Macular Degeneration than males. *Almost a third of men 55 – 65
is a serious condition but don’t * Smoking one packet of cigarettes don’t get their recommended dietary
despair there is so much we can do to per day doubles the risk of Macular intake (RDI) of zinc. (RDI levels are set
prevent or slow down the on-set Degeneration. The risk increases with very low - these are minimum levels,
limiting the damage. the number of cigarettes smoked not optimum levels).
What are the symptoms? daily and the number of years as a *90% of women 45 + don’t get
*Blurring of central vision (the most smoker. their RDI of zinc.
common symptom). * A family history of Macular *95% of women 65 + don’t get
*Central or detailed vision is blocked Degeneration is associated with a their RDI of zinc. Sonia Jones ND
by dark or empty spaces. higher risk. Remember we inherit Dietary and lifestyle changes help diet will make a big difference – Zinc,
*Straight lines appear distorted or more than just genes, more to slow the development of Macular Multi vitamins and minerals, B
wavy (an early symptom). importantly; we also inherit tastes Degeneration. A diet rich in the complex, Vitamin E and C. Bilberry
*Inability to recognize faces until and habits that can last a life time. following is very beneficial Green and Ginkgo Biloba are two extremely
very close to them. * Light exposure. Sunshine is good leafy and red and yellow vegetables effective supplements for the eyes
*Color perception may change or for us, too much is detrimental such as kale, silver beet, spinach, and slowing down aging in general.,
diminish (uncommon). * Light colored irises (eg blue, grey broccoli, carrots and pumpkin or If you are a smoker, quit smoking
*Peripheral vision is rarely affected. or green eyes) are more closely sweet potatoes – all good sources of or at the very least cut down. Protect
Only a professional eye examination associated with Macular Degeneration antioxidants. the eyes from too much ultraviolet
by an eye care specialist can diagnose than brown irises. You brown eyed Nuts and seeds (unsalted), which light by wearing sunglasses. Have
Macular Degeneration for sure. As people don’t allow this fact to make are rich sources of vitamin E. regular check-ups with your eye care
we get older we should have regular you complacent. Fish, eggs, and pumpkin seeds are specialist. Eat an antioxidant-rich diet
eye examinations. However, don’t Study conducted by the US National sources of zinc. and take supplements. Put your mind
leave things to chance change, Eye Institute, involved over 4600 Juices made with a good cold at rest that you will then be doing
change your lifestyle beginning people for an average of 6.3 years pressed juicer, from fresh fruit and everything you can for your eyes and
today. and showed that high levels of vegetables will pay dividends in the the side-effect will be a healthier you
The underlying causes of MD antioxidants and zinc: Reduced the long run. in general.
Macular Degeneration are unknown risk of developing advanced MD by Sprouting your own beans, lentils, For more information contact me
but several risk factors have been about 25%. Reduced the risk of vision seeds and grains is extremely easy at The Haven Alternative Medicine
identified: loss by 19%. Antioxidants are and incredibly nutritious. Center 720 1943 or 700 1026
* Age – people in their 50’s have selenium, vitamins C and E, and beta- Supplements and changes in your

Degeneración Macular - No se vuelva ciego a los hechos.

ND de Sonia Jones del Haven Spa y de la Clínica de Salud Alternativa.

a Degeneración Macular (DM) es vacíos. cosas a la suerte, cambie su forma de riesgo aumenta con el número de
la causa del 60% de ceguera. *las líneas rectas aparecen torcidas vida que comienza hoy. Las causas cigarrillos que fuma a diario y el
Millones de personas tienen u onduladas (un síntoma temprano). subyacentes de la Degeneración número de años que lleva como
signos tempranos del daño retiniano *Inhabilidad para reconocer caras. Macular (DM) son desconocidas pero fumador. * Si hay antecedentes de
pero porque su visión es generalmente A menos que estén bien cercas de se han identificado varios factores de Degeneración Macular en su familia el
normal, muchos no tienen ninguna ellas riesgo: *la edad - las personas en sus riesgo es más alto. Recordemos que
idea de lo serio que es. La *la percepción del color puede años 50 casi tiene el 2% de riesgo de no solo heredamos genes, también
Degeneración Macular es una cambiar o disminuir (no frecuente). sufrir de Degeneración Macular. El heredamos gusto y hábitos que
condición seria pero podemos hacer *la visión *Peri peral es raramente riesgo aumenta al casi 30% en pueden durar toda una vida.
bastante para prevenirla o para afectada. personas en sus 75 años. No espere *Una exposición ligera al sol nos hace
retrasar el daño. Solamente por medio de un examen hasta ese entonces para hacer algo. * bien, pero demasiado sol es dañino.
¿Cuáles son los síntomas? del ojo por un profesional u Las mujeres tienen un riesgo más alto *ojos claros (ej. ojos azules, grises o
*visión borrosa (el síntoma más oftalmólogo puede diagnosticar la de ser afectadas por Degeneración verdes) se asocian más de cerca a la
común). Degeneración Macular. Al pasar de los Macular que los varones. * Fumar un Degeneración Macular que los ojos
*la visión central o visión detallada anos debemos tener chequeos paquete de cigarrillos al día dobla el
es bloqueada por espacios oscuros o regulares de la visión. Sin dejar las riesgo de la Degeneración Macular. El Continua en  P.21
12 MARCH 2007 Bajareque
Bajareque MARCH 2007 13

Something about Sports


ootball Soccer (Fútbol or balompie Team had been in the last two World player, as human been and for open
in Spanish) is one of the sports Championships of this category and the door of opportunities to other
with more fans around the world. even made it for the one this year at Panamanians players, like the Delly-
The last World Cup was played in Holland. Our Senior Futbol Team Valdez brothers, the Government
Germany in 2006 and the Italian Team participated, recently, in the Nations named the old Revolution Stadium
defeated the French Team by penalty Cup Championship (Copa de Naciones) after Him.
kicks to win the Championship. played between the Central America Futbol is a sport that really
This sport was invented in England countries Teams and the Panamanian passionate the crowd but, as any
and World Championships had been Team played the finals with the Costa other sport, has become a show
played since 1930. Rica Team. So, the investment got business where big contracts are part
The International Federation of results. Just a few years ago, our Team of it, especially in European Clubs and
Associated Football (FIFA) is the entity was considered weak but now, is a team Futbol even in the United States.
in charge of the regulations of these to be considered and hard to defeat. Photo from archives. The news that has been taken all
championships, verify and modify the Our Country has its own internal the attention on the newspapers
hasn´t done too well and has never
rules associated to this Sport. Semi-professional League with around the world is the contract
made it to the finals of the
The Panamanian Futbol Team has international players and couches on offered to David Beckham, English
been getting better thanks the it. We know we are not at the same player who plays in the Real Madrid,
Our Country had a player who
economical support of the level as other countries Professional Spain, by the US Club LA Galaxy for
participated in the Spanish Futbol
Government and Private Enterprises Futbol Leagues but it is important to $250 Million Dollars. During the time
League, maybe one of the must
giving them the chance of hire mention that, thanks of our League, he played in the Real Madrid, his
famous and followed worldwide
international trainers and couches are Panamanian players on Club´s presence in the Team generated 60
because has most of the best player
who are helping not only the players, Teams of countries like Mexico, Millions of euros per year just in Team
of the whole world. His name was
also the local couches to improved Colombia, Costa Rica and Spain. The T-shirts sales. Is a lot more to comment
Rommel Fernandez, who died in a
and learn new training techniques. province of Chiriqui has one Team, at about Football Soccer but it will be in
tragic car accident in Spain. After he
Because these help, our sub-20 Futbol least, in our internal League but the next edition.
died and, because his trajectory as a

