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Equitacion Turistico
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February 2007

P.22 La Feria de las Flores y el Café una vez más

Maca - the cautivo a los visitantes.
newest kid in Yenny Centeno

town a tierra del agradable clima y
Most people have not heard of amplia vegetación abrió sus
Maca (Lepidium peruvianum), a puertas para recibir a una gran
root that grows in the Peruvian cantidad de personas quienes llegaron
mountains, at high altitude of a visitar la versión número 35 de la
about 8,000 to 14,500 feet. Feria Internacional del Café y las
El pasado 11 de enero de 2007
P.15 comenzó esta feria internacional, la
Rally Turístico cual se extendió hasta el pasado 21
de enero donde recibió a miles de
Chiriquí 2007 tuistas nacionales y extranjeros.
Los Autos históricos son todos Con un presupuesto que supera
aquellos que se encuentran en más de 100 mil balboas, abrió sus
buen estado y que tienen alrededor puertas este año la tradicional
de 25 años o más. festividad, con nuevos jardines de
flores, algunas remodelaciones en las
infraestructuras y la presentación de

I n s i d e artistas en tarima.
Edilberto Beitia, Presidente del Feria de las Flores y el Café
Photo R Boyd.
Letters to the Editor 2 Patronato de la Feria, manifestó que se
The Crossroads of the World 3
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Free Trade Agreement 5 The Flower and Coffee Fair Captivates Visitors Once Again
Dolega prepara carnavales 2007 7 Yenny Centeno 

he 35th annual Flower and traditional festival opened its doors, sectors of the fair; the public could
Casa Esperanza: The home for many
Coffee Fair opened its doors to with new flower gardens, stage see the new innovations in the
children 13
everyone who came to visit this presentations and some remodeled gardens and they could especially
Que Pasa Boquete? 16 land of good weather and bountiful facilities. appreciate the large quantity and
Roast Beef de Lomo o Filete 19 foliage. Edilberto Beitia, the President of variation of flowers.
The international fair began On the Patronato (Fair Committee), The curiosity of visitors attracted
Osburn’s Whereabouts Unknown 20 January 11, 2007, and lasted until the stated that everything was ready to by the fair fills its organizers with
New Boquete Community Calendar 24 21st, each day receiving hundreds of make this yearly national event commitment and responsibility for
national and foreign tourists. unforgettable. the preparation of the next fair,
Where in the world? 24
With a predicted profit of more He added that, with the help of taking into account each positive and
than 100 thousand dollars, the personnel specialized in different Continued on  P.2

Noticias Bajareque Times

5334 apt. 2, Avenida A Este, Boquete
Letters to the Editor
9am -3pm Lunes-Viernes Bargains in Volcán a problem?
6714-4007 fax: 720-1451 Dear Editor, tactics such as these that inflate prices I read the article about bargains. and make it hard for local hard
Delivery You should have researched it again a working panamanians to purchase
within Boquete - B/.10.00 per year gringo has shot their mouth off and items needed for their families.
National - B/.12.00 per year changed the panamaian way of life. Larry Massing
International - B/.24.00 per year
You have caused a rush amoung the
News Deadline/Fecha de Cierre
All news releases must be received by the third Tuesday of each month for consideration. gringo to grab up these good deals. The writers respond:
Todas las noticias, historias deben ser recibidas el 3er martes de cada mes para ser These good deals are for the
consideradas. panamaians and indigenous that is in
Press Releases/Eventos
It is good to know that the articles
Please submit press releases to need. When are the gringo’s going to inspire thought among the readers.
Favor enviar a: shut their mouth and let these people We accept that some may hold points
Advertising/Publicidad try to get on with their lives without of view that do not agree with our
Maria Boyd: 6615-5059, 6714-4007, 720-1451, a gringo steping in? This place is way of thinking. As we mentioned in
Display Ads designed for these locals in need, not
Due by 3rd Friday of every month or earlier. the article, the sales of the items at the
Late submissions will be published in the following edition. for gringo bargain hunters. Why don’t stores at San Benito are an important
Anuncios publicitaros deben ser sometidos el 3er viernes de cada mes. you go down and see them buying source of revenue that support the
anuncios que lleguen despues de esta fecha seran considerados para la siguiente edicion. sacks of food, and ect because they
Classified Ads/Clasificados
many worthwhile activities that they
Are due by noon on the third Friday of each month. cant aford to go to the stores that we do in the community. Most of the food
Cierre 12am el tercer viernes de cada mes, shop in. Alot of times they run out of items offered for sale tend to be
Art Requirements/Arte Publicitario food at san benito. How many will go candies, snack foods, and other non-
Digital files only. 300 dpi TIF, JPG, PSD or PDF. Submit ads via e-mail home without because of your article?
Todos los anuncios deben ser presentados en archivos digitales. 300dpi JPG,PSD, PDF,TIFF. essentials. The bulk of the food staples
Mandar vis correo electronico a; I own a business here, and your article are distributed free to the needy. Any
Circulation seems to be the center of attention source of ‘outside monies’ brought in
Published monthly in English and Spanish; 10,000 free copies distributed in Chiriqui Province, amoung panamaians, and some by the stores are a ‘positive’ for our
Bocas and Panama City. gringos. Pay attention, they are not
Publicado mensualmente en inglés y en español. Distribución gratuita de 10,000 ejemplares area, although I don’t imagine all that
en Chiriqui, Bocas del Toro y Panama. happy. I know the people who wrote many gringos will be traveling over
Published by/Publicado por: Chiriqui Publishing, S.A. the article and im shocked they wrote from Boquete to save a nickel on some it without thinking of the candy.
Editors: Roberto Manzana, Maria Dolores Sanchez consequences. Sincerely,
Logo Art: Jean Miller I m fed up with the do gooders. It is
Staff Writers: Sonia Jones, Peter/Louise Mahoney, Veronica Guerra, Lyn Odom, Phyllis
Peter & Louise
McNaughton, R. Manazana, R Boyd, EDLL, IS, Boris Gomez, Raul Lopez, Erin Ross
Contributing Photographers: R. & M. Boyd, R. Manzana, Paul Sabin, Peter/Louise
Mahoney, Erin & Dave Ross
The Flower and Coffee... Continued from  P.1
negative detail of this year. Boquete once again proved itself
Manolo Ruíz, the mayor of, said to be the perfect place for thousands
Do you have an issue, opinion or Tiene un asunto, opinion o informacion
information that the community might like que la communidad debe enterarse? that because this was the first annual of people who want to take the
to hear about? Envia un correo electronica fair in Panama, he expected the usual opportunity visit a nice place and
Send us an email (! (! great amount of visitors, many being take advantage of the first days of
Letters are printed at the discretion of the Se imprimen cartas con la discrecion de el
editor and may be edited for length and editor y puede pasar redactar por largo y families with children on vacation the New Year, enjoy the cool breeze
content. contenido. from school. of the region and breathe the pure
He states ¨I am a firm believer that mountain air of this valley.
this is a tradition for people who visit In addition, visitors could enjoy the
us every year, so we took safety regions own tradition with the
precautions to maintain Boquete’s popular bajareque that forms a part
positive image”. of the special climate of the Chiriquí
The natural beauty of the flowers Highlands.
on exhibit mystifies visitors from all Mr. Beitia stated ¨ the people who
over the country that come to enjoy visited us, accepted our presentations
the great quantity and variety of local with open arms.

Listen to
M.E.T.O.-Boquete 103.5FM Saturdays 2-4pm
for the Spanglish Show

BCP hosts free community Christmas Pageant at BTA

Phyllis McNaughton
“God Bless Us Everyone.” was played by Ron Mager.
Whose heart doesn’t melt with that Sandra Suira presented two
Christmas sentiment? dramatic monologues - Information
And everyone who attended the about Paula Gomez in Spanish and
first annual Boquete Community Boring in English. Sandra would
Players Christmas Pageant, directed surely win for best dramatic actress if
by Dana Applegate, did indeed feel Boquete had its own version of the
blessed to be a part of the audience. Golden Globe awards.
Presented in the Colegio BTA Between the skits, the Boquete
Gymnasium on Thursday, December Community Chorus, directed by Bob
21st 2006, the Christmas Pageant Moyle, sounded like angels, even if
was free to the public- a gift to the they were all dressed in jaunty Santa
community from the Boquete hats. Some players had to scuttle
Community Players. Approximately between the chorus and back stage
250 people attended. as they were both singers in the
Ebeneezer Scrooge (played by chorus and actors or production crew
Anita Bartlett and Cheryl Johnson with the eight tiny reindeer
Bobby Anderson and Keith Cline) was Photo Bill Bissell in the plays. The twenty-five voice
taught the true meaning of Christmas chorus perfomed several songs
both English and Spanish to appeal to was absolutely, positively no snow in including a haunting version of Still,
by two Christmas spirits in two scenes the bilingual audience of native Boquete. But there is bajareque, so
from Charles Dickens “A Christmas Still, still, as well as the more popular
Boquetenos and gringos. the poem was changed to be more Hark the Herald Angels Sing and
Carol.” There would be many more There were a lot of laughs as the Boqueteno with the word bajareque
Scrooges in Boquete, if they could be Silent Night. At the end of the show,
classic poem “’Twas the Night before inserted in place of snow. the whole audience was encouraged
assured to be visited by such two Christmas” was given a new twist. It is impossible for any reindeer any
lovely Christmas spirits as Dana to sing along with such favorites as
Looking very comfortable in her where to be any cuter than the eight Cascabel/Jingle Bells and Feliz
Applegate and Mariellen Serracin. The jammies and kerchief, Anita Bartlett tiny reindeer that hopped up on the
spirits showed Scrooge that instead of Navidad. The place was jumping.
as “ma” correctly pointed out to stage to wish “A merry Christmas to No one wanted to leave after such
doing the old ‘bah humbug ‘ routine, narrator Cheryl Johnson that there all and to all a good night.” They
he should join in with a rowdy crew of a spectacular Christmas pageant, but
was no snow in Boquete. When were played by Pedro Adrian Acosta, we all had stockings we needed to
revelers to truly enjoy the Christmas Cheryl argued that there was snow in Brittney and Evanie Espinosa, Yuribeth
season. Willy Edwards, as Scrooge’s hang by the chimney with care.
the poem, Mama got the audience and Yardelis Gonzales, Jose and Jaime
nephew, spoke Spanglish, speaking involved, and all agreed that there Sabin, and Estin Boutet. Santa Claus God Bless Us Everyone.
“The Crossroads of the World” Gaspar de Espinosa (The founder of Nata large boulders at intervals across the
R. Boyd and Alanje), to build a road along the trail river and connected them with tree

ince ancient times and long the direction of the Governor of Darien, that Alvarado had discovered. Setting up trunks shaved down to form a roadbed
before the arrival of the Spaniards, Pedro Arias de Ávila, also referred to as a base of operations at the abandoned for the bridge.
Panama has been the crossing Pedrarias, another force was sent over town of Nombre de Diós on the Northern They built an inn and outbuildings and
point from one ocean to the other. Balboa’s trail to explore the lands to side of the Isthmus, Espinosa began the called the area Chagre after a provincial
Blessed with a convenient geography Panama’s West along the Pacific job by widening an old trail that district of Spain. It eventually came to be
of low lying hills, long rivers and a Ocean. During their exploration, they intersected with the trail to Panamá near called Chagres and the River was called
narrow isthmus, Panama was an found a village beside the sea, which Portobello. the Chagres (a key element in the building
obvious choice for a supply route for the natives called Panamá (an indigenes He enslaved four thousand natives of the Panama Canal). The road was
goods from Spain’s scattered empire. word, meaning “Place of Abundant to assist with the construction of the completed in 1519 and in August of the
In 1510, Vasco Nuñez de Balboa Fish”). The natives told the explorers of roadway. Taking smooth river rocks same year, Pedrarias and his officers,
established the town of “Santa Maria a trail that they had been using for from nearby streams and rivers, they traveled on a cobbled stone road, from
de Antigua” the first permanent hundreds of years that led to the placed them in the roadbed at a width Nombre de Diós to inspect the new city
Spanish settlement on the mainland of opposite ocean. of two meters. of Panamá being built by Espinosa at the
Spain’s growing empire in the new A force of 80 men, led by Diego de They covered the stones with clay and site of the original native village. 
world and in 1514, after having Alvarado was sent to explore the route. packed it down to provide a smooth This road was called El Camino Real
discovered the “Great South Sea” After an expedition of about three weeks, surface. Along the route, they captured (The King’s Highway) and at about 50
(Pacific Ocean) the year before, he and Alvarado reported to Governor Pedrarias more peoples to work on the road; they miles long, it was wide enough, to
his men cut a crude path through the that the trail was about 50 miles long used the huts of the displaced peoples allow two carts to cross paths
jungles of the Darien to carry his ships and that it ran through luscious savannahs as rest areas for weary engineers. At the traveling in opposite directions,
across the isthmus to the Pacific. These and through low-lying hills, and that it Río de Lagartos (named by Columbus without driving on the embankment.
ships were used by Pizarro to make his was a quicker and easier way to cross for the many crocodiles he saw resting The Spanish had spared no expense
first discoveries in Peru. In 1515, under Panama. In 1517, Pedrarias ordered on the river banks), they placed very in the construction of this road.

