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Inspired Gifts

inside: 26 holiday gifts that save children’s lives...

What better gift could you ever give a child than the chance to survive!

What are inspired gifts?
Inspired Gifts are lifesaving items – vaccines, therapeutic food supplements, tents, mosquito nets, medicines – that you may purchase as thoughtful, unique, and heart-warming holiday gifts in honor of anyone on your holiday list. When you buy an Inspired Gift for a friend or family member, that person will receive an electronic gift or personalized holiday card with a photograph or description of the lifesaving intervention you purchased. Your purchase will then be dispatched to any of the over 150 countries in which UNICEF operates to help save children’s lives – depending on where the needs are greatest. If you are looking for a holiday gift that can save lives and provide an unforgettable sense of satisfaction for your friends or loved ones, nothing does more good or is a greater expression of your compassion for children than an Inspired Gift.

give an inspired gift this holiday season to your family, business associates and friends. they’ll love the idea...and the chance to say: “i helped save a child’s life!”

Give nutrition

to save a starving child! ................................................ Page 2

Give immunizations Give clean water

to protect children for life! ............................................ Page 6 to prevent disease! ...................................................... Page 10

Give a healthy start

to vulnerable children! ................................................ Page 12

Give a child an education Give lifesaving help Give multiple gifts

and hope for the future! .............................................. Page 16 in an emergency! ......................................................... Page 18 with our Multi-Pack offer! ........................................... Page 21

saving a child’s life is as easy as 1-2-3!
1. Buy an Inspired Gift in this catalog in the name of a friend or loved one. 2. Tell your friends: Choose the type of Gift Card you’d like to use: • Card we will deliver to the address you designate. • Printable Card you can customize and mail yourself • eCard we will send to email addresses you provide 3. Save children’s lives: We’ll deliver your Inspired Gifts to where kids need them most!


Inspired Gifts

A gift has been give n in help change the life your honor to of a child.
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We guarantee that every one of your Inspired Gifts will help save children’s lives while giving everyone on your holiday shopping list an unforgettable feeling of pride. Each gift has been specially chosen by the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to provide a lifesaving impact to vulnerable children across the globe!


In the developing world, malnutrition plays a major role in the majority of deaths of children under age five. Without proper nutrition, children grow too weak to fight off disease. Over time, physical and mental stunting occurs, causing permanent impairment or even death. Your Inspired Gift can bring a starving child back from the brink of death, and provide crucial nutrients that lead to healthy development.


When you give an inspired’re really giving a child the gift of life!

ready-to-eat therapeutic spread
Product description: This is a peanut-based paste that has revolutionized the treatment of acute malnutrition. This “miracle” mixture of fats, carbohydrates, protein, micro- and macronutrients can be used anywhere and at any time, increasing the number of children who can be saved. Three sachets a day can be all it takes to save a malnourished child’s life. This Inspired Gift costs $73.13 and provides Therapeutic Food for 50 malnourished children for one day. Technical information: 150 individual sachets of 92g ready-to-eat therapeutic spread. Recommended to use in phase 2 in the dietetic management of severe acute malnutrition.

150 individual sachets -


Therapeutic Spread in Action In 2010, UNICEF delivered Therapeutic Spread to nearly 331,000 children – 80% of whom were treated at home – and a remarkable 79% fully recovered!

high energy/protein Biscuits
Product description: In an emergency, every calorie counts for weakened children who are trying to survive. Just 100 grams of these biscuits deliver an energy boost of 450 calories, as well as much-needed proteins, vitamins, sugars, and minerals to restore strength and provide energy. Packed in light, easilytransportable packets, your Inspired Gift can be an important part of UNICEF’s emergency relief efforts. Technical information: High energy/ protein biscuits especially developed for emergency supply, 20 sachets of 400g. Flavoring such as vanilla, chocolate, banana or cherry.

In a natural disaster, families can lose everything including their food – a crucial need for young children struggling to survive. Your Inspired Gift of High Energy/Protein Biscuits can help UNICEF stockpile these supplies so young lives can be saved in the first critical hours after an earthquake or flood.

20 sachets -


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therapeutic Milk
Product description: UNICEF’s F-100 therapeutic milk is specially formulated to stabilize and bring acutely malnourished children back to a healthy weight. This fortified, milk-based powder is essential in emergency feeding centers, refugee camps, and hospitals. The formula includes vegetable fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to enhance the recovery chances for a malnourished child. Technical information: F-100 therapeutic diet, 30 sachets of 456g. Milk based powder for treatment of severe malnutrition.

