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2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest foundatIon

annual report

ImagIne BeIng aBle to go home agaIn

ImagIne puBlIshIng your fIrst novel at 84

ImagIne a world
where age is just a number where most people live long, active and socially engaged lives where bodies remain strong and brains sharp where a nursing home, if needed, is a place to spend the last three days of life, not the last three years where wisdom is respected and passed on

2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report

thIs Is the next generatIon of Baycrest. thIs Is Baycrest now.

transforming care

where clinicians, scientists and educators work in concert to develop and share with the world next practices in seniors care.

Baycrest health sciences

Baycrests commercialization arm

finding answers

commercializing our Know-how

where innovation creates, drives and transfers new practices, knowledge and products from baycrest health sciences to baycrests commercialization arm.

Baycrest Innovation engine

where new products, technologies and practices support better aging worldwide and provide an additional revenue source for baycrest.

2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report

message from the chair of the baycrest board of directors and the president and chief executive officer of baycrest

now Is the tIme to transform the future

Why Next Generation? Because whenever the time was right over the course of our almost 100-year history, we adapted to changing needs to remain at the forefront of seniors care, research and education. Today is such a time. The world is bracing for an unprecedented demographic shift that will see the number of persons over age 60 grow by 1.2 billion in the next 40 years, with those aged 80 and up growing at the fastest rate. A declining birth rate and rising life expectancy have combined to create this trend. While many seniors will remain healthy enough to enjoy greater longevity, there are serious challenges inherent in this shift, one of the most notable being a sharp increase in the rate of dementia. The social and economic demands of Alzheimers disease, stroke and other brain disorders will put an enormous strain on individuals, families and health-care systems everywhere. We currently provide a comprehensive suite of evidence-based services to 2500 seniors a day. We believe we are uniquely positioned to expand those services on a national and international scale not just to share our excellence in aging care but to create new sources of revenue for the development of Baycrest. An independent benchmarking study has validated our readiness for this role. The study found that while global peers that focus on aging and cognition demonstrate excellence in research and clinical care, few match the breadth and uniqueness of the integrated models of service delivery and the calibre of translational research at Baycrest.

every great achievement starts in the imagination. this past year, the best minds at baycrest have been imagining nothing short of a transformation in the experience of aging for millions worldwide. how would that be achieved? in leading this transformation, what does baycrest have to offer that no other organization in our field can match?
Our examination of these critical questions, which involved measuring our strengths and identifying areas for improvement, has resulted in a bold new organizational structure we are calling the Next Generation of Baycrest. Outlined in this report, this new approach will enhance the integration of care, research and education at Baycrest and create new sources of revenue by commercializing our science and care innovations through business partnerships.

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2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report

Our new Next Generation organizational structure will advance our vision of being the global leader in aging and brain health by: driving innovation through a model of integrated care, research and education that links patients, family caregivers, health-care workers, research and industry; allowing for the development, evaluation, commercialization and dissemination of our care models, supportive technologies and evidence-based approaches for the prevention, early diagnosis, intervention, rehabilitation and treatment of age-related disorders. Our goal is to take promising ideas that emerge from our day-to-day work, and that of our partners and collaborators, and refine them into the scientifically-validated products, goods and services the market is seeking. The revenue from our commercial enterprise will be used to support our present activities and grow our capacity to influence the best possible care of seniors, first and foremost in our local community, but also across Canada and around the globe. We will build on our considerable strengths to develop innovations and next practices that will consolidate our international reputation and attract to our doorstep more of the worlds top neuroscientists, geriatric medicine specialists, educators, and global partners.

This past year, we have been working with the Ontario government on a number of senior care initiatives. We are partnering, for example, with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences to develop a provincial framework for the evaluation of health innovations.

Baycrest is also making its mark internationally. Following a trade mission to China, led by the MRI, a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ontario government and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Peoples Republic of China to promote scientific, technological and industrial research and commercialization co-operation has

Whenever the time was right over our almost 100-year history, we adapted to changing needs to remain at the forefront of seniors care, research and education. Today is such a time.

Baycrest was also invited by the Ministry of Research and Innovation (MRI) to develop an international symposium on brain health innovations. Dr. Paul Katz, chief of staff and vice-president of Medical Services at Baycrest, has been invited by the Alzheimer Society of Canada to co-lead an initiative to develop best practices in client-centred care for nursing homes. Baycrest has also been invited by the Community for Excellence in Health Governance to lead a national seniors collaborative initiative that will result in a consortium of up to 12 North American senior care organizations coming together to achieve higher performance in quality and safety. In March, the Neurological Health Charities of Canada honoured Baycrest with a national award for innovation and leadership in aging and brain health.

paved the way for the BaycrestBeijing discussions around developing a seniors hospital in China (see page 19). In the end, the successes outlined in this report add up to better care for the aging population, including our own community. At Baycrest, we are not just imagining a better experience of aging; we are promising one.

dr. anthony melman

Chair, Baycrest Board of Directors

dr. william reichman

President and Chief Executive Officer, Baycrest

2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report

ImagIne startIng your dream career In your 60s

2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report

BuIldIng the future of agIng

a new approach sets the foundation

In January 2011, we unveiled the Next Generation of Baycrest, a bold new organizational approach that builds on current strengths to create a future where Baycrest leads the world in aging and brain health.

This new direction is driven by the imperative to find solutions to the challenges posed by a rapidly aging global population. A shift in thinking is demanding a more proactive, concerted and economically sustainable approach to improving the health, well-being and autonomy of individuals as they age. When we benchmarked Baycrest against other like organizations, we found that we are a unique global leader in our field. Our combination of assets a continuum of care dedicated entirely to aging populations, a world-renowned research institute focused on aging and brain health, and unsurpassed clinical training programs in geriatric care gives us the strengths needed to bring aging and brain health to a new level of excellence for our community, our nation and people around the world.

the next generation of baycrest

is composed of three pillars that work in concert to make Baycrest the global leader in aging and brain health.

Baycrest health sciences

Baycrest Innovation engine

Baycrests commercialization arm

Baycrest Health Sciences (BHS) integrates care, research and education to meet the needs of older adults using novel, cost-effective and transformative methods. BHS provides evidence-based clinical programs and services to defined populations. The research component of BHS, Baycrests Rotman Research Institute, one of top five brain institutes in the world, leads groundbreaking studies in cognitive neuroscience. The Centre for Education and Knowledge Exchange in Aging at Baycrest, through its local and globally focused efforts, serves as a vital bridge to translate knowledge from the bench to clinical care at the bedside, in the community and around the world.

The Baycrest Innovation Engine develops, evaluates and transfers new practices, knowledge and products from our health sciences platform to the division at Baycrest responsible for bringing products to market, and has a system-wide impact on care delivery, quality of life and health and wellness.

Baycrests commercialization arm is the catalyst for adopting and marketing Baycrests innovations in aging, including breakthrough technologies, systems, products, processes and new knowledge. Through its various product lines, this arm will market its products and expertise directly to governments, life sciences corporations, consumers, professionals, students and health systems around the world. Revenue generated will be a new and additional source of funding for Baycrest Health Sciences.

2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report

ImagIne learnIng a fIfth language at 92

Read more about the Next Generation of Baycrest in this report.

8 2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report

IntroducIng Baycrest health scIences

new model enhances integration of care, research and education

Ask Karima Velji to describe how she imagines the geriatric care facility of the not-toodistant future and the first words that come to her mind are mobility, participation and engagement.
In choosing these words, the vice-president of Clinical and Residential Programs and chief nursing executive at Baycrest is describing a place where seniors are fully engaged in life keeping physically and mentally fit; learning new skills; interacting with others; making choices about how they want to live the remainder of their lives; and having their culture, history and individuality honoured and respected. The future of aging is being created at Baycrest today. Introduced this year, Baycrest Health Sciences (BHS) is an academic health-care delivery system designed to take our vision of successful aging and turn it into a reality for millions, at home and around the world. Enhancement of mobility is one of eight big dot measures we will be using to assess how well the new system is performing for those we serve at Baycrest. The new system enhances the integration of clinical care, research and education in patient

population-focused, interdisciplinary centres and programs that provide a continuum of health care, wellness and prevention. Patients, family caregivers, health-care providers, scientists, educators and industry are linked in a model that will drive the development of innovative next practices in geriatric medicine globally. BHS has been identified by the Ontario government as its strategic partner for the introduction and testing of innovative models of care delivery and services to the senior population. Baycrest Health Sciences is comprised of the Rotman Research Institute, The Centre for Knowledge Exchange in Aging (see page 13), and the following clinical centres and programs:
centre for memory and neurotherapeutics

centre for mental health

This Centre investigates the causes and effects of mood disorders and develops and applies new prevention and treatment techniques. A specialized mental health team works closely with practitioners who are providing primary care in community settings. The team also offers technology-enabled consultation province-wide, as well as patient assessments.
residential and aging at home program

It is expected that dementia will have affected 115.4 million people by 2050. This Centres integrated research, clinical and educational programs provide insights to help identify the next generation of interventions for maintaining healthy memory and other cognitive functions.

This Program provides an array of community-based services that serve as models of care to enable seniors to successfully age at home. Combining residential care at Baycrest with programs we provide to the community enhances that all-important continuum of care for seniors, some of whom will eventually move from their community to either an assistive living facility like the Terraces at Baycrest or a long-term care home, such as Baycrests Apotex Centre.
continued on page 10

It is a basic paradigm of treating geriatric patients that you need a team.

continued from page 9

rehabilitation program

Having a healthy mind and body is fundamental to successful aging. Following a serious illness a stroke, for example appropriate and timely rehabilitation, both physical and cognitive, is key to helping patients return to health and independent living whenever possible. The Rehabilitation Program combines both high- and low-intensity rehabilitation for patients on one floor of Baycrest Hospital. This allows our students to experience the continuum of rehabilitation care to acquire their competencies, and allows our scientists to conduct research that spans the rehabilitation care continuum.
complex and specialized geriatric care program

we deliver to seniors as outpatients or in their homes. The integration of these two services allows our health-care providers to follow patients through the various levels of wellness and illness across the continuum. Seniors benefit from the program through better access to timely and appropriate care, reduced wait times for care, and being able to live longer in communities rather than in institutions. The centres and programs are interdisciplinary because, as Dr. Paul Katz explains, it is a basic paradigm of treating geriatric patients that you need a team. Katz is vice-president of Medical Services and chief medical officer at Baycrest. These patients problems are complex and bio-psychosocial, he adds. For example, the physician is not going to know all of the social issues that come up with a patient they have expertise in the medical side, but they need access to this other expertise as well, so it is about working together. Programs and services also focus on the specific needs of particular

patient populations. For example, the Rehabilitation Program will include the full continuum of care services from inpatient to outpatient rehabilitation. Speaking to the cognitive neuroscience component of the new health sciences platform, Baycrests vice-president of Research Dr. Randy McIntosh points out that the new organizational structure means people who rely on Baycrest will know that we provide excellent clinical care, but also do the latest and greatest research to make sure that their clinical care is at the forefront. Because Baycrest is an academic health science centre, the promise we have made to the people we serve is that the care they receive will be top notch, says Karima Velji. That means when a patient comes to Baycrest, they should know that the assessments and interventions we provide here are like no other.
See the 2010/11 Baycrest Research Annual Report for more information on the integral role scientific discovery and its application plays in the Next Generation of Baycrest.

This Program is the hub for developing and delivering new models of integrated, interprofessional collaborative care. Our expertise in the care of frail, elderly individuals has historically placed Baycrest at the forefront in this field. We have combined the complex care program with the specialized geriatrics program

acute care program benefits seniors and the system

Since its introduction in 2009, an innovative program at Baycrest Hospital, Ben and Hilda Katz Building, has provided highly specialized care to more than 500 patients and saved the Ontario health-care system an estimated $9.3 million. The Acute Care and Transition (ACT) Unit provides an inpatient

program that diverts patients from hospital emergency departments. Patients with heart problems, pneumonia, infections or other acute conditions are assessed, treated and monitored in the ACT Unit by an interdisciplinary team of geriatric care experts. Patients are admitted from across the Baycrest campus, from the community at large, and from hospital emergency departments. The ACT model of care is more appropriate for these patients than admitting them to acute care hospitals or having them wait for

care in busy emergency rooms, a stressful experience for the frail elderly and costly for the system. The ACT program has so far diverted more than 400 emergency department visits and close to 400 acute care admissions, and has now been expanded for greater system impact. ACT partnerships have been developed with provincial long-term care homes such as Villa Colombo, and with geriatric emergency management nurses in acute care hospitals, geriatric assessment teams, and community outreach teams.

2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report

Population of seniors in Ontario expected to double in next 20 years.
new rehab program provides a specialized approach for frail seniors
Baycrest recently opened the Charlotte and Lewis Steinberg Slow Stream Rehabilitation Unit. The 30-bed unit combines low intensity therapy with a longer stay (on average 90 days) for rehabilitating patients who have suffered an acute illness, such as a stroke or a heart attack. The slow stream program helps fill the gap in services for a frail and elderly population that cant be treated through traditional rehabilitation. A team of interprofessional health-care providers delivers patient-centred rehabilitation to improve the physiological, physical and cognitive health of these patients. With the population of seniors in Ontario expected to double in the next 20 years, the Ontario Ministry of Health and LongTerm Care requested that Baycrest develop slow stream rehabilitation because it recognizes our unique expertise in delivering highly specialized geriatric care. Gently paced to maximize success, the program offers the best chance of recovery for frail seniors, enabling them to return home or to another residential setting. At the system level, the unit helps to reduce visits to hospital emergency departments and unnecessary early admission to long-term care. Both the slow stream and high tolerance units (the latter is higher intensity, shorter stay) are located on the same floor of the hospital and form the integrated Baycrest Rehabilitation Program. The goal is to create a streamlined, seamless program for patients, focused on rehabilitation care, education and research. Critical to the overall programs strength are our outpatient services, which continue to support patients after they leave the hospital. The program is also being structured to test emerging strategies in cognitive neurorehabilitation based on research. The entire rehabilitation program is a base for exceptional care, clinical research and teaching, said Dr. William Reichman, president and chief executive officer of Baycrest. It will serve to foster the development of innovative rehabilitation strategies for medically and cognitively frail seniors who are in need of highly specialized approaches to care.

2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report


ImagIne earnIng a ph.d at 65


2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report

teachIng and learnIng In the next generatIon

new strategy strengthens baycrests commitment to education excellence

A growing need for expertise in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of age-related disorders is challenging health-care systems worldwide.
The statistics tell the story. Today, some 4.8 million Canadians are 65 or older, a number expected to grow to 10.4 million by 2036. Yet we currently rely on fewer than 300 geriatricians, 200 geriatric psychiatrists and an insufficient number of family physicians trained in geriatric medicine to provide the specialized knowledge and expertise demanded by this global demographic shift. Baycrest is responding to this challenge head on. Under a new five-year strategic plan, we are organizing and integrating the different components of our education enterprise into The Centre for Education and Knowledge Exchange in Aging. A key goal of the plan is to recruit and train the best and the brightest and encourage them to focus their practice on the older adult. Baycrest is already home to the greatest number of trainees of any leading institution focused on aging. Each year, more than 800 students from 24 universities and colleges are trained in a wide variety of health disciplines on our campus. More than 200 members of our staff have academic appointments. We host a number of provincial, national and international educational programs each year, and we are an emerging hub for global tele-education in aging, collaborating with close to 50 institutions around the world. We also provide educational programs for staff, clients, families and caregivers, as well as the general public. The Centre for Education and Knowledge Exchange in Aging brings all of these endeavours together, providing infrastructure and co-ordination, and supporting both educators and learners.

Canadians are 65 or older, a number expected to grow to


by 2036
Through the establishment of a state-of-the-art learning simulation lab and recruitment of educational researchers and clinician educators, the Centre will enable Baycrest scientists and clinicians together with our collaborators and partners to communicate breakthroughs and discoveries across the province and beyond; teach trainees, patients and families about the latest knowledge regarding seniors care; and provide consultation services to organizations in need. Educational excellence is a strategic priority at Baycrest, notes Dr. David Conn, vice-president of Education and medical director of the Mood and Related Disorders Clinic. In the first phase of implementing our new strategic plan, we are looking at enhancing the student experience here, and asking how are we doing with our students and trainees [in geriatric medicine and psychiatry, and family practice with additional training in the care of the elderly]. We have to be sure we dont just give them a good experience, but a wonderful experience so that they will want to stay in geriatrics.
continued on page 15

2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report


ImagIne rIdIng a BIcycle across france when you retIre

14 2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report

continued from page 13

Now more closely integrated with clinical care and research, education is a key component of the new Baycrest Health Sciences model introduced this year. The Centre for Education and Knowledge Exchange in Aging provides a vital bridge for translating knowledge into clinical practice. How do you move knowledge from basic research to the bedside? How does it actually get there? You do it with education and the right kind of education, actually helping people to change the way they practice, based on new discoveries in research, says Dr. Conn.

its bacK to school for members of the community

In May, the Centre introduced a mini-medical school for members of the community interested in a crash course in how to maintain good health, navigate the health-care system, and better manage chronic conditions that come with age. An innovator in aging, Baycrest trains students and fellows from around the world on best practices for caring for older patients and optimizing their health and well-being. The Insights into Aging 101 program is a way to bring this vital knowledge to the broader community. The extensive curriculum has been repackaged into concise teaching modules for a general consumer audience. The classes cover 10 topics, including advice on how to age successfully; navigate the health-care system; deal with pain; prevent falls; care for an ill family member; and understand the causes and risks of cognitive impairment. At each class, two Baycrest experts discuss the topic of the evening. Speakers represent a wide variety of disciplines, including medicine, psychiatry, neurology, ethics and pharmacy. The concept of a mini medical school for the general public was initially developed at the University of Colorado and has been replicated around the globe, notes Dr. Conn. We are very excited to offer this program, which is designed to focus specifically on issues related to the challenges of aging. Dr. Conn, who is also medical director of the Mood and Related Disorders Clinic, was a guest speaker at a class that discussed how to maintain a positive mood as we age. After completing Insights in Aging 101, participants can expect to know how to access community resources and critically appraise the barrage of health and science news headlines they see every day.

lecture series has global reach

In January, The Centre for Education and Knowledge Exchange in Aging launched the Visiting Professor Lecture Series as a way to expand and exchange professional and scientific knowledge. Were seeing an increase in the number of guest clinicians, researchers and academics who come through Baycrest, so the lecture series is a wonderful opportunity for us to capture and share this broad range of expertise with our staff, says Dr. Conn. The series is a tangible way to advance our strategic focus of integrating care, education and research. It is designed to have broad appeal and to enlighten and inspire attendees. Endorsed by the International Psychogeriatric Association, the program has so far hosted lecturers from Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. The lectures are also broadcast on the Ontario Telemedicine Network and webcast around the world.