Algo Sobre Deportes en la Liga de Fútbol Español, una de

las más reconocidas y seguidas a nivel
mundial. Su nombre era Rommel
espectáculo en el cual los contratos
millonarios están a la orden del día,
sobre todo en los Clubes de Europa y

l fútbol soccer o balompié es nuestra Selección sub-20 ha ido a los dos Fernández, quien muriera en un ahora inclusive en Estados Unidos. La
conocido en la actualidad como últimos campeonatos mundiales de esta trágico accidente automovilístico en noticia que ha estado en primera
uno de los deportes con más categoría y recientemente clasificó para España. En reconocimiento a su plana de los diarios a sido la
fanáticos a nivel mundial. El año ir al de este año, que se celebrará en trayectoria futbolística, dejar el contratación de David Beckham,
pasado se jugó la Copa Mundial Canada. La Selección Mayor participó en nombre de Panamá en alto y abrir las jugador inglés que milita actualmente
resultando vencedora la Selección de la Copa de Naciones celebrada en Febrero puertas a otros jugadores, como los en el Real Madrid de España, por el
Italia por tiros de penal contra la llegando a jugar la gran final contra la Hermanos Delly-Valdéz, se le cambió Club Los Angeles Galaxy por $250
Selección de Francia. Este deporte Selección de Costa Rica. En el pasado, el nombre al antiguo Estadio millones de dolares. Su inclusión en el
fue inventado en Inglaterra y se nuestra selección era considerada como Revolución y se le puso su nombre. equipo del Real Madrid generaba
juegan campeonatos mundiales regular a mala pero ahora es un rival a El fútbol es un deporte que unos $60 millones de euros por año
desde 1930. La FIFA (Federación tomar en consideración y vencer. realmente apasiona a las multitudes solo en ventas de camisetas. Hay
Internacional de Fútbol Asociado) es Nuestro país tiene su propia liga pero, como cualquier otro deporte, mucho más que hablar sobre fútbol
el ente encargado de regular estos interna, semi-profesional, la cual se ha convertido en un negocio de pero será en la próxima edición.
campeonatos, verificar y modificar cuenta con técnicos y jugadores
las reglas asociadas este deporte. internacionales. No podemos decir Travel & Tourism Companies are invited
El equipo que conforma la Selección que estamos a los niveles de las ligas to participate in our
de Fútbol de Panamá ha ido mejorando profesionales de otros países pero lo Special April Tourism Edition
en los últimos años gracias a que el que vale la pena mencionar es que, Ads of all sizes 50%off.
Gobierno y la Empresa Privada comenzó gracias a nuestra liga interna, tenemos
a apoyarlos económicamente dando jugadores que militan en equipos de
Deadline March 15! Call NOW: 720-1451 or 6615-5059.
cabida a que se pudieran contratar Clubes de países como México,
técnicos y entrenadores internacionales Colombia, Costa Rica y España. La Companias de Viajes y Turismo los invitamos
que no solo los dirigen sino que apoyan y provincia de Chiriquí tiene por lo a participar de nuestra
guían a los entrenadores locales a mejorar menos un equipo participando en Promocion Especial de Abril
y aprender nuevas técnicas de nuestra liga interna pero no ha sido
entrenamiento. Prueba de que la protagonista de los campeonatos.
50% de descuento en todos los tamanos de nuestros anuncios
inversión no ha sido en vano es que Panamá tuvo un jugador que militó Fecha tope 15 de Marzo! Llame ahora: 720-1451 o 6615-5059.
14 MARCH 2007 Bajareque

When you need to call the technician.

By Willy Edwards

i Friends, I am Willy - The 1. Disconnect the power supply cable specific problems. Very often there 6. And
Computer Expert, with some and wait a few moments before are several problems causing a major make notes
advice for when you have reconnecting and restarting the problem, and one it is necessary to of what you
problems with your computer and computer. This gives the system a attack the minor problems in order to were doing
need to call for help. chance for a complete reset and if it was solve the major one. And since the when the
It is always a problem when your a minor software problem, the computer computers cannot tell us what has problem
computer is not working properly will probably work normally again. happened to them or how it happened occurred and
and you have to call a technician. 2. The computer POST (Power On to them, it is necessary that the how often
The technician never understands Self Test) tests the computer, insuring technician possess the major quantity so that you
what you mean and sometimes they that it meets the necessary system of information in so that he can solve may explain
don’t get there in time to help or they requirements before booting up. If the problems. it to the Photo R Boyd.
can’t find the problem. the computer fails the POST, the Listed below is some good advice technician.
We must remember that most computer then returns a beep code in order that when you have to call a By following this form, you can be
computer problems are with the indicating what is causing the technician, you can help him solve 50% sure that the technician will be
software, and seldom with the computer not to pass the POST. the problem with your machine in the able to understand your problem and
hardware. Generally, if the computer POSTs best and the most effective way. have a better chance of solving it
Actually it is easy to determine properly, you will receive a single 1. Make sure yourself that the quickly. The other 50% is in the
which type of problem it is, either beep (with some computer BIOS technician that you call has technical technical knowledge of the technician
hardware or software, but it is very manufacturers it may beep twice). training and is not an advanced user that you call.
important that you understand the 3. If you recently installed new who thinks he knows everything Remember, computers are
difference and can distinguish software or download some application, about computers. electronic equipment; they are very
between the two before calling for uninstall it, and reboot again to see if 2. Always tries to converse with vulnerable to electrical fluctuations,
help. that corrects the problem. others to whom the technician has dampness, and dust. If you protect
For example, a physical problem It is very easy to detect what type given services to be sure that he your equipment from these elements
appears immediately and the of problems you are having, once you knows what he is doing. and follow the advice of your
symptoms don’t vary, example: if the understand these steps, but this leads 3. Look for all the CDS that you technician, your equipment will work
video card is damaged, you simply do us to solving them ... have of your computer, Windows, well for a long time.
not have video, but if the video comes Many people who have learned a office, etc. I hope that this advice helps you save
and goes, this is a sign that you are lot about their computers after having 4. If he wants to format your time when you have to call a technician,
having software problems and there used them for years and this places machine make sure that he makes a and hope also that when you have to
is nothing wrong with the video card. them in the category of advanced backup of your information. The be call a technician it is me.
If the problem is intermittent, there users and obviously they know more programs you have to have them to If you need an Expert, for any
may be a logical or software solution than regular users. But it does not install them if you do not have them repair, call Willy Edwards at 6506-
to correct the problem without having give them technical knowledge. must pay for them, in other words to 4081, my offices are in the Plaza Los
to replace the part. A technician receives special buy them. (You must buy original Establos Mall, shop #2, behind the
Now the most important thing is to training with diagnostic tools for licenses) Banco General, and the name of my
be able to identify the problem and solving problems, and they develop 5. Annotate on paper all the business is Services World.
you can do this with a few simple an analytical sense to understand the mistakes that the computer shows
steps.. possible reasons, and solutions of you. (Everything is important)