A supplemental diet of therapeutic milk can rapidly replace lost nutrients and help a malnourished child gain healthy weight.

30 sachets -


Multiple Micronutrient powder


Product description: Acute child malnutrition is a silent killer – especially during disasters, in a prolonged famine or as a result of chronic poverty. Without essential vitamins or nutrients, children are more susceptible to disease and stunted development. Fortified with nine essential vitamins, Folic Acid, and five different minerals, this powerful powder is used to supplement a child’s diet to increase the ability to survive. Technical information: Multiple Micronutrient Powder including vitamins, iron, zinc, iodine. Single-use 1 gram sachets. pack of 30 sachets.

18 packs of 30 sachets -


Baby scale
Product description: Determining an acutely malnourished child’s weight is an essential diagnostic step for providing and monitoring lifesaving treatment. Lightweight, portable, and dependable, these suspended baby scales allow health workers to accurately determine a child’s weight-to-height ratio before designing an individualized program of treatment. It’s a must in any health center! Technical information: Infant spring type scale, 25 kg x 100 g and 5 weighing trousers.

Baby Scale 4


inspired gifts in action

therapeutic Milk... a Miracle recovery!
MAO, Chad. When Adam A. arrived at a UNICEF-supported feeding center, the severely emaciated child could barely move, let alone stand up or walk. “We didn’t have much food when I was pregnant,” his mother, Hawa, explains. “I could not breastfeed him properly.” At the feeding center, Hawa was given enough therapeutic milk to feed Adam every three hours. In just a few days, Adam was once again alert and able to move his tiny hands, thanks to the power of therapeutic milk. Therapeutic milk saved young Adam’s life.

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Immunization is one of the most effective and least expensive interventions. Yet two million children die every year from diseases that could have been prevented at a cost of less than $30 per child. Your Inspired Gift not only protects vaccinated children against deadly diseases, but also prevents the spread of communicable diseases to other vulnerable children.


your inspired gift is the one holiday present that can give a child a better future!

polio Vaccine
Product description: Although it is on the decline, polio is still a deadly threat to children in the developing world. Yet, all it takes to protect a child are two precious drops of polio vaccine. Since 2009, UNICEF’s polio campaigns have reached more than 85 million children. Your Inspired Gift will bring us that much closer to the day when every child is protected and polio is completely eliminated from the face of the earth. Technical information: Oral Polio Vaccine, vial of 20 doses.

200 Doses -


Measles Vaccine

Technical information: Measles vaccine, vial of 10 doses.

80 Doses -

Vaccine carrier
Product description: To reach all the children that need protection, vaccines are carried on foot across mountainous terrain, on a bicycle or motorbike along dirt roads, or across rivers and oceans in boats and canoes. On their travels, vaccine carriers – specially designed insulated cool boxes – are essential to maintain specific temperatures and conditions for their valuable, lifesaving cargo. Technical information: Vaccine carrier, 1.7L, PIS E4/83M.

3 Vaccine Carriers -


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Product description: Thanks to sustained worldwide efforts conducted by UNICEF and partners, measles deaths have fallen by 78 percent since 2000. Yet measles remains the leading global cause of vaccine-preventable death and disability in childhood, killing more than 600 children every day. Your Inspired Gift can provide vaccines for 80 children and help eradicate this threat to children.

anti-Malarial drugs
Product description: Once a child is infected with malaria, a deadly clock begins ticking. The best hope for a young child is to access anti-malarial treatment within 24 hours. This treatment can mean the difference between a full recovery and hope for a healthy future, or impaired intellectual development. Your Inspired Gift of anti-malarial drugs is an inexpensive and extremely effective way to protect children in malaria-endemic regions. Technical information: Artemether 20 mg + Lumefantrine 120 mg fixed dose combination tablets, 30 packs of 12 tablets. Treatment of acute uncomplicated malaria caused by P. falciparum alone or with other Plasmodium spp. in areas with significant drug resistance. The dosing regimen can be simplified for ease of use to: twice daily for 3 days, ranging from 1 to 4 pills each time, depending on age/weight.


30 packs of 12 Tablets -


Malaria kills a child somewhere in Africa every 30 seconds. It infects 350-500 million people each year, killing 1 million, mostly children.

tetanus toxoid (tt) Vaccine
Product description: In the developing world, giving birth can make both mother and child vulnerable to contracting tetanus, a disease that kills tens of thousands of newborns and mothers every year. The tetanus bacteria can enter the body during the birthing process in unclean conditions or when the umbilical cord is cut. An Inspired Gift of the tetanus toxoid vaccine can protect the mother throughout her childbearing years, and can pass that immunity to her newborn during his or her first few months of life. Technical information: Tetanus Toxoid (TT) vaccine, adsorbed, vial of 20 doses. Injected intramuscularly.