Were seeing an increase in the number of guest clinicians, researchers and academics who come through Baycrest, so the lecture series is a wonderful opportunity for us to capture and share this broad range of expertise with our staff.

2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report


ImagIne playIng hopscotch wIth your granddaughters


2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report

InnovatIon engIne BrIngIng great Ideas to lIfe

As a world-leading academic health sciences centre focused on aging and brain health, Baycrest is fertile ground for producing and validating new and innovative products and services aimed at improving care delivery across the continuum and enhancing the health and well-being of older adults.
A key part of the new organizational structure, the Baycrest Innovation Engine is taking the most promising ideas that emerge from Baycrest Health Sciences (BHS) and developing them as care models, supportive technologies and evidence-based approaches for the prevention, early diagnosis, rehabilitation and treatment of age-related disorders. The Innovation Engine is a bridge between BHS and the new company we have launched to commercialize and bring to the international marketplace our innovations in aging, including breakthrough technologies, systems, products, processes and new knowledge. Working with partners, the company will respond to the growing need for solutions to the challenges associated with a rapidly aging global population. In so doing, it will provide a new and ongoing source of revenue (in addition to government and philanthropic funding) to sustain Baycrest Health Sciences well into the future. The Baycrest Innovation Engine has three components: Aging Innovation and Technology Laboratory Centre for Brain Fitness Kunin-Lunenfeld Applied and Evaluative Research Unit (KLAERU)
design thinKing

In a process known as design thinking, the Aging Innovation and Technology Laboratory brings together scientists, engineers, architects, designers, clinicians and health-care consumers to inform, evaluate and develop new products, technologies and processes that enable successful aging at home and improve the care environment within the institutional setting. This year, the laboratory has appointed a designer-in-residence and an artistin-residence, and has explored best practices in design laboratories with other leading organizations.
brain fitness

The Centre for Brain Fitness (CBF) serves as a catalyst for the commercialization of evidence-based technologies and interventions aimed at early detection and prevention of aging-related memory decline, repair and rehabilitation of function. To that end, CBF scientists and clinicians work with entrepreneurs to develop and market life-changing products and services. The first two entrepreneurs came on board this year, working on three projects over six months to build commercialization plans and explore market opportunities. One diagnostic prototype is INCAS, a computer tablet testing platform for conducting neurological assessments of patients. The tablet-based interface is convenient for both clinicians and patients and allows for more accurate and timely assessment of cognitive function. In the brain training field, Dr. Sylvain Moreno, a lead scientist at the CBF, is developing a virtual game product to improve intelligence, memory, decisionmaking, reaction time, attention and language skills.
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2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report


ImagIne runnIng for mayor In your 70s


2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report

continued from page 17

applying research to care

The Kunin-Lunenfeld Applied and Evaluative Research Unit (KLAERU) plays a pivotal role in the Baycrest Innovation Engine. It provides evaluative science expertise and clinical research support services to the research enterprise, essential elements in the translation of knowledge from discovery to application in patient care. Working at a programmatic level of analysis, KLAERU scientists build on, contribute to and extrapolate from the worldrenowned expertise in basic cognitive neuroscience found at Baycrests Rotman Research Institute.
For more information about KLAERU and Baycrests Rotman Research Institute, see the 2010/11 Baycrest Research Annual Report.

In November 2011, Baycrest and the Chinese Enterprise Hospital Association will co-host a symposium in Beijing to share Ontarios best practices in seniors care with Chinese government officials and leaders of health-care organizations in China. A Memorandum of Understanding between the Ontario government and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Peoples Republic of China to promote scientific, technological and industrial research and commercialization co-operation has paved the way for the Baycrest-Beijing discussions around developing a seniors hospital. Ontario and Beijing have each contributed $200,000 to fund a feasibility study for the development of a seniors-focused facility. The building is already constructed in Beijings most populated district, Chaoyang, where 3.2 million people live. In April, members of Baycrests executive team visited with Chinese health officials and toured the area. Chinese officials have also visited Baycrest.

partnering with microsoft

Baycrest has partnered with Microsoft Canada and consulting company Orangutech to create a mechanism for health-care organizations to conveniently share electronic documents using cloud computing. Beginning this year, eHealth2Share will serve as an online hub for the time- and costsaving sharing of electronic forms and workflow templates, best practices in patient care, clinical user groups, e-Learning, international collaboration, and shareware applications such as a Freedom of Information tracking system. Membership of e2HealthShare will be open to health-care organizations around the world. An annual subscription fee will cover the cost of maintaining the site, with potential for increased revenue for Baycrest as membership and content volumes grow.

baycrests president and chief executive officer dr. william reichman in beijing with dr. ze guang wang, exploring opportunities to bring our expertise in seniors health-care to china.

baycrest in china
With a population of more than 1.3 billion, China has chosen Baycrest as the appropriate partner to help develop a best practices care model for its growing number of seniors. By 2025, one in five people who live in urban areas in China will be 60 or older. After surveying different models around the world, Chinese officials came to Baycrest to explore how to develop the first dedicated health system for the elderly in their country. Baycrest is excited by this extraordinary opportunity to do business with China and share our leadingedge knowledge and expertise in seniors care, said Dr. William Reichman, Baycrests president and chief executive officer.

next generation products and diagnostic tools

Cogniciti is a for-profit company with majority ownership by Baycrest that develops and markets brain games, employee assistance memory workshops, smart phone and on-line applications for brain fitness, and clinical cognitive diagnostic tools. The company takes innovations developed in the Centre for Brain Fitness and turns them into marketcompetitive products that benefit the brain health of end-users.
2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report 19

2010/11 baycrest board of directors, board of governors, executive team and medical staff

board of directors Jordan Banks Jane Barratt Jeffrey Blidner Bonnie Freedman Paul Godfrey Daphna Grossman Ellis Jacob Paul Katz Warren Kimel Manfred Koo Anthony Melman Sioban Nelson William Reichman Craig Rimer Stuart Schipper Marla Shapiro Honey Sherman Pekka Sinervo Karima Velji Catharine Whiteside

Honourary Directors Tobie Bekhor Stephen Cole Sydney C. Cooper Ephraim Dimond* Edwin Goldstein Edwin A. Goodman* Fred Karp Sydney Loftus* Geoffrey Matus Florence Minz Wilfred Posluns* Sam Ross* Joseph Rotman Sam Ruth* Marvin Sadowski Lionel Schipper Norman Schipper Barry Sherman Honey Sherman Louis Siminovitch Fran Sonshine Honourary Governors Walter Bick Sydney C. Cooper Edmond Creed Leonard Davies William Davis Herbert Epstein Alan Posluns Sydney Robins Monty Simmonds Immediate Past Chair, Board of Directors Fran Sonshine * deceased

executive team President and Chief Executive Officer William Reichman Vice President, Medical Services and Chief of Staff Paul Katz Vice-President, Education David Conn Vice-President, Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer Laurie Harrison Vice-President, Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness Joni Kent Vice-President, Research and Director, Rotman Research Institute Randy McIntosh Vice-President, Clinical and Residential Programs and Chief Nursing Executive Karima Velji Vice-President, Development and Interim President, Baycrest Centre Foundation Florence Weinberger Vice-President, Public Affairs and Stakeholders Relations Nancy Webb

medical advisory committee Co-Chairs Paul Katz Daphna Grossman Members Howard Dombrower Sid Feldman Terumi Izukawa Rita Kandel Randy McIntosh William Reichman Matthew Robillard Gili Rosen Karima Velji Jon Ween

officers Chair, Board of Directors Baycrest Centre Anthony Melman Vice Chair Baycrest Centre Paul Godfrey Secretary Stuart Schipper Treasurer Ellis Jacob President and Chief Executive Officer William Reichman


2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report

2010/11 Baycrest fInancIal summary

year ended march 31, 2011

revenue by organization

expenses by organization

3% Other 12% Research

55% Hospital

4% Other 11% Research

52% Hospital

24% Apotex 6% Terraces/Wagman

27% Apotex 6% Terraces/Wagman

revenues by source

expenses by type

5% Other revenue 6% Other grants 15% Client revenues

62% Provincial grants

1% Interest expense 5% Depreciation

73% Salaries & benefits

10% Foundation grants 2% Commercial activities

18% Operating expenses 3% Medical supplies/drugs

2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report


baycrest financial summary 2010/11

research division revenues 2010/11

6% Commercialization & innovation funding

14% Foundation restricted grants

43% Peer-reviewed grants

8% Other funding

29% Foundation general grants

growth in peer-reviewed grants 20012011 ($ THOUSANDS)

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11

$1,913 $3,360 $4,568 $5,067 $5,116 $6,269 $8,361* $6,965 $7,295 $6,786 $7,160

research peer-reviewed grants

Growth in external sources of research grant funding from 2001 to 2011. * Fiscal 2007 includes equivalent of 18 months of funding for multi-institutional project.


2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report

2010/11 Baycrest foundatIon fInancIal summary

year ended march 31, 2011

sources of fundraising revenues

24% Donor designated gifts 38% Events

11% Additions to endowment capital

27% Annual Campaign & Planned Giving

total assets 2006-2011

06 07 08 09 10 11

total revenues 2006-2011


$98,737 $110,872 $112,409 $109,526 $124,889 $131,851

06 07 08 09 10 11

$27,738 $30,366 $24,594 $17,855 $36,802 $31,277

number of donors
06 07 08 09 10 11

17,905 19,883 24,151 27,445 28,851 34,132

2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report


message from the baycrest foundation board chair and interim president

now Is the tIme to support the future

The strategic directions set out in the Next Generation of Baycrest are the same for both Baycrest and the Baycrest Foundation: leverage our strengths in order to enhance our ability to care for seniors; increase our impact worldwide; and generate revenue. Just as Baycrest is seeking ways to commercialize its know how to achieve greater financial stability, the foundation is making headway in our endeavours to move beyond our traditional donor base and find new avenues of support.

in every generation and in every decade since it was founded on the values of judaism almost 100 years ago, baycrest has made remarkable contributions to the field of aging and seniors health care, both locally and globally.
International governments, universities, hospitals and long-term care facilities, from Beijing to Reykjavik, are looking to Baycrest for its expertise to help meet the escalating needs of the worlds aging population. The Baycrest Foundation is extremely proud of Baycrests considerable achievements and the place it has earned on the world stage, and we are excited to support Baycrests aspiration to become the global leader in aging and the brain.

The growth of our hockey tournament, the Scotiabank Pro-Am for Alzheimers, exemplifies our efforts to gain national exposure for Baycrest while raising funds in new markets. With tournaments in Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary this year, the Pro-Am has raised more than $16 million since 2006. Expansion to Ottawa and Vancouver next year, and Montreal in 2013, will generate critical new revenue for Alzheimers disease research and care. Women of Baycrest (WB) is also raising Baycrests profile and garnering support from new individuals and corporations interested in finding ways to help womens brains stay healthy longer. This years first academic symposium and upcoming public forum are introducing Baycrest to more people and gaining support for the WBs $5 million campaign. In two short years, this incredible initiative has raised close to $2 million.


2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report

The strategic directions set out in the Next Generation of Baycrest are the same for both Baycrest and the Baycrest Foundation: leverage our strengths in order to enhance our ability to care for seniors; increase our impact worldwide; and generate revenue.

2010/11 baycrest foundation board of directors

Chair Warren Kimel President (until January 14, 2011) Mark Gryfe Interim President (as of January 17, 2011) Florence Weinberger Immediate Past Chair Ronald Appleby Chair, Women of Baycrest Lynn Posluns Board of Directors Cheryl Appleby Jackson Karen Baruch Tobie Bekhor Golda Brown Joseph Burnett Hilda Cohen David Cynamon Aubrey Dan John Doig Andrew Duckman Susan Fenwick Garry Foster Harvey Frisch Laurence Goldstein Mark Goodman Joseph Gottdenker Carole Grafstein Molline Green Robert Harlang Mira Koschitzky Anita Lapidus Michael Levy Randolph Masters Harley Mintz William Moir Margaret Nightingale Neville Pather Gerald Pulvermacher Philip Reichmann Ian Rosmarin Gerald Ross Jeffery Ross Shari Silverstein Gerald Slan Peter Slan Fran Sonshine Leonard Waldman Carol Weinbaum Nelly Zagdanski Honourary Directors Edwin Goldstein Harry Gorman Barbara Hania Wilfred Posluns* Barry Sherman Ex Officio Laurie Harrison Geoffrey Matus Anthony Melman William Reichman Craig Rimer

Events as diverse as tennis, golf, cycling and dancing with stars continue to attract new participants and sponsors. This year, even with the tight competition for donor dollars, our events raised more than $7.5 million a one per cent increase over last year and our total number of donors rose by 18 per cent. With donations coming in from 49 different countries around the globe, it is evident that Baycrest has made its mark far beyond our local community. However, the importance of our community donors, leaders and volunteers is indisputable. They are absolutely crucial to Baycrests ongoing success and we are extraordinarily grateful for their generosity and commitment. Baycrest would not be where it is today without the formidable and constant support of our community, but a global leader requires global support. The Baycrest Foundation will continue to build on our strengths to ensure Baycrest fulfils its vision to bring innovations in aging and brain health to people around the world.

2010 event chairs

Baycrest Boardwalk David Markowitz Faye Markowitz Strokes Fore Stroke Perry Steiner Ron Steiner Leonard Waldman Aces for Alzheimers Andrew Duckman Laurence Goldstein Dancing With Our Stars David Cynamon Stacey Cynamon

warren Kimel
Chair, Baycrest Foundation Board of Directors

* deceased

florence weinberger
Interim President, Baycrest Foundation

2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report


ImagIne playIng professIonal hockey for fIve decades, havIng your Best season at age 48, and playIng wIth your two sons for seven seasons

gordie howe
26 2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report

takIng to the Ice for a great cause

scotiabanK pro-am for alzheimers goes national

An innovative Baycrest hockey fundraiser launched in Toronto in 2006 with an ambitious goal to Stick it to Alzheimers is now becoming a national event, taking the Baycrest name across Canada and raising more than $16 million for Alzheimers disease research and care.
Sponsored by Scotiabank, the tournament expanded to Edmonton in 2010, Calgary in 2011, and is expected to arrive in Ottawa and Vancouver in 2012 and Montreal in 2013. Gaining support and awareness nationwide and beyond is central to Baycrests new vision to become the global leader in aging and the brain. Baycrests history has been marked by unique ambition, remarkable accomplishment and

unrivalled leadership in our field, says Dr. William Reichman, president and chief executive officer of Baycrest. Our new strategic plan, The Next Generation of Baycrest, includes rethinking our current business model and finding new, creative ways to bring in revenue so that we do not merely survive, but really thrive and instill a legacy that is national and global in scope. The Scotiabank Pro-Am for Alzheimers is one excellent example of that reinvigorated business model at work.
corporate partnerships

The Scotiabank Pro-Am combines our love of hockey with the fight against Alzheimers disease and related disorders a health concern affecting half a million Canadians and their families, and, as our population ages, many more will be affected, says Duncan Hannay, senior vice-president of Canadian Marketing at Scotiabank. We believe very strongly in supporting the communities in which we live and work, with a focus on initiatives that are important to our customers and employees.
association partnerships

Scotiabank came on board as the Pro-Am title sponsor in 2008, recognizing the potential of associating its brand not only with Baycrest, but with such an innovative event. Beyond supporting the Pro-Ams national expansion, the partnership has enabled Baycrest to reach a new donor base through Scotiabanks in-branch marketing initiatives.

Association partnerships have also been vital in helping grow the profile and reach of the event. The unique relationship with the NHL Alumni Association is the reason a roster of hockey stars is lacing up for the fight against Alzheimers disease. Those players, and the chance to skate and stickhandle with them, drive the impressive fundraising numbers year over year.
continued on page 28

2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report



raised for Alzheimers research and care

amateur players raised money for Baycrest

The Scotiabank Pro-Am combines our love of hockey with the fight against Alzheimers disease and related disorders a health concern affecting half a million Canadians and their families, and as our population ages, many more will be affected.

continued from page 27

Mark Napier, executive director of the NHL Alumni Association, knows personally from the experiences of his father-in-law the challenge of Alzheimers disease or a related dementia and how expert diagnosis, followup and care at Baycrest can make a huge difference. We play the tournament to raise money for Alzheimers research and, hopefully, we can do our small part to help eradicate this awful disease. Every year we get a little bit closer and raise more and more money. Newly minted relationships with the Alzheimer Society of Canada and regional Alzheimer societies are helping expand the events reach as well. The Pro-Am launched successfully in both Edmonton and Calgary in partnership with the Alzheimer Society of Alberta and Northwest Territories. Proceeds benefit the

Gordie and Colleen Howe Fund for Alzheimers, which supports research funded by the local Alzheimer society, and research and care at Baycrest. Expansion to other Canadian cities will build on that model.
the power of players

In 2011 alone, more than 1,500 amateur players 15 teams in Calgary, 26 in Edmonton and 48 in Toronto raised money for Baycrest. Many players are spreading the message through their fundraising networks. Because its hockey, this event has amazing potential to expose Baycrest to people who are outside its traditional scope of influence, says Jay Waks, co-chair of the Toronto Scotiabank Pro-Am. People play, raise money and come back year after year because of the energy of the event, the universal love of hockey and the

chance to support Baycrest doing something that is so unique. That was certainly Josh Moskos experience. A lifelong hockey fan and avid player, he participated for the first time in 2010. It was such an amazing and meaningful experience that he captained a team in May 2011. But its not only the hockey that draws him to the event; its the chance to raise money for research into Alzheimers, a disease that has affected a number of his family members, both past and present. As one of the top 20 fundraisers last year, I got to play in the all star game and fulfil a childhood dream of playing with my brother alongside some of our hockey heroes, including Wendel Clark and Gary Roberts, says Mosko. My goal for this year was to raise even more money for Alzheimers research and create more lifelong memories.


2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report

2010/11 foundatIon hIghlIghts of the year

Women of Baycrest aim to raise $5 million
is making great strides in its efforts to raise $5 million for a new research chair in womens brain health and aging, as well as innovative education initiatives. Through memberships, corporate support and special events, WB has now raised close to $2 million and is supporting the work of Baycrest researchers Drs. Tiffany Chow and Norman Farb.
women of baycrest (wb)
at the womens brain health symposium launch, from left, Karen baruch, diane mavrinac-ross, simmie antflick, lynn posluns and ellen goldstein.