Consejos para cuando llamamos al técnico

ola Amigos, les saluda El y a veces no lo encuentran. inmediatamente y es constante, sin necesidad de cambiar ninguna
Experto de la Computadora Debemos recordar que los por ejemplo: si la tarjeta de video parte.
(The Computer Expert), en problemas en las computadoras son se daña pues simplemente no Ahora lo más importante es saber
ésta ocasión con unos consejos para muchas veces de tipo lógico, y otras tienes video, pero no siempre es la identificarlos, y esto lo puedes hacer
cuando tienes problemas con tu no menos frecuentes de tipo físico. tarjeta de video, existe varias con un par reverificaciones.
computadora y te ves en la necesidad Es realmente bastante fácil saber causas para que no tengas video 1- Desconecta el cable de corriente
de llamar a alguien para que te cuando es físico u lógico, pero es muy pero si es un daño físico siempre va de la fuente de poder totalmente
ayude. importante que sepas la diferencia y a estar presente no importa si después de haber apagado la
Es preocupante para todos cuando como distinguirlos a la hora de llamar reinicias el equipo, o si tratas de computadora y espera unos segundos
la computadora tiene problemas y por ayuda, cuando ya tú no puedes reinstalar el sistema operativo, por para conectarlo otra vez y encender
tenemos que llamar al técnico. Nunca hacer nada, pero antes de que no otro lado un problema lógico, o la computadora. Si el problema es
entienden bien lo que necesitamos y puedas hacer nada hay mucho que dicho en otras palabras de software, lógico de muy poca gravedad, con
muchas veces muchos de ellos tardan puedes hacer. es intermitente muchas veces otras este paso reseteas todo el sistema y
muchísimo en encontrar el problema, Problema físico se muestra es permanente pero se soluciona Continua en  P.23
Bajareque MARCH 2007 15

Listen to
M.E.T.O.-Boquete 103.5FM Saturdays 2-4pm
for the Spanglish Show
SCAP se prepara para el Best of Panama 2007

seleccionando cual será el lote que Best of Panama 2007, por su parte el manifiestan su complacencia, orgullo
omo cada año se está los representará en el evento. secretario de la asociación Lic. y satisfacción al lograr que con cafés
preparando para lo que será la Es de gran expectativa el BOP 07 a Francisco Serracín nos comunicó que de variedades tanto tradicionales
XI versión de su evento anual nivel internacional ya que Panamá se el café de Panamá esta generando como el geisha poner a Panamá en
que reúne las mejores muestras de está convirtiendo en uno de los tanto interés y esto a motivado a que un sitial importante a nivel de la
café que se producen en nuestro país eventos de catación de más durante los últimos dos meses una caficultora mundial muy por encima
y que serán probadas y calificadas importancia a nivel mundial y son cantidad considerable de compradores de los ya conocidos países con
por un selecto grupo de jueces muchos los catadores internacionales americanos y japoneses hayan volúmenes y calidades que hasta
internacionales conformados por que ansían venir para probar los visitado las zonas de producción de entonces eran superiores al nuestro,
compradores extranjeros y catadores mejores cafes del mundo y muchos los cafes especiales con el animo y el así mismo hacen notar que esto
expertos que cada año se dan cita en de estos ya se han estado deseo de poder comprar algunos representa un compromiso para
nuestro país para este evento. comunicando con la Asociación y el lotes de café panameño. continuar manteniendo este nivel de
El año pasado Volcán fue la sede de Comité organizador para confirmar Como es bien sabido el café calidad alcanzado y esperan seguir
este evento y para este 2007 le su participación en este evento. panameño alcanzó en la última con una producción que permita
corresponde a Boquete ser el anfitrión El Sr. Clemente Vega, Presidente de subasta por Internet con su variedad lograr estos excelentes precios y el
de tan importante actividad dentro la asociación nos informó que la sede geisha un precio de $50.25 por libra, sitio ganado hasta la fecha.
de la caficultura panameña. del evento así como de SCAP se siendo considerado como el café más Si bien es un reto manifestaron,
Durante las últimas semanas los encuentra en las instalaciones de la caro que una subasta electrónica estamos seguros de llevarlo a cabo
productores participantes han venido Feria de las Flores y el Café de Boquete haya vendido. por el bien de todos los productores
realizando cataciones internas para ir y es allí donde se llevará a cabo el Los productores panameños de café de Panamá.
16 MARCH 2007 Bajareque

A new community service organization was Buenos Vecinos first food drive held at Boeing,Boeing opening March 22 and playing
announced by its president and founder, Roger Romeros on February 16 was a rousing success. through the 25th . Participating restaurants
Imerman. Club de Hablando Público de A big thank you goes to everyone who include, Bistro Boquete, Palo Alto, Delicias Del
Boquete has been created to provide individuals purchased baskets, put money in the jar or Peru, Machu Pichu, El Hibiscus, and Sabor
the opportunity to quickly develop their ability stopped by the display to learn more about Escondido (Sunday only.) Thurs-Sat.
to improve their public speaking skills, Buenos Vecinos. They sold seventy three $10 performances start at 7:30pm, the Sunday
extemporaneous speaking and leadership food baskets, twenty six $5 food baskets and Matinee starts at 1:30pm. Tickets are available
abilities, as well as sharpen their communication fifty five $2 food baskets. at the law office of Nixia Guerra in Boquete.
in their native language (Spanish or English)
and effectively learn the other language. The Dinner theatre packages ($25 includes
Club meets weekly on Saturday afternoon in dinner and theatre tickets for two) are available
Alto Boquete and the cost is for the Boquete Community Players production,
$1 per meeting. For further information,
contact Roger Imerman at 6672-8070.

Amigos de la comunidad Boqueteña, si

Antojito’s Mexican Restaurant (often known
usted tiene información sobre algún evento en
as the Taqueria) has moved. The new Antojitos
nuestra comunidad favor enviarlo por telefax
is on the Calle Principal, coming into Boquete,
al 720-1451 o al correo electrónico quepasa@
across from Boquete Country Inn, next to quepasa@
Harmony Gift Shop, and just before the Moto O pase por nuestras
Rental lot. (photo of new spot)
oficinas localizadas Avenida A Este. Edificio
5334 apt.2
Friends of Boquete, if you have any En la provincia de Chiriquí no existen
information, you think would be of interest instalaciones o centros culturales que tengan
and you would like to share it our community, una capacidad instalada para brindar a la
please send it via fax to 720-1451 or email it to comunidad Chiricana una forma de quepasa@ esparcimiento; que a su vez promueva el You can also drop desarrollo de la cultura es por ello que el Cast and director of the upcoming BCP play- Boeing Boeing.March 22-25
written information by our offices located at proyecto “MULTICENTRO CULTURAL DE Courtesy BCP Group.
building 5334 apt. 2 on Avenida A. CHIRIQUÍ”que constará con un área de
presentaciones para actividades musicales
como conciertos de orquestas sinfónicas,
The Valle Escondido Homeowners
óperas, recitales, presentaciones folklóricas,
Association board of directors has selected a
teatro y danza, seminarios entre otros. Para
new steering committee. The group consists
seleccionar el anteproyecto que servirá para la
of Tracy Hallen, Fene Cartlidge, Hal Hagen,
construcción del “MULTICENTRO CULTURAL
Bruce Young, and John Rhoades. At the first
DE CHIRIQU͔estamos organizando el concurso
official meeting on Jan. 9, John Rhoades was
nacional de diseño, donde podrán participar
elected director and Tracy Hallen elected as
arquitectos y estudiantes en su ultimo año de
assistant director. The group held a get-
arquitectura. El ganador del presente concurso,
acquainted mixer with VE homeowners on 31
recibirá una Maestría patrocinada por el
IFARHU, entre otros premios.
Un aspecto innovador de este concurso, es
Plaza Los Establos officially opened for la participación ciudadana activa en la
business on 9 February. escogencia del diseño ganador al convertirse
en el onceavo (11) jurado, que podrá seleccionar
HOUSE OF BALI Indonesian Handicraft will el mejor diseño mediante un sistema de
be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. votación, creado en un programa desarrollado
para este fin, las computadoras serán
distribuidas en distintas áreas publicas para
facilidad de los interesados por quince días
El jurado estará compuesto por 10 miembros
idóneos. La Madrina de este concurso es la Lic.
Sandra Sandoval.
Para mas informes comunicarse al teléfono:
774-0292 o visite / concurso@
El periodo de inscripción es del 28 de marzo
IGRA open for business al 26 de abril del 2007.
Photo R Boyd.
The law firm of Icaza, Gonzalez-Ruiz & Book Mark hours Until April 30: Thursday
Aleman celebrated the re-opening of their through Sunday 9 to 5 Also, they will not be
Boquete office with a reception at the able to fulfill any special orders during that
Panamonte Inn on 1 February and introduced time.They will be back on fulltime schedule
their new lineup of local attorneys: Karen Diez, May 1.
Claudia Mejia, and Areli Mojica. (photo)
Bajareque MARCH 2007 17

