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West at Home Interview Questionnaire American Express

INSTRUCTIONS: Please complete every section of this Interview Questionnaire. You must complete your own Interview Questionnaire. If there is a question that does not apply to you, please mark NA in the space provided. Do not leave any item incomplete. Please do not send your resume as a substitute for completing any section of this Interview Questionnaire. If you are unable to complete any portion of this form you may print the Interview Questionnaire, handwrite your responses (please ensure your handwriting is legible) and scan and email OR fax the completed form to the West at Home Human Resources Department. Please contact Human Resources if you have any questions. (Note: We cannot assist you with your responses to this Interview Questionnaire.) NOTE: This Interview Questionnaire is intended for use in evaluating your qualifications for employment within the West at Home environment. Please answer all questions completely and accurately. EEO/AA Employer: The West companies are equal opportunity employers. All qualified candidates will receive consideration without regard to race, color, creed, sex, age, national origin, marital status, veteran status or disability (mental or physical).

Upon reading and understanding the above, please begin here: The candidate selection process will consist of the following (only the most qualified candidates will be selected to move through the entire selection process): 1. 1st Interview - Interview Questionnaire 2. 2nd Interview - Communication Assessment and TouchPoint (brief, with HR over the phone) 3. 3rd Interview - Phone Interview (with Hiring Manager in Operations) **During the 3rd Interview, should you be selected for the position, the Hiring Manager will further define expectations. Na me:



Ema il
Be sure to list the Email provided during the application process.

Phone Number:

Include Area Code

American Express Customer Service Representative (CSR) Job Detail 1. As an American Express Customer Service Representative for West at Home, you will serve as an active salesperson utilizing consultative sales techniques to encourage callers to apply for the appropriate card through understanding the customers needs and matching their need to the right card. Create a sense of excitement and an emotional need by reinforcing key benefits and serving as a champion of American Express products and brands. Lets see if you are a good match for our American Express team within West at Home. 2. Throughout the American Express training with West at Home, every trainee will train at

the same pace and complete training in 4 weeks. Each day during the 4 weeks of training agents will dial into a WebEx Training Center and participate in a virtual classroom training environment - also known as Instructor Led Training (ILT). An Instructor will lead the class through the training materials and work in groups completing assignments and tests. 3. PAY: Trainees are paid minimum wage per state or local area (for the 4 weeks of training). Upon graduating from training agents earn a $100 bonus. Next is On-the-JobTraining (OJT) for 4 weeks where agents earn $10 per hour. Upon successful completion of OJT and moving into production (e.g. live call taking) agents earn ANOTHER $100 bonus. NOTE! Upon successful completion of training AND OJT, the average agent earns about $100 per week in incentives (sales conversions) and a top performing agent could earn $200 a week (in incentives alone)! 4. Training times/days: Monday through Friday from10AM to 6PM, Central Standard Time (CST), beginning December 5th and lasts 4 weeks. 100% attendance during training is mandatory - if you miss a day there is no opportunity to make up the session and you may be removed from the program. 5. Upon completion of training, production hours of operation are: 10AM to 6PM and 11PM to 7AM, CST. 6. Amex CSRs will be required to work 40 hours per week. Please select your fulltime schedule preference: Fulltime Day Schedule Fulltime Graveyard Schedule Either Not Interested 7. Prior to proceeding to the next step of this Interview Questionnaire, do you agree to the conditions outlined above in the American Express Customer Service Representative (CSR) Job Detail section: Yes No Background Investigation and Drug Screening 1. If selected for employment you will be required to submit and pay $29.95 for your Background Investigation, through West At Homes Background Investigation vendor. Do you agree to this requirement: Yes No 2. If selected for employment you will be required to complete a drug test (paid for by West). Do you agree to this requirement: Yes No Work History 1. Please indicate the number of employers you have worked for in the past year: 1. Please list all employers over the past year in the space provided: Liveops 2. Have you had any gaps in employment in the past 12 months? Yes explain any gaps: 3. Are you eligible for rehire at your last job? Yes No No Please

If NO, please explain:

4. Have you ever been employed with West, West at Home OR any of Wests affiliated companies? Yes No If YES, please indicate location and [approximate] dates of employment: 5. American Express prohibits CSRs from having an additional full time job. Should you receive an offer of employment, can you confirm that you will NOT have another full time job? Yes No

