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By Sri nivas : TCS Chennai…. : SCORE – 90% Below are some questions which I got in the exam. Sorry I don’t remember many

17)Which of following are true about the Windows and Views for Web Dynpro ABAP? There are two correct answers a. A Window can be embedded in multiple views. b. Multiple views can be embedded into single window . c. Single view can be embedded in Multiple views. d. Multiple window can be embedded in single view. Ans : b and c. 18)Which of the following statements are true about Unicode? All of the below are correct. a. It doesnot translates b. It support users of different culture

21)There is a scenario to create two tables. c. i. the corresponding data element documentation from the ABAP Dictionary is automatically displayed when the user chooses field help (as long as the help has not been overridden in the screen flow logic) b.e. An append structure is a structure which is assigned to exactly one table. The text appearing in the field help for a field comes from the data element. If a long field (data type LCHR or LRAW) occurs in a table. This prevents name collisions with new fields inserted in the standard table by SAP. pointing to the one in the first table.c . the fields in this append structure should be in the customer namespace for fields. the first table containing all the material data then the other table containing all the material descriptions. There can be several append structures for a table. b. they must be the last field of the table. that is they should begin with YY or ZZ. If you as a customer add an append structure to an SAP table. 22) What are the possiblities using Append Structure to modify a standard table definition ? a. it cannot be extended with append structures. How to achieve this functionality ? Ans : The second table field should have a foreign key. This is because such long fields must always be in the last position of the field list. No append structures may be created for pooled and cluster tables. d. If you place a field on the screen in the Screen Painter by copying a ABAP Dictionary field. Easy to send date from unicdoe to non Unicode sys or vice versa 19)value table is defined in domain 20) How to display documentation/F1 help for a element placed on a screen painter a. A restriction has to be placed such that the second table should have only the material numbers present in the first table. .

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