Nondenominational, English Carmencita MacIntyre (Spanish)

Boquete Community Calendar Spoken, contact Larry Greenwald - 6727-6349 or macintyre@cwpanama.
6563-5320 or greenwald@boquete. net
Weekly Events book sales, announcements of events org March 22-25,2007
Every Sunday and businesses. ($1 donation for Radio M.E.T.O. Live Broadcast on 7:30pm (matinee on 25th at
Primera Iglesia de Bautista coffee and cookies) 103.5 FM 1:30pm)
Sunday School: 9:30 a.m. Boquete Lion’s Club 2PM-4PM (Various Locations) Boeing Boeing . Very funny farce
Sunday worship: 10:40 a.m. 7:30 at Lion’s Club Building, Spanglish spoken, public welcome, performed by Boquete Community
Sunday evening worship: 6 p.m. Spanish Spoken, dues collected, lively discussions of topics of interest Players in the new Theater (behind
(NOT first Sunday of each month) contact President Eliseo Miranda - to those living in the Boquete Area. Banistmo Bank). 7:30 PM. Tickets $5
Bethel Christian Center Services, 6647-8186. Contact Maria Boyd - 6615-5059 at the Law Office of Nixia Guerra or
Nondenominational Service Boquete Community Chorus New dates for events in March $6 at the door. Dinner Theater
930-11AM English Speaking (rehearsals at Boquete Community March 18, 2007 (Sunday) Packages for $25 are also available
Contact Larry Greenwald - 6563- Players Theater) The Spay and Neuter Clinic for each performance, at some of
5320 5-630PM, Contact Erin Ross - 6692- (sponsored by Amigos de Animales) is Boquete’s finest Restaurants.
Iglesia de JesuCristo do Los Santos 1679 or at Gimnasio El Cacho (the same place www.boquetecommunityplayers.
de los Ultimos Dias Every Thursday as the last 2 clinics - behind the Cafe com or call 6667-7297/6614-9515
9AM-Noon Alcoholics Anonymous Duran building). The costs are $10 for more information
San Juan Bautista Catholic Church 11AM-12PM (CEFATI Conference for cats, $20 for dogs. Donations are Get your upcoming event or meeting
Mass at 7AM, 11AM, and 6PM Room 2nd floor) English Speaking welcome. Volunteers Needed. To announced in the calendar by
English mass at 12:30pm Christian Women’s Group make appointments please contact emailing it to calendarlady@boquete.
Every Monday 10AM-11AM Judy Sacco , org or calling 6692-1679
Alcoholics Anonymous Nondenominational, English 720-4858 or 6517-3921 (English) or
11AM-12PM (CEFATI Conference Speaking, contact Jeannie Greenwald
Boquete’s Back on the Continued from  P.2
Room 2nd floor) English Speaking, - 6563-5320.
displays the weather parameters. It refine and improve the displays.
12 step meeting for partners and Rotary International Meetings
is, in turn, connected to the serial Hopefully before long we’ll have a
families of Friend 5PM-6:30PM, Olga’s Breakfast
port of a nearby computer where a bigger, better camera and a better
of Bill for more information 720- Place, English Spoken, dues collected,
software package converts the raw viewpoint so that you’ll be able to
2523 contact Annie LaFoley, 6651-4213.
data into a user-friendly display and see down into the valley and have a
REAL Boquete (Recycling Center 20-30 Club (Veinte-Treinta Club) uploads it every ten minutes to the wider field of view. Enjoy!
next to Any’s Sweets) 8:30PM, Feria Building, Spanish NBT website. He’s Baaaack!
4-6PM, contact Maria Boyd - 6615- Spoken, Young Working Men’s’ But that’s not all. You probably Just as we finished this story and
5059 Group (ages 20-39). Contact Demetrio noticed our webcam on your way to got our weather station in working
Every Tuesday Diaz - 6502-1574 or aboquete@ the weather page. It’s set up facing order Mr. LaFoley revived his weather
Tuesday Morning Information and south from El Santuario over Bajo station in Volcancito. Not only that,
Networking Meeting Every Friday Boquete and you can see Alto but he gave us permission to display
10:30AM-12PM (Panamonte Primera Iglesia de Bautista Boquete in the distance. It takes a his weather station information on
Hotel) Prayer service and Bible study, picture every 30 seconds and relays it our weather/webcam page as well.
English and Spanish Spoken, A 6PM to the computer, which uploads it to So now Boqueteños have their choice
Gathering for Locals and Newcomers Every Saturday the webcam page on the website. of two weather stations on the same
to share information on various topics Christian Men’s Group The weather station and webcam page. If you don’t like the weather
that affect those of us living in the 7:30AM-8:30AM (Palo Alto have been in place for just a few you see in El Santuario you can try
Boquete Area. Weekly Speakers, used Restaurant) weeks now. We’re continuing to the weather in Volcancito instead!

de mejoramiento de pasto, que es un presupuesto de 1,200 millones para

Presidente de la... Continua de  P.4 proyecto que beneficiara al sector inversión social y que el mismo es él
la construcción de aceras, mejoras en de Los Naranjos, Corregimiento de Los ganadero, para que tengan los recursos más grande en presupuesto de la
los centros educativos, mejoras en el Jaramillos, Corregimiento de Bajo suficientes de mejorar las condiciones historia de nuestro país, a pesar de que
sector salud, ya que muchas personas Boquete, el Corregimiento de Alto familiares. También se refirió al es un presupuesto que no cumplirá con
consideran que no se están prestando Boquete, corregimiento de Palmira y programa llamado Red de todos los proyectos en mente, servirá
los debidos servicios, otros son la Corregimiento de Caldera. oportunidades, en donde se les brinda para mejorar los sectores ya sean de
rehabilitación de carreteras y puentes Sin embargo, señala Torrijos que la un apoyo económico y donde se les salud, educación, vivienda, programas
en áreas de difícil acceso, también se aprobación de estos proyectos son exhorta a las familias panameñas a de capacitaciones entre otros.
requiere en áreas apartadas de un únicamente para el beneficio de continuar con sus estudios y acudan a Al finalizar su reunión con el pueblo
sistema de electricidad que pueda aquellas comunidades que en realidad los programas de salud para romper Boqueteño, el mandatario se trasladó
mejorar las condiciones de vida de atraviesan por problemas sociales y con ese siglo de pobreza que parece ir a otras áreas de la provincia con el
estas personas. económicos. cada día en aumento. propósito de anunciar y continuar
Los corregimientos beneficiados del Mencionó que otros proyectos que Por su parte, informo que para este con la aprobación de otros proyectos
distrito de Boquete son: Corregimiento se aprobaron para la provincia fue el año 2007 Panamá cuenta con un comunitarios.
18 MARCH 2007 Bajareque
Bajareque MARCH 2007 19

Guabina en Hojas de Culantro Guabina cooked through. 