This year, WB membership increased by 42 per cent from 242 members to 349, and Young Women of Baycrest (under age 35) grew by 38 per cent.

On April 6, 2011, WB held its first full-day academic symposium featuring scientists from across North America, with a focus on womens brain health. A one-day public conference, The Womens Brain Health Symposium, on October 18, 2011 will feature CTV News anchor Christine Bentley as emcee and guest speaker, and actress and womens health advocate Hilary Swank. Materials from the symposia will be published in A Guide to Womens Brain Health. WB is also working on the first Brain Health Cookbook. For more information, visit

Tennis tournament a smashing success

Aces for Alzheimers tennis tournament was a smashing success, raising $135,000 for Alzheimers disease research and care at Baycrest. On April 25, 2010, Mayfair Clubs once again graciously hosted and sponsored the event, which was co-chaired by Andrew Duckman and Laurence Goldstein.
the second annual

Of the 48 registered players, the top fundraiser was Steve Miller, who was honoured with the Harold Soupcoff Memorial Trophy. Sign-up is about to start for the 2011 tournament, which takes place on October 16. Visit for more information.

the 2010 aces for alzheimers committee presents a big cheque to dr. william reichman (right), president and chief executive officer of baycrest.

2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report


barrie to baycrest co-founders larry saltsman and his wife, michelle lavine (left), celebrate at the finish line with michelles sister lesley sas. at the 2010 strokes fore stroke (from left) co-chair perry steiner, committee member richard sherman and joey arfin give a lift to their fourth professional golfer and stroke survivor andrew parr.

biKe riders chalK up the miles for baycrest

134 cyclists geared up for the 15th annual Barrie to Baycrest/B2B 100kilometre bicycle ride, raising $560,000 to bring the events grand total to $8.6 million.
on september 12, 2010,

committed to Baycrest and most are repeat participants who often ride with relatives and friends. Two annual awards are presented to cyclists who demonstrate outstanding contributions and ongoing support. This years Harold Lederman Award went to Lisa Draper and Michael Bregman, and the Sam Ruth Award was presented to Michael Diamond. B2B celebrates its Sweet 16 on September 11, 2011 and is opening spots for new riders. For information, visit

swinging into action for stroKe research and care

last fall, 60 lucKy golfers

Proceeds from the 2010 ride helped fund important brain health and fitness initiatives at Baycrest. All the cyclists are

swung into action at the 21st annual Strokes Fore Stroke golf tournament at the exclusive Redtail Golf Course near St. Thomas, Ontario and raised $315,000 for stroke research and care at Baycrest. Larry Glazer received the Syd Loftus Cup as top fundraiser for the event, which was co-chaired by Perry Steiner, Ronnie Steiner and Lenny Waldman. Special thanks to event sponsors C. A. Delaney Capital Management Ltd. and Allan and Susan Fenwick. The 2011 Golf Classic is on July 25 at the renowned St. Georges Golf and Country Club, host of the 2010 Canadian Open. For more details, visit

Dancing stars light up the night

the wildy successful, inaugural Dancing with Our Stars fundraiser in 2009, David Cynamon was back, along with his wife Stacey, to co-chair season two in November 2010. Five community leaders Zane Cohen, Eliot Muzzo, Honey Sherman, Anton Rabie and Linda Waks performed complex dance routines with their professional dance partners, dazzling a cheering crowd of 900 supporters and celebrity judges including Bruno Tonioli from the popular television show Dancing with the Stars.
after winning

dancing star honey sherman with dance partner, mikhail zaslavskiy (left), accepts the disco ball trophy from ed sonshine, ceo of evening sponsor, riocan.

Hosted by actor-comedian Howie Mandel, the highly anticipated event raised an astounding $2.1 million to support Baycrests Centres for Innovations in Aging. Honey Hip Hop Sherman, who alone raised $725,000, was crowned the champion.
30 2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report

thank you to all our Baycrest supporters

we would liKe to express our sincere appreciation to all those who made donations to baycrest during the period of april 1, 2010 to march 31, 2011. we are extremely grateful for your commitment and ongoing support.
pillars $1 million plus Ben & Hilda Katz Charitable Foundation sponsors $36,000 - $49,999 Canaccord Genuity David & Stacey Cynamon Allan & Susan Fenwick Zoltan & Yetta Freeman Harvey & Leah Fruitman Robert & Edie Harlang The Maxwell & Ruth Leroy Foundation Phillip & Barbara Lev Macquarie Group Foundation Marel Contractors Agnes Moses Nancy Pencer Anton & Ilana Rabie Rayjo Charitable Trust Scotiabank TD Securities Watson Building Supplies Inc. Barry & Esther Naiberg Penn West Petroleum Ltd. Prominent Homes Ltd. Ellen & Martin Prosserman Foundation RBC Foundation Redev Properties Ltd. Reimer Construction Riocan Management Inc. Robins Appleby Charitable Foundation Rolex Canada Ltd. Sam & Ida Ross Foundation Jeff Ross & Diane Mavrinac-Ross Royal Painting & Contracting Limited Bill & Judith Rubinstein Michael Schayer Michael & Orna Serruya Alex & Simona Shnaider Mark & Marla Shoom Allan & Hinda Silber

builders $500,000 - $999,999 The Kimel Family

founders $250,000 - $499,999 David & Emily Durbin Barry & Honey Sherman Lewis & Charlotte Steinberg Family Foundation

ways of giving

benefactors $100,000 - $249,999 Allergan Inc. Lorne & Carol Goldstein Joseph Gottdenker Shirley Granovsky Anthony & Valerie Melman & Family Donald & Elaine Rafelman RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust Rose Family Fund Joseph & Sandra Rotman Royal de Versailles Jewellers Inc. Louis Savlov Jack & Anne Weinbaum Irving & Sylvia Wortsman

trustees $50,000 - $99,999 Herb Abramson C.A. Delaney Capital Management Ltd. Phillip & Peggy DeZwirek Harryetta Holdings The Koschitzky Family The Joseph Lebovic Charitable Foundation Sheila Loftus Allan Markin Medical Pharmacies Group Inc. Bill Moir OZZ Electric Inc. Edward & Fran Sonshine Lawrence & Judith Tanenbaum Family Foundation

guardians $18,000 - $35,999 Agrium Inc. Bitove Foundation Canadian Direct Insurance Canadian Gypsum Paula Cohen Sydney & Florence Cooper Deloitte & Touche Foundation Canada Carey Diamond & Tina Urman Ernst & Young LLP Fabricland Distributors Inc. Ken & Rachel Flood Aron & Miriam Frankel Gluskin Sheff + Associates Inc. The George & Kay Goldlist Foundation Goodmans LLP Harry & Sara Gorman Joel & Ruth Greisman George & Kitty Grossman HSBC Bank Canada Buschie Kamin Jack & Pat Kay Kenair Apartments Limited Henrietta Kostman KPMG LLP Albert & Temmy Latner Family Foundation The Wolf Lebovic Foundation Robert & Sheila Masters MDC Partners Inc. Alan & Elise Mecklinger The Mendelson Family Foundation Metropia Minto Foundation Inc

planned gift provides financial security to baycrest

After seeing the benefits his mother-in-law derived from living at the Terraces of Baycrest, David Durbin decided he wanted to make a meaningful contribution to Baycrest through a planned gift. I could see how important this place was to my mother-in-law, he explains, so I chose to establish a charitable remainder trust as a bequest to Baycrest and to honour my late parents and brother. A charitable remainder trust allows a donor to make a gift to a charity that will be realized in the future, yet they can continue to earn income on the money during their lifetime and receive an immediate tax credit. The Durbins add to the charitable remainder trust each year, providing important financial security to Baycrest. In recognition of their support, a third floor wing in Baycrest Hospital was named in their honour.

2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report


The Philip Smith Foundation Solutions With Impact Inc. Karen Soupcoff Bryna & Fred Steiner Joey & Toby Tanenbaum Trinity Development Group Inc. Harold Vickers Evelyn Burns Weinrib Milton & Florence Winberg Howard & Nancy Wise

patrons $10,000 - $17,999 Adams & Waks Construction Albi Homes Ltd Alzheimers Society of Sarnia-Lambton Athletic Knit Barry & Eleanor Appleby B. A. Beresh Professional Corporation Amnon & Karen Baruch Brian Beresh Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP Jack & Kathy Bloom Lawrence & Frances Bloomberg Michael Bregman The Brettler Mintz Charitable Foundation Allan & Lisa Brown Budds Imported Cars Byron Developments Limited Canadian Traffic Network Brett Chorney Christenson Developments Christenson Equities Ltd. Cineplex Entertainment LP Zane & Joan Cohen Sidney & Judith Cohen Stephen & Wendy Cole Richard & Sophia Crenian Davna Investments Colin Devine Michael & Janette Diamond Mark & Shelley Diamond Stephen & Karen Diamond Phil & Pearl Ehrlich Elite Construction Esro Construction Limited H. Lawrence & Beverley Fein Minda Feldman & Family Stephen & Rose Fishman Ab & Phyllis Flatt Michael & Sandra Florence Garry & Joanne Foster George & Judy Frankfort Sydney Frankfort Cindy Freeman Gordon Dov & Nancy Friedberg George Friedmann Harvey & Annice Frisch Naomi Fromstein GBH Supply Inc. Max & Gianna Glassman David L. Goldberg Family Goldman, Sachs & Co. Pearl Goodman Michael Gordon & Gilda Berger Jerry & Carole Grafstein Grundy Holdings Inc. Harold R Vickers Prof. Corp. Harry Rosen Inc. William & Linda Hechter Bernard Herman & Sharon Flancman Holcim (Canada) Inc. Home Trust Company Igloo Building Supplies

Interior Systems Contractors Association Norman & Gloria Jacobs The Jay & Barbara Hennick Family Foundation Joseph Kerzner KIK Custom Products Reuben Klein Murray & Marvelle Koffler Korn/Ferry International Graeme MacGregor Marilyn Maheux Manulife Asset Management The Marder Family Foundation James Mccoy Eliot Muzzo Nat Frankel Construction Ltd. Fred & Elaine Newman William & Gertrude Nyman Pals Surveys & Associates Ltd. Paul Pape Parkview BMW Pembina Pipeline Corporation Morris & Sarah Perlis Pharmx Rexall Drug Stores Ltd. Alan & Sandra Posluns Postmedia Network Quinn Corp Holdings Inc. Reinders Family Foundation The Morris & Goldie Reiss Family Charitable Foundation Laurence & Helen Reiss Kurt & Edith Rothschild Danny & Vivienne Saltzman Sambenco Corporation The Gerald Schwartz & Heather Reisman Foundation Phineas & Francine Schwartz Scotia Capital Inc. Scotiabank Group Allen & Mary Shechtman Phil Shnier S. Sigler Family Charitable Foundation Nathan & Lily Silver Family Foundation Albert Silver Sheldon & Vivian Silverberg Howard Sokolowski & Linda Frum-Sokolowski Joseph Soren Mynne Soupcoff Southgate Buick GMC Spin Master Ltd. State of Israel Bonds Andrew & Gaye Stein Louis Strauss The Joseph Tanenbaum Charitable Foundation TD Commercial Banking Tech-Star Fluid Systems Inc. The Clyr Charitable Foundation The Jodamada Foundation Tim Hortons Torkin Manes LLP John & Lori Ulmer Gloria Ungerman Rhoda Vyner Fred & Linda Waks Ernest & Susan Werner Burton & Marilyn Winberg Chuck & Libby Winograd Harold & Carole Wolfe Heather Woods Gerald & Elaine Yaffe Rochelle Zubcov

donors & supporters $5,000 - $9,999 A.B.C. Recycling Ltd. Leonard & Marcy Abramsky Acme Scrap Iron Marc & Karen Adler All Weather Windows Allardyce Bower Consulting Inc. Keith Allin & Jan Loftus-Allin Alterra Developments 2000 Limited Arc Financial Corp. Avanzar Janitorial Services Ltd. Lewis & Elaine Baker Henry & Barbara Bank Rose Baum Ted & Tobie Bekhor Benclair Austin & Nani Beutel Walter B. Bick Biltmore Inc. Roy & Ronna Birnboim Blankenstein Family Foundation Abraham Bleeman Foundation David & Molly Bloom Gary Bluestein Charitable Foundation BMO Capital Markets Brad Boland Samuel & Rita Bresler Broadstreet Properties Ltd. Morley Brown Brownlee LLP Jack & Marlene Brudner Michael & Rena Buckstein Irwin & Shirley Cadesky Cambridge Group David & Vivian Campbell Camrost-Felcorp Inc. Canada West Limited Canadian Western Bank Jordan Caplan Sheldon & Bonni Carr Casimir Capital Cedarglen Homes Robert Chaisson Mark & Gloria Charness Marty Cheyne Civil Underground Arthur Cohen Gerald & Hilda Cohen Richard & Clara Cooper Ken Crystal & Lynn Posluns Jack & Elaine Culiner Camille Dan Danier Leather inc. Brian & Lois Demone Phil & Lisa Draper David Dube Duff & Phelps Canada Limited David & Risa Dulberg Tom & Karen Ehrlich Elliott & Wendy Eisen Anita Ekstein Elinchrom Ltd. Elktone Interiors Ltd Empire Health Distribution Inc. Enable Capital Corporation Envyrozone Excel Homes Falconcrest Homes David Farberman Kurt Feigel Susan & Stan Feldman Jon & Roberta Fidler Fiera Sceptre Inc. Bernard Fishbein Steven & Susan Forberg Stephen & Helen Freedhoff Harvey & Miriam Freedman

Jeremy Freedman & Judith Finer-Freedman Joe & Budgie Frieberg Joseph Fried Barry & Joy Gales Giftcraft Ltd. Edward & Heather Gilbert Larry & Lynn Glazer Leonard & Eileen Gold Ron & Anne Golden Mel Goldstein Milli Gould Herman & Marya Grad Irving & Toddy Granovsky Grant MacEwan University The Patrick & Freda Hart Green Foundation Al & Malka Green & Family David & Molline Green Morton Greenberg Mark & Pearl Gryfe Jack Gwartz Anne Handelman Harris, Scheaffer LLP David Helman & Gilda Goodman-Helman Agnes Herczeg Herzig Eye Institute Gary Himel & Risa Mintz HKMB Hub International Limited Joel & Lisa Hock Ibero-American Cultural Society International Forest Products Limited Avrom Isaacs Ivanhoe Cambridge Ellis & Sharyn Jacob Morris Justein & Myrna Ross Marvin & Bernyce Kalifer David Kassie & Susan Harris Ruth Kerbel Kilbarry Holding Corporation Shawn Kimel KRG Childrens Charitable Foundation Michael Krylov Sy & Libby Ann Langer Leon & Anita Lapidus Lavtor Holdings (Alberta) Ltd Gary & Leila Lax and Bella Goldstein Legacy Kitchens Mel & Helen Leiderman Nathan & Glennie Lindenberg Bernie & Bev Little Lorex Canada Inc. Mackenzie Financial Corporation Madison Bathurst Limited David & Faye Markowitz Julia Markowitz Mauro Realty Ltd. Helen Mcinnis Shelly & Sema Mecklinger Murray & Pauline Menkes Stephen Miller The Peter & Melanie Munk Charitable Foundation Lou & Wendy Myles Joseph & Freda Naiman David & Lorraine Nakelsky Yetta Orfus Martin & Myrna Ossip Pekarsky Stein Ltd. Shaya Petroff Sheila Pollock Popeyes Supplements Canada Posluns Family Foundation Prairie Merchant Corporation Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP Principal Mortgage Group


2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report

Provident Energy Ltd. Oskar Rajsky David & Shanea Rakowski Darin Rayburn The Linda Judith Reed Foundation Bill & Nancy Reichman Kevin Reinhart Louie & Marla Reznick Elsie Rich Andrew Rivkin Ron Hodgson Chevrolet-Buick Jack Rose & Judith Megow-Rose Ian & Pamela Rosmarin John & Susan Rothschild Robert Rubinoff S.R.T. Med-Staff International Inc. Marvin & Victoria Sadowski Sal Investments Larry & Michelle Saltsman Sanderling Developments Ltd. Rosino Santo Tom & Marjorie Schwartz Charles & Mina Schwarz Robert & Doreen Scolnick Seligman & Associates Marvin & Carole Sherkin Milton & Joyce Shier Roberta Shnier Dorothy Shoichet Shoppers Drug Mart Life Foundation Silver Family Charitable Foundation Leonard Simpson & Micki Moore Simpson The Ernest & Helen Singer Family Foundation State Building Corporation Helen Stollar Harvey & Lilyan Stork Stuart Olson Dominion Construction Ltd. Avrom & Reesa Sud Super-Glide Canada Tailwind Capital Inc. Howard & Carole Tanenbaum Terco Construction Limited The Cambridge Club The Lillian & Norman Glowinsky Family Foundation Elliot & Sandra Title Stephen & Carole Title Murray & Janice Tkatch Benjamin & Sarah Torchinsky Freddie Waks William Walker William & Phyllis Waters The Meyer & Idelle Weinstock Charitable Foundation Mark & Susan Weisbarth Allan & Terese Weisberg The Weitz Family Foundation Gord Wiebe Jerold & Gale Winter Sidney Wolbrom The Leonard Wolfe Family Charitable Foundation Irwin & Elayne Wortsman Jay Wunder & Leesa Avrith Daniel & Shayna Yolleck Bernie & Carole Zucker

donors & supporters $1,800 - $4,999 411 Local Search Corp. Ida Abrams Acumen Capital Partners Doris Lee Adams Howard Adams Agincourt Roofing Ltd. Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited Al - Terra Engineering Ltd. Michael & Pam Albert Keith & Sheila Alexander Elsa Allen Cory Almquist Stephen & Heshy Altbaum Samuel & Anne Alter Alzheimer Society of Canada Alzheimer Society Peterborough Irene Amram Walter & Edie Arbib ARC Resources Ltd. Patrick Assaraf & Elise Latner Assaraf ATE Contracting Co. Ltd. Allan & Gila Badner Richard & Harriet Bain Judith Baker Larry & Arna Banack Mark & Debbie Bank Jordan & Faith Banks Barb Morel Foundation Danny & Shelley Baruch Boyd Basaraba Beaverhall Homes Godfrey & Daryl Beder Larry & Pearl Bell Brent & Lynn Belzberg Murray & Cathy Belzberg Benedek Family Robert & Vivian Benmergui The Bennett Family Foundation Donald Bennett Dennis & Laura Bennie Gary & Rosa Bensky Ralph & Fiona Benson John & Gay Berger Irving & Susan Berger Robert Berger & Marla Shapiro Eric & Sheryl Berke Stuart Berkowitz Roy & Naomi Berman Harvey & Joan Bernstein Frank & Ellen Bialystok Donald & Helen Biback Billy Bee Honey Products Ltd Herb & Fran Binder Birchwood Properties Corp. Jack & Doris Bistricer Jeff & Ilsa Blidner Gerald & Pearl Bloom Mr. Leon Bloom & Dr. Bernita Young Blue Bird Dress Jeffrey Bly BMO Harris Private Banking Bnai Brith Foundation Oliver Bock Gary & Harriett Bomza Gary Bourgeois & Sheilah Wallin-Bourgeois Marc Boyman & Tiana Koffler Boyman Bratty & Partners, LLP Cecil & Elaine Brauer Barbara Bregman Harry & Bernice Bregman Mike Broadfoot Aaron & Toby Brotman Brown Window Corporation