Negociadores del TLC se reunen con productores chiricanos

Raúl López 

uego de concluir la décima ronda las últimas rondas y las rondas dar la aprobación definitiva del TLC (COOLECHE), en Chiriquí, Gilberto
de negociaciones del Tratado de anteriores; porque ahora todo el por ambas partes, manifestó que aún Álvarez, indicó que no tienen medio a
Libre Competencia (TLC), con los mundo conoce como terminó la se esta en el proceso de revisión legal competir con nadie; sin embargo, dijo
Estados Unidos; el gobierno ha última ronda, porque se ha sido muy de los textos y la traducción de los que se requiere que dicha competencia
impulsado una serie de encuentros conocido, pero se han olvidado de los mismos; agregó que después se daría se de en igualdad de condiciones.
con productores y empresarios de grandes logros que este tratado tiene el paso de firmas y por último sería el Manifestó que una vez que se de la
distintos puntos del país, con el fin de en su conjunto” explicó Vergara. Al proceso de ratificación por parte del apertura de mercado, se pueda
explicarles los logros y detalles del ser consultada sobre las oportunidades congreso de Estados Unidos y la exportar productos lácteos procesados
acuerdo alcanzado. de exportación de los productores del Asamblea Nacional, en Panamá. como helados, quesos y otros
En la provincia de Chiriquí, el equipo país ante el proceso de apertura; dijo Explicó también que se ha creado la productos secos.
encabezado por la Viceministra de que los niveles de exportación de Agenda Complementaria; y que ya se Indicó que los productores de leche
Comercio Exterior, Carmen Gisela Panamá, dependerán del grado de esta trabajando con los gremios que en los últimos años, han logrado
Vergara y el Jefe del Equipo preparación que tengan los sectores han presentado su propuesta con aumentar la producción. Al respecto
Negociador, Leroy Sheffer, se productivos para aumentar tanto la corte sectorial; las cuales están siendo preciso que en Chiriquí, hay algunos
reunieron con empresarios y productividad, como la evaluadas. Detalló que el sector que han alcanzado la producción por
productores de diversos rubros como competitividad. porcino cultor, así como el ganadero arriba de los 14 litros por vacas;
la papa, cebolla, hortalizas, arroz, Lo que se busca en el proceso de y el cafetalero han presentado su incluso hay fincas donde se ha logrado
plátano, otoe, entre otros. Además apertura de mercado, es producir propuesta. hasta 20 litros, lo que representa un
realizaron un taller de divulgación y posibilidades que le permitan al sector Manifestó que los programas que buen nivel en cualquier parte del
presentación de resultados del TLC productivo nacional, poder expandirse hasta la fecha se han presentado, son mundo.
con Estados Unidos, y despejar las o crecer más allá de las limitaciones muy serios; con los cuales no se Señaló que los productores, además
dudas surgidas a raíz del cierre de las del mercado interno; además de obtendrán resultado a corto plazo. han hecho fuertes inversiones; entre
negociaciones. mejorar la calidad de vida del mercado Por su parte el gerente general de las que destacó cercas eléctricas,
“Estamos en ese proceso de dar a panameño, sostuvo la funcionaria. Cooperativa de galeras ordeños, buena genética y
conocer como se cerro el tratado en Sobre la fecha en que se pudiera Productores de Leche salud.

Free Trade Agreement Negotiators

hold important meetings 
Raúl López
“The United States and Panama market limitations, besides increasing
have enjoyed long-standing, strong the standard and improving the quality
economic ties and a mutual of the Panamanian market, added the
commitment to deepening the Vice Minister Vergara. 
trade relationship through a free Referring to the final approval date
trade agreement. A free trade by both parties, she stated that they
agreement with Panama is an are still in the process of legal
important link in the revisions of texts and their
Administration’s strategy of translations. After that, the
opening markets in the Hemisphere documents will be signed and the
through competitive final steps will be the ratification by
liberalization.”  the U.S. Congress and the National
After having completed the 10th Assembly of Panama. 
round of meetings and negotiations She further explained the creation
of the Free Trade Agreement with the of a Complementary Agenda.
United States, the Panamanian Proposals presented by different
government has promoted and taken serious and responsible groups are
it to on the road to informative being studied and evaluated at the
meetings with agro producers and present time. Those include the
business managers, with the purpose cattle and cattle rancher sector, the
of explaining their achievements in coffee and agricultural sectors
the negotiation rounds of the treaty. amongst others. These groups are
(Tratado de Libre Comercio or better very interested in the long term
known as TLC) results. 
In the province of Chiriquí, a team On the other hand, the Manager of
of experts, spearheaded by the Vice the Milk Producers Cooperative
Minister of Foreign Commerce, (COOLECHE) in Chiriquí, Mr. Gilberto
Carmen Gisela Vergara, along with the Alvarez stated that they are not afraid
Head of the Negotiating Committee, of the competition as long as the
Leroy Sheffer, held several meetings competition takes place under fair
with agro producers and managers and equal terms. He further stated
from different groups and associations. that once the various markets open,
Producers of vegetables, potatoes, they can and will be ready to export
onions, rice, plantain, otoe and others several processed dairy products such
have actively participated in those as ice cream, cheese as well as other
meetings. dry goods. 
They have also held informative Mr. Alvarez indicated that during
workshops, in order to overcome the past few years, the dairy producers
criticisms, doubts and negativity since have been able to considerably
the closing of negotiations. increase their production. In Chiriquí,
According to Vergara, much has some milk producers obtain way over
been accomplished in the negotiations. 14 liters of milk per cow and there
When asked about the opportunities are other farmers obtaining up to 20
for our producers to export their liters per cow, which is considered a
products, she replied that the levels of very good level of production
export from Panama will depend on anywhere in the world. 
how well prepared our own producers Along with these encouraging
are to be able to compete in the achievements noted Alvarez; the
international markets and at the same dairy producers have invested
time increase their productivity. greatly in improvements and
What we will be looking for during updating of their facilities, such as
the opening process, is to create and electric gates, milking galleys and
produce possibilities that will allow the improvement of health and
our national producing sectors to genetic factors.
expand and grow beyond the internal

Arte para usar - El arte fino de Marion Rudolph-Torgany


l esmalte alveolado o tabicado Sarasota, Florida de donde se graduó
(cloisonné de los franceses), con honores y de haber sido Profesora
llamado así porque se obtiene de diseño de joyería en la escuela
depositando la masa vitrificable en “Visual Art Society” en las Islas Gran
alvéolos o compartimentos formados Caimán, además es miembro de la
por láminas de oro adheridas por un Sociedad Internacional de los
canto o borde al objeto metálico que esmaltes, reside en Jaramillo Abajo
se trata de ornamentar, las cuales donde trabaja su arte de joyas y
marcan el contorno y líneas principales piezas delicadamente confeccionadas
de las figures, apareció en la dinastía todas a mano.
Yuan y logró gran desarrollo durante Marion nos cuenta que luego de
el reinado del emperador Jing Tai haber estado viajando en un velero
(1450 - 1456) de la dinastía Ming, ha por Europa, Africa y por América
dejado de ser empleado exclusivamente durante 14 años decidió establecerse
como objetos decorativos ya que se en Boquete junto a su esposo y desde
fabrican también artículos de uso entonces han encontrado en esta
cotidiano como floreros, vasijas, platos hermosa tierra la paz y tranquilidad
y piezas de joyería realmente hermosas, que nunca pensaron obtener en
artículos ideales para hacer obsequios ningún otro lugar de donde habían
o para guardar como recuerdo. La estado antes.
estratificación de los objetos tallados Boquete es un pueblo tranquilo y
dan una impresión tridimensional de acogedor, además de seguro y está Marion Torgany, trabajando su arte en su atelier
un resultado fascinante. feliz de vivir aquí. Photo Cortesia Marion T
En Boquete desde 1992 vive Marion Marion además pertenece al grupo Panamá,Hotel Los Quetzales”, Cerro
Rudolph-Torgany, nacida en Berlín, Amigos de los animales porque como Punta-Chiriquí, “Panamonte Inn & Pueden también visitar su website:
Alemania, graduada en Artes y bien nos cuenta adora a los animalitos Spa” Boquete y en el ”Coffee Shop
diseños de platería de la Universidad y sufre cuando ve algunos de ellos Café Ruíz” en Boquete. Cono pensamiento y visión de su
de Hannover, Alemania. padecer de alguna enfermedad o del Recientemente Marion abre su trabajo Marion tiene el siguiente
Estudió la técnica del Cloisonné en maltrato por personas que no les estudio-taller para que todo aquel lema: “Mi objetivo es siempre tratar
la Universidad Firenze en Florencia, tienen cariño. que desee aprender su arte y las de hacer de cosas simples y sencillas y
Italia con técnicas antiguas de Su arte ha sido expuesto en galerías técnicas que ella utiliza, conoce y convertirlas en arte fino y delicado”
esmalte. de Europa, Estados Unidos y aquí en confecciona. Si desean contactarse ”My goal was always to take
Luego de obtener varias becas de Panamá pueden ser apreciadas en con ella pueden hacerlo llamando al scholars beyond the simple decorative
estudio en el Centro de Arte de “Canopy Tower” – Gamboa- teléfono 720 – 4021 ó escribirle a into the world of fine art”

Useful Art – The Fine Art of Marion Rudolph-Torgany 


he enclosed enamel (cloisonné in Boquete since 1992, was born in Marion tells us that after having in Panama they can be seen in the
of the French) is called this Berlin, Germany, graduated in Art traveled by sailboat past Europe, Canopy Tower – Gamboa- Panama,
because it is maintained in and design of pottery from the Africa, and the Americas for 14 years Hotel Los Quetzales, Cerro Punta,
deposits of vitrifyable mass in alveoli University of Hanover, Germany. she decided to establish in Boquete Chiriquí, Panamonte Inn and Spa,
or compartments formed by gold and She studied the technique of with her husband and have found in Boquete and in the Coffee Shop Café
other ornamental metals, which mark Cloisonné at the University Firenze in this land peace and tranquility they Ruíz in Boquete. 
the contours and main lines of the Florence, Italy with ancient enamel never imagined in any other place Recently Marion opened an art
figures, appeared in the Yuan dynasty techniques. they have visited. studio for anyone wanting to learn
and was developed during the rein of After obtaining various scholarships Boquete is a tranquil, cozy town, in the techniques she uses, to know and
the Emperor Jing Tai (1450-1456) of from the Center of Art in Sarasota, addition to safe and she is happy to create.  To contact her, call 720-4021
the Ming dynasty, now not only used Florida, from which she graduated live here. or write her at
as decorative objects but as useful with honors and was professor of Marion is also a part of the group and you can also visit her website:
daily items such as vases, pots, plates, jewelry design in the ¨Visual Art Friends of animals because as she
truly beautiful jewellery, ideal as gifts Society¨ School in the Gran Caiman tells us she adores little animals and As a thought and vision of her
or to keep as a memory.  The Islands, she is also a member of the suffers inside when she sees them work, Marion uses the following
stratification of the pieces gives a International Society of enamel, suffer from disease or mistreatment motto: ¨My goal was always to take
fascinating three-dimensional resides in Jaramillo Abajo where she from people who neglect them. scholars beyond the simple decorative
impression. works with jewels and delicately Her art has been shown in galleries into the world of fine art.¨
Marion Rudolph-Torgany has lived hand-made pieces. in Europe, the United States and here

