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A reputed business house started in 1996 has agro based products as prime matter of business & growing at reasonable rate year -to-year & aims to be a global player in Agro industry with global presence. The companies / division are as follows: 1. Health foods 2. Imports 3. Restaurant 4. Dhall products

HEALTH FOODS Incorporated in 2003, Moringa Foundation, a unit of Maiam Group Companies, Chennai has carved a niche as a leading manufacturer and exporter of Moringa based health products. We are dedicated to manufacture healthy food like health mix, juices, soups, weaning baby foods and variety of chutney. The company is marching ahead on the path of success under the leadership of an enterprising youth Mr. V. Thilagarasu, who is basically an Engineer, Master of Business Administration & an Academician, have developed interesting concept of "Moringa (Drumstick tree, an Indian native plant)". We are the pioneers in propagating the healthy values of the same, in the nation. Read more All our products are completely natural, pure and original Moringa based.Moringa is a source of incredible health benefits. It is an organic, energy and endurance health supplement. Our competence lies in developing pure extracts and Moringa based products that meet stringent requirements of present day's living culture. Our Products We present a vast range of products based on original Moringa. Our products offer various health benefits and are very nutitious food supplements. Our range of products include, Moringa Powder, Chutney & Pickles,

leaf powder. through our pure products that nature has provided ample supplement for healthy living. Health Juice. Twenty years back we ventured in the manufacturing and export of Moringa products.bacterial properties and 1ml can purify 1000 liters of water. Our Manufacturing Process We are the only Indian firm having advanced setup exclusively for moringa. This has made us cross milestones in food processing industry and encouraged us to venture into consumer product division as well.Green Tea. Sprouted Ragi Flour and Rice Flour. hygienic work conditions and all the other factors that make our products highly acceptable in the international arena. Soup Powder. Business Vintage Food processing is our family business and we have our roots in the business for decades. These products have been recognized as the source of various vital nutrients. In ancient texts it has been called as "Brahma Vruksham" due to its multiple benefits and miraculous healing properties. About Moringa Moringa oleifera is a native North African tree which is known as the Drumstick in India.Sprouted Ragi. Ragi Flour. The traditional and conventional usage of Moringa and processing advantages have attained modernity today. Our . Capsule. The essence of Moringa leaves has anti. Moringa In Can. Presently. Our Objective To bring the awareness in general public about the astonishing benefits of Moringa and also to propagate. The extract of Moringa leaves is used as the cure of many aliments that are tough to be treated even by the modern medical sciences. We take utmost care in the selection of the right type of raw materials. The tender drumstick when cooked and eaten cures Tuberculosis. We utilize a blend of traditional and modern methods for production. Our facilities are supported by the government of India and ministry of defense (food processing division). Milk Powder . we have incorporated modern manufacturing practices.

As advised by the Agricultural University all our farm products are grown in . has theoretically supported us. Various operations are carried out by using mechanized technology. Our products pass through stringent quality checks to ensure that the best product reaches to our clients & end-consumers. We strive to upgrade the existing standards of quality through innovation and hard work. Moreover. avoids contamination and affirms reproducibility and consistency of products in each batch. money and knowledge in research and development activities for innovating new formulations. Some of the herbs used in our products are collected from the forest agency areas as well. Our Research and Development Facility We invest time. France. We have a well equipped production unit with latest technology and manufacturing facilities that meet all requirements. The entire process through cultivation. Our in-house quality control laboratory is well equipped with modern analytical instruments. while DFRL and CFTRI have offered technical assistance. eliminating human handling operations to a great extent. This ensures uniformity in production. we offer tried and trusted products that are regularly improved with modern research. Emphasis on Quality Management We believe in the concept of total quality management emphasizing on strong customer relationship management. product quality and on-schedule delivery of orders. Moringa News. centralized operations and wellintegrated production facility. With continuous improvements and research in the processing and manufacturing techniques of Moringa based products. The products are analyzed to guarantee the most strict safety andhygiene standards. technology processing is up to the international standards. the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) has rendered farm technology support. International Recognition and Tie Ups A pioneer in the Moringa research. We stand out tall amongst our peers in the health care and health food products industry.processes are backed by professional experts.

we are . To manufacture Moringa green tea. chemists. We have a team of experienced professionals from the fields of nutrition science.natural and Organic condition using organic and natural manure. This has served as a propelling factor of staying ahead in the industry. Our team is committed to fulfill our commitment to offer best herbal formulations. Some of our future endeavors are: . To develop Moringa seed as water purifying agent. as our speciality. * Rashtriya Udyog Shiromani Award * Ratan Vikas Gold Award Our Team of Experts We are led by a team of highly qualified and experienced people. research. . Extended exposure and deep understanding of the industry gives us insight into the needs of the changing market. Our team is well updated with the latest discoveries and ancient knowledge of Moringa. We have won two national awards which have conferred the service rendered by the Managing Director for his choose field of excellence. We are catering to the requirements of Indian market and we strive to reach out the key global markets as well. management and marketing. pharmacists. production. With strenuous efforts and dedication to humanity. quality. . herbal and botanical science. ready to drink beverage. Plans to widen the distribution network and upgrade our logistics. Future Endeavors We are a pioneering Indian Company in the field of Moringa based products.

Roasted Bengal gram. Read more The imported products are re-distributed to the trade. gram flour is the flagship business of our business group. available ion our popular brand "Jeevan" in leading departmental stores and retail provisional stores in ½ and 1 Kg SKUs. Australia & Canada and trading in bulk quantities. The trading division founded in the year 2006 has started humbly with products being bought of origins from Burma . millet. Peas. UP. Karnataka. Our products are available at affordable prices. . such as Red Gram. India . Read more Also. Channa Dhall. Beans. Imports Trading of various pulses of domestic and international sources. Bengal Gram. MP & Tamil Nadu from the farmers through agents and are basically cleaned and graded for the quality and quantity and are processed as per the condition and variety of the pulses/gram and produced in edible nature of dhall packed in 50/100 KG bas sold in whole sales markets. Offering Optimum User Satisfaction We offer the benefits of Moringa plant with its miraculous healing powers. The Company has the state of the art complex of plant for processing all major pulses/gram under single roof. Expected to reach a annual turn over of 40 Million. Started the direct imports form the year 2008 and aims many more mile stone of over seas presence and to a transnational bulk commodity trading solutions provider with a global presence. Urid Dhall. Dhall Products Processing of pulses into Dhall such as Tur Dhall. Maharashtra. This has made us the choicest manufacturer for all Moringa based products.poised to leap forward. Has staff strength of 10 based at Chennai . It cures the ailments without any side effects. Black Gram. sold for millers and captive consumed in own mill. etc. Various renowned suppliers in India and abroad are ordering our products and are providing to the needy ones. and edible flour such as Rice. Procuring raw pulses form domestic states like Andra Pradesh. Our Moringa based products are available all over in India at leading stores and Ayurvedic practitioners.

C.1.List of dhall products made in our concerns are CONTACT US Administrative Office The Managing Director.600 106. E-Mail : maiaminfo@gmail.No. Phone: 91-44-23632910 / 20 / 65382010. Maiam Group of Companies. Pasumpon Street. MMDA Colony. Fax : .Chennai . Arumbakkam.Sidco Industrial Estate.

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