Paul Brown Howard & Kim Brown Vivien Brown Morton Brownstein Lisa Brush Lois Buckstein Theodore & Esther Burnett Barry & Debra Campbell CanCare Health Services Inc. Rosanne Cancian Canon Canada Inc. Martin & Fran Caplan Melvyn Caplan Lorne & Trudy Cappell Care Plus Pharmacy Carl Orbach Foundation Cascade Energy Services L.P. CB Richard Ellis Limited Centron Group Of Companies Century Home Fashions Inc. Rod Cheresnuik CIR General Contracting Inc. Alec Clark Marshall & Sandra Clavir Cody Clayton Marie Clipperton Mickey Cohen & Judith Loeb Cohen Trevor & Andrea Cohen Hilliard & Barbara Cohen Elliot & Maura Cohen Bob & Marilyn Cohen Alan & Sharon Lerman Esther Cole Richard & Gloria Cole Conam Charitable Foundation Irving Cooper & Verna Wagman-Cooper Ernie & Barbra Cooper Joel & Lorraine Cooper Joseph Cosentino Mal Coven David & Ellen Cowan Laureen Cowie Brian Craig Ronald & Rene Daiter DAngelo Brands Stuart & Andrea Hytman The John & Myrna Daniels Charitable Foundation Hugh Schure & Gayle Danziger Daniel Daviau & Karine Krieger Decorium Ian & Kiki Delaney Delbridge Contracting Limited Deloitte & Touche LLP Ifa Demon Marvin & Judy Demone Alan & Joan Dessau Jason & Audrey DeZwirek Shirley Diamond Divine Hardwood Flooring Eleanor Dover Downsview Healthcare Inc. Downsview Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd. Downsview Plumbing Limited Dr. Norman Aurlick Dentistry Professional Corporation. Cyril & Risa Drabinsky Joseph & Angela Dubrofsky DUCA Financial Services Philip Duchen Lindsay Dvornik Dynamic Tire Corp. Mr. Samuel Eckler Ron & Honey Edelstein Effort Trust Mel & Sylvia Ehrlich Beatrice Eisen

Joyce Eisen Robert & Ellen Eisenberg The Mariano Elia Foundation Endeavour Promotions Inc. Stan Engelberg The Edith & Bernard Ennis Foundation Erin D. Wright Professional Corporation Charles Erlichman Annette Exton Hershell Ezrin & Sharyn Salsberg Ezrin Fabricville Co. Donald & Toby Farb Alan & Adele Farber Peter Faria Feature Foods International Inc. Rochelle Feldberg Saul & Toby Feldberg David & Angela Feldman Goldie R. Feldman Roni Feldman Florence Fenwick Brad Ferguson Kenneth Field Gary & Tamara Fine George Fine & Lois Friedman Fine Sheldon & Norma Finkelstein Michael & Judy Firestone First Canadian Properties Ltd Edward & Sylvia Fisch George Fischer & Karen Green Abe & Marcy Fish Murray Flegel Russell & Mandy Fleischer Ted Fox Patrick Francey Freedom International Brokerage Company Jack Frieberg & Sandra Herlick David & Kathy Frieberg Alan & Kelli Friedman Norma Fromer Hugh Furneaux & Penny Fine G4S Cash Solutions (Canada) Ltd. The Sam & Gitta Ganz Family Foundation Harvey & Sylvia Gefen Ray & Rhonda Gelgoot Genworth Financial Canada The Frank Gerstein Charitable Foundation Bertrand Gerstein Family Foundation Jon Gilbert John Gill Muriel Ginsberg Martin & Shirley Glick Global Egg Corporation Global Machine & Supply Inc Claire Glowinsky Leonard & Eleanor Godfrey Charles Goldberg & Carole Gruson Mark & Esther Goldenberg Naomi & Gerald Goldenberg and Family Charitable Foundation Stanley & Sue Goldfarb Marvin & Lillian Goldman Larry & Anette Goldstein Grace & Gilbert Goodman Marvin & Diana Goodman Sheldon & Lindy Goodman Alan & Renee Gozlan Jerry & Helen Grad Harold Grammer Renata Grant Great Gulf Homes

2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report


Greatwest Kenworth Ltd. Bob & Lisa Greben Barry & Lisa Green David & Daphne Green Lindy Green Lou & Shirley Greenbaum Jack & Anita Greenberg Sidney & Reggie Greenberg Greenrock Investments Ltd. Norma Greenspan Allan & Rachel Greenspoon Lorne & Iris Greenspoon Mel & Mimi Greenspoon Paul & Debbie Greenspoon Mark Grenville Michael Grobin Helen Gross Douglas Grundman Jan Gutter & Lauren Gutter Howard Hacker & Lisa Feld Ralph & Roslyn Halbert Stephen & Andrea Halperin Stephen & Carol Handelman Sam & Pam Handelsman Steffany Hanlen Dale Hansen Peter & Beverly Harris Jay & Janet Harris Joseph & Linda Harris Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd. Doug Haughey Faryl Hausman Help Eliminate Disease & Addiction Canada Douglas & Judy Hendler Barbara & Jay Hennick Family Fund Heritage Pointe Properties Inc Larry & Simone Herman Todd & Carol Herzog B.A. Himel Family Foundation Mory & Hindy Hirt Ronald & Heather Hoffman Hopewell Residential Communities LP Ivor & Este Hughes Hutton Forest Products Inc. Jarome Iginla Ingot Metal Company Ltd. Jack Chisvin Holdings Limited The Jackman Foundation Rosemary Jaffares Henry Jakubovic Jatec Electric Jokabe Oilfield Services Ltd. Harvey & Marsha Joseph Hillel & Donna Kagan Bruno & Christine Kaiser Allen & Sharon Karp Marty & Sandra Karp Toby Kasner Edward Kassel Marvin & Estelle Kates Fred Kaufman & Donna Soble Kaufman Jay Kellerman Marty Kelman & Gilda Tanz Norman & Ellin Kert Roey & Wendy Kert Morris & Miriam Kerzner Barbro Kimel Charles Kirk Patti Kirk Ken Kirsh & Faith Roebuck-Kirsh Paula Kirsh Sarah Kirzner Katie Klasner Allan & Christine Klassen Stuart & Francie Klein Zelda Korenblum

David & Marla Korman Israel Koschitzky Family Charitable Foundation Henry & Julia Koschitzky Bernard & Nancy Kraft Kenneth Kramer Henry & Barbara Krieger John Krill Keith Kroker Kubik Lorn & Karen Kutner L. E. Glazer Architect Limited Lagover Mutual Benefit Society Joel & Elizabeth Landau Jack & Ferne Langer Rene Laprade Frank & Nancy Laurie Karyn Lazareck Marlyne Lazer Bruce & Lianne Leboff Harry Lebovic Rob Leone Judith Leranbaum Alan & Ellen Levine Larry & Cecily Levine Murray & Sandy Levine Michael & Caren Levy Sally Libman Rena Lichtblau Phillip & Fauna Lidsky Lincolnberg Homes Ltd. Lions Club of Streetsville Marc Lipton & Carolyn Naiman Henry & Burtha Liss Michael & Rayna Litchen Paul & Marilyn Little Mark & Beth Litwin Fred & Mary Litwin Loyaltex Sourcing, Inc. Ben & Jill Lustig Jeff & Sandy Lyons Ruth Magder Magna IV Engineering Natie Maister Judith Mandel Min Mandel Seth Mandell Manulife Financial Leora Marcovitz Anita Marcus Malcolm & Andrea Marcus Zoe Margolis Ivan Mark Markio Designs Inc. Frank Markus Laurie Markus Martin & Judith Markus Stanley Martin Master Property Consultant Group Masters Insurance Limited Randolph & Risa Masters Tony Matera David & Leanne Matlow Irving & Esther Matlow James Mcintyre Myra Merkur Ken & Renee Metrick Howard Meyer Albert & Esther Michaels Tom Mihalik Mark & Susan Milchman Earl & Eleanor Miller Ron & Lesley Miller Murray & Susy Miller Harley Mintz & Judy Nyman Saul & Evelyn Mintz Faye Minuk Sam & Michal Mizrahi Modern Granite & Marble Inc.

Mosaic Studios Inc Mr. Submarine Limited Mulmer Services Ltd. Allan & Esther Nadler Berl & Rebecca Nadler Eleanor Nadler Harvey & Barbara Naglie Quentin Nanninga Martin & Georgine Nash Nexen Inc. Nickelodeon Ab & Frances Nisker Neil & Rachel Nisker Nortown Air Nova Services Group Inc. Leon & Paula Nussbaum Leland Oberst Annette F. Oelbaum Of Things Past Inc. Albert & Margi Oksner Benson Orenstein Mark & Zippy Orland Fred & Marty Panet Scott & Linda Paris Eric Paul & Risa Rotenberg Al Pearlstein Ed & Deanna Peranson Victor & Esther Peters Steven & Wendy Pezim Picov Farms Inc. Jack & Marti Pilz Richard Pivnick & Annette Pivnick Adam & Karen Pivnick Danny Pivnick Jillian Pivnick Saul & Sandra Plener Joseph Podemski Gary & Alison Polan David & Felicia Posluns Irving & Elissa Posluns Nancy Posluns Lewis Mitz & Wendy Posluns Andrew Pringle Prior Construction Corporation Probyn Eastman Ltd. Miriam Prusky Morton & Sylvia Pullan Wayne & Marlene Pulver Qualico Land Quince Flowers Ltd. Harry & Karen Radomski Leonard & Carol Raizin Esterita Rajsky Realm Developments Ltd. Linda Reed Fred Reisman Joel & Jill Reitman Richard Rennick Garnet & Lisa Rich Richard S. Rennick Professional Corporation Luba Richardson Rigsat Communications Craig Rimer & Elyse Zelunka Riva Plumbing Ltd. Paul Rivett Mark Rivkin & Jenny Solursh Monica Roberts The Lionel Robins Foundation Marvin & Natalie Roebuck Romspen Investment Corporation The Rose Corporation Rose E. Dee (International) Ltd Arthur & Helen Rose Harry & Evelyn Rosen Larry Rosen & Susan Jackson Elliott & Rina Rosenberg David Ross

David P. Ross Graeme Ross Barry & Chris Rotenberg Norman & Ronda Roth Ronald & Lynda Roth John Rothstein & Dionne Klein Earl Rotman & Ariella Rohringer Michael Roulston Neville Rozowsky & Penny Petroff Jeff & Honey Rubenstein Fred Rubinoff Lloyd Rubinoff Jordan Rumanek Nancy Ruth Samuel J. & Jean Sable Family Susan Sacchi Richard & Honi Sacks Mark & Susan Sager Andrew & Judith Sanders Hans & Arlene Sanders Louis & Fern Sanders John Sanders Sarasota Homes Ltd. George & Lesley Sas David & Mary Saunders Bob & Marlene Savlov Michael & Julia Sax Stewart & Dianne Saxe Stuart & Jayne Schipper Paul Schnier & Liz Wolfe Scotiabank Alberta Lawrence & Kesa Senders Serenity Funeral Service Dean Setoguchi SF Partnership, LLP SGNC Charitable Trust David & Wendy Shapira David Share ShaRna Foundation Steven & Ricki Sharpe Marvin & Elaine Shedletzky Stan & Donna Shenkman Robert & Mona Sherkin Leslie & Freida Sherman William & Gwen Sherman Lisa Shiff Mendel & Anita Shore Judi Shostack Gloria Shulman Alan & Monelle Siegal Julie Silver Louis & Roz Silverstein Ron & Shari Silverstein Fred & Rene Skurka Gerald & Judith Slan Peter & Neri Slan James & Elaine Slater Paul & Carol Slavens SMS Equipment Sniderman Investments Soberman LLP Francine Socket Ethel Solomon Harvey & Renee Solursh Sorrell Financial Inc. Sylvia Soyka Saul & Hermi Spears Paul & Roseanne Spiar Harold Spring Yittie Starkman Steeles Memorial Chapel Bernard Steinberg Ronald Steinberg & Nancy Prussky Jay & Carole Sterling Robert & Dorothy Sterling Gary & Julie Stern Zan & Sylvia Stern Lou & Edith Stillman Bert & Barbara Stitt


2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report

Dorothy Stone Joan Stossel Erwin & Debra Stuart Martha Sud Barbara Sugar Supplements Canada West Eric & Lynn Sutkiewicz Bob Sutton Ray & Helen Sweig Susan Szainwald Gabriella Szanto Sheldon & Susan Taerk Carol Tanenbaum TDL Group Corp Teamsters Local Union No. 362 Paul & Kitty Tepperman The Cupcake Shoppe The Leslie Group Limited The Manson Family Foundation The Metrick System The Pickle Barrel Restaurants The Reisler Group Inc. The Shandex Group The Tiffen Company Stephen & Christine Tile Bernie Tishman Barry & Maxine Tissenbaum Gary & Evelyn Title Moses & Temara Tobe Foundation Inc. Erwin Tonn Trail Appliances Tundra Boiler & Instrumentation Turner Fleischer Architects Inc. Nadine Tytel UBS Securities Canada Inc. Alan & Sally Ungerman Up Media Group Inc. Darryl Ura & Joanne Nisker Joel & Helen Vale David & Susan Van Der Hout Herbert & Andrea Veisman Richard Venn & Carol Mitchell Viewmark Homes Ltd. Village Auto Of Ancaster Vistek Ltd. Brett Vyner Joanne Waddington Beulah Wagman Elliott & Helene Wahle Lionel & Sandra Waldman Paul & Sandra Walfish Steven Warsh & Debra Alexander Wasser Holdings Limited Gary Wasserman Stephen & Janet Wasserman Margaret Wayne Len & Adele Wechsler George & Florence Weinberger Hank & Jo-Anne Weinstein Lucy Weinstein Myrna Weinstein Moss Weinstock & Michelle Porepa Stephen & Terri Weintraub Phil & Cecilia Wynn Weisz Family Foundation The Eddie & Marilyn Weisz Family Foundation Thomas & Sasha Weisz Wellington West Capital Inc. Judith Wells Allen & Janet Werger West Coast Classic Invitational Golf Tournament Whissell Contracting Calgary Ltd. Whitecastle Investments Limited Morris & Audrey Wilson Frank & Judith Wilson Daniel Wilton

Jack & Judy Winberg Herbert & Fern Wisebrod Jack & Nan Wiseman Barbara & Harvey Wolfe Family Charitable Foundation Ralph & Rene Wolfe Richard Wolfe Sheila Wolfish Henry Wolfond Simon & Liora Yakubowicz Howard & Felice Yesovitch Marvin Yontef & Fran Topplin Rochelle Zabitsky Harold & Beverley Zacks Ian & Sara Zagdanski Tim Zarowny Alan & Michelle Zelunka Oscar Zimmerman & Anna Day Zolty Charitable Foundation Walter & Helen Zwig

donors & supporters $1,000 - $1,799 3Haus Photographics 659825 Alberta Ltd. 751492 Alberta Ltd. 794334 Alberta Ltd. ABG Ontario Inc. Sam Abouhassan Absolute Interiors Inc. Absolute Mechanical Ltd. ACL Student Benfits Advanced Chiropractic Jack Agrios Steven & Rosanne Ain AlarmForce Industries Inc. Alberta Neon Alpa Stairs & Railings Inc. Ampere Limited Ann Love Interiors Antamex International Inc. Brad Antoniuk Arcom Enterprises Joey & Sandy Arfin Timothy Arnett Aspen Ridge Holdings Joshua Auslander & Karen Glenn-Auslander Paul & Pamela Austin Avcon Construction Avenex Energy Corp Avison Young Property Advisors & Managers Inc. Avoca Technologies Incorporated Baagwating Community Association Glenn Babcock Geoff Badger Baileys Ice Cream Bakonyi & Company Robert Balfour William Ballard Meyer & Anita Balter Allan & Anne Bank Barclays Bank PLC Allan & Stacey Barish Eleanor Barlin-Daniels Jeff Barnes & Marcia Zuker Marvin & Linda Barnett DTZ Barnicke Limited David Barth & Sheryl Gutzin Peter & Jeannie Bartha Joseff & Susan Baruch Ron & Sharon Baruch Saniout Bassilious Bateman Foods Bayview Summer Homes Limited Bayview Summit Development Ltd.