Serve alone or with apple sauce
Pachi - Creative Culinary Works- www.creativeculinary. Apple Onion Sauce 
1 pound guabina filets(8 a 10 filetes) 
1 small diced, peeled green apple
net 2 tbsp olive oil
1 tablespoon lime juice
¼ cdta pimienta 1tbsp culantro chimichurri
½ cup thinly sliced onion
1 diente de ajo 8 to10 culantro leaves
½ tsp sal
½ cdta aceite de ajonjolí 1 ripe plantain, firm enough to slice thinly
¼ tsp pepper
½ taza caldo (opcional)
1 garlic clove, minced
¼ taza yogur natural 1 tsp dark sesame oil 
½ tsp dark sesame oil
½ cucharadita maicena  How to prepare: ½ cup stock
Ingredientes: 1. Pele y corte la manzana en cubos muy 1. Rub filets with chimichurri and oil.
¼ cup plain yogurt
1 libra filetes de guabina (8 a 10 filetes)  pequeños. Agreuge el jugo de limón y deje a 2. Peal and slice plantain thinly.
½ tsp cornstarch 
2 cdas aceite de oliva un lado. 3. Place each filet over a culantro leaf and
1. Mix apple with lime juice and set aside.
1 cda chimichurri de culantro  2. En una sartén a fuego medio vierta el cover with plantain slices. Brush slices with
2. Drizzle oil over a sauce pan over medium
8 a 10 hojas de culantro aceite. Agregue la cebolla, sal y pimienta y sesame oil.
heat, add onion, salt and pepper and cook for
1 plátano maduro (opcional) cocine 2 a 3 minutos. Agregue el ajo, aceite de 4. Skewer filets with culantro and plantains.
2 to 3 minutes. Add garlic, sesame oil, apple
1 cdta aceite de ajonjolí  ajonjolí y la manzana, mezcle y cocine 2 Refrigerate until ready to cook.
and cook 2 minutes more. Pour mixted stock,
minutos mas. Vierta el caldo mezclado con el 5. Place filets on a foil covered and oiled
Preparación: yogurt and cornstarch and bring to a boil.
yogur y la maicena y lleve al hervor. Cocine 4 a baking sheet. Bake at 425F for 7 to 8 minutos
1. Unte los filetes con el chimichurri y el Cook for 54 to 5 minutes and serve with fish. 
5 minutos y sirva con el pescado. or until plantain is golden and the fish is
2. Pele y corte el plátano en tajadas muy
3. Coloque cada filete aliñado sobre cada
hoja de culantro, cubra con tajadas de plátano
y unte ligeramente con aciete de ajonjolí.
4. Coloque sobre un papel de aluminio
untado de aceite. Hornee a 425F durante 7 a
8 minutos o hasta que el pescado esté cocido
y el plátano levemente dorado. Sirva solos o
con la salsa de manzana. 
Salsa de Manzana y Cebolla 
1 manzana verde en cubitos pequeños
1 cucharada jugo de limón
½ taza cebolla tajada muy delgada
½ cdta sal Guabina envuelta en el platano maduro y la hojas de culantro
20 MARCH 2007 Bajareque

New Traffic Laws and Fines are in Effect

Las Nuevas Leyes y Multas del Tráfico están en Efecto

ew and revised traffic schedules It is a PDF document and the rules y pesadas. Enfatizan que todos los
which includes much higher and fines are on pages 86-91. You vehículos, sin excepción, están
fines are now in effect. We should also be aware, that transit obligados a tener sus revisados y
have been told that this year they will regulations require that you carry a deben ser examinados completamente
have more patrols to enforce the traffic copy of these regulations in your para circular debidamente por los
regulations and the heavier fines and vehicle. caminos y carreteras del país.
rules will be imposed. A continuación enumeramos
Again it should be emphasized that En 2006, murieron 437 personas algunas de las leyes y de las multas
all vehicles, without exception, are en accidentes de tránsito. A partir del respectivas.
required to be fully licensed and 1 de enero de este año, la Autoridad Para información adicional, pueden
inspected to operate on any of the de Tránsito y Transporte Terrestre visitor la pagina web www.transito.
Nation’s roads and highways. These (ATTT) ha revisado su listado de Hacer clic en Reglamento de
are the rules your lawyer doesn’t multas de tráfico que incluye algunas Tránsito. Este es un documento pdf y
necessarily know. Listed below mucho más altas que hasta entonces. las reglas y las multas están en las
are some of the laws and fines. For Han declarado que este año tendrán páginas 86-91. Debes también estar
further information, go to www. más patrullas para hacer cumplir las enterado de que una copia de estas regulaciones de tráfico y las reglas y regulaciones de tránsito requieren ser
Click on “Reglamento de Tránsito” . multas impuestas serán mas estrictas llevadas en tu vehículo. New Traffic Laws and Fines
Photo R Boyd.

Registro Único de Propiedad Vehicular / Vehicle Registration

* Vehículo sin Registro Único de Propiedad Vehicular/ Un-registered vehicle B/25.00
* Vehículo con placa vencida / Expired licence Plate B/.50.00
* Vehículo sin placa / No Licence Plate B/.50.00
* Retención del vehículo / vehicle will be impounded
* No portar la licencia de conducir / Driving without a valid licence-your foreign license is only good for 90 days B/. 50.00
* Hablar por teléfono al conducir/ Talking on Cellular Phone B/. 75.00
* No utilizar el cinturón de seguridad / Failure to use seatbelt B/. 75.00
* Asistencia a charlas por reincidencia / You must attend safety school
* Conducir con aliento alcohólico / Alcohol on Breath B/. 150.00
* Conducir en estado de embriaguez comprobada o bajo efecto de estupefacientes / Driving while intoxicated (Drunk Driving)
* Primera Vez Suspensión de la 1 año / First Time License suspended for 1 year B/.1000.00
* Segunda Vez Suspensión de la Licencia 3 años / Second Time License suspended for 3 years B/. 1500.00
* Tercera vez Licencia Cancelación definitiva / Third Time License suspended for indefinitely B/. 2500.00
* Asistencia a seminarios y charlas según el tipo de intoxicación / Attend seminars and meetings after each intoxication citation