La Feria de las Flores y el Café

una vez más cautivo... Continua de  P.1
hicieron todos los preparativos necesarios para que este
evento internacional, este año fuera inolvidable.
Agregó que, con la ayuda del personal de trabajo
especializado en las diversas secciones de la feria el público
que les visitó pudo contar con innovaciones, especialmente
en el área de los jardines con la finalidad de poder apreciar
mayor cantidad y variación en flores.
La curiosidad de los visitantes que atrae la feria no se
hace esperar llenando de compromiso y responsabilidad a
sus organizadores quienes a pesar de haber culminado el
evento se preparan ya para la proxima, tomando en cuenta
cada detalle positive y negative de lo ocurrido.
Manolo Ruíz, alcalde del distrito de Boquete informó que
por tratarse de la primera feria que se hace cada año en
Panamá, se esperó como siempre contar con un gran flujo
de visitantes ya que por motivo de las vacaciones escolares
muchas son las familias que estuvieron en nuestra hermosa
feria acompañados de sus hijos.
Indicó, “soy fiel creyente que este es un evento tradicional
para las personas que cada año nos visitan, por lo que
pusimos algunas pautas de seguridad para que la imagen
positiva que se tiene del pueblo de Boquete no
La belleza natural de las flores que se exhiben deja muy
asombrados los visitantes que viajan de todos los rincones
del país a disfrutar de la gran cantidad y variedad de flores
del lugar.
Boquete, una vez más tuvo la oportunidad de ser el
sitio perfecto para miles de personas que desean visitar el
lugar agradable y aprovechar los primeros días del nuevo
año para disfrutar de la fresca brisa que se hace sentir en
la región y respirar un aire puro de montaña en este
Además como una tradición propia de la región los
visitantes pudieron disfrutar tambien del popular bajareque,
que forma parte de la manifestación del especial clima que
envuelve la zona de las tierras altas chiricanas.
El Sr. Beitia, señaló “las presentaciones que se dieron se
desarrollaron con gran aceptación por parte de las personas
que nos visitaron”.

Dolega prepara carnavales 2007  La entrada para los días de carnaval

es de un dólar; mientras que para el
la utilización de plumas, distintivos
en la decoración de sus carros
Marielisa Serracin martes es de dos dólares. alegóricos, escenario; y

na de las fiestas más esperadas licorera Carta Vieja trabajan en la En cuanto a la seguridad, Serrano principalmente, el vestuario siendo
por los panameños es el organización de los carnavales enfatizó, ya se está coordinando con su creador y diseñador Modesto
carnaval. En Chiriquí, uno de “Dolega, sol y agua 2007” que la Policía Nacional, SINAPROC y el Tapia.
los puntos más importantes, donde tendrán como scenario la plaza Cuerpo de Bomberos para garantizar Mencionó que para su coronación
se desarrollan las festividades del central del corregimiento (en ese la protección de la concurrencia. todos los complementos estarán
Dios Momo es el distrito de Dolega mismo distrito se realizan otros Por su parte, la reina del carnaval inspirados en la Antigua Grecia.
con sus populares carnavales, carnavales, pero en el área de El 2007, Dayana González nos dijo, que Finalmente, Dayana I, dijo: “Los
atractivo no solo de cientos de Caño). en su vestuario y escenografía se invito a que me acompañen
nacionales sino de extranjeros, por lo Con la coronación de la reina, se busca resaltar los bailes típicos, el durante los cinco días de esplendor,
colorido del evento. dará inicio oficial a las fiestas desde el folklore panameño y los sitios lujo y mucha diversión que se
Conversando con el presidente de viernes 16 de febrero al martes 20 de históricos como las ruinas de Panamá preparan para el disfrute de todos
la Junta de Carnaval de Dolega, Sr. febrero. Destacó el Sr. Serrano que el La Vieja, además, el uso de pedrería ustedes”.
Benancio Serrano pudimos conocer público asistente disfrutará de un de fantasía y mucho brillo, asi como
que con el patrocinio de la empresa espectáculo variado y de calidad.

Equitación un deporte que requiere de mucha

agilidad Centro de Equitación Las Trancas
Verónica Guerra

onociendo su Historia: estilo y la habilidad del jinete y su
El caballo durante muchos caballo.
años sirvió como alimento Jessica nos comentaba que cuando
para el hombre prehistórico, luego llego a Boquete solo contaban con
esta situación, el hombre sufrió una un lote de terreno en forma de
transformación y diferentes razones picadillos, de allí deciden traer ocho
entre ellas la capacidad de pensar lo caballos e iniciar un club de equitación,
volvieron sedentario y agricultor, viendo la aceptación construyen
entonces esto lo llevó a comprender sobre ese picadillo de piedras lo que
que los caballos podrían convertirse hoy se conoce como Centro de
en un elemento de gran utilidad y no Equitación las trancas.
solo como base de su alimento. En cuanto al mantenimiento de un
En la historia de la humanidad, el caballo, nos explica que si no se tiene Centro de Equitación en Boquete
Photo Verónica Guerra
caballo se convierte en una pieza vital un buen lote de terreno es imposible
de una nueva era, sino que pasar a que se pueda realizar este tipo de equipo de Equitación son: los miembros de nuestra provincia y
ser utilizado para hacer notar que la deportes, mejor aún si se cuenta con El Ronzal que se utiliza para controlar por que no de todo el país, para que
caballería era el cuerpo militar de los los establos bien equipados, ya que el caballo, es una correa que va visiten el Centro de Equitación Las
ejércitos, persas y griegos. Según exponer a los caballos a un terreno alrededor de la cabeza del animal y Trancas y puedan disfrutar de este
algunas leyendas uno de los primeros de pastos, esto provocaría la llegada una anilla bajo su barbilla donde va importante deporte.
caballos famosos fue el caballo de cualquier tipo de alimañas como enganchada la correa del gruía.
conocido como: “Bucéfalo,” el caballo lo son las conocidas garrapatas, Brida: Esta comprende el bocado,
propiedad de Alejandro Mago, casado picaduras de serpientes o diferentes el collar o cabezada y las riendas.
y domado por él. Montado en su enfermedades. Silla o Montura; es una pieza de
caballo Alejandro Magno conquisto Lo cierto es que un caballo depende cuero que se sitúa encima de la grupa
muchos países. del tamaño, si es un pony o caballo del caballo y tienen unos faldones
En la época de las batallas se normal, en realidad no cuesta mucho que se extienden hacia abajo por
generalizo el empleo del corcel y el mantenimiento, en esto solo se ambos lados del animal.
juegos a caballo. Cabe señalar requiere de la paciencia para ser La silla varia dependiendo de su
que en la época Bizantina aparecieron entrenado y algo muy importante para uso las principales son: silla Inglesa y
diferentes elementos de los cuales el entrenamiento de los mismos es silla vaquera.
podemos mencionar: la silla, la brida que se debe tener un lenguaje corporal,
y las riendas. ya que los caballos entienden no solo ALGUNAS RECOMENDACIONES:
La silla fue una de gran utilidad con el lenguaje sino que también con Para desmontar el jinete agarra de
para los jinetes ya que esto permitía los gestos de las personas o mas bien nuevo las riendas frente al pomo con
al jinete demostrar sus habilidades la posición del cuerpo. En este centro la mano izquierda. Las botas que
además del equilibrio en su caballo. acuden niños desde la edad de seis debe utilizar el jinete debe ser un
En la actualidad: años en adelante. fuerte calzado para evitar quedarse
Visitamoso el Centro de Equitación Por otro lado, los torneos se dan enganchado.
Las Trancas ubicado en el Distrito de con todo tipo de practicas, ya sean Monta y Manos: primero que nada
Boquete, este es un centro que de saltos, saltos rápidos, saltos cortos, el jinete deberá encontrar el equilibrio,
capacita a ciudadanos de diferentes la rapidez y otros que son practicas es necesario que el mismo se
tipos de edades, su entrenadora la escogidas por los miembros del encuentre calmado y relajado.
joven Jessica Van Den Burg de jurado y de la cual el jinete junto a su Cualquier tirón fuerte puede dañar y
nacionalidad Canadiense nos explica caballo debe dar lo mejor de sí y echar a perder la sensibilidad de la boca
que este es un deporte que requiere mantener sobre todo el equilibrio que del caballo. Es de suma importancia
de mucha agilidad y destreza, además es algo de suma importancia. tener las manos firmes y ligeras.
es un arte en donde se combina el Las piezas esenciales para un Jessica, aprovecho la oportunidad
de nuestra visita para invitar a todos
10 Bajareque
Bajareque 11

Maca – Un nuevo producto

resistencia, así que los atletas están
comenzando a utilizarla.
Maca ayuda tambien con los
Sonia Jones, Doctora Naturópata del Haven Spa and Wellness Center.
síntomas asociados al desequilibrio

a mayoría de la gente no ha oído por el cuerpo. peruano (no obstante no es de la de la hormona femenina cuyos
hablar de Maca (Lepidium Otro alimento que es una buena misma familia), hay una diferencia síntomas pueden ser variaciones de
peruvianum), una raíz que crece fuente del calcio como la leche grande entre el ginseng y el maca. El los azúcares, ansiedad, oscilaciones
en las montañas Peruanas a una altitud (debido a la digestión, a una absorción Ginseng es un tónico de gran alcance del humor, calambres, hinchazón,
de 8.000 a 14.500 pies. En lo alto de y a una utilización más fácil del que se debe tomar solamente en muy bochornos relacionados con la
las montañas de los Alpes es inhóspita. mineral por el cuerpo) son las semillas cortos plazos, ya que si esa utilizado temperatura corporal y alteraciones
! La maca florece con la luz intensa, de sésamo ó ajonjolí, también el por largos periodos puede causar del sueño además de muchos otros.
fuertes vientos y temperaturas bajo tahini (una pasta de sésamo que se desequilibrios al organismo diferentes En la medicina herbaria peruana de
cero! Es bien conocido por los incas encuentra disponible en Panamá), a los que se buscan. hoy día, el maca se promueve para
nativos por su rico valor alimenticio. almendras crudas, vegetales verdes y Maca es un tónico a largo plazo, se ser utilizado como ayuda del sistema
En 1994 menos de 50 hectáreas quinoa (disponibles en el Haven Spa adapta y mantiene balanceado los inmunológico, para la anemia, la
fueron dedicadas al cultivo comercial ), son algunos de los que podemos sistemas del cuerpo, produciendo un tuberculosis, los desórdenes
del maca y en 1999 alrededor de mencionar sentido general del bienestar. menstruales, los síntomas de la
1200 hectáreas estaban bajo ¡Nunca verás una vaca en el Se conoce que maca ha reportado menopausia, el cáncer del estómago,
producción debido a las grandes supermercado comprando un litro de beneficios con las glándulas la esterilidad (y otros desórdenes
demandas mundiales. leche para obtener calcio! suprarrenales, ( aquellas que reproductivos y sexuales), y para
El uso doméstico de Maca es de Maca es beneficioso a los hombres producen hormonas como el estimular la memoria.
hace aproximadamente 2.000 años y a las mujeres, es conocido como estrógeno, la progesterona, los Maca ha incrementado su renombre
por los incas y han encontrado balanceador de hormonas y de niveles esteroides y sustancias químicas en el mundo durante los últimos años,
cultivos primitivos en sitios de energía. como la adrenalina) que ayudan a debido a grandes campañas de
arquelogicos que datan del año 1600 Se han reportado beneficios con la mantener el equilibrio del cuerpo y comercialización de los E.E.U.U. por ser
A.C. Es de admirar que se haya libido, menopausia, problemas pre- están implicadas en reacciones un energético y ayuda en fertilidad,
tomado tanto tiempo para que fuera menstruales, energía, los cambios del alérgicas. equilibrios hormonales, como
descubierta. humor, la memoria y muchos otros Maca se está reconociendo como afrodisiaco, y, especialmente por sus
Tiene niveles más altos de calcio más. producto alimenticio que proporciona
que la leche y es facilmente absorbida Maca se ha convertido en el Ginseng energía y mejora la istamina y la Continua en  P.19
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Something about Sports