Edwin & Elaine Beallor Todd & Catherine Beallor Howard & Delores Beck Beckett Electrical Inc. Adam Beder Paul Beeston Abe & Simmie Beker Robert Beliak & Tamara Glied Belrock Design Build Inc. Benefit Strategies Inc. Alan & Wendy Berger Paul & Barbara Bernstein Geoff Bertram Murray & Mary Betel Bird Mountain Homes Inc Ronald & Bonnie Birken Bistro On Avenue Bistro on Dufferin BKDI Architects Black Diamond Group Limited The Norman Black Foundation Jim Bladon Murray & Ellen Blankstein Leon & Terry Bleiwas David & Cheryl Blinick Ned & Doris Blinick Elaine Bloomberg Stan Bobrow Projects Inc. Paul Bodnarchuk Norman Boersma Harvey S. Borden Andrew & Marlene Borins Sheldon Bornstein & Marla Levant-Bornstein Boss Lubricants Boston Pizza David Bowman Brampton Brick Limited William Brereton Hildegard Breuer Sarah Brickman Robert Bridel Leif Bristow Britco Structures David Broadhurst Christina Broeker Marsha Bronfman Rick Bronson Judi Brotman David W. Brown Gary & Gail Brown Linda Brown Mel Brown Morris & Freda Brown Sidney Brown Sid & Gina Brown Budget Brake & Muffler Distributors Ltd. Mike Bullard Joseph Burnett/Burnac Corp. Craig Butler Cabinet Doors and More Hugh Cameron Scott Cameron Camp New Moon Michael Campbell Canada Brokerlink Inc. Canada Life Canadian Forest Oil Ltd. Canadian Mortgage Capital Corporation Canadian Tech Air Systems Inc. Canyon Spring Master Builder Carbecca Construction Carma Developers LP Greer Carter Cash Store Financial Bryan Cathcart Cedar Creek General Contracting Century Hospitality Group

Chaitons LLP Challenger Homes Inc. Rafael & Linda Charyk Indraneal Chatterjee Aki & Gail Chencinski J.S. Cheng & Partners Inc. Joy Cherry Weinberg Chisholm Mechanical Contractors Ltd. Andrew Chisholm Jeff & Shawna Citron Michael Clayton CLC Construction Ltd. Judith Cohen Peter & Ricky Cohen Beverley & Samuel H. Cohen George & Susan Cohon Peter Cohos Judith Coldoff Clifford Cole Jeffrey & Dianne Cole Colliers International Jason Collins Colonial Building Restoration Tony Comper William Comrie Contact Chemicals Inc. Michael Cooper Rose Cooper Corby Distilleries Limited Coreydale Contracting Co. David Cotterchio Cougar Contractors Ltd Cougar Fuels Ltd. Collin & Marian Craig Purdy Crawford Judy Csillag CST Corporation Bernie Cugelman Culloden Holdings Cushman & Wakefield Lepage Lawrence & Elizabeth Cyna Ed & Lorraine Cyrankiewicz Vern Da Re Steve & Pearl Dacks Daiters Creamery & Appetizer The Gussie & Thomas Dale Foundation Dalson Marketing 79 Ltd. Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP Sean & Jennifer Debow Lyndon Decore Dale Degner Geno Della Rocca Perry Dellelce Allan Detsky & Rena Mendelson Howard & Mirah Detsky Diamond Corp Jules & Reesa Diamond William Dickson Joseph Dickstein DMS Financial Management John Domsy Miriam Dorfman Double R Building Products Ltd Dougs Place Collision Repair Inc. Arthur Downton Drain-Tite Industries Inc. Karyn Drewnowsky Ruth Druxerman Duncan Homes Limited Arthur & Agi Dunec Duron Ontario Ltd. E & S Mechanical Limited E Construction Ltd Bernice Eckler Norman & Ellen Eckler Jim & Kaitlin Eckler Ecoh Management Inc.

2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report


Eecol Electric Corp. David Ehrlich Alex & Olga Eisen Elite Roofing & Contractors Limited Elliott & Rina Rosenberg Charitable Foundation Elliott & Parr (Peterborough) Ltd. Encore Sales Beatrice Endler Sheila Engel Cohen Engelite Charitable Foundation Epson Canada Paul Evered Export Metal Salvage Ltd. Export Packers Company Limited Haron & Irene Ezer Faithfull Friends Foundation Jay Feferman Feigelsohn Kellar Bernard & Barbara Feinstein

Frank & Deborah Fisher Kevin Fisher Flatt Foundation Howard & Nancy Fleischer Jackie Florence Ken & Melanie Florence David & Anita Franklin Janet Franklin Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP Jay Freeman Jeremy & Elayne Freeman Herb & Betty Frieberg Alan & Janice Friedman Peter & Eva Friedmann Robert & Toba Frimet Sandra B. Fruitman Sheldon & Sharron Fruitman D H Gales Family Charitable Foundation Steven & Debbi Gallen Arthur & Shelley Gans

ways of giving

annual campaign funds the most urgent needs

Max and Gianna Glassman feel a sense of responsibility for the frail elderly who require the kind of care only available at an organization like Baycrest. They know each patient and resident is an individual who was once vibrant and energetic with a joie de vivre that may have been suppressed by illness or the effects of aging. It could, and possibly will, happen to us, Max reflects, so we owe it to them to help. For this reason, the Glassmans are long-standing Baycrest supporters and founding members of our prestigious Circle of Honour donors who make a fouryear commitment to the Baycrest Foundation Annual Campaign, which provides unrestricted funds for Baycrests most urgent needs. This year, the Glassmans made their second four-year pledge to ensure Baycrest has the funding it needs to help those who need it most.

Alan & Beverlee Feldman Allen & Marilyn Feldman Gail Fields Joseph Fierro Fillmore Construction Finning Jack Fireman Warren & Courtney Fireman Martin & Marilyn Firestone

Ed & Pauline Garber Gardiner Roberts LLP Gates Canada Inc. Howard & Carole Gelfand Gem Campbell Terrazzo & Tile Inc. Genumark Promotional Merchandise Inc. Rick Giammarino Faye Gitter

Richard Glatt David & Marilyn Glick Eddie Glick & Susan Rapoport Glick William & Marika Glied Global Accident Legal Services Professional Corp. Global Edmonton Norman Glowinsky & Lillian Vine Glowinsky Paul & Gina Godfrey Stanley & JoAnn Gold Allan & Linda Gold Charles & Marilyn Gold Howard & Denise Gold Bernat & Jennie Goldberger Malka Goldenberg Erika Goldfarb Harry & Gayle Goldgut David & Marilyn Goldhar Leo & Sala Goldhar Cal & Donna Goldman Gary & Wendy Goldman David & Bonnie Goldstein David Goldstein Norman & Ellen Goldstein Marvin Gord Lindsay Gordon Philip & Rachel Gordon Howard Gorman Irwin & Judith Gould Michael & Dianne Gould Jonathan & Hannah Graff Cecil & Lee Graff Mark & Cheryl Grammer Shawn Grant Fred Green Terry & Mimi Green Mark & Corin Greenberg Richard Greene & Shelly Haber Brian Greenspan & Marla Berger Mark & Susan Greenspan Harry & Ruthe Greenspan Ben & Jacqui Grosman Pegi Lee Gross & Associates Inc. Sheldon Gross Rob Grundleger GS Holdings Dan Gundersen Ina Gurofsky Chris Guthrie & Elisabeth Wigmore Gary & Myrna Gutmann H & M Hospitality Brent Halarewich Gerald & Tootsie Halbert Mark & Cindy Halperin Henry Hamm Adrian & Shirley Hanick Mark Hanley Matt Hanley Jay Haralson Harbour Mortgage Corp. Cheryl Hargrave Harris Rebar Elaine Harris Barry Heck Joel Heft Alexander Hefter Helard Investments Limited Rickey Hennick Stephen W. & Marcia Herbert Aubrey Herman Peter & Janet Herman High Standard Landscape David & Cathy Himelfarb Sheldon Hirsch Allen & Celia Hirsh HM Hospitality Joseph & Helen Hochberg

Jo Ann Hoffman Alan & Jennifer Hoffmann Michael Hogg Audrey Holgate Mel & Marlyn Horowitz Gary Hudson Humford Management Inc. Hunt Design Associates Inc. Tally Hutchinson Hydro One Employees & Pensioners Charity Trust Fund Karen Hyman Jill Wagman & Warren Ikeman Industrial Electrical Contractors Limited Intact Insurance Company Invar Building Corporation Iress Canada Arthur & Sandra Irving David Isenman & Jacqueline Segall Peter Jackson Judy Jacobs Jardine Lloyd Thompson Canada Carson Jen Joachim Jeschke Isaac & Basia Jesin Vadim Jivov Jones DesLauriers Insurance Management Inc. David Juvet Alfred Kalke Brian & Alison Kashin William & Carol Kassel Harvey & Helene Katz Paul Katz & Laurel Pfeil Tony Katz David & Sarah Kaufman Nathan & Carol Kaufman The Henry & Berenice Kaufmann Foundation Iser Kay Katherine Kay Roland Keiper Michael Kennedy Michael & Rachel Kerbel Theodor Kerzner Michael & Henrietta Kestenbaum Perry Kiefer Andrew Kim Rodney King The Dianne & Irving Kipnes Foundation Kirschner, Swanson & Kane LLP Anne Kirsh Joel Kirsh Eric Kirzner Fred & Joan Klap Joe Klassen Henry Klecan Les Klein & Toby Rose Dale Klein Samuel Kleinberg Keith Klover Melvin Klug Michael Koch Shirley Kofman Ryan Konotopsky Marc & Joy Koplowitz Marshall & Tami Korenblum Clifford & Katy Korman Howard & Linda Kornblum Joel & Judy Kornblum Alan & Shayndee Kornblum Alexander Kossman Brandon Kot Gordon Kotler Kott Lumber Jack Koven Kraft Berger LLP


2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report

Paul & Rhonda Krandel Danny & Myra Krangle Krauss Family Charitable Trust Robert Kriscunas Gordon & Deborah Krofchick Kronis Rotsztain Margles Cappel Krylov & Company Bill Kucharuk Kwinter Packers Ltd. Candace Kwinter Bobby Kyle Chris Lachance Philip & Caryn Ladovsky Bernard & Ryna Langer Donna Larkin William Larkin Carl & Randy Laskin Albert Latowsky & Faye Arnold Laurentian Bank of Canada Clifford & Joan Lax Mike Lee Allan & Barbara Leibel Jerry & Lily Leiderman Mark Leier Bob & Judy Lester Karen Levenstein The Ruth & Irving Levine Foundation Michael Levitt & Barbi Benjamin-Levitt The Abner Levy Foundation Richard & Rena Levy Randy Lewis Rhoda Lewis Stephen Lewis Leon Liffmann & Miriam Shiell Lawrence Light Lincolnberg Communities Inc. Ken Lindsay Harvey & Sharon Lipman Philip Lipsey & Arlene Ackerman Norton Lithwick & Adele Rich Sheldon & Marilyn Little Robbie & Mindy Little Einat Litvinov Loblaws Inc. Don & Lorraine Loeb Norty & Geraldine Longert Lund Propane Ltd. Ian & Elaine Lurie Michael & Vikki Lyons M & A Gabaee M.A. Reuter Benefits Inc Ronald & Diana MacFeeters Serena Machat Macleod Dixon LLP Gary Macneil Sherry Mailo Michael Major Howard & Fran Malach Gerald & Susan Maldoff Malen Capital Howard Manley Maplebank Homes Limited Greg Martin Larry Martin Ronald Masleck Mastermind Toys Joel Matlin Robert Mattacott Mattamy Homes Limited Jonathan & Beverly Matthews Debra Mauro Arlene Mayers Mayfair Tennis Courts Limited MCAP Commercial LP McDonalds Restaurant of Canada Ltd. Peter Mcdougall Mike Mcinnis

Rod Mcinnis James Mckelvie Brian Mclachlan McLennan Ross LLP McMillan Family Foundation Mcnish Steel Ltd Brian Medjuck Heidi Medline James Meekison & Carolyn Keystone Ronald & Wendy Melvin Alan & Patti Menkes Merck Frosst Ephry & Barbara Merkur Peter Mertz Marty & Sharyn Middlestadt Midwest Propane Inc Milestone Property Management Limited Michael & Ellen Miller Eric Miller Mint Homes Inc. Anil Mital Manny Mitchell & Merle Friedman Modern Niagara Toronto Inc. Molinaros Fine Italian Foods Ltd. James More & Bonnie Shore Mori Lee LLC David Morrow Paul & Karen Morton David Moseley Alex Moses Eldon Moses Milton & Sandra Moskowitz Helen Mosoff Moulding & Millwork Mr. Greenjeans Restaurant Barry Munro Rick Murray Robert Muschamp Mutual Propane Ltd Andy Myers David & Sharon Naiberg Andrei Nemirovski Dennis Nerland New Securities LP Christa Nicholson Mac & Faye Nisker Nomad Editing Company, Inc. Nordic Mechanical Services Derrick & Louise Novis Mark & Barbara Nusinoff Odyssey America Reinsurance Corporation Jordan & Barbara Oelbaum Adrienne M. Offman Allan & Lesley Offman Onex Corporation Optus Capital Corp. Max & Marlene Orenbach Thelma Orzeck Jack Osland Pacesetter Homes Ltd. Correen Pacht Pal Insurance Services Limited Marie Pall Larry Pals Vic Pamensky J. E. Panneton Family Foundation Gary Park Richard & Ellen Paulin Mayeer & Stacey Pearl Geoff & Linda Pearlstein Elliott Peranson & Sharon Cohen Reynah Pereira Gary & Corinne Perlmutar Joseph & Judy Pernica Petrocom Construction Ltd. Pfizer Canada Inc. PGA Architects

Steve & Paula Pippert Martin & Debbie Pivnick Sheldon & Nonie Plener David Podmore Larry Pollock Bob Pomerantz Popeyes Supplements Calgary Popeyes Supplements Ottawa Popeyes Supplements Toronto Rick & Debra Pottens Powerone Capital Markets Limited Leonard Powers PPSA.CA Prairie Mud Service Premform Limited Stephen & Susan Pustil Mark Pytosh Quest Window Systems Inc. Ranchmans Renegades Bernard Rasch Michael Rayfield Harvey & Linda Rechtsman Seth Reichman Paul & Lea Reichmann Reitmans (Canada) Limited Russell & Janie Rendely Gary Rich Verona Richards Steven & Estelle Richmond Jack Ritchie Lisa Ritchie Jay Robinson Fran Rodness Rogers Cable Communications Inc. Rose, Persiko, Rakowsky, Melvin LLP Jordan & Gina Rose Robert Rose Irving L. Rosen Foundation Herb & Riva Rosenfeld William & Bertha Rosengarten Michael & Deanna Rosenswig Ronald & Cynthia Rosenthal Jeff & Lori Rosenthal Rosmar Drywall Ltd Ross Clair Contractors Gerald & Pauline Ross Avie & Fonda Roth Marvin & Sybil Rothschild Ken Rotman & Amy Kaiser The Royal Canadian Legion General Wingate (Ontario No. 256) RRMG Professional Corporation Alan & Elaine Rubinoff Daniel Rumack & Gail Burnett Dean Rutledge Jeffrey Sack Mark & Fern Sadowski Marian Saltsman Frank Sammeroff Samper Developments Ltd. Lawrence & Kay Sandy Michael & Joan Saron Saskatchewan Minerals Inc. Ruth Schacter Les & Judy Scheininger Lionel & Carol Schipper Norman & Honey Schipper Oskar Ascher Schmidt Charitable Foundation Brian & Ellen Schneidman Abe & Pearl Schwartz Carol Schwartz Morry Schwartz Jack Schwartzberg Earl & Joanne Schwebel Scor Canada

Seaspan Marine Corporation Marianne Seger Joel & Tammy Seigel Robert Sellars Harry & Betty Senders Sennheiser Sentinel Storage Corporation Zev & Susan Shainhouse Shanked Computer Recycling Inc. Robert & Naomi Shapero Shaws Enterprises Ltd. Barbara Shefsky Shepherds Care Foundation Sherman & Cappell Investments Limited Harry Sherman David & Francine Shields Family Charitable Foundation Arthur & Margaret Shiff Gary Shiff Randy & Donna Shiff David & Edna Shiffman Shimmerman Penn LLP Solomon Shiner Mark & Mira Shnier Paul & Elissa Shnier Saul & Thelma Shulman Cary & Ruth Silber Silcom Interiors & Contracting Inc. Esther Silver Larry & Carolyn Silverberg Larry Silverberg & Judi Gottlieb Sid & Sue Silverberg The Saul A. Silverman Family Foundation Choc & Gail Silverstein Harvey Silverstein Jeff & Rhoda Simbrow SimplexGrinnell Helen Simpson Pekka Sinervo Henry & Sueann Singer Adrienne & Joel Slan Slavens & Associates Real Estate Inc. Barry Slawsky Sam & Marilyn Sliwin David Smith & Amy Gaskin Jerry & Christine Smith John Smith Sam & Joyce Sniderman Tony & Eliza Solomon Ian & Dahlia Solomon Henry Solow Gary & Carole Solway Cam Sonnenberg SOROC Soul Integrated Solutions Rodrigo Sousa Stan Spencer & Maryam Levitan Wayne Squibb SRS Restoration Limited Laurie Starkman Rita Starkman Stay Kleen Services & Contracting Ltd. Steel-Craft Door Products Ltd. Michael & Joanne Steinberg Wilf & Susan Steinberg Joseph & Elaine Steiner Mark & Cheryl Steiner Ronnie & Sandy Steiner Barbara Stepak Stephenson Engineering Ltd. Michael Stewart Martin & Francie Storm Strategic Outdoor Robert L. Strom Sugardale Homes Limited

2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report


Richard Sugarman Constance Sugiyama Superior Medical Limited Sureway Construction Group Sussexwest Developments Inc. Suzi-Q Textiles (1998) Ltd. Martin & Barbara Sversky Carol Swallow Malcolm & Marjorie Swartz Sweetner Homes Limited Philip Swift Swim Time T.I. Marketing Inc. Rose & Charles Tabachnick Neil & Lauren Tabatznik Bryan Tannenbaum Arthur & Harriet Tarshis Lorne & Sharon Tarshis Enzo Tatangelo Robert Tatangelo Martin & Ruth Tauber Michael & Ronda Taylor Sydney & Ethel Taylor TD Waterhouse Private Banking TD Williamson Canada ULC Technicoil Corporation Tenkorn Holdings Teskey Construction Limited Stan & Dorothy Tessis Teva Canada TGM Investments The Bridge Network Inc. The Bridle Bash Foundation The Group Connect Ltd. The Herzig Eye Institute The Liquor Depot Charitable Foundation The Plan Group Inc. The Sovereign General Insurance Company Dan Themig Sam Thierman Adam Thomas Mary Throop Tim Hortons Tnt High Pressure Esther Tock Sherie Toner Lance Torgerson Toronto Residents in Partnership Torys LLP Totten Group Insurance Trans American Customs Brokers of Canada Ltd. Travelers Guarantee Company of Canada Treeview Homes Limited Tridel Corporation Trimor Capital Corporation Steven Troster Andrew Tylman David & Chantal Ulmer University City Urbanscapes David Usher Vantage Asset Management Vencor Production Testing Ltd. Verdiroc Development Corporation George Vertes Victoria Park Properties David Vinokur Sam Vise Viterra Volker Stevin Contracting Ltd. Vulcan Electrical Ltd. Mark & Valarie Wafer William Wagman Lorie Waisberg Jeffrey Walderman & Eva Schilling