Fundación Pro-Integración inaugural su sede en el Distrito... Continua de  P.24

exclusiva con la Presidenta de la Sin embargo, es importante están dispuestos y comprometidos a entre ellos estuvieron el Señor Thomas
Fundación capitulo de Boquete, la mencionar que los problemas más brindar una excelente atención a Ford ex presidente de la Fundación
señora Mitzila Guerra quien nos comunes que se atenderán en este estas personas que tanto lo requieren, capitulo de Panamá, el señor Julio
comunica que anteriormente cuando centro son entre otros: Autismo, por supuesto brindando los mejores Linares actual Presidente de la
no se contaba con las debidas personas con problemas de ceguera, cuidados y teniendo la mayor Fundación en panamá, Damas
instalaciones, los casos de personas sordos, parapléjicos. La fundación paciencia para ellos. Rosadas del distrito, miembros de la
con diferentes impedimentos se Pro-Integración no tiene ningún limite Se recibieron importantes Alcaldía de Boquete, el ex Alcalde del
atendían en el edificio del cuerpo de por discapacidad solo tienen que donaciones por parte de la alcaldía distrito el señor Omar Buchaim, que
Bomberos del distrito siendo esto de integrarse y de esa manera formar de Boquete como lo fueron diez gracias a sus gestiones se logró
mucha ayuda. parte de la fundación, por lo tanto, es colchonetas, además otras donaciones adquirir el lote de terreno donde se
La señora Guerra también importante que a estas personas se recibidas fueron veinticinco sillas de construyó dicha obra, entre otras
aprovecha la oportunidad para darle les brinde todo el apoyo necesario, ruedas, además de bastones, personas importantes.
las gracias a la comunidad boqueteña para que de esta manera se sientan andaderas y muletas para una mejor
y en especial a la señora Susana de verdaderamente útiles y logren tener atención.
Listen to
Peterson por toda la colaboración un mejor desarrollo personal En el acto de inauguración,
brindada para que este sueño tan integrándose en la sociedad. estuvieron presentes distinguidas
M.E.T.O.-Boquete 103.5FM
anhelado se hiciera una verdadera La Fundación cuenta con un equipo personalidades de nuestro país y por Saturdays 2-4pm
realidad. de voluntarios y colaboradores que que no decirlo de nuestra provincia, for the Spanglish Show
Bajareque MARCH 2007 21

Degeneración Macular... Continua de  P.11

oscuros sin embargo las personas de rizada, la remolacha, la espinaca, el
ojos oscuros, todavía se encuentran brócoli, las zanahorias, la calabaza o
en riesgo. las patatas dulces - todas las buenas
Estudio conducido por el Instituto fuentes de antioxidantes. Nueces y
Nacional del Ojo en los E.E.U.U., en el semillas (sin sal), que son fuentes ricas
cual mas de 4600 personas con un de la vitamina E. El pescado, huevos, y
promedio de 6.3 años y con altos las semillas de calabaza son fuentes
niveles altos niveles de antioxidantes y del cinc. Los jugos de frutas y verduras
de cinc: Redujo el riesgo de desarrollar naturales también contribuyen a su
DM avanzado en un 25%. Redujo salud a largo plazo. Cosechando sus
también el riesgo de la pérdida de la propios frijoles, lentejas, semillas y
visión en un 19%. Los antioxidantes granos son extremadamente fáciles e
son selenio, las vitaminas C y E, y beta increíblemente nutritivos.
carotenos. La mayoría de las personas Suplementos y los cambios en su
no obtienen suficiente cinc, y muchos dieta harán una gran diferencia - el
de los otros alimentos nutritivos. cinc, multi vitaminas y minerales,
Tenemos la prueba del cinc ‘ que es complejo de B, vitamina E y C. El
simple, rápida, barata y le dice si tiene arándano y Ginkgo Biloba son dos
deficiencia de cinc. *Casi un tercio de suplementos extremadamente eficaces
los hombres entre las edades de 55 - para los ojos y retardar el envejecimiento
65 no obtienen la cantidad diaria en general. Si usted es un fumador,
recomendada de cinc. (Los niveles deje de fumar o reduzca el numero de
recomendados diarios son muy bajos - cigarrillos que fuma al día. Proteja los
éstos niveles son mínimos, no los ojos de mucha luz ultravioleta usando
óptimos.). anteojos de sol. Tener chequeos
Un *90% de mujeres de 45 o mas regulares con su especialista del
no consiguen su (dosis diaria cuidado del ojo. Coma una dieta rica
recomendada de cinc. en antioxidante-y tome suplementos.
un *95% de mujeres de 65 o + no Si sigue estas indicaciones descanse
obtienen su dosis diaria recomendada tranquilo ya que usted esta haciendo lo
de cinc. Los cambios en dietas y de la posible para mantener su visión y se
forma de vida ayudan a retrazar el sentirá bastante saludable en general.
desarrollo de la Degeneración Macular. Para más información puede
Una dieta rica en verduras rojas, contactarme al The Heaven Alternative
amarillos, y verdes tienen muchos Medicine Center a los teléfonos 720
beneficios y entre ellos están la col 1943 o 720-1026.