400 Doses -


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inspired gifts in action

clean Water in famine-ravaged djibouti
In Djibouti – one of several countries affected by the famine and food crisis in the Horn of Africa – the supply of clean water is critically low. Even before the crisis, more than 49 percent of Djiboutians did not have access to safe drinking water. Many Djiboutian mothers have no choice but to put their children’s lives and development in danger because all they can find is unprotected water. UNICEF’s solution was as simple as it was effective, and took only a few weeks. Thanks to a massive campaign, 20,000 people were provided access to clean water through the repair of 30 existing wells, which have been deepened, sanitary sealed, and fitted with hand pumps. With your Inspired Gift of a hand pump, you can help other communities gain access to healthy water.

Water is essential to life. Yet 900 million people do not have access to safe drinking water and 2.5 billion live without proper sanitation. The lack of access to clean water kills more than 4,000 children each day. In a natural disaster, water supplies are often compromised, leaving weak and traumatized children susceptible to water-borne illness.

When you give an inspired’re really giving a child the gift of life!

family Water Kit
Product description: In the aftermath of a natural disaster, clean water is as precious as it is scarce. These water kits help families collect, store and purify water to protect against water-borne illnesses, one of the biggest health threats when a community’s water delivery system has been damaged. Each kit contains enough buckets, collapsible water containers, soap and water purification tablets to help 10 families.
One basic family water kit meets the needs of ten families in the immediate aftermath of disaster, or where water supplies are contaminated and infrastructure destroyed.

Technical information: Basic family water kit sufficient for the needs of 10 families for early response in emergencies.

Water Kit for 10 Families -


Water purification tablets
Product description: Contaminated water can cause illnesses like dysentery and cholera to spread rapidly during an emergency. UNICEF’s easily transportable water purification tablets provide protection by killing microorganisms through the chlorination of water. With a shelf life of five years, they can be prepositioned to react to a disaster within the first 72 hours to prevent sickness and disease in children. Technical information: 10,000 water purification tablets containing 33 mg sodium dichloroisocyanurate which releases 20 mg available chlorine. Drinking water purification: 1 tablet per 4-5 liters clean water.

10,000 Water Purification Tablets -


... a simple tool to help prevent outbreak of disease, which prolongs an emergency and creates additional trauma for an already vulnerable population.

Water hand pump
Product description: In the developing world, millions of communities do not have easy access to safe water, and millions of young girls lose the chance to attend school because they spend their days fetching water for their families. Your Inspired Gift of a water hand pump can change that by bringing safe and affordable water to even the most remote and impoverished villages. Technical information: One hand pump, AFRIDEV type, for 45 meters installation depth, with stainless steel pump rods.

Hand Pump -


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In the developing world, more than one child in every five dies before the age of five. Because healthy children have a greater chance of becoming healthy adults, UNICEF is committed to doing everything possible to help children reach – and pass – that five-year milestone. Your Inspired Gift can help reduce the number of children who die in early childhood, and bring us closer to our goal of losing zero children to causes that can be prevented.


Unlike toys and games, inspired gifts will last a child for life.

hiV test Kit
Product description: One of UNICEF’s priorities is to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS from mother to baby. You can help stop the advance of the virus with this basic screening test kit. If mothers know they are carrying the virus, they can get the medicines and care they need to prevent the transmission to their babies. An Inspired Gift of $63 provides this basic screening kit for 50 mothers-to-be. Technical information: Determine HIV-1/2 rapid test kit, for whole blood, 100 tests.

100 Tests -


In just twenty minutes a rapid HIV test can let a pregnant mother know her HIV status as the first step to prevent transmitting virus to her child.

Midwifery Kit
Product description: For a mother giving birth without medical support, the risks of complications are heartbreakingly high. With a Midwifery Kit, a trained health worker can maintain a sterile environment, perform resuscitation, provide a local anesthetic and ensure a normal delivery of a newborn baby. This Inspired Gift is perfect for emergency situations and vital in programs to improve maternal and child health in rural and remote health centers. Technical information: 1 Midwifery Kit - contains basic drugs, renewable medical supplies, medical equipment and basic sterilization and resuscitation equipment for health facilities to perform an average of 50 normal deliveries.