6. Do you have a minimum of 2 years sales experience? Yes No details: Through Liveops

If YES, please provide

7. Do you have previous call center experience? Yes No If YES, please describe the work you did: Took calls from various clients, dealing with irate individuals, and upselling where/when available. How long did you work in that position? 3 Years What was your reason for leaving? Needing more hours 8. What would your most recent supervisor tell us about your attendance and punctuality? 100% Attendance and on time. Your strengths? Making clients feel comfortable, selling Areas you need to strengthen? Time on the phone; a little too long on some calls. 9. In ONE word, how would your past supervisors describe you as an employee? Efficient 10.Please explain how your past jobs may have prepared you for this one? I'd properly greet them, and ask if they had a few moments to talk, highlighting upon the great opportunity that I'm offering. If not, I'd ask if there was a better time to speak. I know I don't like to have someone on the phone when I'm in a rush to get out the door or whatever. Customer Service Philosophy 1. Please briefly describe how you would start a conversation with your customer? I'd properly greet them, and ask if they had a few moments to talk, highlighting upon the great opportunity that I'm offering. If not, I'd ask if there was a better time to speak. I know I don't like to have someone on the phone when I'm in a rush to get out the door or whatever. 2. Our goal is to deliver WORLD CLASS customer service and to be recognized by our client(s) as top performers in the industry! Please describe your top 3 attributes that would help you excel in this position. 1) Friendly 2) Courteous 3) Efficient 3. Why is having a positive attitude so important when speaking with your customer? November 3, 2011 4. What steps do you take to reduce the intensity of an angry customer? November 3, 2011 5. Please briefly describe a challenging, difficult or angry customer youve dealt with. November 3, 2011 How did you handle the situation? November 3, 2011 What was the outcome? November 3, 2011 Do you feel you satisfied the customer? Yes, despite the fact I wish I could have done more for her. 6. This position requires that you assist customers throughout your entire shift. Sometimes the resolution is clear and the customer is happy, while other times, the customer may not be happy with the situation or you as an agent. What skills do you have that will help you handle a variety of customer issues? November 3, 2011 7. Describe what you see as the difference between face to face customer service and speaking with your customer over the phone? November 3, 2011 8. At West we believe our service should exceed the expectations of our customers. Please describe a time when you were the customer and received service that exceeded your expectations. November 3, 2011 What made the service so exceptional? November 3, 2011

Computer Knowledge/Capabilities 1. Explain how you would do the following on the computer. Cut and paste within a document: November 3, 2011 Navigate multiple screens: November 3, 2011 Maximize and minimize screens: November 3, 2011 Resize your windows to have 2 showing at the same time: November 3, 2011 Sales Aptitude 1. During each call, you are asked to deliver outstanding customer service AND identify up selling opportunities. Please explain how you would accomplish this. November 3, 2011 2. In a sales situation, how do you identify your customers needs? November 3, 2011

3. What sales skills do you think are MOST important in achieving a successful sales goal? November 3, 2011 4. When a customer says no to your sales presentation, how do you handle it? November 3, 2011 Commitment, Work Ethic, and Attendance Philosophy 1. 2. What motivates you to do a good job; to go the extra mile? November 3, 2011 What do you feel is a justifiable reason for missing work? November 3, 2011

3. In the past year, how many days did you call off work? November 3, 2011 How many days were you late? November 3, 2011 Please briefly describe your reasons: November 3, 2011 4. Where do you see yourself professionally in the next 2 years? November 3, 2011 5. In what kind of environment do you work best and why? November 3, 2011 6. How do you handle problems with your supervisor? November 3, 2011 Your co workers? November 3, 2011 7. Describe a time when you were faced with problems or stresses at work and how you handled the situation: November 3, 2011 8. What does loyalty and commitment on the job mean to you? November 3, 2011

Confirmation Should you be selected for the position we want to be certain that you are interested, willing

AND able to commit to the requirements for this position. We view perfect attendance and punctuality as a sign of our agents commitment and how they will perform during production (live calls). 1. If hired, are you able to commit to perfect attendance during your first 90 days? No Yes

I verify that all of the information set forth is true, correct and complete. I understand that false or misleading information may result in rejection of my application or, if hired, termination from employment, whenever discovered. I authorize investigation of all information contained in Interview Questionnaire. I release all persons or companies from any liability from conducting such an investigation or responding to inquiries and from any damages that result from furnishing or obtaining such information. As a condition of consideration for employment and hiring, I agree that all information which I receive during my employment relating to the business activities, program concepts, designs, trade secrets and proprietary information of all West companies will be maintained in confidence, will not be disclosed to any unauthorized person before, during or after my employment, and will not be used by me in any manner adverse to the interests of the West companies. I understand that this is NOT an employment contract. *By checking this box I acknowledge that the typed name below represents my signature (box MUST be checked). Candidates Signature (First and Last Name):

November 3, 2011


November 3, 2011
For questions please contact: West at Home Human Resources at (877) 729-2245 OR you may contact the HR Representative responsible for emailing you this Interview Questionnaire (please refer to the contact information provided in the email).

UPON COMPLETION OF THIS INTERVIEW QUESTIONNAIRE PLEASE EMAIL IT TO: VLBENES@WEST.COM **Email is the most efficient and preferred method. However, if your only option is to send via fax, then you may fax this to (800) 871-7629.