22 MARCH 2007 Bajareque

Phone: 6714-4007  Fax:720-1451  Email:
RAMON ESKILDSEN Quality House. Cleaning 3 Houses for rent in Vol- By Owner. 5.3 Acres Farm. Beautiful mountain views,
100 Insurance Adviser Services try us! Cel. 6676- cancito, Boquete. Each w/ Stone walls, landscaping, level corner lot, quiet
Autos/ Located in front of 1513 2 bedrooms fully fur- water & electrical service neighborhood minutes
Parque Central nished for long and short for $190.000 – Call 6538- from downtown. Paved
Transportes (Light Blue Building) term. More information: 7266 access, power and water
AUTO INSURANCE. Pro- Do all your specific 400 Real 720-2131 / 6536-1212 or available at the lot. Has
tect yourself against unin- Insurance needs. visit www.houseforrent- House for Sale. In Alto Bo- producing orange trees.
We speak fluent English.
Estate -rental – quete. For more informa-
sured motorist. Give us a Titled & Lien free. About
Call now for a quote at mailto: tion call 720-2132 1/3 acre (1493 sq.mts.)
6538-7266 or write: insur- (507)720-1099 Two bedroom apartment zengardenboquete@ya- Asking $95,000. Contact (507)6615-0001 fully furnished including FOR SALE: Classic country Jerry at 6650-7897.
– The Best rates in town. WE WILL BACK YOU UP all kitchen necessities, house 30 minutes from PC
hot water Direct TV. Cen- Se alquila casa en Alto on large lake. Please view New Custom Home in Al-
95 Nissan Pathfinder, 4 20 hrs. of JUNGLE TRAILS. trelly localted in Boquete. Boquete. Para mayor in- our website for pictures to Boquete. 3 BR/3.5 BA 2
doors, 4 WD, 5 speeds. Finca la Suiza, Hornito, Alt. $400 per month please formación comunicarse al and details: panamaprop- car garage. Walled and
$5,500. Runs good. Call 4000 ft. , on the Road to call 720-2120 telefono 720-2132 gated. 3500 sq ft. View
Jerry at 6650-7897 Bocas del Toro. Only 1 hr. online at http://picasa-
by bus from David you will For Rent. 2 bedroom Se Renta Apartamento. 2
For Sale. 2001 Hyundai, find the most beautiful and Apartment. w/kitchen, 1 recamaras, cocina, 1 ba- con/BoqueteHouses
New Automatic Tran, 4 easy accessible Jungle bath. Unfurnished. Down- ño. Sin muebles. Bajo Bo- January2007 $365,000. -
doors. Air Conditioned. trails. Step out of the bus town Boquete. $350.00 quete. $350.00 al mes. 6707-4243
100K, 4 cyl. In very goog and you are on the trails. per month. Call 6614- Llamar: 6614-3807 /
cond. Includes Insurance. No taxi, no 4 wheel drive 3807 / 6568-6182 6568-6182
$ 4,495.00. Call 6449- and no guide necessary.
6213 Entrance fee: $ 8.-- p.p, in- New home for rent / For 500 Real
cluding map. Closed: June, Sale. 2,100 square feet. Finca San Vicente. Organ-
Sept., Oct., Tel. 66153774 Spectacular view of Can- Estate-for sale ic finca, multiple crops,
between 7pm - 9pm. yon an Volcan Baru. 2 river and stream. 6 hect-
bedrooms, 2 baths includ- For Sale by Owner. 7.8 ares. $350,000.00 - www.
HOUSE OF BALI. ing separate showers & fenced hectares in Jara- - 720- Finca Torgany. 11,204Mts2
Indonesian Handicrafts bathtubs - A/C , hot water millo, Boquete . Call 6590 1331 / 6611-6049 - Bro- Organic coffee finca,
and furniture. thru out, gas included. -1087 / 6464-0010 / 6734- kers Invited House and guest house,
Located just up from Casa Must see to appreciate. 6783 view to ocean.
Esperanza 6651-8416 / 16237484034 By Owner. Parcel of land $299,000.00 -
1993 Chevrolet Lumina, Boquete, Two blocks left - email: tvlc@bigplanet. 9,100 sq. mts. For $60.000 - 720-1331 /
double air-conditioning, 7 of Fletes Chavales com Price $240.000.00. next to Boquete. Call 6611-6049 - Brokers Invit-
passenger. Excellent con- 720-2216 For rent: $1,200.00 mo. 6538-7266 ed.
dition. Many options plus Open 10 am to 6 pm: clo-
new air-shocks. $5,500 - sed Mondays and Tues- THEFT, FIRE, FLOOD & Looking for total privacy BEAUTIFUL RIVERFRONT
Call Ernie 6626-5851 days. DEBRIS INSURANCE. Pro- with incredible views 5 ACREAGE. Near caldera
tection against all perils. . miles from Boquete? We Parcels from 1.5 ha to 13+
200 Help Announcing the opening Give us a Call now for a have a titled 32,000 m2 (8 ha from $3 to $7/ mt2.
of the professional office quote at 6538-7266 or Hacienda del Rio. Excep- acre) coffee and citrus Water & electric. – www.
wanted/ for psychotherapy and write: insurance4sale@ tional property/3BR Home farm in a idyllic secluded – 6614-
Empleos counseling. Barbara Kent, – The Best 5,000Mts2. Spectacular setting surrounded by 0214 or 720-2112
with 30 years experience rates in town. view, Lovely home, River tropical cloud forest that
LABOR & LIABILTY INSUR- frontage. www.casasolu- looks out to the Pacific
in private practice in Mi- By Owner. 10,000 sq.mts.
ANCE. Protect your em- HOUSE FOR RENT. Volcan- - 720-1331/6611- ocean and Volcán Barú.
chigan and California, at $35.00 in Jaramillo Ar-
ployees and investment cito Los Pinos custom 6049 - Brokers Invited The land is rich, black vol-
offers her services to indi- riba. Exclusive terrain.
against accidents and home for 6 month rental. canic soil and drops di-
viduals and families here Best of Boquete. Call
loss. Give us a Call now Unfurnished, 2 bedroom/2 By Owner. 7.5 Acres pack- rectly down to the Colga
in Boquete on Tuesday, 6538-7266
for a quote at 6538-7266 bath with fireplace, out- age deal. $225.000 – River. Power and water.
Wednesday and Thursday
or write: insurance4sale@ door living room with fire- Great mountain views and $10/m2. call: 001-239- FOR El Banco,
beginning February, 2007. – The Best place, master bath river frontage. Call 6538- jor- Potrerillos. Great Lot.
Call 6618-7824
rates in town. includes BIG tub, shower 7266 gensengregg@hotmail. 19.850 mts2. Titled prop-
RAMON ESKILDSEN and outdoor shower. De- com erty. Water, Electricity.
300 Services/ Insurance Adviser signed by Rene Bacil, con- Valle Escondido Villa For River and forest. CALL:
Located in front of struction by Antonio Bacil. Sale. 3 Bedroom 3 bath By Owner. 8.8 Acres with 6601-1800 / 6641-2380.
Servicios Parque Central $1,000 month. Call: 720- with Loft, wrap around wide green pasture land
(Light Blue Building) 1178 or 66-15-42-77 Terrace, private down- surrounded by beautiful By Owner Coffee produc-
Do all your specific stairs entrance. Large trees for $175.000 – Call ing farm in Palmira Abajo-
GENERAL CONTRACTOR. Insurance needs. Apartment for rent. 1 room for home gym or 6538-7266 Boquete. 8 hectares at
North American Standards, We speak fluent Eng- bedroom, hot shower, 4th bedroom plus extra $5.50 sq. mts. Call 6538-
drywall vinyl siding, soffit lish. For Sale – Lot in Boquete
kitchen with natural storage room or maids 7266
etc. (507)720-1099 $25.00 m2 . 2506m2. cel:
wood furnished, leaving quarters.Best price per sq
Contact. Lenny Joyner (507)6615-0001 6674-1598
– dinning room, terrace / ft. in Valle Escondido. New Photo Ads
6530-3053 - WE WILL BACK YOU UP parking. Call 720-3022 / 720-2395 Add a picture to your classified ad and stand out from the crowd!
6675-7117 Only B/.13.99
Bajareque MARCH 2007 23

Phone: 6714-4007  Fax:720-1451  Email:
By Owner. 23.4 titled Vendemos terreno en Vil- LUMBER SALES
hectares in Santa Rosa for la Clara David telefonos CANSTRUCT, S.A. 700
0.90 / meter. 1000 meters 775-4117 / 6658-0007. Canadian hemfir all sizes. Announcements/
elevation with views of English call 64811827 Localization: Bodega #1,
the Pacific Ocean and Vol- Estación Prime, Via Inte- Anuncios
can Baru. Streams, Stunning Farm. 3.5 ha, ramericana in front of
springs, excellent access, RAMON ESKILDSEN
new 2 BR, 1 BA house, 3 Fertica. Beautiful Kitchens. Kitch-
public water and electrici- Insurance Adviser
wells. Property is rich in mailto: canstructsa@ ens and bath cabinets,
ty. Please email: pan- Located in front of
Casa Lucía. 2BD Home/ fruit trees, park like set- countertops and closets or call Parque Central
Property. 1,470Mts2 , ting. $10 meter. 6714- Contact. Lenny 6530- with truly dependable in-
Scott 505-469-3007 (U.S.) (Light Blue Building)
mountains view, Applianc- 3955 3053 / 6460-7332 or stallation. Kraftmaid,
for more information. Do all your specific
es included. $220,000.00 Yani 67010494 Mill’s Pride, Johnson and Insurance needs.
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720-1331/6611-6049 - HOME OWNER’S INSUR- RAMON ESKILDSEN teriors & Casa Solution.
ANCE. Your home away
Brokers Invited Insurance Adviser 720-1331 / 6611-6049 (507)720-1099
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now for a quote at 6538- (507)6615-0001
For Sale. 1 Hectare in Alto Parque Central CHRISTIAN CHURCH
7266 or write: insurance- WE WILL BACK YOU UP
Dorado, Boquete. Water, (Light Blue Building) MEETINGS. All welcome.
electricity. Call Marion – The Do all your specific More musicians wanted.
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Like Living in a Landscape We speak fluent English. have English fellowship
FOR SALE 9 year old ater filter. $5,250.00 / each.
House for Sale. David. Painting. Premium Lots and coffee every Sunday
American style home in 6614-0214 / 720-2112
Nice area. For business Available. www.springs- (507)720-1099 6 pm. At Tourist center
too. 3 room, 2 bath. 718 Potrerillos Arriba, Chiriqui - (507)6615-0001 turn into Volcancito Road; Important Note: Coenraad
sft. For more informations area on 5,000 meters ti- solution. WE WILL BACK YOU UP 2.7 km down on the left. Visser has provided an
call: 6706-9727 tled property. Private set- com - 720-1331/6611- Look for yellow buses. Unconfirmed Address. If you
ting with many trees and 6049 For Sale 2 - US $20.00 God bless you. are planning on shipping
By Owner. 50 Acres near plants. 25 minutes from Gold coins. Excellent con- items to Coenraad Visser,
Boquete 20 minutes from David. Will subdivide
property if prospective
600 dition $750.00 each one. For Sale 2 - US $20.00 please check the Transaction
David. 2.5 – 3.4 acres Call Juan Miguel at 775- Gold coins. Excellent con- Details page of this payment
house lots. Call 6538- buyer desires house with Miscellaneous/ 2372 dition $750.00 each one. to find out whether you will
7266 less land. Call 776-3213 or Varios Call Juan Miguel at 775- be covered by the PayPal
6578-2698 to view. 2372 Seller Protection Policy.