Midwifery Kit -


oral rehydration salts
Product description: In a world where an estimated one billion people do not have access to clean water, children are the first to get sick and die from waterborne illnesses. Your Inspired Gift is a low-cost treatment of Oral Rehydration Salts that can replenish lost nutrients to bring a child back from the brink of death. Technical information: New formulation, reduced osmolarity Oral Rehydration Salts sachet for 1 liter, carton of 1,000 sachets.

1,000 Sachets -


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deworming tablets
Product description: Intestinal worms are rarely fatal, but can cause a range of health problems including permanently impaired cognitive development. De-worming campaigns don’t sound glamorous, but chewable de-worming tablets have proven to be one of the most cost effective examples of large scale child health interventions. One tablet, containing 500mg of the active ingredient Mebendazole, will treat all the common intestinal worms including hook worm, tape worm and whip worm. Technical information: 100 chewable tablets of Mebendazole, 500 mg. for treatment of Cestode infections and intestinal nematode infections and control of helminthiasis. When given to small children the dose should be broken into smaller pieces or crushed before administration. Dosage: Hookworm infections, trichuriasis, by mouth, adult and child over 1 year, 500 mg as a single dose.
Globally, as many as 150,000 children die each year from intestinal obstruction and other abdominal complications caused by large adult worms.

800 Tablets -



Mosquito net
Product description: Malaria is a devastating disease that takes a life every 30 seconds. Yet something as simple and inexpensive as an insecticide-treated mosquito net can be the first and best line of defense. These long-lasting mosquito nets can repel mosquitoes that carry the disease and protect sleeping children when they are most vulnerable. Technical information: mosquito net, polyethylene 110150 denier, treated with WHOPES recommended insecticide, color white/blue/green, dimensions 190 x 180 x 150 cm (length x width x height).

3 Nets -


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inspired gifts in action

shelter from the storm
After the floodwaters that devastated Pakistan in 2010 receded, villagers returning to Mullanwala found every building had been destroyed, including their local single-room public school. As Mullanwala’s residents started to rebuild, UNICEF and its local partner, the Jahandad Society for Community Development (JSCD), established a temporary learning center in a tent in the village. The Punjab Education Department granted it status as a Government Primary School, and enrollment soon exceeded 200. Now, a year after the floods, the center has been turned into a transitional school housed in semipermanent buildings. As part of its initiative to quickly improve education facilities for flood-affected children, UNICEF plans the construction of 500 such transitional schools by December 2011. The transitional school in Mullanwala has all the essentials, including access to safe drinking water and sanitation, school supplies and learning materials. Its teachers use a ‘child-friendly’ approach to schooling that takes the needs of the whole child into account – including needs for protection, recreation, safe water, sanitation, and more.

Education & Play

education & play
Education and play are essential to the development of children. The chance to learn can transform a child, create healthy self-esteem, and help a child break the cycle of poverty that has trapped families for generations. In the aftermath of a natural disaster, the chance to return to school is an important step in reestablishing normalcy. Your Inspired Gift can help children grow mentally and physically, learn to work with others, and strive to achieve.


every inspired gift comes with one extra bonus item – hope for a better future.

Product description: After a disaster, it’s critical to help children return to school and a “normal” routine. That’s why UNICEF’s unique Schoolin-a-Box, full of basic education supplies, can help children carry on their education during emergency situations. The box contains books, pencils, erasers and scissors, a radio, and an aluminum lid that can double as a blackboard. Technical information: School-in-a-Box kit for 40 students: 21 teacher’s items (including a wind-up solar multi-band radio) and 13 individual student items packed in a metal box.

School-in-a-Box Kit -


Each kit is often supplemented with locallypurchased products and printed without margins, so children who write from left to right...or right to left can use them.

Product description: Books have long fired the human imagination, taught important lessons and given children the opportunity to escape the rigor of unyielding poverty or the uncertainty of natural disasters. Your Inspired Gift of story books will give children the chance to use their imagination and the inspiration to reach for success. Technical information: Picture story books in local language, for schools or individual use.

8 Story Books -


early childhood development Kit
Product description: This kit has been developed to create a safe learning and play environment for up to 50 young children aged up to six years. Each item was carefully selected to help develop skills for thinking, speaking, storytelling, feeling and interacting with others. It also contains materials for caregivers to support and manage safe and healthy recreational spaces. Technical information: The Early Childhood Development Kit is composed of 37 items, providing a range of activities to encourage the development and social interaction of children. Materials also provided for caregivers. In addition, the kit provides water and sanitation items for improved childhood health and sanitation awareness.