and achieved the second best all time in the BIG SHOW in 1995. Rivera has a
“Hit Record” (.388) of the MLB. The personal record of 413 games SAVED;
EDLL record, at that time, was .406 by Ted this put him in the “Top 10 List” of the

anamanians are, in a large the “Big Show” was ephemeral, the Williams. Carew won the “Most best Closing Pitchers of all time. A few
percentage, baseball fans and reason why not too many people Valuable Player Award” the same other achievements of Mariano are:
they follow the Major League knows about them. These players had year and played in every single “All * World Series Championships
Baseball games on TV because there come from every corner of our Country, Star” game since his debut in the Big playing for NY Yankees (1996, 1998,
are many Panamanian players in the even from Boquete, Ed Acosta, who Leagues until 1984, the year before 1999, 2000)
BIG SHOW. played in the Big Leagues from 1970 he retired, but his team never made it * 1999 World Series MVP
Maybe, the most recognized of all of to 1972. Other players from Chiriqui to the championship. * 2003 American League Playoff
them is the pitcher Mariano Rivera. This (one still playing) include Einar Diaz, Carew was elected to be in the Series MVP
is not because he is the best Panamanian and Omar Moreno, who played on Baseball Hall of Fame in 1991 and The most important news for
player in the MLB; it is because he plays different teams from 1975 to 1986. after he retired has been batting Panamanian baseball fans lately was
in the New York Yankees, a very popular Hall of Famer and Panamanian coach for teams as LA Angels and the contract signed by Carlos Lee
team in our country. Rodney Carew played in the MLB Milwaukee Brewers. with the Houston Astros for $100
There have been 45 Panamanian from 1967 to1985. It is possible that the Panamanian million for six seasons. Lee became a
baseball players contracted by the Rodney Cline Carew went to New pitcher, Mariano Rivera, could (and free agent after finishing the last
MLB Teams over the last 40 years, York when he was 17 years old and should) be nominated for the Baseball baseball season and was one of the
nine of them remain active. For a few became “Rookie of the Year” in 1967. Hall of Fame. He has been playing for most wanted players because his
of these players, their participation in He won seven “Best Hitter Awards” the New York Yankees since he started records in the last season.

Algo Sobre Deportes campeonato juvenil de este año

comenzó el pasado 5 de enero. Durante
contratación de Carlos Lee en el equipo
de los Astros de Houston por seis
EDLL esos campeonatos los reclutadores de temporadas por $100millones de

os panameños son, en un gran “Novato del Año” en 1967 y conquistó las grandes ligas vienen a Panamá a dólares. Carlos Lee se convirtió en
porcentaje, fanáticos del béisbol siete títulos como mejor bateador. buscar posibles candidatos para los agente libre al terminar su campaña en
y le dan mucho seguimiento a los Logró el segundo mejor promedio de equipos profesionales. Ya varios el 2006 y era de los más codiciados en
partidos de las Grandes Ligas de los bateo en la historia de las Grandes jugadores juveniles han sido convocados el mercado de contratación de las
Estados Unidos, especialmente por Ligas, con 0,388 (el récord de 0,406 era y pronto viajaran USA. La noticia mas Grandes Ligas. Fue contratado por su
los panameños que juegan en ella. de Ted Williams). También ganó el título importante para los fanáticos gran poderío al bate y es también un
Quizás el más conocido de todos sea de “Jugador más Valioso” ese mismo panameños en los últimos meses fue la buen jardinero izquierdo.
el lanzador Mariano Rivera pero esto año. Participó en cada “Juego de las
no se debe a que es el mejor de todos Estrellas” desde el año de su debut
los jugadores panameños sino porque hasta 1984, año previo a su retiro como
juega en los Yankees de Nueva York, jugador activo, pero su equipo nunca
equipo muy popular en nuestro país. clasificó para jugar una Serie Mundial.
Pero, cuantos de nosotros sabemos el Carew fue elegido para el Salón de
cantidad de panameños que han la Fama del Béisbol en 1991. Luego de
jugado en las Grandes Ligas. Han sido su retiro, Carew ha trabajado como
45, de los cuales, nueve se mantienen entrenador de bateo para Los Ángeles
activos. Para algunos de estos peloteros, y para los Cerveceros de Milwaukee.
su participación en la “Carpa Grande” Se dice que el lanzador Mariano
ha sido efímera, quizás por ello no Rivera también será nominado para
conocíamos esta información. pertenecer al salón de la fama. Rivera
Estos jugadores han provenido de sólo a jugado para los Yankees de
todos los rincones de nuestro país, Nueva York desde su ingreso a la carpa
inclusive hay uno de Boquete, Ed grande en 1995. Tiene a su haber un
Acosta, quien jugó en las Grandes record de 413 partidos salvados lo cual
Ligas de 1970 a 1972. Han habido lo pone en el Top 10 de los mejores
otros jugadores provenientes de la lanzadores cerradores de todos los
provincia de Chiriquí, uno de ellos tiempos y en el único en salvar más de
actualmente activo, Einar Diaz, y 400 juegos jugando para un solo

Omar Moreno quien jugó en diferentes equipo. Otros de sus logros son:
equipos de 1975 a 1986. * Ganó la serie mundial con los
Hasta hay un exjugador panameño Yankees (1996, 1998, 1999, 2000)
en el Salón de la Fama del Béisbol, * 1999: MVP en la serie mundial
Rodney Carew, quien jugó de 1967 a * 2003: MVP en el campeonato de
1985. la liga americana.
Rodney Cline Carew llegó a Nueva Panamá tiene su propia liga interna,
York a los 17 años y fue el elegido que se juega entre provincias. El
Bajareque 13

Casa Esperanza, el futuro de muchos niños 

Verónica Guerra 

asa Esperanza es una adolescente, todos ellos beneficiados los transporta
institución que tiene como de los servicios de nutrición, en de sus hogares
misión garantizar la cuanto a la alimentación se les brinda hasta el centro y
disminución del trabajo infantil y un desayuno, el almuerzo, una a las escuelas a
aumentar la buena educación en los merienda todos con un plan de las que estos
niños y adolescentes de nuestro alimentación claro esta recomendado niños y jóvenes
país que se encuentran en por la nutricionista, por la mañana, asisten.
condiciones de pobreza, además de se les brinda un desayuno especial Casa Esperanza
permitirles a estos niños y jóvenes que es un huevo cocido diario, por la cuenta con el
tener una mejor oportunidad de tarde un vaso de sustagen o leche apoyo de
desarrollo y en especial a aquellos hasta que el mismo logre su peso e m p r e s a s
que generan ingresos familiares, a normal y en lo que se refiere a salud privadas entre las
través de los servicios, ya sean de se les brinda los debidos medicamentos cuales podemos
salud, nutrición, educación y a aquellos que padecen de mencionar, los
recreación, señala la coordinadora enfermedades tales como: la Supermercados
la señora Elia Morales. desnutrición, enfermedades agudas Re y Movistar
Actualmente, el Centro ubicado en con problemas estomacales, vómitos, entre otros.
el Distrito de Boquete, alberga para diarreas, infecciones en la piel, niños En cuanto al
este año 2007 la suma de 207 niños accidentados y otros. apoyo en
de los sectores más apartados, cifra En estos momentos este centro educación se les
que supera a la obtenida el pasado cuenta con su salón de enfermería, brinda clases de
año 2006 cuando la cantidad de pero no con un médico, motivo por el afianzamiento Elia Morales, coordinadora del Centro junto a los niños
niños era de 104, cabe mencionar cual la atención requerida por estos en materias atendidos por ellos en Boquete
que el centro Casa Esperanza ofrece niños se da por medio del Ministerio c o m o Foto V.Guerra
educación a niveles de Pre- escolar, de Salud, también cuentan con un Matemáticas y
Mediano A y Mediano B, entre las salón de informática, una cafeteria, Español, también se les brinda una
edades de pre-escolar de 3 a 5 años, un parque recreativo, atención de base de cómo realizar los trabajos
mediano A de 6 a 11 años mediano B maestros especializados y sin dejar que se les asignan en las escuelas y
de 12 a 17 años y el grupo de de mencionar un servicio de bus que colegios.

Casa Esperanza: The home for many children 

Verónica Guerra

asa Esperanza, is a thriving contributions from private B Classification, from 12 to 17 years All the children need and receive
institution created with a enterprises such as Supermercados of age. These children receive support medical attention which is provided
noble and highly Rey and Movistar.  and guidance from specialized initially by the house infirmary and
humanitarian mission. To provide The Center, located in the District teachers, particularly in Mathematics then they are taken to the Health
lodging, shelter, education, of Boquete, shelters 207 children at and Spanish as well as active help Department facilities since they do
guidance, health, nutrition and the present time. That compared to doing their homework. not have a Dr. in their staff. Many of
medical support to very poor, most 104 children in 2006 represents a The majority of the children them need prescription medicine.
needing children from the remote considerable increase of one hundred lodged and sheltered at Casa Stomach and intestinal disorders with
areas of the District of Boquete. All percent for this year. This increase is a Esperanza are lacking the proper diarrhea and vomiting are quite
these children come from extreme humanitarian factor that must not be food and nutrients necessary for a common along with skin disorders
poverty and from families with no ignored by our community.  healthy growth and development. and accidents.
recourses at all. Education is an important benefit Here they benefit equally from their Casa Esperanza fills a great need
Mrs. Elsa Morales, Coordinator of provided by Casa Esperanza. Starting Food and Nutritional balanced diet of those less fortunate in our
Casa Esperanza, tells us how they with Pre-schooling A & B Programs. They receive breakfast, population. Their work deserves full
all work very hard to eradicate and Classifications, from 3 to 5 years of lunch and a snack in the afternoon support and help from the entire
reduce children hard labor and age. Middle School A Classification, accompanied with a glass of milk community.
work. They are supported by from 6 to 11 years of age and Middle and sustagen.
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The Nature Among us

Coyotes: the ultimate opportunists

Lyn Odom

ith keen eyesight, an acute the time. Though traveling within
sense of hearing and wily territories of about 15 square miles,
intelligence, the coyote is they will stalk a meal for miles. They
the ultimate opportunist. mark territory with urine and those
Aggressive enough to make a kill boundaries are respected by other
individually or in a pack, and smart coyote families.
enough to avoid danger, coyotes They are bold enough to attack
thrive throughout the United States good-sized livestock such as yearling
and Mexico. Now they’ve become calves and horses, and rarely hesitate
well established in Northern to take down a full-grown sheep or
Panama. goat.
Coyotes are about the same size as Coyotes breed early in the year.
a German shepherd. Ranging 30-50 Several males may court a single
pounds or more in weight, these female, but she will only select one
formidable stalkers can hold their male to father her litter. She may breed
own in the wilderness. They also stalk with a different male the next year.
livestock and will move in for a kill Her gestation is about two months.
when the coast is clear and no man During her pregnancy she’ll seek an
or dog is in sight. abandoned den of another animal to
Gray in color, coyotes have white bear her young in or may dig out a
undersides and throats. They have den of her own. Coyotes do not
long bushy tails they carry pointed in hibernate.
a downward angle, even when they Once kits are born they stay in the
are traveling fast or making a kill. den and are fiercely protected by their
Black hair runs over the outer edges mother. Their eyes open a couple of
of their large ears, and shades of Coyote weeks after birth. After that they are
black hair run throughout the flank Photo from archives allowed to venture out of the den.
and tail region. Coyotes have gold is my territory.” It is also an invitation spot a dog track with no toenail Even though they nurse for about
eyes that glow green at night when for other males to howl back so marks, it’s more than likely a coyote two months, in less than a month
light hits them. mature males can avoid conflicts. print. They walk on the pads of their they are consuming solid food.
Tail tucking is primarily a submissive Pack members also locate each other feet and toes. The father coyote will bring food
behavior to other pack members, as by howling. Social, adaptable animals, coyotes and place it outside the den but the
is cowering down on their shoulders The yipping of coyotes are usually the are known to survive not only in the mother coyote will not let him enter.
with their rumps up in the air. kits (pups) and juveniles playing. They desolate desert, high plains, coastal The female will also hunt and devour
Hierarchy reigns among coyotes and will also use this sound to fuss at each region, and forests but within city a catch then return to her young and
is continuously exercised. other if the playing gets too rough. limits, too. regurgitate the meal for them to eat.
At a full run a coyote can travel 35 Though they rarely bark, this is a They will eat just about anything Coyotes can breed with domestic
miles per hour. They are also great warning to another to get back or including insects, berries, eggs, dogs and wolves. The dog hybrids are
jumpers, climbers and swimmers. stay away. Females bark when garbage, rodents, carrion, rotting called coy dogs and they usually
Coyotes, Canis latrans, are a member unwelcome males or lower-caste fish, reptiles and even melons. maintain some of the coyote’s instinct
of the dog family and one of eight females get too close to them or their They have a super sense of smell and behavioral patterns.
species of the genus that includes young. and will stalk and kill newborn and Though coyotes are generally
wolves, jackals and domestic dogs. Coyotes will also make a blowing sick animals. If an injured coyote evasive, they are also creatures of
Vocal creatures, coyotes have sound to call kits closer. Low snuffles approaches a hunting pack, the habit and will return to sites of easy
several calls that relay different with particular patterns are recognized coyote pack will attack and kill it, meals. This is where they can stir up a
messages. by a mother’s young and kits are then devour it. load of trouble.
The forlorn howl of the coyote expected to come running. Patient hunters, coyotes quietly Fond of hen houses and barnyards
announces “Here I am.” It’s a Coyotes have five toes, including follow prey and pounce at the most full of domestic birds and other animals,
welcoming call to the females but a the dew claw, on their front feet and opportune time. coyotes are fair game for a farmer or
warning to other males stating “This four toes on their hind feet. If you Coyotes are on the move nearly all rancher protecting livestock.
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“Rally Turístico Chiriquí 2007”  26, 27 y 28 de Enero 