Mike Walker Richard Wallin Walton Capital Management King Ward Mary Ward Larry & Marla Wasser Norman Watt Robert & Rochelle Waxman Bernard & Belle Weinstein Michael Wekerle Marvin & Lynda Wenger Richard & Wendy Wengle Steven Wesfield Michael & Cheryl West Gary Westman Wetaskiwin Credit Union Leon & Iris Weverman Gerald Whiteside Mitchell & Lilian Whyne William Wiener & Lillyann Goldstein Douglas & Ruth Wilansky Wilbur-Ellis Wildeboer Dellelce LLP Mark Wilder Robert Wilkins Williams Engineering Canada Bernice Wilson Carrol Wilson David & Jan Wilson Win-Bar Insurance Brokers Inc. Sam & Julie Winberg Howard & Donna Winick Gerald Wise Joshua Wise Paul & Ellen Wise Jerry & Stacy Wiseblott WJ Properties Michael Wolfish & Holly Bick Allan Wolinsky Works Alberta Ltd. World Wide Electric Inc. WRD Borger Construction Ltd. John Wright Phil & Eileen Wunch Ari & Vanessa Yakobson Yellow Pages Group Leon & Dora Yolles Charitable Foundation David Young & Ellen Young Gregory Young Sveta Zaidman Mark Zaretsky & Lindy Zaretsky Rick Zarnett & Janice Weiss Ray & Michelle Zatzman Zehr Kalman Levesque Inc. Don Zehr Karol & Stella Zenwirt Danny & Joy Zigelman Max Zive & Harriette Kahn-Zive Alexandre Zlotta Rena Zolty --We gratefully acknowledge the support of the following community organizations who facilitate the distribution of donor gifts to The Baycrest Foundation The Benjamin Foundation Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal Toronto Community Foundation United Jewish Welfare Fund of Toronto United Way of Greater Toronto United Way of Winnipeg

planned giving
Planned Giving is simply gift planning from an array of assets. Gifts may be made through a bequest in a will, life insurance, RRSP or RRIF, annuities, marketable securities, trusts, or property such as real estate. Gifts may be made today or promised now to be given some time in the future. This type of giving allows a donor to make a gift much larger than they ever thought possible. This source of revenue is crititcal for Baycrest to meet the changing and growing needs of the elderly we serve.
Planned Gifts received from the estates of: Anne Jaffey Benjamin Birstein Shirley Caplan Theodora Danson Celia Eisenberg Freda Weiner Morris G. Goldenberg Dr. Leon Goldenberg Ilona Gondor Florence Gordon Anne Eleanor Gough George Grossman Ben & Hilda Katz Harry Hersh Annemarie Kent Rose Kirsh Jean Lea Bert Lev Irving & Molly Levins Foundation Earl Mandell David Meltzer Lea Michaels Thomas Cyril Moore Norman Morrison H. Albert Morton Beverley Nisenboim William H. Owen Sara Ratney Helen Rotberg Judith Sanders Louis Savlov Jack Siegal Max J. Singer Alice Stanford Pearl Stone Helen Sugar Louis Swartz Murray Sweigman J.E. Wagman Ilona Wellesz Alan N. Winnick Toby Wintraub

2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report

family of fundholders
Honouring the Past, Enriching the Present, Securing the Future
endowment funds An Endowment Fund at Baycrest

is a meaningful expression of honour and support. The name of the fund endures, providing a lasting tribute to beloved family members or admired individuals. Donations to a fund provide crucial financial stability and ongoing support for Baycrests important client services and programs, cutting-edge research and educational initiatives. With a minimum donation of $10,000, you can establish an endowment fund and have the name permanently inscribed in the Gottdenker Hall of Honour. All donations are eligible to receive receipts for income tax purposes.
visionary $5 million plus Ben & Hilda Katz Research, Education and Care Sam & Ida Ross Fund for Alzheimers Research founder $250,000 - $499,999 Irving Acenberg Research Baycrest Foundation General Purpose Baycrest Hydrotherapy Pool Programme Baycrest Leadership Development Group Baycrest Special Needs Lynn & Brent Belzberg and Family Finkler International Visiting Scientist Gerber Greenhouse & Horticultural Centre Louis Lasowsky Samuel Lunenfeld Special Daycare Louis Savlov Medical Research Savlov Family Hy & Bertha Shore and Harry & Sara Gorman Award Mynne & Harold Soupcoff Studentship with Hebrew University

pillar $1 million plus Elkie Adler MS Clinic Ben Birstein Marla & Aubrey Dan Robert & Maxine Fish* Al Hertz Family Advanced Practice Nurse in Pain Management Ben & Hilda Katz Chair in Gerontological Nursing Ben & Hilda Katz Centre for Gerontological Social Work Ben & Hilda Katz Transportation Kunin-Lunenfeld Applied Research The Reva James Leeds Chair in Neuroscience & Research Leadership Sam & Ida Ross International Prize in Alzheimers Research Sandra A. Rotman Chair In Neuropsychiatry Saul & Rae Saltzman Community Programming

Lokash Summer Student Earl & Renee Lyons Sidney & Zillah Matus Frances & Jack Melman Carol Moir Simon Muskat Bella and Irving Naiberg Elsie & Lawrence Pifko Dr. Ira Pollock Stanley & Tanya Rossby Harry & Pearl Rotenberg Lidsky/Rotterman Family Nancy & Sam Ruth Family Samuel & Jean Sable Savlov Family Savlov Family Savlov Family Gertrude & David Sher Allan Silber Family Tauba & Solomon Spiro Family Helena & Samuel Strasser Murray & Florence Sweigman Morris & Freda Tabachnick Sonia & Manley Tessler Family Morris Urovitz Max & Sala Walerstein Bert & Marilyn Winberg Florence Winberg Max & Ruth Wiseman Max & Beatrice Wolfe Tillie & Maurice Wolfe Rose & Henry Wolkoff Leon S. & Dora Yolles

builder $500,000 - $999,999 Toby Battle Womens Auxiliary Mens Service Group Sidney Jessel Cohen & Judy Weissenberg Cohen Morris Goldenberg Medical Research Albert & Sadye Jessel Community Outreach Morris & Sally Justein Heritage Museum Ben & Hilda Katz Postdoctoral Research Ben & Hilda Katz International Visiting Scientist

benefactor $100,000 - $249,999 Ackerman Family Baycrest Foundation Women of Baycrest* Baycrest Mens Service Group Graduate Student Training Baycrest Mens Service Group Hydrotherapy Pool Baycrest Palliative Care Baycrest Womens Auxiliary Alzheimers Research Arthur & Essie Cohen Stephen & Wendy Cole Dorothy & William Drevnig Nancy Ida Field Roy Foss Joseph Garfinkel Family Max & Roslyn Gordon Al & Malka Green Pinchas & Dorothy Gutter Harry Guzick & Gayle Guzick HSBC Bank Canada Selma Jelinek Kenneth & Mildred Kelman Leon Koffler Harry & Henrietta Kostman Landsman Family Rose Lasowsky Maxwell A. & Fanny Levy Fela & Saul Lichtblau

trustee $50,000 - $99,999 Harry & Ethel Abramsky Lily & David E. Barr Baycrest Art Baycrest Community Day Centre Baycrest Program Enrichment Karl & Hilde Breuer Edward Bronfman Family Michael & Rena Buckstein Phillip DeZwirek Family Kathleen McGuire Eastman William & Celia Eisenberg Morris & Sarah Feldman Barbara Meissner Fishbein Rose & William Fishman Israel & Yetta Fruitman Myra & Albert Gallander Samuel & Anne Gans Lou, Al & Jack Gilbert and Ruth & Perry Sherman Rose & Jonas Glowinsky Marilyn & David Gluskin All Gold Nathan & Eva Gold Goldgrub Family Minnie & Robert Grafstein Joel & Ruth Greisman Fay Florence Grobin & Dr. Wulf Grobin Helen & Morris Grosman Jack & Buschie Kamin Magda Klein Arthur & Sadye Krangle Alfred & Helen Krieser Family Frida & Irving Lebovici Reva James Leeds Hertel Leibovici Joseph B. Lubotta Markowitz Family William & Blima Martin Sheila & Robert Masters Family Sarah & Gordon Mendly Faye & Al Mintz Family Becky & Koppel Pancer

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Anna & Edmund Hefner Rose Heisel Mickey & Eunice Heller Milton Henry Marcia & Stephen Herbert Rebecca Sonia Hershoran Elaine Herzog Family Dr. Henry & Ella Himel Phillip Hirsch Fayga & Louis Hochberg Aranka Hofstedter Kalman & Ray Holtzman Samuel & Olga Honig Deirdre Hopkins Bebe Isha Husain Family* Irving & Mina Ingber Mollie Isaacson* Albert & Sarah Isenberg Annie & Joseph Isenman Harry & Zelda Jonas and Family Harry & Toby Jordan Marshall & Esther Jubas Family Siegmund & Sofie Kamnitzer Edith & Jack Kaplan Allen & Sharon Karp and Family Toba (Toby) & Harry Kash Kaufman Family David & Golda Kazdan Family Harry & Rose Kesten Irving M. Keyfitz Joseph & Jean Kichler David & Rose Kirsh Pearl & Herman Klebanoff Oscar & Edith Kochberg Max & Minnie Koffman Shirley Kofman Avrum & Golda Kohl Koralek Family Morris & Ruth Korman Harry & Mary Korolnek Jack & Ida Koskie Jack & Gertrude Kosoy Rose & Ben Kozierok Molly & John Jacob Kramer Anna & David Kulas Geist Adele Kuperstein Anne & Sam Kuretzky Betty & Samuel Kwinter Family Lagover Mutual Benefit Society* Oscar & Selma Lang Harvey Langer Sara & Hyman Langer and Toba & Mendel Weinrib* Anita & Leon Lapidus Family* Adele & Saul Laskin Nathan Lastman Jessica Lax Jonathan Lax Pauline & Julius Laywine Max & Myna Lazer Mel J. & Marlyne Lazer* Harry & Ida Lester Dr. Joseph & Rita Leventhal and Family Polly Levi Phyllis & Murray L. Levin Bessie Levine Morris & Ruth Levine Ruth & Irving Levine Family Florye & Percy Levy Pauline & Harvey Lewis Jonah Aaron & Faigie Miriam Libman Lipman Family Sam & Manya Lipshitz The Isadore Lipson Family Fund Evalyn & Arthur Lipton Family Ruth & Norem Litvak and Louis & Lillian Bloom Harry & Tillie Litwin

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Morris & Goldie Reiss* Morris & Lillie Resnick Family Louis & Rose Revitch Donald H. Rich Abraham Richman Helen & Alex Richmond Ted & Miki Richmond Selma Robins Fanny Roff Ernest & Clara Roger Mary & Murray Rose Abie & Sarah Rosen Harvey & Alma Rosen Minnie & Joseph Rosen Hynda & Joseph Rosenberg Rivka Rachel Rosenberg & Ala Rosenberg Ackerman Sam & Sarah Rosenberg Florence & Maury Rosenblatt Frances Rosenfield Danny & Marilyn Rosenzweig Family Rosmarin Family Ida & Sam Ross Louis & Minnie Rotenberg Martin & Rose Roth Rothschild Family* Dov Rozenmutter Family Maude & Jack Rumack Sophie Rygier Rose & Gordon Saltzman Minn Sandler Jacob & Libbie Sandy Maria Santo & Family* Selim Sassoon Beatrice & Joseph Schipper Sigmund & Gabriella Schmidt Rubin (Ruven) & Fradel Schneider Julius & Else Scholem Benjamin & Katy Schwartz and Family Jack & Bertha Schwartz Family Fae Scolnik Irving & Shirley Scolnik Sidney & Merle Seligman Edward & Helen Sheffman Family Sherkin Family Gertrude Sherman Sherman Family Isie Golombek & Doris Sherwin Nat & Ethel Sherwin William & Ethel Shiman Morris Shoom Anne & William Shore* Harry Tochterman Shuber & Annie Shuber Yetta & Maurice Shully Michael & Jackie Shulman Sara (Sal) & Ted Sidon & Family Mary & George Silver Nathan & Mollie Silver Harry & Evelyn Silverberg Family Maurice & Rose Silverstein Dr. Murray Simon Kalman & Devorah Gitel Sinaberg Polly E. Singer Betty & Joseph Skolnik Beth & Jack Sky Adrienne & Joel Slan Benjamin Slatt Blanche (Salsberg) & Garfield P. Smith Clara & Gerald Smith Hy & Rose Smith Irene & Gerald Smith Sara & Leonard C. Smith Aaron Sokalsky Family Sarah & Eddie Solish Honey Soll

Dr. Coleman Solursh Gasner/Solursh Jerry Solway Albert & Frances Sonenberg Louis & Ruth Spencer Mort & Doris Spiar Annie & Harry Spring Minna & Abe Squires Joseph & Rose Stahl Samuel Stark Family Sid & Yittie Starkman Isadore & Fay Steinberg Sidney & Shirley Steinberg Anne & Jerry Steiner* Dorothy & Bob Sterling Jacob & Minnie Sterling Samuel & Ruth Sterling Family Myrna & Irving Stern Family Louis & Edith Stillman Family Dr. Meyers & Belle Stitt Lilyan and Harvey Stork* Francie & Martin Storm Family Louis & Susan Strauss Anne & Robert Strom Irving & Doreen Strom Family Jennie Stupp Norman & Rachel Suckonic Avrom & Reesa Sud Family* Pearl & Sam Sugarman Tilly Sugarman* Jack, Min & Joanne Swadron Family Ernest & Bertha Swirsky Religious Miklos & Ilonka (Seder) Szabolcsi Miklos & Gabriella Szanto Mimi Szekely Goldie Tanner Bert & Anne Taradash Dr. Jacob & Rose Tarshis Family* Moses & Anne Tartick Brunina Tassone Luigi Tatangelo Harold N. & Catherine Taube Arthur Abraham Tenen Jack & Ida Teplitsky Irene & Sydney Tepperman Family Gittel & Abraham Tessis Dora Anna Till & Morris Sanford Till Rita & Myron Tobias Rubin & Elaine Todres Family Rose & Joseph Trefler Michael & Sue Turk Nadine Tytel Ladislav Verny Brian & Bunny Vyner* Etta Wagman Goldie Wagman Harvey & Beulah Wagman* Isadore & Rachel Wagman Rose & Henry Wagman and Harry Horowitz Sol & Lilyan Wainberg Tillie & Jack Wainberg Harry J. & Mari Waisglass Henry & Selma Walfish* Irwin A. & Frances Wallace Toby & Murray Waltman Harry & Ester Warsh Betty & Morris and Brian & Joel Wasser Family* Ethel Wasserman & Martin Wasserman Sam & Sarah Waxman Sara Gertrude Wayman Margaret & Irving Wayne Family Anne & Moe Weiner Maurice & Mary Weisdorf Aube & Fae Weisman

Emma Weiss Isidore, Giselle & Magda Weiss Eva Weissenberg & Leslie Weissenberg Samuel & Minnie Wexler & Bernard Gurofsky Dr. Samuel Marcus Wigser Fanny & Jack Wineberg and Esther & Bernard Yale Bernice & Jack Winnick Minnie Winocur Jack & Betty Winston Family Max & Sally Wintraub Albert & Gertrude Wise Honey & Julie Wise and Family* Gertrude & Hyman Wisebrod Ruby Wohl Beatrice Wolfe Joyce & Jack Wolfe Morris & Pauline Wolfman Family Samuel & Esther Wolfman Dr. Solomon Jacob & Kate Woolfson Irwin & Elayne Wortsman and Family Sylvia & Irving Wortsman Moishe & Ettie Wosnick & Family Elaine Yaffe* Israel & Perla Yakubowicz Bessie Yolleck* Cecil & Annette (Denny) Yolles Chaim Yontef Family Zabitsky Family* Anna & Morris Zaidman Helen & Harold Zamon Eliezer & Itta Zeisler Betty & Noel Zeldin Harry & Celia Zener Zuckerman Family Oscar Zuker Ruth & Oscar Zuker* Freda & Michael Zulauf Robert I. Zweig Therese Zwetschkenbaum

supporter $2,000 - $9,999 Louis & Esther Abella Shina & William Abrams Sam & Esther Ackerman Judge Joseph L. Addison Belle Adler Allan Albert Irving S. Albert Nettie Albert Barbara & Marshall Alexander Family Bertha Allen Lillian Samuels Appel Louis & Fanny Applebaum Agnes Armstrong Joyce Arshawsky Bernard Arshoff Ethel & David Atlas Bernie Auerback Hadassah & Label Bachst Tillie & Barney Bader and Sally & Earl Bader Charles Bain Margaret & Louis Barany & Tibor Rottmann Judah H. & Rachel Barcessat Rose Bardenstein Bryna & Leonard Barkin Harry L. & Pauline Barkin and Alan Berk Jack & Freda Barkin Sarah & Pinkus Barth Herb Baskin


2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report

ways of giving

centenarian expresses gratitude to baycrest in her will

Rose Piper may have been slight of stature, but her spirit was large and effervescent. Her friends remember her most fondly for her intelligence, dignity and devotion. Rose was particularly devoted to her husband, Alex, who was a resident of the Apotex Centre for five months before he died in 2007 at age 102. Thats when Rose moved to the Terraces of Baycrest where she was comfortable, happy and active for the remaining four years of her life. She passed away in October 2010 at 101 years. In appreciation of the compassionate care her husband received at the Apotex Centre, Rose left a significant bequest to Baycrest in her will which she designated to Alzheimers research. Her gift will have a lasting impact on the lives of others and Rose will be remembered in perpetuity as a member of the Sam Ruth Legacy Society, a special group of thoughtful donors who have made a planned gift to Baycrest.

