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Mark Hosler Music 317 12 April 2011 George Strait George Strait is a country music artist who has accomplished many feats in country music and has and continues to break more records than many artists we consider to be country legends. Although not a star from the start, George Strait has built himself into a living legend of country music and continues to amaze country fans everywhere with his #1 hits. George has experimented with various types of country music from western swing to honky-tonk styles and has seemed to be successful with whatever he tries. His most recent accomplishment has setting the world record for the most #1 singles in music history in any genre or on any chart. This in itself shows the likability of Georges music and his way of life as a country singer. Today many people still listen to George Straits music as he continues his music career and many people refer to him as King George for his success in country music. Born in May of 1952 just south of San Antonio, Texas, Georges childhood was like that of many Texans growing up in the town of Pearsall, Texas. Georges father was a local math teacher as well as the owner of a large cattle ranch where George worked throughout his childhood. When he was just 9 years old his mother left him and his brother to be raised by their father and took his sister with her. Growing up, George never took much interest to country music as he played in a rock garage band in his teens. After high school, Strait began college but soon dropped and was married to his high school sweetheart Norma. In 1971, he joined the army and was stationed in Hawaii where he joined an armysponsored country band, Rambling Country. Just one year later while still in Hawaii, Strait and his wife had their first child Jenifer, and he was discharged from the army just a few years later. Upon his return

Miller 2 to the mainland George went back to college at Southwest Texas State University at San Marcos, where he began his own country Band, Ace in the Hole. They soon began opening for bigger bands such as The Texas Playboys and recorded a few records with the Houston based record label D. This is where George Strait began to show his talent and began his journey to fame. Georges, big break, soon came after becoming friends with a former employee of MCA Records, Erv Woolsey. After the record company got a look a Mr. Strait they realized what they had and just like that, Ace in the Hole, was now a solo act and bound for the top of the country music charts. Georges first album, Strait Country, released in 1982, featured two top ten singles but never got him to the top. Strait from the Heart, his second album just later that year, gave him his first number one hit, Fool Hearted Memory, as well as his famous, Amarillo by Morning, which never reached number one but is regarded by some as his greatest songs ever. During Georges career he has continued to appeal to generation after generation and has stunned the country music industry with his 57 #1 hits, of which most are still played daily on country music stations around the country. Some of his most notable singles are The Chair, Ocean Front Property, All my Exs Live in Texas, and Baby Blue from his earlier years, as well as, Love without end, Amen, You know me better than that, Shell leave you with a smile, and It just Comes Natural, from the 90s and early 2000s. Albums with three, four, or even five number one singles was not uncommon for strait and he continued to produce for his fans, album after album. King George, unlike many country artist didnt listen to country music growing up but just like nearly all of them he was influence by many artist of the past and of the time George was beginning his career. His style of music was a more contemporary style of music than traditional country but was more traditional than much of the Nashville sound that was coming out during his beginning. His music was similar to that of many country artists during the late 80s and the 90s and was competing with the similar sounds of Garth Brooks, who was also widely popular during that time. Some of the artist Strait

Miller 3 is said to have been influenced by were the Honky-tonk styles of Hank Thompson, Lefty Frizzell, and Merle Haggard, as well as the western swing influence of Bob Wills. George was always interested in the sounds of the western swing and was also influence by the legendary Frank Sinatra. Some of his music features a more western feel to it such as his famous song from the 80s, All my Exs live in Texas. One of George Straits most impressive aspects of his career is the amount of awards he has won from his music. Over the years Strait has won many awards including fourteen Top Male Vocalist and Male Vocalist of the Year awards from the CMA and the Academy of Country Music Awards. George Strait also owns the title of the most gold albums, Platinum albums, and number one albums in Country Music. In 2006, Strait was elect into the Country Music Hall of Fame, becoming the second person to be inducted while still releasing new albums. Just recently, he was given the award for the artist of the decade for the 2000s by the Academy of Country Music Awards. There is no doubt that George Straits influence on country music is great and will continue for some time. For as long as I can remember, his music has been a big part of country music as well as an icon of country. Growing up in the late 90s and early 2000s, George Straits songs were always at the top of the charts and just listening to country radio for a minute, hearing a George Strait song was inevitable. Strait was one of the pioneers for contemporary country music and has influenced many of todays artists to do the same. His success in this style of country music, as well as Garth Brooks, has shaped the sounds of today more towards the sounds that swept the 90s and made King George, the star he is today.