Early Childhood Development Kit -


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Education & Play

story Books


When an earthquake strikes, famine starves children, or civil strife forces families from their homes, no one has more experience saving lives than UNICEF. In 2010, UNICEF responded to 290 humanitarian situations in 98 countries. Your Inspired Gift will enable UNICEF to preposition lifesaving supplies before families are threatened, mount massive interventions as soon as help is needed, and help reestablish water supplies, proper sanitation, shelter and schools to give children a sense of “normalcy.”

every gift will change a child’s life, your life, and the life of the person who receives your gift.

first aid Kit
Product description: In an emergency, there’s no substitute for a handy first aid kit. Gauze, antiseptic and bandages are simple tools, but they can mean the difference between a young child making a fast recovery or developing a drawn-out and sometimes deadly infection. In a disaster, the fast and safe treatments provided by first aid kits can prevent many survivors from becoming more serious casualties. Technical information: Essential medicines and first aid equipment to treat minor injuries, including bandages, gauze, safety pins, soap, blanket, towel, forceps, scalpel blade, aspirin, iodine solution, eye ointment, gloves, and adhesive tape in a handy carry-bag. Used in primary health care centers, by mobile health workers and during emergencies.

First Aid Kit -



Make a grand gesture by purchasing an Inspired Gift of an emergency tent for $1,939.96. You can provide 42 square meters (450 square feet) of lightweight shelter, ideal for a temporary school or health centre in a crisis zone. What better tribute to a friend or family member with something important to celebrate? Technical information: 1 Tent, 42 square meters, rectangular, lightweight, frame type.

One Large Tent -


four-Wheel drive car
Product description: Every polio or measles vaccination campaign, every awareness drive, every mobile health clinic, every bed-net distribution operation and every outreach program needs to move people and supplies from point A to point B. This robust and reliable four-wheel drive vehicle is a most generous, practical and virtually indispensable contribution that can help children in need. Technical information: 4WD hard top car, 13-seater, back door swing out type 3-door, 4.2 L diesel engine.

Four-Wheel Drive Car -


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Product description: When a natural disaster levels a community, one central location is needed where recovery efforts can be coordinated, an emergency feeding center established or health clinic set up. These large, hard-wearing UNICEF tents made from durable, lightweight material are the perfect solution.

Product description: When roads are destroyed, gasoline is scarce, and remote communities desperately need supplies, pedal power can often be the answer. Your Inspired Gift of a bicycle is a low-tech, high-impact gift that can help health workers reach vulnerable children in remote communities, deliver immunizations, and show children that the outside world cares. Technical information: Bicycle, heavy duty, roadster.

One Bicycle -


Pedal power costs nothing, making bicycles one of the most cost effective means of transporting teachers, health workers and medical supplies to rural communities.

Product description: UNICEF is dedicated to ensuring that the poorest and hardest-to-reach children in the world get the protection, education, nutrition and health support they need. Where road systems are weak and poorly maintained, motorcycles are typically the form of transportation of choice for UNICEF field staff in the developing world. Your Inspired Gift will help make sure that even the most remote communities receive the support they need. Technical information: 1 Motorcycle, 125 CC, on/off road type, 2 seater.

One Motorbike -


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save on combo gifts... and help save children’s lives!
Take advantage of special low pricing on our life-saving Combo Gifts. Each pack has been specially chosen to offer a mix of interventions. Each can be shipped quickly and conveniently to where they are needed most! And each saves multiple lives!

$75 pack
full price: $80.71 save $5.21
High Energy/Protein Biscuits, Baby Scale, and Mosquito Nets
The perfect low-tech gift for your list! Give severely undernourished children the chance to thrive... and stop the spread of mosquito-borne malaria!

$150 pack
full price: $186.32 save $36.32
Two Vaccine Carriers, 100 HIV Tests, and 100 Measles Vaccines
Perfect for an entire village! HIV tests are the first step toward treatment. 100 measles vaccines can protect an entire school. And vaccine carriers protect vaccines so they’re potent enough to protect children!

$500 pack
full price: $557.27 save $57.27
One School-in-a-Box, One Bicycle, 100 HIV Tests, Therapeutic Spread, and Baby Scale
Something for everyone – a bicycle is the perfect transportation to reach remote villages, HIV tests prevent mother-to-child transmission, therapeutic spread and a baby scale thwart malnutrition, and a School-in-aBox strengthens young bodies and minds!

the more you buy, the more you save... and more children survive!


INSIDE: 26 unique, unusual, extraordinary holiday gifts that make a difference in children’s lives

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