Trail riding in Caldera Continued from  P.3

the countryside should be kept as one another again.
only half way to the summit. We could which the horses “gave us the unspoiled as possible and that teaching At the last stream, Mercedes balked
see the Caldera River and almost to opportunity to rest” while they enjoyment of the natural beauty of at wading across and instead jumped,
David to the south. Mercedes, I feasted on the lush green grass which Panama and continuation of the family giving me a rare treat for which
learned, is trained to a gait called covers the mountain. farming enterprise are much more fortunately I was prepared because
pasitrote (or paso trot) which he Franklin pointed out that we were important to him than any other use of Franklin warned that this was his
prefers to a canter. Mercedes made now IN the Caldera, a big bowl or his property. As an aspiring artist and preference. Then it was back across
good speed with this gait, though cauldron surrounded on all sides by writer, this fit with what we already the mudflats and to the hitching
Lazy Boy enjoyed a slight advantage mountains. We could see Boquete, knew about him from others. The way posts.
with his canter. After a brief sojourn Volcan Baru of course, the old he treats his horses, dogs, family and The price for the excursion, which
during which we learned about the hydroelectric route to Bocas del Toro, guests also reflects this sensitivity and was exactly tailored to our needs and
history of this farmland and his family’s and all the way to the Pacific past gentleness of spirit. preferences, was utterly reasonable.
several generation connection to it, David. We were even graced with an After more than three hours, we Franklin is happy to arrange for any
Franklin led us through another arco iris in the distance. made a few phone calls (to explain type of rider or group a personalized
paddock and further on up the While we rested, Franklin showed us our lateness!) and reluctantly began experience which will reveal more of
mountain. some of the local flora and fauna as the slow climb down, the more the true beauty of Chiriqui than is
En route, we crossed several well as the internet tower which is treacherous for the horses because of usually accessible, as reflected in the
streams, at each of which our canine under construction on his property, the their difficulty in seeing the trail while spirits and energy of its human,
compañeros frolicked in ritual baths. only concession to development he descending. More than once we all animal and other inhabitants. Call
Near the top, we again had the and his family have been willing to ended up on different paths and did him at 6588-5054, 776-2047, or
chance to open up and run a bit, after make. He explained his philosophy that a little cross-country to catch up to email
24 MARCH 2007 Bajareque

Guerra, informó que se interpuso de la Primera y el domingo 25 será

La fiesta de los Chiricanos recurso de nulidad de dicho acuerdo,
sin embargo a la fecha no se ha
dedicado a los Adultos mayores.
Por su parte la celebración de
Zoila Mayanis Chávez

dictaminado decisión al respecto. EXPICA realizará actividades como
l mes de marzo en la provincia además de que en esta versión se La noche de la inauguración pesaje de animales, juzgamientos y
de Chiriquí, se ha convertido en efectuará el desarrollo de la Exposición Como todos los años se espera que día de campo.
parte de la identidad de quienes Pecuaria del Istmo Centroamericano esta importante actividad sea Se espera que con el entusiasmo
viven y disfrutan plenamente la (EXPICA), que por segunda vez se inaugurada por el Presidente de la que desde ya se percibe en el ambiente
actividad ferial más importante del centra en esta importante región de República Martín Torrijos, al mismo se rebase con las expectativas del
país; son muchos los que visitan alcance agrícola. tiempo el recorrido oficial que junto a evento ferial pues el mismo revierte en
nuestra tierra para deleitarse con la Guerra recalcó que ya se ha algunos Ministros de Estado se ha la economía de esta pujante tierra.
riqueza natural que se cuenta pues registrado un importante avance en vuelto una tradición.
posee excelentes sitios turísticos, materia de seguridad, igualmente en Participación artística
lugares paradisíacos y el calor el mejoramiento de algunas Para la celebración de esta actividad
humano que ofrece cada habitante. infraestructuras que buscan dar el se ha invitado a grandes artistas que
Bajo grandes expectativas y con la realce y vistosidad a la actividad. brindarán un espectáculo de altura
certeza de que cada vez será mejor, este La Manzana de la Discordia entre ellos figura: el Grupo Vallenato
año la actividad ferial promete eventos A diferencia de otros años el Los Inquietos, Jimmy De León, hijo
para el disfrute de grandes y chicos. aniversario 52 del evento más del reconocido cantante Oscar De
Rubén Guerra, Presidente del importante del año, enfrenta el posible León, además de talentos del patio
Patronato destacó que se espera la pago de impuestos, luego de un como Nenito Vargas, Samy y Sandra
participación de hermanos países acuerdo presentado y aprobado por 9 Sandoval y Osvaldo Ayala entre
centroamericanos que dan el colorido de los 10 ediles que conforman la otros.
con sus exposiciones y productos, Municipalidad del distrito de David. Se espera igualmente la participación
de programas de televisión y la
Fundación Pro-Integración inaugural su celebración del Sorteo de la Lotería
sede en el Distrito de Boquete Nacional de Beneficencia.
Verónica Guerra y Cristela Ledesma En cuanto a días especiales se tiene
Conociendo de historia: previsto dedicar el jueves 20 a los

a Fundación Pro-Impedidos niños, acto auspiciado por el Despacho
capitulo de Panamá fue creada
en el año de 1983 mediante
aportes de la Teleton 20-30 y cuyo
Where in the World?
Do you know this statue?
objetivo era el de beneficiar a niños
con problemas de discapacidad,
especialmente con problemas de
Call NBT at 6714-4007 with the first correct
answer and get --- your name in the paper next

-photo by R. Boyd
Lic. Lorena Gonzalez de Lopez.
impedimentos ya sean del Aparato
Locomotor y las Facultades Auditivas,
es una Fundación que a través de sus The proud staff on Grand opening day
Photo R Boyd.
programas brinda anualmente
atención directa a un promedio de de discapacidad.
2,000 personas. Actualmente, el pasado nueve de
Antes se le conocía como Fundación febrero, se llevo a cabo en Boquete,
Pro-Impedidos, pero a partir del año específicamente en el corregimiento

Last month winner

2005 cambia su nombre a Fundación de Alto Boquete la inauguración de la
Pro-Integración. Primera Casa de la Fundación Pro-
En ese entonces, el Presidente de la Integración conocida años atrás
fundación el señor Thomas Ford, como Casa de los Pro-Impedidos
señala que esta es una fundación que capitulo de Boquete, siento esta la
atiende y ayuda a personas de escasos segunda casa en el ámbito nacional
recursos y promueve el financiamiento cuyo costo se encuentra en un

de las operaciones de algunas aproximado de 25 mil balboas.

personas con problemas ya sean Noticias Bajareque Time habló en
cardiovasculares o cualquier otro tipo Continua en  P.20