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Dorothea R. Dofy Bloom Hilda & Jack Bluestein Family Celia, Louis & Barry Blumenfeld & Allan Brooks Hy & Sadie Bocknek Sadie Boltman Harriett Bomza Adeline & Norman Borins Fanny & Jacob Borinsky Family Joseph & Sadie (Syd) Bornstein Martin Bornstein Morris & Esther Bornstein Sam H. & Renee Borovoy Soorah & Sid Borovoy Jack & Edith Brahams Dorothy Brassel Joe Brenner Sadie & Sam Brodkin Meyer & Gertrude Bromberg Olia Brownstone Helen Burstein Anne & Lou Cadesky Samuel Camelgar Vivian & David Campbell Ruth & Harry Caplan Family Sam & Shirley Caplan Reuben A. & Pearl Cappe Rose Leah Cappe Rose & Nathan Cappe Cappe Family Ron, Gail & Gary Carbell Family Fanny Cardish/Jennie Shoot-Austin Chandler Holocaust Resource Project Dr. Morris & Hudy Charendoff Evelyn & Louis Charles Herb Charles Jack Charles & Lorne Chousky Jack & Rose Chelsky Freda Chernovsky Family Joel Alan Cherry Sonya & Michael (Church) Chuchura Beatrice & Henry Cieman Sam Ciglen Rose & Abraham Citron Harry Clairman Albert & Sylvia Clausner Tanya & Jack Clement Family Roslyn Climans Abe & Eva Cohen Debbie & Farley Cohen Harold & Kay Cohen Family Harry Cohen Max & Rebecca Cohen Rose & Ida Cohen Ruth Cohen Sara Cohen Sonnee Ruben Cohen Celia & Elliott Collins Etta & Sam Collins Min & William Collins Jean & Garson Conn Bert & Esther Cooper Jack & Sybil Cooper Jack & Lillian Cooper Martin Cooper Murray Cooper Allen G. Copnick Family Cornish Family Norman & Bertha Cowan Samuel Cowan John & Freda Cozman Family William A. Crocker Sally E. Croll Senator & Mrs. David A. Croll Senator David A. Croll Sylvia & Marvin Daniels Grace V. Davey

Anna David Susan Centner Davidson Wilfred R. Davis Ralph & Dorothy De Sola Harry & Lola Derlachter Rochelle & Charles Diamond Shirley & Eph Diamond Family Irene Dick Leon & Golda Diener Annie Hilda Dillick Emanuel Don Szlomo Zelman Don/Joseph Fraidenraich/David Lieberman Ethel & Moses Donenfeld Donin Family Lisa & Philip Draper Sarah & Louis Drew Harry & Sarah Dubinsky Pearle & Morris Duckman Oscar Duskes Norm & Millie Egelnick/ Al & Ray Rabin Murray & Edythe Ehrlick David & Eva (Chavala) Eisen Sarah & Issie Eisen Max & Rose Eisenberg Vincent James & Leona Equable Goldie & Irving Erenberg Family Fairbloom Family Faith Family Gertrude & Ralph M. Farber Sammy Federman Gert Fenkell Fara Fenwick Lillian & Myer Fine Morris Fingrut Joel Fink Mary & Wilfred Fink David & Sadie Finkelberg Family Gertrude & David Finkelstein Louis Finkelstein Rozalia & Berek Finkelstein Family Morris Finsten Sam Fireman Louis Firestone Family Kate & Phil Fischman Joseph & Fannie Fish Henry David Fisher Hy & Rita Fisher Jacob & Sarah Fisher Annie & Eddie Fleisher Mendel & Malka Flint Lillian Fogle Annie & Hymie Forman Toni Franco Minnie & Simon Frankel Belle & Saul Freedman Dora Freedman Gilda & Sam Freedman Eli & Sylvia Freeman Morris & Kate Freeman Jeffrey Steven Friedland Jeshua & Gitla Friedland Pat & Allan Friedland Family Sophie Fromovitz Birthday Ruth & Joe Fruchtman Family Joy Gales Sam Galinsky Philip & Eva Gantman Sam Garber Charles Gardner Robert & Ethel Garfinkel Norman Garnet Marvin & Terry Geist Benjamin & Thelma Gelgoot Ida & Isaac Gelman Isaac Gelman Devin Lauter Gerstein Lee Zwig Gerstein

2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report


Gilinsky Family Harry & Ettie Gilman Etta Ginsberg Etta Ginsberg Givertz Family Sarah & Henry Gladstone Max Glazer Manuel & Muriel Godfrey Rae Godfrey Ben & Rae Gold Family Harry Goldberg Wolfe & Tillie Goldberg Wolfe & Tillie Goldberg Family Sandor Goldberger Family Goldblatt Family Irvin & Etta Golden Family Louis & Ethel Goldenberg Pearl & Benjamin W. Goldenberg Gertrude (Snider) Goldfarb & Shep Snider Isaac Goldkorn Bella Goldmacher Albert & Katie Goldman Fanny & Jacob Goldman Family Jack & Lil Goldman Family Miriam Goldman Zalman & Shaindel Gittel Goldmintz Phyl Goldner Phyl & Roy Goldner David & Helen Goldsilver Manny Goldsmith Edward & Mildred Goldstein John & Sylvia Goldstein Norman & Trudy Goldstein Rose & Sydney Goldstein Golvin Family Moe & Bertha Goodman Nathan Goodman Frank & Hilda Gould Sarah Grammer Gertie & Morris Granatstein Family Nathan Gray Gilbert & Pearl Green Philip Green Thelma Green Harry & Sonia Greenberg Family Toby Greenberg Betty & David Greenglass Mordechai & Rose Greenspan Rabbi Abraham Greenspan William & Toby Greenspoon Groman Family Harold & Dinah Gross Murray & Bessie Grossman Family Shirley Grotell Faye & Sol Grupp Hilda Grushcow Michele Lecker-Gryfe & Moishe Gryfe Ruth & Arthur Gryfe Frank Gula and Dorothy Kurtz Chaim Gurfinkel Frank & Jolan Guttman Jacob & Adela Guttman Nathan & Barbara Haber Lila & Saul Halpern Handelman Family Minabelle & Irving Haneford Mary Harris Ethel Hebscher Sonia Hershman Marion & Alex Hertzman Family Hillel & Asher Family David & Toby Himelfarb Lorraine & Aubie Himmel Rebecca Hoch Arnold & Frania Hochberg Joe & Helen Hochberg

Goldie & Louis Hoffman Mollie Hoffman Ruth Holesh Robert & Leona Hurwitz Edwin & Sylvia Hyde Family Harry & Eleanor Hyde Rose & Irving Ingles Harold & Samuel Isenberg Saul & Bev Isenberg Frances Jacober Chava & David N. Jacobson Dora & Frank Jacobson Bernard H. Jaffee Tor & Pearl Jakobson Elaine & Jules James Jesion Family Goldie Joseph Connie & Ben Kachuck Family Rita & William Kagan Sadie Kagan William Kagan Edith Kalles Mary & David Kalnitzsky Family Hy & Bella Kaman Philip & Lena Kandel & Joseph Kandel Frank & Sarah Kappy Robert & Leatrice Karmazin May & Fred Karp Morris Kasman Aaron & Marion Kates Esther & David Kates Family Gertie Kates Jules & Dorothy Kates Ethel & William Kathron William Katz Woolf & Freda Katz Benjamin & Annie Katzman Rose & Charles Kay Sylvia Kellermann Charles Aaron Kent Sam & Sarah Kerzner Harry & Ida Keshen Margaret & Murray Keyfetz Pearle & Carl Keyfetz Alex & Helen Kielish Kipper Family Ralph & Bessie Kirsh Sheldon Kirsh & Esther Kirsh Lily & Jack Kirshenblatt Irene & Morley Klayman Klebanoff Family Belle & Joseph (Lucky) Klein A. Sol & Rebecca Kling Bernard Koffman Helen & Irving Kofsky Edward Kohn Meta & Henri Kolin Kon & Szpigiel Family Toby & Jules Kopman Korentager & Yellin Families Edythe and Myron Korn Louis & Florence Krandel Family Solly Krieger Michael & Shirley Krofchick Sam & Funia Krongold Barney & Fanny Kronis Geraldine (Gerri) Kronis Charlotte & William Krossel Krugel Family Rose Lagunoff Family Steve & Heather Lamasz Jules & Toby Lambert Sylvia & Philip Lampert Lillian Langer Rose Langer Samuel & Mary Langer Family Rose Lastman Lillian Lavine Baumwald Ross-Lederman

Sam & Gert Leich Family Fred & Estelle Lepofsky Harry & Annie Lerner Ben & Ruth Levant Lillian Levine Landman Frances Levinsky Isaac & Jennie Levy Harry Lewis Sadie Lieff Sigmund (Sigi) Lightman Marion Lim Allan Lindzon Toby & Alfred Lipman Al Lipson & Sylvia Burstein Jeffrey & Beverly Lipson Arthur & Isabell (Belle) Liss Family Joseph & Gertrude Litvak and Lewis & Rebecca Goldblatt Beverley Colman Lokash Ann & Harry London Bill & Fannie Love Joseph Lucatch Ben & Vera Lyons Irwin & Katherine Lyons L Z A Senior Citizens Elsie Maclean Family Mina & Reuben Madesker Lottie & Jack Magder Olga & Leslie Maibaum Hanna-Maria Maijala-Root Toby Malamud Dr. Bernard & Ida Mandel Hilda & Max Mandel Tillie Penwick Mandel Gilda & Philip Mandelbaum Frances & Morrey Manilla Louis & Anne Manley Norman & Fanny Manly Louis Manpel Adele Manson Louis & Helen Marcovitch Haya & Chaim Marcovitz Lillian Marcus Freda & Irving Margles Peter Margolis Mary & Morris Marks Professor Nathan Markus Willie Martin David & Sylvia Matlow Maven-Thornhill Lodge Bnai Brith Ann & Manuel Mayers Jack & Sara Mazin Family Arnold Medad Ann & Samuel Meltz Arthur & Lillian Messinger Rowena Meyer Louis Milgram Arthur & Sylvia Miller Jack (Whitey) & Gertrude Mills Lily & Hyman Milstein Gary & Genia Minz Dr. Sidney Moll Joseph & Helen Morgan & Family Fay & Gerry Morris Bettye Morton Fay & Alex Mosoff Muller & Hirsch Families Agnes Murphy Family Minnie Myers Sally Myers Miriam Naiman Esther & Hyman Naistein Rose Nash & Herschel Friedman Ida Nefsky Rose Nepom New Fraternal Jewish Association Louis & Frieda Newman Jessie & Charles Norman Northwood Country Club

Rita Offman Lou & Ida Oiffer Lillian & Louis Okun Jerry & Shirley Olch Belle & Lou Onrot Joel A. Organek Thora & Fred Ornstein Eva & Henry Ostro Annie Page Esther & George Panzer Parlow Family Jack Parr Yona Pattenick Esther & Irving Pearl Samuel Pelchovitz Rivy & Murray Perelman Mark Perlmutter Pesce Family Marsha Pezim Arnold & Florence Phillips Howard Arnold Phillips Rosa Pinhas Sylvia & Max Plant and Paul & Fanny Feld Avrum & Ida Platt Poizner Family Dr. Edward M. Pollak & Family Millie (Tobenstein) & Sidney Pollock Belle & Joseph Posluns Richard Posluns Sam & Rebecca Posluns Winnie & Sam Posner Irvine Potash Rolf & Regina Power Dr. William Prusin Charles & Fanny Prussky & Sydney Prussky Family David & Ida Pulver Dannie & Tilly Rabinowitz Max & Annie Rabinowitz Rose Rabovsky & Frances Deutsch Rebecca Rafalovitch Dr. David Rakowski Dr. Harry Rakowski Harry & Goldie Rash Dr. Norman Rasky Max & Vera Rasminsky Family Isaac & Molly Ray Redhill Family Rose Reiss Ethel Rensler Leah & Saul Resnick Esther & Samuel Richardson Ben & Sunny Richman Samuel & Bella Richman Irene & Irving Rife Family David Rigler Eleonora Rinde Abraham & Sarah Ritchie Nathan Rochwerg Steven Rodness Max & Dorothy Roher Denise Rose Eva & Morris Rose Dr. Barry Rosen Bella & Joseph Rosen Carl & Rebecca Rosen Himey & Helen Rosen Louis Rosen Family Gertrude Rosenberg Ben Rosenberg & Hilda Rosenberg Judy & Morris Rosenberg Norman and Rita Rosenberg Doris & Sam Rosenblat Ruth Rosenblum Riva & Herb Rosenfeld Sam & Gert Rosenthal


2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report

Mendel Rosner Henry & Ann Ross Harry & Sara Rotbard Bill Rotenberg Matys Rotenberg & Ita Rotenberg Peretz & Chanka Rotenberg Toby Roth Nathan, Sara & Morris Rotman Lillian Rotstein Molly Rubinoff Safron Ruderman Family Ethel & Alex Rumianik Esther & Joseph Rutman Martin Rynski Joseph Herman Sadowski Anne Salem Sam & Anne Salem Sam & Anne Salem Kenneth & Toby Saltzman Saltzman Family Jennie Samuels Lucy & Louis Jules Samuels Bertha & William Savlov Aileen Sax Helen F. Schacter Irving & Mae Schacter Anne & Kalman Schaffran Izzy & Yetta Schatten Ruth & Herb Scheinman Hannah Ambrose Schiff Frank & Florence Schipper Irvin Schipper Kamilla A. Schonberg Sol & Eva Schulman Louis & Pearl Schwartz Bessie Schweitzer Eva & Irving Seligman Hy & Esther Seligman Jessica & Tonya Seltzer Rae & Abe Shachter Rose Shain Sam & Trudy Shain Gerald & Hannah Shane Beck Shapiro Dr. Ernest K. Shapiro Harry & Clara Shapiro Harry & Eva Shefman Al Shendale Louis Sherman Stanley & Sally Sherman

Anshei Shidlov Esther & Sam Shilling Family Manny & Sadye Shinehoft Sam & Elsie Shulman Jack Sibulash Irving Siegel Family Mollie & Max Sigal Harry Silverberg James & Marie Silverberg Sam & Molly Silverberg Samuel J. Silverberg Harry & Bessie Silverhart Annalee Silverman Joseph Louis & Celia Silverman Dr. Harry & Tannis Silverstein Harry & Jennie Silverstein Murray & Joanne Silverstein Bernice & Percy Singer Fred & Belle Singer Fred & Ann Singer Family Joseph, Reta & Bruce Sipper Sally & Max Skrow Sam & Fanny Skurka Pearl & Jack Slan Harry Slavner Rachel Sliwinska Lou Sloan Rabbi Reuben & Rita Slonim William (Bill) Sluser Ben & Sally Smith Isadore & Ruth Smith Jennie Snider Sam Snider Betty & Boris Sokoloff Lillian Soles Sam & Inez Solish Sone Family Rose & Louis Sonenberg Young Womens Branch of The Sons of Jacob Mindy Souberman Raizel (Aronovitch) Spector Rose & Tommy Speisman Munja Spiegel Bill Sprackman Mae Stein & Dorothy Schoenberger Mary Stein Renee & Mel Stein Alte & Edgar Steinberg

William & Ida Steinberg Fanny Stern Max & Ruth Stern Pearl & Albert Stevens Pearl & Jerome Stone Samuel Stone Harry & Sophie Stransman Morris & Rebecca Stulberg Bob & Goldie Sugar Rose & Aaron Sugar Charles, Rose & Ann Sutton Edith and Leo Szigeti Goldie & Louis Talsky Esther & Harry Tator Celia & Henry Taube Jack & Bernice Taylor Family Henry and Ruth Tenser Rhoda & Benjamin Tepper Morris & Lily Tepperman Rose & Jack Tesher Rose Ticktin & Carole Marilyn Fisher Fred Tittel Rita & Myron Tobias Louis & Rose Tobis Jaakov & Lilli Toporek and Family Eze & Alice Torkin Ruth Torneck Sydney & Ruth Tozman Max Trachter Sylvia & Philip Trager Stephen & Maura Turk Harry & Mary Unger Kopel & Lilian Unger Bessie Urowitz Lillian & Ben Valin Samuel Verman Visenberg Stanley Vyner and Millie Abramovitz Arthur & Sue Wagman Debbie Wagman William Wagman Morris & Zena Waldman Family Reva & Mark Waldman Annette & Jack Walman Family Dora Waltman Irving Waltman Sarah & Samuel Warner Clara Warsh David & Mary Wasserman

Harry Wasserman Moishe & Rayla Wasserman Family Betty & Max Weinberg Yaacov & Freda Weinberg Sam Weiner & Marci Weiner Julie & Michael Weingarten Family Norman Weingarten Family Esther & Ben Weinrib Rita & Ralph Weinstein Family Emma & Irving Weintraub Rose Weisblatt Harry Weisfeld Herbert J. Weiss Stephen Weiss Andrew & Margaret Weisz Samuel & Rose Wiener Mina Wierzchowski Morris & Muriel Wilensky Sol & Anne Wilks Molly & Max Wingust Irving & Frances Wintrob Morris (Moishe) & Pauline Wise Benjamin & Nellie Wisleski Faye Wohl Kover & Anne Wohl Rose Wohlgelernter Edward Wolfish Phyllis & Saul Wolfish-Morton Rose & Harry Wolfson S. David & Rose Wolfson Lena Wolinsky Abe Woolf Bernice & Abe Wygodny Belle & Wilf Yaphe Young Mens Hebrew Association Sam & Norma Yurman Leslie & Gertrude Zack Morris Zaretsky Anne and Joseph Zarnett Fanny & Thomas Zelin John Ziner (Czinner) & Family Zucker/Zinman Betty Zweig Dinah & David Zweig Family * Indicates new funds opened between April 1, 2010 and March 31, 2011.

covenant funds
Covenant Funds provide another opportunity to create an enduring testament to a loved one or to celebrate a special occasion. Established with a minimum commitment of $1,000, these named funds are designed so that the capital of the fund is invested and the interest generated each year is directed toward your choice of Client Care, Research, Education, or Baycrests most pressing needs. In this way, the name of the fund becomes a lasting legacy, while the capital provides ongoing support for important programs and services at Baycrest, now and into the future. All donations to the fund are eligible to receive receipts for income tax purposes.
covenant funds $1,000 - $9,999 Sid & Lil Abel Joseph M. Abraham Dr. John & Frances Ackerman Harvey & Frances Adelman Gerald Herbert Albert Dr. Max & Rhona Alexandroff Goldy Alexandroff Elsa Allen Lillian Allen Eve & Mickey Alter Mary Alter Phillip Alter & Family Lauren Amato Ronnie & Bunnie Appleby/Robins Appleby & Taub LLP Murray & Joyce Arlin Michele Andrea Arshawsky Fine Dr. Harvey Atin Cantor David & Klara Bagley Bert Bainerman Irving Bain Louis Bain* Mildred & David Bakan Bill Baker Sophie & Sid Baker Alex Bakerspigel Ethel Tamas Balint Samuel & Ruth Banks Joseff & Susan Baruch Karen & Amnon Baruch Genia & Kalman Baum Rose Bayer & Alexander Bayer Morris & Lena Bederman Sara & Leo Beliak Vela Belsky Leonard & Goldie Berger Sam & Sara Berger

