October 28, 2011 Mary Eng 2230 SW Vermont St Portland, Oregon 97219-9425

Dear Mary:

Student Number: 922406826

The Office of the Dean of Student Life addresses allegations that a student has violated the Code of Student Conduct and Responsibility (the Code). A complaint has been submitted alleging that on October 21, 2011, you may have violated the following sections of the Code: Failure to Comply: 577-031-0136 (16) Failure to comply with a University Official’s requests. Students and Recognized Student Organizations and groups are expected to comply with and respond appropriately to the lawful requests of University Officials made in the performance of their duties. A hearing has been scheduled to review this allegation. Our office seeks to have all of the information before we make a conduct decision. This hearing is your opportunity to present any relevant material for consideration. If no reasonable grounds to adjudicate this complaint can be discovered the matter may be referred to mediation or dismissed. If you are found responsible for violating the Code you will receive a follow-up letter detailing your assigned sanctions, as well as information regarding the Conduct Fee charged to your student account. For details about potential fees and sanctions, please see sections 577-031-0144 and 577-031-0145 of the Code. The following is information about your scheduled hearing. We strongly encourage your participation in the hearing. Failure to attend this hearing will not halt conduct proceedings; the hearing officer has the right to review the information received, decide the level of your responsibility, and determine appropriate sanction(s) in your absence. Hearing Officer: Domanic Thomas Hearing Date: November 01, 2011

Hearing Time: 11:00 AM Hearing Location: Smith Memorial Student Union, Room 433 You may be asked to present your PSU Student ID during your meeting. Failure to produce your Student ID Card when asked may result in the forfeiture of your right to attend the meeting. Please notify our office and contact International Student Services (725-4094) or the Disability Resource Center (725-4150) to arrange for any necessary accommodations. Failure to appear for this investigatory meeting will not halt conduct proceedings. To better understand your rights, resources and responsibilities as a student participating in this process, please review our website and the Student Code of Conduct. If you have questions regarding the contents of this letter or the Student Code of Conduct please contact the Office of the Dean of Student Life at 503.725.4422. The entire Code can be viewed by visiting the following web address: www.pdx.edu/dos/codeofconduct. Sincerely,

Office of the Dean of Student Life cc: 00542-001-2011
This written notification is being sent to Mary Eng to your PSU email address. A copy may also be sent via first-class mail to the address that appears at the top of this letter.