n Panamá, sin embargo los un punto, al final el
grupos envueltos en esta ganador es el que acumuló
actividad son un poco más menos puntos en el
flexibles ya que los categorizan como recorrido, también se ha
antiguos desde los 21 años, también creado un sistema de
son aceptados autos exóticos aunque handicap que multiplica el
no sean antiguos los cuales están puntaje final por 1.XX
sujetos a convertirse en autos de donde XX es el año del
interés histórico o clásicos debido a auto, por ejemplo un Ford
su relevancia, escasez o adelantos A de 1930 multiplica su
tecnológicos, como lo son los de las puntaje por 1.30, mientras
marcas Maserattis, Rolls Royce, que un Ford Mustang de
Mazda Miata o Toyota Prius como 1970, lo multiplica por
bien nos dijo el Sr. José Digerónimo, 1.70.
En nuestros días las nuevas líneas Para el Rally Turístico
de autos, su velocidad, comodidad, y Chiriquí 2007, realizarlo
en general todo lo bello y agradable junto a los clubes de Costa
que en los nuevos modelos nos Rica, es la segunda
cautiva al momento de adquirir uno, ocasión. En el país vecino
sin embargo, nos parece increíble que estos eventos se llevan
Uno de los autos que pudimos ver en el Rally de autos antiguos
aún muchos de estos autos, que son Foto I.S. acabo hasta 6 veces en un
calificados como antiguos, continúen año y participan unos 80
funcionando y esto se debe al extremo compartió con nosotros información Autopista en el cual participaron 16 ejemplares cada vez,
cuidado, así como el placer de tener sobre estos eventos en años vehículos, siendo el ganador Guillermo incluso tienen UN campeonato nos
algo bueno o bien por ser una pieza anteriores, el club se fundó en 1996 y Ronderos y sus hijos en un Mercedes informa el Sr. Claramun.
de valor sentimental que son algunas desde entonces se han estado de 1965 y en octubre del mismo año Según las propias palabras del Sr.
de las razones por las cuales algunos realizando paseos, exhibiciones y realizó el primer Rally Autopista con un Claramun, “adicionalmente al Rally,
coleccionistas escogen conservar sus Rally en el país. recorrido de dos horas por la ciudad de que es la parte competitiva del evento
autos durante muchos años y estamos El primer Rally se hizo en conjunto Panamá en el que 38 participantes se se realizará un encuentro con autos
seguros que se pueden tomar estas con Costa Rica y se invitaron autos de inscribieron y el ganador fueron Vicente de ambos países y El Salvador, donde
excusas como muy razonables.  Sudamérica aprovechando el Ferry Recuero y Roider Castrellón en un esperamos que se sumen algunos
En Cuba por ejemplo, cuando Crucero Express. Los participantes Porsche 911 de 1972. autos de Chiriquí, donde ya hemos
algunas piezas de estos autos han fueron 17 autos de Colombia, uno de Desde entonces, se han llevado a realizado algunos contactos para
rendido su labor, se inventan o se Ecuador, 3 de Costa Rica y por cabo entre uno y dos rallies anuales, contar con participación local. Para
substituyen con lo que se pueda crear Panamá 3. El ganador esa ocasión con 20 y 30 autos en cada uno. ser parte de esta reunión solo hay
o encontrar, se injertan partes de fue el colombiano Camilo Steuer con Nos comenta el Sr. Claramun que que llevar un auto anterior a 1987”.
carros de otras marcas, y si no un Porsche 356 de 1957. La trayectoria desde los inicios de los Rallies se ha Boquete se viste de historia y
funcionan, se modifican hasta que que se hizo fue de Panamá a Bambito establecido un sistema en donde se múltiples recuerdos con la realización
anden ya que debido a que gasolina el primer día y de Bambito a San José usa un libro de instrucciones para de este evento, locales y extranjeros
es más cara y difícil de conseguir que el siguiente día. establecer la ruta que deben seguir y pudieron apreciar lo bien conservados
el petróleo, los motores de muchos de Para el año 2000 volvieron se que ningún participante conoce, las que tienen todos estos propietarios sus
estos autos se han adaptados, o reanudaron los eventos y creció el cuales poseen fotos para que incluso modelos que algunos sobrepasan los
modificados, para que funcionen con número de participantes e interesados, los autos sin instrumentación puedan 20 a 25 años, otros como pudimos
el combustible no refinado. Y es se retomó el tema de los Rally y la realizarlo. En el recorrido se establece apreciar aunque no son antiguos por lo
precisamente en Cuba donde puede Revista AUTOPISTA patrocinó el un tiempo a seguir en cada instrucción exótico también participaron llevándose
uno apreciar muchos de estos autos evento y con esto el número de y en ciertos puntos del recorrido se el aplauso y los elogios de muchos.
que para nosotros son de colección o miembros del club se incrementó a encuentran personas escondidas, Felicidades al grupo organizador
en algunos casos una *rareza*.  los más de 100 que actualmente controlando esos tiempos. por escoger Chiriquí y en especial
Aquí en Panamá como bien nos tienen inscritos. Para determinar el ganador por Boquete, para realizar este evento
comenta el Sr. Jaime Claramun de la En marzo de 2003, se realiza el cada segundo que uno de los autos que no todos los días podemos
Revista Autopista, quien gentilmente primer “Rally Clásicos”, organizado por pase de adelanto o atraso acumula apreciar. 
16 Bajareque
Los Intelectuales. Todo esto el lugares como el the new location of the Hibiscus restaurant. But things are just getting started
Panamonte, el Boquete Community Arts They looked almost ready to start up and now. With the infrastructure almost
Center, Rest. Sabor Escondido, y el Gazebo del Christophe says they will be serving breakfast
Parque Domingo Médica en horarios de 6 de la except Thursday and dinner except Sunday by finished construction will soon begin
tarde hasta las 11 de la noche. the time you read this. on the townhouses in phase one.
These will be two-level units situated
Del 5 al 9 de febrero se estará realizando el Rumor of the month - direct flights from in the southwest corner of the
I Simposio de Biodiversidad en el Occidente de Miami to David. Coming in 2008. property next to the Caldera road.
Panamá. Los temas a tratar serán: Botánica,
This location offers great views of
Ecología, Biodiversidad, Micología (Estudios de El 22 de diciembre del 2006, 19 alumnos
los hongos), Recursos naturals, Zoología entre recibieron en ceremonia realizada en la Escuela Mount Baru and the mountains of
otros. Para mayor informe sobre este Simposio de palo Alto, Boquete, su certificado por haber the continental divide - unobstructed
comunicarse a los teléfonos: 774-6658 y 5292 tomado 300 horas de teoría y práctica de la by wires or poles since all utilities are
o enviando un mail a ó Cocina Criolla Panameña. Asistieron al solemne underground. The townhouses will
Amigos de la comunidad Boqueteña, si visitando la página web acto distinguidas personalidades de la
usted tiene información sobre algún evento en comunidad asi como las Autoridades del also have their own little village
nuestra comunidad favor enviarlo por telefax INADEH invitadas para honrar con su presencia center for convenient shopping.
al 720-1451 o al correo electrónico quepasa@ The 2007 Rotary Club Calendar is for sale in
este logro conjunto de la Institución y la Also starting up this month is quepasa@ comunidad. construction of the model homes.
Boquete. This year’s calendar is bigger and O pase por nuestras better, includes business and professional
oficinas localizadas Avenida A Este. Edificio
You can see the concept drawings on
listings and a map of Boquete, and is for sale Agradecimientos especiales al profesor
5334 apt.2 Manuel Araúz quien durante tres meses vivió their website of course, but there’s
again for the same price as last year, just $5.00.
Again, as last year, all proceeds go directly entre los participantes para compartir su nothing like looking at the real thing
Friends of Boquete, if you have any toward Rotary projects in support of area conocimiento y sus dotes de líder y maestro to judge the quality of work, space
information, you think would be of interest schools, water projects, and maintaining On December 22nd 2006, 19 students
and you would like to share it our community,
layout, and decorating possibilities.
received their certification after taken 300
Boquete’s new ambulance! They should be ready for inquiring
please send it via fax to 720-1451 or email it to hours of theory and practice in Panamanian quepasa@ cooking. The ceremony was held at the Palo home buyers in a few months. You can also drop Alto Elementary School. Authorities from the Twenty-plus percent of the 229
written information by our offices located at Community and from the INADEH were units in phase one are already sold.
building 5334 apt. 2 on Avenida A. invited.
Special thanks to the professor professor While the location probably has much
An invitation to all to attend St. Juan’s
Manuel Araúz, who lived in our community to do with this, prices re quite
weekly Sunday catholic mass. It’s at 12:30 pm
from October 2nd until graduation day and attractive too. With real estate
shared with us his knowledge and his qualities climbing steadily in the Boquete area
every Sunday, and now have an english
of leader and teacher.
language choir, as well. Please join them! you can’t find many good deals any
PTY600 has moved. Now they are located in more. The lots in Monta¤as de
Plaza Los Establos en su Pre inaguracion - El the Tree Trek office on main street, Boquete. Caldera go for from B/.20 to B/.40
primer Mall de Boquete ya 3 locales están
Their new phone number is 720-1635. On the per square meter - unless you want
web at to get one of the few spots
* Pinulas Gift, Crafts & Decor Wine boutique-open for business overlooking the river. Those go for
Photo R Boyd. Listen to B/.70/square meter.
* Cosechas Wine Boutique Cosechas Wine Boutique, Boquete’s first M.E.T.O.-Boquete 103.5FM Besides flowers everywhere the
fine wine store, opened its doors for a wine Saturdays 2-4pm for the Spanglish Show development will also have a number
* Restaurante Hibiscus tasting party the evening of January 13. They’re
the first business to officially open in the new
of other amenities. These include a
series of three lakes, walking paths
Thinking Big
Primer Festival de Jazz en Boquete. Para Plaza Los Establos across from the Delta station
muchos solo música, sin embargo enlaza los on Avenida Central in Boquete. Cosechas offers (including a 2.8km path along the
sentidos en variaciones melodiosas wines from all over the world, but with special bluff above the river), and a restful
in Boquete
instrumentales que según los organizadores attention to those from Chile and Argentina.
Antonio Singh, Anayansi Menéndez y el Banco
gazebo in the “orchid valley” - a

