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Unit 1: My friends
- Week: 1 - Period: 2 - Teaching date:

- Lesson 1: - Listen & Read - Language focus 1

* Aim: - Reading the dialogue for details and revision of simple present and simple past tenses. * Objective: - By the end of the lesson, students will be able to know more about Hoa-Lan-Nien and to review simple present and simple past tense. * Teaching aids: - Text book, cards. * Procedure: Content * Warm-up: (Pelmanism). meet come live think send thought receive met lived received came sent * Pre-reading: 1. Pre-teach vocabulary: - to seem (translation). - a next door neighbor. (explanation: a person who lives next to your house). - to look like (translation). 2. Pre-questions: a. Is Nien Lan's friend or Hoa's friend? b. How old is Nien? c. Where does Nien live? d. Is she a beautiful girl? * While-reading:  Read the dialogue (p.10).  Check the answers  Read the dialogue again  Answer the questions in exercise 2 on page 11. * Answers: a. Nien lives in Hue. b. No, she doesn't. c. The sentence is "She wasn't old enough to be in Teacher's activities Sts' activities - Guide Ss how to - Matching play the game. words. - Present new words on the board. - Guide Ss to read new words. - Check Ss' memory by using technique "Rub out and remember". - Give Ss some questions and ask them to answer them. - Ask Ss to read the dialogue. - Give the correct answers. - Ask Ss to read the dialogue again and answer the questions. - Call on some - Listen and repeat. - Copy down. - Read new words in chorus. - Read the questions and answer them in pairs. - Give feed back? - Read the dialogue and check their pre diction. - Read the dialogue again and answer the question. - Ask and

my class". d. At Christmas.

students to ask and answer the questions. - Correct their mistakes or pronunciation. - Ask Ss to use the simple present and simple past tense to complete paragraph 1a (p.16) - Provide some verbs so that Ss can use them to fill in the gaps.

answer the questions.

* Post-reading:  Gap-filling: (live-sent-be-come) "Hoa (1) in Hue last year, but now she (2) in Hanoi. Yesterday, Hoa's friend Nien (3) Hoa a letter. Nien (4) Hoa's friend neighbor when Hoa lived in Hue. She (5) yourger than Hoa. She (6) to Hanoi in December. * Homework: Ask students to do exercise 1(a) ; 1(b) (page 16) on their notebooks.

- Read the paragraph and fill in the gaps with the suitable words

- Week: 1 - Period: 3 - Teaching date:

- Lesson 2: + Speak (page 11). + Listen (page 12, 13).

* Aim: - Listening for details to complete the dialogue and speak to describe someone. * Objective: - By the end of the lesson, students will be able to describe someone and complete the dialogue by listening. * Teaching aids: - Text book. * Procedure: Content * Warm-up: (Brainstorming). thin body build * Presentation:  Ex: - She has long blond hair. - She is short and thin. ----> Form:
S + have / has + adjectives + hair S + be + adjectives

curly hair

Teacher's activities - Ask Ss to think of the adjectives used to describe body build and hair.

Sts' activities - Give the adjectives to describe body build and hair.

* Practice: 1. Word one drill: a. He / tall / thin. b. She / short / shin. c. He / short / fat. d. long / black. e. curly / blond. f. straight / brown. 2. Practice speaking: * Example: S1: This person is short and thin. She has long blond hair. S2: Is this Mary? S1: Yes. * Pre-listening:  Present the expressions in the box (p.12).  Explain and read the expression  Gap fill prediction. (Dialogues p.12-13)

- Show Ss a picture - Describe of Mary and ask Mary. them to describe her hair, her body build. - Explain the structure. - Listen and copy down. - Supply the word cues and ask Ss to - Complete the complete the sentences based sentences. on cues.

Give feedback.

- Ask Ss to look at six people on page 11-12-Call on a student to describe one person, the others have to guess who he/she is - Give Ss some expressions and make sure they know their mean mgs. - Get Ss to guess and to complete four dialogues on page 12-13.

- Look at six people and describe them

- Listen and read the expressions. - Read the open dialogues (p.12-13) and

* While listening:  Listen to the tape twice.  Compare with their prediction. * Post-listening:  Practice the dialogues.

- Let students (to) listen to the tape twice. - Listen and correct their (prediction) pronunciation.

fill in the blanks with the suitable expressions. - Listen to the tape and then check their prediction. - Practice the dialogues.