Morton Bernholtz Rebeka Bialystok* Ronald & Bonnie Birken* Philip Birman Lillian Bobkin Guta Boimal Milton Book Celia Bookman* Anton Braun* Bella Bricks Frances Bromstein Sarah Brothman BSD Samuel Burman Rebecca Burstein Rose & Carl Calmenson Calvin Cappell Harry Carsley Carrie & Martin Cash Tom Cash Mania Chaikof Esther Clairmont Yetta Cohen* Anna Cojocariu Domenico & Maria Colaiacovo Farrel & Rhoda Cole Ruth & William Coldoff

2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report


Albert & Rose Cooper Goldie (Yarmouth) Cooper* Joseph Cooper Mervis & Horace Crosswell Ede (Teddy) Csillag & Irene Blasz Csillag & Family* Shirley Cutler Cecil & Barbara Davidson Harold & Bunny Davidson* Charles H. Davis Sammy Davis Elizabeth de Roode Edward Donnenfield Marshall Drewnowsky Belle & George Drutz Chaim & Fira Dunec Sarah (Sally) Dzialoszynski Miriam (Micky) Ebedes & Family Howard J. Edelson Frances & Murray Eisen Leon Elfan Ethel & Sidney Elias* Beatrice Elkind Philip, Edith & Martin Ely Mary Ernest Faye & Sydney Faibish Family Ida & Fishel Farber Nettie Favor Mina & Julius Feder Gizella Fein Allen & Marilyn Feldman Bess Feldman Claire Feldman Gert & Syd Fink Anna Flancman* Nancy & Howard Fleischer Stephen Foldy Solomon & Marlene Fox Jean Frankel Harold & Gitta Frazer Max & Yetta Freedman Sarah Freedman The Freedman Family Alfred & Mary Freeman Harvey Freeman Herb & Betty Frieberg Family Yetta Friedman Esther Fridson Israel & Rachel Frydberg Ben Gangbar* Sheppard & Geraldine Gangbar Arthur & Shelley Gans Saul & Lilly Garden Karen Garscadden Faye Gewarter Hilda Giddens Ella & Daniel Gilbert* Anne & Ben Ginsberg* Bess & Philip Godfrey Margaret Rich Godfrey Freda Goldberg Jack Goldberg Ernest Goldberger Joseph & Renee Goldhar Family Nathan & Anne Goldman Jack Goldstein Evelyn Gollin Louis & Esther Gomberg Harry & Fanny Goodman Dr. Jack M. Goodman Philip Greenspan Moe and Sylvia Greenspoon Sandra Mae Greenspoon David & Matilda Grossman Joseph Grossman Dora Grunwald Magda & Arie Grunwald Abraham & Chana Grynberg; Karolyn (Grynberg) Karten

Ben Gussack Bernice Guziker David Gwartz Martin Halberstadt Morris & Eudy Halberstadt Jack & Amy Hauer Sophie Hausman Saba Hecht Joseph & Gertrude Helfand Sylvia Herberman Elyse & Lawrence Hildebrand Family Tillie (Shier) Himel Alfred Ho Judy Horowitz Ann & Ben Houpt Kelly & Daniel Isakow Daisy & Sydney Jacobs Family Leo & Sadye Jacobs Jeanette Jacobsen David & Nacia Kaczka Sarah & Percy Kassel Pearl (Katz) Kates Abe & Bunny Katz Jane & Israel Katz Sara Katz Minnie & Samuel Katzman Carol & Nat Kaufman Jack & Zita Kaufman Richard & Anne Gertrude Kay* Daniel Kayfetz Sam & Rita Kenigsberg Philip Kerbel Norman & Ellin Kert Isadore & Sarah Kerzner Laura & Jack Kirk* Alex Kirsh Edith Kirsh Murray & Lila Kirsh Family Lou & Esther Kirshenblatt Ruth Kirshner Ileana Klein Leo & Blossom (Bluma) Klein Family Sylvia Klein Leon Kluger Bertha Komaromi Leo Kon Allan & Esther Konikoff Harold Korenblum Koven Family Nathan Kozloff Esther Bluma Krakowski George & Bess Kreser Beatrice & Bernard Krestell Gail & Fred Krofchick Blanka Kronenberg Freda & Chaim Kuper Moshe Kurtz Jean & Bert Lams Brenda and Brian Lass Family Anne Lebow Raye Filderman Lebow Jessie Leffell Eklove Henrietta Leinwol Anna & Harvey Lerner Judy & Bob Lester Family* Evelyn & Charles Levenstein Rae Levine William & Minora Levine Nathan Levinne Nye Levy Harry Lewkowicz Miriam & Bernie Liberman Benjamin & Rita Libman Paula & Rachmil Licht Family* Morris & Cyla Lieberman Alice Light Ida & Jack Linetsky

Shirley Luft Molly Lustman Mendy and Marilyn Maierovitz Sharron (Sherry) Mandell & Family Jeanette and Max Manes Molly Manly Fran Mann Rose & Jack Manson Clarence & Bernice Marcus Alter & Chaya Fradel Markus Frank & Pearl Maron Arlene Mayers* Seymour & Evelyn Mayers Sara Mazin Margaret G. McCreight Anthony McGregor* Moishe Mendlowitz Paul & Lily Menceles Jacqueline Michaels Bella & Abe Miller Jonathan & Ursula Miller Mary Miller Samuel & Sophie Milgram William J. Mimms Thelma Mintz Bessie & Morris Mock Eva and Nathan Mogil Shirley Moldaver Freda & Sam Morgenstern Ruth Morayniss & Leland Harris Family* Murray Morgenthau* Joseph and Molly Moses Gertrude Most Doris Naiman Sue and Max Naiman Jack & Sue Nelson Schlomo Neugebauer Oscar & Rae Newman Family Jack & Dorothy Nightingale Arnold Nirenberg Ura - Nisker Family Charles & Minnie Nochomovitz Jacob Nusinowitz* Perla Ohana Jack & Sala Ordynans Herbert & Ida Orliffe Joseph C. Pardo Jack & Marie Parker Lester Parks Earl Parnes Alvin Pearson Mary Pencer Sarah & Joe Pinkus Sheldon & Nonie Plener Family Audrey Radden Harry Ralston Helen Rauchwerger Gilbert and Reingold Family Emil Remez Bella Rich Betty & Mitchell Richler Family David Risen Bella & Chaim Rochwerg Samuel Brian Rodgers Trudie Roebuck Murray & Annette Roher Golden Rosen Family Mona Rosenbaum Sidney Rosenblum Joseph & Beatrice (Joe & Bea) Rosenberg Fanny & Arthur Rosenblum Josef & Fela Rosenthal Florence Ross Aaron & Jessica Rotenberg Aaron & Sarah Rotenberg Nellie Rothman

Patti & Sheldon Rotman Family Meyer & Rose Rotstein Edith Rowan Berte & Alex Rubin Rubenzahl Family* Harry Rubenstein Sam & Goldie Rubin Morris & Julia Ruby Albert Rudolph Sara & Phil Rutman Charles Sager Sophie Salutin Esther Sandberg Tom Sankey* Dr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Schachter Dr. Ricky Kanee Schachter Minka Schaeffer Beverley & Leonard Schechtman Brian Scholl Adolf & Alice Schmid and Amanda & Jordana Irwin Helen & Benny Schreiber Harriet & Benjamin Seaton Lily Poss Segar Toby Seligman Renee & Sydney Shapiro Adele Sharpe Harris Sheaffer LLP* Kaelen Sherman David & Dorothy Shessel* Ida and Ben Shore Ray Shore Bebe Shreiber & David Lipman Belle Shub Abe & Gertrude Shuman Jean Siegel* Sonia Siegal Philip Simon Fran Simms* Miriam Singer* Myer Harold Singer Lottie & Harry Slotnick Lena Smolack Family Percy Smith Dora & Isaac Sobel Max Soberman Beatrice & Sam Solomon Queenie Solomon Greta Sonshine Anne Spetter Orna Spiegel Sarah Spiel* Sarah Spitz Dr. Manuel & Phyllis Spivak Allan Spring Claire Spring Myrle & Nathan Spring Bella & Charles Springer Ben & Elly Springer Family Lillian T. Starkman Minnie Starkman* Gussie & Moe Starr Dorothy Sterling Nathan & Clara Stein Frances Titel Steinberg Rose Steckler Lily & Fred Stoll Dorothy & Eddie Stossel* Bea & Al Swartz Edith Swartz Erzsebet Szabo Jack & Dvora Szmeiser Tanny Family Claire Tapiero Helen Tator * Dean Jordan Taylor Sy Techner Anna Tencer Minnie Tishler


2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report

Elliot & Sandra Title Family* Meyer & Marnie Toben Lou & Ida Tohn Ruth & Norman Trachter Nat & Jeanette Train Albert Treibitsch Samuel & Mollie Troster Molly & Irving Trostin Toby Tuvel Helen Urbach John & Shirley Vanderheym* Verrall - Barsony Eva & George Vertes Family Jack & Lillian Vinokur Libby Waese Dr. Ben & Ruth Wagman Zelda Wagman Chana Wallace Samuel Wang Mary Warszawski Belle Green Wax Philip & Shirley Waxman Rose W. Weiner Mietek Weinreich Harold Weinrib Ada & Willie Weinstein Family Lucy & Isadore (Gus) Weinstein Eddie Weisberg Alice Wiener Bertha Wilenczyk Faygie & Benny Winbaum Alex & Eva Winick Howard & Donna Winick Jerold & Gale Winter David Wise Violet Wolf Jacob & Fanny Wolfe Milton Wolfe Betty & Max Wolfman Family Tamara Wolman Yacht Family Hy & Ruth Young Jack & Bea Young* Arthur Zabinski Szoszana Zaide Mary Zealley Edward Zeit Jacob & Anna Zigelman Ziga Zimmerman Olga & Andy Zober * Indicates new funds opened between April 1, 2010 and March 31, 2011

women of baycrest members

Women of Baycrest is leading an ambitious $5 million campaign in support of the Womens Brain Health Research Fund to raise money for a new Research Chair in Womens Brain Health & Aging as well as innovative education initiatives. The objective is to increase the amount of scientific knowledge about womens brain health and aging, and disseminate this knowledge for the benefit of women everywhere. Listed below are the Women of Baycrest members who have already invested in their own futures, and the future of generations of women to come. For more information, visit
baycrest friends forever $36,000+ endowment In Honour of Mildred Cohen Budgie Frieberg Joy Gales Lillian Vine Glowinsky Debbie Kimel Henrietta Kostman In Honour of Bella Goldstein Barbara Lev Sheila Loftus In Honour of Carol Moir Margaret Nightingale Joyce Posluns Fran Sonshine Gabi Weisfeld women of baycrest $1,800 - $3,599 annually Sheila Alexander Simmie Antflick Bunnie Appleby Debbie Bank Faith Banks Sharron Barlin-Fruitman Karen Baruch Shelley Baruch Rose Baum Daryl Beber Holly Pencer Bellman Lynn Belzberg Gay Berger Irene Berkowitz Molly Bloom Vivien Brown Lisa Brush Orah Buck Lois Buckstein Beverley Burdeyney Esther Burnett Debra Campbell Rosanne Cancian Tiffany Chow Sandra Clavir Kimberly Cohen Marilyn Cohen Clara Cooper Lorraine Cooper Carole Cowper Elaine Culiner Stacey Cynamon Camille Dan Kiki Delaney Lori Di Monte Shirley Diamond Lisa Draper Karen Ehrlich Beatrice Eisen Wendy Eisen Anita Ekstein Evelyn Ernest-Title Sharyn Salsberg Ezrin Toby Farb Rachel Farber Toby Feldberg Angela Feldman Roni Feldman Roberta Fidler Norma Finkelstein Sylvia Fisch Phyllis Flatt Mandy Fleischer

leading women of baycrest $3,600 - $35,999 annually Pamela Austin Tobie Bekhor Harriett Bomza Andrea Cohen Florence Cooper Peggy DeZwirek Beverley Fein Minda Feldman Susan Fenwick Rose Fishman Sharon Flancman Gitta Ganz Maxine Granovsky Gluskin Gina Godfrey Milli Gould Molline Green Edie Harlang Elise Kalles Ruth Kerbel Anita Lapidus Burtha Liss Diane Mavrinac-Ross Judith Megow-Rose Pauline Menkes Carol Mitchell Lynn Posluns Linda Reed Gaye Stein Carole Tanenbaum Susan Weisbarth

Nancy Dover Fleischer Sandi Florence Joanne Foster Yetta Freeman Lois Friedman Fine Norma Fromer Linda Frum Sylvia Gefen Gail Gerstein Lynn Glazer Shirley Glick Eleanor Godfrey Yvonne Goldberg Naomi Goldenberg Libby Goldgrub Lillian Goldman Ellen Goldstein Diana Goodman Grace Goodman Bonnie Goodman-Bloom Gilda Goodman-Helman Cindy Gordon Sara Gorman Helen Grad Carol Grafstein Renata Grant Lisa Green Malka Green Reggie Greenberg Debbie Greenspoon Mimi Greenspoon Rachel Greenspoon Michelle Gross Kitty Grossman Risa Grossman Fran Grundman Pearl Gryfe Roz Halbert Andrea Halperin Pam Handelsman Diane Harris Janet Harris Faryl Hausman Catherine Himelfarb Susan Jackson Rosemary Little Jeffares Bernyce Kalifer May Karp Toby Kasner Miriam Kerzner Aitana Klein Anna Koffler Julia Koschitzky Merilyn Lean Rena Lichtblau Karyn Lipman Jan Loftus-Allin Ruth Magder Leora Marcovitz Faye Markowitz Jean Marmoreo Ellen Marr Roxanne McEwan Valerie Melman Ofra Menkes Myra Merkur Renee Metrick Esther Michaels Faye Minuk Wendy Switzer Myles Eleanor Nadler Lorraine Nakelsky Janice Nathanson Louise Novis

2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report


Judy Nyman Annette Oelbaum Margi Oksner Cindy Orfus Judy Pencer Nancy Pencer Sarah Perlis Penny Petroff Nonie Plener Elissa Posluns Felicia Posluns Nancy Posluns Wendy Posluns Nancy Prussky Esterita Chananie Rajsky Fern Reich Ronnie Richman Ariella Rohringer Susan Rose Myrna Ross Risa Rotenberg Lynda Roth Rochelle Rubinstein Dianne Saxe Honey Schipper Marjorie Schwartz Mina Schwarz Doreen Scolnick Marla Shapiro Ricki Robins Sharpe Elaine Shedletzky Bonnie Shore Hilda Shore Judi Shostack Hinda Silber Ruth Silber Julie Silver Vivian Silverberg Helen Silverstein Roslyn Silverstein Karen Simpson Beth Singer Helen Singer Carol Slatt Francine Socket Sylvia Soyka Rodeen Stein Carole Sterling Julie Stern Joan Stossel Debra Stuart Martha Sud Reesa Sud Barbara Sugar Susan Szainwald Susan Taerk Jeannie Tanenbaum Judy Tanenbaum Charlotte Tessis Janice Tkatch Gloria Ungerman Helen Vale Susan Van Der Hout Debbie Waks Linda Waks Sandy Waldman Sheilah Wallin - Bourgeois Florence Weinberger Myrna Weinstein Sharon Weintraub Terri Weintraub Marilyn Weisz Karen Whitney Elizabeth Wolfe Rene Wolfe Elayne Wortsman Cecilia Wynn Liora Yakubowicz Nelly Zagdanski Sara Zagdanski Libby Znaimer Carole Herman Zucker

young women of baycrest $365 annually Joanna Alexandroff Shelly Arbib Elissa Atlin Leah Baruch Casey Gorman Belzberg Rikki Bennie Shawna Brand Jennifer Brodlieb Leah Brown Emily Charyk Shaina Davis Stephanie DiGiuseppe Lindsay Farber Ashley Faust Daphne Fenwick Fara Fenwick Jodi Fenwick Courtney Fireman Claudia Fleischer Samantha Margolis Fogle Haley Frimerman Michelle Frost Amanda Gales Natalie Gee Lesley Glowinsky Laura Stern Goldsilver Sari Goodman Candice Gordon Jaime Greenspoon Lani Greenspoon Lauren Greisman Joanna Gryfe Naomi Gryfe-Saperia Jordana Joseph Jodi Kaplovitch Samantha Kimel Alana Konopny Dana Lerner Barbi Benjamin Levitt Amy Little Alexa Marr Lisa Marvin Kailee Mecklinger Justine Melman Kirsten Menkes Tamara Mimran Rebecca Mintz Alex Mitz Julie Mitz Lexi Mitz Rebecca Berkowitz Moffs Lauren Moir Dary Ngem Rebecca Oksner Cara Orzech Victoria Phan Julia Posluns Dara Rames Joanna Richler Katherine Ross Sara Ann Ross Joanne Sallay Macy Scharfstein Nicole Schwartz Meytal Algranti Shekhter Lauren Charyk Silverberg Cydney Simpson Jessica Snow Shelley Sonshine Alexandra Charyk Spinner Erin Sternberg Brittany Sud Riva Turner Debra Weintraub Robyn Weintraub Lauren Kimel Wise Sara Zborovski

art donations
Ahron Bezalel Drew Cohen Jane Corkin Jack Culiner Rouhama Danto Dr. Murray Finkelstein Stephen Freedhoff Yetta Freeman Doug Gameroff Joe Gottdenker Norman Griesdorf Sandra Halbert Leo Kamen Sol Koschitzky John Kazanjian Walter Ross Murray Gorden Nodwell Anna Oren Hayla Prenick Dr. Joel Ray Lawrence Rosenfield Michael Ruscetta David Saunders David Shaul Shaun Singer Bernice Starkman Jay Teitel David Urban Sue Weinstein Jack and Betty Winston


2010/11 Baycrest and Baycrest Foundation Annual Report

our thanks to all donors who support Baycrest, IncludIng those requestIng anonymIty.

every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this list. if we have erred, please accept our sincere apologies. if you have any questions, please contact carol berns in the baycrest foundation at 416-785-2500, x 2035 or baycrest gratefully acknowledges the funding we receive from the province of ontario and the government of canada as well as all other funding agencies. for a full list, please go to funding support for baycrest provided by the toronto central local health integration network. for more information about baycrests programs and services, please visit

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