HSBC patrocinador del evento, será uno de los While sipping our Gran Tarapac from
verdant canyon leading down to the
tantos pasos para rescatar el arte de la música
he guys and gals at Montañas river. Of course there will be shops, a
Cosechas we wandered around the corner and
en el distrito. into a pleasant little shop called Pingula. They de Caldera don’t think small. clubhouse (with restaurant, bar,
sell colorful Guatemalan textile products This development, going up on fitness room, pool, etc.), theme
Del 2 al 4 de febrero este evento including scarves, purses, wall hangings and the Rio Caldera about twelve gardens, healthcare center and
transcendental lleva por nombre “Boquete Jazz jackets. I’d say they’re perfectly suited to kilometers south of Boquete, looks
Festival” con talleres y conciertos a cargo de Boquete as everything in there looked like a more.
prestigiosos músicos como el maestro Carlos
to be the biggest yet for this area It’s pretty bare right now, but when
Garnett, Dubarran’s Trio, Gianni Bardaro with a total of 779 units contemplated Montañas de Caldera is finished it
además del Grupo Orquestral Gatma y la Banda
Just down the plaza in the other direction is when all three phases are will be one of the outstanding
Sinfónica de la UNACHI y el Tropical Jazz con completed. communities of Boquete.
Bajareque 17

“Tourism Rally Chiriquí 2007” January 26th, 27th and 28th


istoric or classic cars are Colombia, one from Ecuador, and The Tourism Rally Chiriquí 2007, appreciated and are often cheered by
considered those that are in three from Costa Rica and Panama which is being held in conjunction many and chosen as winners or
good condition and are 25 each. The winner of the event was with clubs in Costa Rica, is the second favorites.
years old or more. the Colombian Camilo Steuer with a of its kind. In the neighboring Congratulations to the organizing
In Panama however, the groups Porsche 356 from 1957. The road countries these events occur six times group for choosing Chiriquí and
involved in this activity are a bit more that was used was from Panama City a year and about 80 models participate especially Boquete for this event
flexible since they categorize the cars to Bambito the first day and from each time. They even have a which for us is a unique pleasure.
as antique at 21 years old. Also, exotic Bambito to San Jose the second day. championship, says Mr. Claramun.
cars are accepted even though they In 2000 they resumed the events and In Mr. Claramun own words, “in
are not antique but are subject to turn increased the number of participants addition to the Rally, which is the
into cars of historical or classic interest, and enthusiasts. They renewed the competitive part of the event there
scarce or advanced technologies, like theme of the Rally and the magazine will be a meeting with cars of both
those of Maseratis, Rolls Royce, Mazda AUTOPISTA sponsored the event. The countries and El Salvador, where we
Miata or Toyota Prius as José result was that the number of members hope that some cars of Chiriquí are
Digerónimo explained to us. of the club increased by 100 more than included. There has already been
These days, the new lines of cars, actually registered. some contact made with local
their speed, comfort and beauty In March 2003 was the first Classic participants. To be part of this rally
captivate us when we buy one. Rally, organized by AUTOPISTA, in you only have to bring a car older
Nevertheless it seems incredible that which sixteen vehicles participated. than 1987.”
still many of these cars, which are The winner was Guillermo Ronderos Boquete relives its history and
considered antiques, continue and his sons with a Mercedes from creates new memories with the
functioning. These cars must be 1965. In October of that same year realization of this event. Locals and
maintained with extreme care so that the first Rally Autopista was held for foreigners can appreciate the well
the pleasure of having something two hours in Panama City in which preserved models of the antique car
rare will eventually become a 38 participants were entered and the lovers, some of which are over 20 to
sentimental attachment. This is one winners were Vicente Recuero and 25 years old. Other cars can also be
of the reasons why some collectors Roider Castrellin, with a Porsche 911
choose to safeguard their cars for from 1972.
many and take the preservation of Since then, they have held between
classic cars very seriously. one and two rallies every year with
In Cuba for example, when some 20 and 30 cars in each.
pieces of those classic cars no longer Mr. Claramun mentioned to us that
work they invent or replace them with from the beginning of the Rallies they
what they can create or find, and put have set up a system in which a book
in parts of cars of other brands. If these of instructions is used to establish the
other parts do not work, they modify route that must be followed and
them until they do work. The motors which no participant knows in
of many of these cars have been advance. The books consist of photos
adjusted, or modified, to function with so that cars without instruments can
refined fuel. And it is precisely in Cuba also participate in the rally. During
where one can appreciate many of the route there are set times for each
those cars that for us are of collector’s portion and in certain points during
items and for some a ‘rarity’. the route there are hidden persons
Here in Panama, Mr. Jaime checking those times.
Claramun, of Autopista Magazine, To determine the winner, for each
kindly shared with us information second that one of the cars passes
about events that were held in another it accumulates a point. In the
previous years. The Classic car club end the winner is the one that
was founded in 1996 and from that accumulates the least points during
time they have organized trips, the route. There is also a handicap
exhibitions and Rallies in Panama. system which multiplies the final
The first Rally was organized point by 1.XX where XX is the year of
together with Costa Rica and they the car. For example a Ford A from
invited cars from all of South America 1930 multiplies the point by 1.30,
using the Ferry Crucero Express. The while a Ford Mustang from 1970
participants were 17 cars from multiplies by 1.70.
18 Bajareque
Bajareque 19

Roast Beef de Lomo o Filete

Pachi - Creative Culinary Works-
Ingredientes: parrilla, agregue la sal y el resto de pimienta 2 tablespoons minced parsley
1 lomo entero de 2 ½ libras y con el caldo al fondo. Meta el lomo al 1 teaspoon salt
2 cucharadas pesto casero horno y baje la temperatura a 275°F y 1/8 teaspoon pepper
1 cucharada aliño de cebolla hornee durante 1 hora y 30 minutos. 3 tablespoons olive oil
1 cucharada de mostaza Dijon de 5. Retire todo del horno y deje reposar How to prepare it:
pepitas el lomo tapado con papel de aluminio 1. Prepare the Onion Seasoning Mix:
½ cucharadita pimienta durante 15 min. Pass the garlic through boiling water for
1 cucharadita de sal gruesa 6. Corte en rebanadas muy delgadas y 10 seconds; place all ingredients in the
Aliño de Cebolla sirva. bowl of a blender and refrigerate.
1 cebolla blanca mediana 7. Para la salsa: Desgrase y vierta el 2. Mix the tablespoon of onion seasoning
3 diente ajo líquido del molde donde horneo los lomos mix, pesto, mustard, ¼ teaspoon salt and
2 cucharadas perejil en una olla, agregue una cucharada de rub on the filet. Allow to rest for 1 hour or
1 cucharadita sal harina mezclada en una cucharada de up to one day refrigerated.
1/8 pimienta mantequilla suave y cocine unos 5 minutos 3. Preheat the oven to 300°F and place
3 cucharadas de aceite de oliva hasta que espese y sirva sobre los lomos. the filet over a rack and pan add the salt
1½ tazas de caldo de res Ingredients: and remaining pepper and pour the stock
1 cucharada harina 2 ½ pounds of beef filet into the pan. Arrange into the preheated
1 cucharada mantequilla 2 tablespoons Pesto (home made or oven, decrease the temperature to 275°F
Como preparar: store bought) and bake for 1 hour and 30 minutes.
1. Prepare los dos aliños. 1 tablespoon onion seasoning mix 4. Remove from the oven, cover the
2. Para el aliño de cebolla licuar todos 1 tablespoon grainy Dijon mustard filet with foil and set aside for 15
los ingredientes y guardar en un recipiente ½ teaspoon pepper minutes.
bien tapado. 1 teaspoon salt 5. Slice thinly to serve.
3. Mezcle el pesto, aliño de cebolla, 1½ cups beef stock 6. For the sauce: Place the drippings
mostaza y ¼ cucharadita de pimienta y 1 tablespoon flour and the stock (remove the fat) and transfer
úntelo por todos lados al lomo. Deje 1 tablespoon butter to a saucepan. Mix the flour and butter to
reposar refrigerado de una hora a un día. Onion Seasoning Mix a paste, pour into the pan and cook over
4. Caliente el horno a 300°F y coloque el 1 medium white or yellow onion medium heat until thickened. Pour over
Roast Beef lorno en una lata o molde, sobre una 3 garlic cloves the sliced filet or into a sauce cup.

Maca – Un nuevo producto Continua de  P.11

propiedades en el funcionamiento de potasio, hierro, y muchas otras

la actividad sexual. vitaminas y minerales, entre los ácidos
Debo sin embargo enfatizar que grasos (linolénico, palmítico, y el
cualquier suplemento, ya sea una oleico inclusive) y de los esteroides
hierba, una vitamina, un mineral o (cerca de 0.05% a 0.1%).
aminoácido que estés pensando en Además de su fuente rica de
tomar o que estés tomando alimentos esenciales, el maca también
actualmente para cualquier condición, contiene los alcaloides, taninos, y los
debe estar adecuado a tu estilo de saponinos (glucósidos que también
vida. Aunque no desees cambiar tienen cierto valor terapéutico).
todos tus hábitos siempre puedes Recuerde que están los llamados
encontrar cosas simples que puedes suplementos - Adquiriendo una dieta
hacer para mejorar tu salud. sana puede obtener cambios en el
No hay duda - el maca es una fuente cuerpo para reducir síntomas como el
maravillosa de alimentos vitales dolor, el deterioro y la desaceleración
naturales. La sinergia de sus muchos de las condiciones crónicas reversibles.
aminoácidos, las vitaminas y los ¿Le suena esto muy lejano? En lo
minerales en su estado natural absoluto. Hay una gran cantidad de
aumentan la asimilación y la utilización información e investigación probada
de ellos en el cuerpo. en los Estados Unidos - los
Sin embargo, no cuente con una suplementos y los estilos de vida
“curación milagrosa”, porque no lo sanos pueden mejorar grandemente
es. Maca contiene cantidades tu cantidad y calidad de vida.
significativas de arginina, de serina, En efecto, tu potencial más grande
de histidina, de ácido aspártico, ácido es tu salud. ¡Debes mantenerte
glutámico, glicina, de valina, de siempre atento !
fenilanina, de tirosina, y de treonina). Para más información llamar a
También tiene altos niveles de calcio, Sonia al 720 1943.
20 Bajareque

Se desconoce paradero de Osburn 

Boris Gómez 

l Fiscal Primero Superior de pornografía infantil. Cumplió cuatro permanecía en casa”, indicó el en el coro de la iglesia, escribía en el
Chiriquí, José Antonio Henríquez, años desde 1997 hasta el 2001. Se le detective Erick Quiel de la PTJ. periódico. ¡Vamos hombre se hacía
informó que aún no hay orden acusó inclusive de actos libidinosos No se le decomisó ningún equipo pasar por un tipo buena gente, como
de detención contra el ciudadano en público. de computadora, sólo una moto que lo hacen los estafadores profesionales,
estadounidense Frederick Allen Henríquez confirmó que el Ministerio abandonó cuando fue sorprendido que no dan sospechas!”
Osburn, quien ha sido denunciado Público hizo contactos con INTERPOL y en Cabañas Villa Marita, propiedad Según Marciaq las autoridades
por supuestos hurtos en Boquete. esta a su vez con la Policía de Henderson, del empresario Rodrigo Marciaq. tienen serias carencias en materia de
“En la personería de Boquete hay Nevada, pero las autoridades Al ser descubierto huyó a pie y investigación.
una investigación contra el señor estadounidenses no han respondido llevaba una especie de herramienta “La PTJ no tiene carro en Boquete y
Osburn y otra en la Fiscalía cuarta del con mucho interés en el caso. que utilizaba para violar la seguridad cuando intentamos hacer un
circuito, pero aún no se ha girado “Lo que entendimos es que la de las cabañas o las casas de las allanamiento sólo podían ir a las 11 y
orden de detención en su contra”, extradición de este ciudadano turistas en el hotel. a las 2 de la tarde, cuando no había
explicó el fiscal. implicaría invertir recursos que los Marciaq mantiene la denuncia  nadie en la casa de Osburn”, indicó.
Se ordenará su captura si los norteamericanos no tienen Rodrigo Marciaq, empresario del Ahora a través de una red
funcionarios instructores encuentran contemplados por el momento”, sector hotelero de Boquete, dijo que informativa estamos comunicando a
méritos en las investigaciones que indicó Henríquez. mantendrá la denuncia con Osburn y muchos ciudadanos del caso Osburn
lleva a cabo la Policía Técnica Judicial En la PTJ se logró conocer que la pide a los boqueteños y a las y lamentamos algunos hayan dado
(PTJ), explicó Henríquez. residencia de Osburn en Boquete fue autoridades que sean menos inclusive la confianza a este señor de
Osburn es requerido en los Estados allanada por una denuncia de hurto inocentes cuando reciben a alguien reparar sus computadoras, dándole
Unidos por la Policía de Nevada por de joyas en octubre, pero no se le en su comunidad. acceso a información personal y
violar sus requerimientos de registro encontró nada en su poder. “A este señor lo hemos sorprendido valiosa.
luego de salir de la cárcel. La comunidad Luego en diciembre se le intentó dos veces en nuestro hotel y es
de residentes extranjeros está allanar por la querella presentada por necesario que seamos, tanto la Listen to
preocupada al descubrir el origen de el empresario Rodrigo Marciaq, pero población como las autoridades, un
Osburn, que era un personaje reconocido no fue posible entrar a su casa, ya poco más atentas al otorgar confianza M.E.T.O.-Boquete
en la localidad y que hasta había que las inspecciones judiciales se a personas desconocidas”, indicó.. 103.5FM
reparado las computadoras de algunos deben hacer en presencia de una Marciaq destacó que Osburn parecía
y aparentaba ser ciudadano de fiar. persona que viva en la residencia para ser una santa paloma. “ J u g a b a Saturdays 2-4pm
Había sido condenado a un máximo que tenga validez jurídica. poker con el warden (representante for the
de 10 años de prisión en Nevada, en “Tal parece que ya estaba alerta de ante la embajada) de los ciudadanos
junio del año 2000, por posesión de que se le daba seguimiento y no estadounidenses en Boquete; cantaba Spanglish Show

