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Materia: Ingls Profesor: John Ferney_Arredondo__________ Fecha: Noviembre 01 de 2011 Alumno: ________________________________________ Grado: __9__

Tips: Para resolver la prueba cuenta con 2 horas acadmicas. No se quede pegado en un punto tratando de resolverlo, djelo pendiente y avance hacia los otros puntos; posteriormente regrese y trate de resolverlo. De esta manera su esfuerzo se centrar en resolver primero aquellos puntos que pueda recordar con mayor rpidez. Resuelva la prueba con lpiz para que pueda corregir fcilmente los errores que pudiera cometer.

1. En las siguientes oraciones indica cul se encuentra en presente

participio y cul en pasado participio.

a) I have walked.

b) I have slept well.

c) Are you reading a lot?

d) The sun is shining.

e) The children are eating in the dining room.

f) I have (I've) seen the film.

g) I am learning English.

h) They are opening the gifts.

i) Are you living in the streets?

2. Reescribe las siguientes oraciones en voz pasiva

a) He opens the door. __________________________________________

b) We set the table. ____________________________________________ c) She pays a lot of money. ______________________________________ d) I draw a picture. _____________________________________________ e) They wear blue shoes. ________________________________________ f)

They don't help you. __________________________________________

g) He doesn't open the book ______________________________________

h) You do not write the letter. _____________________________________ i)

Does your mum pick you up? ___________________________________


Does the police officer catch the thief? _____________________________

3. Complete las siguientes oraciones utilizando los verbos en parntesis en futuro continuo (futuro progresivo).

a) At midnight we (sleep) __________________________.

This time next week we (sit) _____________________ at the beach.

b) c) d)

At nine I (watch) _______________________ the news. Tonight we (study) _______________________ for our English

e) f) g) h) i) j)

They (dance) ___________________________ all night. He (not / play) __________________________ all afternoon. I (work/not) __________________________ all day. I (eat) _________________________________ at six. She (drive) _______________________ to London. They (fight) _________________________ again

En las siguientes oraciones coloca la forma del verbo to be que hace falta para formar el presente continuo (presente progresivo)

a) I _______ reading a book . b)

It ______ raining.

c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j)

He _______ repairing his bike . They _______ watching a film. The cat ______ sleeping on the chair . Jane and Emily ______ doing their homework . Bill _____ waiting at the bus stop. We ______ listening to the radio. The children ________ playing a game. Laura _______ walking the dog.

5. En las siguientes oraciones escoge was o were para formar el pasado

continuo (pasado progresivo)

a) We ____________ dancing. b) c) d) e)

The dog _________barking. The printer __________ printing out a photograph. The pupil __________ writing a test. Sue and Gareth __________ walking up the hill.


Identifica si los siguientes discursos son directos e indirectos He said, "I like this song." He said he liked that song. Directo Indirecto

b) "Where is your sister?" she asked me.

She asked me if i knew where her sister was.

Directo Indirecto
c) "I don't speak Italian," she said.

She said, I dont speak Italian Directo Indirecto

d) "Say hello to Jim," they said.

They asked me, say hello to jim. Directo Indirecto

e) "The film began at seven o'clock," he said.

He said that the film had begun at seven oclock. Directo Indirecto f) "Don't play on the grass, boys," she said. She told the boys, dont play on the grass, boys. Directo Indirecto "Where have you spent your money?" she asked him. She asked him that where he had spent his Money. Directo Indirecto

"I never make mistakes," he said. He said, I never make mistakes. Directo Indirecto

"Does she know Robert?" he wanted to know. He wanted to know if she knew Robert. Directo Indirecto

"Don't try this at home," the stuntman told the audience. The stuntman advised the audience that didnt try that at home. Directo


7. Escribe correctamente los siguientes nmeros ordinales

1 2 3 15 5 60

11 12 13 27 43 68

21 22 23 35 92 70

31 40 50 38 56 80

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