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OYO Spykars kidswear Marketing Project


Spykar Lifestyle Private Ltd

COMPANY OVERVIEW Spykar Lifestyle was founded in 1992 and is based in Mumbai, India 12% market share in Indias denim industry .

Denim garments products

For men cotton casual wear, jeans, belts, caps, cargo's, forays, shirts, and tshirts For women jeans, cargo's, shirts, shorts, skirts, and t-shirts.

India Ahmedabad, Ghaziabad, Hyderabad, Indore, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Nasik, New Delhi, and Pune, Australia

What are our intentions?

Create strong consumer awareness for OYO

Become the jeans wear expert in the kidswear segment through sizeable market shares
Re-affirm the companys title of market leader in product innovation and successful product launches.

Market Analysis

The kids wear market, which has been assessed at Rs 27,000 crore Only Rs 3,000 crore being branded Growth rate of 10 per cent. Current low brand penetration rate of 8 per cent in this market, which creates a huge potential for branding in Kidswear The market is dominated by Unorganized sector.


With the launch of OYO, shopping abroad for children clothes may be quite unnecessary. OYO will offer all sorts of apparel for kids. OYO is discreet and elegant fashion for children. OYO will be more premium then mass.

Sypkars all product are sold at listed price and there is no bargaining offered to it. Products price is influenced by following factors: Cost of the product Affordable to the target market Demand of the product Uniqueness and innovative features of the product

Pricing strategy: as spykar has different products ranging from different segments the pricing strategy of spykar can be called as both penetrative as well as market growth pricing.

To provide desired products at proper place. To fulfil the requirement of every locality according to the taste of people. To increase the brand equity by reaching every corner of the world promotion. To equalise the demand and supply of products at all places.


For the promotion of sales spykar adopt a very effective but comprehensive strategy. Spykar pays attention to the publicity of its products. The major source of promotion of Spykar is done by creating public relations.


Age 17-32 Yrs. Well dressed and within uniform of spykar TM t-shirt and Blue wash jeans. Staff member have a good command of language with good communication skills and good knowledge of all products. Most of the staff is localized and well known of the local language spoken. Customers: Spykar is a premium brand which serves for mass market.

Appreciated mainly by youth. Loyal customer relationships.

Document: document process identify risk and controls.

Validation : validate that key risk are covered in the process, check whether controls are working effectively.

Remediation : take corrective action when controls are not design properly or not working as design.

Testing: test control by taking sample from population period. Reporting : report control platform to management.

Physical evidence
The retail outlets of Spykars products are mainly in big malls and now it is available in small towns which is easily reached by the high class and middle class people. Generally, EBOs are large in size and allow customers to roam in the full store by providing different sections for different styles. They are at places easy to approach by the mass people.





Targeting Kids College students Fashion conscious parents High disposable surplus income family


To be a jeans wear expert for kids The tag line is On Your Own Appeal More Premium then mass. Vogue dressing to promote as a part of OYO. Like Father Son & Like mother- Daughter