Osburn’s Whereabouts Unknown.

By Boris Gomez

ose Antonio Henriquez, First the district attorney. “His apprehension computers. this citizen would cost resources that
District Attorney for Chiriqui, will be ordered if the Technical Judicial In June of 2000, he was sentenced the North Americans do not have at
informed the NBT that an arrest Police (PTJ) officers gather sufficient to 10 years in prison in Nevada, for the present time,” said Henr¡quez.
warrant has not been issued for the evidence during their investigations”, possession of child pornography. He At the PTJ, it was discovered that
detention of Frederick Allen Osburn, Henriquez said. spent four years in jail, from 1997 Osburn’s Boquete residence had been
a U.S. citizen who is suspected of Osburn is wanted in the United until 2001 and then was apparently searched in October because he was
multiple thefts and other crimes in States by the Nevada State Police for released on parole. accused of stealing some jewelry, but
Boquete. violating his parole requirements Henr¡quez confirmed that the nothing was found in his possession.
“In the personeria (similar to a after being released from jail. Attorney General’s office did contact Then in December after an accusation
sheriffs office) of Boquete there is an Many Boquete residents are INTERPOL and the Police of Henderson, made by businessman Rodrigo
investigation against Mister Osburn, concerned on having discovered Nevada, but the American authorities Marciaq they applied for another
and another one in office of the Fourth Osburn’s background, because he have not replied nor shown a lot of search warrant for his home, but it
District Attorney, but a detention order was well known in the community interest in the case. “What we
has not been issued against him “ said and worked on many of their understand is that the extradition of Continued on  P.21
Bajareque 21

Maca - the newest kid in town

Sonia Jones ND from the Haven Spa and Alternative Medicine Clinic

ere high in the Andes and a whole lot more. Maca has been campaigns touting its energizing,
mountains it is inhospitable. dubbed the ‘Peruvian Ginseng’ fertility enhancement, hormonal
Where maca flourishes in (however it is not from the same family), balancing, aphrodisiac, and,
intense sunlight, violent winds, and there is a big difference between especially, enhanced sexual
below-freezing temperatures! It has ginseng and maca. Ginseng is a performance properties.
long been known to the native Incas powerful tonic that should only be I must however point out that any
for its rich nutritional value. In 1994 taken very short term, used on a long supplement be it a herb or vitamin or
less than 50 hectares were devoted term basis will cause imbalances, the mineral or amino acid you are thinking
to the commercial cultivation of maca opposite of what you are trying to of taking or are currently taking for
and by 1999 over 1200 hectares were achieve. Maca is a long term tonic, an any condition, should be accompanied
under production due to rising adaptogen that will continue to balance by lifestyle modifications. Even if you
Sonia Jones ND
demands worldwide. Maca was the body’s systems, producing a general don’t want to change all your habits
domesticated about 2,000 years ago sense of well-being. Maca has been completely there are always simple diet to bring about changes in the
by the Incas, and primitive cultivators reported to help the adrenal glands, things you can do to improve your body to relieve symptoms, reduce
of maca have been found in these are the glands that get a health. There is no doubt - maca is a pain, slow down deterioration and
archaeological sites dating as far back hammering when the body is stressed, wonderful source of natural vital reverse chronic conditions. Sounds far
as 1600 B.C. Wonder why it has taken and are involved in allergic reactions. nutrients. The synergy of so many fetched? Not at all there is a mountain
us so long to find out about it? Maca is being recognised as a nutritional amino acids, vitamins, and minerals in of proven research that states – healthy
It has higher levels of calcium than product that will boost energy and their natural state increase the life style and supplements can greatly
milk and in a form at is more readily improve stamina and endurance, so assimilation, uptake, and utilization of improve your quality and quantity of
absorbed by the body. Other foods athletes are beginning to use it. Maca them in the body. However, do not life. Really, your greatest asset is
that are a better source of calcium helps with the symptoms associated expect a “miracle cure”, nothing is. your health. Don’t wait for your wake-
than milk (due to easier digestion, with female hormone imbalance. The Maca contains significant amounts of up call!
absorbability and utilization of the symptoms can be varied- hot flashes, arginine, serine, histidine, aspartic For more information call Sonia at
mineral by the body) are sesame sugar cravings, anxiety, mood swings, acid, glutamic acid, glycine, valine, The Haven Alternative Medicine Clinic
seeds, also tahini (a sesame paste cramps, bloating, sleep disturbance phenylalanine, tyrosine, and 720 1943.
readily available in Panama), raw and much more. threonine). It also has high levels of
almonds, dark green vegetables and In Peruvian herbal medicine today, calcium, potassium, iron, plus many
quinoa (available at the Haven), just maca is reported to be used to other vitamins and minerals, fatty
to mention a few. You will never see enhance the immune system, for acids (including linolenic, palmitic, and
a cow down the super market buying anemia, tuberculosis, menstrual oleic acids) and sterols (about 0.05%
a pint of milk for its calcium! disorders, menopause symptoms, to 0.1%). In addition to its rich supply
Maca is beneficial to both men and stomach cancer, sterility (and other of essential nutrients, maca also
women, known as a balancer of reproductive and sexual disorders), contains alkaloids, tannins, and
hormones and energy levels. It has and to enhance memory. Maca has saponins, (they also have some
been reported to help with libido, been growing in world popularity therapeutic value). Remember they
menopause, pre-menstrual problems, over the last several years due to are called supplements – supplementing
energy, stamina, mood swings, memory several large U.S. marketing a healthy diet or at lease a healthier

Osburn’s Whereabouts Unknown.

Continued from  P.20
was not possible to enter the house, on foot and Quiel explained that important that both the population have a car assigned to Boquete and
since judicial inspections must be Osburn had a burglary tool that he and the authorities, be a bit more when they tried to do a search they
performed in the presence of the was allegedly using to break into the attentive about offering confidence could only go at 11 a.m. and at 2
person who lives in the residence in cabins or the houses of the tourists at to unknown persons,” he said. p.m., when there was nobody in
order to assure juridical validity. “So the hotel. Marciaq emphasized that Osburn Osburn’s house.” Osburn is
it seems that he had already been Marciaq supports the denunciation appeared to be a holy dove. “He used known to have had access to the
alerted of the follow-up inspection, Rodrigo Marciaq, a local Boquete to play poker with the U.S. Consulate homes and computers of many
as he had fled the house,” indicated hotel operator and businessman, said Warden; he was singing in the choir of people in the Boquete area. He carried
the detective Erick Quiel of the PTJ. that he will support the denunciation the church; and was writing in the a USB memory stick with him and
None of Osburn’s computer against Osburn and he asks the newspaper. The man was pretending could conceivably have stolen
equipment was impounded, but a Boquetenos and other visitors to be to be a good person, as professional information from computers,
motorcycle that he left behind when more careful and observant when swindlers do to avoid suspicion!” although there is no evidence that he
after he was surprised while at the they receive someone into their According to Marciaq the local did so. Nevertheless, anyone whose
cabins at Rodrigo Marciaq’s Villa community. “Twice we have surprised authorities need better investigating computer was exposed is advised to
Marita property was seized. He fled this man at our hotel and it is equipment. “The PTJ does not even take appropriate precautions.
22 Bajareque

Phone: 6714-4007  Fax:720-1451  Email:
igan and California, offers We import and install vi- Volcan Baru. Easy acess. acre) coffee and citrus
100 her services to individuals nyl siding. For more infor- See photos and more info farm in a idyllic secluded
Autos/ and families here in Bo- mation call. Lenny Joyner: Office for rent in the Main at website: www.potreril- setting surrounded by
quete on Tuesday, 6530-3053 Street of Boquete. 108 sq Call Don and tropical cloud forest that
Transportes Wednesday and Thursday meters with its own park- Teri Murray 6684-1491 looks out to the Pacific
200 Help beginning February, 2007. 400 Real ing spaces. $575.00 per ocean and Volcán Barú. Th
Call 6618-7824 month! Contact: Lisca@ 95,000.00 HOUSE, 2 bed- e land is rich, black volca-
wanted/ Estate -rental rooms/1 bathroom with nic soil and drops directly
Empleos Native tourist guide. In separate mother-in law down to the Colga River.
Boquete. Rainforest (To apartment, 1,650 mts2 lot Power and water. Horse-
PANAMONTE INN & SPA: see quetzals, monkeys, Two bedroom house 500 Real in Volcán. Contact: Laura shit Panamanian road to
Opening for a full time orquids, natural views). apartment. Modern, clean Estate-for sale Pedreschi at 6613-1863, property (scheduled for to-
ACCOUNTING ASSISTANT. English spoken. Easy to and bright. 10 mins. from tal repair) $10/m2. call:
Requirements Two years hike for young and old Boquete. $450.00 per
previous experience, three Boquete Centre View Lot: $325,000 HOUSE, 3 bed-
people, several trials. Call month. Call 6574-3677 * jorgensengregg@hotmail.
years of accounting study An Excellent Investment. rooms/2 bathrooms plus
6504-6658 – Edward com
at university level, must Only 2 min.from Main St. an apartment or maids
be computer literate. In- Suitable for condomini- quarters, very fine house,
30ft Airstream trailer for $ 45,000.00 LAND, 1.5
terested persons apply Attention Investors/Devel- ums, townhouses, grand great neighborhood with
rent. $500/mo.+deposit hectares, road, electricity,
with credentials Saul So- opers: Fabulous view, residence, hotel, commer- gazebo and an estab-
+moving/set-up costs. water, creek, close to
to, Financial Controller, 10,260 sq.ft. Commercial cial. Titled, Water, Elec- lished garden in 3,670
Live on-site while your town of Volcán. Contact:
Tel: 720-1327 Lot in the center of Bo- tricity. $10,260 mts2 property in Nuevo
house is being built. 6444- Laura Pedreschi at 6613-
quete. Only $30.00 Priced at $330,000. Gate- Bambito. Contact: Laura
7375 or email gregkirch- 1863 www.barurealty.
Gateway Panama Realty way Panama Realty. 774- Pedreschi at 6613-1863,
300 Services/ com
6747-0003 0092, 6672-5151
“Will email photos”
Servicios $ 53,000.00 for 2 HOUS- $ 50,000.00 LAND, 2 hect-
RAMON ESKILDSEN. Three bedroom house. 3 bad, 2 baths, all fenced in ares, road, electricity, wa-
Insurance Adviser. ES, clean and simple, yard with elec. gate, auto-
Modern, clean and bright, ter, creek, wonderful
RAMON ESKILDSEN. Located in front of Par- 1,295 mts2 lot in Volcán. matic sprinkler system, so-
spectacular view overloo- views, close to town of
Insurance Adviser. que Central Contact: Laura Pedreschi lar hot water, work shop in
king mountains and Bo- Volcán. Contact: Laura Pe-
Located in front of (Light Blue Building) at 6613-1863, www.baru- the back, the kitchen top
quete. 10 mins. from dreschi at 6613-1863,
Parque Central Do all your specific Insu- of the line, and many more
town. $900.00 per mon-
(Light Blue Building) rance needs. th. Call 6574-3677 * hbas- extras. The house sits on
Do all your specific Insur- $ 65,000.00 HOUSE, , 3
We speak fluent English. 1000 sq meters lot. All House for Sale in David.
ance needs. bedrooms/2 bathrooms, beautiful garden.15 min Nice area. For business
We speak fluent English. 800 mts2 lot in Volcán.
(507)720-1099 / Three bedroom town- from David on the road to too. 3 room, 2 bath. 718 Contact: Laura Pedreschi
(507)6615-0001 house in Valle Escondido Boqute. Price: $ 135.000 - sft. For more informations
(507)720-1099 / at 6613-1863, www.
WE WILL BACK YOU UP overlooking second green. Contact to Joseph Ktzman call: 6706-9727
Great views, convenient (the owner) email: jo-
WE WILL BACK YOU UP MONTILLA Art`s Studio. location,. See www.myfo- sephkatzman@hotmail. FOR SALE 9 year old
Sell in Volcan, one lot + -
Now Workshop. Painting for photos com or 6642-9343, 772- American style home in
General contractor Northe- 7,660 sqm. (2 acress) at
Drawing Watercolor As- and full details 1926 Potrerillos Arriba, Chiriqui
ramerican standards. For $10.00 meter. 6613-1863 /
semblages Collages. Span- area on 5,000 meters ti-
more information call: Len- 6483-6524
ish Speaking. Call FOR SALE: Classic country tled property. Private set-
ny Joyner: 65 30-3053. 6687-1607. Barrio Bolivar, house 30 minutes from PC ting with many trees and
Valle Escondido Villa For
David. on large lake. Please view plants. 25 minutes from
20 hrs. of JUNGLE TRAILS. Sale. 3 Bedroom 3 bath
our website for pictures David. Will subdivide
Finca la Suiza, Hornito, with Loft, wrap around
HOUSE OF BALI. and details: panamaprop- property if prospective
Alt. 4000 ft. , on the Road Terrace, private down-
Indonesian Handicrafts Se alquila. Cabaña total- buyer desires house with
to Bocas del Toro. Only 1 stairs entrance. Large
and furniture. mente amueblada en ur- less land. Call 776-3213 or
hr. by bus from David you room for home gym or
Located just up from Casa banización las brisas – altos For Sale – Lot in Boquete 6578-2698 to view.
will find the most beauti- 4th bedroom plus extra
Esperanza de boquete. $500.00 Por $25.00 m2 . 2506m2. cel:
ful and easy accessible storage room or maids
Boquete, Two blocks left mes.Para mas información 6674-1598 Last lot out of 3! 11/2 +
Jungle trails. Step out of quarters.Best price per sq
of Fletes Chavales llamar cels: 6500-9850 / HA (3.83 acres). Only at
the bus and you are on ft. in Valle Escondido. Beautiful lot in Potrerillos
720-2216 6622-6387 $159K. Terrific views to
the trails. No taxi, no 4 720-2395 Abajo near The Zapadora,
Open 10 am to 6 pm: the endless horizon and
wheel drive and no guide closed Mondays and For Rent: New modern nice area. Good road, wa- Pacific Ocean, year round
necessary. Entrance fee: $ 7.15 Acres of Titled Land
Tuesdays. studio apartment in beau- ter and electric to proper- creek, electricity, water.
8.-- p.p, including map. for sale in El Banco, above
tiful, quiet neighborhood ty. Lovely old growth trees Take a look at Property
Closed: June, Sept., Oct., Potrerillos Arriba at 3,800
Taxi Service. Alberto Cas- in Volcancito; for single, and excellent building with ID #:A253 web page:
Tel. 66153774 between ft. elevation - Boquete´s
tillo. Bilingual driver in Pa- mature, responsible adult. sites. 3,000 http://www.Panamay-
7pm - 9pm. alternative neighborhood.
nama City. Looking Long term beginning Mar- $30,000. Call 6616-4462 /
$6.00 per sq-meter,
forward to move to Bo- ch 1. Non smoking; no 6616-5244.
Announcing the opening $172.000 U.S - 3 hectares.
quete. Open for the best pets. Fully furnished. Di- Fantastic view, new 3
of the professional office Beautiful and lush with 2 Looking for total privacy
opportunities.Cel:6585- rect TV. Internet available bdrms, 2 Baths, two-story
for psychotherapy and streams. Easily divided with incredible views 5
4441. mail:amanpanama@ for small fee. $450.00 per Executive home. Asking
counseling. Barbara Kent, with several natural build- miles from Boquete? We month. Contact Bonnie: $349,500. Gateway Pan-
with 30 years experience ing sites. Views of the Pa- have a titled 32,000 m2 (8
6589-0259 (Boquete) or cific Coast and islands and ama Realty 6672-5151.
in private practice in Mich-
Bajareque 23

Phone: 6714-4007  Fax:720-1451  Email:
Panama Highland Realty banización las brisas – altos mt. Asking $18,00/mt. Bugaba. Contact: Laura Estudio MONTILLA. Taller (507)720-1099 /
offer , Volcancito, 6 bed- de boquete. $80,000.00 - Gateway Panama Realty Pedreschi at 6613-1863, de Arte Pintura, Dibujo, (507)6615-0001
room, 300 m2, 5-bath Para mas información lla- 6672-5151 Acuarela, Ensamblaje, WE WILL BACK YOU UP
house titled 200 sqm , mar cels: 6500-9850 / Collages. Horario Flexible.
Lot 5500sqm ,Volcan & 6622-6387 $ 50,000.00 FARM, 3 plus 600 Información 6687-1607. FOR SALE. Canadian Treat
Ocean view , good road hectares with house, elec- Barrio Bolivar, David. pine. CANSTRUCT S.A. Es-
and all services available, New Custom Home in Al- tricity close by, water, river Miscellaneous/ tación Prime. Coquito. Via
USD 600,000.00, Call 720- to Boquete. 3 BR/3.5 BA 2 great for agriculture 45 min- Varios Interamericana. David. Call
3798, 6480-5262 car garage. Walled and
utes from Volcán. Contact: 6701-0494 / 6530-3053
gated. 3500 sq ft. View Laura Pedreschi at 6613- RAMON ESKILDSEN. Announcements/
Se vende. ½ hectárea de online at http://picasa- 1863, Insurance Adviser. Anuncios
terreno en Los Naranjos- Located in front of Par-
Boquete. Contactar Sr. con/Boquete New Photo Ads
$304,000.00 BED AND que Central RAMON ESKILDSEN.
Sánchez. 720-2007 / 230- HousesJanuary2007 BREAKFAST, 2 houses, (Light Blue Building) Insurance Adviser.
0420 $365,000. - 6707-4243 next to a river, a club Do all your specific Insu- Located in front of Par- Add a picture
house, very nice environ- rance needs. que Central to your
Se vende. Cabaña total- Jaramillo Abajo: Excep- ment, 2.2 hectares in We speak fluent English. (Light Blue Building) classified ad
mente amueblada en ur- tional view lot 10,200 sq. Do all your specific Insu- and
(507)720-1099 / rance needs. stand out from the crowd!
(507)6615-0001 We speak fluent English.
Only B/.13.99

24 Bajareque

New Boquete Community Calendar

his is our effort to bring English, contact 720-2523 Medica (Central Park)
Boquetenos and Newcomers Christian Women’s Group Tuesday, February 6
together. When we all become 10am-11am TMINM- Alan Tennant: Falcon
more aware of events in the Boquete English, Greenwald - 6563-5320. migration.
area, and participate in them, maybe Rotary International Meetings Friday, February 9
we will get to know each other better. 5pm-6:30pm, Punto de Encuentro, Handicap Foundation (Fundación
Please let me know of your events. English, Annie La Foley, 6651-4213. ProIntegracion)
We try to be accurate, but mistakes do 20-30 Club (Veinte-Treinta Club) 9am, Inauguration of new building in
happen. Please let me know if you spot 8:30pm, Feria Building, Spanish, Alto Boquete, a few hundred meters past
an error. Young Working Men’s’ Group dedicated Instituto Guadalupano, on the opposite
Gracias, Erin Ross (happy Resident of to helping the children of Boquete. side of the street. Contact Susan Peterson
beautiful Boquete) calendarlady@ boquete. Demetrio Diaz - 6502-1574 or - or 6677-
org or 6692-1679 3443.
Every Friday Mickey & Squirt’s CINEMA
Primera Iglesia Bautista GARAGE SALE
Weekly Events Prayer service and Bible study, 6pm Los Establos Plaza opening
Every Sunday Every Saturday Wednesday, February 14
Primera Iglesia Bautista Christian Men’s Group Valentine’s Day 
Sunday School: 9:30 a.m. 7:30am-8:30am (Palo Alto Panamonte Hotel, 8-11pm, Traditional
Worship service: 10:40 a.m. Wednesday, February 21
Restaurant) Dinner, $18.00 Ash Wednesday
English Mass 12:30pm English, Larry Greenwald - 6563- Saturday, February 17 Religious Holiday
Evening worship: 6 p.m. (NOT first 5320 or Carnival Events in Dolega all day
Sunday) Radio M.E.T.O. Live Broadcast on
San Juan Bautista Catholic Church
Sunday, February 18 Listen to
103.5 FM Carnival Events in Dolega, All day
(across from Banistmo) 2pm-4pm (Various Locations) M.E.T.O.-Boquete
Mass at 7am, 11am, and 6pm Monday, February 19
Spanglish, discussions of topics of Carnival Events in Dolega, all day 103.5FM
Bethel Christian Center Services interest to those living in the Boquete Saturdays 2-4pm
Tuesday, February 20
930-11am Area, Contact Maria Boyd – 6615-5059
Fat Tuesday of Carnival, Events in for the
English Iglesia de Jesucristo do Los Dolega all day, including heavy traffic
Santos de los últimos días Spanglish Show
9am-Noon Other events by date
Every Monday Friday, February 2
Alcoholics Anonymous Boquete Jazz Festival, Where in the World?
11am-12pm (CEFATI) Do you know this building?
English, contact -720-2523 10am-12Noon at Boquete Community
REAL Boquete (Recycling Center) Players Theater (behind Banistmo) FREE
4-6pm, Spanish and English, contact– Lecture by Maestro Carlos Garnett.
Call NBT at 6714-4007 with the first correct
answer and get --- your name in the paper next

-photo by R. Boyd
6615-5059 8pm-10pm - First Concert at Sabor
Boquete Community Chorus Escondido Restaurant.
5-630pm, English and Spanish songs, Saturday, February 3
Erin Ross – 6692-1679 or erinross@ Day 2 of Jazz Festival 10AM-12Noon at Boquete
Every Tuesday Community Players Theater, FREE
Tuesday Morning Information lecture by
and Networking Meeting Gianni Bardaro about Jazz in Europe

Mrs Sylvan Cohen

in English and Spanish.

Last month winner

10:30am-12pm (Panamonte Hotel)
English and Spanish, Weekly Speakers, 8pm-10pm at Boquete Community
used book sales, announcements of Players Theater
events and businesses. ($1 donation for Sunday, February 4
coffee and cookies) Casa Esperanza Fund Raiser
Boquete Lion’s Club 10am in David, Walk from the Parque de
7:30 at Lion’s Club Building, Spanish, Madres to the center of David. Walk is $5
Eliseo Miranda - 6647-8186. and entitles you to a Promotional T-Shirt.

Every Thursday Contact - 774-5193.

Alcoholics Anonymous Day 3 of the Jazz Festival
11am-12pm (CEFATI) 11am-3pm, Gazebo, Parque Domingo